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Ok so this is the 3rd part in my series and yeah(: Alright so I posted the second story twice by accident so you can read "Dad+Naughty Jenifer(;(" OR "Dad+Naughty Jenifer(; (PART 2)" So yeah:) So sorry for the long intro but enjoy:)
I watch her as she slowly makes her way towards me. I take a deep breath. "Nervous?" Jessica says as she makes her way towards me.

I nod slowly. "Yeah, not like I'm a virgin or anything... It's just I've never been fucked with that..." I point to the strap on.

Just then Jessica bursts out laughing. "Are you serious?! If that was my pussy I would stick everything in there." She chuckles to herself and stares at me.

I look down, my face burning red. "Oh... Well I'm sorry..." I manage to get out."I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

"It's fine" I say with a slow nod. "So you ready?" She walks over to me, her hips sway as she walks. I look up and smile, feeling better. "Yeah"

She lays me back on the bed. I take a few deep breaths until I feel something rather large sliding into my pussy. I take a sharp breath. "You in?" I sit up slowly. "Yeah.. You ready?"

"Yup.." She lays down on top of me and slowly begins to slide in and out. She begins going faster as we bounce together. I moan loudly. "Oohh babyy..."

We french kiss as we move together. I'm about to have my third orgasam when... My phone goes off. One ring, two ring, I breathe heavily and answer it. "Hello..." I say still breathing heavily.

"Hey babe" Jason's voice comes across the phone.

"Oh hey..."

"What's up?"

"Oh you know.. The normal."

"So I got your text about you being horny... Maybe I can take care of that?"

"I'm a little busy, maybe tomorrow?"

"Well what are you up to?"

"Oh you know stuff... Babe I have to go.. Talk to you soon."
I hang up quickly, then check the time. 6:15 p.m. "Shit shit shit!" I say as Jessica slowly pulls out of me. "I've got to get home!" I struggle to get up and put my clothes on.

"Relax babe..." Jessica says as she begins putting her clothes on also. "Let's just go to your house" She says.

"We might get caught though..." I say as I pull my shirt on.

"Don't worry about it"

"Ok" I say somewhat nervous.

Jessica grabs a bag and stuffs some hand cuffs, a dildo, the strap on, a couple of ropes, a gag, some night clothes, some regular clothes, her phone, and it's charger. She zips the bag up and then takes my hand. We stride across the lawn, ready to fuck again.

I look in the driveway and notice my moms car. "My moms home" I whisper to her as we enter the house.
She just nods. We walk into the kitchen and that's when I bump into my mom.

"Hello Jenifer, where have you been?"

"I.. Was.. Catching up on notes at Jessica's" I nod. Sounds believeable.

My mom turns around to face us.

"Oh well it's nice to meet you Jessica" She smiles and shakes her hand.

"You too" Jessica says quietly.

"Well I was just leaving..." My mom walks over to me and kisses my cheek. "Bye Jenifer... Nice meeting you Jessica.." She walks out the door.

"One down, one more to go."

We walk upstairs, and I lead Jessica into my room. "You can set the bag down on the bed" I say as I walk back out of the room and to my parents room. I open the door slowly and peak inside. "Daddy.." I whisper softly. But I get no answer. I take a step into the room and notice that he's asleep. Perfect.

I close the door slowly and walk back into my room, ripping my clothes off on the way. When I reach my room Jessica lays naked on my bed, the dildo in her pussy already. I close the door behind me as my panties hit the floor.

"I hope you don't mind but I started already. I just get so horny thinking about you..." She moans the last words.

I smile and walk back over to the bed. Jessica pulls the dildo out of herself and slides into the strap on again.
I throw myself on the bed as she lays on top of me. She slides it into my pussy easily as it is still slipery from all the cum that I've leaked out already.

We french kiss and she pulls and sucks on my tongue.

"Yes baby.. YES!!!"

My heart pound, my pulse races, my moans get louder, my breathing get heavier, and suddenly nothing matters anymore. It's just me feeling intense pleasure. This lasts for twenty seconds, then I come crashing back to reality my orgasm over.

I guess Jessica orgasmed at the same time I did because she lays beside me, her pussy juice dripping down her thighs. I lean over and give her a long kiss, our tongues swirl together.

"That was great..." I say as I lay my head on my pillow.

"Tired?" She asks as I close my eyes.

I nod and fall asleep slowly.

When I wake up it's 11:30 p.m. I look around. The bag Jessica left is still laying where Jessica left it. I roll over expecting to see my beautiful lover but I see no one. I yawn, and get up slowly. I notice that I'm still naked.

I get up and slip into some clothes I find on my dresser, nothing fancy. Just a blue tank-top and some jeans with rips in them. I step out into the hallway and head for the stairs that lead to the first floor. When I hear bed squeaks and loud moans coming from my parents bed room. My parents must be getting it on. I laugh to myself and walk downstairs.

I go into the kitchen to get a glass of water. I grab a cup and go to the sink, I look out the window that's right above the sink but don't see my moms car. I raise my eyebrow in confusion and set the glass back down. I walk back upstairs and to my parents room. The moans have now turned into screams.


I hear from the other side of the door. But it's not my moms voice. I open the door and that's when I see it. Happening on my parents bed.



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