Vince and Jake have been dating for a little while now and everything is going good, well except for the fact that they can't seem to finish what they start.
Vince and I had been dating for nearly six months and both of us were starting to get badly frustrated at the interruptions. As I walked over to Vince’s house I hoped tonight would be different. Vince’s mom was going on out with her newest boyfriend and it would just be Vince and his little sister Kim. By the time I knocked on the door his mom was already go. Kim answered the door. At twelve she’s was one of the cutest little girls I’d ever seen. “Hey Kim.” I said walking in.

“Hey Jake.” She blushed. “Vince said I could have the big T.V tonight so I think you two are going to have to suffer with that little thirty inch T.V his got down there.” I smiled, if only she knew.

“It’s ok the little T.V is good too. I’ll see you later.” I put my hand on top of her head and walked of. The basement door was open so I didn’t knock and quietly made my way down the stairs. Vince was fiddling with his movie collection, his back to the stairs. I snuck up behind him, snaking my arms around his waist. Vince jumped when I hugged him. I laughed a little.

“Hell Jake. I didn’t think you’d be here this soon,” Vince said turning around, my arms still around him.

“Is that a problem? Your other boyfriend coming first?” I teased and grabbed his ass. He smiled and leaned closer. Our lips met in a soft kiss and my cock twitched in anticipation. I was so beyond ready for us to have sex.

“You know better then that. When would I have time for another guy anyway?” I smiled. Another short press of lips. “Let’s go see how much longer Kim’s movie has and order some pizza.” He took my hand and led me back up the stairs. The movie was over by the time the pizza got there so Vince started her another one and we when down stairs with our pizza to start our own. “What kind of movie do you want to watch?”

“Anything.” Vince turned to look over at me then back at the movies. He picked one and put the disk face down on top of the player.

“Let’s eat first then we’ll watch it.” I felt my eyebrows furl, but left it alone while we ate. Vince checked on Kim one more time before putting the disk in and joined me on the bed. As the movie started, I thought something was off about it. It wasn’t a well made movie, but after fifteen minutes of crappy dialogue and bad acting I understood why. The two guys on camera were suppose to be friends and while they were watching a movie one decided to kiss the other. I looked over at Vince and he just smiled.

“Where did you get this?” I asked.

“I earn a decent bit working over at the drive in so I asked Mom if she would order me some…DVDs if I paid for them. She didn’t want to at first, but I did finally talk her into it. Bought like four or five, none of them are really top rate, but you can’t preview porn flixs, so the only thing I knew about them were they were guy on guy.” I looked back at the screen. Both guys were getting into the kissing and I felt Vince’s hand settle on my thigh. My heart started to beat just a little faster.

Please let us be able to have sex tonight, please, I thought as we watched the guys on screen start stripping. Cocks out, one guy dropped to his knees and started sucking the other guy off. Vince leaned closer and kissed my neck sending chills down my spine, my cock stiffened a little. I closed my eyes as Vince continued to kiss up my neck, passed my jaw, and across my cheek until our lips met. I pulled him closer so I could feel his chest against mine as our kiss intensified. Vince caught my tongue and sucked on it causing my cock to harden the rest of the way and pulse uncomfortably in my jeans. One of his hands found its way under my shirt and I gasped, breaking the kiss when he pinched a nipple. He smiled wickedly and slid my shirt further up so my stomach was bare. Vince bent his head and licked a trail of fire from the top of my jeans to my sternum. My spine arched with it and I heard that soft husky laugh of his. I sat up and jerked my shirt off. I reached for him drawing him into a kiss, sliding my tongue lightly against his as I drew him down to the bed with me. Vince’s chest was a welcomed weight on my own chest as he lay one leg over mine, pressing his cock into my hip. The fingers of one hand I had in his hair as we kissed, my other hand was under the waistband of his jeans grabbing his ass.

Fingers moved slowly down the side of my rib cage, over my stomach and down to cup my cock through my clothes. I groaned and felt Vince smile against my lips. His hand rubbed the length on my cock causing the fabric to move, stroking me. I felt my breath hiccup. Vince sat up for and instantly my chest felt cold. I started to pull him back down, but stopped as I watched him kneeling there beside me and pulled his own shirt off. In his jeans, I could see where his cock was pressed against the denim wanting out and while his hands were busy with his shirt I reached for it. Vince stilled, shirt held in one hand as I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled the elastic band of his boxer-briefs out and down to allow his cock freedom. Now free it stood out from his body straight with a slight up turn. I touched the purple toned head and watched it jump. “Tease,” Vince whispered; his voice thick with want. I smiled up at him then kissed the under side of the head. He let out a hard breath as I licked the head, loving the feel of his hard cock on my tongue. I watched his face while I licked him waiting. I watched his eyes flutter closed and his head go back a little. I licked up the under side one last time then slid my mouth down around his cock, getting almost all of it into my mouth. “Oh Christ, Jake.” His whole body shuddered; his cock pulsed in my mouth as I sucked the stiff flesh. I kept suction on him as I moved back and forth on his cock. Vince put his hand on the back of my head and I could feel him gripping my hair. “Fuck! Jake, I love your mouth on my cock.” By this time, his words were barely audible. I touched his sac, playing with it as I forced myself all the way down on his seven-inch cock, before retreating back to a safer depth. Vince’s breathing came faster and the skin of his sac tightened around his balls making them harder to play with.

“Close…mmmm…” his breath hiccupped and he had to open his mouth to get a full breath. “Swallow this time for me baby, please.” We discovered over the passed few months that I had trouble swallowing cum, it gagged me most of the time, but this time I kept going, wanting to feel him cum in my mouth, I sucked him harder. The hand in my hair tightened and I felt his cock go rigid. Just then that hand at the back of my head pushed me hard, down onto his cock. Sending him down my throat some and my noise against the little bit of pubic hair he had. “Oh Fuck!” His cock pulsed inside my mouth shooting cum down my throat. “Mmmmm.” Vince thrust twice and some of his cum ended up on my tongue only to slide down my throat as he pushed back in. When his body stopped shooting cum, he drew out. “Sorry, I just couldn’t help it.” I wiped a hand across my mouth for any left over spots and smiled up at him.

“It’s ok.” I moved to kneel with him and pressed myself against him, my arms going around his neck. We kissed and his arms wrapped around me, grabbing my ass so he could press our hard cocks against each other better. Vince lay me back down and laid his head on my chest. I had a big smile on my face that wouldn’t go away after seeing that extreme look of satisfaction on his face. My eyes drifted to the movie just in time to see one guy settle his cock against the others asshole. I watched him press into his friends ‘virgin ass’ slowly letting his cock sink in until all of it was inside. I was so interested in the movie that I didn’t notice Vince had moved for a second. “Where you going?” He shot me a smile as he righted his jeans and went upstairs without answering. A few minutes later, he came down with two frozen drinks.

“Their home made rum runners. Thought a little alcohol might help relax you.” I gave a short laugh and took the drink as we sat down on the edge of the bed watching the two guys switch who was fucking who. The guy who’d had the ‘virgin ass’ was clumsy and rough about getting his cock in the other guys ass. Once his was in, he started to fuck the guy hard. “I wouldn’t be that rough.” Vince said leaning close to me. I took a sip of my drink and was surprised that I couldn’t taste much alcohol in it.

Kim came down the stairs holding another movie case and Vince scrambled to turn the T.V off before she heard or saw what was playing. She looked to the black screen then at us. “Your watching dirty movies aren’t you?” She asked. Shocked she even knew what that was, I almost answered.

“Yes we are so lets get you back up stairs where there’s no rated R movies playing,” Vince said leading her up the stairs. I took a big drink and got up to look for another movie to put in. Finding his small stash of porn flixs I changed the movie out, just as Vince came down the steps.

“She thinks R movies are dirty movies?” I asked. He laughed.

“Mom let her watch an R rated movie in the living room with us one night and she freaked when it showed a man and a woman having sex and it wasn’t one of those fake looking scenes either. Showed everything, a cock, his ass pumping like he was really in her, and at the end he pulled out, the camera went to her stomach and fluid shot onto it. Kim ran from the room. I asked Mom after if she knew that was in the movie. She smiled and said ‘what better way to keep my little girl from having sex than to show it to her while she’s still young’. It grossed Kim out and now she won’t watch anything with nudity, calls them all dirty movies.”

“That was kind of harsh.” He shrugged.

“You put in a new movie?” I nodded and sat back down on the bed, taking another drink. Vince climbed on the bed behind me and sat down with his legs on either side on me. I lay my head back on his shoulder, leaning my bare back against his bare chest as the first scene opened. The two guys were talking about how they’d fucked the night before to each other. They both kept saying it was a girl, but then it would flash to the speaker doing what he said with a guy. The sex kept getting interrupted by the other speaker, then the camera panned under the table so we could see that both their cocks were hard under their dress pants. Vince’s arms wrapped around me so his hands could play. As we watched the movie his hand slipped down the front of my jeans. My cock had gone soft a while back when Kim had come down, but when I felt his hand touch my bare cock it jumped to attention. “Eager much?”

“Very.” His fingers drifted down to play with my balls. I groaned. His hand with drew and I protested until I noticed him unfastening my jeans. Like I had with him, he only pulled the waistband down far enough so my cock was out in the open. With me laying back though I didn’t stand out from my body, my cock lay against my abdomen twitching to be touched. Vince took hold of my cock and pumped it a few times then his hand up to rub my sensitive head. I let out a harsh moan as he did and gripped his pant legs. He ran his thumb over the slit taking away the drop of moister and rubbing it into the skin, letting his index finger keep pressure on the under side just below the head. The muscles in my stomach flexed with each pass, making so I couldn’t sit still.

Vince let go of my cock and eased back from me, laying me down on the bed. “Stay there,” he told me. I nodded. He pulled something from his nightstand and knelt on the floor where my legs hung over. “Lift your hips for me.” I did and he pulled my jeans and underwear down past my knees. Vince pushed my knees a little further apart for a second he didn’t touch me then his hand pulled my cock up and his mouth wrapped around the head of my cock. I eased up on my elbow so I could watch him. His tongue would swirl around the head as he sucked then he slid his mouth all the way down my shaft. I was so into him sucking me that when I felt his finger press against my ass I was surprised. As his finger slid in easily I realized what he’d gotten from the drawer, lube. My head went back and I tried to open my legs more for him. The thrusts of his finger were slower then what his mouth was doing and the different speeds drove me crazy. My breathing went ragged when he stuck another finger in.

“Vince, please.” He sucked harder, taking my whole cock into his mouth every time he went down. Over his head the movie still played and just as Vince pulled his fingers out so he could push three in the guy on screen got his ass filled with cock. I couldn’t keep my eye open as my body tuned everything, after his fingers push up into me again, out. A light sweat broke out over me as I fought to control myself some, but liquid fire poured through me leaving nothing, but warmth and a burning need to cum. That lower part of my stomach tightened and my balls drew closer. “I… I’m gonna…” One of the stairs creaked and Vince’s mouth came off my cock, his fingers pulled out of my ass, leaving a small empty feeling behind.

“Fuck! Get your pants up!” Vince’s voice was harsh grabbed for the remote again. I pulled my jeans up fast, but missed buttoning the last one as Kim walked across the room.

“Vince I found this and I was wandering if I could watch it?” she handed it to him leaving her back to me. My cock pulsed painfully in my jeans and I reached to adjust it. I pulled at my cock and fire shot back through me sending me onto my back on the bed. My balls force cum up my shaft in a burning rush. I trembled on the bed and looked to Vince for help, but all I got was a huge smile. I couldn’t stop it as I tried to bit my bottom lip and keep quite. My cock kicked violently against the confines on my underwear as it shot a load of cum, soaking it. Kim was saying something else to Vince, but I didn’t hear it. Vince’s eyes never left mine as I spewed cum ‘secretly’ all inside my pants. On the last shot I closed my eyes and sighed.

“Let me go to the bathroom and I’ll be up in a second to start the movie,” Vince told her. She nodded and went back up the stairs. He walked over to me and placed his hand on my cock. I shuddered again. “Couldn’t hold it huh?” I shook my head. He smiled as he looked at his hand. “Your pants are soaked now, by the way.” I started laughing and he left to help Kim. I was still laying there with my eyes closed when he came back down stairs. His hand unfastened my pants and pealed them down my legs. Vince threw them in the washer and set me out some underwear and jeans. I reached for then and he stopped me. “I told Kim I was going to take a shower so she won’t be down here for a while.” He knelt and started licking at my stomach and then the head of my cock to get a little taste, unlike me Vince loved the taste of cum. “Come on let’s get you cleaned up the rest of the way.” He started to help me up.

“Not yet.” I moved farther onto the bed and opened my legs so he could see my ass where there was still lube from his fingering. His hands undid his pants quickly.

“Your sure your ready?” I nodded and he let his clothes fall to the floor. Vince climbed on to the, settling onto of me. We kissed as he fisted his cock, pumping it. When he eased back his cock was hard again and he angled himself down. The head of his cock touched my opening and I had to tell myself to breath as he pushed forward a little, but he drew back quickly and reached for something. He picked up the lube bottle and squeezed more into his hand and worked it over his cock before returning to pressing against my ass. A small burning pain started as my ass started to open for him. “Just a little more Jake, a little more and I’ll have it in.” My breath quickened as my virgin ass was prodded. On the nightstand, my phone went off. Mom. Vince eased out sighing.

Nice timing Mom. “Hello?”

“Where in the world are you mister? It’s after midnight.” I looked at the time on the phone.

“Fuck! Sorry Mom… I didn’t realize it was getting so late.”

“Well you need to get your ass home right now bud.” She hung up. I looked up at Vince still kneeling between my legs, both our cocks’ rock hard.

“Why does this always happen?” He smiled and started stroking his cock.

“Maybe a higher power wants you to stay virgin or a while longer. Don’t worry, I’ll take that ass one day soon.” I smiled and got up to dress, pulling on his underwear, pants and then took a few minutes to find my shoes. Vince stood and kissed me, holding me to his naked body. “I’ll text you in about fifteen.” He took hold of his cock again. “I’ll still need help with this and…” He pulled the waistband of his pants about four inches away from my waist, that’s how lose they were, and looked down them. “I think you’ll need the help too.” I smiled, kissed him one last time and made my way out into the street to walk home. In the past six months we’d been dating, I’d top Vince’s steady 6’2 for me and Jack’s to hit 6’3, and the extra inches would have thinned me out further if not for Vince pulling me into the school weight room every chance he got which only made me eat more. Instead of just gaining weight from the heavy eating, the weight room had helped turn it in to good lean muscle, but the waist on my pants was still only 30 where Vince had to get 34s and I still hadn’t reached a healthy weight, though I was a lot closer. I think it was five more lbs I had to gain, if it wasn’t for gaining another two inches I would have be at a health weight three months ago, but every time I got really close, like now, I would gain half and inch.

I opened the front door of our house and saw the kitchen light was still on. I sighed and closed the door behind me then made way into the kitchen. Mom was standing by the coffee pot as I walked in. “I’m home.”

“It’s about time, Jake. I would have expected this from Jack, but not you. What’s gotten into you?”

Nothing yet, Mom, but if you had waited a little before calling Vince’s cock would have gotten into me. “I…uh… met some one and well… I was over at their house and…” my face heated as I told her the truth. She didn’t know Vince and I were seeing each other or that I was gay even, but I had been dropping hints about it. The few times Vince had come over, while Jack was out and Mom was home of course, she’d caught us doing odd things like holding hands, sitting beside each other on the couch close enough for our legs to touch, and last time we were actually drawing back from a kiss when she came into the room.

“Really?” She turned and took a good look at me. “I don’t see any lipstick.” I rolled my lips and focused on her. She was about to say something else when my phone vibrated in my pocket. I pulled it out checking the name on the text. Mom grabbed the phone. “This is her isn’t it? Don’t say it’s not I saw the way your face lit up just now.” She looked down at the name and frowned then looked back at me. “Vince? Please tell me it’s not his little sister. She’s what thirteen?”

“Kim’s twelve actually and no it’s not her.” Mom didn’t seem to believe me.

“Then who’s calling you from Vince’s phone?”


“Really? So if I call the number back he is going to answer?”

“Yes.” She hit the dial button then put it on speaker. It rang twice before Vince picked up.

“Yeah sweets you get home ok?” I watched Mom’s face pale.

“Yeah, but Mom snagged my phone once I got home.” There was a pause on his side and I waited for it to ink in.

“Then how are you calling me from it now if she has your phone?”

“Mom?” she cleared her throat.

“I was trying to find out who this mystery girl was, he said he was at her house when I called. When he got this happy look on his face I grabbed the phone because I thought she was calling.” Now Mom looked at little embarrassed.

“Ummm Jake do you ahh..”

“I think she knows already after they way you answered the phone.” Mom looked at me.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow ok baby? That is if I get my phone back tonight.”

“OK sweets. If not I’ll see you at school on Monday. Love you.”

“Love you too, Vince.” The call ended and I watched Mom fall into a chair at the table. “Is Jack home?” She shook her head.

“I’m sorry I stayed out so late. I really did mean to be home by ten-thirty, eleven, but we kind of lost track of time watching movies and…”

“Say it out loud for me so maybe it will sink in.” Mom stared at the tabletop. I sighed.

“Look at me first.” Her head lifted and her eyes met mine. “Vince and I are dating. I’m gay.” She started nodding then a deadly look passed over her face.

“Why didn’t you tell me with before all those times you spent the night at his house? Did you not tell me just so you two could… could have sex? What the hell Jake? If his mother found out she’d think I was a bad mother for letting my teenaged son do that.” I had to avert my eyes on that one.

“Mom, Ms. Burnns…she’s known about Vince being gay for years and…ummm…well she knows we’re dating.”

“What?” I still didn’t look at her. “At least I can say I didn’t know, but she let it happen?”

“All those times I slept over there Vince and I were in separate rooms, him down in his basement room and me up on the second floor with Kim while his mom slept on the couch so neither of us could sneak off to the other. The one time we got to sleep in the living room together Kim was right beside us.”

“So she made sure to keep you two apart, but then since you were over there just now does that mean his mother was there.”
Oh hell. “She was on a date and we were babysitting Kim.” Sort of anyway.

“She didn’t know you were going over there did she?”

Damn it I’m easy to read tonight. “Not really.”

“Jake Edwards!” I gave her the most innocent look a seventeen-year old boy could muster. “You snuck over there so you to could have sex?”

“Well… I …that was kinda the idea yeah, but Mom,” I caught her before she could go off on me again. “Vince and I have been dating nearly as long as you and Gregory. Neither of us are young kids, and it’s not like you don’t know him unlike all the girls Jack has sex with and don’t try to tell me you and Gregory haven’t.” Mom looked away blushing.

“Are you at least being careful?”

“Vince had to get tested when baseball season started and he’s clean and I know I am, other then that you don’t have to worry too much.”

“But you could…” she closed her eyes and smiled at her own thoughts. “Never mind. I keep thinking that if I talk to either you or Jack I have to tell you to remember to always use condoms because it only takes one time to get pregnant, but I guess I don’t have to worry about that with you.” She paused. “How do you know you’re clean?”

“Hard to catch anything if you haven’t done anything.” Fire heated my face.

“What about you and Autumn? I was home early one day and…well I heard interesting things from your room.” She looked confused.

“Autumn and I have been friends for a long time; I told her a long time ago about my attraction to guys so when I told her that I wanted to try one last time to make it work with a girl, she asked me out. We…did things, but it never went all the way.”

“You’re telling me that one of my sons was still virgin at sixteen?” I nodded.

“Mom, I’m still virgin.” Her eyes narrowed on me.

“But I thought…”

“I said that was the idea, never said it happened.” I stayed quick for a while letting it sink in. “Do you want to know anything else since we’re talking about it?”

“Is Vince your first boyfriend?”

“Yes.” I told her about how I’d tried to find one long before now, but no one would admit to being gay, at least that I asked.

“Do you really love him?” I smiled.

“Yeah I think I do.” Mom sighed and handed me my phone back. “No more sleeping over at his house. I want you to call me if you’re going to be out past ten, and that’s any night of the week mister, and you’ll invite him over for dinner tomorrow night so I can really talk to him about all this.” I nodded.

“Wait will Jack be home tomorrow night?”

“I don’t know. Why?”

“I can’t tell Jack yet. He’ll flip out.” She thought about it for a minute.

“We could go out instead of eating in if he is.” I nodded.

“I think I’m going to bed now.” Mom looked up at me and smiled.

“You know you could have told me months ago. I would have understood.” I smiled.

“I did try to drop some hints to get you to ask. I know you saw me leaning back from a kiss the other week.”

“I really didn’t think about it being that when I saw it. I thought you were telling him about a girl or something because of the look on your face, it never occurred to me how close you were to his mouth.” I looked down at the floor.

“Night Mom.”

“Good night Jake.” I turned the corner into the hall for Jack’s room and mine. Our doors sat directly across from each other. Once I was inside my room I texted Vince. I know I told him I’d call him in the morning, but I had to tell him about the dinner.

Mom said she wants the three of us to have dinner together 2morrow so she can meet u as my boyfriend instead of just a guy I go to school with. I didn’t expect an answer back, Mom and I had talked for about forty-five minutes and I figured Vince would have gone to bed already.

What time?


I’ll meet you at your house.

If Jack’s home we’re going out. She didn’t say where to though.

Ok. Ttyl. Luv u.

I Luv u 2. night.


The next day wore on my nerves, badly. Mom didn’t give me much time to talk to Vince through out the day as she had me ‘help’ her clean the house and Jack kept coming home and leaving. We finally decided that it would be better in we went out just in case he came back during dinner. Finally it got to be around five and Mom went off to get ready while I headed straight for the shower and my phone. There was a text from Autumn telling me she dumped the guy she’d been seeing. I wrote her back telling her I was happy for her and that the guy was a jerk anyway, he really was. He’d hated how close me and her are so he’d told her that we couldn’t talk. Autumn hadn’t listened to began with, but it sucked knowing the guy she liked was to insecure for her to talk to another guy.

There were three from Vince. Now that I was getting ready for us to go out I had a minute to talk to him. Sorry I haven’t text u today. Mom had me helping her around the house. I stripped as I waited for a reply and took the phone into the bathroom with me.

It’s ok, but I was getting worried about u.

Are u getting ready yet?

About to get in the shower. U?

Same :)

:) are you naked yet.


I loved watching u cum like that last night. I really needed ur help with getting off again.

I could help now if u r getting in the shower.

Please. I hadn’t been able to jerk off all day and all the tension from last night had build up, it didn’t take much encouragement for my cock to get hard. I sat down on the closed toilet lid.

I’ve got my cock hard for u..

U stroking that nice cock for me?

Yeah I text and continued stroking.
Play with ur balls a minute. My hand drifted down to cup my balls and play with the skin in between them.

Mmmm…baby I want to suck ur cock right now.

Maybe I’ll give u a taste in later to night.

Oh please yes. Take me to the bathroom and let me suck it. I started stroking my cock again faster this time.

I take it we’re going out then. How about I sit across from u and play with ur cock with my foot under the table. I gasped as my cock kicked hard in my hand.

Oh yeah… is ur cock as hard as mine is right now? A second later a picture message came through. It was a view from about his eye level, pointed down at his cock. His hand was wrapped around his cock that stood its full length out from him.

Like it?

Yeah… such a good pic of ur cock. Making my mouth water.

Fuck baby I want to stick my cock in ur tight ass. I groaned as my stomach tightened.

I’m gonna cum. My cock stiffened a little more getting ready to unload.

That’s it baby make ur cock cum for me so I can lick it off u. I leaned back as the first shot flew up out of my cock in a small arch and landed in my belly button. My breathing was ragged as I stroked the next few shots out. I looked down at my spent cum and took a picture as I always did and sent it to him. Fuck Jake I want to lick it off so bad.

Maybe u will get some later.

Oh yeah please. Another picture came through on his hand filled with the cum he’d just shot.

So nice. I sighed and started up the water on the shower.

Another round? I smiled.

Later in person. Have to get a shower right now so I can smell and look nice for u.

;) maybe this time we can have sex without some one calling or walking in.

Would be nice. I turned the knob over so that the showerhead would spray and got in. I took forever in the shower, but I had the time to spare. Once I was out I dried off, brushed my teeth and put on deodorant and a light cologne before heading into my room to dress. Mom was still putting on her makeup when someone knocked on the front door. I’d been sitting on the couch waiting for that knock. Jack was still out, thank God, but there was no telling when he’d be back. I opened the door letting Vince in. “We’re still waiting on my mom, she’s almost ready.” I took in his out fit. Like Mom and me, he’d dressed up some wearing a cream button down dress shirt and navy dress pants. “You look great.” He smiled and pulled me in closer. I smiled back.

“Like I look any better than you do, full black dress clothes so fucking hot. Mmmm.” We kissed and his hand as it always did settled on the back of my neck.

“Jake does this dress…” we parted quickly as Mom stopped mid sentence. I looked over at her.

“The dress looks great on you Mom.” Vince took my hand. Mom stared for a minute more.

“You boys ready for a night on the town with an old woman.” Vince smiled at her and let go of my hand so he could walk to her. Leaning down he kissed her forehead.

“You’re lovely Ms. Edwards.” I felt my heart flutter a little as my man told my mother she was a beautiful woman for the two of us to go out with and took her arm, leading her to the car we were taking while I made sure she had her purse and locked the house up. Mom picked one of the higher end restaurants in town as she drove the three of us around in her Honda.

Mom sat on a side by herself in the booth while Vince and I sat side by side. “Have you ever eaten here before Vince?”

“My father brought me here last time he visited.” He looked down at the menu. His dad like mine was a sore subject.

“Jake mentioned something about him not really being understanding towards you.” Vince nodded. “I’m sorry he wasn’t more…open minded.”

“He wasn’t that bad until he married this new girl. She’s severely against same sex anything so while I was living with them all I would hear was religious banter or some form of morality speech from her. I never could explain to her it’s not a choice to be gay, like she believes, it’s just the way we are. Believe me few teen boys want to admit that they like other guys better than they do girls, they become so in denial of what the really like that sometimes they never even let themselves see it for what it is.” I’d heard him talk about his time living with his dad before this new wife and it wasn’t the best. His dad didn’t want to except it, but had left Vince alone to find his own way back. When he married this girl that changed and Vince came to live with his mother to get away from the verbal assault she gave him daily.

“I’m trying to be more understanding for Jake.”

“Thank you for that. He had a hard enough time dating me behind your back, he wanted to tell you, but he was afraid of what you’d say.” The waitress came over to our table and took our drink order.

“Though it was a big surprise I’m not without gay friends.” She looked at me. “You never heard of your uncle Philip have you?” I shook my head. “Your father won’t talk about him, now. Philip died a week before you and Jack were born from AIDS. Your father always believed that his younger brother was tricked into being gay because it was his first lover that gave him HIV. When I was pregnant I wanted to name one of you two after him, but your father wouldn’t let me. I talked to Philip about it and he asked me to use his long-term live-ins name instead. That’s how Jack got his name.” Mom smiled.

“I had a gay uncle?”

“Yep.” I looked to Vince. He smiled and took my hand under the table.

“Are you ready to order?” asked the waitress. I hadn’t even noticed her bringing the drinks back. Vince held my hand while the three of us talked until our plates came. We did go off to the bathroom, but it was too crowded for us to try anything that we’d joked about on the phone. On the way home we dropped Vince off at his house, he’d walked over instead of drove. I walked with him to the front door.

“I’ll text you later ok?” I nodded. Vince flashed me a playful smile and I stepped closer. His lips brushed min in a soft kiss that quickly intensified. Our tongues played against on another before he sucked at my tongue. My cock rose to the occasion and I had to pull away.

“I got to go.” I gave him another quick kiss. “Love you.”

“I love you too Jake.” Vince hugged me a little tighter before letting me walk back to the car with Mom.

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