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Anora is stealing from a billionaire and has scematics for an underground Labyrinth of his. What she doesn't know is what lies within.
Anora, an egyptian born jewel thief, scowered her surroundings. She did all of her research on the mansion she was hitting that night. 
The billionaire was in the middle east. He was a greedy and bulky man who honestly wouldn't notice if a golden necklace went missing, one encrusted with jewels, rubys, diamonds, and her favorite, sapphires. Wearing a skin tight, black, latex suit. She had a master escape plan, however, if an alarm sounded she had another. A dirtier, more complex one, but another non the less.
Her latex suit was snug but fit comfortably. It squeezed her tits quite a bit, but that just made them pop more, the necklace was tucked saftly between them. She wore a belt and a pair of black high heel boots and matching gloves.
She kept to the shadows keeping all exits open. A sound suddenly blared.
"Dammit!" she cursed under her breath, as the alarm blared.
Plan B.
This billionaire was notorious for his giant labyrinth. A massive maze, made for a human to run through. She however had learned that all the enemies of this billionaire would go into the labyrinth and then disappear. 
But of course police never cared, after all, he owned them.
She had found original plans for the giant maze from the billionaires room. She remembered the route perfectly.
She closed her eyes, hiding in the shadows. She pulled her Iphone, having snapped a picture of it. There was a note on the back, she figured she should have taken a picture of it too. 
"Put on the pheromones to make sure you stay safe."
She didn't know what it meant but she would have to figure it out when she got there.
She snuck down the hallway as men armed with assault rifles ran down different halls.
A couple stopped near her postion.
"Do you think we should check the labyrinth?" one asked in Arabic,
"Are you kidding? If this intruder is dumb enough to go in, he won't get out alive. Have you seen the beast inside?" the other one asked,
He admittedly shook his head.
"Good, I have seen this thing eat people with my own two eyes. You don't want to see it." he warned as they took off down the halls.
She wondered what they were talking about, a wolf maybe? A wild cat? She wondered placing a finger over her full plump deep brown lips. 
She shook the doubt from her mind as she made her way to the basement.

A massive steel door was infront of her. She laughed a little looking at the absurd size of the door.
She walked up to the door and placed a gentle hand on the chrome door handle. She turned it hearing a loud clicking noise. 

The creatures eyes popped open hearing a metallic click echo through the giant underground room.
It must be feeding time yet again.
The seven foot creature stood. His chest huge, rigid. With a head of a bull it huffed once as steam rushed from it's nose. It's jaws snapped once, it's huge teeth nashing. It's whole bottom covered in thick black fur, it's eyes a dull red that seemed as hard as marble. It's horns three feet long and more then a few inches thick. 
With a bulls legs it fell to all fours stretching it's arms, it's hands big and powerful. 
He smelled the air.
"Sweet... I smell something sweet." it said, it's voice more of a growl then anything.

Anora crept down the steel stair case, it didn't do much good however as ever step made a loud, echoing click in the room.
She made it to the bottom and with a gleeful strut she walked towards the labyrinth, one foot in front of the other at an angle. Her long silky black hair beautiful and shiny. Her almond shaped eyes and similar looking lips showing signs of victory.
She looked at the enterance seeing a few bottles sitting on a bench near the enterance. She opened one of the bottles and smelled something very musky. He coughed as she put it back down. She pulled a large Bowie knife from her back. 
"If it is a tiger or a wolf, I'll just kill it." she said looking at the bottle in disgust.
She started walking into the labyrinth.

The Minotaur took a deep whiff. Her smell was sweet. He only ever saw one women in his life. He was supposed to kill her like the rest of them. However he kept her for a while. She made him feel something. He would offer masterbate to the women. She would do nothing but scream. When he got tired of it he ate her, these humans were his only source of food after all.
He never did understand why he would have to masterbate whenever he thought of her.
What made women so different?
He took in another deep whiff.
She was in the labyrinth!
He roared in the air, his mouth having strands of thick saliva arc outward, going into a charge.

Anora nearly jumped out of her skin.
"That's not a cat." she said with a bit of fear. She looked back at her iPhone moving alot quicker.
One shapley leg in front of the other.
She took another right that led her into a dead end.
"What?" she exclaimed  looking at her iPhone and twisting it trying to figure out where she went wrong. That when she heard a loud noise fairly close. She turned around as the shadow of a monsterous beast approached. She put her back to the wall, slowly sliding to the ground. Her breaths quiet and shallow.
She saw it.
The creature could only be described with one word... Horror. She hid in the shadow, blending right in.
It sniffed the air. It suddenly looked at her roaring in the cool air.
It stepped toward her, a ploom of dust rising around it's black hoof.
It feasted upon her frame. 
She could see it's large dark brown dick begin to raise from it's fur just by staring at her as it approached closer.
The veins in it's muscle bound body popped.
She had only done what she was about to do one before. It worked like a charm back then. She appoached the creature. 
The Minotaur stood and stared as she crawled toward him. He ass in the air, so smooth looking. She got to her knees taking off her gloves. She slowly grabbed the thick member with her hands and slowly began to rub it back and forth. The creatures foot long dick pulsed and seemed like it was on fire. 
It breathed out obviously liking what she was doing.
Most women would have stopped, had been paralyzed, screamed bloody murder. But Anora was a survivor. She knew this monster was horney. This could be her one and only chance to survive. 
She took charge.
She wrapped her lips around the large head of the creature. Her tongue slithered out licking it all around.
The creature moaned as he felt the women begin to suck on his member. Her velvet soft mouth rocked back and forth. The breath being taken from it's lungs. 
Her head went forward feeling the hard rod in her mouth, she pressed further her head. She gagged once pulling back, salive covering her chin. She forced her head back onto its.
She pulled back out as she stood, she lifted it's hand and made it squeeze her large ample breasts, she used one of it's fingers on her cleavage. Slowly rubbing in a circular motion. 
Her breasts were so soft, it's cock burned like never before. He watched as she pulled down her strapless latex top. Revealing her large lucious tits, so firm, so ample. She slowly put the two melon over his large cock, slowly rubbing back and forth.
He roared at the feeling. It was so soft.  Her now wet tits felt like a dream. Everything so surreal.
The way she stared at him, a longing in her suducing eyes. She placed her mouth over the foot long dick sucking while going up and down, squeezing her tits together. 
She then stood up. She pulled down her suits pants. Her body was so shapley. She wore no undergarments of anykind. She rubbed her surprizingly soaking pussy. Her clit was swollen as her privates ached. She laid on her back.
"Stick it in right here." he said smoothly spreading her legs. The flexible women spread her legs wide, holding them by her toes.
The Minotaur went onto all fours as it approached her, eyeing her beautiful body greedily.
He placed his large cock on her pussy lips.
His cock was burning hot on her tender lips. But she went almost crazy when his large hard cock pressed over her clit. The monster pressed it towards her. She gasped at the creatures size. Then went deeper and deeper. She moaned uncontrolably giving out a contorted "Ugnuh!" it penetrated her body. Her long legs wrapped partly around the massive beast as it heaved it's hips back and forth. 
Her tight pussy was indescribingly soft. It was nothing he had ever expericenced and he had to thrust over and over, madly. 
She felt it's steaming hot breath on her ample chest. She felt his massive cock slamming her body, the veins in it's cock making the sex so much more enjoyable. She moaned loudly as an orgasm wash over her entire body. She felt it's hard chest. Rock solid. Her fingers ran all along it. One hand of the creature snapped over grasping one of her ample breasts. She screamed as another earth shattering orgasm rocked her.
This was better then any thing she had ever expericenced as well. Better then any vibrator she had ever tried.
The monster rocked fiercly as it's breaths got louder.
It roared in the air as it came inside her tender pussy.
He cried out too with a ear peircing scream feeling the hot jizz filled her pussy.
It pulled out of her as she laid there for a moment twitching. She slowly stood up dizzy from the experience.
The monster fell back breathing deep.
She started to walk away when it's loud booming growl of a voice croaked up.
"Where are you going?" it asked evilly.
"I have to leave." she said quietly, not wanting to anger the beast.
"I can't let you leave, I won't have any thing to play with." it said, it's eyes narrowing,
"Then come with me, leave, out of this guys reach."
"Why?" it snarled,
"This guy wants me dead. You don't want to kill me... Do you?" she asked a bit uncertain.
"No, why does he want to kill you?"
"I stole a large piece of money from him." she said straight up.
It roared giving a loud hardy laugh, "And where do you see me in this world?"
"I have alot of enemies, you could be my bodyguard, it wouldn't be much different then this, and plus you get to fuck me." she tried to persuade.
It breathed deeply have no attachment to the billionaire. He treated him like shit anyway.
"Agreed." it said with a vicious smile, 
She smiled back, "If you ever want someone other then me, I can arange that too." she said as it walked past her,
"I'll show you out." it said as the large steel door opened from afar.
"Put on the pheromones, let's get in there and see if she's still here."
They both heard a voice say,

They got outside to see a land filled with sand. It breathed the fresh air.
"I am in a brave new world, this world will know my name, Auterious." it cried as Anora pulled the necklace from her breasts. I have a truck near by, I'll hide you in back and at security... Well if they find you I'm sure you can handle it." she said with a confident grin.

To my fans, I am wondering which of these three you would like to read about next,
1: Slender Man
2: Killer Santa
3: Zombie(s)
please PM me or put your vote in the comments. Thank you. :)

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