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The Everyday life of High-school student James
Sorry I will keep on writing this story all the way through to the

*NOTE* This is not a quick get off story, if you are looking for one I suggest leaving this story.

Hi, I'm Jesse, I will not mention my last name because of my hate for it, not for the name itself, but for the family who bears it.

I am 14, white, 5' 8", skinny but built and strong, a current gang member, and lastly entering high-school as a freshmen.


"'Ey man get up." I heard D-Dub say. I had been sleeping on his couch for over a month ever since I was kicked out of my house.

D-Dub is Short for Denzel (Yes like Denzel Washington) and the dub, is because he sells dub sacks of weed.

"Alright alright!" I said as I yawned. I sat up rubbing my eyes till they were sore.

"Shit man what time is it?" I asked. "2:30 we needa dip though." he responded. "Give me a minute." I said grabbing some clothes then jumping in the shower.

I quickly scrubbed my scalp with Axe shampoo/conditioner then the same with gel on my body then slipped out.

I threw on black Chucks some white socks, black denim jeans, a leather belt and a all white Tee with a black bandana hanging out my right pocket.

I put on a Seattle snap-back on (All black).

I finished preparing for the day and got out. D-Dub was waiting for me with 2 guns, 2 9mms.

"Take one of these we gon need it." he told me. I accepted with out saying a word. I nodded my head to inquiring I was ready to go.

Scoob was waiting outside in the car. "Get in the whip we needa go!" He yelled across the yard. We walked over and entered the car, it was a black Cadillac Escalade with spinners (Something I've never liked."

"Where we finna head?" D-Dub asked. "The lodge." He responded. My heart dropped, the Lodge was on Loco Crew turf. We have always had disputes over drugs and disrespect.

I pulled out the gun and cocked it. We stopped and picked up Mac, who was an 'OG'. Me and D-Dub were considered 'BG's' or Baby Gangsters which we held until 16 years old. Me and D-Dub where in the same grade which is how we met.

D-Dub is the opposite of me, 5' 8" and muscular.

"Ey JJ you cool back there?" Mac asks me. "Yea I'm cool man let's get it done." I told him. "That's the attitude." He responded before turning up the music.

Not long after that we turned the corner. I saw a group of Locos outside of a house.

I looked over at D-Dub, he nodded. We both rolled out windows down along with Mac, D-Dub sat on the window while Mac and I pointed out our windows.

I pulled the trigger letting rounds lose. The noise was deafening, 2 9mms and a MAC-10 firing inside a enclosed area. I aimed for on closest on my side and watched him drop as 3 shots hit him. By the team we sped up an left 4 were dead and 2 were close.

We rolled back up to Scoobs house where we all got out, we went in and turned on the news. The police had responded... Which was amazingly fast in this neighborhood.

"4 lay dead and more taken to a nearby hospital, they have found multiple 9mm shells, all printless. They believe this was a gang related shooting and are looking into it further." The reporter reported.

This was the last day of summer, everyone wanted to have as much fun as possible.

They broke out the weed, 40 ounces, and cigarettes.

They offered me everything and I took a cigarette.

I light it up and inhaled, letting the smoke burn my lungs. I knew I was killing myself but I didn't care, I was going to die anyways.

The average lifespan around here was 20, which is somewhat short.

I hung around then when outside to 'patrol' the turf. I squinted as I looked into the sun, looking at traffic rolling by, we were based in a dead end neighbor hood in South Seattle.

I watched for about 3 hours chillen with some homies and bullshitting around. We decided to go get some drinks and shit so we walked down to the gas station.

I walked in because I wanted a Dr. Pepper, when I saw the most amazing blonde. She had clear blue eyes, red lipstick, a white tank top that showed her perfect petite B-Cup tits, and bootie shorts that where a couple sizes too small. She was with a guy you could tell was too old, she looked around my age, he had a car, and bought smokes.

We locked eyes but nothing else happened.

We walked on our way back when I heard gun shots. I looked and heard bullets whistling by. I saw some Blue bodies that were only visible when the guns were shot. We returned fire making them get back in their car and speed off.

"Everyone all right?" I asked. "I got skimmed, fuck." I heard Jamal say. "How bad?" I asked in response. "Bot bad just stings like a bitch!" he cursed.

Jamal was a smaller guy, 5' 4", same grade as me, dark skin, and average size.

D-Dubs, Jamal and I were called the 3 musketeers at school, we always had the same schedule with a little bit of encouragement to the principle.

We walked back and D-Dubs mom fixed Jamal up. "Thanks mom." he said. "You're welcome hun." she answered.

Her name was Gloria, she was like all of our moms, not a crack whore, she was a nurse at the local hospital. She understood why we banged, and although didn't support it, she put up with it.

We hit up a party later that night. I wasn't a very big partier as I did not drink. I didn't like the hoes their much but some head every once in a while never hurt anyone.

There was one red-head their named Jane. She was not a hoe but loved to get shit faced. I walked up to her and she started to dance with me.

Jane was 5' 4", small size A-Cup tits and a round ass.

Grinding up and down my body, rubbing her ass all over my dick, after a day like mine was I was only thinking one thing.

I took her hand and lead her into a bedroom, so pushed me on the bed and started unzipping my pants. I lifted my body up letting her slide them off along with my underwear. She grabbed my dick and kissed the tip. I wasnt hung like a horse, at about 5.5" inches long I didn't think I was that small.

She started with just taking the head in her mouth, swishing spit around it. The feeling was spectacular as she slowly started taking more and more of it in.

When she was at my hilt I felt the back of her throat, she started bobbing as fast as she could moving her tongue on the underside of my cock.

I was about to cum, she must've felt it because she went as deep as she could and when I came it went straight down her throat.

I thanked her and pulled my pants back up, then I walked out looking for D-Dub.

"Ey D-Dub we better be getting home we got school tomorrow" I informed him grimly.

"Aight aight let's dip." he responded sounding annoyed.

We went across the street to his house and crashed.

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