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Her boyfriend brought her up to the cabin for the week, with hidden secrets.
I was writing at my desk. I glanced at the clock. 4:30. Just half an hour left until my winter break. I still wasn't sure what John (my boyfriend) had up his sleeve. But I just went with it. He was always trying to make big romantic gestures for me. That was actually how he won me over in the first place. He started off as just someone I met while doing laundry and the next day he shows up to my small apartment with concert tickets. He never told me how he got all this money to shower me with gifts, vacations, and our upscale apartment, but I was so head over heels for him, I just didn't care. We had barely been dating 3 months but we were already living together and throwing the word love around. I may have only been 19 but I felt like I knew what I wanted in life.

I was alternating listening to the lecture and writing notes and thinking about John. Before I knew it, the bell rang and we were all dismissed. I grabbed my bag and talked to my best friend, Becky, as I headed out to the parking lot.

"So what're you doing for winter?"

"Probably Florida with Jane (her girlfriend). What about you? Are you and John planning something special?"

"I honestly don't know. He said he had a surprise but that's it." She gasped

"You don't think he'll propose do you?"

"Propose? We've only been dating 3 months."

"Oh come on, you're totally head over heels for him. It was true. I had barely known him a few months but I was totally falling for him. I was about to respond when I saw his car in the parking lot. He waved to me. I told Becky I’d text her later and then ran over to John's pickup truck. I got in, threw my bag in the back seat and gave him a kiss.

"Hey baby" he greeted me.

"Hi honey." he pulled out of the parking lot. We started driving and he turned onto the freeway. We started mindlessly chatting about how school was, how work had been for him. He was 25 and had achieved his masters in computer programming. He now worked for The Geek Squad. After a little while of driving and chatting I started feeling kind of tired. Weeks upon weeks of school will do that to you. I looked over him and took in his total appearance.

He had black spiked hair and marvelous blue eyes that shone like the ocean. He appeared kind of skinny and scrawny but don't let that fool you. He could bench press nearly 300. He stood at 6'2". I was only 5'7". He towered over me. But that just made him even more attractive. I soon fell asleep to my music along with the rhythm of the truck driving.

A couple hours later he nudged me gently with his hand.

"Sweetie, we're almost there. You hungry?" I realized then, I really was. I nodded still rubbing sleep out of my eyes. He smiled and pulled into the drive-thru of a Taco Bell. My favorite and he knew it. He ordered me a quesadilla, a soft taco and a Baja Blast Mountain Dew. My usual order. I had been dieting lately but I figured I could screw it for a little while. He sat there eating his taco and I was nibbling away at my food. After about another hour of just kind of talking and listening to music we pulled off the highway.

"Baby, where are we?"


"Vermont? Why? It's winter."

"You told me you'd always wanted to go. And Vermont looks really pretty in the winter." he was right. I looked around at all the trees that were covered in snow and the covered bridges. It was beautiful.
He took my hand. I smiled back at him. Forget "falling" for him. I had already fallen for him. He was so romantic and he seemed to always know what I was thinking.

"You know we've got another half an hour until we reach the house. We could have some fun." he unbuttoned his pants and unzipped his zipper. His dick sprung free. He hadn't worn underwear. But then again, neither had I.

He guided my hand to his dick and I began stroking it. It felt so hard in my hand. I was kind of ashamed of it but I was still a virgin. 19 and a virgin. How pathetic was that. But as John told me, so was he.

After a few minutes of stroking him, I unbuckled my seat belt and lowered my head to his dick. I took him in inch by inch and began sucking him. I soon felt him hit the back of my throat. I took a deep breath through my nose and shoved the last few inches down my throat. I heard him groan with my pleasure.

"Oh Sarah. Yes. You’re so good baby." I smiled as I began swirling my tongue around his head. I pushed my head to his base quickly then pulled up slowly. Letting my tongue run up the entire length.

"Yes. Yes." he moaned even louder. And after sucking him a few more minutes I heard him groan and I felt a gush in my throat. I sat up swallowed every drop. Even the few that had dribbled down my chin.

"Now clean up your mess." he ordered. His voice was soft but gentile. I made sure to lick every drop of cum off his cock. After making sure he was fully clean his member became soft and he zipped up his pants.

"That's my girl." he said running his fingers through my hair. He had a bit of dominance in him that just extremely turned me on. Since I was 19 I had looked for a guy that could give me an equal balance of romance and dominance. And finally, I had found him.

About 15 minutes later we pulled up to the house. It was rather large but not too big. It was away from the street. Hidden by some woods. It was secluded and the woods around it looked so peaceful. He turned the engine off.

"Here we are. You like?" I was so taken back I could barely speak. Only nod. It was wonderful. He gave me another kiss and then got out of the car. I got out right after and he grabbed both our bags. He had apparently packed up my clothes along with his. As I got of the car I immediately noticed how cold it was. I had been wearing jeans and a sweat shirt but I was still freezing. We headed into the house and he dropped the bags in the front hall. He moved into the huge den and lit a fire in the fireplace. The room became much warmer. He walked back over and held me.

"Are you ready for the week of your life?"

"Yes, yes I am." Little did I know what that REALLY meant.

To be continued...

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