Tired yet wired, I knew the fun would begin soon
So here I was, off work for another two weeks due to a reduction in force at the plant. Just another way of saying the guys with more time and friends got to keep their paychecks intact. Oh, well, I'd been working shift work for fifteen years and could use a short staycation and enjoy the time at home. Me, I'm 52, your average looking dad who has worked so many years to support a family with little or no thanks or appreciation. I have two kids, William, 21, off enjoying a bit of time in the county lockup for simple burglary, and Darla, our 16 (you pick the age) year old daughter who is the apple of our eye. My wife, thankfully, still holds down a regular shift at the pancake place where she's the cashier. Talk about living large.

It was a cloudy afternoon and I could hear the thunder in the distance. Won't be long before those clouds roll closer and bring some rain. Me, I like the rain. Makes my time in the house seem more personal. Darla was due home from her school bus soon. My mind was trying to think up another way to engage her presence in my free time at home. I had grown bored sniffing her soiled panties while I masturbated. I wanted to come up with a better and more fulfilling time to enjoy feeling complete, if you know what I mean.

I was kicked back in my recliner with the TV volume down low so I could hear her bus approach. Those county buses have brakes that squeal so loud that you have to hold your ears at times. I knew my ideas had to come fast or today would be wasted as far as my fantasy for Darla was concerned. I closed my eyes and pictured her skinny legs and flat chest in that damn school uniform. Man, she was one naive girl. She'd believe anything I could tell her. Guess that's why she's so adorable, and why she thinks I'm the greatest. I have spent many a day roaming her room and smelling her pillow and clothing. I love the smell of her shampoo. I'd spent times like this before thinking of how to get more involved with her if I could.

Sitting there in my old recliner and wearing my gym shorts, I reckoned how unappealing I was to anyone, let alone myself. Every time I looked in the mirror, I saw my mother's face. Sheesh, age has a way of creeping on you, and creeping you out. But enough of that. These old shorts, thankfully, have enough elastic to slide over this belly of mine. The tee-shirt adds to the ensemble, making me definitely some kind of American tragedy. Smart-ass kid next door told me I must buy my shirts at the place his dad does, since they come with the pouch in front. Oh, well. I've lived and seen a lot, but I still have desires, and today I wanted to come up with something that would fuel my lust. Then It hit me. I stood up and dropped the shorts I was wearing and skinned down my underwear. Moving quickly, I removed them and tossed them in the hamper in the laundry room and put the shorts back on. I moved to my recliner and waited for the bus to arrive.

A few minutes later I heard the squeal of the brakes and knew my time of adventure had arrived. Through the den I could see out the front window. Darla came skipping off the bus with her backpack, laden like a 16 year old mule. I slumped back into my recliner, adjusted the volume up on the sports channel, pulled a ball cap over my eyes, and reached for my cock. While it's not some kind of anaconda, I do sport a fat 7 inches that looks nice to me. Even at rest it's a nice cock. I lifted the leg of my shorts and allowed the head of it to be revealed on top of my leg, visible to any passerby, knowing Darla was going to pass by on her way to her room when she entered the house. I closed my eyes and pretended to be napping. I knew my wife was not due home for several hours, so I knew this plan had some potential.

As I heard the door swing open and close, I held my breath as I awaited a response. If it went south on me, I could pretend to be embarrassed and have no problem. If my plan worked, the potential was the sky. Darla entered the den on her way to her bedroom and I could hear her footsteps suddenly come to a halt as she was passing by my recliner. I knew she was taking note of my cock. Why else would she stop? She certainly wasn't keeping up with the latest baseball score, that's for sure. I heard her suck in breath as I slowly opened my eyes under the lid of the ballcap and saw that my cock was poking out 4 inches of nice chubbiness for her viewing. Then I noted her tiptoeing down the hall to put away her backpack as usual. Now would come the time for part two of my fantasy today. As I held my position, I heard her in her room. I reached over and adjusted my shorts so that my balls were able to fall out as I moved my legs apart. As I heard her coming back toward the den, I pretended to be moving in my sleep and pushed my legs apart. Sure enough, I felt the cool air on my hairy ball sack as I resumed my "nap". Darla had to now be standing at my side and taking in the view of my cock head and my balls. While I could not lift my head to view her from under the ballcap, I could see her come into my peripheral view. She was leaning over and trying to determine whether I was indeed sleeping and if I was about to catch her doing something nasty to satisfy her curiosity. I could hear her breathing turn to light huffing as she took in the sight of an adult cock. The feeling in my balls was so wonderful as I envisioned what she must be thinking. Being an exhibitionist at heart, this was so exciting for me.

Darla moved very slowly to circle my recliner. She picked the most optimal view she could find. I could sense her nearness and felt her leaning over the arm of the chair to see up close what she had likely only heard about from her little friends. Sure enough, it was only a few moments before her hand reached out to see what this thing called a cock felt like. I had to steel myself for the delicious contact from her little hand. I could now clearly see her arm and fingers come into view from under the ballcap brim. Gently she stroked up and down the skin of my cock, testing the reaction that might happen and the texture of that type of skin on a grown man. Since I shave my pubic hair regularly, she was seeing the sight of hairless balls and my chubby cock. Upon feeling the tips of her fingers, the inevitable occurred. I knew my cock would twitch and, more, that it would begin to grow. Sure enough, I watched her slide her fingers gently to the tip of my cock. My pulse quickened and I had to fight to keep my cock at bay as best I cold. As she leaned in, providence smiled and I had a view of her shirt and a straight shot down inside. I could detect the puffy nipples on high alert as she was herself aroused apparently. This was working out well indeed. As she felt more confident that I wasn't going to awaken, she lightly gripped my cock, attempting to test its heft in her palm. As her fingers attempted to close around my cock, I slowly extended my legs and allowed my cock to come into full view for her. She softly whimpered as she judged it, and seemed to naturally want to slide her hand up and down in a slow motion masturbation. Sure enough, on cue my pre-cum began to arrive, pushing out a nice trickle that cascaded onto her hand and fingers. I heard her suck in air as she tried to figure out this new development. I had to steel myself against moving. This was hard (no pun intended) to do, as the delicate ministrations of her hand were like no other feelings I had experienced.

Only too quickly I realized her back was likely tired from leaning over in that position she was in. I noted her kneeling on the floor in front of the recliner where she could see all she needed and continue her play in a more relaxed position. This allowed me to see the bottom of her face as well as her hands as she masturbated me. I could see her mouth open and close as she licked her lips, enjoying what she was seeing. All too soon, I knew that old familiar feeling was approaching and I prepared myself for the final chapter of this little episode. My balls suddenly could bear no more and they began to tingle as Darla leaned in, sliding her hand through the precum and then alternating with the other while she sniffed the liquid on her fingers. As she changed hands, the sensation was different but still good. Funny how that works. A cock just knows which hand is the dominant one that's stroking it the best. As she returned to my now fully extended cock, the entire 7 inches began to throb, the redness of the head of my cock almost crimson and full. My back involuntarily arched and I could hold back no longer. Then the flood of my orgasm erupted into a spewing fountain that lavished thick cum in quick sequences of stickiness all directly toward the angle of its position, namely, Darla's face. The first rope of cum struck her across her bangs and eyes. As she reacted to the surprise, her mouth flew open. That is when the second spurt landed on her lips and tongue. She was aghast at what she had caused. The third spurt blasted her neck and slowly oozed into her shirt. Afraid to awaken me, she held her hand still as she contemplated what had occurred. My cum continued to pump out and onto her hand and wrist, In her fear of allowing it to fall onto my leg, she reached near my balls and cupped her small hand to catch the remainder. Slowly she removed her hands from my cock and attempted to stand up. I could see how shaky her hands and legs were as she tried to comprehend what had occurred while I was sleeping. Her breathing was raspy and fast. I knew she was aroused and confused. As I lay there I watched as her hand that held the cum was raised to her nose for a sniff of its bouquet. Darla lowered her hand and I saw her tongue tip sneak out to test it for flavor. She dipped her tongue into the cum pool in her hand and then tasted her first manly reward. Thinking it would get no better, I was amazed when she pushed her palm to her lips and slipped the remaining cum into her mouth and swallowed it. Slowly she tiptoed away from my presence and down the hall. I continued my "nap" for a bit longer as I lay in the glow of a job well done.

Oh, this is such a workable idea. What will I come up with next?

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2013-06-21 17:15:08
Just read this and found it erotic. I couldnt do
This to underage girl or daughter but had similar
experiences when babysitting when 14 , for a young
girl. I really was asleep and always woke up at end.
Good story though


2012-10-31 18:01:43
mmmmmmmm i did that to my stepdaddy too do he was not asleep


2012-10-03 04:19:30
Hell yes got me to the point of blowing my load all over my keyboard please make anothe chapter

anonymous readerReport

2012-08-17 16:52:33
Pretty well written. I will look for the next step in your adventure.You are obviously better educated than most of the so-called authors who post here. I appreciate good spelling and good grammar and you apparently bothered to actually proof-read your story (which most wannabe writers fail to do). Thank you for a pleasant read.

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2012-08-16 18:35:40
I think if my dad would have set a little trap for me when I was that young, I might have fallen for it. I loved sittin' on my dad's lap, feelin' his boner in my butt crack. He'd wrap his hands around me and hold me on his lap while we watched tv together. The way he would caress me lightly over my stomach and little boobs, made my nipple stand right up there. I always wanted him to take his hand and rub my pussy mound. But he never did.

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