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Hi! This is my first time writing such a story, so if there is any grammatical or spelling mistakes, please forgive me. Enjoy the story
This story takes place in a setting of around 1940s.

I was living with my dad in a small town in the outskirts. He worked as a carpenter and he was the pillar of the family of two. My mother had passed away while giving birth to me and I knew little about her. My dad always told me that she was a great woman and one day I would grow up to be like her.

Together with my dad we lived in a small humble cottage with a small river in our backyard. The house had two floors and a basement where my dad would do his carpentry and keep his small stash of liquor. As a girl, I did not get much of an education and also the fact that my dad could not afford it. Therefore, I stayed at home and helped my father with the household chores. During my free time, I would sit beside him and admire his works of art.

At the age of 19, a civil war broke out in my country. Life was harsh but we managed to scrape a living.

On a Sunday morning, I got woken up when I heard people screaming along the road we lived on. I looked out of the window and saw a company of soldier bashing down our neighbour’s front doors and raided their things. Quickly, I woke my dad up and told him about the situation. He calmed me down and said,” Ellen, it is going to be fine, I will talk to the soldiers.”

Suddenly, our bedroom door flung open and a soldier walked in and shot my dad in the head before my dad could say anything. The solider was a burly young man and he looked around his late 20s. On the sound of the gun shot, I squatted down and curled up into a ball with my arms around my legs and my head tucked in between my legs. I got scared and began to whimper and snivel.

He walked towards me and grabbed a fist full of my hair and jerked me up till I need to stand on the tips of my toes. My hands sprang up and grabbed his hand to relief the burning pain on scalp. I was now at eye level to him. I weeped and pleaded,“ Please don’t kill me... Please...” Crystals of tears continued to roll down my cheeks.

Using his other hand, he took his rifle and tossed it onto my bed. Instantaneously, using the same hand, he grabbed my wrist tightly together and held it behind my back. He took a step forwards and squeezed his body against mine. His nose ran down my neck and sucked profusely while he used his tongue to lick my neck. He then bit my neck lightly. It felt like a wild dog tasting its prey.

With his whole body around me, he pushed me against the wall and used the hand that was grabbing my hair to cover my mouth just when I was about to scream. He grind his hips against mine and crushed his chest against my breast through the thin layer of night gown. I felt a weird hotness building inside of me, I was so confused. What is happening to me, I thought.

I tried to struggle against him, but to no avail, I was still stuck. His body weight was crushing on my body, I was loosing more and more air with every breath. He twitched his head to look at me in the eye and spoke,“ You can struggle, you can shout, nobody will come to your rescue. You are all mine.” He end with a snigger, sending shivers down my spine.

He uncovered my mouth and twirled me around and bent me over the edge of my bed. My face was plunged into the fabric of my bed. One of his hands was still firmly pressing down my two wrist against my back while the other slid under my hips to lift my ass up in the air and he pushed my knees onto the edge of the bed and stood behind me.

I turned my head to the left and saw my dad lying motionlessly on the floor with blood streaming down from his forehead. I wanted to scream at the solider but I was too nervous to do so. I began to whimper and while I my eyes were closed, he unzipped his pants.

Using his free hand, he held the hem of my night pants and dragged it down to my knees. A cold breeze of icy winter air hit my bare legs. That caught me by surprise. I tilled my head backwards and saw just what he was going to do,“Stop! Please don’t do it.”

I shook my body left and right furiously, trying to break free. Those muscular arms of his kept me firmly pinned down on the bed. He jumped on the bed, clamping my knees together with his knees. His 7 inch penis was right behind me. He then gave me a tight slap on my right ass cheek. I shrieked on impact.

I stopped moving and laid still. Tears continue to trickle out of my eyes, blurring my vision. He spoke,“You have utterly no sense of discipline, let me teach you some.” In a swift motion, he tugged my panties down and jabbed his turgid dick into my pussy.

I never had sex before and I was still a virgin till then. Once it had entered, the sure size of it felt like it tore my pussy into two. The pain was excruciating, my pussy was as dry as a desert. The friction inside was so bare and it felt like sand paper rubbing against the inner wall of my pussy. The next blow came when his dick popped my cherry.

I was moaning in agony. The next thing I heard was,“Damn, she is still a virgin!” He continued to pump in and out of my tore pussy. At least the blood was helping in the lubrication. He forcefully ripped off the my panties and at that point in time I had lost all my energy to fight back. I laid there motionlessly taking the pounding and carried on crying softly.

After around what felt like an hour of persistent abuse, I felt a hot blast of fluid in my pussy, then another and another. He ram his dick all the way into my pussy, hitting my cervix. The pain was unbearable, I screamed at the top of my lungs. Without delay, my torn panties was forced into my mouth as a gag.

Once all cum was deposited, he withdrew he dick from my pussy and let go of my wrist. My whole body collapsed onto the bed without the support of the man who just raped me. I was so exhausted that I didn’t even flinch and I just closed my eyes, drifting off to subconsciousness.

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2012-08-19 21:42:15
Thank you for the positive comments! I will try and improve my work.

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2012-08-19 20:52:51
You should really proofread your work. It would make for a better read.

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Pretty good. I wanna see a sequel!

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Thisvwasva decency story. I would have liked more details, and for it to be a bit longer. Over all it was pretty good.

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