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Ghosts? Real or imaginary!!
My psychic premonitiom started right after I came into puberty. My Mother and I were at the market doing the weekly shopping and as we were about to go through the automatic sliding doors, I stepped in front of my Motherstopping her. A crazy man, drunk. came roaring through the open doors crashing into the wall. He fell into the cart, the cart tipped over and there he lay, the cart on top of him, blood on his face with the staff calling the police.
"My goodness!" she said going to the car " how did you know that would happen?"
The answer is of course, I didn't know. During the next year, there were a few minor happenings, once when coming down the steps at school, I stopped on the stairs, looked around to see what made me stop and went to the railing for support the rest of the way donw. A boy I didn't know came down the stairs tripping at the exact place where i went to the tailing! Someone had spilt an oil or simular on the stairs and while he didn't break anything, he was hurting bad. Another time I was going through the parking lot of the mall and went between two cars. A woman backed out of her parking spot very fast just touching the car that I stpped between Everyone saw what happened and as it turned out,, she was lucky to have stopped the car, the gas pedal stuck!
"You sure are lucky" severel men said "You could have been crushed!"
It was also about this time that I started to take notice of what was happening to me. I'm not saying I could see what was going to happen but I knew not to go against my feelings. The clue for me was, the hair on the back of my head seemed to stand up!

It was also about this time, perhaps a little later when I discovered the wonders of masturbation! I don't know if it was some girls talking about this but one day while taking a shower, I was soaping my pubic hair and something felt very good. I like this I thought and discover that if I touched that thing right at the top of my slit, it felt so good, It was of couse my clitoris as i know now so continuing to rub it, goose bumps formed on me and I couldn't stop! A wild uncontrolled feeking smashed against me which sent me to my knee's! My first orgasm. (I still get wet when I relive that private moment) Whew! What happened as i now sat in the tubm the water beating down on me as I tried to catch my brearg. That was awesome! One thing is for sure, I won't be doing that again in the shower, I could have asily fallen! And so I started to abise myself and it was wonderful. About once a week for the longest time, I would take some tissue to bed with me, have an orgasm and fall asleep with a smile on my face. Then one day at school, the urge was almost unbareable, I had to masturbate! Into the toilet I go, pull my panties down and from the stall next to me, i heard a soft moan. Holy geez! In just a few seconds, my juices were pumping letting out a low moan.
"Hope everything came out alright" a firl said laughing.
Oh no, she knows! Now what am I going to do? Well I'm going to stay in here no matter how long it takes for her to leave! As it turned out, she washed her hands and laughing said,
"Have fun girl, cya!" Samn! Talk about embarrassed!

So I had my 16th borthday party, there was some touching of breasts, some kissing but not mare than that. Amanda asked me to go to the toilet with her and she did have to pee as I sat on the tub.
"I would really like to make out with Jerry" she whisped with a smile "He's so Damn cute"
"Make love with him?" I was shocked.
"Dihhh, your not always this slow!" wipping herself "Better put some tissue down there"
With that, she took some toilet paper and when I looked up, she had no pubic hair! Holy geez!
"What?" pointing to her pussy "What happened to your hair?"
"To messy when you clean up" smiling as she adjusted her skirt "ready?"
She's not a virgin? She's my besst friend and didn't tell me? Who and when, oh never mind! So here I was thinking that maybe it's about time I experienced a boy in me rather than my finger! Well., summer holidays is only a few weeks away, maybe this summer. I remember clearly what happened as Mom and I were reading when Dad burst in te living room singing and danceing.
"Pack up all your cares and woe, here we go, bye bye blackbird"
"Joe, are you alright? Come and sit down" We were both scared, I thought he was haning a fit!
"I don't want to sit down old girl, I want to dance!" now laughing hard.
"Stop it Joe, stop it!" she shouted shaking him.
"Alright, alright, sit down my love and listen up! On Monday morning, I'm going nto work and tell that son of a bitch to kiss my Roal Canadian ass! What do you think about that, eh?"
"I think you've gone off the deep end Daddy, what do we live on?"
"Good question little girl, I'll tell you what we'll live on!"
Theree was a long pause, his face beaning, looking at me then Mom.
"We can live on the million three we just won on the lottery!"

No need to go into detail about what happened next, let your imagination take over.
"This house has kept us warm and comfortable but yopur Mother and I want to move up to a better house, more room, harder for her to catch me" both laughing. "Now as soon as schools out, we'll get you into a safe driving class and you can have a new car. In the meantime, search your bedroom, keep what you want amd the rest we'll get rid of"
It didn't take me long to decide. The only things I wanted in there were my clothes and personal suff, nothing else. Two days later, they annouced that they had found the perfect place and wanted me to go take look. Wow, this was really something a huge lot, four bedrooms, two bathrooms and I chose the bedroom looking out to the back.Amanda and i went shopping for new furniture and oh my, what I bought was expensive but perfect, a queen size bed. I can roll over without going to the floor. School was closed and I wasn't going to work at the dough-nut shop, I didn't know what but I was not going to do but that. And then after a week, I woke up one morning and yuk, my panties were wet, Damn! Into the bathroom I go and take then off but wait a minute, what's that smell and I never came this much! It's like I just had sex but that was impossible! Is that what male sperm smells like? A cold shiiver engulfed me, like there was someone watching me but there was no one in the nathroom! I didn't even wash, I got dressed and was heading downstairs when I heard Mom and Dad arguing.

"What are you talking about?" Mom was bristling "of course you did!"
"Now look Fay, I should know if I humped you last night!" Whew! Never heard Dad speak like that.
"And after years of you making a deposit in mt, I think i know!" Mom was mad!
Mom had stuff in her too? Dady diddn't do it? I need help. So I snuck out the front door calling Amanda. I asked her to come stay overnight with me and that afternoon I told her what happened.
"Sounds to me like you have a ghost" kidding me. I didn't take to kindly to this.
"ok, ok calm down, we'll sleep in shifts to-night, hows that?"
So we got ready for bed with Amanda standing on the bed..
"Listen up Bastard, you fuck either one of us tonight and i'll cut you dick off!"
We both laughed turning on the tv. I tried to stay awake, I really tried but fell asleep. The next thing I know, I land on the floor with Amanda crying and holding her crotch.
"Look!" she said
Oh my God, I'm wet like I was last night! Now were both crying with Amanda throwing her srench soaked panties in the sink with fotce!
"That's cum, I know cum when I see it" Talk about scared, I didn't know what to fo!
"What am I going to do?" not looking for an answer.
"Well I know what I would do! This place is insured, right? Burn it to the fucking ground and everything in here! Fire will ge rid of this fucking rapest! Die you Batard!"

So there we were, naked, each of us at a sink when the water ran cold! I thought, oh no, no hot water but I wasn't in tune what was going on.
"Don't like that idea eh, you fucking Bastard!" Amanda took a towek wrapping it around herself.
"Listen to me fuck face! I don't care about you, understand? Your probibly here because something terrible happened to you but I don't give a sweet fuck about that!"
Oh God, the water was now warm! He's answering her!
"Ya ya, poor you, well listen up asshole, you fuck anyone else in this jouse and I'll be back and burn this house to the ground with you in it! On that, your betting your so called life. Now get the fuck out of here and leave us alone!!"
Holy, the water came on full with both of us getting in the shower These were extrodinary circumstances and was now way past shy.
"You think he will try anything Amanda, I'm really scared" Amanda winked at me.
"Well if the prick does, take Mom and Dad to a show and I'll burn this fucking place to the ground. He's over there, were here, we rule!" i may have been out of it but now I understood..
"God Damn right, buren it to the ground!" which meant, we'll talk away from this house.
Something had to be done, i mean I couldn't carry on this way! I couldn't be terrified to go to bed so in a Amanda'swashroom, she checked to see if my hymen was still intact and it was.
"Sevebteem and still a virgin, unbelievable!" with both of us laughing.

So that night getting ready for bed, I was so nervous but I wasn't about to let him know. A hot flash hit me after i wiped myself from sitting on the toilet! he's here! Damn,well here goes!
"You know the rules, you touch me and you'll burn in Hell!"
A warm feeling came over me and i could feel my clitoris moving, he was licking my pussy!
"Stop that!" I shouted and he did!
Marching into the bedroom, I took off me nightgown laying it at the foot of my bed and was going to nad naked as Ive alwqays done and he can do what he likkes, I'll expose him of I have to. Well I laid, there tossing and turning. I just knew he was there finally saying,
"Ok, you want taste my pussy go ahead but no fucking, hear mw?"
I had heard over the years by different women how good oral sex was and before i had my head adkusted, I could feel my lips being opened. Oh Lord! I opened my legs, looked down and the covers weren't moving but I could feel his tongue going at me.. Relax I said to myself, enjoy the moment and what enjoyment! I loved to have an orgasm from masturbating but this was taking sexual joy to another level! I knew I was going to come so I grabbed the pillow pulling it over my face and began to scream into it! He didn't stop!
"That's enough, stop!" gasping for air and holy, he did!
Reaching over, I took some tissue shoving it between my legs and closing them, I needed that
"Ok, now look, you've had your fun, don't bother me the resat of the night, hear me?"

When ever I wanted oral sex, all I had to do was summons him. On occasion, I would have it in the morning or afternoon, when ever the need was there. This was now a happy house, my Mom and Dad were back to doing things together, inviting Amanda when ever she wanted to come over, yes, life was good.. Sixteen months passed this way until one summer day, I was washing my car and this beat up pick up truck stopped. An old man sat there not looking at me but the house then drove off wiping his eyss, he was crying!! Instantly, I thought of George, you know, let George do it? I no sooner shut the door and he was at me with hot and cold flashes waving over me.
"Was that your Father?"
A warm feeling embraced me and for a moment i couldn't figure out what he wanted.saying,
"Your Father was upset on the way you died, I bet, I have to find out about you!"
Another warm feeling washed over me as i left driving to the next house that was quite away from our house. Introducing myself, I asked what happened at our house.
"Well my dear" she said "there was suppose to be a burglery, but there wasn't!! His Father and other Son said that Alec tried to stop the burgler but it was Alec who died becasue Tim had stabbed him! Very nasty indeed! Blood all oover him. and Alec died and Tim was sent jail for twenty five years"
"Didn't the knofe prove anything?"
"There was no knife, just the knife on the floor that habd Tims finger prints! Terrible for the neighbourhood"
So that's what happened. Alex or George died here and his brother is still in jail!"
I called Amanda and she ame right over knowing I needed help!

Amanda was always the same saying,
"I got Boinked last night and he left me hanging, eat me George" Damn!
I sat there watching her build to an orgasm and it was a sight to see. Finally she exploded.
"God Damn, he gives good head!" laughing
There was no point in trying to change her, that's what amde her special. A half hour later we had the whole story. George attacked the burgler, he stabbed him amd ran out the back door. A police car passed by and the burgler drove the knife into the ground stompping it in further with his foot. I went out in the bck yard with Amanda directing me to the exact location God this was so wierd!! Now what do we do?
"It's not what will we do, I want no part of this, it's what are you going to do!"
So I went to bed that night, George ate me but it was an unesay sleep. I had to tell my folks!
Sunday was an easy day but decided to tell Mom some of it first.
"Now Mom you know I'm psychic right? The people who lived here before had a murder here and one of the brothers is still in jail. I think I know where the knife is, what should we do"
We went through this with Dad and there was no question about it, he called the police. A detective came out telling us listening to my story and of course he didn't believe me.
"I investgated this murder and he done it!" starring at me.
"And what if your wrong, what if you found the knife?"
"Doesn't prove anything unless they get some DNA off it. Show me where you think this knife is"

He made a call and twenty minutes later, two men were here with shovels. Ever so easy they dug down around the spot them lifted it up.
"Well I'll be go to Hell, look at that" It was the knife just like I said.
"My Daughter has some psychic powers and I hope we can keep this private"
So they left, I called Amanda to tell her the good news and all she said was, fuck me! Two months passed, I was now back in school and when I came hoime that night, Mom told me that this was the knife that killed Alex and the wheels were in motion to release Tim. That was such good news I raced upstairs ti tell George but he was gone! Damn! I never got a chance to say good bye! I called Amanda teling her and she was thrilled.
"You've been getting head for the past two years, it's about time you got it like the rest of us. We've going to a party Saturday night, pick me up at seven! Have I got a guy for you!"

The end


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