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Brenda is a spoiled brat, but her little sister, Amy, is rather nice.
Bridezilla Brenda's Beastly Brawl

Part 1 -- Bringing on Bad Luck

Cast of named characters in this series:

Brenda Robinson -- (21) 26 years old, 5'10" tall 140 lbs
--- Bride. Arrogant, spoiled, domineering, wealthy, self centered, and oh so tall and beautiful.
Bradley Eaton -- (22) 27 years old, 6'2" tall, 180 lbs
--- Groom. Physics graduate student. Intelligent, hardworking, handsome, faithful, reliable.
Amy Robinson -- (16) 21 years old, 5'10" tall 125 lbs
--- Maid of honor. Physics undergrad student. Intelligent, hardworking, shy, cute, modest, and very nice.
Betty, Susan, and Rebecca -- 25-27 years old
--- Bridesmaids. Brenda's best friends. All rather good looking, but none nice. Shallow, spoiled, parasitic.
Brian Robinson -- (43) 48 years old, 6'4" tall, 220 lbs
--- Father of the bride. Wealthy doting father, most willing to spoil his two daughters. Confident, loving.
Claire -- 21 years old, 5'4" tall, 110 lbs.
--- Amy's best friend. Short cute MIT student in same dorm as Amy. Also lives in Pasadena.
Roger -- 25 years old, 5'9" tall, 140 lbs
--- Best man. Brad's best friend at Caltech. Another nerdy grad student. Terrified of women.
Kevin, Helmut, and Sean -- 26-28 years old
--- Groomsmen. Brad's foreign friends at Caltech. Smart, hard working, poor at wooing women.
Bob and Larry -- 32 and 44 years old
--- Brian's young associate and his lawyer
Claire Eaton -- (well…just read the story)

Note: Ages are listed at time of wedding (Ages in parentheses for beginning of story characters 5 years earlier).

Note: This farcical romp is a total fantasy. All names are made up and no connection to any real people…

---------------------- PART 1 ------------- Bringing on Bad Luck ------------------


Bradley met Brenda during his first week of graduate school at Caltech. He was new to the area and didn't know anyone except his parent's friends and associates. One such close associate was Brian Robinson who invited him for dinner to welcome him to Pasadena. They lived in the very upscale neighborhood just south of Caltech, so it was walking distance for Brad.

"Welcome Bradley."
"Thanks Mr. Robinson… but you can call me Brad."
"OK… Brad, but then you have to call me Brian."
"OK Brian," Brad laughed.
"So how do you like place so far?"
"Great… but I'm still getting use to everything. It's a bit different from Cambridge."
"Culture shock, right?"
"Yea. Really."
"Let me introduce you to the family."
"This is my daughter Brenda, and her little sister Amy."
"Hi." "Hi." "Hi."
"Brenda is a senior at UCLA, and Amy is a junior in high school."

Brenda, then 21, looked just perfect to Brad. She was tall and very beautiful blond with an exceptional figure and a gorgeous tan… the quintessential California beauty. She seemed to be the most perfect possible girlfriend, but could she be his? Was she already taken? Amy, then 16, was the same height as Brenda, but without the curves and without the tan. She clearly spent a lot more time indoors reading, and wasn't much to look at… a shy pale skinny girl with small breasts. Brenda wore a fitted red outfit that showed off all of her assets. Amy just wore baggy shorts and a T-shirt that had Maxwell's equations on it. Amy's long skinny legs stuck out awkwardly, and Brad could tell that she didn't wear a bra, nor seemed to need one.

Brad spent the evening talking to both girls and he liked them both very much. Sweet sixteen Amy really wanted to hear about science and MIT and tried to understand what Brad was studying. Brenda was more interested in how large his allowance was and what kind of car he planned to buy.

And so their relationship started. Brenda had lots of friends and they all sort of tolerated Brad. She mostly hung out with her old cheerleader friends, Betty, Susan, and Rebecca. They were all stunningly good looking. Betty seemed to have a thing for Brad, and so Betty and Brenda had a battle of sorts that Brad didn't really want to understand. Poor Brad had difficulty relating to anything they found interesting, and they didn't want to talk about anything he was interested in, so he was sort of like a plastic Ken doll. He looked good, and he made Brenda look good, and that's what he was there for. Right? But when they were alone, they were hot and heavy. Somewhere along the line, Brenda learned how to fuck, and she couldn't seem to get enough. She was simply the best in any position, and she liked to experiment with them all. Brad thought he was a lucky man… a very lucky man.


Brad would frequently go to Brenda's house to see her, and she would invariably make him wait… wait for her to get home from wherever, or wait for her to doll herself up to go out. But wait he did, …lots and lots of waiting. He always found that Amy was there studying in her simple outfits and never with any makeup. She was more than willing to drop everything to talk with him. Their conversations were incredible. They ran interesting and they ran deep. Brad soon found that he was arriving early at the Robinson's house just so that he would have to wait longer for Brenda. Amy never disappointed. She always seemed a little sad when Brenda would finally drag him off, usually making some snide and hurtful comment. Brad didn't want to get between sisters and knew how Brenda could be, so he never stuck up for Amy, but he would wink at her while being dragged off, and that lifted her heart.

"Yea, little squirt?"
"I want to go to Caltech or MIT, just like you did."
"You really should. You'd be great. How are your grades?"
"They're really good, but not good enough to be a shoo-in."
"I see. And your scores?"
"2320. Can you help me get in?"
"Yes. I will help you, Amy."
"Thanks buster," Amy grabs his arm and has the look of love on her face, but Brad is too inexperienced to see it.
"I can help you with your essays. Who will write your letters?"
"Just some teachers at my school."
"Not good enough. Let me get you on a Caltech project. If you can do that well enough (and I can help you), then a famous Caltech professor will write a letter for you."
"Really. That's the way things work."


So Brad helped Amy. Amy worked really hard on the computational project she was given, losing nearly all of her free time. She worked all summer after her junior year too. But since she was working side-by-side with Brad, she had never been happier. Brad was always very nice to her and would take her to eat at nice places after work sometimes where they would have long and wonderful discussions. When the peer reviewed research paper was published, Amy was rather proud that her name was included as a middle co-author. Brad then wrote her letter of recommendation extolling her virtues and had the famous professor sign it. And five months later Amy got into MIT, but not into Caltech.

"I guess I'm going to MIT."
"That's really great. I'm so happy for you, Amy. I'll tell you about all of my favorite places there."
"I'll never forget what you've done for me. And I'll miss you, Brad. I really will."
"I'll miss all our talks too. But you'll come home to see me on vacations, won't you?"
"Count on it, buster."
"Hey squirt… I got a gift for you."
Brad gave her a T-shirt from the Caltech store. It said "MIT" in large letters on the front, and on the back it said "Because not everyone can get into Caltech"
"Oh. You're so bad! I can't wear this around MIT!!"
Amy started beating Brad's chest with her firsts. He grabbed her and held her close, trapping her arms so as to defend himself. She looked up at him hoping he would kiss her… hoping for her first kiss. Her heart was beating fiercely. His lips were so close.
"It might be a good nightshirt there," continued Brad.
"It might keep all those MIT boys in your bed from feeling so superior and getting too cocky."
"Boys in my bed?" Amy blushed deeply still being held tightly by Brad.
"Any why not? You're a very good looking girl."
"With me, it's only for love."
"I hope you find love."
Amy stood there in silence looking at Brad like he was dumb.


Since Brad was so busy as a Caltech graduate student, he really didn't have time to work on a deep relationship with Brenda, so hot and heavy fucking was good enough for him and good enough for Brenda. They did everything in bed. Brenda liked it rough in all of her holes and she liked lots of positions. Brad thought they were a good couple, but since this was his first real relationship, he probably wasn't the best of judges. Brenda liked him well enough. He had money, he was handsome, her babies would be smart, he was great in bed, he didn't try to control her, he did what she told him to do, he didn't get in her way, and to top it all off, she knew that her sister loved him. Other than being a totally boring science nerd, he would make the perfect husband.

And so it went. Four years later, Brenda schemed to get engaged. She had to buy her own engagement ring and then got one of her friends to sell it to Brad cheap while pressing him to do right by Brenda.

Brenda seemed so surprised when Brad went on one knee. She kept him in suspense and finally said "yes" but made it clear that she only said "yes" because she loved him so much. Brad was the honorable man and so he went to her father.

"Mr. Robinson?"
"Call me Brian… remember?"
"For my purpose today, calling you Mr. Robinson would be more appropriate."
"Really… sounds serious, Brad."
"Yes. I've come to ask for your daughter's hand in marriage. I'll soon be graduating and I'm ready to get married."
"Which one?"
Brad gasped. Then he looked flustered. He didn't expect this.
"Which one do you want to spend the rest of your life with? Brenda or Amy?"
"Amy??" he muttered under his breath, "The rest of my life???"
In his heart he discovered that he really wanted to say "Amy" and it saddened him much. Brad wondered why this hadn't occurred to him sooner.
"Brenda is my girlfriend." he finally said with resignation.
Mr. Robinson was deep in thought. He could see clearly that Amy was a much better match for Brad, and he had hoped that things would progress that way. Why hadn't Brenda tired of Brad and moved on to her next boyfriend? He was surprised.
"So. You think you can be a good husband to Brenda?"
"And that she will be a good wife for you?"
"And that you will be able to support her?"
"Well, maybe not as well as you have, but we'll do well."
"How well do you know her?"
"Quite well. You know we've been dating for four years."
"Well then… You must be a good man. You have my blessings… and the best of luck to both of you."

And so the wedding date was set one month after Brad's thesis defense was supposed to occur.


"Yes. Brenda."
"I need $50,000 for my wedding."
"Hmm. That's a lot. But I think we can afford $40,000."
"Can you give me the money?"
"No Dear. Just send me the bills when they come in… and don't go over $40,000."
"No Dear."

And so Brenda planned her wedding with her three best friends, Betty, Susan, and Rebecca. They were in total control and this is all they thought about for weeks. Brenda was going to have the best and most memorable wedding ever. The $40,000 budget limit was something they laughed about and would have fun breaking.

"I can't decide which of you three should be my maid of honor," Brenda lamented to her three best friends.
"Let's draw straws," suggested Betty.
"Let's let your future husband decide. That way none of us will feel slighted, and you give him some say in the wedding," Susan suggested.
"What's the good of that?" wondered Brenda. It never occurred to Brenda to ask Brad about anything. This was Brenda's wedding!
"Well don't you see? When he wants to invite some stupid friends, you can tell him he's already made his important contribution," explained Rebecca.
"Ha. Ha. You're so smart."

"Yes my dear."
"Which of my friends would you like to be my maid of honor."
"Hmm. You're asking me? All your friends are so great. Why are you asking me?"
"Because if I pick any of them, then the others will hate me. But you you choose, then they'll accept it."
"But then won't they hate me then?"
"Here they come…"
Enter Betty, Susan, and Rebecca.
"Hi y'all."
"Did you decide yet?" enquired Susan.
"No. Brad is still thinking."
"Come on Brad…." urged Betty.
All three are smiling at Brad and trying to look sexy.
"That's hard. You're all such good friends, and I want you all equally."
The girls all snicker hysterically.
"Well… maybe you can only have the one you pick," teased Susan.
"Yea… Pick me and then you can have me," offered Rebecca as she discretely showed him a pert nipple.
"Make your choice and knees will part," teased Betty.
"None of that talk, girls. He's all mine," insisted Brenda.
"I can't have any of you hating me," continued Brad, pretending to not get the very obvious flirting, but look at Rebecca's nipple, he did.
"Oh. That's OK. We'll understand," assured Rebecca rubbing up against Brad.
"What about your sister? Isn't Amy going to be in the wedding party?" Brad was wondering.
"Yea. I should put her at the end."
"Oh. That's such a good idea Brenda. Amy will be the maid of honor and all you three will remain equals."
"I meant the FAR end."
"Oh. Too bad. That decision was final. And I really cannot choose from amongst these three most lovely bridesmaids."
"What dearest?"
"Come on Brenda. It's not so bad. I will make you look good including your skinny plain sister like that," Susan soothed.
"Unnhh." Brenda stomped her foot.
"And you can get her to do all of the unpleasant dirty work," offered Betty.
"Yea? OK. Amy will be the maid of honor," announced Brenda.

And so Amy was pleased and surprised to be asked to be the maid of honor. Of course she said "yes."
Brenda dumped one unpleasant task after another on Amy. Amy was not asked to provide any ideas or input, but she had to run endless errands and seemed to be in charge of managing many boxes of stuff, much of it ridiculous expensive wedding crap.
"Don't lose anything."
"I'll try not to."
"Are you bringing a date to the wedding?"
"I don't think so."
"Why don't you have a boyfriend?"
"I dunno. I did really love someone. When I get over that, I'll get a boyfriend."
"Never mind. It's not important."
Brenda smirked as she walked away.

Amy had hoped to spend her summer doing an interesting Caltech physics internship, like her best friend, Claire, from MIT had, but instead she was just her sister's unappreciated slave. She cried nearly every night.

The buildup to the wedding was most unpleasant for Brad. He was very busy writing his thesis and preparing for his thesis defense and he had no time to argue with Brenda. He gave her a list of his relatives and friends that he wanted to invite, and assumed that she would take care of things. Brenda and her friends took care of things, all right.
"Time to save Daddy some money."
They all laughed hysterically as they crossed off one name after another. About half of the names from his list were crossed off. Amy was off shopping for some small thing for Brenda and so she wasn't part of this ugly scene.

The wedding rehearsals were strained affairs. Brenda was in charge of everything, and her three bridesmaid friends were her enforcers. Amy was her slave. The men were all just pushed around like Ken dolls. Brenda just barked orders at them. It was ugly.
"Are you sure you want to marry her?" asked Roger, the best man whom Brad, at least, was allowed to select.
"Do I still have a choice?"

During a lull in the rehearsals, the three groomsmen tried to get to know the three pretty bridesmaids. All three groomsmen were inexperienced with American women, since all were foreign and none had exceptional looks. And on this particular day, none were dressed properly (according to Brenda). Kevin was tall and thin with an English accent. Helmut was a stocky Austrian. Sean was a small and wiry Scot. All three approached and six were together in what could have been a pleasant moment.
"Hi. I'm Helmut."
"And I'm Kevin."
"And I'm Sean."
"What are you guys?" Susan replied in a not so nice manner.
"We're all grad students at Caltech… Brad's friends."
"Oh. Really?... I would have never guessed," relied Rebecca with a laugh.
"You three look very nice. Are you Brenda's friends?" Sean wanted to know more about them.
"OK... Look. This is never going to happen. Never. NOT EVER! Just keep your nerdy little dick and you nerdy little dick friends away from us!" That was Betty's nasty reply.
All three bridesmaids glared at the three young men. None had much experience with American social customs, and didn't know how to exit this scene gracefully, so they stood there frozen with hurt expressions on their faces.
"You heard her… Scram creeps!" That was Susan.
The young men were lost.
"Come on Betty.… They're even too stupid to even leave, so let's." That was Rebecca.
The three stomped off looking rather annoyed.
"What just happened?" Kevin asked the others.
"I think American beauty is only skin deep," relied Helmut.
"Someday… Someday…" Sean conjectured, pounding a fist into his other hand.


Amy got to the church very early dressed as the maid of honor. She looked very sweet in her elegant strapless dress. She had Brenda's Jeep loaded with boxes and other stuff. No one was there to help her. Helping with the grunt work was apparently not part of the planning of any of the other bridesmaids. Amy settled into the changing room where the bride would dress. After six trips to the Jeep, all that she had was in the room and the small room looked rather stuffed. There was an elegant long and large very high backed couch, and a 3'x6' table. There was a full length mirror on the side wall. Amy wished that the room was a bit larger and that there were more tables. Brenda had a lot more stuff than the usual bride.

Amy set about organizing things and getting the white dress and all of it's attachments ready. For lack of space she balanced a few boxes on the top of the couch. The couch was installed about three feet from the wall due to a raised floor grate behind, so those boxes really were balanced. Soon, Amy had the long white dress flowing in all its glory. Amy noticed some deep wrinkles and dirt on the side of the dress where she had stepped on it. She was sure her sister would get into a rant about it. Amy knew that these wrinkles were her fault, but Amy really should have had some help from someone. Amy tried to smooth them out, but it wasn't good enough.
"Maybe if I were to wear the dress for a while?" Amy asked herself.
Brenda was not expected for another two hours.
"I could fix it and take it off long before she gets here. She'd never know."
"And if I don't smooth these wrinkles out, she'll scream at me."

So Amy took off her maid of honor dress and stripped down to just her white lace panties. Amy had no bra since Brenda wanted the entire bridal party to be strapless and backless, with a single thin tie around the back holding everything up. Amy's A-cup chest made going strapless a little more challenging than for the bustier girls, but she didn't need a backless side-stick-on bra like the other bridesmaids were planning to wear. Brenda and all of Brenda's friends had much larger breasts. Amy then set out to put on the elegant bridal dress. She looped a shoelace into the zipper clasp so she could raise and lower the long zipper without becoming a contortionist.

And soon, Amy stood before the mirror looking like a blushing virginal bride… and virginal she was. She thought she looked just stunning. Surprisingly the fit was rather good. Apparently Brenda liked it rather tight around the chest to push out some of her tits for all to see. But this made the fit just perfect for Amy. Amy rotated one way and then the other imagining her own future wedding day.
Tears appeared in both of her eyes.


They say that a groom seeing his bride before her wedding brings bad luck, but Brad arrived at the church early and didn't hold to such superstitions. He was also a little nervous and horny and he wanted his cum oozing out of his bride as she walked down the aisle. He knew where she would be changing and thought to surprise her there before anyone else came. If Amy was there helping her, he would ask her to leave the room and act as a guard. He was almost there and he didn't plan on knocking.

Amy was in the room trying to get the bridal dress off. Brenda would soon be there and would not understand why Amy put the dress on. There would be a nasty scene.
"Damn it. Why won't it move?"
But poor Amy… The shoelace she looped onto the zipper had fallen off. She needed help in getting the difficult zipper down. It was stuck.
She started to panic a bit. She leaned onto the couch hoping that the dress would ride up so she could reach the zipper better. In her haste, she knocked the box holding the bridal veil down behind the couch.
"Oh damn."
Amy looked over the back of the couch. The box was on the grate. The couch back was so high that she could not reach it. So without further thought and with a distracted mind she leaned far over placing her belly on the top edge of the couch and reached for it.
"I got it! ...Uh. Oh."
She felt the entire couch starting to tip backwards. It continued to tip further.
"Unnnh. OOOF!"
The large high-back couch fell back a bit more and trapped Amy's torso between the back of the couch and the rear wall. She was stuck… totally stuck.
"Oh. Oh."
She pushed at the wall with her hands, but she couldn't get any purchase. She pushed at the floor… not enough. Her own weight plus the weight of the couch proved too much for her to deal with in this extraordinary position.

So there was Amy, head down behind the couch, and the bridal dress covered ass sticking up in the air, and her knees pressed into the couch's upper cushioning and her feet spread on the front lip of the couch's seat cushions. She was utterly helpless.

The door opened. Brad immediately saw the white bridal dress and the two long attractive legs protruding from it.
"Hi Brenda. It's me!"
"Brad? You… You shouldn't be in here!" stammered Amy. Her voice was muffled. Whatever differences there were between Brenda's voice and Amy's voice was totally obscured by her predicament.
"I know."
"You REALLY shouldn't be in here!" repeated Amy more loudly. She was far more worried about Brenda finding Brad there with her than she was about being found stuck and wearing Brenda's bridal dress.
"Ha. Ha. I know it's back luck to see your bride before the wedding, so you stay right there and don't get up… then I can't see you." Brad was still laughing.
"No. It's not… I'm not..."
Amy suddenly felt his hands on the dress covering her ass. The multiple layers on the dress made Amy's ass seem to be larger than she actually was… more like the size of Brenda's ass.
"NO! Brad. Don't!"
"Ha. Ha. You're stuck, aren't you?"
"Help me!"
"I've got your help right here… in my pants."
"No. No! You don't understand."
But Brad wasn't listening to the muffled sounds coming from behind the couch as he removed his pants. He thought she said something about Amy, but he didn't care if she was going to show up soon or not. He was soon lifting up all the folds of her dress and soon found those lacy white panties.
"No. Brad. I'm not… Ohhhh!!"
Brad pressed her panties at the cleft between her legs depriving her of coherent speech. He started to rub it.
"Ohhhh!… Stop! Brad!"
Brad disposed of his underwear and his most erect cock sprung free. He had never been larger.
"You can't do this!"
"I want my bride to have my cum oozing out of her when she's walking down the aisle," Brad announced.
Amy was stunned upon hearing this. His bride? His words burned into her memory.
She told him she was Amy… didn't she? Didn't he hear her? Her mind was ablaze.
Brad pulled down her panties and placed a finger in her slit. She was all wet and more wetness spurted out as he touched her.
"Horny today, aren't we."
"Don't rape me."
"Playing hard to get?"
"I like to please you."
Brad climbed up on the couch so his dick would be at the correct level. The couch immediately righted itself with Brad's added weight, but much to Amy's consternation his two hands were now holding her in place. One of Brad's hands was holding both of her wrists firmly behind her back. His other hand reached and grabbed for a long piece of cloth and Brad quickly secured Amy's wrists behind her back.
"Don't tie me up!"
She wasn't in a position to fight him off, and soon she was even more helpless. He grabbed her hips under the bridal dress.
"Let me go!"
"Yea. Let's go."
Brad lined up his cock and placed it between her outer pussy lips to wet the tip well.
"Unnnh. No. Unnnh!! NO!!"
"You'll love it."
"Wait…. Brad! I'm not Bren... UNNHHH!!"
Brad slammed his thick erection into her, tearing her tender membrane without further ceremony.
"Waaaaa!! Ow! It hurts! You're hurting me, Brad! It hurts!"
"Huh?" Brad was confused.
Amy took measure of the moment she lost her virginity. It was supposed to be a pleasant memorable moment. This was anything but pleasant, but at least it was with her first love, the man she loved more than she loved herself. She would remember this moment, but that didn't stop her from yelling.
"Take it out!"
Brad took out his dick and looked at the blood on it.
"What did I just do?"

Brad stepped back in shock. Amy's torso was suddenly free and she pulled herself up a bit and looked back towards him. Brad looked upon the cute face of Amy with tears in her eyes.
"Oh my!" Brad whispered to himself as his mouth dropped open.
But Amy could also see Brenda and her three friends staring at the both of them through the open doorway also with open mouths.

-------------------------- End Part 1 ----------------------------

Part 2 -- The Brawl

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