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Hey I am new to this writing thing so comments would be great . I want each chapter to be about different Arisen experiences for different characters. It's set in an alternative world where sex isn't a taboo. Please make sure your aloud to read this in your country. This also features non-con.
Chapter One - Lucas Pater

It happens to every guy at some point, well except Mr Cobble down the street poor forty year old guy. I started to think I was becoming like him. All my friends had Arisen. I remember when my brother was my age and he Arisen. It should of happened by now I am perfectly healthy and 19 years old , I am a stud and I am hung , although its useless just now. I am over 9" I couldn't wait to see what it would look like Risen.

It happened when I was at the gym. I was sitting in the sauna with a few of the guys from the team. When a guy has his first arisen a male family member or someone close to you is meant to remove your own sperm and replace it with theirs. My dad was dead but he was there for Derek my brothers arisen so Derek had the family sperm and could give it to me. When you induct someone they sort of become your bitch. I remember seeing Derek fucked by my dad when he was drunk over the chair in the lounge. I remember him crying in bed that night , I couldn’t understand why he had finally Arisen? . Then I realised it must hurt.

I was laying back across the bench with my legs spread allowing my 9" to dangle down my thighs. Next thing I heard was Sam , he was first to arise on the team , "yo dude why have you risen". I looked down , I was so happy and obviously excited. Then it hit me I was surrounded by arisen guys , if I don't get to my brother they will put their seed in me instead. I replied with a lie "I just arised last week , I like looking at it ha". They all sort of replied with a we did that too except Sam. "well then you should be in control of your cumming then why don't you just shoot a load NOW!" . I knew the only outcome here so I ran for the sauna door, with one hand Sam flung me to the ground.

The other guys held my legs and arms down. Little jimmy as we called him shouted " hey Sam why do you get to do it , just because you arised first?" Sam laughed "yes". They stripped my towel away exposing my hard 11" cock . I begged and shouted , I tried to squirm free but I couldn't. Sam removed his towel revealing a 8" hard cock , it was so thick. He peeled back my foreskin and started to lick. I tried to escape but his hands where pushing my thighs down. He removed one hand and started to rub it down my chest and abs. This was to much I knew it was coming my first orgasm. The other guys had stopped holding me down after I started groaning. I wrapped my legs around Sam across his naked back and pulled him in. Rubbing my feet and calf’s up and down his smooth skin. I placed my hands over his ears gripping him as I pulled him head down against my groin. I had never made noises like these, I couldn’t help but scream. I felt it, an eruption it blasted out down Sam’s throat. I felt so amazing like I could fly. Then I remembered what was next and how my seed was going to be replaced.

I tried to jump up but Sam had already wrapped his arms around my thighs , it was so sensual I hated that I liked it. He spread my legs open I used my hands to cover my hole. If I couldn't escape I won't going to make it easy for him, jimmy pulled my hands away and I could feel Sam’s cock lining up with my hole. I could feel the warmth of his cocks head rub against my tight ring. I had dreamt of the moment that my older brother would do this not Sam I begged again pleading for him not to do this. How I would be dishoned by my brother and family. All that euphoric pleasure was gone when he forced his way in. It must of been tight as he scrunched it face. I wondered if he was going to fuck me or just cum. After his whole 8" spread my hole. He must of decided to have a little fun while he was down there as he didn’t just cum he started to fuck me. I could feel his huge meat rub inside me. I hated myself for enjoying it.
“Sam, I think he’s enjoying it ha-ha” said Michael at the back who had been rubbing his cock on one of Jimmy’s ass checks. Sam cummed right then after he realised I liked it. I started to cry on this sauna floor. I was his bitch now. He controlled me.

He still left his cock in me , no thrusting. I lay their in shame surrounded by who I thought where my closest friends. Then Sam gave his first command. "Lucas suck Jimmy and then everyone else here’s cock , and act like you like it and want more." I screamed no through my tears. Then I felt it , this excruciating burning in my balls , I couldn't move , just scream. I had disobeyed my seeder. I removed Sam’s cock from my ass and stood up , then kneeling before jimmy I started to blow them one after another , and for the next year they fucked and forced me to suck them. Each time I swallowed their cum and spread my legs knowing that Sam was in control of me for ever.

I hope you enjoyed, please leave comments if you want Lucas's story to continue or if you want a new Arisen character and story, like I said this is my first ever sex story so please judge critically I want to make sure I do better.
If I continue Lucas story I will have his brother finding out he’s been Arisen by Sam.


2018-04-11 17:30:28
that was way to short

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2012-08-19 14:34:18
I loved it...though I think if you do a love story then change the characters. But I really like this one so you should continue with it.

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2012-08-18 16:01:30

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2012-08-18 12:57:18
Continue it and make Lucas' brother stand up for him and then make Sam feel bad and start to car for him and love him, I would read that for sure!

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