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Spring Break Broke My Heart
By rutger5 (An Original Story Copyright 2012)

In retrospect it was my fault but how could I have possibly known at the time. It seemed to me to be a great and possibly my last chance to convince Courtney that we should be more than friends. Ah Courtney Graham, even now after all that’s happened I still sigh when I think about her.

To me she had appeared to be my perfect girl. Beautiful with shoulder length dirty blond hair and green eyes as well as having one of the nicest bodies I’ve ever beheld. Her breasts weren’t large though they certainly weren’t small and they rode high on her chest as befitting a nineteen year old girl. Her waist was tiny making her full round ass appear larger than it actually was while her legs were long and toned from her years playing high school soccer.

Her physical attractiveness was why I noticed her that first day in art class but it was her musical laugh in response to a joke from Professor Jenkins that made me determined to meet her. Unfortunately I’m somewhat introverted and even more so around gorgeous girls but I wasn’t going to let that stop me here. The first day after class I watched her shoot down two guys who hit on her including a BMOC who was attending school on an athletic scholarship to play football but I remained undeterred.

The next day I arrived late for class when I overslept so there were few seats remaining and surprisingly one was next to my dream girl. Sitting there I waited for my chance and during a lull in the lecture I acted. I introduced myself and asked her if I had missed much in the beginning of the class.

That’s when I found out her name and that she’d won a full academic scholarship. In fact she was the first member of her family to attend college and was driven to do well because of that. She also informed me she had little free time for socializing and certainly none for partying but I didn’t let that faze me. In fact I realized in the long run that could help as she would be too busy for a lot of dating. So slowly I befriended her. It started slowly with lending her my class notes from when she had been sick and missed a couple of classes. On more than one occasion we had lunch in the school cafeteria or coffee in a local shop but I didn’t pressure her at all though I was honest about liking and being attracted to her.

As time went on we sometimes would hang out in one of our dorm rooms studying or watching a movie on the rare occasion she allowed herself to relax. It was as friends that I discovered we had a lot of common interests and likes. Things weren’t perfect though and I found out partially from conversations with her that on a few occasions she’d hooked up with a student for some no strings fun when the pressure of celibacy became too much for her to take. Since she was determined to not have a relationship during college it would be a one night thing after which she would return to her disciplined life. It bothered me that she hadn’t asked me to scratch when she had an itch but I was looking for more than a quick fling so I patiently bided my time.

One night she cooked us a spaghetti dinner and with it we shared a bottle of wine and then hung out. She appeared more relaxed than usual and while we sat on her bed talking and laughing Courtney had touched my arm on a few occasions while making some point. Every time she did I felt sparks that went both to my heart and honestly to my groin. Finally during a moment of silence she was looking at me with what seemed to be a yearning expression so I leaned down and kissed her.

Courtney immediately responded and for the next hour we made out passionately on her bed. Our hands roamed over each others bodies and I can say I touched every part of her though only over her clothing. Probably if I wanted to push things that night I could have slept with her but I knew Courtney’s history and I wanted more than one night of sex no matter how amazing. So before things went too far I kissed her goodbye and went back to my dorm. I masturbated three times that night remembering how she felt and looked and how wonderful she smelled. I hoped that from there I could transition to us being a couple.

The next morning I woke up earlier than usual as I was so excited. I thought about buying her flowers but thankfully I decided not too. Once it was late enough to not appear strange I headed to her dorm room. She answered on the second knock and invited me in looking like she’d just woken up. Courtney was only wearing a long t-shirt I guessed she had slept in. After closing the door she kissed me on the cheek and motioned to a chair for me to sit on and she then sat on her bed. She was twisting her fingers around while looking at the floor when she began to speak.

“Bryan the first thing is I really want to thank you for last night.”

“Nothing to thank me for” I replied.

“Well with the mood I was in you could have taken advantage of me, I was feeling vulnerable as well as horny. Sometimes I get that way and things happen which I regret. And we’re such good friends I would hate for that to be ruined because of one night.”

“Maybe things wouldn’t be ruined if people went in clear headed about such things.”

“No I’ve told you before Bryan that I don’t have the time or right mental state to be in a relationship now. And friends with benefits doesn’t work. Someone will develop feelings for the other no matter what they say beforehand.”

She was correct there. I’d already developed feelings for her and that was before we ever kissed.

“You’re a great guy Bryan. You need a girl who’ll appreciate you right now. If after I graduate college and I’m looking for romance and I meet someone as wonderful as you out there I would go for it. It’s just the wrong time for us or at least for me.”

Of course it was. Its not you, it’s me and all that. What I did know was if we stayed friends for four years then I would never have a chance with her romantically. I would always be her platonic male friend. Even I wasn’t so naïve to think suddenly she would discover Mr. Right had always been there waiting for her patiently. But no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t forget that night we made out and I relived it constantly.

The months rolled by and winter and then the new year arrived. We remained friends and I pined for her the whole time while doing my best to put on a happy face. Then as spring break approached I saw an opportunity for us to spend some time together. Courtney didn’t have the money to fly home again after doing it for Christmas so she was planning to hunker down in her dorm room to study and do school work.

I had the opportunity to fly south to Florida with some friends but I knew my mindset wasn’t right for the whole crazy college break scene of drunken partying. I mean I’d have enjoyed the wet t-shirt contests and all the hot girls there but I knew I’d be comparing them to Courtney and therefore none could measure up. So I decided to suggest something else to her.

My family owned a cabin by a lake out in the country a few hours from the city. It was a longer drive from where we attended college but it could be made in less than a day. For the most part it was used only during the summer and winter seasons, being vacant the rest of the year. So I invited her there.

“So what do you say Courtney? You can’t really want to spend spring break here cooped up in your room. It’ll be good for you to get away from this place for a while and there’s nothing stopping you from bringing some school work if you really want to.”

“Are you sure about this Bryan. I mean you’re right it would be nice to get away and have a change of scenery…”

“All work and no play makes Courtney a dull girl. Besides it’s a big cabin and with all the additions that have been added it’s bigger than a lot of houses so you could go days without us seeing each other. So there would be no pressure on you.”

Her facial expression wavered a minute and then she smiled lighting up her dorm room.

“Okay why not. I’d love to go Bryan. Thanks for asking. You’re the best.”

“Good its set then. Just have your bags packed Friday night so we can get an early start as it’s a long drive.”

I knew she intended to continue her no relationship policy but once we were by the lake where frankly there wouldn’t be a lot to do I hoped to weaken her resolve. The bottles of wine I’d bought and the fact that the cabin had fireplaces would help do their part to warm her up to me. If she had a moment of weakness when I was the only one there it might lead to something happening between us. Well that was what I was hoping for. Then with a little luck I could prolong it for the duration of the stay and who knows. Maybe by the time college resumed we’d be a couple.

We started a little later than I hoped but we still made decent time. The weather was clear and it wasn’t long before we were driving on less traveled roads as we got closer. Courtney had fallen asleep in the passenger seat and I found myself gazing longingly at her when traffic permitted. In fact once I pulled to the shoulder of the road and just stared at her sleeping face for a couple of minutes but when she stirred I quickly resumed driving. I didn’t want her to awaken and discover me mooning over her. That might freak her out so much she’d change her mind and want to go home. In retrospect that would have been better.

Finally I turned onto the little side road that led to the property. It ran a quarter mile before it reached the house. I shook her as we got near so she could see the house and lake as we got close. Courtney yawned and wiped the sleep from her eyes.

“Just wanted you to see it as we approach Courtney. It’s really an awesome view.”

Less than a minute later we came to the final curve in the road and as we drove the house came into sight. It was an actual log cabin though the most recent additions weren’t and it sat high on a bluff and beyond that were the crystal blue waters of the lake which was surrounded by pine trees for the most part. But I wasn’t appreciating the beauty of the cabin or the natural scenery. With a shocked expression I saw that all in front of the cabin were a number of parked cars. It seemed obvious the cabin wasn’t empty.

“Oh shit! I guess I should have called my parents to see if anyone was using it” I said though now it was too late.

I pulled off the road and onto the grass and parked. We sat in stunned silence for a minute before we discussed our options. Neither one of us wanted to make the return drive at this hour after just getting there and at the least we needed to use the bathroom. The odds were by tomorrow or Monday at the latest everyone would be gone leaving the place to us. So we got out and walked to the cabin.

We could hear the sounds of music and laughter even before reaching the door. I opened it and the noise spilled out louder. The first room you entered was a great room and it was original. It had high ceilings and was decorated with typical rustic touches like deer heads on the wall, dark wood paneling and believe it or not a couple of wagon wheel chandeliers.

But right now what stood out was it was filled with a number of people sitting, standing, talking and laughing. I recognized a number of my parent’s friends, both from the city as well as some locals who lived here year round. I didn’t see either of my parents so I steered Courtney by the elbow toward the kitchen. At the least I expected to see my mother there. I returned a few greetings from people before entering the kitchen where I found her. When she saw me she put down the tray of food she held and came toward me with her arms open wide.

“Oh Bryan I’m so glad to see you” she said as she hugged me “I’m surprised you came as I didn’t receive a reply to my e-mail. I was going to call you but your father said not to bother as you were probably flying south for spring break.”

Suddenly she looked at Courtney and smiled at her.

“Do I have you to thank for returning the prodigal son to his family?”

I made a face from that comment. My mother was always saying that since I started high school I avoided my family and it was worse since I went away to college.

“Bryan stop standing here hugging an old lady and introduce me to your attractive friend.”

“Hi I’m Courtney” she said stretching out her hand to my mother.

“Mom…..Courtney, Courtney….Mom” I deadpanned.

“Hello I’m Janet” my mother said as she took Courtney’s hand and then gave her a quick hug with her other arm before releasing her.

“Well the truth is Mom that I never saw the e-mail. I didn’t know you guys were here to tell you the truth. My bad. And don’t be saying you’re old Mom. You look the same as you always have. ”

That wasn’t a lie either. My mother was still an attractive woman in her early forties with a short stylish haircut and a trim figure the same dress size as when she met my father. Due to her tennis and golf she was in great shape and appeared younger than she was.

“Bryan is right Janet. I hope I can look half as good as you when I reach my Mom’s age.”

“Oh my dear I wouldn’t worry about that. You look better now than I ever did even when I was young but I thank you for your kind words. Bryan I wish you had let me know you were coming. But no matter. Even though we’re booked up tonight I insisted to your father that your room was off limits. So you still have a place to spend the night.”

Courtney looked around as while we stood there people passed in and out of the kitchen. Then lowering her voice she spoke softly to my mother so no one else could hear.

“The thing is Janet I kind of need my own room.”

“Oh dear I see. Hmm.”

“Don’t worry Mom. Courtney can sleep in my room. I’ll sleep in the car.”

“No dear we can’t have that. What would people say? Let me think. I have it. We still have that old air mattress we bought for camping and never used. You can sleep on that in the laundry room.”

“Oh joy” I answered.

It was called the ‘laundry room’ for lack of a better term but it was really a combination of a laundry room with some storage space as well as where the boiler and hot water heater were located. It was in the basement so the floor was concrete and except for right over the washer and dryer it was poorly lit and thoroughly drab. The only positive was that my room was also in the basement so I’d be near Courtney and maybe with luck she’d let me pay her a nighttime visit.

“Well let’s get our bags from the car” I told her. “We’ll be right back Mom.”

While I was removing them from the trunk Courtney tapped my shoulder.

“Bryan if you want I’ll take the air mattress, I hate to displace you from your room.”

“No way Courtney, if you saw how dismal the laundry room is you’d change your mind. But maybe I could put the air mattress on the floor of my room if I promise to be good.”

From the pained expression on her face I saw immediately that was a no go.

“Okay fine. At the least can you let me store my clothes in my room though? Both rooms are in the basement.”

“Of course Bryan” she replied.

She followed me to the basement and into my room. It was small and due to being in the basement it had a somewhat low ceiling but it was cozy. I just put my bag in the closet and told her to use my dresser. On the way out I showed her where the nearby bathroom was located. By the stairs there was also a short hallway that led to a closed door.

“What’s that way?” Courtney asked indicating the door.

“That is my father’s den. Forbidden to all unless invited” I said dramatically.

“Oh, okay.”

We headed back to the kitchen and now my father was there as well talking with my mom. He turned to us and when he saw Courtney he smiled before speaking.

“Well look who the cat dragged in. To what do we owe this unexpected honor?”

“Hello Dad. I swear the way you and Mom act you’d think I haven’t seen you in years. This is Courtney Graham, Dad” I said as way of introduction.

“Charmed. By any chance are you from the Graham cracker branch of the family?”

It was a stupid joke but my father had a way of making such things sound better than they were with his delivery. His eyes would twinkle merrily and his expression would convey good humor and it worked as Courtney giggled from his corny remark.

“Good thing you’re here Bryan. I want to ask a favor of you. Jim Miller was supposed to bring me some papers to look over and that son of a bitch forgot them. Now he’s already three sheets to the wind and I don’t want him driving. If he gets in a crash the person providing him with the top quality hooch could be found liable. So give him a quick ride to pick them up. Don’t worry about Courtney, your mother will keep her entertained.”

“Sure thing Dad” I replied.

“Good boy” he said turning away.

That was it as far as he was concerned, he’d delivered his orders and he thought no more about it. My father and I weren’t close in any meaningful way. Sure we were family and we loved each other I guess, deep down. But we had nothing in common and our personalities were of such opposites that if we weren’t related we never would have had anything to do with one another. My father’s only interests were playing golf and poker with his friends and that was about it, well that and hearing the sound of his own voice.

“Be back in a few, have fun” I told Courtney as I turned to go find Jim Miller.

Once I found him he was so sloshed it took me almost ten minutes to persuade him to come with me. He lived a ten minute drive away on the far side of the lake and once there I waited as he fruitlessly searched for the papers. Finally he found them allowing me to drive back. So a trip that should have taken under a half hour dragged on for over an hour and it was now evening.

When I returned I found Courtney sitting in a chair by the fireplace with my father leaning down whispering in her ear. Whatever he said was causing her to smile and laugh. When he saw Jim and I come in he stood up and moved away as I headed toward Courtney.

“What took you so long? I was starting to think we’d need to send out a search party” she joked as I reached her.

“Like always, things take longer than expected when dealing with a drunk.”

“Bryan why didn’t you tell me your dad was one of the most successful trial lawyers in the city? That’s pretty impressive.”

“Well before today there was no reason to mention it and since he’s here I knew he would do it soon enough so there was no need for me to.”

“Was that necessary Bryan? Really, your dad seems very nice to me” she said taking a large sip from a glass in her hand.

“I don’t mean anything by it. Sometimes you get tired of hearing it is all. I’ve heard it my whole life and truthfully I’m surprised his card doesn’t say so in gold lettering. By the way what are you drinking?”

“Your dad made it for me, he called it a hurricane I think. It’s really good.”

“Well be careful, those things are strong Courtney.”

“Don’t worry he said he was making it weak. Besides we’re at a party and it’s not like we’re going anywhere tonight.”

That was certainly true what Courtney said and for the next couple of hours we talked and ate some of my mom’s delicious food. Once when she went to get something to drink I saw my father hand her a glass with a wink but since then he and the rest of his regular golf foursome had disappeared, no doubt to play poker. I had a few beers myself and between them, the long drive and the fact that I hadn’t slept much the previous night due to anticipation I found myself fighting to stay awake.

“Come on Bryan, maybe you should go to sleep now. Tomorrow is another day.”

“You’re right Courtney, I can barely keep my eyes open. What about you?”

“I’m right behind you.”

We went downstairs and I first got a pair of shorts to sleep in from my bag before pausing at the door to wish Courtney a good night. I hoped for something to happen but she just gave me a quick peck on my cheek and closed the door. Grumbling softly I went to the laundry room and inflated the mattress. Realizing I’d forgotten to say good night to my mom I went back upstairs and found her. She hugged me and then looked me in the eye.

“I talked some with your friend Courtney. She seems very nice but she told me that she’s avoiding relationships right now. I’m sorry Bryan.”

“About what Mom?”

“You can’t pull the wool over my eyes. It’s pretty clear that you have more than friendly feelings for her Bryan. But don’t give up yet, with love all things are possible. You know it took quite some time before I agreed to go out with your father but he persisted and you see where that led. So there is always hope.”

“Thanks Mom” I said and kissed her forehead “and good night.”

When I went back downstairs I tapped on the door gently but there was no answer. Probably asleep by now but spring break had just started so I had plenty of time I figured. So I went to the laundry room and closed the door and changed into my shorts. Turning off the light I was about to settle in when I heard something that caught my attention. It was faint but I knew I recognized the sound.

It came from the furthest part of the room where the boiler and hot water heater were located. Groping in the darkness I saw a dim light the closer I got. In the back wall a conduit and a bx cable penetrated through from when my parents had gotten a new boiler a few years ago and the contractor must not have sealed around it. I knew on the other side of the wall was my father’s den and that must be from where the sound originated.

Crouching down I put my eye to the opening and looked. I had a straight on view of the den and as expected my father and his friends were sitting there playing cards. Along with his accountant Harry there was also David and Mitch who like my father were lawyers. But who I’d heard laugh as she sat next to my father with a glass in her hand was Courtney. She had changed from the khaki shorts and blue sweater she had been wearing and like that morning in the dorm Courtney was wearing a long t-shirt.

As I watched things appeared fairly normal. The four men were playing five card stud and there was a pile of cash in the center of the table as they drank and two of them including my father were smoking cigars. Courtney wasn’t playing but my father seemed to be showing her his cards and asking her for advice with each hand. He must have been being polite or humoring her for my father was an excellent player who knew his way around a card table. Right after he won another hand Mitch threw his cards on the table in disgust.

“Damn it! Don’t you ever lose?” he directed at my father who was pulling the pot of money from the center.

“Not tonight boys. Ever since lady luck sat next to me I can’t lose” he replied turning to Courtney and kissing her cheek. “Here kid, buy yourself something nice” he told her handing her some bills from the money pile.

“Oh Mr. Ohrffs I can’t take your money” Courtney replied.

“I told you to call me Jack, didn’t I? And gambling winnings is like found money. Since you sat there I’ve only lost one hand so in my book I’d say you’ve earned it.”

She seemed unconvinced but he persisted until she took it from him after which he smiled at her. Yawning I didn’t see much point in watching further. Again I was hurt by the fact that if she wanted company why not come to me but what could I do? I’d decided to go to sleep so I took one more look at her as I could never get enough of seeing her beautiful face.

Courtney was sitting very close on the right hand side of my father, in fact so close that their chairs must have been touching. Her hands were on the table before her when I saw a strange expression come over her face momentarily before she went back to her placid look. I then noticed my father was holding his cards in his left hand which was unusual for him and I couldn’t see his right hand. For some reason I lowered my body to near the floor so that I was now just below the level of the opening. What I saw made my jaw drop and my heart leap into my throat.

There in the next room with my own eyes witnessing it was my father with his hand up her long shirt and between Courtney’s spread thighs fondling her panty covered mound. I did a double take but it was really happening in front of me. Since they were sitting close to the table it would have been virtually impossible to see unless one was down below the level of the tabletop.

As I watched his hand increased its speed and as I readjusted my angle I saw her face flush. Then his hand worked under her panties so he must have been touching her bare kitty. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. There was my father, my married father with his wife just upstairs, fondling the pussy of the girl I loved as I surreptitiously watched from the next room. He appeared perfectly normal, playing cards and carrying on conversations with the others while the whole time his hand was playing with her. Courtney appeared out of sorts to me but I guess that can be expected when someone’s hand is having its way with you while you’re sitting with other people. Suddenly she brought her glass toward her mouth but she spilled it on her shirt before she could drink from it.

It was only a little bit and she quickly put the glass down and dabbed at it with a napkin. While she was doing that my father’s hand reappeared above the table and after catching her eye he put his fingers in his mouth. Even from where I was I could see Courtney turn red as a beet. A minute later she got up and headed for the door.

“I just have to go to the powder room” she said in reply to the questioning looks she received.

Now was my chance but what should I do? Confront her on what just happened or pretend I hadn’t seen it but hope that she was now horny and I could fulfill my desire? Or should I go see my father and call him out for his reprehensible conduct? Now when I needed to make a fast decision I was uncertain and before I could decide my father rose from the table.

“Keep playing fellas, I shall return” he said as he headed for the door.

Now I scrambled to my feet but by the time I was up and to the door of the laundry room it was too late. I heard a door close and when I left the room no one was in sight. Driven by an uncontrollable need to find out for sure I glided to the stairs and climbed as far as the landing where the side door of the cabin was located. I slipped outside and along the side of the building until reaching the bathroom window where light streamed out from around the curtains.

Crouching low by the foundation I could hear the low murmur of voices filtering outside. Steeling myself before looking I took a deep breath and then cautiously moved my head so I could peer in. Even preparing myself in advance couldn’t mitigate what I felt when I saw inside. Courtney was sitting on the toilet with her t-shirt pulled to her waist while my father stood in front of her. One of his hands was rubbing the front of his slacks while the other was cupping her covered breast and squeezing it.

“I’m not sure about this Mr. - I mean Jack. What would Bryan think…”

“Not my concern Courtney. Besides my wife said…”

“That’s another thing, you’re married and I…”

“If I’m not worried about my wife then why should you be? And as far as Bryan my understanding is that you two aren’t dating so I don’t see a problem.”

“Okay we’re not but I still doubt he’d approve. Besides I don’t think you’d be acting differently if we were dating.”

“You’re probably right Courtney but if a man can’t keep his woman from straying then whose fault is that. I know my ethics aren’t ideal but you have to remember that I’m a lawyer. Besides after just a sample of your cunt juices I have to taste it firsthand.”

“That’s terrible, calling it a cunt” she replied in a shocked voice.

“Sorry girly but I call a spade a spade, or in this case a cunt.”

After saying that my father took hold of her t-shirt and lifted it and didn’t stop until it was removed at which time he tossed it to the floor. So both he and I saw her pert naked breasts at the same time but in his case he was able to reach down and pinch her nipple. Courtney groaned from his touch and when my father took her hand and placed it on his crotch she literally squealed with delight.

“Oh my God Jack! It feels so big and hard. Is that for me?”

“Every inch Courtney, but first I have to lick that wet little cunt of yours.”

“I was just peeing you know Jack.”

Pulling a washcloth from the sink my father ran some water on it and then gestured for her to stand. While keeping her hand on his bulge the whole time she complied and stood. Without waiting he reached down between her legs and started to rub the wet cloth against her pussy while at the same time leaning his head in and fastening his mouth to her nipple.

“Oh yes Jack! It feels so good!”

“Just wait missy.”

After wiping a bit more he put the washcloth in the sink and putting his hands on her waspish waist he lifted her easily and sat her on the vanity. Her panties were still around her knees but my father took hold of them and pulled them down and off her. First he sniffed them before slipping them in his pant pocket. His mouth again found her breast and he sucked on it as his hand busied itself between her legs.

Courtney cradled his balding head to her bosom but he didn’t remain there long. His mouth kissed its way down her belly and then onto her tiny landing strip of pubic hair. He took hold of her thighs and spread them wider as he crouched and a second later his lips found her wet sex.

She let out a groan and I observed her roll her hips forward toward his mouth. He began by licking her the length of her little pussy from the bottom up until his tongue connected with her love button. He did this for a few minutes as she writhed her body and grabbed a hold of his remaining hair. Finally when he felt she was ready for more his fingers spread the moist petals of her flower so his tongue could burrow deep in her juicy channel.

I always knew my father was an expert using his mouth for talking but he sure could use it for cunnilingus as well. At least if one judged the reaction he was getting from Courtney. She was moaning constantly and by the look of his jaw his tongue was moving very fast. He stopped a minute and raised his head and I could see the lower half of his face was wet from his mustache to his chin with her pussy juice.

Finally he leaned in and began to flick her clit with his tongue while at the same time forcing two fingers inside her. That was enough to send her to orgasm and I watched as her body trembled and her face became flushed. He didn’t slow down though and began to finger fuck her fast as his tongue continued its rapid licking. She must have been soaked as even outside with the window raised only a few inches I could hear the sound as his fingers pushed in and out of her succulent appearing peach.

Courtney was holding his head with both her hands now and her moans were intermixed with cries of “yes” and “don’t stop” when I think he sucked her clit between his lips. Her body stiffened for a moment and then her legs thrashed about as she experienced what must have been a powerful orgasm. Only then did my father slide his fingers out of her and straighten his body. He raised his fingers to near her lips next.

“Suck my fingers and taste your sweet cunt juice” he demanded of her.

She seemed a little hesitant but when he pushed them forward Courtney’s mouth opened and took them in.

“Yeah that’s good you little slut but lets use your sucking skills on something a little bigger.”

Removing them from her mouth he helped her down and pushed on her shoulders until she sat on the toilet.

“Undo my trousers” my father told her in a voice hoarse from desire.

She didn’t hesitate at all but quickly unbuttoned his pants as her other hand traced the outline of his erection. Once she pulled down the zipper Courtney used both her hands to tug at his pants. They slid down his legs and he stepped out of both them and his leather loafers leaving him in just his socks and boxers. There was large bulge which Courtney started to rub but my father pulled her hand away and pushed the boxers down freeing his cock.

It stuck straight out from his body at a ninety degree angle and Courtney gasped when she saw it close up. It was of a good length, certainly above average but it was its width that was truly impressive. The head was mushroom shaped and bigger than the shaft while the slit was already dripping pre-cum. His balls were large and hung low and there was a jungle of thick, black hair surrounding his equipment. She looked at it with awe and then with a trembling hand Courtney reached for it.

“Can I … touch it?” she asked in a quiet voice.

“Wait. For now I just want you to kiss it all over. Start at the head and work your way down to my balls and for now keep your hands to yourself.”

Courtney leaned forward and pressed her full lips to the large head and kissed it loudly. Then she worked around it bestowing a number of light kisses to the head before she started to move down the thick shaft. She was very thorough making sure she gave attention to top, bottom and both sides until there wasn’t a fraction of an inch that her lips hadn’t touched. Only then did she move on to his hairy balls. Since she couldn’t use her hands she may have missed a spot but she did her beast to cover them with kisses as well.

“Okay that’s enough. Now open wide and start to suck on it Courtney.”

“It’s so thick Jack. I’m not sure how much I can handle” she said with her face right next to it.

“Stop your bullshit and suck my fat cock!” he ordered her.

Courtney opened her mouth and tentatively extended her tongue. The tip touched my father’s swollen head causing more pre-cum to flow freely. She wrapped her hand around his shaft and opened wider taking part of his head into her mouth. He grabbed her head and pushed on it forcing her to take him deep in her mouth.

“Come on lets go slut. Move your head back and forth, what are you waiting for - an engraved invitation?”

She began bobbing her head rapidly, sliding her lips over the hot flesh as she worked him in and out of her mouth but he didn’t appear satisfied.

“Come on Courtney try a little harder. Here let me help.”

First he took her hand from his shaft and then thrust forward to the back of her mouth making her cough. One hand gathered up her hair and twisted it tightly and held it on the top of her head while the other held the back of her head. Then he began to fuck her face hard. Many times she coughed or gagged but he showed no mercy. At best he’d pull out just long enough for Courtney to regain her breath or allow some drool to escape her mouth.

Then he would force it in again while pushing her head forward. This went on for a few minutes and the longer it did the easier it seemed to become for her. She was now pushing her own head violently onto his cock so that he didn’t need to anymore.

By now I was rock hard watching my father abuse her mouth. I saw a wet spot on my shorts where my cock was leaking pre-cum and I wanted nothing more than to take myself in hand. But I realized that in my location it wouldn’t be wise. I’d have a hard time explaining my actions if someone discovered me crouching at the foundation peeping in a window and if I was masturbating, well what would I be able to say in my defense?

“That’s a good little slut Courtney. Let’s see if you can deep throat it. Take a breather first.”

He pulled her off his cock by her hair and as he did a strand of saliva clung to both her lip and his shaft until it separated from him and landed on her chin and chest. Courtney turned her head up and looked at him.

“Jack please stop calling me a slut, it’s not nice. I don’t think I’m a slut” she whined in a petulant tone.

“Sorry you feel that way but the facts speak for themselves. I just met you today and already you’re sucking my cock in a bathroom. Not only that but you’re playing with your juicy little cunt while you’re blowing me. The verdict is in Courtney. Guilty as charged - you’re a little slut!”

Damned if he wasn’t right. I hadn’t noticed as I was too engrossed watching him facefuck her but as she sat on the bowl her hand was busy rubbing her pussy. Her face reddened but she didn’t stop playing with herself.

“Okay slut, I want you to kneel on the floor and tilt your head back as far as you can and breathe from your nose. I want you to swallow my whole cock. If you do then I’ll fill that hot cunt with my cock next.”

Courtney slid to the floor but kept her hand between her legs the whole time. She tilted her head back as far as she could and once she was in place my father moved closer. Angling his rigid cock down at a better angle he pushed forward so he was in her mouth. He still held her hair with his other hand and he kept her neck taut as he worked deeper. He must have reached the entrance to her throat as her free hand came up and she put it against his large gut to try and slow him.

My father was having none of that and in spite of her resistance he thrust forward suddenly until his whole cock disappeared inside Courtney’s mouth. He grabbed her throat with his hand as he groaned from the feeling.

“Relax Courtney and remember to breathe. You took the whole thing so I’m going to start to move now but I’ll take it easy.”

As I watched he pulled back a few inches and then pushed forward. He did this a few times but it seemed that she was getting nervous. Now both of her hands were pushing against him so he relented and slowly pulled out of her. With a choking gasp Courtney spit out a glob of saliva onto the floor before looking up sheepishly.

“That wasn’t bad. You still need to improve some but not bad” my father told her as he stroked her cheek. “Now what do you say we fuck, that’s if you want this big cock to stretch out your little pussy.”

Courtney nodded enthusiastically to his question prompting my father to mutter “Slut.”

He stepped around her and sat on the porcelain throne himself with his cock jutting up in the air. She climbed to her feet and looked at him with a questioning expression on her sweaty yet pretty face.

“Face me and sit on my cock” he told her.

Courtney straddled him with a leg on each side of the toilet and crouched down. Once she was close he gripped his erection and guided it toward her waiting hole as his other hand took her waist and pulled her down. She let out a moan as his head penetrated her and she tried to pull up but his other hand grabbed her as well and forced her further down onto his cock.

“Courtney put your arms around my neck” he directed and she did as he wanted.

Once she was holding on he thrust up managing to force a little more of his thick cock into her. She rode my father’s cock, sliding her pussy down half its length before rising up again. As she did his mouth found her breast and took as much as would fit inside and sucked on it. This went on for a couple of minutes and Courtney seemed to become more and more turned on as time passed.

“Yes it feels so good! It’s so big and hard inside me! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!” she cried out as her hips increased their speed.

Seconds later Courtney let out an inarticulate cry. Her hips stopped moving and her head sank against my father’s shoulder. As soon as that happened he moved his hands from her waist and slipped them under her thighs and took hold of her beautiful ass.

“You enjoyed that you little slut, didn’t you? Very good. Now it’s my turn” my father said.

Suddenly he stood up catching Courtney by surprise. As he rose his arms pushed her legs up toward her torso which made her pelvis slide down at the same time so now his cock filled her pussy to its limit.

“Oh my God! I’m so full! Your cock is all the way in me! I can’t take it!”

“Sure you can slut and you’re going to” he said taking two steps forward so that her back was now pressed to the bathroom wall “so just hold on tight.”

With that he began to thrust in and out of her but for the most part he kept most inside her. Her head stayed against him as he drove as deep as she could take with each thrust.

“Fuck baby! Your cunt is so wet, I can feel it dripping like crazy. It’s fucking squeezing me good. Damn!” he exclaimed.

All Courtney seemed able to do was cling to my father while moaning continuously as he fucked the girl of my dreams hard. I felt like I was going to explode in my shorts and I was unable to stop myself from yanking them down. Right now I didn’t care if my father and Courtney discovered me or anyone in the house did. I desperately needed relief from watching her being fucked. My hand began to slide up and down and on the fifth stroke I felt my orgasm start. My eyes closed from the intensity of it as I sprayed cum wildly until no more came out.

Only then did I open my eyes and I saw drops of my cum all over the ground. Looking back into the bathroom I was shocked to see the door open and that they were gone. Their discarded clothing was still there but that was all. Pulling my shorts up quickly I hurried back to the side door and rushed downstairs and into the laundry room. Before going back to where the opening was I retrieved my smart phone.

Peering through the opening again I can’t say I was shocked anymore but it still was a sight I would never have expected to see two hours earlier. Courtney was flat on her back on the card table and my father still had his thick cock buried in her teen pussy and standing there watching with their mouths agape were my father’s friends Harry and David though Mitch was nowhere to be seen.

Now that I knew where they were I switched my phone to video camera mode and began filming as I continued to watch. Whether due to embarrassment from having an audience or some other reason her eyes were tightly shut as she was pounded. So Courtney didn’t see Mitch return to the room carrying her and my father’s clothing. Nor did she see my father make some gestures to his friends or their reaction but I saw it all.

Once he signaled they unfastened and then removed their trousers. All three of them were already erect though none appeared as large as my father. They moved near to her head and Mitch was the closest of the three. In fact if Courtney turned her head he would be close enough that his cock could reach her mouth.

“Courtney I want you to do something for me” my father told her as he continued to pump her sweet hole deep.

“W-w-what?” she managed to get out.

“First open your eyes and look.”

When she did she saw the three of them nearby stroking their rock hard cocks. Mitch grabbed her hair and smacked his hard flesh on her closed lips making her try to turn away but it was my father that reached out and stopped her.

“Listen slut, they are my friends and I want you to take good care of them too. At this point let’s cut the bullshit. You like to fuck and suck cock. There’s no sense in denying it. There are three more cocks for you - hard and ready to go. So be a good girl for me and open your mouth.”

While he was saying this my father didn’t slow down any and in fact his thumb began to rub her clit at the same time. Mitch was rubbing his length across her lips when she opened her mouth and allowed him inside. He gasped as his head sank into her warm mouth and things got crazier from there. Harry took her hand and wrapped it around his cock and Courtney began to jerk him off.

In spite of just cumming I felt myself swell up and while keeping my phone focused I pushed my shorts down to my knees before adjusting my head so I could see into the den again. I spit on my free hand and started to stroke myself but this time at a nice slow pace.

Mitch started thrusting hard and deep until he made Courtney gag so he pulled out as she spit up some saliva to the floor. Before he could push back in her mouth my father raised his hand to get him to wait a minute.

“Give her a minute to catch her breath Mitch. David give Courtney a drink to help her relax.”

From the way they followed my father’s orders and acted like a team convinced me that this wasn’t the first time they had banged a girl together. Mitch and Harry helped her sit up while David handed her the drink. During this my father hadn’t stopped fucking her but he was going at a slower speed so she was able to drink. After taking a big swallow Courtney made a face.

“That’s too strong, it tastes awful.”

“Just drink it down honey, it’s to help you relax and not for taste” David said.

With the encouragement she drank the rest though it was obvious she didn’t enjoy it. Once she finished David took the glass from her and went back to the liquor cabinet. They lowered her back to the table and once they did my father adjusted her position. He rolled her onto her side by the edge of the table and pushed her bottom leg in the direction of her chest and then raised her top leg in the air so it was fairly straight and resting against his upright body. That opened her up so he could bang her while Harry stood by her head and slid his cock in her open mouth. Mitch had to settle for her hand stroking him as he played with her breasts.

My father was able to increase his speed now and he let her really have it. He was fucking her so hard that she was unable to keep Harry in her mouth. He stood there and slapped her face with his cock as she moaned uncontrollably. But it was my father that lost it first. He was as deep as she could take it and slamming her hard when he cried out.

“Fuck you little slut! I’m gonna cum in your tight cunt! Yes!”

He thrust once or twice more at which time he stopped moving and his body stiffened up. Taking advantage Harry slid back in her mouth and began pumping fast. A minute later my father slid from her and I could see his cock was covered in his cum and her fluids. No sooner had my father pulled out then Mitch took his place. He might not have been as big but he drove his full length in and went hard right away. I could hear the sound of flesh slapping as he pumped away.

A couple of minutes later Harry cried out and he grabbed the base of his shaft. Shortly afterwards he pulled from her mouth and I saw some cum dribble out as well. Taking advantage of the chance Mitch stopped and lifted Courtney off the table and stood her up. He pushed her so that she was bent over at the waist and then slid back into her well fucked pussy. David now stepped in front of her with his hard cock in one hand and a drink in the other.

“To get rid of the taste of the cum” he said as he offered it to her.

“I like the taste” she answered but she took a big gulp anyway.

I’m not sure if she liked the taste of the drink but it wouldn’t last long as David now pushed his long thin cock into her mouth. Courtney grabbed the bottom part of it with one hand and placed her other on his stomach for support. Mitch and David worked like a well oiled machine as they pumped in and out of her holes with a matching rhythm. As Mitch buried his cock in her pussy David was pulling back and as David drove toward her throat Mitch slid back.

The pressure seemed to be getting to Mitch as he was huffing and puffing as he moved now. He slapped her beautiful ass a couple of times, buried his cock to the hilt and cried out.

“Yes, I’m cumming!”

That was it as he stopped moving and emptied his load into her. When he was done he staggered back and found a seat. Courtney pulled her mouth off David and looked up at him questioningly.

“Are you going to fuck me now?”

“Do you want me to?”

“Yes fuck me. I’m a slut you know” she said and then she laughed crazily.

“Here finish this” he told Courtney handing her the rest of the drink.

She tilted her head back and drained the glass before putting it on the table. David had sat down on a chair and when she approached him he spun her around so she was facing away from him. With one hand on her hip he guided her into position. Courtney reached between her legs and grasped his cock and brought it to her entrance and without pausing impaled herself on it.

“Ooh it’s so long!” she cried out as it slid deep in her channel.

Courtney rested her hands on her knees and began to rock up and down on the cock. After a little while she moved one hand to between her legs and rubbed her clit as she kept riding David.

“Oh yes! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she cried out as her face flushed.

When she came her pussy must have tightened up on him as right after that David pulled her down more and held her there as he gasped. They stayed like that recovering until my father, now dressed, came toward her.

“All right, all done now. I think its time for our little slut Courtney to rest. She drank a lot and took a lot of hard cock so she needs her beauty sleep.”

“Right on both counts Jack” she said with a giggle as she pulled herself off David with my father’s help.

She would have fallen then but my father managed to keep her on her feet by holding her up. Grabbing her around the waist he lifted her and put her over his shoulder, placing his hand on her full ass and patting it.

“I don’t feel so good Jack” she said hanging upside down.

“I know Courtney, but Jack is going to put you to bed now so you can sleep it off.”

He turned to his friends who were standing there watching this take place with smug smiles on their faces.

“Can someone help out and give me her clothes and can one of you also make sure the coast is clear.”

Harry went to the door and opened it and peeked out as David picked up her long t-shirt and gave it to my father. Once Harry gave a thumbs up my father headed out carrying her. First I pulled my pants up and then I stood and went to the door. After not hearing anything for over a minute I opened the door and stuck my head out. The doors to both the den and my room were closed so I tiptoed out and crept to my room. Putting my ear to the door I listened and unsurprisingly I heard my father’s voice.

“Aww, the poor little slut is already out like a light. Sleep it off honey. But my cock is hard again. You don’t mind if I fuck you again, do you? If you don’t want me to then just say so. What’s that? I didn’t hear you say no.”

I knew I was taking a chance but I couldn’t help myself. The door to my room swung silently open a crack as I stared in. His back was to me as he gazed down at Courtney’s naked body. She was lying on her stomach widthwise across the bed with her head hanging over the far side and her legs partially over the near side and I could hear her breathing heavily. My father reached down and shook her ass.

“Courtney, you awake?”

When she gave no reply he shook her harder but she remained unresponsive. He pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it on the bed after which he removed his trousers as well. He bent down and his hands spread her legs apart. Cum was trickling from her pink pussy and oozing onto her leg as she lay there.

“Unfortunately for me my friends have filled that little pussy with their nasty sperm so I’ll pass on it. But what about that sweet ass Courtney, you don’t mind if I use that I bet.”

He chuckled as his hands grabbed her perfect cheeks and pulled them apart revealing her tiny little bud. A second later he was lapping at it like a cat with a bowl of cream. Courtney groaned in her sleep but made no further signs so he continued licking her asshole getting it nice and wet. As time went on he managed to actually insert the tip of his tongue in her hole and move it around spreading his saliva deeper into her.

I guess he felt she was as ready as she was going to be as he pulled his mouth away and climbed on the bed so he was straddling her ass. His hand was stroking his hard cock rapidly preparing it for what was about to happen and as he did he kept spitting on his hand to lubricate it. Once ready he spread her cheeks wide and placed his cockhead right outside her anus.

“Let me know if it hurts too much Courtney, won’t you?”

He then pushed forward slowly forcing his big head to pierce her backdoor. He went until she let out a whimper at which time my father paused. When nothing further came from her he again pushed forward and this time his mushroom head popped past her sphincter ring and inside her. Courtney yelped as it did while my father moaned with delight from breaking her barrier. He showed restraint though and didn’t press his advantage but instead paused momentarily allowing her sleeping body to accommodate his fat cockhead in her ass.

After waiting a minute he began to ease it deeper. He placed his hands on either side of her waist for support while his cock inched forward. Courtney was whimpering as he did it but she appeared to be still sleeping soundly, no doubt due to the alcohol she’d consumed. My father took full advantage of the situation as he continued to sink deeper until with a grunt he pushed the last couple of inches inside. His big balls now rested against her pussy with him bottomed out in her ass.

“Okay Courtney I’m going to start to fuck you now. I’ll go nice and slow so not to hurt you too bad. Damn though your ass is so fucking tight. Haven’t been fucked here before I bet or he must have had a needle dick. Don’t worry though, you just sleep. I’ll do the work.”

Slowly my father slid his thick shaft out of Courtney until just the head remained in her. With a loud grunt he jammed it back to the hilt and when Courtney showed no reaction he seemed to forget about taking it easy on her. He lowered his torso so his belly rested against her back and he now was using his elbows for support. Then he began sliding in and out sodomizing her fully. I watched his fat hairy ass pumping up and down and the contrast between it and her beautiful smooth buttocks was sharp.

But it was his wide cock that was penetrating and using her for his perverted pleasure. The longer it went on the greater his speed became and I could now hear each time his balls slapped into her. Courtney was whimpering a lot but she remained out of it as he went deep into her bowels with every thrust. Maybe it was beginning to get to him or perhaps he just decided to go all out but he definitely picked up the pace. Now with every thrust he’d pull almost out before driving it back hard. On a few occasions he did slip totally out of her but Courtney was opened up enough by now that he easily sank back in again.

My father was moaning a lot now and drowning out her whimpers with his deeper voice as his rhythm increased until his cock was a blur. With one final thrust he buried his cock as his body shook and then he collapsed onto Courtney. For a minute he didn’t move but finally my father stirred. First he pushed his torso up and then slowly he managed to stand at the edge of the bed. His slimy cock popped from her ass which now gaped open and some cum dripped from his head and landed on her. He reached down and patted her firm cheek as he also squeezed any remaining jizz from his cock and onto Courtney.

“That was very enjoyable slut. Too bad you weren’t awake to feel it but I’m sure you will tomorrow.”

He guffawed after saying that and then picking up her t-shirt he wiped his cock clean before reaching for his own clothing. Realizing that if I stayed where I was I’d be discovered I silently pulled the door closed and hurried to the laundry room. I waited just inside with my ear pressed to the door and listened. Less than two minutes later I heard footsteps pass by so I went and looked into the den. They treated my father like the conquering hero when he returned delivering high fives and backslaps to him. Harry handed him a drink with a smile and father took a swallow with relish.

“Well let me tell you boys, I can now say I used every hole of that slut and they were all enjoyable. I left her a nice big load in her tight little ass as well.”

They all had a good laugh about that and gave him some more praise before he looked at them and spoke.

“Well what you fellas say about another few hands.”

There was a general agreement and they all sat down at the table. I’d seen enough to know they would be there for at least a while so I returned to the door of my room. Carefully I opened it and Courtney was just as my father had left her and he hadn’t even bothered turning off the light. My heart felt like it was crushed but I needed to do this. I stood right over her and focused my phone there and took the picture. That was the reminder if I started to backslide in the future. All I would need to do is pull up the pic of her two holes used and dripping cum and it would all rush back how miserable I felt at that moment. I still cared about her though I wished I didn’t. Being very gentle I rearranged Courtney so she was lying on her side and covered her with the sheet before turning off the light and leaving my room.


The sweat dripped from me as I approached the cabin at a slower pace as I cooled down. It was the next morning and the five mile run I’d just completed had done nothing to improve my sour mood. Slowing to a walk I headed toward the side door when I heard voices. Recognizing them left me torn on whether to listen or go right inside but my curiosity won out in the end.

They were coming from the patio in back of the cabin so I walked closer to hear better while remaining out of sight. It was Courtney I first heard and she was talking to my father.

“So what are you telling me Jack, now that you had your fun I should just go away?”

“Don’t play the wronged innocent here. From where I was you had fun as well so give it a rest. All I’m saying is don’t you think it will be awkward for everyone involved. Do you really want to sit down to breakfast with me, Bryan and my wife?”

There was a period of silence before Courtney finally answered.

“Okay maybe you’re right there but you don’t have to treat me like something on the bottom of your shoe either.”

“Sorry if you feel that way but like I told you yesterday I call them as I see them. It doesn’t make me any better a person for what happened but all you are is a slut who spreads your legs. Truthfully I’m glad you and Bryan aren’t dating. I’d hate for him to be saddled with such a little tramp.”

I heard Courtney sob and then her footsteps recede as she headed to the house. If I’d heard my father say something like that twenty four hours ago to her there would have been a confrontation but as much as I loathed him at that moment I couldn’t argue about his opinion of her. Retracing my steps I entered the side door and went downstairs and into the bathroom. After my shower I was going back to the laundry room when Courtney stuck her head out of my room and called to me.

Turning her way I asked “Yes, what is it?”

“Bryan I’m really sorry to ask you but I just don’t feel good and I want to go back. I know we just got here yesterday but…”

“Fine. Let me get dressed and we can go” I said hurrying into the room without looking back at her. I wasn’t sure what would happen if I faced her now I was so distraught.

I just put on the clothes from the day before. What did it matter anyway? I waited until I heard her enter the bathroom to go and get our bags and put them in the car. The house was silent with all of the other guests still asleep. Surprisingly my mother wasn’t up yet but I couldn’t wait around and to be honest I didn’t know what to say to her either. She’d been betrayed much worse and I wasn’t sure what to do about that yet.

As the cabin receded in the rear view mirror I wondered if I’d ever enjoy coming here again. A lifetime of good memories seemed as distant as the moon and all I could picture was what had taken place last night. It played in my mind continuously and having Courtney in the seat beside me didn’t help. For the early part of the trip she remained quiet and kept her eyes closed for the most part but later when we were on the highway she seemed to perk up a bit chattering away about school and other trivial matters. If she was puzzled by my lack of responses she said nothing but as we drove I felt her rest her head against my shoulder. It took all of my self discipline to not just push her from me but then her hand touched my arm.

“Bryan are you feeling all right? You’ve barely spoken all morning.”

“I’m fine. Just I don’t feel too good. I have a headache and my chest hurts.”

“I’m sorry Bryan. While you were driving though I was doing some thinking. Maybe you were right all along. Where has acting this way ever gotten me? If you’re willing to give me a chance then I say we should go for it. No guy has ever been as good to me as you.”

It was a good thing there were no cars nearby as her words caused me to swerve out of my lane before I quickly regained control of the vehicle. If she’d said those words the day before I’d have been the happiest guy in the world but now they mocked me worse than I could imagine. This was the bitterest pill I’d ever swallowed and I tasted ashes.

“Be careful Bryan. You don’t want to get us in an accident do you?”

“Shut up Courtney, just shut the fuck up! How the hell can you say that, what the fuck do I have sucker written on my face?”

“Bryan what’s …”

“Stop, just stop! I know what happened last night okay.”

“I don’t know what your father told you…”

“My father told me nothing. Right now if he came near me I’d kick his ass. He’s worse than you but it was you who hurt me. I loved you, no wait I still do because I can’t turn it off that easily but just don’t talk to me. If you do I’m throwing you out of the car onto the side of the road! Just shut up and don’t say a word and we’ll get home in one piece. Only thing my father was right about was being glad I’m not with you. Knowing what I now know I realized you did me a favor not going out with me.”

“Bryan please, let me…”

“Shut up!” I yelled pulling onto the shoulder and stopping “another word and you can get out!”

She was sobbing now as tears streamed down her face but she didn’t say a word. I pulled back onto the highway and floored it. Somehow I managed to make it back to the college without an accident although I still don’t know how I managed it. I pulled in front of her dorm and popped the trunk. When she didn’t move I got out and removed her bag and tossed it to the curb before opening the passenger door.

“You’re home - out!”

“Bryan please, I’m sorry.”

“Glad to hear it. Bye.”

“I wasn’t trying to hurt you” she said sobbing again.

“That makes me feel so much better, now get the fuck out of the car.”

Her body trembling Courtney climbed from the car. That was all I’d been waiting for. I jumped behind the wheel and drove off leaving her standing on the sidewalk crying. There was no way I could even look in the rear view at that moment. I was so wound up there was no telling what I’d do. My feelings for her were still strong but the hurt was that much stronger.

The one thing I was sure of was they’d pay. My scumbag father the worst, I’d make sure of that. But also his three friends to start with. How I was going to accomplish that I wasn’t really sure about yet. I had time to think it out during spring break. Nothing but time.


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2017-01-27 05:03:14
Really good, I don't see how any of these people feel sorry for Courtney though in the least, she's obviously a slut, and did everything minus the anal sleeping thing (which she likely would have done awake). But very well written despite the semi tragic ending.

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I do like it thank for writing it but is there a part 2

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Pretty much hate the story. If the dad ended up divorced and in jail for rape it might have been better.


2016-08-30 04:04:14
Wow! Firstly, thanks for this awesomely written piece! It formed itself clear as daylight in my head and will be banging against its sides for some time to come.
Poor girl. She was never even his girlfriend! She warned him she'd only fuck to get the most debilitating stress off. Using him for that would have been the cruelest thing ever, although she obviously wanted him. And he did run away when granted a huge chance.

Some friend. He should have taken her out of danger after knowing about the first drink - his slag father has an 'invitations only' room, for crying out loud! His poor mother, to be married to that skank! Jesus, what a slag, to even use her t-shirt to clean his disease-spreader after the rape! (The sex-scene was sexy though.)

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