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this is the first time i got fucked by a dog ill have more of these
It was a week since i saw him do it with that bitch next door. i could still remember the huge cock of my friends hound and i was waiting for my friend to ask me to look after it again when he went out. i had some plans for him. it was a month since i had broken up with my boyfriend and i was too messed up to go with the endless number of guys who kept hitting on me. but i had my needs i needed a big dick and fast. Evertime i remembered Bull"s ( who is a huge hound my friend owns) i laughed but i could feel the flesh between my legs twitching. Then finally one day my friend came over and brought bull around and asked if i cld take care of him for a week. i was already wet with anticipation. little did my friend know that i had some plans for bull. yes. i wanted to have that dick of his inside me. i did not know wht inspired me maybe it was all that bestiality sex i had seen after i saw him mating with that bitch. i knew that i wanted him to breed me.

That evening i fed bull. I wanted him to be in good shape for the next week. It was my first time with an animal and i was anxious. But later that evening i decided it was finally time to test it. I closed all the windows and doors and curtains and released bull from his chain. I was wearing only a very thin nighty which was almost visible and i had some icecream on the next table. bull loved icecream. I wondered if he would love it off me.

I put on the video of a dog fucking a girl i had downloaded from some internet site and i could see bull watching it closely. I wondered if he could understand it. I called him and as obedient as he was he came close to me as soon as i called him. I lowered my mouth to his and slowly kissed him on the face. immediately his big wet soft tongue came out and started lapping at my face. It turned me on. " do u want some icecream honey?" he whined and wagged his tail in anticipation. he did not know that i was gonna feed him in more ways than one.

I scooped the icecream and lay down on the ground pulled up my nighty and put the icecream on my belly. he immediately started lapping it up and it turned me on in an instant. as soon as he had finished that little icecream he looked at me for more. " oh yes mommy is gonna feed u well today" i took a little icecream in my hand and parted my pussy lips and applied the icecream to my lips. the icecream sent chills down my spine. but i had no time to think about it as bull immediately started licking it. his soft wet long tongue making me so wet that i nearly blacked out for a second for wht was my first orgasam of the night. i touched his sheathe as i could see his cock slowly coming. I stroked it till it was fully out but it wasnt as hard as i wanted it to be yet. now bull was earnestly licking my cunt and my juices were flowing. i wanted him badly. i took off my nighty and sat on the ground. he immediately started licking my mouth and i lapped at his tounge hungrily. i could almost taste my juices on his tongue. "wanna suck mommies boobies?" i put his face near my tits and he started licking them. the slowly i could see that he was being aroused. i reached out with my hand and held his massive cock in my hands. it was warm and pulsating like a live animal and it was huge and pink. better than any mans ive ever had. i slowly lowered my head and kissed his massive hardness. he whined. i was happy as i sucked on his cock. he was still. i cld taste his precum.

I cld no longer wait, so i slowly turned and went on all fours " come on it is time bull" " dont u wanna fuck me" " dont u wanna mate with me" "dont u wanna breed with me and fuck me hard with that massive cock like u bred that bitch" " yes i want u to mate with u" i cooed. he licked my wet and already wet dripping pussy. I was moaning in anticipation about wht was abt to happen. i had already seen wht size his massive cock and knot had grown to. he was huge and i wanted him all inside me. suddenly i felt his strong front legs grip my bare hips as he climbed on top of me. he was ready to go and i was anxious. I could feel his warmth poking me trying to find me wet fuckhole so i grasped his hard cock which was now almost alive and guided it to my waiting cunt. He thrust and in that first very powerful thrust itself he was almost completely inside me. i cld barely stop myself frm yelling in pleasure. I was getting fucked by a dog. at first he was slow. but then he started moving faster. he was heavy. As he started pumping harder and harder he was swelling in size and i cld feel his knot at my fuckhole almost trying to get in. His thrusts were more powerful than any humans as he hit the wall of my vagina and gave me one orgasam after another. I lost track of the number of orgasams i had in that time. He was nibbling and licking my neck which felt really good. i almost passed out with pleasure as finally his knot thrust into my pussy. he was fucking me like a bitch and it made me hot. I could feel him getting harder and harder and larger. suddenly he whined and i could feel him bursting inside me. and i could feel the flood of dog cum down my thighs. "yes fuck me make me your bitch cum inside me breed me Fuck yes" i moaned. It took him some time to pull out but it was worth it since as soon as he pulled out a big load of cum burst forth from my pussy and i realised that he had filled me up completely. every inch of me was filled with his hot cum. he immediately turned around and started licking his cum off my pussy. For first time in months i was completely satisfied so i pulled him closer and made him lick my tongue and mouth. "u had fun breeding mommy? hmm? u wld mind doing that again? u wld like to make me ur little bitch wont u? oh yes u wld. lets get u some rest so u can breed mommy again later" and i knew wht i was gonna do for the next week and i smiled to myself as i cld feel his hot thick cum oozing out of me like a river.

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i'm totally fucking my grandmas boxer

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great story...try to describe your feelings better next time you write

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U R a sick bitch!!!!

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Good story. Thanks for sharing.

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