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Authors note : Please tell me how it was. Let me know which part was good and which was bad. Like untill this part i was good then i was bad , this part was worse stuff like that and please try not to hate the story. i would love if i get some positive ratings. Thanks for reading this story.


“No matter how much you cry they are not coming back. You must be strong for them.” – My aunt said to me. “No they can’t leave me.” – I replied sadly. “Hey mom, dad, wake up. It’s not funny anymore. Hey dad please wake up already, I will never want ice-cream again I promise. Hey mom, mom, I will be a good boy from now on, I promise. I will listen to you always. Wake up already.” – I said crying. Tears were running through my face and making my shirt wet, but they didn’t listen to me .They didn’t speak a word. “No, don’t leave me.” – I shouted.
I think it’s time to introduce myself.
I am MAX WILSON. The owner of Wilson Company. I am 10 now. Almost 5 feet. Dark hair, muscular body, blue eyes and nice face. My father and mother died yesterday on a car accident. I wanted to have a chocolate ice cream in the middle of night and started crying. My father wanted to asked the driver to go but mom said we should let him sleep. So my babysitter who takes care of me 24 hours was given the responsibility to calm me down as they go and bring me some ice-cream . Mom went cause she didn’t want dad to go in the middle of night alone . And now they are gone . Leaving me all alone . Their car crashed because of speeding which was weird cause I know dad liked to drive slowly from my experience . Whatever that doesn’t matter now anyway . After their funeral I heard my babysitter was leaving . She took me on a tour before quitting her job because we didn’t pay her much !!! “ All u have seen until now is yours alone . Your grandfather had willed everything to you. So don’t feel like you are a burden on anyone . Its more like they are a burden on you . Don’t sign anything without reading it thoroughly . Don’t let anyone get to you and Protect the property that your father and mother gave life for. You must be strong for yourself and for your family lineage . All of your uncle and aunt and their children are mixed blood and they are not like you . If you ever need some help or suggestion call on this number . This will probably the last time we see each other . But I want you to know I love you a lot . I will be always there for you.” – She said . Like a good boy I said YES every time . “ I will aunt. And I love you TOO.” – I replied .

2 days later I heard my uncles and aunts shouting and quarrelling with each other about who would be the one to ADOPT me . I was sad and they just made me wake up from my sleep . I don’t know why but I shouted at them “ Stop , I am trying to sleep” and then returned to my room . The house was a lot quieter after that . In the morning I woke up early as usual . I saw everyone waiting for me in the dining table . “ I am sorry for the night . I was a bit sad and a bit angry as well but I shouldn’t have shouted at you . It was just my mistake . I beg your forgiveness for that.” – I said without stopping . My elder uncle started “ It’s ok . We understand . Anyone would be sad if their parents died , it was our mistake to act like a third grade people. We have decided that your aunt Ashley will be taking care of you. As we all have our own family and properties to take care of , she is the best person for helping you go on with your life. She is a widow and doesn’t have any child. She would be the best one for that job. We will come each month to see if you are doing all right.” – thanks god he finished. “I will try my best to listen to her and grow into a fine man I promise” – I said with respect. “You know you are welcome to stay with anyone of us if you want to. We will be at much more ease to know that you are safe. And we won’t mind at all.” – My middle uncle said. My father was the youngest son of my grandfather and he had three sons. My middle uncle has three BEAUTIFUL daughters , namely – Jeanne , Marry , Kyra and later two was younger but Jeanne was elder than me . My elder uncle had two daughters and a son , namely – John, Megan, Amy and all of them were older than me . Actually John was having a relation with Jeanne which I came to know later. Aunt Ashley was the only daughter of my grandfather and she lost her husband only 2 years after her marriage. To tell the truth I kind of liked Jeanne but she was way out of my league and was older than me. They left me that day leaving me with aunt Ashley who would be like my mother for at least 8 more years.

“Aunt I am off to school now. I will be late today” – I said. “Why dear ? Is there something special today?” – aunt asked. “I have a soccer match today after school.” – I replied. “Should I come to cheer you up ? We can return home together.” – Aunt said. “Oh sure I would love that. I will see you during the match then. Bye.” – I replied. “Bye. Have a nice day.” – Aunt said. When I was going to school I was thinking about my last six years. In those years my aunt concentrated in only a few things about me. She was strict that I must learn them and I am happy to say I am one of the best at those now. She was strict about – the art of business management, the art of courtesy and modesty, the art of self defense, the art of playing and the art of LOVE MAKING. Yeah you heard me right. The fact that I had sex with her is a different story and none of our concern for this story. We are going to find out something a bit younger.
The next day summer vacation started which means one of my uncle’s daughters will be staying with me so they can make me fall in love with them. Don’t get me wrong , I came to know it later. My elder uncle’s daughters only came because John was busy. As they both were older than me only the youngest daughter of my elder uncle Amy used to flirt with me. She was maybe just too much. On the other hand Megan didn’t pay that much attention to me at all. It made me that much more to want her for myself. Among all the daughters of both my uncle’s she was the sexiest and most beautiful. Yeah I used to like Jeanne when I was a kid but not now anymore. You know if you want I would like to marry you, Megan. “No way in hell I would. Why don’t you go after Amy, she certainly likes you an awfully lot.” – She replied. “Well she is Amy not Megan and I don’t like her as much as I love you. Don’t you understand my feelings?” – I asked. “I would have if you were more serious about it. All you are doing is to make me fall for you. I know all about this kind of crap. It’s because I don’t care about you like all the others, isn’t it? You are just angry that I am not so LOVY DOVY with you all the time. And it will never work.” – She replied my question rather angrily which made me want her even more. Later that night during supper – “I heard you are very good at fighting, sorry I mean karate.” – Amy said. “Who told you that?” – I asked. “Not someone special. Why don’t you participate in national tournament? You might be able to become a champion.” – She said. “You got it wrong. I learned the art of self defense not fighting. I don’t like to fight.” – I replied. “It’s not like you could win anyway. My brother has won the tournament twice and he is going to win it this year as well. You would only get your ass kicked only bad.” – Megan said. I was insulted which kind of angered me. “I wouldn’t be so sure about that. Your brother could get his ass kicked you know.” – I replied kind of frustrated. “That sounds like a challenge. I will tell my brother what you said and arrange a match. After all you both were trained by the same master. It won’t be a trouble.” – She replied with a smile. “Sister stop it. I won’t let it happen. Why you want Max to get hurt? You are mean and cruel.” – Amy said. “Butt out little girl. It’s between him and me.” – Megan replied. “Please stop it Max. You will get hurt.” – Amy said. “Are you worried about me?” – I asked. “Looks like this match is over before it began. And I was thinking I am going to give you a gift.” – Megan said slyly. “What do I win?” – I asked. “What do you want? Anything you want I will give you.” – Megan replied. “Stop it sis and you too Max. It’s not funny anymore.” – Amy said worriedly. “Don’t worry Amy, I will be alright. About that gift, How about a kiss on the lips?” – I said with a big smile. “No way. I will never kiss you in my lifetime.” – Megan said shyly. “Now who is backing down?” – I replied laughing. She was getting angry. “All Right. I agree but the fight has to be in front of everybody of the family.” – She replied. “Agreed.” – I replied. So the next Friday was declared to be our dual time and everyone was invited. John and were both trained by the same master. When I was getting ready I heard my master talking to john – “you can’t beat him john, he is too strong for you. You should withdraw before he gets serious and don’t accept his offers to hit him. He is different and talented. Even better than you. Please don’t push yourself at the limit this time. This is one battle you don’t need to force yourself.” “Are you done babbling about him cause I can’t hear anymore. He is that , He is this , stop this bullshit. He is 10 years younger than me. Even if he is more talented he lacks the experience I have. I will crush him in front of everyone and you will be sitting there feeling sorry for him.” – he said and left like a tornado. “He is quite rude master. He was shouting back at you. For some reason I find that pretty insulting.” – I said keeping a smile on my face. According to our master it helps to control anger and keep mind calm. “As long as you have that smile on your face you won’t loose , not against him. But keep your guard up he can hit very hard , you will regret if it hits you.” – master said. “Don’t worry master if you believe in me then I won’t loose to him.” – I said and left to the arena. I was wondering what made me superior to him? For once he was right , I lack the experience he has. So I decided to hold back before I can figure him out. The fight started. Man he was fast and hits pretty hard. The first hit I endured almost made me choke even though I almost dodged it. I took several more hits. Every time I got hit I began to understand his pattern and it was so easy to predict his movement. But what made me take this much hit that Megan seemed happy every time I got hit and I didn’t want her loose the smile she was having. Everyone was telling john to stop especially my four other sisters. They were basically screaming at him to stop. My aunt left saying “It’s pretty one sided match. I better go to bring some drink to celebrate.” My master suddenly stood up and said “Max if you don’t intent to win this fight then you have no reason to get hurt.” Hearing this I immediately stopped playing around and got serious. It didn’t took long before he was in his knees. It was pitiful that he was beaten so easily. Everyone jaw dropped seeing that. Everyone was saying what just happened. When I raised my hand to make the final blow directly on his face Megan shouted – “Please I beg you don’t hit him anymore. You are stronger I admit. Please !” I stopped. Looking at him I said – “If you let your anger be your guide and if your moves are so much predictable then you can never be strong.” When my aunt returned she said – “ Oh MY! The fight isn’t over yet I thought Max would have won before I could get the drinks. I am glad that I made it in time.” My elder uncle got angry and said – “ What do you mean you knew. My son was kicking his butt. He just got lucky.” My aunt laughed and said “I am the one raising him for last six years and I didn’t miss observing any of his classes. I can tell what he can do and what he can’t . I knew cause he was laughing all the time he got hit. It was obvious that he wasn’t fighting seriously.” – she shot back. My master stood up and said – “Your son doesn’t have what it takes to win against Max because he is always pissed off.” While their fighting was rising I got off the dojo and to my room to clean up. “Max wait. I have something to give you.” – Megan said. I looked back and saw her coming towards me. “Sorry that I was so mean to you. I didn’t know you were that good. And , ummmm , thanks for sparing my brother. Now about that gift I promised you.” – She said without stopping. “Its okay I understand. I didn’t mean that you have to …” I couldn’t finish what I wanted to say. Her lips were brought to mine. It was only a simple touch. But it sent shivers through my spine. I came in my pants just because she kissed me and not even a real French kiss only a little touch in my lips. More importantly I could feel her soft caring lips . I felt like I was in heaven. I have kissed three women before and had sex with two with them but I can’t remember if I ever felt like that. I loved her and the touch of the person I was in love with made me realize that kiss or sex isn’t about picking the most beautiful girl or how she satisfies you ,, it’s about two souls becoming one. That feeling I could never forget. I don’t know why suddenly my hand went behind her head and tried to push her closer to me but she reacted and pushed me away. She didn’t say anything in particular but I could sense both anger and happiness from her. It’s like she was angry with the person she loved. Suddenly I saw a shadow despair from the hallway Someone was spying on us. But I didn’t think much cause my uncles did say that whoever I choose among my 5 cousins will be my bride regarding their age so I wasn’t worried at all. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t embarrassed. Later that afternoon when I was walking through the hallway I saw Amy coming towards me and she was pissed off for some reason. She didn’t look that cheerful to me as she usually does. “What is it that my sister has I don’t? Tell me? Why do you like her so much when she hates you and why don’t you like me like you like her? Why , tell me now , MAX? Am I not beautiful enough or there’s something special about her?” – she asked without stopping. “Look Amy its nothing like that. You and she are nearly the same. But I ….” – before I could finish her lips locked on mine. It wasn’t like kissing Megan. It was sloppy and I wasn’t enjoying it much. She was pushing my lips with her tongue and when I tried to say stop her tongue invaded my mouth. Before I had a chance to fully aware of the situation l saw Megan looking at us from behind her. While Amy was kissing me I was focused on Megan. I think I saw a deep sadness in her eyes. She left running before I could do anything. I pushed Amy aside and said – “I will talk to you later.” And ran to Megan. “Hey Megan , stop already. It’s not like you think it is. I didn’t kiss her. I swear so please would you listen to me. Hey stop already.” – She stopped and turned towards me and said “why are you chasing me? You look better with Amy anyway. I knew it from the beginning that guys like you can never change. All you think about is how to get under a woman’s panty. You said and did all those stuff just so that you could get to me.” For the first time I saw tears in her eyes and my heard was broken into many pieces seeing that. What surprised me is she said guys like me which I didn’t understand. It’s true that I was 8 years younger than her but we went to the same school and college which means my school had a college with it and she used to go there. I never heard that she had any bad experience with boys. But that’s off importance now. Seeing those made me kiss her lips. I wanted to show her that I cared for her. I wanted her to know that I loved her and it was an accident. I just wanted to clear up the misunderstanding. But unfortunately she slapped me pretty hard and ran away. I was speechless and couldn’t move from there. She avoided me all the summer after that incident.

It was during the school festival when the next phase of my story came to light. As I was the captain of the school student council, the principle called me and asked me to bring an equipment from the music faculty which was at the top floor of our school. I didn’t want to bother others fun and so I went up myself. When I was passing the football faculty I heard someone’s voice. “You will do as you are told slut cause if you don’t I am going to send this nice pictures to not only your family but also to the newspapers. What will happen to your family then , I wonder.” – someone said with a laugh. “You forced me and tricked me to pose for those pictures and now you want to blackmail me to suck your buddies PENIS. You are despicable. Don’t you have any shame? How could you let anyone touch your girlfriend. I am not a street corner whore so I wont do it.” – a girls voice replied and there was no mistaking it ,, the voice belonged to Megan. “You slut , you will do what I told you or this pictures go public. Your family name will be ruined and what will happen to your poor parents? Now get on your knees and suck them. I am getting something big if you do that. Now stop complaining and start sucking.” – the boy replied. If it was Megan’s boyfriend then it has to be Bobby , our soccer team captain. “Please , I am begging you don’t do this.” – Megan said with a crying voice. “Stop! Stop it right there.” – I said with an angry face. “Who the hell are you? Get out of here pretty boy and forget what you heard and saw or we will have to hurt you.” – Bobby said rudely. “I am afraid I can’t. That’s my cousin you are holding and you aren’t gentle with her and she isn’t liking it. Just let her go and I think we can find a peaceful solution.” – I said calmly. “Cousin huh! Then I suppose I can pay a bit more attention to you.” – Bobby said laughingly. His three friends started laughing. One of his friends who was holding her , pushed her away. Unfortunately she slipped and hit her head pretty hard. She started bleeding and for the first time in my life I lost it. When I came to I was holding Megan in my arms and carrying her into the nurses office. Apparently a boy came looking for me as I was getting late and saw me fighting with some boys. He ran and went to call the principle. I was out of there before the principle came and he called emergency hospital and doctor. I could hear a siren of an ambulance. Suddenly I heard in the mike – “Max Wilson, please report to the principal’s office right now.” Hearing this I left for the principal’s office. “I didn’t expect this from you. Why did you do that? Do you have the slightest idea how those four boys are doing?” – the headmaster said. “They deserved it.” – I replied. “They deserved it? What did they possibly do to deserve what you did to them? One of them got both of his hands broke , one of this nose is broke and one of them can’t even talk. Our soccer captain has blood on his penis. What did they do to deserve this , please tell me?” – the principle told rather angrily. “They were trying to rape my cousin and now she is in a bad shape that I had to take her to the nurses office. When I saw them hurting HER I lost it. I am sorry, sir.” – I said with a sad voice. The principle wasn’t angry anymore. “I have called their parents and your aunt too. You will have to solve this one on your own.” – the principle said. “This is the boy who got into a fight with your boys.” – principle said in front of the 4 mothers. “You bastard I am gonna make sure you rot in jail for the rest of your life.” – one of the mothers said it. “Your pathetic sons were trying to rape my cousin , a member of the Wilson family. I have the evidence with me. If you don’t teach your sons some new manners I Max Wilson will stand in your way to deal with this matter personally. Remember this I won’t be sent to jail for self defense but the question is how long your sons have to stay in that prison for trying to blackmail and rape attempt?” – I shot back. They didn’t say a word and stood there stupidly. Just then my aunt came “Are you all right sweety? I heard you got into a fight. I was worried. Are you hurt?” – my aunt said to me. I told her everything and she said “ Thanks god she is ok. I think we should call the police. How dare they try to put their dirty hands on Megan. I will take care of this myself.” “There’s no need. I already solved it and we don’t need to worry” – I said.

We got 10 days vacation cause the recent earthquake destroyed some important faculties in our school. As my younger uncle and his family is going to Australia and my older uncle is going to have a business trip so my older aunt and her children will be staying with us. Means I get to be with Megan again. The first 5 days she ignored me every time I tried to talk to her. On the 6th day something had changed. She is the one came to wake me up which turned into something I didn’t want. As she put her hand in my back to call me I took her on my bed and kissed her before opening my eyes which was regular with aunt Ashley who wakes me up every morning. Because Megan is a bit smaller than aunt Ashley the kiss landed on her forehead fortunately. She was shocked. When I opened my eyes I was more than shocked. I felt panic. I said SORRY at least 50 times in a minute. I said that I didn’t realize that it was her and I was sorry. She smiled and left saying – “We are starving because you won’t wake up from bed. Now hurry up or we will start without you.” That was surprising as I didn’t see her laugh since I kissed Amy. And most importantly she was talking to me ,,, Thanks to god for that. I was ready in a short time and when I came to breakfast I saw everyone waiting for me which was unusual cause they eat breakfast before I even get up from bed. “Thanks for waiting. Food tastes better when eating with everybody. I am truly sorry that I made you wait. It won’t happen again.” – saying that I sat to eat. “Don’t worry about that. We eat early. It’s most natural to at 8 rather than 7 in the morning.” – my older aunt replied. “Its ok. Actually I was thinking to do the same. It could turn me into a morning person which is good.” – I replied. “I haven’t thanked you properly for saving Megan that day. If you hadn’t stood up like that who knows what would happen to her. Now Megan, don’t you have anything to say to Max here.” – My older aunt said. “Thanks for saving me and taking me to the nurses office. I owe you one. So I will give you a reward later.” – she said with a weird smile. “I would have done the same for any girl in that situation so don’t sweat it.” – I replied. “You should have seen him talking to those boy’s mothers. I think he gave them a scare. I didn’t know what happened but the principal said he never saw Max acting that angry.” – aunt Ashley said. The day was wonderful. She talked with me several time and teased me about girls. She also flirted with me saying things like this and that. She also asked me once that if I would marry her even after knowing what happened to her. I of course teased back saying I would marry her no matter what happens to her and also told her that I was in love with her. She smiled every time she got close to me. She even got really really close to my body several time during the daytime. During supper she was basically trying to make me angry in front of everyone which she didn’t succeed in and most importantly no one seemed to care. Before going to bed she came up to me to give me a hug and said “See you soon. And Good night my dear.” I was basically surprised to see her like that. I mean its true that I liked it but to my utter surprise I was shocked. I don’t know about the exact time but sometime when I was asleep I heard someone knock on my doors. I went and oppened thinking it was aunt Ashley came for a quick one but what the heck. It was none other than the love of my life , Megan. “Sorry I compared you to him. I mean Bobby. I hate guys like him. And I was so rude that I didn’t even thank you.” – She said breathlessly. “Its ok, I don’t mind. you didn’t have a pleasant experience with guys so you took it out on me. That much is understandable.” – I replied. “Please let me finish first and don’t interfare when I am talking. I came here gathering all the courage I had don’t make me go away before I am finished.” – she said to me. “Ok go on please.” – I said to her. “I am sorry I took it out on you. Now , Thanks for saving me that day and taking me to the nurses office and for solving the matter that I couldn’t in last two years. Well you see , my mom noticed that I was ignoring you and so she asked if something was wrong. I told her everything including that kiss with me and Amy. Then suddenly Amy appeared and said that you were forced by her and if you had the slightest idea that she was going to kiss you then you wouldn’t have let her do it. She also admitted that she knew we kissed as she spied on us. She knew I was just behind her and she tried to make me hate you more so that she could have you. But you even scolded her and told her never to do that again. Thanks for that. You know when I asked you if you want to marry me even after knoeing what happened to me , I wasn’t joking and thanks god you said yes. So hers my confession I LOVE YOU , MAX. I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN IN LOVE WITH YOU.” – She almost took my breath away saying this much so quickly. Before I could reply anything her lips met mine and I was lost in the land of paradise. I let my hand roam around her back and she didn’t mind. I pushed her closer to my body and I loved how she felt on my body. She was shiveribg on my touch and so was i. We were lost somewhere else. I couldn’t hold myself back anymore.When my tongue brushed her lips she let them enter in her mouth and our toungs were dancing together. I couldn’t believe that a kiss could be this good. I was eagerly exploring her mouth and when she entered my mouth I was in heaven. I put one of my hands on her tits and she moaned in extreme pleasure. Then we stopped. I asked her “ Anyone knows you are here? I mean if something happens ,, if you understand what I mean ….” “Yes mom and Amy both knows. As for your aunt , I don’t know.” – she replied. “What about John?” – I asked again. “Nope” – she replied. I said “come inside. Just because everyone knows that doesn’t mean we shoul make out in the middle of nowhere.” She was embarassed and came into my room. I locked the door and before anything could happen we both were In the bed together fondling each other. It was a miracle that how fast we were undressed. We were enjoying our own touch and it wasn’t long when started to stroke her breasts gently; savoring their firmness and feeling her nipples harden against my moving fingers. I kissed her firm nipple and gently tug on it as I flicked my tongue across the pointed tip. Her breathing was becoming ragged and she was starting to shake as I caught the slightest trace of her aroused scent, so I slid my hand down across stomach until I was massaging her slick labia.

She was already so wet I was sure I could slide my cock deep inside in one easy thrust, but it wasn’t time for that just yet. Bobby may have taken her physical virginity, and it probably wasn’t the pleasant experience it should have been once the initial pain subsided, but I was determined to take her mental cherry. I trailed my lips down her chest with a succession of soft kisses. When I kissed the slick folds of her labia I heard her take a sudden deep breath and hold it, and then a soft groan slipped past her lips as I slid my tongue gently inside. I tasted her oozing juices for the first time as my tongue slowly explored her warm, wet pussy, and she groaned again as I felt her hands on the back of my head.

“Oh Max!” She hissed. “Oh God, OH FUCK! I don’t know what you’re doing to me but please…. don’t stop! It’s amazing….and incredible….oh, eat my pussy, please!!!”
My tongue was probing deeply and my lips were pressed firmly against her oozing pussy, so I slid back a little and carefully folded back the hood concealing her hard, inflamed clit. I kissed it gently, and she bathed my face in a spray of sweet, tangy cum. I was amazed she could cum so hard and so soon, so I stated sucking gently on her clit while I flicked the engorged tip with my tongue. She squealed and came again, her breathing becoming increasingly ragged, and she used her hands to jam my face against her so I kept going until I had to stop for a breath, my face coated in her warm juices. I eased back up beside her and watched her chest heaving as she struggled to catch her breath. Finally her eyes opened, and realizing I was lying beside her, she wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled me against me, her body molding to mine. Her mouth was on mine, her tongue insistent as she kissed me hungrily until she broke for a breath. “I have no idea what you just did to me, but that was just amazing!!!” She whispered. “I have never experienced anything as good as that in my life!” I stroked her hair back from her angelic face. “I glad I could make you feel good honey, but I want to make love to you now, if you’re ready for me. And if you want me to. I don’t wanr to force you do somethin you don’t want to like that bustard” – I told her. In reply to my question – “She kissed me with lust which was amazing coming from her.” I got my answer even so she told me the answer I so needed to hear with my own ears.
“I am so ready Max!” She smiled back. “Take me now, please!” She slid her legs wide apart in wanton invitation and I moved down the bed, my cock hard, wet and ready to enter her. I gripped my shaft and lined up my cock head with her soaking pussy and slid in slowly, pausing when I was halfway inside. The heat that radiated from her clenching pussy was amazing, and as I waited I could feel her slowly stretch to accommodate my size, so I eased in deeper. The last thing I wanted to do was hurt her, as I was sure she’d had enough rough fucking to last a lifetime.
“Are you ok my love?” I asked worriedly thinking that I have hurt her. I was an expert in lovemaking thanks to my aunt but still I was worried. She was something that dared not to hurt.
Her eyes flickered open for a moment and she looked up at me. “I’m so much better than ok Max!” She whispered with a smile. I started thrusting slowly, going a little deeper each time as my cock gradually stretched its way, and enjoying the slippery hold her moist pussy was providing. I was already building toward my climax, and beads of sweat were forming on my skin. I started thrusting harder, hearing Megan moan beneath me.“Oh God, I never knew it could feel like this! Fuck me Max! Fuck me please!!!” She groaned.I was thrusting hard and my balls were firing little electric shocks up the length of my shaft.
“Oh Jesus!” Megan nearly screamed. “I’m CUUMMMIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!” I felt her cum splash against me as her pussy spasmed around my shaft, and then she came again and again.
I couldn’t hold back any longer. “I’m going to cum Megan, I have to pull out because I don’t want to get you pregnant!” I said.
Her legs locked around my butt in a scissor grip, holding me in place as her eyes flashed open and she said something that I wasn’t expecting – “Mom put me on the pill months ago! I want your cum….in my cunt!!!”

I was momentarily shocked at her language but she was lost in a fog of fuck-lust, so I thrust back in hard and roared as I shot my load in her slick, tight fuck-hole. Spurt after spurt fired from my cock so hard and fast the pressure nearly blew me back out, and I held her tightly to stay in place.
“Oh YES!” She squealed. “Fuck me! Pump me! Fill my cunt with your hot cum!!!” I was still spraying when my knees started to tremble and I had to collapse onto her, hoping like hell I wouldn’t crush her under my weight. I was struggling for breath but managed to find the strength to roll free and collapse on the bed, a last trickle or cum oozing from my piss-slit as I lay back.
God I was tired and so was she. I don’t even know when I actually fell asleep. It was late than usual when I woke up and looked at the clock. I never overslept. I was feeling dizzy and somewhat different. When I looked at the side of my bed and saw Megan sleeping peacefully then I remembered what happened the night and I was glad that it wasn’t a dream. When I opened the door I saw Amy standing there trying to see something through my rooms key hole. She was surprised to see me and said – “Sorry , I was just worried about Megan that’s all’” She left without saying anything else. When I saw her ASS swinging from the back I was getting aroused. What the fuck. I just made love to Megan and now I was getting turned on by Amy. I closed the door and went to the bathroom. When I was soaking in the bath I saw Megan coming to join me and we took a bath together. I washed her as she washed me. Its obvious that our little bath turned into one of the quick one I usually have with my aunt Ashley. When we went downstairs everyone said together – “ Say good luck to our new couple.” “Did you two have fun lst night?” – my older aunt asked me. We both nodded positively. “You be gentle with her and keep the screming in control.” – anut Ashley said in my ears. I was embarrassed by this comment. But John wasn’t happy , he was particularly angry and was staring at me like he is going to kill me. During breakfast I couldn’t help but looking at Amy a few times.

God what was happening to me? Could it be I actually loved Amy and Megan was my object of lust? No it couldn’t be , right GUYS?

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Why bother writing if you aren't willing to do it right? Get the Grammarly extension.

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2014-05-17 11:13:03
really needs spacing, I skip over any that look like a giant essay with no paragraphs

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2013-07-10 11:15:15

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2013-03-23 02:00:07
I would buy this book

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2012-08-21 16:59:45
Needs a lot of work.

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