Little sister Keera's friends come over for a swim -- and they're not as innocent as they seem

“So what you're saying,” Zoe repeated, “is Bobby says we can come over to swim, but you told him we'd be wearing t-shirts. Instead of bikini tops, not over them.”

“That was the only way I could convince him.”

“Keera, you know that when you're wearing a t-shirt with nothing underneath, and it gets all wet, it becomes see-through.”

Keera laughed. “Yeah, I found that out.”

“Shit. So your brother saw your tits?”

“Yeah, It was okay, though. And kind of cool. His thingie got all hard.” She decided to leave out the part where she took off her wet shirt, Bobby had put his hands on her tits, and she'd rubbed his thing through his bathing suit until he squirted.

“Okay,” Zoe said. “I guess I don't mind if Bobby sees my tits a little. He's cute. As long as nobody ever finds out.”

“It'll just be us guys and Sammi,” Keera assured her.


Bobby watched his sister's two friends coming in through the gate. Zoe was wearing a cut-off t-shirt. Like Keera, she was 11 years old and had grown small but nice-looking tits over the past year. Her belly was exposed, and she was wearing a pink bikini bottom.

Sammi was cute, her hair in a pony-tail, but she still had the little-girl figure his sister and Zoe had had last summer. Her large t-shirt hung on her like a dress, coming down to her upper thigh.

Bobby and Keera were lying on lounge chairs, both having changed: Bobby into a swimsuit that wasn't filled with his own cum, and Keera into a dry t-shirt.

“Hey, Sammi,” Keera teased as the two girls came over, “I hope you remembered to wear something under that.” Sammi turned around, lifted her t-shirt to reveal a red-and-white striped bikini bottom, and wiggled her butt at them.

Noticing that Bobby was looking at Sammi's butt, Zoe said “It feels so weird wearing this. I've never worn this shirt without a bra before, and I always have shorts on, not just these bottoms.”

“That's still more than I was wearing the last time I was here,” Sammi blurted out.

“Sammi!” Keera said quickly.


“Oh?” Bobby asked.

“Well...” Sammi said slowly. “You know how Keera didn't have to wear a top last summer, as long as it was just you guys here? Well, it was the same thing at my house, with me. It'll probably be the same this summer too, when my dad opens the pool, because, well, I'm still flat. Anyway, last summer, when it was just us girls swimming here, and you and your parents were all working, Keera and I both swam without our tops. Don't tell, okay?”

“Don't worry,” Bobby said, feeling himself already getting hard. “I don't know about you girls,” he said, “but I'm going in.” He jumped into the pool, and the girls followed. When Zoe hit the water, her short t-shirt pushed up, exposing all of her right tit and most of her left. She didn't notice right away, but Sammi did and pointed a finger at Zoe's tits and she quickly covered herself up. Hopefully Bobby hadn't seen.

Actually he had, but for just a moment.

Not that it mattered much because as they swam around, splashing and dunking one another, Bobby could see through Keera's and Zoe's shirts almost as if they weren't there. And Zoe's shirt kept riding up enough to expose the bottom half of her tits, and threatening to rise above both of them again.

Even Sammi looked plenty cute, with her t-shirt plastered to her slim body.

As much as Bobby liked looking at Keera's friends, he wished he was alone with her here: maybe she'd swim topless again, and maybe she'd let him touch her tits again.

After a bit, Sammi said to Keera “This may have been a good idea for you and Zoe, but this long shirt is weighing a ton. Is it okay if I take it off? I'm still allowed to at home.”

Keera looked over at her brother, as if there were any question what he'd say. “Bobby?”

“Sure, if she wants,” he said, trying to sound uninterested, fooling nobody.

Sammi pulled the t-shirt over her head, and tossed it to the side of the pool. Bobby could see that she wasn't completely flat: she had the beginnings of tits, and the cold water had made her nipples hard. These were only second pair of girl's nipples he'd ever seen in person, of course.

Sammi continued to swim around and play in the water as if being topless meant nothing to her, but Keera noticed that Bobby was making it a point to stay close to her. At one point when he tried to dunk her, his arm brushed against one of her nipples, and Keera wondered whether either Sammi or Bobby had let that happen on purpose. “Sorry,” Bobby said quickly. Sammi just smiled at him.

Zoe climbed out of the pool, then stood at the edge, her tits showing through her small t-shirt, as if she wanted everybody to see. Or wanted Bobby to see, anyway. And then she jumped into the pool, feet first, with her arms stretched straight up. She hit the water and went under, and her top came off and floated on the water.

“My top!” Zoe yelled as she came to the surface. “Help!” But everybody could see she was trying not to giggle.

If she was trying to call everybody's attention to her bare tits, Kendra thought, she succeeded. I'm just glad mine were the first ones he saw, anyway.

“It's okay for me to go without my top too, right Bobby?” Zoe asked.

“Sure,” he said, openly staring at her naked tits: probably no more than b cups, like his sister, but wet and glistening in the mid-afternoon sunlight. Zoe dove under the water and swam past Bobby, brushing her hand very deliberately against the front of his swimsuit as she passed him.

“Wow,” Bobby said. Even submerged in the cool water, his cock was uncomfortably hard. If he hadn't cum less than an hour ago, being touched by this almost-naked girl would have done it for him.

Well, two could play at that game: when Zoe surfaced, Bobby swam over to her and grabbed her, pulling her underwater with him. Just as his feet touched the bottom of the pool, he moved his hands down to and cupped her tits.

She smiled, reached down and gave his cock a quick squeeze, then kicked her feet to swim back to the surface. As her butt passed in front of Bobby, he reached out a hand and stroked her through her small bikini bottoms. It would have been so easy, he knew, to just grab the waist of her bottoms and pull them off as she swam past. He'd have given anything to see his first naked pussy.

When Bobby and Zoe broke the surface, Keera and Sammi were already lying on their backs by the side of the pool, legs slightly apart, and Keera had taken off her t-shirt. Bobby's cock was hurting him now, literally hurting him. “So you did let Bobby see your tits before, didn't you?” Zoe asked Keera when she saw her stretched out, almost naked, apparently unconcerned that her brother could see her.

Keera smiled. “Maybe.”

Zoe climbed out of the pool, leaned over Keera, and whispered “I let him rub my tits underwater just now.” And then seeing Keera's expression, added “Shit. He did that to you too? Your own brother?”

I better not tell her I also grabbed his thingie through his swimsuit, Keera thought with a grin.

Zoe lay down alongside her friends, and Bobby joined them, lying on his front, to hide his very obvious boner. After a few minutes, Keera turned to face him and said “Hey, big brother, you'd better turn around. You're going to hurt something lying like that.”

The other girls giggled, and Bobby thought Until I can go inside and take care of this, there is no possible position for me that isn't going to hurt. But if I do that now, they'll all know why I'm going and they'll tease me about it forever. “I'm fine like this,” he said.

Zoe got to her feet. “Guys, we're going to have to turn him over ourselves. It's for his own good.” And with that, the three topless girls surrounded him and rolled him onto his back.

“Hooo-ly shit!” Sammi said, as the girls stared at the front of his swimsuit. “Your swimsuit's gonna explode,” Keera said, trying to sound serious, “and how will you explain that to Mom and Dad?”

Zoe leaned over Bobby, so close that her left tit was only inches from his mouth. “This isn't helping,” he groaned.

“Only one thing will,” she said, as she grabbed the waistband of his swimsuit.

“Zoe, don't. You're going too far now. You're a kid.”

“I'm a kid with I bet the biggest naked tits you've ever seen,” she said. “And don't worry, you're not taking advantage of us, we're doing it to you. Help me out here,” she said to her friends.

And with that, the three girls were on top of him, pulling off his swimsuit, In the struggle, somebody – probably Keera – brushed one of her tits across his face, just missing his mouth.

The next thing he knew he was on his back, naked, his cock standing up like a flagpole and feeling just as hard, with Sammi straddling his upper thighs, facing him, keeping him pinned down, so close to his crotch that his balls were touching the red-and-white nylon of her bikini bottoms. Her small tits were flushed, almost red.

Suddenly, everybody was quiet. Sammi hadn't intended to end up in this position – but now that she was, it was clearly sexual. Everybody was waiting to see what happened next.

Sammi leaned forward to grab Bobby's hands, and his hard penis pressed against her belly. He groaned. Then she took his hands, and brought them to her tits. They were tiny, barely noticeable, but they were very sensitive, especially the nipples. He began playing with the hard nipples,

She groaned loudly, not caring that her friends could hear her. She scooted up a few inches more on Bobby's body, trapping his hard penis beneath her bikini bottoms. Then she ground herself against it, feeling it pressing hard against her cunny through her bottoms, as if trying to burst through and push inside her. She wished she had the nerve to pull off her bottoms and let him fuck her, but for now she just ground harder and harder against him, both of them groaning. She realized he was actually inside her, just slightly, through the material of her bottoms. Did that count as fucking? Holy shit, they were fucking!

She ground down harder, trying to force more of the nylon-covered penis inside her, and just as she was starting to shake uncontrollably, he made a strange noise and started squirting his baby-stuff, whatever they call it, all over her bikini bottoms, When she backed off of him a bit, he sprayed it all over her tiny tits, and then all over his own chest.

When they'd both caught their breath, Keera said “Sammi, you'd better rinse out your bottoms in the pool. You don't want to get any of that stuff in your cunny.”

“Oh yeah. Wow. You're right.”

Good thing one of us paid attention in Health class, Keera thought. Then she glanced over at her brother, semen all over his chest, his thingie still hard. She knew that was unusual. I guess the three of us are just too hot.

Bobby couldn't believe what had just happened: Little Sammi had dry-humped him and he came all over both of them. He'd never cum that much in his life, and he was ready for more.

As if reading his mind, Zoe stood up and eased her bikini bottoms down her legs, standing naked just a few feet from him. She had at least as much pubic hair as he did, and he wondered whether that was normal for an 11-year-old, even an 11-year-old with tits. He wondered whether Keera was as hairy. But mostly he wondered whether Zoe was really about to do what he thought – what he hoped – she was about to do.

“Zoe?” Keera asked.

“I have to do it,” she said. “I want to fuck you, Bobby. Is that okay?”

“Hell, yeah.”

“Hell, no,” Keera said. “Zoe, you'll end up pregnant.”

“No I won't, I'll make him pull out before he squirts. Duh.”

“Yes you will. Duh. His thingie's covered with semen. As soon as he's inside you, you'll be knocked up.”

“Oh. Yeah,” Zoe said.

Bobby didn't know whether to be grateful to Keera for helping him avoid a disaster – knocking up an 11-year-old, yeah, that would be the end of life as he knew it – or angry because she'd deprived him of his first fuck.

“On the other hand...” Keera said slowly.

“What?” Zoe asked.

Keera stripped off her own bikini bottoms, then walked over to Bobby and stood over him. She was almost hairless down there, and he could see her pussy clearly. “I just finished my monthly yesterday, so I'm completely safe. What do you say, big brother? It's incest, but none of us will ever tell.”

“Hell yeah,” Bobby said without hesitation.

She lay down on her back, on the grass, and spread her legs. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined her first time would be at age 11, outside, with her friends watching, and with her brother. But she was ready.

She'd heard that the wetter a woman is, the less pain there is when you lose your virginity – but she couldn't remember whether she'd heard that in Health class, or from some girl or another in the middle school locker room.

Bobby crawled between her legs, and positioned his thingie against her cunny. “Are you sure about this?” he asked.

“Fuck me!” she growled.

He pushed himself inside her slowly. Oh, she thought. This feels so good. Fuck, why does anybody wait for this, it's so -- “Ow!” she suddenly screamed.

He started to pull out. “What's wrong? Are you okay?”

She grabbed his hips to keep his thingie inside of her. “It's okay. That was supposed to happen. It's already letting up. The good is better than the bad. Keep going.”

As he drove his cock into his little sister's pussy, Bobby couldn't believe how awesome this afternoon had been. If he died today (a strong possibility, if Mom and Dad came home early), he'd die happy.

His first fuck, and he didn't have to worry about cumming too quickly, like he knew a lot of 16-year-olds do: he'd already cum twice, so he felt totally in control.

He fucked Keera for another 5 glorious minutes, and then she started to shake, and gave a soft scream, and he knew he'd made her cum.

How cool was that? He'd made two girls cum in one afternoon.

“Don't stop. I don't want you to stop,” Keera said, as she came down from her orgasm. Stop? Who said I was going to stop? Not before I cum inside my little sister! “Roll over,” she said. “I want to be on top.”

He lay on his back, and Kerry lowered herself onto his still-hard cock. And then she started bouncing on him, not so differently than Sammi had, but of course he was deep inside her pussy.

He noticed Zoe, still naked, sitting just a few feet away from them, watching them. He knew she wanted to be the one riding his cock. “Come closer,” he told her. “Like down next to me. No, the other way, so I can see your pussy.”

She did as he said, not understanding what he had in mind, until he moved a hand to her pussy and slipped a finger inside.

“Oh,” she said. “God, yeah.”

Seeing she was okay with this, he began finger-fucking her in earnest, eventually adding a second finger and using the same rhythm on Zoe's pussy as Keera was using fucking him.

It was only a few minutes until Zoe grabbed his hand tightly so he couldn't move his fingers out at all, then began to twitch uncontrollably. He'd made her cum. That was so cool. When she settled down, he took his fingers from her pussy, tasted her pussy juices for just a moment, then with both hands grabbed Keera's hips and pulled her down onto his cock as hard as he could. He came hard, shooting hot cum deep into his little sister.

And then his cock finally gave up the ghost, growing soft and sliding out of her dripping pussy.

He was exhausted, after cumming three times in less than an hour, in the warm sun, and apparently fell asleep for a moment. The next thing he was aware of, Sammi was shaking him awake, telling him he'd better not pass out naked in the back yard. Sammi herself was naked – she must have taken off her bottoms to rinse them off, and his first thought was I hope she doesn't want me to fuck her right now – but Keera and Zoe were already back in their own bikini bottoms, holding their wet t-shirts, and heading into the house to get dry shirts for Zoe and Sammi to walk home in.

Sammi handed him his swimsuit but before he could put it on, she took a quick look to make sure her friends weren't looking, said “Next time I want that inside me,” took his cock in her hand and kissed it, closing her lips over the head as she did so.

He could feel his cock twitching, something he hadn't expected to feel again for a while, and decided he could hardly wait until the girls came over for another swim.

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I loved it. Love to fuck a sweet 11yr old, would be the best!!

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Well truthfully Riley I would stare too and probably get hard if you spread your legs for me, it's just something that happens you know. She said she saw her grandpa hard last summer and I thought it was because of me, grandma wasn't even home. So that's ok I said, did you get to look at it for a long time I asked? She said she jumped up on the couch near her grandpa and watched tv and looked at his hard-on as she called it for about 20 minutes before it went soft. Grandpa never said a word about it. I told her I didn't think I could keep a hard-on for 20 minutes with you naked in front of me, I would have to leave and take care of it-you know what I mean. She nodded and started to say something but stopped, what is it I said, well if you wanted to see me naked and see how long your hard-on would last, I guess that would be ok. Would I have to show you my hard dick, her answer was sure, do you want to watch me take care of it, oh yes she said. Well let's get started.

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Back to my encounter with Riley, grandpa had to go to the house which left Riley and me alone in the garage and all I could think about and look at was her short shorts and her smooth as silk skin on the inside of her thighs-would that taste good. I asked her what she was doing this weekend (knowing she would running around naked), her reply was going to camp with grandpa, grandma was already there. That's a nudist cam I said, do you get naked too I asked? With a blushed face she answered yes. That's cool I replied, you are a very pretty girl with a beautiful body. I asked if there were boys there her age and she replied yes, I asked how do you keep your eyes off their dinky and do they stare at your boobies and crotch. She replied, I check them out and try not to stare but it's hard not to, the boys check me out and stare when they think I don't know. The older guys always stare at me, sometimes I wiggle my butt and spread my legs for them thinking I might get them hard.

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