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I started with the first thing… I gathered up all the dirty clothes, and there was a lot of them Two enormous piles, I sorted them as best I could and managed to get a pretty good idea of what size each of the girls wore and of course Becky’s. Once I had come to the conclusion that her washer apparently hadn’t worked since well for a long time anyway judging by the composting clothes in it. I walked down to the communal laundry and started two loads and went back into the house and worked on cleaning the kitchen. I managed to get all the dishes some of which almost made me gag, clean. Cleaning up the trash and encrusted residue took me into the second load of laundry. Taking out the trash wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but it was still pretty bad. I got the Bathroom cleaned and I discovered that the girls all slept in the same bed… the sheet were brown and didn’t smell exactly clean, a little bleach and another load of laundry and they were white as could be. I chuckled as I made the bed and I came to the conclusion that Becky slept mostly on the couch. A one bedroom apartment and three kids and her, I really sorta kind of felt bad for her but I mean what could I do aside from putting her up in a better place and I wasn’t about to do that.

She hadn’t even put out and she seemed to be more than a little hesitant about performing sexual acts on me. Perhaps it was the girls but they seemed to be, well intensely curious to say the least. I mean why would I be a sugar daddy to a woman who… well wasn’t giving up the goods. I shrugged off the train of thought, as I finished cleaning the house, why was it exactly that I was cleaning the apartment, perhaps for that same said sex that was so terribly alluring. I looked at my watch and realized it was time for me to get the girls.

Locking the door I climbed into the car and drove to their respective schools, Tracy and Kelly first, and then to Rebecca’s they didn’t hesitate to get in the car with me. I drove them to my house. Because seriously there was nothing to do at their apartment and I had a pool and cable.

“Is this where you live Mr. Robbie?” Tracy asked as I pulled into the two car garage that housed various worktables.

“Yes Tracy, this is where I live.”

I let them in through the garage, “Wow Mr. Robbie this place is huge!” Kelly exclaimed.

“Oh My god” Rebecca squealed, “You have a pool too!”

“I do” I responded, “Now come in the dining room and I expect you all to do your homework.”

“But there is so much to see and we want to look at stuff and well you know?” Kelly protested.

“Well then you should finish your homework really fast then shouldn’t you?”

“Awe” they chorused.

“If you all do your homework with no mistakes then maybe I will take you shopping how about that?”


“Well work hard and get it done and I guess you will see then won’t you?”

“Okay” they all agreed.

I spent some time in the kitchen making some chicken salad sandwiches, and then cutting them into quarters, as well as pouring them some juice. I brought it in to them and they attacked it with a vengeance.

It wasn’t too long before Kelly declared herself finished. “Okay I said well let me see it?”

“You want to see it?”

“Of course I don’t want you to have done it wrong”



“Let me look at it again” she said sounding now unsure of herself.

I drank some iced tea as I watched them work diligently, finally they were all done, it was nearing six and I checked over their work, there were some minor errors but they had tried hard so I decided to indulge them. “Okay girls into the car again”

We drove a few miles to a local Wal-Mart, I let them run wild getting whatever they wanted in the way of clothes at first they got some basic things t-shirts and shorts, then they slowed down and it looked like they were whispering to eachother as they made other selections underwear, swim suits, skirts. I waited patiently for an hour till they had nearly filled the shopping cart. “Okay Girls time to get back”


“Come on” we made it through the line and I managed to get off fairly light as far as the payment, which is to say that I didn’t break a thousand dollars. I piled their loot into the car and they piled in chattering happily between each other. My cell phone rang. “Hello?”

“Hey what the hell did you do to my apartment?”

“We call it cleaning Becky,” the girls giggled.

“I don’t think I have ever seen it this clean”

I chuckled “Well there you go”

“Are the girls with you?”


“Well I’m home now you can bring them over.”

“Will do”

It was another twenty-minute drive before the girls piled out of the car and scrambled up the steps bags of loot in hand. I followed them up and Becky looked at me “What the hell did you do?”

“I told them to do their homework, and as a reward I took them shopping”

“God Robbie what the hell did you do?”

“I thought I was being encouraging.”



“I can’t pay you back for all… all of this.”

“Did I ask you to pay me back?”

“No but I’m sure that you expect something.”

“Well… how about another date?”

“Yeah!” the girls yelled.

“We love you Mr. Robbie!” they all piled on me in a great hugging crush.

“I love you girls too” I smiled and looked up at Becky who was frowning.

“Oh… Okay, This weekend.” She said as if I was asking her for her kidney. “I have to tell you something though when you pick me up Friday.”

“Okay I’ll see you Friday.”

I went home and rested did a little bit of dabbling on the computer and mostly just fucked around till I went to bed. I went to a clothing store the next day and bought Becky a dress. I wondered if it was too much, but ignored the thought and went ahead and got her some very nice four inch pumps, as well as stockings and a garter belt and some very nice but fairly sensible bra and panties set from Victoria’s secret. I went over to her house Thursday night and knocked on the door, leaving the package on the doorstep and hurrying away.

My phone of course rang ten minutes later. “Hello?”

“You fucker?”
“What did I do now?”

“You expect me to wear this?”


“You bought me underwear?”

“Why not?”

“Dammit Robbie I’m so pissed at you?”

“What did I do?”

“Why are you so good to me and my girls?”

“I told you I like you and I have always liked you and your girls are wonderful.”

“God-Dammit Robbie why do you make this so hard”

“I don’t know, seems to me that you’re making it hard.”

“Okay Robbie, come and get me tomorrow at six.”

“I’ll be there.”

“I hate you”

“Thanks I think”

Friday night couldn’t come soon enough and I walked up to the door dressed in slacks and a polo. I knocked, the door flew open Tracy squealed “Mr. Robbie”

“Hi Tracy”

“Come in Mommy isn’t ready yet”

I smiled “That’s okay I’ll wait”

“You can wait inside…”

I followed her inside and shut the door. The girls immediately cornered me and nearly smothered me in hugs and little kisses. “Okay girls”

“You’re the best Mr. Robbie” Kelly said.

“Are you in love with Mommy?” Tracy asked.

“Little early to tell,” Tracy.

“If you do are you going to marry her?” Rebecca asked.

“It isn’t out of the realm of possibilities.”

Becky stepped out of the bathroom, she frowned at the girls “Are you pestering Mr. Robbie?”

“No Mommy”

“Good, I’m ready.”

I took a minute to take in Becky, she wasn’t wearing the clothes I bought at least as far as I could tell she was wearing a half tank and short shorts and tennis shoes. “You girls be good” I said to them.

“We will be!” they chorused after us as we walked out to the car.

“Robbie you make this so damn hard” she said as I closed the door to the car.


“Look this is going to be hard so before we go any further…”

“What is it?”

“Okay this is going to sound stupid.”

“I’m listening”

“When my Mom was younger, like Tracy’s age she threw rocks at this old woman who… well she turned out to be a witch.”

“Um you mean like”

“No I mean a witch, anyway she cast a curse or a hex or some such”


“Let me finish please it’s too impossible to believe.”


“The curse was explained in a note that she got some time later, she would never find happiness nor would any of her children or her children’s children”


“The only way to break the curse, is for the first daughter to marry a man, who she doesn’t know, we think biblically. And she has to be impregnated by him before the next new moon, and he has to…”


“He has to have sex with all of the women in the family during the same said time”

I almost swerved off the road “What?”

“Don’t make me say it again”

“It can’t be true” I said with complete disbelief.

“I don’t know me and my sisters have never met a… well anyone like you, and mom has gone through more boyfriends than I can count.”

“How many…”

“I have Seven sisters… none of them are happy.”

“And what?”

“Look Robbie I know I’d be asking a lot of you to not only Marry me but have sex with my sisters and my mom… and my daughters.”

“Please tell me that your sisters don’t have any children.”

“No they don’t after I failed three times they have kind of steered away from men in general, and you can’t, she emoted quotation marks with her fingers “know them until after we get married”

“Turn here” she said. I pulled into a sleazy little dive bar.

We got out and walked inside “Jesus Becky thought you weren’t going to show up” a dark haired woman said from across the room.

Becky led me over to a table with three woman, the black haired girl and a blonde … might be peroxide enhanced I thought and a red head. “Robbie” this is Shauna, Candy and Danielle.

“Nice to meet you ladies” I said.

“You were right he is nice on the eyes” the Red head said.

“Does he really have a package like you said.” The Blonde asked.

“What’s going on” I asked.

“Um… well I was wondering… and well… okay… um I owe you big time Robbie… so my girlfriends are going with you tonight and you can fuck the shit out of them. Robbie… will you marry me?”

“I… I don’t know.”

“My friends will be willing to let you fuck them until the next new moon when you and I can get married… and then… well you will have plenty of fucking to do.”

“I um… would you sign a pre-nup”

“If you’ll agree to marry me I’ll sign it in blood”

“You really believe in this curse thing”

“Please” she breathed as she kissed me hard on the lips “You can fuck the shit out of my friends until the wedding day or whenever you say… if you want a longer engagement”

“Yeah” the girls chorused.

“I um… I need to think about this.”

“Well… please do.” Becky said

“In the mean time you can have any of us or all of us tonight” the dark haired girl said.

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this is not what i was expecting it was kinda disappointing maybe missing all the vividness of the english designed to keep a reader at the edge of their seats and not able to stop reading untill its over i am such a writer yet i write (fantasy) not sexual but mythical legend type trolls, excalibur, and spells of lightning bolts expelling into the light flesh of the unseen theif under the wood floors from which previously thought had been forgoten yet it sure ignites the story grabbing hold of a reader and not letting them go the entire script and then finally at its abrupt end waiting violently anxious for the next adventure, why u ask? because the author brought them inside the story smellt it tasted it backpeddaled away from it and bonded to it more that was to the characters which sang to their soul when they witnessed that which was it you see now i wil check in on the next one and hopefully i am amused surprise me

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"you fucker...what did i do now" funny as hell but um the end was well ... interesting make more but don't make him do her friends

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