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i was a little boy when we got stranded here. it was an entire cruse ship that crashed into rock that the sonar supposedly never saw. we got stranded on an island. me, my mom, my father, my little brother, and about 40 other people. we all started a life. a little village. i was friends with 7 other children before the plague struck. it took my father, brother, and a few others. mst of the babies that were born since we'd been here died too so that left us with very few people. my mother (scarlet) 32. me (Jason) 14. Jenny 13.Tod and Jack, 12. Jenny's little sister Annie, 11. Jenny's father Dan, 35. Derrick , 17. Jesse, 24. James, 40. and about 12 others i never really met.

i was finishing my chores one day when Jenny walked up to me.

"hey Jason!" she kissed my cheek she always did that when it was just us alone.

"hey Jenny. whats up?" i asked with a smile

"nothing i was just wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight? my parents asked me to get out of the house for a little while tonight around sunset." she winked. we both laughed about it.

"sure i guess what do you wanna do?" i asked

"i could think of a few things" she winked at me. i was clueless about sex and all of that stuff so i didn't know what she meant at that time. we both laughed a little and i told her ill see her by the water fall tonight at sun down. she kissed my cheek again and ran off. i walked into my hut to see my mom on her bed with her hands between her legs.

"um... mom? what are you doing?" i asked. her eyes opened and she quickly covered herself with a blanket we scavenged from the wreckage.

"oh! uh... well son.... sit down. its time we talked." she said nodding her head to the chair nearest me. i sat down.

"Jason? what do you know about your body?" she asked.

"well sometimes my penis gets hard and i don't know why... and when i rub it a clear sticky liquid comes out of the tip. and if i rub it more then more of it comes out only its white. and after that happens my penis gets softer like it was." i told her. she looked in between my legs.

"what you do with your penis or cock is something called masturbation. and when that white stuff comes out its called an orgasm. the white stuff is called cum." i nodded very interested. my mom uncovered herself.

"and when a women masturbates a clear liquid comes out only when they get horny. which is when your penis gets hard. they get wet down there. and their nipples get hard. when a women has an orgasm they cum too only the liquid isn't white. when a man and a women want to have something called sex. the man puts his penis in the women's vagina, or pussy as some call it." she stopped letting me process what i was hearing.

"ok... what happens after that?" i asked

"well it all depends on if the man cums inside of the women's pussy or not. if he does the women will most likely get pregnant which makes baby's. it takes 9 months for the baby to arrive and when it does the womens belly with get much bigger and then the baby will come out of the women's pussy." she told me then stopped again. i looked down at my cock and looked back up at my mom. she smiled at me.

"its natural for everything to happen that way." she said. i nodded.

"that girl, Jenny. she likes you. she wants to do that with you." my mom said. i looked out the window and saw her running with her friends.

"i heard her and you talking earlier when she said 'i can think of a few things' she meant sex.

"ok what should i do?"

"well you cant just have sex with her and then leave. you need to be nice to her and before you guys do have sex you need to kiss her and treat her like a women." she said.

"ok what do you mean? like a women?" i asked my mom.

"you'll know when the time comes. and you'll have to figure out the rest for yourself" she said. i looked outside and noticed that the sun was down past the mountains. i got up and thanked my mother for the advice then i ran to the waterfall where i was supposed to meet Jenny. i waited for a bit and she finally showed. she kissed me on the cheek again. we started off by talking and throwing rocks into the pond. Jenny moved closer to me ever few minutes until finally she snuggled up against me as we watched the sun go down. it was bright that night so i could see her. she pushed me down.

"hey? what are you doing?" i asked.

"Jason i want you. i want you so bad. please have sex with me?" she begged. i laughed a little. she jumped on top of me and kissed me on the lips. she moaned into my lips a little and grabbed my cock. i moaned a little as she started to stroke up and down. she stuck her tongue into my mouth and started to kiss me like that. i was confuzed but i went with it. i put my tongue into her mouth and we started to tongue wrestle. she moaned into my mouth as i felt something wet touch the tip of my cock. i realised when she sat up that it was her pussy.

"please take my virginity?!" she moaned

"virginity?" i asked

"we are both virgins we've never had sex before." she explained

"well not anymore" i said. she smiled and kissed me. she started to slide down more and more until i felt something rip. she screached in pain.

"are you ok?!" i asked alarmed. she smiled again

"im fine. you just broke my hymen. its something a women has inside her pussy" she said as she started to move up and down and moan more and more. i liked the feeling of sex. her pussy was tight it was like a glove on my cock. i moaned along with her as she started to bounce up and down on my cock. i could feel myself getting close to having an orgasm. she stopped when my cock was all the way inside her and the liquid my mom called 'cum' came out of her pussy. her pussy got really tight when this happened. i came inside of her by accident. she got off of me and laid next to me.

"isnt that bad?" i asked a little scared.

"not all the time. i'll let you know if it is soon... does this mean im your girlfriend now?" she asked.

"i guess so..." i looked at her. she kissed me again. we sat there gazing at the stars until we heard Jenny's parents calling her inside. i went home and went to bed. before i fell asleep my mother shook me awake.

"did you do it?" she asked

"do what?" i asked her.

"did you have sex with that girl?" she asked with a smile

"yes" i said.

"did you cum inside her?" she asked me with a frown

"um... by accident..." i told her. she smiled again.

"ill fix that tomorrow but for now get some sleep ok?" she said then went back to bed. i could tell i had just gotten myself into something that wouldnt be easy to get out of.

AUTHORS NOTE: thank you for reading. im sorry if i missed a few parts on the "talk" but like alot of others i never had that talk. let me know if you liked it and i might make another part.

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2012-10-15 23:08:17
its ok but like the one guy said more sex less talk but other than that its good

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2012-08-17 10:27:20
You need more deions. Good story line, but very boring. The talk was longer than their sex.

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2012-08-17 00:50:39
Yes! I like where this is going! :)

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