Uncle Mike came to visit our family during the holidays
Here I was living the dream. Our school baseball team was likely going to make the city playoffs. Not that we were that good, but everyone in the neighborhood knew I was on the team. As the catcher, all you have to do is block the plate and not drop a desperate throw. It helps if you can hit, too. News of the impending game was news in our family. My 16 (you adjust the age) years of being a wimp was about to pay dividends for my ego. I was just your average school kid, the younger of three kids in a family that in those days hung basically with family. I guess I was naive as the middle child. Didn't know much and was always in the shadow of an older brother who was the better athlete. Better at lots of stuff, actually.

When news of the game's importance hit our family network, I received all kinds of advice from my uncles. Pretty useless stuff, as they were much older and intimidating. I just shut down when they started spouting. Well, the weekend before the game it was announced that my Uncle Mike was actually going to come to town and see us, and me, for the occasion. Uncle Mike was my dad's younger brother, a fellow who was in his late 30s and had never been married. He had the women in the family always talking about how they could and should fix him up with someone so he could get married. Once he arrived, it was your usual older members of my dad's family sitting around the table drinking beer and smoking and catching up. My uncle was a guy who was always on the road and we hardly ever saw him. You might say he was a stranger to us nephews and nieces. I knew my dad was glad to see him at any rate. As that Friday night wore on, the kids were told to get cleaned up and into bed. My older brother and I did our thing to avoid getting in trouble, and I went to bed as usual. The adults all stayed in the kitchen having a rousing time until kind of late I'd imagine. You could hear them laughing and recalling the old days.

In my room, I was about to truly drift off to sleep when my bedroom door opened and the light spilled in somewhat from the hall. It was then that I knew I was going to share a bed with Uncle Mike. It wasn't like we had all of these places for a guests to stay. No one slept on a couch back then. I'm not sure why. Buy anyway, in comes my uncle and I am watching him as he is getting ready to get in the bed. I don't really know him per se other than as my uncle who lives somewhere out there in west Texas and travels.

As Uncle Mike got undressed, I noted that he didn't wear underwear. I thought that was kind of funny then. It's interesting what a 16 year old thinks is funny. I could see his bony ass as he bent over and pushed his pants off. He didn't seem at all fazed by being in a room with some kid. As I watched him, I could see his cock swinging around in the half light. I had never seen a man's cock before, and that got my attention. As he got under the covers, I was thinking "this guy is naked in bed with me." I didn't dare move as he found his place and settled into the bed. It wasn't long before I was drifting off to sleep mulling over the things a kid my age would think about.

At some point during the night I kind of woke up and realized that Uncle Mike had wrapped my fingers around his cock and was slowly moving my hand up and down in a gentle way. Believe me, I had never seen an erect grown man's cock and this just freaked me out. I turned away from him and put my back to him. After he regrouped, he leaned over and was breathing on my neck, literally breathing on me. My mind was racing as I was trying to comprehend what was going on. At that point in my life I hadn't masturbated. I had had erections and liked to touch myself, but the whole concept was foreign to me as an end to an act. I was laying there with butterflies in my stomach, replaying in my mind what I had just experienced. I wasn't upset at all. In fact, I thought it was "nasty" play and was amazed that an adult would like that. With him so close to me, I just laid there wondering what he was going to do. He slowly reached over and felt the front of my underwear. His touch electrified me and I instantly had an erection. He slipped his hands into my shorts and began to rub on my immature cock. I'm not certain of my size at that point in my life, but it couldn't have been more than 4 inches. But I really liked the feeling I was getting from someone touching me. When he realized I wasn't going to object to him touching me, he pulled down my underwear and started to masturbate me. He was whispering and talking dirty to me as he did this. I was in another sphere as he did this.

After several minutes of him fondling my boy cock and my balls, he took my hand and again placed it on his cock. I knew the size difference was incredible. I'd imagine his erect cock was like at least 7 inches and very thick. He again started to move my hand up and down on his cock. By this point I knew what he wanted, and I complied as he laid back and we mutually stroked each other. My eyes were straining to see what was going on. It was such an exciting experience for me. After several minutes, he tensed up and had his orgasm, spewing his cum all over me. I guess my aim was toward myself as I masturbated him. This new development was so exciting to me. I had no idea a grown man could produce cum. He must have sprayed me for six or seven shots of his cum before he finished. I was so sticky with all that cum on me. I remember the smell being so manly and masculine. Once finished and his desire sated, he got out of bed and found a tee shirt and wiped us both somewhat clean. Then we went to sleep.

The next morning, after breakfast he offered to go somewhere to get something for my mom. He asked me if I wanted to go along with him. I guess he realized I wasn't going to tell on him to my mom or dad. If he'd have known my thoughts on the situation, he would have known I figured if my parents found out about what we had done, I'd be the one in trouble. I was clueless.

Soon we were in his car driving and I watched him open his pants and pull out his cock in broad daylight. He asked me if I wanted to hold it for him. I certainly did. I loved the view in the daylight of that massive man cock of his! I scooted over on the seat and stroked him while he drove. Soon enough he found a place to stop and he pulled off the road. He pulled his pants down all the way and began to masturbate as I watched. I loved the sight of someone enjoying themself that much. He reached for me and pulled my pants down and told me to masturbate myself. Here we are, on the side of the road, both of us masturbating. I thought it was incredible and so hot. Needless to say I couldn't cum, but he did after only a couple of minutes. When he achieved his orgasm, it sprayed all over the place, his steering wheel, the dashboard, the radio, everywhere. I was in awe of how a grown man could do that.

After having cum so hard, he pushed me toward the passenger door and turned me where he could see my cock. He laid over and put his mouth on my boy cock and began to lick me. I was delighted at this and amazed at how someone would want to do such a disgusting thing. In a matter of seconds I was glad he wanted to. I was swooning as he licked and sucked on my cock. As a 16 year old my little cock was like a steel bar and I so loved that feeling. Little did I know I was now a sexual being and about to embark on my own journey of seeing what else I could do to elicit those heightened sexual feelings.

After a few minutes of his sucking my cock and producing no results, my uncle rose up and we got dressed and continued on our errand. During the three days he stayed with us, he masturbated for me as often as he could get alone with me. I was hooked on seeing a grown man's cock at that point. It was so exciting to me. I now realize he was an exhibitionist at heart and a pedo in addition.

Uncle Mike left after our playoff game (which we lost) and I only saw him a few times over the next few years. Not once did he mention our time together. Little did he know that I launched into my own forays of fondling the other neighbor kids and becoming a peeping tom and enjoying exposing myself in public. I never felt remorse or that I was treated unkindly in my initial experience. In fact, I felt it awakened the inner sexual awareness I had earlier so that I could enjoy it sooner. For me personally, I am now an exhibitionist and voyeur and I truly love to this day exposing myself and masturbating in public whenever I have the opportunity.

But more on those adventures later perhaps. Oh, I can tell you some things.


2012-08-20 19:04:24
I like this story very much! A great tale of a young boy realizing his sexuality. I'd enjoy other stories from you.


2012-08-18 21:45:11
oh to hell with the complainers. I was happy to have the surprise of a boy/man story. It well written and enjoyable. Thank you for posting this.

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2012-08-18 03:10:57
Another stinking fag story written by a sick fuck


2012-08-17 16:26:29
Hey, guys, thanks for the comments. I am new at this and didn't include a designation. I am trying to reclassify this. While it is a true story, I failed to designate the gay aspect. Just my newness to the submission process. Again, thanks!

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2012-08-17 16:13:58
I enjoyed the story. it was not so much about homosexuality, as it was about a young boy being exposed to the concept of sexuality for the first time. His uncle wasn't gay so much as a sexual opportunist with an interest in pedophilia. The boy was there, so that's what he played with. Keep up the good work.

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