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Once u get dog cock u cant let go
The one week for which i had bull ( the hound) was over in a jiffy. It was perhaps the best week of my sex life. Never before had i been so thoroughly fucked and filled with cum. I was a little reluctant to let go and i cld see that bull too was unhappy. but i knew that there wld be time when he wld come back and when he did i wld become his fuckbitch then.
But for now i was left with no means to satisfy my cravings. I wld watch bestiality videos all night and finger myself thinking of my time with bull. Almost 1 month when i cld take it no longer i came accross a conversation in the park about one of the neighbours looking for a place where their dogs cld stay for a couple of days while they went out. I leapt at the opportuinity as i knew just wht dogs he was talking abt. he owned a big dan and a black labrador. both were magnificent animals. Muscular and lean and well exercised.
Finally after one month of waiting i had not one but 2 beasts to satisfy my various needs. He left them at my house in the evening before he left. I could barely hide my happiness while watching as the big dan and lab strolled down my front lawn and i rushed to open the door. The owner went about explaining me their schedule for over an hour while i was getting more and more impatient. I was patting them and slowly running my hands on their belly sometimes purposefully touching their sheaths. I cld feel the wetness and warmth growing between my legs. i desperately wanted some dog meat and cum inside me. Finally after the owner left i sprang up and rushed to the kitchen. If they were gonna please me the way i intended i had to keep them well fed.
I had to wait till their owner left saying his goodbyes to his dogs the next morning. I think he was pretty happy the way i treated his dogs. He din know that they were gonna have a LOT of fun with me. He did not know ofc that i intended to let them fuck me like a bitch. So it happened that that night after i returned home i was already dripping. As soon as i opened the door and walked in i cld hear them wagging their tails and juming around me with their tongues lolling out. It was time for their dinner.
I watched hungrily as they lapped up the food i placed in their dishes. All the while patting and caressing them and slowly moved my hands to their sheaths and started caressing them. They tensed. They liked me and they definitely loved the feel of me cupping their balls and caressing their cocks. Slowly but surely i could feel them swelling in my hand as i grapped them. The dan was surprisingly even bigger than bull. I marvelled at the size of his organ and smiled to myself. Before they could even finish their food i had already put a big blanked on the floor of my guest room. I had moved the bed when bull was over. I took off my clothes leaving only my bra and panties on.
After they finished their dinner i slowly called to them. I felt turned on when i saw them obediently walking into the room. The lab (jackie) sniffed at my crotch before walking into the room. And i cld feel his warm breath on my pussy lips and i felt a sudden pang of desire go through my body. There they sat on their bellies wagging their tails thinking it was time to sleep or play. But i smiled to them as i walked to them and sat between them. I was gonna have both of them. Finally after a month of anticipation i finally had it again. First i wld take the lab. he had a very shiny coat of short black fur. i took off my bra and slowly shoved my nipple in his face. He immediately took out his warm wet tongue and started licking it as he wld lick my hand. They instantly hardened. With one hand i drew the lab closer and with the other i held the dan by his collar and pulled him closer ahd started rubbing his sheath. He moaned and raised his front legs trying to hump my hand. the dan was heavy and muscular. I wondered if i cld handle him. But i was sure abt the lab.
I looked at the warm watery expectant eyes of the lab. he was now standing. eagerly lapping his tongue at my belly. I pulled his face closer to mine and put out my tongue. He eagerly licked it. I was getting turned on by this whole foreplay again. I had plenty of this with bull. The lab was already 6 inches out. I applied some vaseline on his cock as he tried to hump my hand. but i wldnt let him cum. not so fast. When i was finally ready i went on all fours and watched as the two dogs went in a frenzy and started licking my thighs and were licking at my pussy lips. I slowly pulled the lab closer and raised my hips " come on baby u wanna have some fun with me? u wanna stick that thick fat dick inside me? u love fucking bitches dont u i have seen u chase a few in the park." The lab whined as if in response and placed his front legs on my hip. his grip was surprisingly firm. He started humping and i cld feel him poking my ass. So i reached back and grabbed his cock and he immediately started thrusting. I directed it into my wet dripping fuckhole rubbing it on my pussy lips. But as soon as he cld feel the warmth he pushed forward and in a single thrust was almost directly inside me. I gasped as i took him all inside me. The pleasure was too intense. I grabbed the leg of my bed and let myself me taken. "ooooh yes. Give it to me baby give it to mommy u wanna breed me dont u u wld love to dump all that cum inside me and breed me like ur bitch." He was swelling inside me. Now almost three times the size he was before entering me. He was hitting my wall and i cld feel his knot trying to enter me. I cheered him on and finally with a wild thrust which almost made me pass of with pleasure his knot entered my fuckhole. He was still thrusting but i cld feel his speed reducing and i knew it was time for me to be filled up again. "ooh yes!!!!! fill me up!!!!" i crooned. He tensed for an instant and then i cld feel the dam burst as suddenly i felt him cum inside me. And what a load it was. IT din just fill up my pussy completely but it also oozed out of my already full pussy. And surely when he pulled out of me there was a huge flood of dog cum onto the blanket. He seemed eager to clean after himself as he started immediately licking my pussy in which he had so eagerly cummed in.

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2014-08-29 05:53:23
Yeah it would be better if it was longer and more like a story instead of a text message but overall it was pretty good.

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2012-08-27 14:54:33
What a great story. I would pay anything to see that show!!

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2012-08-20 07:11:00
I want to hear more. Hope you will continue.

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2012-08-19 23:33:21
make your story a lil longer but it a good story cont

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2012-08-19 21:27:10
Once u get dog cock u cant let go

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