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My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 7 – Hawaii Trip

Characters Introduced

Kiki, 18 Massage parlor worker, 4'8 Asian Black hair and eyes 34C
Kali, 20 Massage parlor worker, 5'0 Hawaiian Brown hair blue eyes 34D swan like neck
Mami, 22 Massage parlor owner, 4'10 Asian Black hair and eyes 34C

Jessica “Jess” Williams, 32, Mother of Hope, 5'6 Red hair Green eyes 36 D
Jenny Turner, 30, Mother of Charity, 5'2 Black Hair and eyes 36 C

Bill, 45 6'2 white guy with a 9” cock
Vivian, 37 5'8 wife, white Red hair Green eyes 36D
Laurie, 15 5'2 daughter, white Red hair Blue eyes 34C

Beth, 25 5'4 Blond hair Blue eyes 34D long neck

Joyce, 37 5'8 Blond hair Blue eyes 36D
Hillary, 26 State Farm Agent, 5'8 Brown hair and eyes 34B

College Girls in Hawaii

Sarah, 18 virgin 5'8 white Blonde Hazel 36c
Julie, 19 5'6 white Brown Brown 34D – Boyfriend on trip with her.
Janice, 20 6'2 white Blonde Blue 36DD – Boyfriend on trip with her small cock.
Heather, 21 5'3 white Brown Brown 32D
Mary, 18 virgin 5'2 white Blonde Blue 36 C – Boyfriend on trip with her small cock virgin
Carla, 19 white 5'7 Red Green 34C
Kaitlin, 17 virgin 5'1 white Red Green 36B
Marty, 20 white 5'9 white Blonde Blue 36C
Leslie, 18 virgin 5'0 white Red Green 34C – Boyfriend on trip with her
Laura, 19 virgin 5'1 white Blonde Blue 36C
Laurie, 18 White 6'1 Red Blue 34C

Ben's entourage arrives at the regional airport and the luggage is loaded into the plane and the girls are amazed at the plane. Becky tells them it is Ben's and take a tour there is a bedroom in the back and Becky tells the girls it is very comfortable. The get ready for take off. They should be in Dallas in about an hour and a shuttle will be there to take them to the airport hotel their flight is at 9 am the next morning. They check-in at the hotel and have a meal before turning in. The have a wake up call set for 5 am. They get to the airport with all their luggage and check in with the airline. It is on time and confirmed at the gate. They arrive at the gate and wait to be boarded. They have booked the whole first class and are called to board first. Ben is preceded by his eighteen women with Becky by his side. Everybody is looking at them. They are dressed to impress all of them, Ben is looking damper as usual. They board first class and Becky says to Ben “Did you see the looks we got?”. Ben “They are all jealous of you my pretty little angel!'. The plane takes off and they arrive in Maui 8 hours later. They are well rested and had a good time in first class. The flight attendants asked what brings them to Hawaii and Becky says she is marrying her best friend Ben.

They get their bags with the help of several bell hops the notice the driver with a sign with Ben Barnes Alabama on it. And they follow him to their Limousine and panel van for their luggage which Ben obviously had planned. They are off to the house Ben rented on a secluded area with a private beach and swimming pool. They have an appointment that evening with the minister that is to marry them after which they are going to a luau for dinner. They are having the time of their lives. Alex, Carly, Elfie, Cloe, Jill are taking photographs of everything Faith is manning the camcorder. They get back to the house. Becky informs everybody that the house rules apply in Hawaii also. They all strip and put there clothes away and come to the living room naked. Ben is there sitting on the couch with a camera of his own. He lines everybody up and takes a group picture, front and back. He tells them there is nothing finer in life than 18 naked beautiful women in a line. He inspects there pussies and armpits. Some need to tend to some business and come back. He tells the girls he is looking for some dessert, he looks at Peggy and she knows he wants some virgin pussy. She comes over to the couch and spreads her legs for Ben. “Lover, suck my pussy and make me cum for the first time in Hawaii”. He sucks her to a orgasm and then gives her a big one that she always loves. When she comes down from on high she looks around and tells them that was great with a smile. He has sex with Janie, Tiffani and Janet, telling them that Becky needs company during her pregnancy. Becky is next and tells Ben to fuck her in her ass like she likes it. They all watch as she takes it hard in her ass she comes five times. Telling everybody within hearing distance that she is cumming and that GOD I LOVE YOU BEN. When Ben finally cums he is wiped out. He sucks Reanna, Rachel, Faith's pussy and then Becky tells everybody to get a good night sleep. Tomorrow is the big day.

The next day Tiffani is outside with the decorators, arranging the flower and where the alter goes. Becky and the girls are inside getting ready. They are to be married at noon, and everything is going as planned. Tiffani has dinner planned and to be delivered at 5 by the catering company. She has everything in order. At noon, everybody is outside with the minister and he starts the ceremony they exchange their voes and when it is Ben's turn to say “LOVE, HONOR and CHARISH to death do you part” he looks at Becky and then repeats it to everyone in his family. The minister is a little baffled by this but they ladies all have tears in their eyes. And the exchange rings “With this ring I thee wed” and after the minister pronounces them “HUSBAND and WIFE!”. The ladies cheer and they pop the champagne and toast the couple. After they see the minister off, Ben goes to his bedroom and produces a bag. In it he has 17 wedding bands. He has the ladies stand in front of him. And one by one he says “With this ring I thee WED!” I love you and cherish all of you. Each girl has her own wedding ring and Ben kisses each one. He then tells them lets get naked a go for a swim, they all take off there clothes and go for a swim before heading inside before the caterer arrives with dinner feast. They all go in and takes showers and put on their robes. Ben is in one room with his wife and bed slaves. Reanna, Rachel are in another room, Crystal and her crew are in another, the girls from New York are in another, Janie and Janet are in another. They eat dinner of fresh seafood, lobster, shrimp, crab legs with all the trimmings. Ben says the next two days there is nothing planned, just time with each other and enjoying the surroundings. The girls want to go shopping one day. Ben says he has a day planned for the Polynesian cultural center. Pearl Harbor another day, ATV tour followed by a sunset cruise. The day after the Polynesian Cultural Center they are booked for Swimming with the dolphin. They are all excited about that. He goes to the living room and sits on the couch. Reanna comes up to him and kneels in front of him, “Master, I love my wedding band. I love you with all my heart” she moves Ben off the couch and puts his butt on the floor next to the couch. She starts sucking on BIG FELLA. Rachel comes up to him while her sister is deep throating BIG FELLA and tells him she loves him and straddles his face and he begins to eat her out. She cums and then Michelle takes her turn ridding Ben's mouth she tells him she loves him. One by one each girl has her pussy sucked by Ben. After Reanna makes Ben cum twice, Alex takes her place. He sucks all the girls off. He then tells everybody he is going to bed with his wife Becky and only Becky for tonight. They all agree, and give them a passionate kiss goodnight. Ben and Becky fuck to the wee hours of the morning. Becky has four screaming orgasms and Tiffani knocks on the door and asks if everything is OK. They tell her yes and go away. And Becky has two more orgasms before they fall asleep. The next morning Becky takes a shower and goes out to the kitchen and grabs some orange juice. She head back with a cup of coffee for Ben and she sees the bed slaves attending to their Master and lover. They are washing him with wet clothes and Carly starts to suck on BIG FELLA. Becky gets Ben his pills and give them to him. Ben tells her I think we should spend the day in the house and then go shopping tomorrow. She agrees, I think your other wives would like to have some BIG FELLA time. Becky sits and watches as one girl after another takes their turn with BIG FELLA, sucking it to completion, and then getting sucked by Ben. In between sucking girls he tells Becky that “This is the best honeymoon imaginable with all the pussy and oral sex” After he does each of the seventeen women he then has sex with Janie, Janet, Tiffani and Crystal. That night he has sex with his bed slaves. The next morning he calls the limousine and tells the driver that they want to go shopping. The driver says he will be there in an hour and knows an excellent place to go shopping in town.

Becky and the girls go shopping while Ben gets a massage at the Keliewiki Massage Parlor. They come back and get Ben who is really relaxed after getting a massage from Kiki and Kali. Becky asks if they do house calls and Kiki says they will for $100 plus $200 per hour. She gets a card and tells her that she will call and setup an appointment. They will be in town for two months. They go back to shopping and Becky has a surprise for Ben when they get home. They buy Hawaiian dresses and shirts. Ben and Becky get a couple matching outfits. They go out to dinner at a local steakhouse and then head back to the house. At home they strip and Becky produces Ben's gift.

Becky “Master, the lady at the swimwear store called this a banana hammock”. She puts in on Ben. It is a snug fit. Becky has to position BIG FELLA so it will fit. You can plainly see Ben's large balls and huge sixteen inch cock. She has his cock pulled to the left over his hip. Ben take a look at himself in the mirror and says “I cannot wear this outside of the house I will be arrested for indecent exposure”. They all giggle. Becky “You cannot even see the skin of your cock, Master!”. “No but you can clearly see my cock and balls, Becky”. Ben replies.

Tiffani “I think that is the point, Master. We want to show BIG FELLA off when we are at the beach or out snorkeling or swimming with the dolphins”.

Ben “If I get arrested you are going to have to bail me out and explain this”.

Alex takes the banana hammock off of Ben she then sucks his cock. “Master, it is time to service your women. Time to make my sisters pregnant”.

Ben “Man's work is never done”. Yeah we are killing you. He makes love to Janet, Janie, Tiffani and Crystal as the other girls go swimming naked. The come back a couple hours later and they are still going at it. Janet and Janie are satisfied. Becky gets Ben his pills and he makes love to Tiffani while he eats Crystals pussy. When he is done pounding Tiffani cuming in her womb. He then begins on Crystal while Faith straddles his face. When he has cum in Crystal, he gets up and pushes his cock into Faith. “Master, Give me BIG FELLA, put it all into me. I want you to pump my womb full of semen” he pounds her like a jackhammer and when he is done they all go to bed. He kisses each of his ladies goodnight and goes to sleep with his bed slaves.

In bed he says he wants some virgin pussy to eat and Peggy gets on his face. He makes her come loudly and they all go to sleep. The next day they go to the Polynesian Cultural Center, they have a great time they all learn things and the girls get pictures of their assignment for school. They have a special meal at the center and head home after. They go swimming in the ocean when they get home. The all put on their suits and head to the beach. Ben has his camera and takes pictures of each in their bikini tops and thong bottoms. He reluctantly puts on his banana hammock and heads to the beach. He runs to the beach and the girls cheer as they see him in his suit. There are several girls walking down the beach and notice Ben and his girls. They seem to be in their late teens or early twenties. They say they are here with their college, Becky introduces them to her husband. They shake his hand and then notice his suit. They blush and Ben asks who wants to go to into the water. Some of his group follow him. Becky fields questions form the girls.

One girl ask “He is your husband?” “Yes” another girl asks “I noticed his suit, is that all him?” “Yep, all him”. Another girl asks the BIG question “Well how BIG is your husband” Becky responds “Ben is sixteen inches long and five and a half inches wide”. Another girl says “No way, that is way too big, no man is that big”. Becky “My husband is, we are here on our honeymoon we just got married”. They ask her to prove that he is sixteen inches long. OK. Becky waits until Ben gets out of the ocean and tells him to follow her. She takes Ben to the house with the eight college girls following her. They get into the house and she tells the girls to sit on the couch and Becky proceeds to take the banana hammock off of Ben. He whispers in her ear “You really want to show me off don't you” “Yes”. When BIG FELLA is unleashed the girls all have their mouths open and are astonished by the size of BIG FELLA. Becky says he is not even hard yet. And drops to her knees and starts to suck on him making him hard and showing him off. She then proceeds to deep throat BIG FELLA and makes Ben cum after 20 minutes. One of the girls say they want Ben to fuck them. Becky says no, nobody has sex with her man unless they have a HIV/STD certificate stating they are clean. A young girl maybe eighteen says I am a virgin and have never had sex. I would love for him to be my first. Ben says “Get a HIV/STD certificate at a clinic and then come back. Call first and he will put them on the schedule” Another girl says can we at least touch it and maybe kiss it. “Sure” each of them take their turns holding the huge cock and kissing his head. They leave telling Becky that they will get there certificates and will call her. He tells each girl if he fucks them in their pussy he will also want to fuck them in their asses. Some look scared at that. They ask Becky if she takes BIG FELLA up her ass. She says yes, hard and fast. The girls leave just as the family arrive. Back at the house.

Ben “That is why I do not want to wear that damn banana hammock. You guys are all the women I need. I am not looking to add anymore women to our family. I can barely keep you all happy like I want”.

“Master, We are all happy we do not mind sharing you as long as they are disease free. What do they say “Variety is the spice of life!”?”. Tiffani states. “Do we not all agree?”. They all nod. Lets get ready for dinner. They have a simple dinner that night and have the sex. First with the pregnancy group and then with Alex, Carly, Reanna, Hanna.

He takes the four girls into his bedroom and he sucks on Carly's pussy getting her nice and wet, he stops before she climaxes. He then gets up and takes his pills while Alex get BIG FELLA hard. He then pushes his cock into Carly's 13 year old pussy, she has learned how to use her vaginal muscles to her advantage. Ben pushes to the limit and she squeezes his cock and then releases it as he pulls out. She does this for 15 minutes until Ben climaxes hard. She then squeezes and milks his cock of every last drop. He is panting trying to catch his breathe as he lays next to her. “Carly, Baby that is the best sex we have ever had!, you are definitely getting good at this”. He kisses her passionately they are interrupted by Alex sucking his cock hard again. She tells him it is her turn with BIG FELLA. She turns Ben over on his back and then mounts him. She reaches back and grabs BIG FELLA and pushes herself down on him bucking and grinding. She likes this, being in control of the speed of the action. She grinds on him for 20 minutes until he asserts himself and flips her over and starts thumping her really hard, she is grunting and moaning while the three of them watch. Ben looks into her eyes and tells her he is going to enter her womb tonight. She smiles and tells him “Use my pussy as you see fit, Master, I love it however you make love to me, sweet and soft or hard and fast. Just keep working your slaves pussy. And while you are at it you need to tend to my ass also”. He smiles and pushes into her womb she screams and then climaxes hard and he starts pumping his seed into her womb. He then pulls out of her and turns her over and then mounts her ass, and while he is still hard as steel he pounds her ass. She is screaming and hollering now, “FUCK MY ASS, MASTER, FUCK IT!”. She continues to grunt and groan until he cums. He then collapses next to her. Hanna tells her it is her turn. Ben tells her to give him thirty minutes. Fifteen minutes later he feels his cock being sucked into somebody's throat, after a minute or two he knows who it is without even looking at her. “Reanna, you cannot even wait thirty minutes honey!”. She is good at what she does and gets him rock hard for Hanna to mount. Reanna gives him a little blue pill and he is ready for a couple of hours. Hanna is on all fours and looks over at her master, “Fuck me in whichever hole you want, I just want BIG FELLA” Ben starts out pounding into her ass, slow then really fast. He then switches to her pussy and jackhammers her pussy for 20 minutes and then goes back to her pussy. He does this for an hour until he cums in her ass. Tired but still erect he lays down on his back and Reanna takes him home. She rides and grinds on his cock for two hours before he starts to twitch she jumps off and swallows BIG FELLA in one stroke making BEN cum in her throat. Becky comes in and changes the soiled sheets kicking Reanna and Hanna out and telling Alex and Carly to go take a shower. She puts the sheets in the wash and changes the bed linens. “Thank God they gave us extra sheets, we have to clean these everyday!”. Becky states, upon returning she looks at an exhausted Ben and he says “Mistress work is never done”.

Becky says in response “You got that right, get your sweet ass in that bed”. She then spreads his legs puts his cock ring on him and deep throats BIG FELLA until he is hard. She then rides him and pushes him into her pussy until he hits her cervix. “NO further, Ben, I am pregnant with your namesake hopefully!”. She rides him for an hours and he moans and groans. She yells “I am getting my turn to ride BIG FELLA tonight, RIDE HIM HARD AND PUT HIM AWAY WET....” As he feels his balls constrict he realizes his true love has put his cock ring on. “Shit, are you trying to kill me” Ben declares, “NO, honey I am just not letting you get off that easy. You are going to have to work for it tonight. She fucks him for another hour before he puts her on her hands and knees and tells her. “I am taking control now MY LITTLE ANGEL”. He then fucks her ass like she likes it. After another hour he cums, and collapses next to her. Tiffani, Janet and the bed slaves are there watching the whole time. They start to clap and tell them “That is the best fucking I have seen in a long time”. Yes it was is the response. And Ben and Becky go to sleep in each others arms on the floor while the Bed slaves are going to sleep in the bed. The next morning Ben is awoken by Jill deep throating BIG FELLA and then Peggy telling him it is time for some virgin pussy. He sucks Peggy's pussy and gives her an orgasm that wakes everybody up from their slumber. The all run into the room and Ben says “NOW THAT IS HOW I LIKE TO BE WOKEN UP!!!”.

He goes for a swim in the pool while Crystal, Janie and Janet make breakfast for the crew. After breakfast and a swim in the ocean they all come back to the house and the tells them that next thing they have anything booked is two days away, an ATV Tour of the North Shore and a Sunset cruise.

They have sex for the next two days, which is everyone's favorite activity. First up every day is the pregnancy group. After that today is Sarah, Sam, Rebecca and Missy turn with BIG FELLA. He tells all the girls that they need to keep taking their birth control pills. He does not want 18 women pregnant at the same time. Before he realizes his math is off, Peggy says “So you are going to pop my cherry in Hawaii, Master?” Ben “No you are my little virgin morsel”. He says that as he moves over to her and sucks her virgin pussy, while he does that Peggy says “Master, really loves virgin pussy.”

He fucks each of the pregnancy group, Janet, Janie, Crystal and Tiffani while they are lined up on their hands and knees. Ben takes his pills without any little blue pills and mounts Tiffani first, he pumps her for a good forty five minutes before entering her womb and blowing his load. She immediately turns over and raises her legs not wanting any semen to run out, next is Janet and he fucks her hard for and hour and cums in her womb. She rolls over and raises her legs like Tiffani. Ben does the same to the other two only taking ninety minutes to climax into their wombs. After which he takes Sarah and Sam into his bedroom and after a quick nap he has fun, he sucks on Sarah's pussy while Sam sucks on BIG FELLA. While they are in the bedroom Tiffani calls the limousine service and asks them to come pick the other girls to go to the store. They go and buy supplies for a couple of weeks and several pregnancy tests. They get back to the house and here Rebecca screaming, crying and moaning then they hear Missy. They hear that all while they are unloading the limousine. When they are putting away the groceries they hear Rebecca scream “I AM CUMMMMMMING,I AM CUMMMMMMING,I AM CUMMMMMMING,I AM CUMMMMMMING”. Then they hear Missy say the same thing “I AM CUMMMMMMING,I AM CUMMMMMMING,I AM CUMMMMMMING,I AM CUMMMMMMING”. Becky goes to the room and she sees Ben pouring cum into each of the girls mouths. After he finishes he wobbles to the couch and before he can hit the couch Peggy cleans off his cock and balls with her mouth and tongue. She puts him on the couch and snuggles up to him. “I love you Master, we all love you” and she takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and gets him hard. She had already put the anal lube on her anus and mounts BIG FELLA and puts him in her ass. “Master, my ass will protect BIG FELLA from being molested by anymore of your slaves”. Ben relies “Thanks Baby, I think!”. She turns around when dinner is ready and feeds her master. After he is finished eating, Peggy tells him to take a little nap and she will wake him when dessert is ready.

She makes him cum two hours later in her ass and they take him to his bed. She then straddles his face and wakes him up “Master, lover your dessert is ready”. That night the girls take a pregnancy test and two are positive and two are not. After Peggy has her screaming orgasm the rest of the bed slaves come to bed and go to sleep. The next morning Ben wakes up with Peggy deep throating BIG FELLA and Ben tells Becky “Peggy is really getting good at deep throating BIG FELLA”. “Yes she is”, is her response. When he is hard Amber tells him it is her turn to have BIG FELLA into her pussy. They fuck for an hour before he enters her womb and then 15 minutes before he cums. He then goes takes a shower with Becky and his bed slaves one at a time washing each one by one. He goes to the dinning room and tells the girls BIG FELLA and the TWINS are sore. He is only going to have sex with the girls who are trying to get pregnant. All the women say they are trying to get pregnant.

Ben “That is not, I repeat NOT FUNNY.” smiling.

Janet tells Ben, “Master, you do not have to worry about me. The rabbit already bit the dust.”

Ben “Really, you took a pregnancy test and it was positive”. “Yes”. That is great news, lets go party I need to find a place where we can all go dancing. He gets up and kisses her and tells her that he loves her and hopes the child looks like her.

Janie “Well we can make this a double celebration because my test came back positive”.

Peggy “Master, your tongue still works right? It worked a couple of minutes ago”.

Ben tells the crew that after breakfast he is going for a walk with Becky alone on the beach and they will be back in a while. Ben and Becky leave for their walk on the beach. Ben tells her that he loves her and cannot wait to see their baby. She tells him that it will be nice to have somebody close to her share in her pregnancy. She kisses Ben and tells her that they all want to have his babies and that the girls are all taking their birth control pills. Becky asks Ben “Are you alright with all of this sex and the number of hours you are having sex?”, he replies “I can go a couple of days like this, but would rather have more passionate love making than this everyday. He loves it”. Becky wonders if the college girls will be back. Ben tells her that if they call he wants her to tell them that if they come over that they will be required to have sex with him in each of their holes, that he will make them deep throat BIG FELLA. He will cum in all their wombs. They are to come to the house without cell phones and must leave a note saying they are at a party at a friends house. They must agree to this before they come over. Becky asks is he planning on getting all these girls pregnant. That is not his plan but if it happens it happens, his plan is to give them a fucking they will never forget. She tells him some of the girls are here with their boyfriends and that they are around six to eight inches long. Ben tells her that they will be stretched out and be useless to their boyfriends for a while until they recover from BIG FELLA. She thinks they will become hooked on black cock. Ben hope they do not become hooked on his cock.

Becky “I am hooked on your big black cock, Ben. I am hooked on you. I love you and I want you to take me back to the house. I want to make out with you until we have to go to the club to dance”.

Ben “I need to find one that we can all dance in. Some of the girls look their age. I want to dance with each one of my ladies separately”.

They get back to the house and Becky asks the girls to look for a place where they all can go and dance. Ben and Becky go to the pool and start making out passionately. After a while, Jennifer and Alice come to the pool and ask them if they can join them. They do and swim up to Ben and kiss him on his lips. Alice tells him that she loves him and that she is happy to be his slave but is feeling a little neglected and then Jennifer kisses him and tells him that she loves him and wants BIG FELLA in her. He asks Becky to get his pills and two little blue pills, he gets out of the pool and takes the girls to a blanket on the ground. Jennifer sucks on BIG FELLA and Alice straddles his face until Becky comes back and gives him his pills. Ben tells Alice and Jennifer that he is going to sleep tonight in their bed.

That night Ben takes his girls to a dance club that underage people can get into. There is no alcohol served at the establishment. He dances with each one, at the end of the dance he kisses each one and tells her that he loves them.

The next morning they get ready for their next outing ATV tour of the North Shore and a Sunset Cruise. The ATV tour was fun for all the girls get a few nice shots for their school assignment and they have a leisurely afternoon lunch. On the tour they meet another couple and strike up a conversation with Ben and Becky. Becky tells the other couple that they just got married and that this is their honeymoon with their extended family. They talk and the couple notice how the family interacts with each other. And Becky tells them that they are all family and live together in Alabama with her husband Ben. The couple see that they are all women and that they all seem to be fond of Ben.

Ben tells them he takes care of his family and loves each one of them. Not wanting to get into specifics. They leave the excursion and get back into the limousine. Ben says that he loves each one of his ladies and even if it wasn't for the sex, which is terrific, he would still love and take care of them. They know this and that if the outside world does not accept their relationship as being genuine and loving than that is their problem. Crystal speaks up “Ben, you know my situation with my husband was not the best. I was working two jobs and not paying attention to my family. My husband at the time was an out of work loser would be child molester. He attempted to molest his own daughters. You came in and saved me, showed me compassion and love. You did not have to do this, you wanted to help me. Of course you had already taken my daughters virginity before that. She was infatuated with you, how gentle and kind you were to her. How every time you came into the restaurant you always took care of your ladies. You were always very loving and caring for each one of your ladies. This lifestyle my not suit everybody but it suits me and I am assuming it suits everybody that is here. You did not force us into anything we did not want or wished for. It was our choice and our choice alone. Ben, you have a good soul and go out of your way to help people that you barely know and I love you for your compassion and your honesty with me and my daughters. I just wish people could just appreciate our relationship and not judge us, but that might be too much to ask for!”.

Ben “I do love each and everyone of you. Of course, I love my Becky first and foremost she is my life partner. If in the future you ever decide you do not want to live like this with me and Becky I will understand and will accept your decision. This is purely voluntary on your part, I will love and take care of my family as I have stated before”.

They head to the sunset cruise. As they ride to their next event Becky gets a call from one of the college girls saying they have their certificates and want to party with Ben and her. Becky goes over the rules of no hair below the neck, no cell phones are to be brought, leave a message stating that they are going out and that they will be back in four days and that they are visiting a friend. They are required if they come over to take Ben in their vagina's, ass and down their throats. If they agree to those terms they can come over and party. They will send a limousine tomorrow morning to pick the girls up in the morning. And of course not men are allowed.

Becky tells Ben that the college girls are ready to come over tomorrow for a couple of days of fun and sex. Ben tells Becky that he has all the women he wants or needs. Becky tells him this can be fun for everybody. That the girls will enjoy themselves with the college girls. They go to the sunset cruise and it is the most beautiful site any of them have ever seen before. The sunsets over the sea with the island in the background.

The head back to the house and Becky tells everybody that the college girls will be over in the morning for Ben to fuck. She wants everybody to enjoy the girls in every way. She tells Ben that she wants the girls to remember BIG FELLA when the leave, she wants him to cum in their wombs each time he gets off. She wants every load to be in their wombs when he is fucking them in the ass. They agree to fucking each girl at least three times in each hole. Ben wants to do all the virgins first then go on to the experienced ones next.

The next morning comes around and he has only fucked Becky from the night before and has taken 20 supplements so his balls are churning. He is going to take supplements every three loads. The girls arrive and give Becky their certificates she then makes them strip and makes sure they do not have any phones. She tells them to look into the camera and tell them why they are here and that they are here on their own free will. The camera scans their body and then goes to the next girl. Ben takes the virgins and lines them up by height then does the same with the experienced girls. First up is Leslie sweet little Red haired virgin he spreads her legs and begins to eat her pussy. He sucks on her slit and then starts to run his tongue up and down licking her from her clit to her asshole. He the opens her lips and starts to delve into her with his tongue he hits her hymen with his tongue and she immediately starts to buck and quiver. He does this for a couple of minutes while Alex gets BIG FELLA hard.

Once BIG FELLA is hard Ben inserts the head into Leslie's pussy. She then starts to moan and breathe hard. The seven inch thick head pushes her over the edge, “Leslie, that is just the head of BIG FELLA, you are going to take it all before I am done” Ben declares and then pushes up to her hymen and then pulls back he does this about 10 times before the tells her this is going to hurt. With that he pushes eleven inches into her, ripping apart her hymen and stretching her pussy beyond what she believed she could take. Becky tells her to breathe and that it will be alright. Ben stops at her cervix pushing hard on it while she adjust to his girth and being stuffed to the bottom. Once she has adjusted Ben starts slow and then he picks up his speed, thrusting faster and faster into her. After about an hour he starts his assault on her cervix pushing his cock further into her and eventually opening up her cervix so that he can dump his load into her womb. The whole time the other girls are watching as she moans and grunts and climaxes six times while Ben gives her the fucking of a lifetime. After Ben is finished dumping his load he exits her much to her displeasure, Leslie tells him “No, I want more, fuck me again, I want it again”. Becky tells her that she will have it again. But it is Laura's turn to get the BIG FELLA experience, Ben starts sucking on Laura's pussy while Reanna gets him hard.

Becky inspects Leslie's pussy and sees no trace of semen in her pussy. She sucks on her pussy while Ben starts to mount little Laura. She knows what is coming and braces for it. Ben pushes BIG FELLA up to her hymen and she tells him to take it fast. He does and everybody watches as they can see BIG FELLA push into her. She has a really narrow hips. As he pushes you can see the head of his cock stretch her pussy and is pushing her mound and stomach out. She cried as her cherry was popped and started to breathe fast, Ben pushes all the way to her cervix and presses against it and waits for her to adjust. Becky tells him to look at her groin and watch it as he fucks her. She tells him you can see BIG FELLA going back and forth. While this is going on the other college girls are being sucked by and are sucking Ben's ladies. They are all getting off, Ben is starting to pump Laura and working hard to stretch her pussy. Ben whispers in Becky's ear “This is a keeper here, She can only be stretched but so far and she is clamping down on me!” “Ben, I am glad you are enjoying my present to you”. He fucks Laura hard and fast as he fucks her she is moaning and grunting. He starts fucking her like a jackhammer and she starts to scream he slows down and ask her is she is alright. “Yes, fucking keep doing that. I fucking loving it. Give me all of that beautiful cock of yours, GOD I FUCKING LOVE IT.... I'MMMMMMMM CUMMMMMMING FUCK ME HARD....”. Laura climaxes six times before Ben pushes through her cervix into her unsuspecting womb. He then begins to push in and out of her womb making her wince in pain in first then she started to enjoy it. He then bottoms out pushing all sixteen inches in her. She looks up at Ben, she is wet with perspiration, and ask him if he is all the way in her yet. He says yes and that she is about to feel his cum inside of her at that moment he pulls out all but the head of his cock from her womb and begins a torrent of cum. He lets out one long steam after another, he cums in her for ten minutes and then pops out of her cervix, he feels in close after he exits leaving he baby batter in her womb. He then strokes her pussy some more until he is fully erect again.

Laura like Leslie wants more, Ben kisses her and tells her later and that she was great. He then goes over to Kaitlin a seventeen year old virgin with the smallest little pussy. Her lips were perfect like a rosebud. He can't wait to suck on her pussy, he starts licking and sucking on her pussy lips and licks her clit and then starts to lick her from the top of her clit down to her anus. He then starts to spread her lips and sticks his tongue into her pussy. He is struggling to get his tongue in and thinks how is he going to get BIG FELLA into her. He finally strokes her hymen and she starts to squirm and moan. She climaxes and starts to squirt into his mouth. “Damn, we have a squirter here. A really tight squirter”. He motions to Becky and she comes over and he tells her that she is too tight for him to fuck. She tells him to try it and she spreads her lips and then lines up BIG FELLA. She tells Kaitlin that this is going to hurt, and to breathe. Ben pushes the head of BIG FELLA into her pussy and begins to grunt and then strokes her inch by inch until he finally reaches her hymen. He is sweating and it is rolling off of him, he yells “Damn this girl is extremely tight”. Becky tells him to push through and bottom out in her. He begins to push harder and harder. It takes him 20 minutes to reach her cervix and he falls beside Kaitlin. His cock is pulsating inside her vagina. Kaitlin is breathing hard and ask Ben if he is finished, his reply is just catching my breathe and waiting for you to adjust to his size. Needless to say when she starts to squeeze his cock he starts to get his second wind. The whispers in her ear “After I am done with you, white guys are not going to be any use to you”. He starts stroking her and she starts to scream and yell and he tells her it will get better and he continues and yells “Damn this girl is really fucking tight” He fucks her for a good hour before he finally gets her stretched out and then begins to pound her hard and fast. Kaitlin is really enjoying herself now. She yells at him “Don't you fucking stop pounding that pussy, this pussy is all for you. GOD BIG FELLA FEELS GREAT. Give it all to me, make this pussy yours. Push it all in, my pussy is where BIG FELLA belongs. She is matching his pace and tells him to drive it home. FUCK ME HARD BEN, FUCK ME HARD... PUT ME AWAY WET. He finally pushes through her cervix and drives home, she yells YES, FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM, USE THIS PUSSY AS YOUR RECEPTICAL. At that Ben cums hard in her womb, she tells him “Ben, you are going to fuck this pussy again and again. I want more of that cock of yours”.
Becky says “I think she is likes BIG FELLA!”. Kaitlin has climaxed over twelve times before Ben has finished with her. As he exits he pulls her into his arms and whispers in her ear “I want this pussy to be mine, I want you to become my slave. I am going to fuck you silly before you go back to college”. She says “Promises Promises, what is a slave”. “Ask Tiffani, I got work to do”. He starts to suck on her 36B breasts and kiss her neck as he lets BIG FELLA recuperate from the smallest tightest pussy he has ever had. Ben calls Tiffani over and tells her to take Kaitlin into the other room she has something to ask you.

Ben goes over to Mary and begins to suck on her pussy. Mary asks if Kaitlin was alright, Ben told her she is fine and had the tightest pussy he has ever had. Ben continues his assault on her virgin pussy finally entering her pussy and brushing up against her hymen. Becky gives him his pills and two little blue pills and takes it with water and then continues to suck on Mary's pussy and strokes her hymen with his tongue until he is hard again. BIG FELLA is rock hard. He tells her this is going to hurt and to breathe he pushes his cock all they way to her cervix in one motion. She yelps and then begins to adjust. He tells Becky that Mary is tight but not as tight as Kaitlin Thank God. He strokes her hard and fast, pounding the crap out of her he does this for about ten minutes before she catches her breathe and tells him to slow down. He does and says sorry he will go easier on her. He builds up his speed over the next 35 minutes before she tells him to go for it. He fucks her hard for over and hour before he pushes past her cervix and cums buckets into her womb. Mary has climaxed over fifteen times with five of them being major life shattering pulsating orgasms. As he exits her pussy with a loud audible popping sound he tells her that was great and thanks for the gift of her virginity. She lays there with him and tells him that she is glad to give it to someone that knows how to fuck. She tells him her boyfriend is not going to do it for her. He tells her that he is going to fuck her at least two more times in her pussy and then her ass. He will train her on how to deep throat a cock.

Ben is hard again and Sarah says it is her turn to get her cherry popped. He sucks on her just like the other girls making her cum, he swallows all of her cum and then pushes twelve inches into her hitting her cervix and starts pumping her slowly then faster until she tells him to fuck her hard. Finally pumping a huge load into her womb. He then looks over to Mary and notices her bulge in her stomach and then looks down and sees the same bulge in Laura and Leslie. He knows he is going to get these girls pregnant, at least some of them. As he exits Mary, he tells the rest of the girls that he needs a break and will be back to fuck the rest in a minute.

Ben and Becky then take a dip in the cool pool water and Ben tells Becky that he wants Kaitlin, Laura and Leslie. That he wants her to get to know them and get their cell numbers and tell them if they need anything when the get back to school to call him. Becky says “You really like their pussies?”. “Yes, I want you to get to know them and make sure you are comfortable with them, I will not do it unless you are on board with it. I at least want to fuck each one after the other girls go back to their hotel and I want you to set it up for me if you would”.

They go back into the house and see the college girls that have not been fucked by Ben getting and giving head to Ben's girls. He takes his pills plus two little blue pills. He is rock hard and starts to fuck Heather hard and deep sucking on her tits and pounding away in her. He fucks her hard for 40 minutes before he starts to jackhammer her for 30 minutes then he lifts her up and begins to fuck her while she grabs his neck. Heather is bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA for 30 minutes before Ben slams her down on the couch and pushes through her cervix and begins to cum inside of her womb. He cums in her womb for 15 minutes making her belly bulge larger than the other girls. He rubs it and then exits her pussy. He asks her “How was that Heather? Everything you expected?”. She replies to him “That was the deepest pounding I have ever had, thank you. I enjoyed it and would like to do it again if you can?”.

Ben then takes Julie, Carla, Marty, Laurie and Janice the same way hard and fast pounding each like a jackhammer climaxing in each of their wombs. He would fuck those girls two more times in their pussies and in their asses three times and down there throat twice before they left to go back to their hotel. He was tired after fucking all those girls so hard for so long. Ben slept for twenty four hours straight.

He fucked Julie so hard that when they got home he learned from Leslie that she had broken up with her boyfriend and was fucking three or four black football players. Carla, Laurie and Janice all got pregnant and had abortions in December.

Ben fucked the once virgin girls four times in each of their holes before they left. A couple days later Leslie called Becky and this is her story:

************************ Leslie's Story *****************************************

When Leslie came to Ben she had had a number of boyfriends, never going all the way only oral, going down on average to below average white boys. Only a couple of her boyfriends ever returned the favor and eat her pussy. When she fist saw BIG FELLA she was amazed at the size and girth of it, having only giving head to a six inch cock before she wondered if she could deep throat the enormous cock.

Ben was gentle with Leslie knowing she was a virgin. He kissed her on her lips gently and passionately and then works his way down to her breasts giving each nipple a suck a bite and twist with his fingers, he worked his way down her flat stomach licking his way down to her recently shaved pussy. Licking his lips he starts to suck on Leslie's pussy. Right away she knew he was better than any of her other boyfriends that went down on her. He made her climax without even entering her pussy with his tongue. When he sucked on her pussy lips and clit she climaxed again spraying her juice into his mouth. He then went to work inside her pussy, parting her lips with his fingers. He pushed his tongue deep into her brushing against her hymen and then back out. He did this for fifteen minutes until she came hard, Leslie knew she was having a mind altering orgasm. While still on an orgasmic high Ben pushed his cock in inch by inch until it pressed against her hymen and in one stroke he took her virginity. He then pushed in eleven inches into her virgin pussy inch by inch until he reaches her cervix. Leslie thinks she cannot be stretched any further, little does she realize this is just the beginning for her pussy stretching. Leslie can feel Ben's pulse as BIG FELLA throbs inside her pussy as she adjusts to his size. Later watching the other girls with more experience get fucked by Ben she realizes how careful he was with her. He pounded that crap out of the other girls from the get go. She knew she was lucky. He starts to stroke her pussy slow at first then hard and fast as Becky tells her to relax and breathe. He pounds her for a good forty five minutes before attempting to push through her cervix. He hit her cervix hard for the first time and Leslie lets out a whimper and then starts to cry as he pounds away at her cervix. Becky tells her that Ben is going to push all sixteen inches into her and cum into her womb. That she will get use to it by the time he is done with her. Finally after twenty minutes trying to get through her cervix he does and starts stroking and stretching her cervix and finally pulls out of her cervix and leaves only his massive head inside her womb and begins to cum inside of her womb. He cums for at least 10 minutes. He pops out of her womb and her cervix closes trapping his seed deep inside her waiting for an egg to fertilize.

She realizes she has been fucked by a person who knows how to please women. As Ben exits her pussy she tells him “Thank you for taking my cherry and making me a woman” and kisses him on his lips.
Ben fucks her two more times that night and when he is done with the last college girl he comes over and check on her. Leslie kisses him and then sucks on BIG FELLA, she tries to get the head to pop down her throat without any success. Ben reassures her that her time will come when she can successfully deep throat BIG FELLA, but now it is time to get fucked in the ass. Leslie is scared as Becky lubes her up and pushes lube into her anus and then lubes BIG FELLA. The more experienced girls tell her to go for it, they have had anal sex and loved it. Ben asks Becky to pull Leslie's ass cheeks apart, she does smiling at Leslie, Ben pushes the head of BIG FELLA into her ass and she starts to scream and cry, Ben then pushes and pushes until he gets twelve inches into her ass and stops. She is screaming and wincing in pain. Becky reassures her that she will be OK and to relax and breathe it will get better once she is relaxed and is stretched out. Ben fucks her ass for an hour before he exits her ass with a loud pop and then enters her pussy and pushes his cock until he presses into her womb and then deposits his load into her womb. By the time she returns to her hotel she has eight huge loads in her womb and she has successfully deep throated BIG FELLA twice. She has four loads in her stomach and little else. Her throat is sore but not like the more experienced girls who he face fucked five times each shoving all 16 inches deep into their throats.

Leslie like all the other girls go back to the hotel after their party with their belly swollen with huge amounts of semen, asses are sore for the repeated poundings and pussy is bright red and swollen. Leslie's throat is sore but not as sore as the other girls who took him five times and a whole lot rougher. She leaves for the hotel on wobbly knees barely able to walk all the girls enter their hotel late at night in the same shape they each go to their own rooms. Leslie was now a woman and knew she got fucked by a pro.

Boyfriend asks where she was for the past three days. She tells him she was at a party with her girlfriends and is tired and takes a shower and goes to sleep, he tries to snuggle with her and she tells him to leave her alone and that she is really tired and wants to sleep. The next afternoon she wakes up and takes a long bath. Her boyfriend tries to have sex with her, it is his first time and he thinks it is hers also. Leslie lets him and tells him to put on a rubber, he does and he mounts her and he begins fuck her. She cannot feel a thing, he is so tiny compared to BIG FELLA. He is finished before she knows it, it only took him 10 minutes and she is grateful. As he exits her pussy her boyfriend thinks he should see blood which he does not.

Leslie tells her boyfriend that she broke her hymen along time ago when she was riding a horse. She realizes that she will never find another cock like Ben's BIG FELLA. She then starts to cry and her boyfriend thinks he hurt her and tries to console her. She is crying because she thinks she will never have another opportunity to be loved by the master.

Leslie talks to Kaitlin later and she in tells her that she is getting picked up in the morning and is going back to Ben. She is going to fuck him as many times as he can. She tells her that she is in love with Ben and Becky. Leslie is astonished at this revelation and does not try to stop her. Leslie calls Becky and talks to her. Becky tells Leslie that Ben wants to see her in four days and that she will come by with the limousine to pick her up. She agrees and tells her about Kaitlin and Becky tells her that Kaitlin has decided to become part of the family.

Leslie is eagerly waiting to see Ben and family again. She is wondering about her friend Kaitlin and how she is doing. She knows she is probably getting her brains fucked in and wishes it was her. The morning the limousine arrives to pick her up, her boyfriend tells her that he does not want her to go and she tells him to “FUCK OFF” and calls him a limp dick loser. He reaches for her and she pushes him away telling him that his little cock is not going to work for her and to get lost. She sees the limousine pull up and runs out and gets in. She thinks it is Ben in the limousine when she is running. She gets in and sees it is Becky. Becky tells the driver to head to the house. Leslie asks about Kaitlin and Becky tells her she is having the time of her life. They drive back to the house talking about what Leslie wants to after college and if she wants a family. She tells her about her parents and wanting kids. Leslie says she might get pregnant with all of Ben's cum in her womb.

Becky then looks at Leslie's belly as she lifts her shirt. Becky tells Leslie that if she does become pregnant with Ben's baby that he will take care of things for her and will be supportive of any decision she makes. They arrive at the house and enter and Leslie hears Kaitlin moaning and grunting rhythmically. Becky leads Leslie into the bedroom after they disrobe and Leslie sees Ben grinding and pumping away in Kaitlin from behind. Becky tells Leslie that they have been fucking since Kaitlin has arrived and that Kaitlin will not let him alone for too long. They have fucked for fifteen times and that this is the last one for a while. They watch as the two lovers switch positions and Kaitlin rides BIG FELLA for a while and then they switch again and Ben is taking her from the side and pushing all sixteen inches into her and then erupts and sends the last load into her womb. They lay there and look up and Leslie and Becky and call them to bed.

Kaitlin kisses Leslie and Becky on the lips and tells them she is loving her time with her Master. Leslie notices her rather large bulge in her stomach. Kaitlin says her period is two days away and that she should get pregnant. She leans over and kisses Ben and tells him that she wants to give him a son, so that he can grow up mighty like him. She tells Ben that she loves him and wants to be with him forever. She is exhausted and cuddles next to Ben with her head on his chest.

Ben says he needs some rest but wants to speak with Leslie when he awakes in a couple of hours. He wants to know about her and her family. What she wants to do with her life and love.

Ben wakes and goes to Leslie after taking his pills and eating. He kisses her and asks if she is OK from the party. She tells him that she might be pregnant and will wait and see if she misses her next period. Ben tells her that he wants her and that he will take care of her. He tells her that Kaitlin has decided to be a part of his family. He will take care of Leslie also he tells her. He leads her to the pool where they make passionate love together. Ben tells Leslie that he intends on getting her pregnant and that he wants her to love him. She asks why you have all these women why pick her. He tells her that she is special and beautiful. She kisses him and tells him that she will think about it and ask can they just continue to have sex. Yes, my love is Ben's answer and they continue to make love in the pool. Some of Ben's slaves return from sunning on the beach and join them in the pool. They tell her about their family and about each other and where they came from and how they got to where they are now.

Each one tells Leslie that they love Ben and Becky, that they have all decided on this lifestyle and will accept her decision. She can join the family and live with them or Ben can just support her and her baby that will be growing in her belly. They leave Ben with Leslie and Becky comes and gets into the pool. Leslie tells them that she goes to Alabama and that her parents live in Michigan with her younger sister Laurie who is about to turn sixteen. Her father works as an engineer and her mother works in the school system as a teacher. She says they are loving family, normal middle class American family. She tells them that the group leaves in two weeks to go back to school.

They tell her to call them if she needs anything and to keep an eye on the other girls, especially Laura and Kaitlin. Leslie asks Ben if he intended to get all the girls pregnant and he says no, but he does not have sex with rubbers and that is why he has all the women get tested before he has sex with them. He family is very important to him. Leslie stays with them for two days having sex with Ben and his slaves every minute. She loves the sex and when she leaves with Kaitlin to go back to the hotel she tells Ben that she will keep in contact with them.

Leslie calls Ben in December and tells him that she is pregnant along with Kaitlin and Laura. Ben tells her that he will be down there the next day to pick her up and take her to the doctor's to get a check up. He asks her if she wants to keep the baby and raise it. She says she cannot do that and go to school at the same time. He says he will help her and take care of her. She is his baby momma and he will take care of everything. Her finals are over and she can leave. Ben drives down and picks her up and takes her back home. Leslie is reunited with everybody and they go to Antonio's for dinner.

Ben tells Leslie that tomorrow is the doctor's appointment and that he plans on taking her home to meet her parents with Becky. He tells her that he will support her and the baby for the rest of their lives whether or not she decides to love him back. That is her decision and he will abide by whatever she decides. They leave dinner and head back to Ben's house, they strip and go to the pool to soak in the hot tub.

Leslie “Ben will you make love to me? I still am not sure about being your slave but love the sex”. That is fine sweetheart is Ben's reply they dry off and head to his bedroom and make love as his bed slaves watch and after he cums in her pussy they all join in loving the two of them. Becky tells Leslie that we love each other and want to make each other happy. Leslie feels Becky's belly and feels Ben Jr. kick her hand.

Leslie “Becky do you know the sex of your baby?”

Becky “Yes it is a boy an his name is Ben Barnes Jr. I am due in February, I would love if you could come up and witness the birth”

Leslie “That is going to be a large crowd in the delivery room”.

Becky “Ben donated a large amount to the local hospital with one condition that they let his family in to witness the birth of his children”. They all go to sleep together intertwined together.

The next day they go to see Doctor Reynolds and he confirms the pregnancy and the due date is in July. He suggest vitamins for the expecting mother and Becky knows what kind and gets them for her. They leave doc with him congratulating Ben on becoming a father again. “What will this be Ben when all these ladies have their babies?” doc asks. Ben replies “Eleven with the two other girls at Alabama”.

Ben then takes Leslie back home to Michigan to introduce himself to the family. Ben drives to the regional airport and boards his private plane telling Leslie that it is his plane. They arrive in Michigan and Ben arranges for a limo to chauffeur them around town. He wants to see where Leslie grew up. She shows them her town and then they go home and meet her parents. Ben asks Leslie what is the nicest restaurant in the area and he makes reservations there for dinner at 8 for six people. He then goes to Leslie's childhood home. Leslie enters the home with Ben and Becky in tow. She calls for her mom and sister to come meet her boyfriend and girlfriend. They are confused as they enter the living room. Mom sees the large man and finds him handsome and black. She is not racist per say just not a lot of black people in her part of the country.

Leslie “Mom, Laurie I would like to introduce my boyfriend Ben Barnes and my girlfriend Becky Barnes, Ben Becky this is my mom Vivian”.
Ben “Vivian it is nice to meet you. I can see where Leslie gets her beauty from”.

Vivian blushes and thanks Ben for his compliment.

Vivian “Leslie you said this was your boyfriend and girlfriend is that correct?”

Leslie “Yes mom, I have sex with both of them sometimes together and sometimes not. I love them both and I might as well tell you I am pregnant with Ben's child and am going to have it and move to Ben's home town. I am due in July”.

Vivian still stunned trying to take in all the information “You are pregnant and obviously Becky is pregnant also. Where did you meet them Leslie?”.

Leslie “In Hawaii last October when they were on their honeymoon, we met on the beach and we had sex for a total of six days with Ben's family”.

Vivian “Ben's family, six days damn, on your honeymoon”.

Ben “Yes on my honeymoon, yes six days and my family consist of all women. 6 of them I got pregnant on that trip. I have made reservations for the six of us for dinner so that we can get to know each other. I plan on supporting my new lover, Leslie, She is going to stay in school get her degree and then if she wants to she can move into my mansion or live on her own with our child. I want her to be a part of my family but that is her choice. I plan on supporting her for the rest of her life whether she chooses our lifestyle or not. I am going to be paying for her college tuition and am going to buy her a house to live in at the University with her friends Laura and Kaitlin whom I met in Hawaii”.

Leslie “Kaitlin has decided to be part of his family, Laura is still deciding. They are both pregnant with Ben's children, when is dad coming home?”.

Just as she was saying that Bill walks in and ask “What is that limo doing out front?, Leslie sweetheart you are home, why didn't you call I would have picked you up at the airport?”.

Leslie “Dad, you couldn't I flew up her in my boyfriend's private plane with my girlfriend.”

Bill “Huh what?”

Vivian introduces Ben and Becky and tells Bill that Leslie has just introduced them as her lovers and that she is pregnant with Ben's baby. They all talk for a while, Ben tells him about himself and his family and that he is going to support Leslie. They go to dinner and continue to talk, Bill and Vivian have their reservations about the whole thing. They take Leslie home and say goodnight and Ben and Becky go to their hotel. In the middle of the night Becky hears a knock on the door and answers it.

Ben “Who could that be at the middle of the night.?”

Becky goes to the door in her robe and looks through the peephole and tells Ben it is Leslie with her mother. She lets them in and shows them to Ben.

Ben “Is everything OK Leslie sweetheart?”

Leslie “Yes, I was lonely in my bed alone. I am never alone when I am with your family”. “Mom, I don't always sleep with Ben and Becky. I don't always have sex with them either, I have sex with all the girls” Leslie strips and gets into bed with Ben.

Vivian “I still do not see the overwhelming attraction to Ben as oppose to another man that does not have a harem around him”.

Leslie looking at Ben and then Becky and they give her a nod and she throws off the covers and starts stroking BIG FELLA. Vivian takes a deep breathe and is staring at BIG FELLA.

Vivian “Leslie, your father is the only man I have ever made love to, he is not small about 9 1/2” long with a nice width. But that thing is fucking huge”. Still looking at BIG FELLA gets next to the bed to take a better look at it. She asks “What does that say on the top of Ben's cock, Leslie?” “BIG FELL!”. “That is appropriate”. Without even a hello or may I Vivian strips and gets between Ben's legs. “I need some of that Ben” and starts to take BIG FELLA into her mouth. She sucks on Ben for a while and then starts to take him down her swan like neck with a little effort to get his large head past her gullet. She is sucking him like a professional. She makes Ben cum in twenty minutes. “That was nice, I can see the attraction but want to feel it also if that is OK with you?”. Ben looks at Becky and Leslie they both agree and Vivian gets BIG FELLA hard again and straddles Ben. She is soaking wet from the blowjob and guides BIG FELLA into her pussy.

Vivian “Oh, GOD, I feel it stretching me out”. Vivian rides Ben for thirty minutes while the two girls suck on her tits which is another new experience for Vivian. She is loosing control and starts to cry as she climaxes for the first time. Ben then takes her and rolls her over and starts pounding her missionary style for an hour. Vivian says “Ben, you are a fucking GOD”. As she comes down from her fourth orgasm. Ben then puts Vivian in the doggie position and drives her home, putting all 16 inches inside of her. She has two more orgasms before Ben finally dumps his huge load into her womb.

Leslie tells her mom “Ben loves to cum into his ladies wombs, He did that to me fifteen times in Hawaii. That is probably why I got pregnant. Are you on the pill Mom?”

Vivian “No your dad had a vasectomy three years ago, no need, Leslie you have my permission to live and love Ben with one condition”.

Leslie “What is that mom?”.

Vivian “That Ben takes me as his fuck buddy, I want more of that. All he will give me”.

Leslie “What about Dad, Mom?”.

Vivian “Ben will you come over and fuck me tonight in front of Bill, I want to fuck both of you at the same time”.

Ben “Sure, why not, he hasn't been with anyone else, If he has we are all screwed”.

Vivian “He is clean and disease free, we have a regular sex life and he gets what he wants when he wants it. Leslie I want you to suck your father off for me if you would.”.

Leslie “OK, I guess”.
They stay like that till morning until Vivian's phone rings. “Hello, Bill yes I am OK. I am over at Ben's hotel talking to him about our daughter and his plans for her, yes I will, come home early. I have a surprise for you. I love you Bill”.

Ben whispers in Vivian's ear, “I want to fuck you again, in the ass this time?”.

Vivian “I want to fuck you to, I have never had anal before. Bill always wanted to try it”.

Ben “I will loosen you up for him!”.

Vivian “Yes you will with that huge fucking cock of your, OK let's do it. Be gentle”

Ben “Always, until it is time to pound”.

Ben gets Vivian lubed up and BIG FELLA, he then inserts an erect BIG FELLA into her ass. Leslie is lying next to her holding her down and bracing her for her first time.

Leslie “Breathe, It is going to her like hell until he loosens you up. Once that is done you will start to enjoy it. I love anal it is a whole different feeling having sex in the ass”.

Vivian screams in pain as Ben pushes past her anal ring. Becky is spreading her ass cheeks and Leslie gets a pillow for her to scream into.

Leslie “Keep stroking her lover she is going to get use to it”.

The girls look on as starts to pump Vivian's ass. He starts out slow putting thirteen inches in her and waiting and then pumps her stroking slowly and then starts to fuck her hard after she stops screaming and starts moaning. He pummels her ass for an hour and then pops in and out of her ass a couple of dozen times before bottoming out and cumming hard. Vivian is drenched with perspiration as is Ben. They have fucked for two hours, Becky calls room service as Vivian and Ben spoon each other. BIG FELLA is still lodged in her ass.

Vivian “Can we do that again after we eat, Ben? I liked it after it stop hurting like hell”.

They eat breakfast in Bed in each others arms. Ben takes his pills again and gets hard while he is still in her ass. Ben positions Vivian in the doggie position and gives her a really good reaming for three hours. Vivian climaxes twelve times. They take a shower together and Vivian washes BIG FELLA off and then dries Ben and BIG FELLA when they get out. They go to the bed and she sits on the side of the bed and starts to suck on BIG FELLA.

“Ben, you are an amazing lover. I still love my husband and that will not change. I want to fuck both of you at the same time. I want you to fuck my Leslie with Bill as I watch if you will do that?”. Vivian states as she continues to suck on Ben.

Ben replies “That sounds like fun, What do you think Leslie?'.

Leslie “He is my father, but I will do it if you want. I think I might enjoy the experience”.

Vivian swallows Ben's load “That is a great lunch, best I have had in a long time!”. She states with a smile. She leaves after getting dressed and kissing everybody goodbye. She pats Ben's groin and tells BIG FELL “I will see you later BIG BOY”.

Ben says to Becky “I really need to stop showing BIG FELLA off, at least she doesn't want to move in and take up residence on my cock”.

Leslie “Awww, poor boy, all this pussy around him and he feels sorry for himself.... wow is you”.

Leslie drops to her knees and sucks BIG FELLA deep throating him until he cums.

Leslie “I have to agree with my Mom, That is a great lunch, want a shot Becky?”.

Becky then takes Ben over to the bed and gives him a blowjob. “You are right, that is a great lunch”.

The girls giggle and tease Ben. “Yeah, I have it good. I have the love of my life who is willing to share me with beautiful sensuous women like Leslie here”.

“You say the sweetest things, Ben” Vivian replies.

Ben “Well you are going to love this, lets go shopping”.

“My favorite words other than lets make love”. Leslie replies and Becky agrees.

They shop at a Macy's and pick up a few things for Leslie and Becky. He goes to the jewelry store and picks out a necklace that Leslie says is way too expensive and puts it on her neck.

Ben “It looks perfect on you, and look they have matching earrings and bracelets”. He purchases them all and Leslie wears them out of the store. They then head into Victoria's Secret for some things for Leslie.

Ben “I want you to wear these tonight for your father.” when they get back to the limo. They head to Leslie's home, they are greeted by Vivian who is dressed in lingerie as she opens the door and lets them in.

She takes them to her bedroom, “Bill should be her in fifteen minutes let's get started” Vivian says and takes Ben's clothes off, and watches as the other two girls strip. She notices Becky's tattoos and also her daughter's sexy lingerie. “Leslie you father is going to have a heart attack when he see you in that”.

Vivian assumes her new favorite position, the doggie position, and Becky gives Ben his pills and two little blue ones, she then sucks him to get BIG FELLA hard. Ben starts to fuck Vivian much to her delight and is going to town when Bill shows up at the front door and says “Honey, I am home” Vivian calls down, after trying to catch her breathe and regain her wits “I am in the bedroom come up here”.

Bill enters the bedroom and sees his wife getting nailed by Ben as his daughter watches. He sees Ben's huge cock stretch his wife's pussy lips out. Ben picks up speed and slips out and reinserts his cock inside of Vivian.

“Vivian, what are you doing? I thought you loved me. How fucking big is that thing? How can you take that thing inside of you, it looks huge? You took that inside of you Leslie?”.
Vivian “To answer your questions, One Ben is fucking my brains in. Two, I love you dearly but could not pass up on getting fucked by Ben. Third he is sixteen inches long and 5 1/2” wide. Forth, It takes time to get use to it. He fucked me twice last night in my pussy and twice this morning in my ass, now get your fucking clothes off and give me your cock. I am going to suck you while Ben pounds my pussy. After he is done with my pussy. You are going to fuck my ass hard and fast”.

Leslie tells her father as he undresses “Yes dad, I took all that inside of me in every hole. And I love it, Becky was kind enough to share him with me”. She notices her dad's semi hard cock.

Leslie “Mom told me you were big.”, grabbing his cock, “I am going to fuck your brains in Bill after Mom is done with you fucking her ass”.

Bill “Young lady..”

Leslie interrupts him “Outside the bedroom, you are my father, in her you are going to be my lover and I am going to call you Bill, do you understand? I am going to fuck you while Ben pounds mom, Is that OK with you Vivian?”

Vivian tells her to go for it. Leslie drops to her knees and takes Bill's cock down her throat. She sucks on him until he is rock hard and puts him on the floor and mounts him grinding away Bill is in ecstasy, “Leslie you are amazing” “Wait until you enter my ass, Bill”

All poor Bill could say was “Ahhh, Ahhh” as Leslie was bouncing up and down on his pole. Bill climaxes 20 minutes in and Leslie feels his cock swell and gets off and sucks his load into her mouth and shows her father. She swallows it down and tells him “MMMM, Bill that was good”. She then gets on top of him and kisses him and tells him “Bill, I love you. You have a nice cock”. They watch as Ben continues to pound Vivian's pussy. Ben fucks while Bill recovers and goes over to Vivian's head and she tells him to get in front she wants to suck him off until Ben cums.

Vivian asks Becky to give Bill a little blue pill and she does. He is rock hard again even after cuming four times already. Vivian to Bill “Bill, honey fuck my ass like you always wanted to. Pound me hard and fast. Do not hold anything back”.

Bill does not have to be asked twice he moves around to her ass and starts fucking her hard and fast, she says “Pound me baby give me all you have, god I love anal sex”.

Bill “Ben, you apparently loosened her up to this right?”.

Ben “I fucked her and stretched her out for you this morning. She told me that you always wanted anal sex and she is more than willing to have anal with you now. You might need to talk to your doctor about getting a preion of the little blue pill. I have a feeling you are going to get laid a lot more than you use to”.

Vivian “You are damn right, he is going to get fucked every night all night if I have my way, you are going to fuck Leslie when you get a chance also”.

Bill “Oh, shit”.

Leslie “You are going to love it Bill, We are going to fuck you so hard you will not even look at other women”.

Bill “Oh, SHIT. I never fucked around on you Vivian you know I am faithful.”

Vivian “Bill baby, I am going to drain your balls every day”.

Bill “Oh, SHIT. Damn it Ben you made my wife into sex addicts”.

“I think you are going to enjoy your new life, You are definitely going to save money on entertainment costs from now on”. Ben tells Bill.

Bill fucks Vivian longer than he has ever had before. He comes after an hour of constant pounding. “Where is Laurie tonight?” Bill asks. “At work at the diner till 9”

Ben “I will go and pick her up and get some dinner for everybody” He leaves at 8 and goes to the dinner and watches Laurie as she works. He notices several men make passes at her and grab and grope her ass as she waits on them. He over hears five guys say they are going to take her when she leaves out the back of the diner. They get up and leave the diner after paying their check. Laurie is not the wiser. Ben cannot believe his ears. He sees the manager is not going to do anything about stopping them from groping Laurie. Laurie is frustrated by the whole seen and Ben comes up and tells her he is here to take her home. He orders the food for the family and she goes in the back to change and tells Ben that she will met him at the car. He pays for the food and puts it in the car and hears her scream.

Ben runs around back and sees the guys stripping Laurie and begins to intervene and they tell him to mind his own business. They call him some choice words and he kicks the shit out of them. He tells them to get the fuck out of there and he takes there wallets. He picks up a visibly shaken Laurie and carries her to Bill's car that he is driving. He puts her in the back and they drive back to the house.

“Laurie, I will fix those fuckers. Are you alright?”. Ben asks

Laurie “Just cold and a little shaken. I hate that fucking job, I need the money but I do not need the harassment, Joe just lets those guys grab and pinch all of us. Some of the girls have gone home with some of the guys and have made more money. That just makes them whores in my book. I do not want to lose my virginity that way”.

Ben “I want you to quit that job, I will give you an allowance that will triple whatever you made at that fucking diner. Concentrate on school”.

Laurie “Do you love my sister, Ben?”.

Ben “Very much so, she gave me her gift and I appreciate that and she is really nice and a real joy to be around, I hope she will be a part of my family”.

Laurie “I am going to quit, I appreciate your offer but I don't think I can take your money, Ben”.

Ben “You can and you will. I think it would be wonderful if you came down and lived with Leslie this summer after school. Be with her when she gives birth to my baby”.

Laurie “Do you think I am pretty?”
Ben “You are very attractive and pretty. Those men are pigs, they are going to get theirs. They were turned on by you but that is not your fault they attacked you and tried to rape you. I would never do that, I never force a woman to do anything she does not want to do. I love and respect women. All my women love me and I love them”.

Laurie “How many women do you have?”

Ben “Twenty three, Leslie's friend, Kaitlin, is my latest addition to my family having moved in right before we left to come meet your family. I love them all and as you will see when you visit they all love me”.

Laurie “How do you keep up with all these women and their desires?”

Ben “I am independently wealthy having inherited a ton of money from my adoptive parents, They set me up for life. Not just my life but the life of my whole family. I live in a 12 bedroom mansion now and am building a 75 bedroom mansion that will be ready at the end of next year, hopefully. I plan to have guest houses for my friends around my property. I have over a thousand acres and I own 8 condos that are full and two houses that are full of my women”.

They arrive back at the house and Ben carries Laurie into the house Vivian and the rest of the crew are still upstairs in the bedroom. Ben puts Laurie in her bed and then goes gets the food and sets in on the dinning room table. He gets Leslie and Becky and tells them to follow him.

The three of them enter Laurie's room and she tells them what happened at the diner and how Ben is her hero. Ben tells the three of them that he has their identification and he will fix them. They will never have a chance to rape another girl.

Becky tells Laurie and Leslie as Ben leaves “Ben takes care of the people he likes and especially the ones he loves. He took care of my aunt and her situation. You might of heard about the killing spree in and around Chicago a month ago. Ben did not do the killings himself, he hired people to find my aunt who was made to perform on sex acts for a porno site. He took care of everybody that had anything to do with her suffering. He will take care of those assholes. I told you Leslie and now I am telling you Laurie, I love Ben for more than just sex. The fucking sex is amazing, mind altering great. Ben makes me feel safe and wanted. He makes me feel special. All his women feel the same way. Right Leslie?”.

Leslie “I am not a member of his family yet, I will be shortly now, Yes Becky I have made up my mind, I love Ben and Becky. The rest of the family too. I was a little hesitant at first. But I feel all the same things Becky feels about Ben. I have only been with two men in my life. Ben was my first and Bill has just become my second man that I have had sex with?”

Laurie “Bill who?”.

Leslie “Dad, he has an amazing cock, not as nice as BIG FELLA but nice!”

Laurie “You had sex with Dad? Does Mom know?”.

Leslie “Yes and Yes, it was actually Mom's idea and she was in the room with us”.

Becky “Your mother was fucking my husband at the time and enjoying it from the sounds she was making. Bill an Vivian are fucking right now. Ben probably went in and told them what happened and that his is going to fix things with those bastards”.

“Let's go see them”, Laurie says.

They enter the master bedroom and they see Vivian getting spit roasted with Bill fucking her in the ass and Ben pushing BEN FELLA down Vivian's throat. Bill and Ben sees them come in and Bill says “Shit”.

Laurie “They told me about you guys and it is OK with me. Ben is my hero and if Mom can make him happy than it is fine with me. Bill you seem to fell comfortable with the situation”.

Bill “Yes, I am getting use to it. I have always wanted to fuck your mother in her ass”.

Vivian “Laurie, your father is doing a good job of it”. Laurie comes around and sees Ben's BIG FELLA and she pulls Ben off the bed and tells everybody goodnight.

Vivian asks “Where are you going with Ben?”.

“Vivian, you have had your time with Ben, I am going to go to bed with him and hopefully he will fuck my brains in and take my cherry. I might even let my hero take my anal cherry also” Laurie states.

“Becky get me my pills, 3 doses please!”. Ben says as he follows Laurie into her room.

Bill and Vivian finish up as they hear Laurie “Oww that hurt, one cherry gone. Go slow and let me get use to BIG FELLA”. The rest of them go downstairs and heat up there food. Halfway through the hear Laurie “OH GOD, I AM GOING TO CUM.... I AM CUMMMMMMING. I AM CUMMMMMMING, god BEN you are amazing” He fucks Laurie for three hours before he cums in her womb. All is quite in her room and Vivian knocks on the door and asks if everything is OK.

Laurie “Yes, go away, BIG FELLA is going to pound my pussy again. FUCK ME FUCK ME. GOD THIS IS GREAT”.

Laurie has 5 orgasms during this session of sex after having six the previous time. They fuck all night long. In the morning the house is woken up to “FUCK MY ASS MASTER, FUCK MY ASS. MAKE ME YOUR SLAVE. FUCK ME HARD. GOD I AM FUCKING CUMMMMMMING AGAIN, YOU ARE A MASTER BEN. GOD I LOVE THIS....” They have sex until noon.

Laurie and Ben then take a shower together. Laurie tries to make it downstairs and Ben finally just carries her.

Laurie “Mom and Dad, I have decided to become Ben's slave. I am going to move down after school lets out and move in with Leslie. He is my hero, my lover and my Master”.

Bill “I don't know you are mighty young, well not as young as Becky but young still the same”.

Ben “I will take care of your daughter's, Becky informs me that Leslie has decided to join the family also which I accept. I will love honor and cherish your daughter's Bill”.

Vivian “It is OK with me on one condition!”.

Ben interrupts her “That I continue to fuck your brains in also?”

Vivian “Yes, lets get dressed and go down and meet the rest of your family, Ben”.

Laurie “I want to suck and fuck Bill while Ben and me are separated is that OK with you Master?”.

Ben “Yes”

Bill “Don't I get a say in this!”.

Laurie “No, you are dad out here, but in the bedroom you are bill and you will service me until I move to Alabama at the very minimum” Laurie goes over and sucks on Bill's cock.

Ben “I am going to have my doctor give you a preion for the little blue pills and my supplements. I think you are going to need them. I also recommend you get an ice pack for your balls. They look they are going to be drained”.

Becky “I think Reanna would like Bill, maybe Alex also”.

Ben “Very good idea. Although Bill I got to warn you, Reanna will drain your balls and keep sucking you until you have no more fluids in you. She blew me and sucked down 30 loads one time. Another time I was in bed alone for once and asleep and she got under the covers and drained me dry again. She says it was only ten times but that was a lie”.

Bill “Oh, SHIT, I AM CUMMMMMMING”. Laurie swallows his whole load.

They all get dressed and packed Ben tells the family to meet them at the regional airport in an hour. Ben and Becky go back and pack up and check out an meet them at the airport they are ready to go and Ben leads Leslie's family to his plane. They are amazed at its size, Ben says “With my growing family and the trips I like to take I am probably going to have to get a bigger jet. One that has space for a couple hundred at the rate I am going growing my family”.

They get on board the baggage is loaded. Bill notices for the first time Leslie's new jewelry and looks at Ben “You really like to spoil your girls don't you Ben?”.

Becky “You have no idea, Bill”

Ben tells everybody to enjoy the flight and then takes Laurie and Leslie to the bedroom and has sex with both of them.

Bill “Damn, that man has some stamina!”. He feels his zipper being pulled down and sees Becky kneel before him. “Ben said I could have a taste of your cum, Bill”.

Becky deep throats Bill 9 ½ inch cock without any problems. She uses her throat muscles to milk him dry. And then starts to suck him hard again.

Becky “Vivian you want to ride this?”.
Vivian “Yes I do!”.

The three of them hear the girls in the bedroom scream in ecstasy and proclaim loudly they are CUMMMMMMING. They do that the whole trip to Alabama, Bill and Vivian open the door and watch there daughter's enjoy Ben's mouth and his BIG FELLA cock. Vivian tells Bill “That is one area that you can improve your skills?”

Bill “What is that?”.

Vivian “Eating pussy, Bill your are OK, but you need more practice, Becky do you want to instruct him on what he is doing right and wrong?”.

Becky “Sure, Vivian Glad to help. Get over here and suck on my pussy Bill and listen to what I have to say”.

Bill “Damn, I think I am going to like my new in-laws”.

Bill takes instructions well. Becky “You are going to need a lot of practice before you go home with Vivian and Laurie. I know just the girls to instruct you. Peggy likes to have her pussy eaten” Becky says with a smile.

They arrive back home in Alabama. Ben has climaxed twice one for each of his new slaves. Laurie and Leslie each came ten times. They dress and exits the plane and Becky informs Ben that Vivian thinks that Bill needs proper training in improving his oral skills. Ben tells him to watch him go down on Peggy when he gets home. He calls Crystal and tells her to get everybody back to the house he has new family members.

They get home and Ben is greeted by everybody, Becky tells the girls to strip this is house rules. Reanna comes up to Bill and tells him he might as well strip too. She sees he has some size to him and then leads him by his cock to the living room where the girls are all introducing themselves. Reanna puts him on the couch and looks at Master and he nods Yes to her. Reanna is on the job. She sucks Bill hard and deep throats his 9 ½ inch cock. She is very good at fellatio and Bill realizes who this is.

Bill “Ben, this must be Reanna. She has already made me cum twice and is not stopping”.

Ben “Yelling at Reanna, don't drain his balls yet. Just make him come, let's say ten times and get off of him”. She puts a thumbs up to Ben.

After Reanna is done with Bill and has swallowed the last bit of cum, Becky gives Bill two little blue pills and some of Ben's supplements. Becky “You are going to need this, it is time for Ben and Bill to spit roast Vivian, Leslie and then Laurie”. The three girls cheer. Bill and Ben are hard as rocks. Next you to are going to DP all three. The three girls cheer. They start and somewhere in the middle of pounding the crap out of Laurie, much to her pleasure. Sally and Paula arrive in uniform, Becky wanted to scare Bill a little and put them up to it.

Sally comes in and says “What to we have here, incest, child molestation? What do your think Paula?”

Paula “I think this white man is going to get 15 to 20 years in prison for this. That is what I think”.

Bill is Hymning and haling... “This is not what it looks like”.

Sally “It looks like you are fucking your daughter with a nice cock for a white man, Bill”.

Paula “It looks like Laurie is really enjoying herself to Bill!”.

Bill “You guys suck!, bad practical joke”.

They strip and say to Bill “No you suck, according to Mistress Becky you need practice sucking pussy before you head back home so suck on my pussy”.

Sally presents her pussy in front of Bill's mouth and he goes to town. After a while she cums in his mouth. Paula “I think he needs more practice” and she presents her pussy for his oral training.

Bill after getting Paula off “I really like my in-laws now”.

After they are done their double penetration duties of Bill's girls they all rest where they lay. Ben has his two new slaves and Bill has his wife. When they recover Ben tells Peggy he wants some virgin pussy to eat.

“Watch and learn buddy, she gets off on how I eat her pussy” Ben tells Bill.

“How old is Peggy, 10?”, Bill states

“No, she is 11 and will be 12 in a couple of months, I told her I would not even think about fucking her in her pussy until she was at least 13, I might not do it then. I love eating virgin pussy, just love it. You will find out soon!”.

Peggy comes over spreads her legs and Ben begins to suck on her pussy. She comes almost immediately, but Ben is just building up to the prime target her hymen. He starts to suck her pussy harder and then enters her pussy with his tongue stroking her hymen after about five strokes she goes wild screaming and hollering bucking her hips. Ben sucks her through the first orgasm and through two more drinking all her girl cum”

Peggy looks at Ben as he looks up and towards Bill and states “I JUST LOVE EATING VIRGIN PUSSY!!”.

Peggy “You want to try it Bill?”

He does not respond just buries his head between her legs and goes to town, he sucks the remaining girl cum out of her pussy and then starts to stroke her hymen and she starts to go wild after a few dozen strokes work her back up”.

Crystal says “Peggy is obviously up”. Everybody that is up is laughing. Peggy starts to cum and Bill is pleased and sucks her girl cum. They get up and eat breakfast, Ben goes into his den after breakfast and calls Liz. Telling her that he needs another house next to Crystal's in her development. She says she will look into and call him back.

Ben then goes to the pool area and takes his pills. He tells Vivian he is going to pound her ass in the hot tub and she jumps out of the pool and runs over to him. Bill is starting to fuck Laurie as Ben takes Vivian into the hot tub.

“Have you ever fucked in a hot tub before, Vivian?” Ben asks

“No lover, I have not!” Vivian replies as Ben pushes BIG FELLA into her ass. She moans and screams in pleasure. “GOD I LOVE FUCKING YOUR MASTER. GOD I LOVE FUCKING YOUR MASTER” to no one in particular.

Bill pounds Laurie to three orgasms as Ben gives Vivian five in her ass.

Vivian “I love you Ben, you make me feel so good”

Ben “I love you too, welcome to the family. I think Bill will enjoy himself when he is here. Look at him fuck his daughter. They are both enjoying the sex”

Leslie gets comes by and tells Ben “I want some time with BIG FELLA”. He gets out and he eats her pussy and then mounts her pounding her up to her cervix. “Do not go in there Master.” I won't is his reply. He gives Leslie three orgasms as Kaitlin comes into the house with her aunt.

“Welcome home Kaitlin, I love you sweetheart”. Ben says as he pounds Leslie. Kaitlin kisses Ben and Leslie and then Becky as she give Ben his pills.

Kaitlin tells her aunt that she loves Ben and everyone of his family. Leslie introduces Kaitlin to her sister and father who is pounding her. She tells Kaitlin that they have joined the family. Leslie tells Kaitlin that her Mom is Ben's new fuck buddy.

Kaitlin's aunt Beth just shakes her head “Ben, you just lay around and fuck all your women all day and all night”. “Yes, if I can help it” is his response as Leslie orgasms very hard.

Beth asks Bill how can he fuck his own daughter. Bill responds “Very easy she gets his cock hard and he sticks it in her. She wanted it more than I did and just went with it. Now I love it. I love her and my other daughter as well my wife Vivian. I have accepted this lifestyle Ben has offered me and my family. My daughters are now Ben's slaves and I accept their decision. My wife enjoys sex with Ben and I enjoy sex with all three of my girls, you should try Ben before you judge him”.

Beth “I might do that at some point, his dance card seems a bit full at the time”.

Becky looking at the naked Beth tells her that there is a rule in the house no hair below the neckline and she takes her to the master suite with Tiffani and Hanna. They shave her clean and then suck her pussy. Beth comes three times. When the come back Becky give Ben his pills and tells him Beth is now ready.

Ben “You look like you have just been eaten?”

Beth “Yes, now I guess you are going to fuck me”.

Ben “Only if you want me to”.

Ben gets out of Leslie after climaxing in her pussy. Becky cleans him off and gets him hard as Beth watches.

Beth “Holy shit that is a fucking huge cock”

Kaitlin “That is why Becky had BIG FELLA tattooed on the top of the shaft, Beth you can handle it. Ben fucked me 15 straight times in Hawaii”

Beth “Damn, he did not hurt you baby?”.

Kaitlin “Hell no, Ben would never hurt any of us, I love him and loved every hour of it. It took us three days to complete it. I was sore after but totally fucked. That is probably when I get pregnant, I love you Master”.

They kiss and he tells her he loves her too. Ben “So do you want BIG FELLA or not!”.

Beth “It has been so long, yes I want it”

Ben waste no time he pounds her and makes her climax in fifteen minutes. He continues to pound her for another four hours. Beth climaxed a total of twenty times. Out of breathe and worn out Beth proclaims “You are a fucking god, that was awesome”.

Liz arrives and strips and comes over to where Ben is lying down. Here are the listings you wanted, can I worship BIG FELLA while you look them over. He agrees and she gets down on her knees and takes a limp BIG FELLA into her mouth and sucks him until he is hard and then deep throats him. He looks at all three houses and says to Bill, Vivian, Leslie, Laurie, Becky, Kaitlin and Beth that they need to finish what they are doing and get cleaned up we are going out. Liz finishes her blowjob and kisses Ben telling him she loves him and he needs to get her pregnant.

Ben “Lets do that in the summer time. I have eleven pregnant women now. I have 7 or eight on the waiting list. I cannot have all you pregnant at the same time”. Viki comes in from work and says I better be on that list of pregnant ladies in waiting. Need some BIG FELLA tonight. She proclaims and introduces herself to Bill's crew and Beth who is recovering from a pounding.

Viki to Beth “You look like you just got your brains fucked in.”
Beth “You have no idea”.
Viki “Yes, I do and all of us do, He has fucked us senseless on a number of occasions. Who was it here that Ben fucked so hard they couldn't walk for a couple of days?” Half the girls lift their hands.

Elfie says “Let's go to Antonio's for dinner!”.

Ben “Call and make reservations, Elfie, tell Antonio I said hello”.

Elfie “I will if you fuck me tonight”.

Bill “Damn.”

They all get dressed and Ben takes them to see the houses. They like them all two had four bedrooms and two had five. Ben said to Liz. If they all pass inspection I will buy them all.
“Leslie you and Laurie make the first selection of which house you want” Ben says.

They do and pick a five bedroom house with a two car garage. The houses are all short sales and they can move in at anytime. Ben tells Kaitlin and Beth to pick one and Kaitlin picks one next to Leslie. They leave and go to the Toyota dealer and the manager literally runs up to Ben and shakes his hand.

Dealer “Welcome back, Mr. Barnes. What can I get for you?

Ben “I need cars for Beth and Kaitlin here. I need cars for Leslie, Laurie and Vivian over here. Ladies pick out what you like while I haggle with the dealer”

Leslie “This is too much”

Ben “Before you all get started, one it is not too much, when I get done with the dealer it won't be. Two, you all need cars to drive. Kaitlin and Leslie you need cars to go back and forth to school. Vivian you are going to need a car because I plan on you being down here next summer with your daughter when she has her baby and back at college looking after the children when they are at class or doing homework. Beth you need one to get around town. You have not become a part of my family yet but I am hedging my bets that you will. I need you to be here for your niece and not miles away. You ladies are all mine now. I take care of my own. Now go find a car you like, make sure it has enough room for passengers. They all look Leslie, Kaitlin pick the Prius V all in silver to match; Vivian picks the Sequoia in blue; Beth picks the Highlander Hybrid and Laurie picks the FJ Cruiser.

Dealer brings out the documents for Ben to sign and he knows the drill on the money from the banker. Ben calls his State Farm agent and gets the girls on his policy. Agent says “Damn, more slaves Master” Ben says come by and meet the family we will be at Antonio's Italian Restaurant at 8.

The process the cars and take them back home. Beth tells Ben she has a car already at his house. He says “Are you talking about that piece of shit sitting in front of my mansion? Give me the title that thing is going to the junk yard. You might be driving my family in your car. That thing is just waiting to break down. I cannot have my family in danger at any point if I can help it”

They enter the house and they all strip, Beth is a little hesitant but does. She sees BIG FELLA bounce in front of Ben and licks her lips. “Do I have time for another round with BIG FELLA BEN?” Beth asks. Sure. She starts to suck on BIG FELLA and tries to get it down her throat and is instructed by his slaves to Breathe thru your nose and swallow when the head hits the back of your mouth. She does and after a while it pushes down her throat. She suck him to completion and Elfie comes over and sucks him hard and then rides him.

Bill “Damn, Ben your life really sucks!”.

Ben “Yeah I know there are some benefits of being me?, Are we all ready to got to dinner, If so lets go.”

They all descend on Antonio's there are over thirty people in the party. Ben enters and Antonio greets everybody. He says hello to his former employees Faith, Hope and Charity and kisses his daughter. Ben explains that Elfie is Antonio's daughter to Bill and Aunt Beth. Bill says “Damn, he gave you his daughter and you eat at his restaurant”. “Something like that” Ben replies. Beth says to Bill “You just gave your daughter's to Ben, what is the difference?” “Nothing just always surprised at Ben?” Bill states. Laura arrives with her mother and Ben greets both of them and kisses Laura on her lips. Laura introduces her mother to Ben and Becky.

“Ben, Becky this is my mother Joyce. Mom this is my lover and his wife. I love Ben and have accepted his offer to join his family. He is the father of my baby and he is going to take care of me. I love him and he loves me. I love his family, so of which I see are Leslie's family that I have not met yet” Laura says.

Joyce “You really have a collection of women here, Ben. You expect me to believe you love my daughter?”

Ben “I love her just like I love my wife and the rest of my family. Lets go in and you can ask them. By the way this is Elfie and the owner of this restaurant is her father, I love my girls all of my girls and their families become my family. You are now my family. I have asked Laura to move here to be close to me when she is not in school. I am planning on buying a house for my college girls to stay in while they are at school”.

They all go in and Ben watches Joyce and Beth work the room. Hillary comes in and joins the party. “Everyone this is my State Farm Insurance Agent Hillary, Hillary this is my family”. Ben says

“Damn, Master you are really collecting some beautiful women. Hello Mistress Becky. Master can I worship BIG FELLA before dinner?” Hillary asks Ben.

Ben looks at Bill (shaking his head), Aunt Beth (smiling) and Joyce staring straight at him, “Yes you can. Hillary pulls BIG FELLA out and starts to suck. Joyce comes over to take a better look.

Joyce “Laura, You had that inside of your vagina? How did it fit?”.

Laura “I had BIG FELLA in my pussy, my ass and down my throat in Hawaii about thirty times give or take, I wasn't really counting. Had over a hundred orgasms and got pregnant. And I loved every minute of it”.

Joyce “How Big is it”

The all say sixteen inches and five and a half inches wide. Antonio comes through the door and asks what everyone wants to drink. Ben says “Let's get a couple of bottle of champagne and the best red and white wine and whatever the rest want”.

Antonio goes and gets everyone's drink order. A waitress comes in and brings appetizers and does not even pay attention to Ben getting a Blow job.

Joyce “They seem to not even notice you getting a blowjob”.

Bill pipes in “It probably because this is not the first time he has been here and gotten a blowjob”.

Hillary finishes her blowjob of BIG FELLA and takes a seat. The waitress comes back in and ask Ben “Can I have some too Mr. Barnes?” Jenny asks.

“Sure, if you let me suck on that virgin pussy after dinner!” Ben states
Jenny “Deal, Mr. Barnes. Yeah I know you love the taste of virgin pussy!”.

Ben “Have I said that before?”.

Most of the people said yes.

Peggy to Bill “You thought I was his only virgin pussy he ate?” smiling.

Becky “Ben got Jenny this job she was on the street, her parents were killed by muggers while she was at school one day and she stays with Alex a teacher at the local school and Carly and Alex's teacher”.

Bill “Of course, Alex is one of his slaves right?”

Becky “Yes he has seven slaves at the local school. He put them all through college and they live in his condos and a couple of them want to have his children. They are totally devoted to him. I will call them and invite them back to the house so you can meet them”.

Ben goes over and sits down as Jenny continues to suck on his cock. Antonio comes in and ask where Jenny got off to. Ben points to his lap, and Antonio nods and assigns another beautiful girl to the private dinning area.

Bill “Is this girl your slave also, Ben?”

Jess “Not yet but am always willing to take that huge cock of his. All he has to do is offer it to me.”.

Ben “Not yet, but I would love for you to come home and let me have you for dessert”.

Bill “Another virgin pussy?”

Bill looks at Joyce and tells her that Ben's job in life is to have sex with women. Because he has seen him in action and he has stamina like no other man. He loves women and taking care of them.

They eat and get to know each other throughout dinner and they all go home. Becky says that the teacher should be getting there shortly. Ben asks the entire wait staff to line up at the door as they leave. He hands each one two hundred dollar tip. He hands Antonio a thousand dollars and tells him to treat the staff to a nice dinner on him Christmas Eve.

Upon exiting the restaurant Ben notices that Joyce and Laura are getting into a old piece of shit car. He tells Joyce to hold on. He walks over and takes the keys from her and says you are not driving my lover and baby momma in that thing. It is a death trap. I will rectify this tomorrow. He tells them to get in another car to go back to the mansion. They take Jess and Jenny with them Tiffani drives home as Ben starts sucking on Jenny's pussy as soon as they get in the car.

They go home and Ben goes down on Jess after everybody strips. Joyce is a little hesitant about doing this. She sees her daughter strip without reservation and then everybody else. Becky tells her “That in her house all the women are to be naked at all times. Ben is always naked in the house”. Bill stripping says “That really cuts down on the time for Ben, as he is always sucking and fucking”.

Joyce strips and her daughter tells her that she needs to shave that bush. No hair below the neckline is allowed in the house. Tiffani and Rachel take her upstairs to shave her pussy Beth goes with them. She wants to suck some pussy also.

Beth upstairs says that Ben fucked her brains in today and she loved it. Tells Becky she wants the same privileges as Vivian. She wants to be a fuck buddy.

Becky says “As a Fuck Buddy you are to only have sex with Ben. If you do decide to have sex with someone else you have to have a clean HIV/STD certificate before he fucks you again”

Beth says “I wasn't getting any before Ben, and since I have had Ben I do not want anybody else. I will only fuck people that Ben knows about and are clean”.

Beth then starts to suck on Joyce's pussy making her come. Becky is next then Rachel they all make her cum and cum hard. Joyce are your ready for a cock?

Joyce “What the fuck, why not.”

They all go downstairs and most of the family are in the living room they present Joyce to Ben. Ben is between Laura's legs and he looks up, “Master, fuck my mother's brains in and make her yours”. “Mom, once Ben fucks you brains in you will never be the same”.

Joyce lays down. Beth ask Ben if she can fuck Bill. Go for it. Becky and Vivian both nod yes. And Bill smiles and starts to suck on her pussy and then mounts her. Beth and Joyce are now getting fucked hard by both men. Joyce asks Vivian how big her husband is and smiles when she says 9 ½”.

Ben moves Joyce off the couch and positions her on her hand and knees and begins to really work her pussy hard. The ladies are standing around cheering Ben on telling him to pound her hard make her yours. He fucks her for two hours and then pulls her arms out from under her and holds her tight next to Laura. Ben says to the both of them “Joyce do you give me your approval to continue to have sex with your daughter?” “Yes, ugh ugh ugh god don't stop fucking me” “Do you accept me as your daughter's lover? “Yes god yes” “Tell me what you want, Joyce tell me”

“Fuck me, Fuck me hard fill my holes please I am yours. Nobody has ever fucked me like you have. Ugh god I am cuming again. Fuck me and make me yours. I am yours to do with as you wish”.

Ben then pushes all sixteen inches into her pushing past her cervix. He whispers in her ear “Are you on Birth control?” She shakes her head no “Good because before I leave for Paris with Becky I am going to impregnate you so that you can be pregnant with your daughter, do you want me to impregnate you?” She nods yes “Tell me what you want, Joyce. Tell me loud so that everybody can hear you”

“OH, God, Ben fuck me hard and get me pregnant. I want your child growing inside of me. I am yours to do with as you want. Fuck me, fuck all of me. Take ever inch of my body and make me yours. Oh GOD. I love that cock inside of me. COME INSIDE MY WOMB, LOVER PLEASE... IAM CUMMMMMMING”. Ben finally climaxes after 4 hours of steady pounding of Joyce. Laura holds her mother as she comes down off of her final orgasm.

Laura “Did you mean what you said? Do you want Ben?”

Joyce “Yes and Yes. I want to be his fuck buddy like Vivian and Beth. I want his child inside of me. I want you to have a little brother or sister. I always wanted more children”.

Ben is hard again and starts to put lube on Joyce's ass. She looks around and sees that BIG FELLA is hard again and she is being lubed up for an anal assault. Joyce “This is probably going to hurt because I am a virgin in that hole, but FUCK MY ASS pound it into submission. I am yours Ben”?

“OH, SHIT IT REALLY HURTS”. She starts crying and Laura tells her it only hurts the first time breathe Mom it gets better. Ben fucks her ass for three hours and she passes out when he climaxes.

He gets up with wobbly legs and head to bed with his bed slaves and his three college girls. He tells Jenny, Jess and Peggy he wants virgin pussy for breakfast.

Bill looks on and says “He has just fucked non stop for seven hours and he is lining up his next target”.

Bill sleeps on the floor with his girls. Laurie is sucking on his cock as they sleep with Vivian on one side. There is nude women all over the mansion. They have been eating pussy all night in pairs 69ing each other.

Bill and Vivian are totally into this group sex. They suck and fuck every moment they are there. After Christmas is over Ben and Becky escort them back home. On the plane ride home Ben takes Laurie into the bedroom and fucks her brains in leaving her with a smile on her face when he brings her back to her seat and then takes Vivian to the bed and drills her for the rest of the flight. He then goes back home with them and he spit roasts both of them and then double penetrates them.

He tells Laurie “I will see you on spring break, I love you and I know you are going to enjoy the Caribbean”. “Ben, I love you and I miss you, I want to come back and witness the birth of Ben Jr. in February if that is OK” Laurie replies. “That is fine with me”. He then kisses Vivian and tells her he will see her in May when Laurie moves down to Alabama.

Vivian “I love you Ben and Becky. I truly do”.

Bill drives them back to the airport. “Ben, I want to thank you for everything. You really pushed Vivian to experience more sexual expressions. I know you are going to treat my girls great and are going to love them with all of your heart”.

Ben “We already do, Would you consider transferring or finding a job in Birmingham or Atlanta, Bill?

Bill “I will look into it”.

They then arrive at the airport and they depart saying there goodbyes.

Becky “Ben your really enjoyed yourself with Vivian and Laurie didn't you?”

Ben “Yes, I did. I loved DP'ing them. I never thought I would. That is one reason I want him to move closer another is that I want him close for his grandchildren”.

Laurie comes back when Becky has her baby and is pounded again by her Master. He takes her out before the birth for a special night. He goes to her new house and takes her to bed. Just the two of them. Laurie “I want you to get pregnant with my child, I am going to keep you here this week. You told me you are ovulating this week right? Ben asks. “Yes Master, I am ovulating this week and would love to have your child. I want you to fuck me all night long”.

Ben puts her on her back and starts fucking her. They fuck for the rest of the night and the next day. In a break he asks Laurie if she liked her new house? Yes it is nice, we need more furniture is her response.

“Ben, I love you and do not want to go back but I know I have to”. She gets on the floor on her hands and knees and tells Ben to mount her and push BIG FELLA into her womb and impregnate her.

They fuck for a week only taking a break to see Ben Jr. being born. Becky looks at Laurie and says that she looks like she is being well fucked. She smiles and looks at Ben. She goes home a couple of days later on the plane home he pounds her three more times. And twice more in her bed at home.

Ben “Call me and let me know if you miss your period. I love you and can't wait for spring break to come around. He falls asleep in her arms. He wakes up and pounds her in the morning. Laurie cries when he leaves telling him she will miss him. Vivian drives him to the plane and then boards it and tells Ben to fuck her before he leaves. He fucks her for a couple of hours and then she leaves. Before the separate Vivian tells Ben “I am pregnant with your child, I love you and will see you in May”.

Ben goes home and holds his second born child and thinks of all the children that will be running around the new mansion and is very pleased.

April comes around and they all go to the Caribbean on a cruise. In May, Laurie and Vivian move into their house. Vivian is five months pregnant and Ben tells her she is beautiful. Laurie is pregnant and is three months pregnant making Ben very happy. Bill tells him that he will be down for the birth and that he is working on getting transferred to Atlanta or Birmingham.

Leslie gives Ben a beautiful baby girl. They name her Bethany Anne Barnes.

************************* Kaitlin's Story **************************************

Kaitlin came from a broken home her father left when she was only six. Her mother past away when she was twelve. She ended up staying with her only living relative her aunt who was only 20 when she moved in. Beth loved Kaitlin but resented her because she felt that Kaitlin hampered her social life which became non existing after Kaitlin moved in. For the next five years she pour her heart into Kaitlin's life. She took as good as care as she could and was really proud of her when she got accepted to the University of Alabama. She went to Alabama taking out a lot of student loans and financial aide.

Kaitlin was a smart girl who never had a boyfriend She came to Hawaii to study Botany which she wanted to be her major. Her only friend on the trip was Leslie. The two met freshmen week and hit it off. When they met Ben and Becky, Kaitlin was infatuated with both of them, when she saw BIG FELLA she was scared and wondered if she could handle it. She wanted to try she saw how he was treated by his women. She was really small and very petite.

Kaitlin wasn't into losing her virginity in a group setting but decided to go for it. She was told to get a HIV/STD certificate even though she said she was a virgin. She told Becky she was a virgin and that wanted Ben to be her first. Becky tells her that Ben would be honored to take her gift of her virginity.

The day of the party arrived and Kaitlin was wet with desire for Ben. She arrives with the other girls and is third in line behind her best friend Leslie and Laura. Both have several screaming orgasms before Ben is done with them. It is Kaitlin's turn she cannot wait any longer, she is dripping wet with anticipation. When Ben starts to suck her juices she looses all control and cums hard. She has never experienced an orgasm before, she loved it. Kaitlin thought she might blackout form the intense pleasure that Ben was giving her. Before Ben is done with her she will have many more.

When Ben pushed his cock through her cervix she was in quite a bit of pain but it ended as soon as he started pumping his load into her womb. She wanted him to continue as he exited her pussy with a popping sound. She yelled at him “No, I want more”. She wanted Ben desperately to be loved. Ben told her she was special and very beautiful and that he wants her to be his slave. She asks what that is and he tells her Tiffani will take you in the next room and tell you. She walks gingerly into the the bedroom. As she walks she notices that none of Ben's semen is exiting her pussy. Tiffani explains what it is to be a slave. Tiffani tells her that Becky is her daughter and that the two sets of twins are her nieces. She tells Kaitlin that all the girls love Ben and they all have sex with him and one another. Tiffani tells Kaitlin about Ben and everything about their lifestyle. She tells her that her parents are dead and that she was raised by her Aunt Beth who is just eight years older slight build and very pretty. That she feels that she robbed Beth of her youth and that she felt her love she never felt loved. She is struggling with the finances of school. She tells Tiffani that she loved the sex with Ben.

Tiffani puts Kaitlin on the bed and spread her legs and begins to eat her pussy until she climaxes. She does it two more times. Tiffani tells Kaitlin that she is special not every girl can squirt like her. Tiffani tells Kaitlin that Ben wants her to be his slave and that is her choice. Ben loves her small pussy as does she. Tiffani explains her tattoos and that she is trying to get pregnant and that Janet, Janie, Becky and Crystal are already pregnant. Ben wants a big family and we all live together. We want you to come back in three days after the party ends to have sex with Ben again before you decide.

Kaitlin “I already want to be with Ben. I will tell him when I come back”. Tiffani tells her that they will put their phone numbers into her phone before she leaves and to contact them on the third day. Tiffani tells her that After Ben is done with the girls he will have fucked each one three times in each hole and that you, Laura and Leslie are his favorites so far and that you guys might get it a little more.

Kaitlin “He wants to fuck us all in the ass? That has got to be tighter than my pussy! I will try it”

Tiffani “You will love it once he breaks you in.” they stay their in the bed and Peggy cums in and lays down next to Tiffani. “Hey baby girl” Tiffani says “Hey Tiff, getting horny with all that fucking on out there!”. Kaitlin asks “Does Ben have sex with you too, Peggy?”

Peggy “Not in my pussy, just a little in my ass, and of course I deep throat him. Ben loves to go down on me almost as much as I love it!”.

Tiffani “Master loves the taste of virgin pussy!”. “Yes he does!” is Peggy's response. Kaitlin says can I try it. Peggy says “Sure, we pleasure everyone in the family. We all love each other”. Peggy spreads her legs and Kaitlin starts to lick and suck on her pussy. Tiffani tells her to push her tongue into her pussy and stroke her hymen. Kaitlin does and starts to get Peggy off she does it faster and deeper. Peggy starts to scream out with an intense orgasm and her juices start to pour into Kaitlin's mouth and she sucks them down. When she come down Kaitlin and Peggy start to kiss and make out.

Kaitlin starts to cry, and Tiffani asks what is wrong. “I just feel so loved here” is Kaitlin's response.
Becky says that Ben is looking for Kaitlin she is next. They all drift off to sleep for a while.
Becky comes to the door and wakes them up. She tells Kaitlin that Ben is looking for her and that she is next. Kaitlin jumps up and runs out the door looking for Ben and goes to him, he is pounding Laura's brains out. He starts to cum and after ten minutes of steady cumming into Laura's womb he exits her and Kaitlin sucks his cock Ben stumbles and falls on to the couch. Kaitlin is locked in on his cock. She takes his limp cock and pushes it to the back of her throat and swallows and the head pops down her throat. She is squeezing Ben's cock with her throat muscles as Becky gives Ben his pills and two little blue pills. Ben is now rock hard and firmly lodged down Kaitlin throat. Ben pushes it back and forth stretching her throat out. He pulls it out of her throat and she tells him no I want more. He then picks her up and puts BIG FELLA into her tight pussy. She bounces up and down on him. She leans over and tells Ben in his ear “Ben, I am yours to do with as you please. Make me cum all over you”. “I am going to fall in love with you if you don't watch yourself”.

Kaitlin “Go ahead and fall in love with me, this little pussy is all yours, I am going to fuck your brains in before I leave Hawaii!”.

Ben “Damn!”. He starts to pound her pussy. She tells Ben “Fill your willing lovers pussy, Fuck me hard, soft just make me yours. When you are done fill my womb with your beautiful seed! You are mine Ben I am going to make you my fuck slave. Now pound me!” Ben kisses her and sucks on her breast as he strokes her building up his momentum. After Ben cums an hour later Kaitlin tells him “Master, you just made me climax six times. I want you to do me again, fuck the rest of them I need more now”. Ben fucks her the second time and does her for two hours making her cum a total of fourteen times before he exits her pussy. As he exits her she drops to her knees and sucks him clean. He picks her up and takes her to his bed where she lies there until he is ready to pound her again. Kaitlin reaches up and brings Ben down to her lips and they kiss.

“Ben, I meant it when I said my body is yours and that I am going to fuck you dry”. Kaitlin tell Ben as she drifts off to sleep. Becky is there and gives him a hug. Do you like your gift? I love my gift and am going to love Kaitlin, she is so beautiful and special. She is mine and I am going to keep her.

“I know she is really responding well to you. The girls with experience just want to be fucked, well most of them. Kaitlin, Laura and Leslie want to be loved. I want to invite each for a individual session so that we can get to know them”. Becky tells Ben.

Ben “Kaitlin has already made her choice and she will move in with us in December”. Ben goes out and fucks the other girls and starts to fuck them in the ass. Kaitlin hears the screaming from the other room and then it goes to moaning as she wakes up. Jennifer and Alice are there when she wakes up and she gives each a kiss. They cuddle and start to make out. Her whole body is tingling. Ben comes back into the room to get Kaitlin.

He picks her up and she tells him “Ben, I do not need anymore convincing. I want to be your slave, I love you and your family”. Ben tells her “This is your family now. After the party is over I am going to send for you”. Jennifer and Alice tell her about the training and Kaitlin tells them “Master Ben can fuck me anyway he wants for as long as he wants” Ben carries her out to the living room and Becky puts lube on her ass.

Becky “Ben tells me you want to be a part of our family?”

Kaitlin “Yes, I do! I have never felt so loved in my life”

Becky “Welcome to our family”. Becky kisses Kaitlin

Kaitlin is next to Laura who is getting pounded in her ass. It goes on for about an hour before Ben pulls out and pushes BIG FELLA into her womb and dumps the forth load into her womb.

Kaitlin “How did you like anal, Laura?”.

Laura “Hurt at the beginning but got better as he went on”

Ben “Are you ready, Kaitlin, honey?”.

Kaitlin “Yes”

Ben pushes a fully erect and hard BIG FELLA into her anus. Pushing until her gets the head inside. Becky and Tiffani come over and tell her to breathe, it will get better once you are stretched out. He gently starts to push as she starts to loosen he muscles in her ass. Kaitlin was screaming and crying when he started to fuck her in her ass. Ben leans over and talks to Kaitlin “Baby, it hurts the first time, you told me that I could fuck you anyway I want. Is that true sweetheart?”.

Kaitlin “Yes, but go gently on me”

Ben “Easy as I can.”

Ben pounds her for over three hours, the girls give her water to keep her hydrated. Just before he climaxes he exits her ass with a pop and then puts his load into her womb.

Ben “Time for a break” He picks up a spent Kaitlin and takes her to the pool with Becky. Looking at Kaitlin “I did not mean to hurt you baby girl”

Kaitlin “It hurt a lot, but I hope it will get better. Because I am going to fuck you as much as I can before I go back to school”.

Becky “Where do you girls go to school?”

Kaitlin “University of Alabama”

Ben “My favorite team, Roll Tide”. Kaitlin kisses Becky then Ben.

Kaitlin “I have been looking for love my whole life, I don't think that the pounding I just took was love but rather lust. I loved it but want to make love also. Master, did you like my tight ass? She says as she strokes BIG FELLA.

Ben “Yes I did”.

Kaitlin “Make love to me” they have sex in the pool. And when Ben is ready to cum he takes her out of the pool and put her on a lounge chair and inserts the head of BIG FELLA into her womb.

“Master, are your trying to get me pregnant”. Kaitlin asks “Yes I am, but not all of you college classmates” Ben replies. “I will welcome your baby, as long as I can have a c-section, I want to keep my vagina small for BIG FELLA” Kaitlin replies.

Ben smiles and pick her up and takes her into his bed with his bed slaves they all snuggle and go to sleep. He gags the last five girls and fucks them hard in the ass. Fast and hard like a jackhammer, not showing any mercy. He pounds each one until they are unconscious. Ben then takes Leslie and Laura to his room and fucks both in their asses until he is about to cum he pushes his cock inside their wombs and drops his load there. He then locks the door and he sleeps with Laura and Leslie to either side.

Ben wakes up with Kaitlin sucking on BIG FELLA. “I love waking up to a girl sucking on me” Ben says. Kaitlin tells Ben to make love to her and they make passionate love for a couple of hours and Ben deposits his load into her womb. Becky comes over and tells Ben. “If you keep fucking these girls like this you are going to make them all pregnant”.

Ben “These three he wants to keep, Kaitlin has already committed the other two will”.

The other college girls are jealous of the three and all the attention they are getting. Ben takes a shower and eats then takes his pills. He then goes over and starts pounding the crap out of the rest of the college girls. He pushes his cock down the throats of the experienced college girls. He face fuck each one of them five times.

They all leave with the wombs full of semen and all their holes well used, some more than others.

Then next day after the arrive at their hotel Kaitlin tells Leslie that she is going back to fuck Ben again. She tells her that she loved the sex with Ben and his family and as decided to join them after the semester. She is going to move in with Ben and family around Christmas time. Kaitlin tells Leslie that she is welcome to join also. Ben really liked her and Laura also. She is going over there in two days. She does not know who long she is going to be there.

The day comes when she is to call Becky and she does and Becky comes to pick her up. Kaitlin runs to the limousine thinking Ben is in there. She opens the door and sees Becky and ask “Where is Ben?”

Becky “He is waiting for you at the house?”.

Kaitlin “OK”. She kisses Becky hello. “I appreciate you accepting me into your family Becky”.

Becky “We all love you Kaitlin, especially Ben. He just fell in love with your little pussy”.

Kaitlin “Can I suck on your pussy while we drive, Please”. “Sure”

Becky lifts up her skirt and takes off her thong. Kaitlin then starts to lick and suck on her pussy. She looks up and tells Becky “I love you, Becky” and continues to suck until she cums.

The arrive just as Becky climaxes. The get out of the limousine and head into the house. Kaitlin strips without even being told and looks for Ben. “Master, where are you?” She sees him and runs over and tells him “I missed you Master, I masturbated thinking about you the last two days, I want to have sex with you now if you will have me”.

Ben picks her up and takes her to the middle of the living room “I am going to fuck you at least ten times in straight in your pussy!”. Ben mounts her and starts to pound her she is screaming, panting, moaning and grunting. He fucks her for three straight hours before he cums in her womb. Becky give him his pills and two little blue pills and he is hard again. He then reams her out for four hours and finally cums into her womb. He does it again for 4 hours straight He asks her “Tell me what you want Kaitlin, Tell me what you want?”

“Master make me your slave, give me your seed and get me pregnant. I want you to fuck me in all my holes and make me yours. I want to be your slave, Master!”. They fuck for 48 hours straight without breaks he fucks her pounds her four hours at a time. He cums twelve times in her womb. After he takes her to bed and they sleep.

She is on his right side before she goes to sleep and kisses him. “Master, Ben I love you” Kaitlin lays there with Ben and feels for the first time in her life that she belongs somewhere and is loved. She feels right at home with sleeping with Ben. She knows it is going to be hard to go to sleep without him when she goes back to school. Ben gets up before Kaitlin and lets her rest. He watches her sleep with her pretty pale white skin and fiery red hair. Becky wakes up and looks at Ben studying his new conquest. She whispers in his ear “You really love her don't you?” “Not as much as my soul mate. But Yes I love her and it will be hard to let her go back to school. He has a tear in his eye”. “Ben, when we get back in December we can go visit her at school and bring her home”. She wakes up and tells Ben “I know you love me and I love you too. I feel at home sleeping next to you. I want to sleep like this every night. Becky to one side and me to the other. I know you have other bed slaves”.

Ben “You are special Kaitlin, that is for sure. I will think about your request. You need to finish the semester and we will pick you up along with the Laura and Leslie if they want. We will work it out. You are mine and I will take care of you. You never have to worry about college tuition or anything else. I love you and take care of my family”.

Becky “Lets get something to eat”. Kaitlin gets up and notices her belly she rubs it and looks at Ben. “Master, hopefully all that sperm will find an egg or two to fertilize”.

After they eat breakfast Ben and Kaitlin fuck for 36 hours this time in her ass. When they are done they have completed her training in her pussy and ass. They go to sleep and when they wake up Leslie is there in bed with them.

Leslie “Are you alright, Kaitlin?”

Kaitlin “I am fine, I am with my family now. I hope you join us.

Kaitlin met with Ben and Becky at school after finals in December and tells them she is going home and get her Aunt Beth for them to meet. And will be at home with them permanently at Christmas time.

Kaitlin was indeed impregnated in Hawaii and was due in July just like her friend Leslie and Laura.

She gives birth to a baby boy Allen Ben Barnes in July.

************************** Laura's Story ********************************************

Laura was from a small town in Alabama, she got to the University because of her grades. She was always the shy bookworm in school, never had too many boyfriends. Just one nice guy who studied with her. He was attracted to her but things never materialized between them. She was focused on getting out of where she was, helping her mother who worked two jobs to support her, living in a small one bedroom apartment.
Laura never knew her father, her mother got pregnant when she was only sixteen and the guy was twenty one. Mother never saw him again. They basically grew up together, they loved each other and told each other everything. Her mother did not have a sex life after Laura was born, concentrating on Laura and her well being. Laura was sponsored to go on the trip to Hawaii by friends of the mother back home. They wanted Laura to see more of the world then just Alabama.

After meeting Ben and Becky she always wondered what sex was like, never giving it much thought before seeing BIG FELLA and how Ben's women responded to him and his loving affection for them. At the party she enjoyed the sex with Ben a lot. After returning to the hotel it took four days to recover from the pounding she took in her pussy and ass. She called Becky and asked if they could meet and talk. Becky said OK and to meet on the beach in two days. They met on the beach, the walked and talked about Becky's family, Laura's family. What Laura wanted to do in life, wanting to get out of where her and her mother was. Becky asked if she liked the sex with Ben. She said she did and that she was sore from the sex but was better now. They walked up to the house and get in the pool. Laura says she did not bring a bikini. Becky takes off her sun dress and hops in naked and Laura follows her lead. They swim around and Tiffani comes out and joins them. Tiffani asks Laura how is she doing. Laura hears moaning and grunting from the house.

Tiffani “Your friend is in there having sex with Ben. They have been at it for two days. Ben really loves her and her tight small pussy.”

Laura “That is Leslie in their having sex with Ben?”.

Tiffani “No, that is Kaitlin. She really loves the sex. This is their twelfth consecutive time having sex without a break. She is amazing, They haven't gotten up from that spot just eating and drank water the whole time. Kaitlin has joined are family, We would like you to join our family too”.

Tiffani kisses Laura on the lips. “Ben really likes you, me and my daughter really like you”.

Laura is not sure. Ben finishes up inside with Kaitlin and puts her to bed. He gets something to eat and then sees Laura outside with Tiffani and Becky. He takes his pills and two little blue one and is ready for action. He strolls out to the pool and jumps in. He swims up next to Laura and Becky, Tiffani gets out of the pool and sits on a chair next to the pool. Ben kisses Becky and then gives Laura a passionate kiss on her lips with tongue. They swim there Laura with her arms around Ben's neck making out. Ben asks Laura if she was OK from the other night.

Laura “Stomach a little bloated but I am OK, the soreness has gone away. Ben I loved the sex with you. Becky looking at Ben then Laura tells her that they are just relaxing today and would she like to go in and have sex with Ben and her. Laura shyly looking down says “Yes, I would love that”. Ben “You should not be shy, you are a beautiful smart sexy young woman!”. Laura “You think I am beautiful?”. Ben “Yes, I do. Don't you agree Becky?”.

Becky “Very beautiful, and very nice. The sweetest of the college girls” she swims over and kisses Laura on the lips and caresses her breast. Laura “I really only socialize with Leslie a little, I am not a partyier like those other girls, not that there is anything wrong with that. I am just more into school and making a better life for myself”.

Ben “I can appreciate that and respect that decision”. Ben, Becky and Laura go into the house to a bedroom and you can hear Laura having one screaming orgasm after another. Ben fucks her ten times that day in her pussy. Not going as long as he did in Kaitlin, the last two days. Ben asks her to stay the night with him and she calls Leslie and tells her. Ben then fucks Laura five times in the ass that night each time he blows his load he pushes BIG FELLA into her womb. She has sixteen fresh loads in her womb by the time she leaves the next day. When they wake up in the morning Ben gets her to deep throat BIG FELLA three times blowing huge loads into her stomach.

Laura “Never had a cum breakfast before!”. Ben “Did you like it, Laura?”. Her response was “Hell yes, I loved the sex”. Ben then takes his pills and a little blue pill. He then puts Laura in the doggie position tells her that he is going to fuck her in her ass one last time before she goes back to the hotel.

Ben pushes an erect BIG FELLA into her pussy, he asks her “WHAT DO YOU WANT LAURA, TELL US. TELL US WHAT YOU WANT.” He pounds her going fast then slow, faster then he slows down and asks her again “TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT!”, This goes on for two hours as Laura climaxes ever 20 minutes. Laura screams out “I WANT TO BE YOUR LOVER, I WANT YOU TO BE MY LOVER. FUCK ME BEN FUCK ME. I AM YOURS. MAKE ME YOURS.”

Ben leans over and tells her that she is his now and that he is going to lover her the rest of her life. He stops fucking her and starts making love to her gently squeezing her breast. They have sex for another two hours before he dumps his last load into her womb.

Ben “I love you, Laura, and I am going to take care of you. You are mine and you are part of my family now. Kaitlin joined our family before you got here. I am seriously hoping that Leslie will join our family. I have plans for the three of you. I love you as I do all my family. You are all special to me. I will see you when I get back to Alabama in December. I want you and your mother to spend Christmas with your new family”.

Laura is speechless she just kisses him and caresses his body and then strokes BIG FELLA. “I love you too Ben”. She is crying tears of joy. When the family walks in and one by one welcomes her to the family. They each give her a kiss on the lips as she sits on BIG FELLA. She looks Ben in the eye and says “My ass is getting use to BIG FELLA being in there, I kinda like it, it makes me feel full and warm”. She gets up and takes a shower with Ben. Ben washes every inch of her body, her pussy and her ass. He caresses her body and she climaxes from his touch. He gets between her legs with his mouth and sucks her pussy. He tells her he loves her and continues to suck her to two orgasms in the shower. It is almost too much for Laura. “I don't want to leave you, please let me stay and be with you. I know Kaitlin is in the other room sleeping, Leslie is going to be here today isn't she?”. “Yes” is Ben's reply. “Please let me stay and convince Leslie to join us, I love you Ben. I do not need you to buy me things I just want you to love me for me”.

“Baby, I already love you and you are mine. Of course you can stay with us, I will take the three of you back to the hotel together” Ben tells her. “Laura, you are an amazing lover with great stamina and endurance unlike any I have ever had before”. “Ben, you are full of shit, I see you have twenty women here and god knows how many others you have, what do you call them?”, Laura says, “Slaves is the term”, “Yes, slaves, you have acquired two and hopefully three here in Hawaii, How many more do you have at home in Alabama if you do not mind me asking?”.

Ben “You are part of the family now you can ask me anything. I have three more women waiting to be trained at home, Becky will go over the training with you when you go back to the hotel, and about forty more around my town and county. The ones you see with me are the ones that live with me. I am building a bigger mansion, currently I only have ten bedrooms. The new one will have 75. Becky calls it the “Mansion of Love”. When we get back to the states I am going to go meet your parents/guardians each one. And explain the situation to them”.

Laura “I have a lot of sperm trapped in my womb are you trying to get me pregnant? If so why?”.

Ben “Well it was not my intention to get you girls pregnant, but if you do and I hope the three of you do I will welcome the additions to our family. Do you want to get pregnant?”.

Laura “Master, is that the term, My body is yours I would be more than happy to provide you with as many children as you want to give me. All I want is to graduate college and fuck your brains in every chance I get”.

Ben “OK, that sounds like a plan”.

Laura sleeps as Becky goes and picks up Leslie. Kaitlin comes in and joins her in Bed.

“Welcome to the family Laura!” Kaitlin says. “I hope Leslie decides to join the family too”.

Laura “Ben, Master is very persuasive. Although I do not have any experience to compare him to, I think he is an amazing lover. I do not want anybody else to compare him to”.

Kaitlin “I love Master Ben, I really do. I have longed to belong somewhere for a long time, and have found it with Ben and Becky”.

They rests for a while until Ben comes back in and gets Kaitlin. She kisses Ben and rubs his chest and arms, “Master, I love you and want to make you happy. Do you have any energy left? I am horny again and want BIG FELLA”. Ben “I want to make love to you Kaitlin, I want that ass”.

Kaitlin moves to the side of the bed on her stomach and looks at Ben “Master, are you hard already or do I need to suck on BIG FELLA?”. He presents BIG FELLA and Kaitlin smiles and reaches back and spreads her ass cheeks.

Ben looks at her asshole, it is winking at him. He rubs anal lube on him and Kaitlin and then presses BIG FELLA's head through her anal ring. Kaitlin lets out a grunt and a loud moan. “Master, fuck me. I am yours. Fill me with your seed, pound my ass into submission!”. They fuck for about fifteen minutes before Ben lifts her up and they fall into bed next to Laura. Ben picks up one leg and continues to fuck her ass, as Kaitlin and Laura start to make out. “That's it girls, I love it when you girls pleasure yourselves while we have sex. I love both of you and we are going to have a great life together”.

They have sex for an hour until Leslie comes in and sees the three of them together in the troughs of passion. They motion to come join them and she does. Kaitlin kisses her and tells her that she is with Ben and Becky now. She loves Ben and his family and has agreed to be a part of it. Laura tells her the same thing. We want you to join us. They all kiss and Kaitlin tells Leslie “I want to eat your pussy, Leslie” Leslie moves in position with her pussy in Kaitlin's face and her face in Kaitlin's pussy. Leslie has a great view of BIG FELLA go in and out of Kaitlin's ass. She does what comes natural and starts eating Kaitlin's pussy as Kaitlin starts eating hers. They continue this until the girls and Ben climax.

Ben “Leslie, I want to have sex with you again. Do you want to have sex?” Ben is hoping and praying the answer is yes.

Leslie “Ben, Do you really want me? You have all these women, and Laura and Kaitlin just agreed to be with you, why do you need or want me?”.

Ben “You are special, Leslie, and I want you to be with me. You are very beautiful, my wife, Becky likes you, She likes the three of you. We want to share our lives with you. We want you to become part of our family”.

Leslie “I loved the sex with you the other day, I was a little sore and my belly is still swollen with all the semen you trapped in my womb. I am probably pregnant, which I know I cannot take care of. My boyfriend had sex with me the day after I got back from the party, I made him wear a rubber. He was so small I could not feel his cock inside of me. I told him I was coming back over here and he told me not to. I then got in a fight with him and told him he had a small cock that was no use to me in front of his friends”.

Kaitlin “How small was he, Leslie?”.

Leslie “He is about five inches long and thin”. Ben and the girls laugh.

Kaitlin “I guess you couldn't feel it after having BIG FELLA stretch your pussy out”,

Ben “I want to give you another does of what you want and need, Leslie”

Leslie “I actually cried when he was fucking me, the idiot thought he was hurting me”.

Laura “Why were you crying then?”.

Leslie picking up BIG FELLA “Because, I thought I would never get another chance to have this inside of me. Ben, I don't know if this is love or lust. Right now all I want is you to make love to me. Put BIG FELLA inside of me and stretch my holes out!”.

She then starts to suck on BIG FELLA. After BIG FELLA is erect Ben puts Leslie on her back with her legs over his head and starts to fuck her. He pushes BIG FELLA in, all the way to her cervix.

“OH GOD, That is what I need, stretch my pussy, Ben”. Leslie says. He starts to thrust back and forth in and out. “Call me Master, and tell me what you want”

“Master, I want you to fuck me!” Leslie says.
He pounds her and an hour later he cums in her womb. He has Becky bring him his pills and two little blue ones.

He puts her on her hands and knees and inserts an erect BIG FELLA into her wet pussy and tells her as he pushes back and forth. “TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT!!!”, “TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT!!!”, “TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT!!!”, “TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT!!!”, LESLIE, “TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT!!!”.

“I want you to fuck me, I want you to pound me, I want you to love me. Please make love to me”. Leslie says desperately, wincing as she is being rutted hard and fast. Ben climaxes after a ninety minute session with Leslie. As usual he cums in her womb. BIG FELLA is still hard and he then inserts him into her anus, and starts to pound.


“OH GOD, make me yours Ben, make me your lover, I never want to experience a white man again. I want only you. I want BIG FELLA inside of me for the rest of my life. GOD DAMN IT MAKE ME YOURS. I want you. I LOVE YOU. I WANT YOU, MAKE ME YOURS, OH GOD I AM CUMMMMMMING AGAIN” Ben then takes BIG FELLA out of Leslie's ass and inserts it into her womb and cums hard for fifteen minutes.

They all cuddle on the bed. Ben says to Leslie “What do you want, Leslie?”. Leslie turns around and lays on top of Ben. “Ben, Master, I want you. I need you and I love you. I love the sex it is incredible, my body quivers when ever you touch me. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. If I am pregnant I want it and I want you to be in love with me”.

Ben “Leslie, I want you and I do love you”. He kisses her “I certainly hope that if you are pregnant that it turns out to be a girl that is the spitting image of you. You are my beautiful little rose. I accept you into my family. I take care of my family and all my girls. I love you and I want you to finish your college education. I am going to buy you three a house in Tuscaloosa for you to live in while you are there”. “For the rest of the day I am going to make love to the three of my new slaves, you are mine and I am yours. I am not going to share you with anybody. I am going to protect you. I will always love, honor and cherish you for as long as we both shall live”

Laura “That sounds like a wonder day.”

The have sex the rest of the day and night.

Laura, Leslie and Kaitlin go home after their time with Ben and family.

In December they call Ben and Becky to inform them that they are pregnant along with Marty. They tell Ben that five girls have already had abortions. Ben and Becky come to Tuscaloosa to meet with the girls and tells them that he wants them to keep their children. He also says he wants to meet each of their families to introduce himself to them. He arranges to take Leslie to Michigan and to meet Laura's mother and Kaitlin's aunt at his house. He tells them all that he loves them and that he is excited that they are pregnant and look forward to seeing their babies. They make love in his hotel that night, passionate love with all four girls and Ben. Becky makes love to each one. They both tell them that they love them and want to spend the rest of their lives as one big happy family.

Ben “I love you all. You are all very special to me. You are my reason to live.”

At Christmas, after Ben has fucked Joyce silly the next day he takes Joyce and Laura to the Chevy dealer and tells both girls to pick out a car. Joyce picks out a Tahoe and Laura picks a Traverse. He goes in and checks with the dealer and he gets his usual discount and zero percent interest. He calls Hillary and she puts the girls on his insurance. He goes back to the house with them driving their cars. He calls into the house and asks for Beth, Kaitlin, and Leslie to get dressed and come with him. They all go for a ride over to the houses.

Ben “Joyce, Laura, right now I do not have room at my house for you guys to live in. I have two empty houses here that I own. Beth and Kaitlin are one house and Leslie and her family are in another. Do you want a house or do you want to share one with Beth and Kaitlin? You will be spending most of your time in Tuscaloosa taking care of the girls especially after the babies are born. I will visit from time to time, spending long weekends with you guys until you all graduate”.

Joyce looks at Laura and she says they can share if it is alright with Beth and Kaitlin they all agree. He tells them to go shopping for furniture and tell the owner that it is for him. The owner will bill him and they will deliver the furniture. He tells them to get nice furniture because it is going to be in the new house. Hardwood furniture, bedroom suites with king size beds only. He takes them home and goes into his office and the gives each girl a credit card.

Ben “Each one has a $250,000.00 limit so don't buy everything, buy quality items. Girls go to Fry's and get yourselves a new laptop and all the programs you need”.

Becky has fashion magazines and gives them to the girls, “Look through these magazine and put your initials on the dresses that you like. I need your dress sizes. I will order these from our person in New York. We are going to go shopping with Ben now. You all need new bra's and panties/thongs. We will get those at Victoria's Secret. When you are out of this house you need to wear something sexy under your dresses. Ben wants you to always dress nicely.”

They go shopping, the first stop is the jewelry store where he again buys necklaces with matching bracelets and earrings for each of his ladies. For his slaves he buys wedding bands and diamond engagement rings. He tells them in the dressing room at Victoria's Secret as they are trying on their undergarments that although he can only legally marry Becky, the three of them are his wives also. They then go pick out dresses and shoes. All the girls walkout wearing new dresses and their jewelry.

Ben tells them “This is how you are to dress when we are out. All elegantly dressed” They go home and fuck like rabbits for the next three days until Ben and Becky leave for Paris for two week vacation.

Laura gives birth to twin girls in July. They are named April Becky Barnes and Amy Tiffany Barnes they look like their mother. Ben is in tears as usual when his ladies give birth.

Back in Hawaii

The next morning he tells the whole family that all three have decided to join the family. All Ben's girls welcome them to the family. Elfie comes up to Ben and says “I feel kind of left out, I am horny with all this fucking going on”. She takes BIG FELLA into her hands and the kneels down and takes BIG FELLA down her throat. Ben trying to concentrate tells the family that he has arranged to have a special three day outing and that they should prepare to take blankets, towels, sunscreen and bikini's. He tells Becky to pack his pills.

The next day they take a ride to a park that Ben has secretly rented out. The whole park is theirs for three days. It has security guards on petrol. They are escorted through the park and the park ranger tells Ben where the site is and it is secure. He tells him that there are coolers with refreshments. He has arranged meals to be presented at noon and six that day and at nine, noon and six the next two days. He told them to have a good time and the whole park is secure. Ben takes his women to the place that he has chosen. Alex and Carly have their cameras and Jennifer has her camcorder. The arrive at the spot it is a beautiful waterfall with tropical plants and birds all over.

Becky “This is the most beautiful place she has ever seen” Everybody agrees

Becky whispers in Ben's ear “This must have cost a fortune”. Ben whispers back “100k”

Becky shakes her head.

Ben “I thought we could spend a couple of days hear making love by a beautiful waterfall, what do you girls think?”

Becky “Now do you girls know why I love this man? He always surprises me”.

The girls have tears in their eyes. They are touched by the beautiful setting and that Ben would create this for them. For the next three days each woman has her turn making passionate love with their lover by the waterfall. Carly, Alex and Jennifer document it for the family album.

After the third day they go back to the house and take showers with Ben washing him gently. He thinks he has never been this clean before. Kaitlin, Leslie and Laura go back to the hotel with fresh loads of cum in their wombs. They each kiss Ben and Becky goodbye, they tell them they will call in December when they get back.

When Becky departs to take the girls back, Ben goes to the pool for a swim. Tiffani joins him after a couple of minutes. Ben looks depressed and Tiffani asks him why.

Ben “I am worried about my three new girls and hope they get home alright”.

Tiffani “We will call them when they are expected to be home to make sure. They will be fine with their college chaperones.

Ben “I am a little sore from the past weeks activities. I think I am going to take a break for all this sex”.

Tiffani “That is fine, you have been going at it pretty hard”.

Tiffani swims over and kisses Ben. “I am pregnant lover!”.

Ben “That is great news. I love you mom”.
Tiffani “Alright now. I stop that. I don't want to have to spank you!”.

Ben with a wry smiles “I wish you would spank me mommy”

Tiffani “I love you Ben, that was really sweet what you did for us. It was a really memorable couple of days”. They kiss and start to make out. Becky arrives and says “Ben, You cannot keep your hands of my mom can you!”.

Ben “No I can't she is such a hot momma.”

Becky looks at Tiffani and then Ben “I am pregnant, Becky” Tiffani tells her. She jumps in and kisses them both. And they all start making out. They get out and tell the whole family.

Becky is informed by Tiffani that Ben is sore and that his muscles ache. She asks her to arrange for a private massage therapy session Kiki

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