Home from College, Jimmy couldn't believe how dull his home town seemed. He was home for his mother's birthday, in the middle of March, when none of his friends were in town.

His mother’s party was pretty dull, but what was duller was the rest of the weekend at home in his suburban nightmare.

Jimmy, sitting down on his couch on Saturday, flipped open his cell phone and began scrolling through names, searching for anyone who was still in High School. None of them seemed appealing to call and hang out with, but sitting home alone seemed less appealing. Finally, Jimmy settled on Jeremy, an old friend of his who was one year younger than him (still a senior).


"Hello, Jeremy, this is Jimmy, Jimmy Greene, whatsup?"

"Hey, whatsup dude?"

"Not much, I'm in town for the weekend, was wondering if you wanted to hang out or something."

"Man you called at the right time, I'm going to a party at Shelly Brickman's house, you remember her, she was a cheerleader, nice tits...remember? You should definitely come."

"Yeah, I remember her, but it'd be weird if I just showed up."

"Nah, not at all man, people will be stoked to see you."

After a little interior debate, Jimmy decided to go to the party.

He got there about 10; the party had been happening for about an hour and was just getting started. Jimmy walked in and was instantly recognized by a handful of people, all of whom were happy to see him. He got a beer and settled down, determined not to get too drunk this evening.

He chatted with people, but it all seemed a little boring, he'd done all this shit in high school, and it wasn't like he was looking to get laid because he had a girlfriend back in college.

It wasn't long before he began to think about leaving.

God, this town sucks, he thought to himself.

"Hey, I'm Jessie" a voice cried.

Jimmy turned his head to look at Jessie. She was 15, about 5'3 with shoulder length brown hair, freckles on her face, B tits, and a cute little ass. Jimmy smiled, and wondered what this little girl wanted.

"Hey, I'm Jimmy, whatsup?"

"Not too much, having a good time?"

"Eh, I guess so." replied Jimmy.

"I'm not; this is a fucking dull party. Me and Angela came expecting a good time, we figured Shelly wouldn't throw this kind of party"


"Oh my friend, Angela" Jessie pointed over to a blonde across the room talking to a drunk guy who seemed barely able to stand.

There was an awkward silence between the two. Jimmy wasn't quite sure what to do, he was ready to leave this party.

"Wanna go upstairs and hang out?"

"Umm. Yeah sure." replied Jimmy, a little confused.

"Can Angela come?" asked Jessie.

"Why not?" Jimmy said.

Jessie stood up and for the first time Jimmy got a look at her body. She was wearing a tiny skirt, knee high black high heel boots, and a tight top. He smiled at how cute this girl was, but remembered he wasn't single and she was probably 15.

Upstairs the three settled into a guest bedroom. They were all slightly drunk and talked idly. Angela was blonde, a little taller than her friend, with bigger boobs, and a nice round ass. She was wearing tight jeans, a sweater, and high heels.

The girls were both quite sweet, and nice to look at, so Jimmy was contented. He found out they were both single, in their freshman year, and on the tennis team.

After about a half an hour, Angela went up to use the bathroom, leaving Jessie and Jimmy alone. Jessie slid over towards Jimmy on the bed. Jimmy found this odd, but didn't mind.

"So do you have a girlfriend?"

"Yes." responded Jimmy.

"Is she hot?"


"Does she suck your cock?" asked Jessie.

"Why yes she does. Why do you ask?"

"Does she swallow?"


"How about her pussy?" Jessie's voice was getting quieter and quieter as she leaned towards Jimmy's ear. "Is it tight and fresh?"

Before Jimmy got a chance to answer, Jessie swung her her leg over his lap and positioned herself on it. With her legs spread, her short skirt revealed her pink thong. Jimmy was surprised how light she was, certainly less than 100lbs. Before he got a chance to object, Jessie kissed him. Her tongue felt very small in his mouth. Immediately, his cock sprang up and Angela walked into the room.

She giggled, "Please don't let me interrupt" and sat down on a chair watching them.

As their making out got more intense, Jimmy slid his hand up Jessie's skirt and cupped her tiny ass, he could easily fit the entire thing in his hand. Jessie pushed him onto his back and began to take off her shirt as she rubbed her crotch against Jimmy’s abdomen.

Suddenly Jimmy felt his jeans being undone. It didn't taken him long to realize that Angela wasn't just watching. Within seconds she was running her tongue around the head of Jimmy's cock, and then began to suck it gently.

By this time, Jessie's shirt was off, and Jimmy hungrily began to suck her tits. They were tiny and sweet and soft, like a little girl’s should be. But it wasn't long until he was moaning, getting close to blowing his load in Angela's mouth. Jessie slid down his body and nudged Angela over a little, and began to suck his balls.

Jimmy closed his eyes and experienced the most pleasurable experience he could ever imagine. Two 15year old sluts, one sucking his cock and the other his balls. It was seconds until he came, dumping a lot of cum in little Angela's mouth. She swallowed it all, unlike Jimmy's girlfriend.

After Jimmy recovered and both girls had some beer, Angela leaned forward and said "Fuck me"

"No! Fuck me" yelled Angela. They both smiled.

"Take off your jeans" said Jimmy to Angela. Within 5 seconds, Angela stripped off all clothing revealing a perfectly shaved pussy. This caused Jimmy's cock, that was seconds ago soft and satiated, to come back to life. He grabbed Angela by her arm and through her on the bed and began to fuck her. There was no foreplay or lead up, he just shoved his cock in.

He let out a moan/scream, she was tighter than he could have imagined. Her sweet pussy squeezed his cock as he slid in and out. Angela was moaning and shaking uncontrollably.

Meanwhile, Jessie had stripped off her skirt, thong and boots, and had positioned herself on the bed so that Jimmy had to look over her body. She had become quite horny watching her best friend be fucked by a guy 5 years older than her. As Jimmy looked over her petite body he was amazed at how tiny and perfect it was. He beckoned her over as he fucked Angela.

Without warning, he pulled his cock out of Angela and put it deep in Jessie. Jessie moaned with intense pleasure. Angela was jealous and upset, but realized she should share this cock with her best friend.

Jessie's cunt was even tighter than Angela's. Every time Jimmy pulled out and went back in, it felt as though he were popping a girls cherry. Jessie rapped her arms around Jimmy and buried her head in his chest. Every time he pushed into her, she felt agonizing pain and intense pleasure.

Jimmy then looked over at Angela, who sat watching Jessie and him fuck. Without warning, Jimmy pulled his dick out of Jessie and pushed it into Angela. Angela moaned.

This continued for a while longer, taking turns fucking each girl for a few minutes and then switching.

Finally, Jimmy pulled his cock out of Angela. It was glistening, covered in both girls’ pussy fluids.

"I'm close to cumming." said Jimmy.

Both girls moved towards his cock. They each took one of his balls in their hands and gently massaged it, while Angela sucked the head of his cock and Jessie ran her tongue and sucked on the base of it. Both of their tongues slid and swirled all over his cock, going up and down.

Jimmy moaned, and began to cum.

The first load landed in Jessie's mouth, she swallowed it quickly, and realized she had to share. Quickly, Jessie gave the head of the cock to Angela, who got the second load shot into her mouth as Jessie took both of Jimmy's balls in her mouth. Before he finished cumming, the girls switched off again, and the last of Jimmy's cum landed in Jessie's sweet little mouth.

Jimmy collapsed on the bed. Angela got up, locked the door, and got in bed too. Jimmy was sleeping naked with two 15 year old girls both holding onto him, one on each side.

In the morning, Jimmy awoke to his cell phone ringing. Both of the girls were still fast asleep and still naked. Picking up his phone, Jimmy saw it was his girlfriend.


"Hey, whatsups? How was your night?" asked his girlfriend.

"Eh, it was alright. This town is so boring." replied Jimmy.


2007-08-20 01:16:42
it was good


2006-04-24 16:47:12
very good ill give 10/10 loved the story but giving 10 because of that last fucking joke lol


2005-07-05 18:29:16
it was pretty gay untill i found out he was cheating always cheat on the one that loves u


2005-03-27 20:03:11
That sorry was good until I found out he was a cheater. Never cheat on those who love u........


2005-03-25 10:34:04
love the one-liner at the end

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