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Lisa was 14 with short blond hair and the most amazing green eyes
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When Liza became a woman.

Debra and I had been dating for about three months when she started staying over on the weekends. Her daughter Liza’s had just began summer break from school and the three of us were spending most of our free time at the lake. Lisa was 14 with short blond hair and the most amazing green eyes. She had the figure of a centerfold and she knew how to catch a man’s eye. Like most young teens her sexual curiosity was becoming very intense. She would stand in front of the mirror for hours striking different poses while exploring her body. One afternoon while both girls were in town, I was going room to room emptying the trash buckets. While in Liza’s room I couldn’t help but notice the corner of a magazine poking out from under her pillow. Seeing what appeared to be the photo of a tanned woman’s very shapely rear-end I lifted the pillow. To my surprise were 3 different pornographic magazines, focusing on men or masturbation. One had been left open to a photo of a man masturbating and beside the magazine was a battery operated vibrating bullet. The vision of her exploring that fabulous body aroused me extremely and the more I tried to shake her divine image from my thoughts the deeper it became imbedded.

Then I spotted her old cell phone, knowing I shouldn’t invade her privacy but convincing myself that I should check for anything out of the ordinary. I accessed her stored photos, she had numerous nude photos of herself posing in front of the mirror, and some very erotic ones with her back to the headboard and using a larger vibrator. The photos succeeded in igniting my lust while my cock was getting even harder with each photo that I viewed.

Then it hit me; the mirror she is standing in front of is the one in my bedroom and she was on my bed while using the vibrator. The vibrator was one of those new rabbit types I had purchased for a former girlfriend and was stored in a box that also contained a wide verity of photos of myself and past lovers. I wasn’t upset with the fact she had been digging around in my room. Yet, I was totally overcome with arousal. My cock was fully erect and throbbing like never before. I could not keep the thought of her being on my bed and masturbating out of my mind. Then I became curious as to what she may have been fantasying about and the idea of her viewing the photos in the box set me on fire. She may have been very young and I should not have been affected in such a lustful manner. However, the photos of her with the vibrator showed no young girl but a beautifully sensual woman.

I continued with my cleanup attempting to put the totally erotic visions out of my mind. Only my cock remained erect and aching for attention with the simple sensation of my trousers brushing over the head of my cock as I walked made me yearn for satisfaction. Forcing me to get out of the house and go feed the horses in order to bring my lust under control. Yet from that moment forward without any provocation the vision of her succulent form would feed the flames of my lustful desire.

Liza really wanted to learn how to drive and her Mom never seemed to have time yet she eagerly encouraged me to take Liza along with me where ever I went and continuously created situations putting Liza and I alone together. I had been allowing her to drive me around the ranch regularly and the two of us were becoming closer with each minute we spent alone. Liza asked about my past girlfriends and inquired about what I hoped to find in a woman. She would continuously manage to bring our conversations to more detailed sexual nature telling me how she experienced her first orgasm with a water wand and that she had been dreaming of oral sex. She was searching for a way to excite me and was doing a splendid job of driving me insane.

With the two of us were spending more and more time together I no longer looked at her as a little girl, she was a woman that brought love and happiness to my heart. I didn’t know if it was due to my secrete thoughts and growing desire or if she was actually becoming very suggestive in her tone and her outfits were getting smaller and tighter revealing more of her firm hot body. I continued battling the visions of her on my bed secretly masturbating to my nude photos, fantasying that the vibrator was my cock as she forced it deeper into perfectly pink passion. The battle always ended with my submitting to the fiery lustful sensation engulfing my body, engorging my pulsating cock and exposing this sexual curse taking hold of me, routinely placing me in the odd and uncomfortable situation of trying to hide my bulging erection from her beckoning eyes.

It was common for Liza to jump up on the hood of my truck and lay with her back to the windshield as she exposed her silky flesh to the hot sun deepening her golden bronze tan as I tended to the horses. Yet this particular afternoon the sensation of sexual lust was thick in the air and some magnetic force was pulling us together. While tending to my chores my shirt and the crotch of my trousers had gotten soaked with oil vegetable from a busted line. I removed my shirt and attempted to wipe off as much oil as I possibly could and had to unbutton the top two buttons on my trousers making it obvious I had nothing on underneath them. Continuing with my chores I glanced back in Liza’s direction and realized she was watching me intensely; it appeared she had also unbuttoned her tight Levi shorts spreading the fly wide. One of her hands vanished from view, beneath material covering her tight mound and moving it vigorously. Moving myself out of her direct view and gaining a position that allowed for me to get a good look at her activities without her knowledge. I found myself breathless.

Liza made no attempt to hide her actions and seemed to be entranced as she continued fondling her clit and then dipping her finger into the hot wet depths of her tight young pussy. She had her opposite hand over her breast squeezing randomly and even pinching her nipples. Once more this “girl” was responsible for my cock becoming fully engorged. The oil covering my trousers made them cling tight to my bulging cock my lust grew hotter with each heartbeat. The clear view of my bulging erection now even more pronounced, I was unable to resist my desire to stroke the length of my throbbing manhood. Having to force myself to stop as the tightening sensation deep in my groin was bringing me closer to an erupting climax.

I meandered around seeking random mundane things to do focus my thoughts on, extending my time with the chores in order to regain my composer and camouflage the swollen need I had for this young goddess. I headed back to the truck trying not to look in her direction, only my efforts proved to be useless. Looking up at Liza my heart leaped, it was clear her eyes were locked onto my half erect cock . She sat up striking a very sexually seductive pose. Her tight little shorts still unbuttoned and spread wide forming a perfect V pointing to her forbidden delight! “Girl, you better watch out, you’re libel to give a man a heart attack” I blurted out as I reached the truck. Liza lifted one knee exposing more of her perfectly shaped ass and thrust her chest out. With no bra under her ¼ t-shirt the form of her perfect breast showed through and her hardened nipples protruded out a good ½ inch. “GIRL” Liza spat out “I haven’t been a little girl for a long time Bob, I can do anything my mom can do”

The sound of her voice was not that of young innocence but that of sexual seductress and that heavenly body was screaming out with passion egger to become transformed into woman. I was in a tremendous battle with my conscious, the morals I had always held dear and the respect for her mother and even myself. It had become impossible for me to hide my psychical arousal any longer and slid my hand back over my trouser trailing my fingers along pulsating cock. “I’m sure you can doll now jump in and let’s head to the house.” Liza responded instantly jumping into the cab of the truck making no attempt to button her shorts back up and slid her warm hard body firmly up alongside of mine. She sat with those perfectly shaped golden bronze legs spread wide centering her pink treasure on the gear shift. I dropped the gear shift down into second as Liza slid her hips forward forcing my hand to come to rest directly on top of her hot moist mound. Liza slammed her legs together tightly capturing my hand then rocked her hips grinding her radiating lust.

I looked over prepared to give her a scolding and found myself mesmerized. Liza had her eyes locked on my bulging cock, her head leaning on my shoulder as she started grinding her hot moist passion even harder on my hand. Letting out a whisper of a moan as she began to squirm and grind her tight little ass. Pulling my hand into her hot passion even harder the moist heat of her desire engulfed my palm as the burning passion stuck my heart my cock became engorged making me ache from the thick heavy pounding. Holding the gearshift tightly the vibration of the motor and winding transmission transferred to Liza’s swollen clit. She began to grind on my hand vigorously then leaned over grasping my cock with her two hands. The shock and glorious sensation created a reflex reaction in me. My hips thrust forward and Liza’s grip became tighter as she pulled back along my shaft, forcing me to thrust my hips even harder. “OH GOD I WANT TO SEE IT, PLEASE LET ME SEE IT.” She gasped in a pleading tone, while she fumbled with the remaining buttons on my trousers.

I did not say a word, only pressed my hand tighter on her hot sex then I placed two fingers over swollen clit and began to massage it over her shorts. Liza let out a long sensual moan as her orgasm flowed from her yearning treasure forming a large wet spot on her shorts. She achieved success unbuttoning my trousers and violently spread the fly wide nearly ripping them. She moved swiftly easily pulling the entirety of my manhood free. Unable to wrap her fingers around my cock she seemed to be in a state of shock momentarily before latching hold with both hands. Her eyes looking directly into mine “it’s so hard and hot I want to” Liza drove her head down stretching her mouth around the head and sucked on it as if it were a piece of rock candy. Slurping and sucking pushing the head past her lips with a longing like I had ever experienced before.

Liza turned and lifted her ass from the seat removing her shorts as she forced more of my cock deeper into her mouth. “OH SHIT” I moaned. Overwhelmed with lust I thrust upward driving my manhood deeper into her hungry virgin mouth. Offering no resistance to my thrust, I repeated my actions with my hand pushing down on the base of her head. She pulled my cock from her mouth with a slurping sound “give all to me, I Love it more than anything.” She said between heavy breaths. I couldn’t believe what was happening and found it hard to speak “OK, now stick you tong out along the shaft of my cock as far as you can baby” I instructed. Without hesitation she did as she was told, I pushed down on her head forcing my cock deeper. Her hot spit and drool began flowing down over my cock and pooled under my ass. Unable to contain my lust any longer I lunged upward the head of my cock pushed into her throat. Liza began to gag but started to recover quickly, I instantly pushed forward inching my cock deeper into her tight throat. She pushed down my hips attempting to lift her head from my cock and stop me from penetrating any deeper. Only it was as if I was under a hypnotic spell and I forced my cock deeper and deeper continuing to force my manhood until I had all of my cock sunk into her tight throat. Rocking my hips in three short motions the sensation of her throat on the head of my cock had me at brink of orgasm.

I released her head allowing for her to withdraw my bulging manhood from her throat. Liza anticipating relief inhaled deeply yet as the head of my cock touched her lips I drove my cock back into her throat with every ounce of energy I held. Thrusting repeatedly, driving my cock in and out of her throat, Liza pulled away once more gasping for air. I allowed her only to take in half of a breath before sinking my cock back to its depths. The sensation was uncontrollably overwhelming, for the first time in my life I began fucking Liza’s throat with wild lust. Hot sperm spewed from my engorged member, erupting down her throat and filling her mouth. Freeing my cock from grasp of her stretched jaws, I began stroking my cock vigorously seeking relief from the coiled burning lust. “NO” Lisa yelled out then sucked the head of my cock into her mouth once more. Instantly I resumed my erupting climax and with each spasm spewing my hot sperm into Liza’s awaiting mouth. Sucking the head of member so much harder she had me spewing cum quickly, never faltering and continued drinking my hot love selfishly.

I pushed her back onto the seat her legs opened up revealing her perfect pink treasure, I slid two of my fingers past her swollen lips and completely inside her Hot Wet Sex. “YES” she yelled out as she drove her hips high “harder, faster” she screamed as her hips bucked wildly. “Oh My God” she yelled out as she reached climax and her hot cum covered my hand pooling on the seat, putting her hands on her inter thighs spreading her legs wider while lifting her ass up off the seat wanting more. I wanted to give this little hot bitch a fucking she could never forget. But, I continued working her hot pussy over adding a finger every few moments until her yearning desire was stretched wide by my four fingers. Letting out a loud yelp her body began to jerk before she squirted uncontrollably covering us both.

Liza’s eyes opened with shock, never before experiencing anything as extreme and intense her sexual cry’s became louder. Placing my other hand over her mouth I gained better leverage and increased my speed and depth. I gripped tightly over her mouth muffling her screams of ecstasy. She squirted three additional times and must have cum at least five. I pulled my hand from her gaping hole as her body remained totally limp over the truck seat as I turned the truck around headed back to the horse barn, We both needed to cleanup before going back to the house.

A few days had passed and nothing was ever mentioned about what had taken place, yet I could not keep it out of my mind and I would often catch her watching me with a sexually hungry look in her eyes. It was Saturday afternoon Debra and Liza had returned from shopping. Lisa was extremely excited and insisted I see the new swimsuit she purchased, like a bullet she ran up the stairs giggling all the way. Watching her firm ass going up the stairs was enough to give me that coiled up sensation in my groin. Yet, I was more annoyed then enthused about having to wait and give my approval of a new swimsuit. I remained at the base of the staircase as the visions of the two of us in the truck held my focus.

Suddenly my heart leaped as my eyes locked onto the image of a golden tanned goddess perfectly shaped in every way radiating sexual passion. What she had described as a swimsuit couldn’t have contained enough material to make a handkerchief and most erotic dancers would even consider as reveling. Liza began her decent down the stairway, as our eyes met it was clear this was no mere young girl; she was 100% woman a pure sexually seductive force flowed from her submerging me in her fiery spell. With each step her confidence grew, sensing my approval by the uncontrollable reaction of my body. My thoughts were overwhelmed with her beauty and perfection. Drinking her every detail from the beckoning glint sparkling in her emerald green eyes telling me she wanted me and would have me. Her intoxicating smile of both innocence and mischief, such succulent breast her hardened nipples protruding with desire, the silky succulent curves of her waist demanding gentle kisses, and hidden beneath thin pink material her swollen fiery pink hips my mouth watered for, the sleek sensual curve of her legs that proudly carried her magnificent beauty.

Simply taking in the view of sexually defined excellence was powerful enough to bring a man to orgasm anticipating the ecstasy of her touch. I could feel her excitement and aroused gaining in intensity with each step she took falling deeper into the raging flames of desire. My smile expressed the unconditional delight in my heart the tremendous bulge soon to rip through my thin trousers assured her that she would soon be mine. As she continued to move closer, her body swayed in a sensually seductive manner pulling at me from the depths of my soul. Deeper and deeper the hypnotic sensation grasped tightly onto my burning rivers of desire. Raw animal lust boiled in my veins as the flames of true passion hardened and stretched the flesh of my pounding cock.
Liza flashed her beautiful mischievous smile of approval after lowering her eyes and beholding the frightening large bulge I gently stroked, proving my approval and desire. Undoubtedly, she was fueled with arousal and wanted me to take her right here and now! I desperately needed to release my cock from the painful bindings of my trousers. Yet I could not do so without ripping open my trousers and physically grasping my cock. Lisa was merely inches away; her eyes locked on my bulging cock as she began to gently stroke her enter thigh with a slow seductive motion.

Pulling the thin material to one side exposing her fiery wet passion “look I even shaved for you, it’s so hot, and wet” She whispered. I extended my hand forward to touch her sweet flesh as she guided my middle finger between her pink folds. Fighting my growing desire to throw her to the floor and just fuck her brains out. Unconscious of my actions I uttered the words out loud “You are one Fucking Hot and Beauty Lady!”
Liza spoke in a very clear and decisive tone “I’ve been waiting for you to see me as a woman and for you to want me as much as I want you” OH SHIT, I Thought this is it there is no turning back now

“Without question Liza you’re truly the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, I want you as mine if you will have me.” Before I could finish my statement she leaned in grasping my throbbing bulge and began stroking its length; she let out a gasp then looked up smiling “I’ve been dreaming of this day take me now right here” I thought I was going to pass out as every drop of blood in my body now rushed to my engorged pounding cock. I could feel her opening the fly of my trouser then placed one hand on each side of the waistband as she pushed my trousers down over my hips. I was unable to stop her and remained motionless as my cock was released springing forward exposing my cleanly shave manhood. I reached down to return my cock to the confines of my trousers, only Liza was quicker wrapping both of her hands around my aching cock. “OH you’re so big and hard” she stated in a shy mischievous tone, secretly priding herself on her seductive accomplishment.

Liza began stroking my cock with both hands gripping me even harder. I wanted to drive my cock forward and feel the heat of her wet passion; my hips began to rock with the rhythm of her strokes. ”Dear God Liza, we can’t do this right here like this you’re going to get me killed by your mom” I said, knowing we were past the point of no return and I had to have her. Then my heart jumped into my throat as a earth shattering shock shot throughout my body. The sensation of guilt became overwhelming as the sound of her mother’s voice resonated in my head “She needs a good, gentle, and loving man Bob, Someone like you to show her the beauty of Love and Passion. Not some punk kid wanting to fuck in the back of a car.”

I wasn’t sure if I heard correctly or if my mind was playing tricks. I turned to face her mother only to discover she must have been there the entire time. She was smiling with a look of complete approval and she appeared to be aroused as well. Debra walked over to Lisa and I placed her hand over Liza’s then began guiding her hand in long firm strokes. “She really wants this and we’ve been using the vibrator getting her ready for some time now, but you will still need to be gentle making her take all of you.” I wasn’t sure how to react, had they really been planning this. Debra started to jack my cock as Liza was watching and touching herself?

I swallowed hard while looking into Liza’s eyes. “I’ve always thought of you as a woman and fought with the temptation that has continuously grown stronger in me. I feared someone would discover how I felt or could see my desire becoming stronger for you each day!” I told Liza. She smiled then leaned in kissing me on the lips for the first time. I felt hands pulling my trousers to the floor and I stepped free of them. A hand pulled on the length of my cock as another massaged its head then one was rubbing my ball sack. Liza had the look of a hungry Lioness waiting to feed in her eyes as she watched intensely as Debra began sucking my cock as she continued stroking. Lisa’s breathing was becoming deeper and louder as her breast heaved and fell. Then she let out a beckoning gasp as I released the knot holding up her swimsuit letting it fall to the floor. Sliding my finger back between her hot wet pink folds as her sweet juices flowed down my hand.

Reaching down to retrieve my cock from Debra I was a bit shocked when she sucked in my fingers covered with Liza’s sweet passion. I pulled Liza lips to mine and began kissing her deeply with my deep desire our tongs met and the passion ignited. Once Debra had licked every sweet morsel from my fingers she then guided them back into Liza’s divine depths. Liza seized my cock pulling it to her. Debra spoke up instructing Liza to sit on the couch. She did as directed then with our eyes locked in desire she spread her golden legs widely then pulled her swollen pink lips apart opening the gateway to heaven. Debra’s head remained between Liza and I. Therefore, requiring me to lean forward in order to gain access to Liza’s hot pussy with my tong and resulted in my driving my cock into Debra’s throat with one swift action.

My tong penetrated Liza’s sweet puss and she pulled my head forward driving my tong deeper. I continued to probe my tong exploring her passionate depths forcing Liza to begin grinding my face. Yet, when I sucked her clit into my mouth flick it with my tong as sucked and swallowed. Her hips began to buck as she threw her ass higher into the air attempting to force her heavenly hot flesh deeper into my mouth. With her ass high in the air I quickly inserted my middle finger inside Liza’s virgin ass. A high pitched whimper escaped her lips before I began to lick and suck her hot wet pussy and clit like a sex starved animal. Liza body reacted as if convulsing, swaying then thrusting, withdrawing jerking forward. Illegible phrases and words spewed from her mouth as the actions with my mouth and tong increased in both speed and force. I than began with a slow gentle rhythm fucking her tight virgin ass with my finger.

Within mere moments she had accepted the anal intrusion and spewing the words “OH GOD YES” I knew she would achieve her first orgasm of the afternoon feeling her tightening on my tong and finger. I pulled my mouth from her sweet puss quickly directing Liza to spread her ass cheeks wide with both hands. Before Liza hand the time to comply Debra spread Liza’s cheeks wide and almost painfully. Sucking and flicking Liza’s protruding and swollen clit vigorously I added an additional finger into Liza’s virgin bud. Driving my fingers rapidly, in less than ten deep hard thrust Liza threw her head back as her eyes rolled back into her skull crying out “FUCK ME OH YES FUCK ME” squirting intensely before an additional orgasm that drained her of all energy.

Allowing her to recover I moved with tender and graceful motion kissing her divinely firm and perfectly formed breast, and along her neck to the back of her ear. Then whispered I Love everything about you and promise that this day you will fill sensations that will bring you pleasure like you never imagined possible. I then placed the head of my bulging cock between her wet folds. Debra began pushing my ass forward and Liza felt the penetration of her first real cock and started to tense up. I kissed her on the neck continuously whispering relax and open yourself to me. Forcing an additional three inches inside her fabulously hot and tight pussy Liza tried to spread her legs a bit wider yet her fear held on. It’s going to be OK I whispered before biting down on Liza’s ear lobe. She moved her head as if to move away and I thrust an additional three inches into her TIGHT pussy. “OH GOD IT’S TO BIG” she gasped you’re ripping me in half. I slid my tong in her ear and kissed her neck passionately.

Rocking my hips and working the eight inches in and out of her. Soon her legs opened as her fluids flowed allowing my cock to move without resistance. Increasing my speed and motion Liza began rocking in rhythm with me and placed her hands on my ass cheeks pulling me into her. I then continued with my forward motion sliding two more inches inside of her virgin cunt. “OH GOD STOP” she yelled out. I withdrew my cock completely she looked at me with a questioning puzzled look. Then I drove my cock back into her virgin depths, all of the air left her body and I repeated the action, then again, then again, then again, then again and harder. “OOOH” escaped her quivering lips before I forced her legs back to her chest driving my cock inside her trembling hot body. Pulling my cock free of her flesh she took in a deep heavy breath prior to me sinking in all of the cock I could give. Taking all of my ten and one half inches of length and seven inch girth she cried out. I continued to drive my cock all of the way to her virgin depths, even pushing forcibly when our pelvis’s were slammed tight. I kissed her passionately on the lips and she responded kissing me back with even more passion. “I LOVE YOU and MY BODY IS TO PLEASE YOU, GIVE ME ALL OF YOUR LOVE” Liza whispered. I rolled her over face down and she lifted her ass up high. I slid my cock into her flowing wet hot pussy completely grasping her hips, I began to thrust my hips forward driving my cock deep and hard, the faster, then faster, then faster. Liza began to quiver her legs were shaking she began to moan and harder and faster I fucked her virgin pussy. “OOOOHHHH” Liza screamed out as she squirted uncontrollably “OH GOD” she yelled as she squirted again “Oh MY GOD” she squeaked as I felt her pussy constricting tightening around my cock as her climax began to flow.

“Slow and push real gentle and easy as if trying to pee” I commanded as I looked deep into her eyes. Continuing to work my cock in long slow deep motions Liza soon began to sing one continuous moan “ooooooohhhhhhh,ooooooohhhhh” she repeated. Her orgasm continued I began to release mine as well slowly pumping my cock allowing only a fraction of my hot cum to escape filling Liza’s virgin cunt. We kissed with unconditional desire and passion I caressed her breast suckling her tender and firm nipples. Liza’s orgasm continued for two or three minutes yet seemed like hours to her, with her body falling limp she begged “PLEASE don’t stop I don’t want you to ever stop” then began sucking on my tit as if try to suck it off. IT drove my arousal to the limit instantly and I rolled the two of us over with Liza sitting on top facing away from me. “OK baby you fuck me now” I said as I lifted the head of my cock to meet her stretched hot wet love.

Liza slid my cock deeper inside of her awaiting passion and began to swivel her ass up down and around while grinding me into her depths. Then she lifted herself up to the head of my cock and slowly lowered herself back down again she repeated the action and again once more only dropping herself a little quicker. Followed by a bit harder I spread my legs wide forcing her further apart and reached around rubbing her clit with vigor. She continued to work my cock with her amazingly hot and tight pussy harder and deeper before I lifted her free of my cock drove three fingers inside her pussy with my thumb placed over her clit, then working vigorously and violently until she squirted holding her body firmly in place as she squealed and tried to escape my hold as I brought her to a forced climax.

That’s it that’s all I can handle Liza said as if having to force the words out. Take a little break then dear and give momma a chance I heard Debra exclaim. “I may need, a little break myself” I said. Then suddenly I felt Debra’s tong licking my ass. This was something entirely new and unfamiliar to me. It was a bit odd at first yet soon had my cock pounding once more. She pushed her tong past my clinched bud penetrating me with her tong, forcing it deeper and was soon tong fucking my ass. “Dam that’s not bad” I said. “That’s Fucking Hot” Liza exclaimed and began to play with her pussy with the head of my cock. Debra moved around alongside Liza with her face down and ass high in the air. I moved over behind her and rubbed my cock on her ass expecting for her to complain or move away. But, she pushed back applying more pressure on the head of my cock. “I need to have my cock wet” I said looking at Liza. She instantly obliged sucking it into her mouth then spiting on it.

I placed my cock preparing to attempt entering Debra’s tight ass when Liza spread Debra’s ass cheeks wide and covered her with spit. Pushing slowly Debra thrust her ass back into me forcing the head of my cock into her with a snap. She began to slowly rock her ass taking me deeper; I caught on very quickly and forced my cock deeper. Then forced myself even deeper into Debra’s tight ass before I began working my cock in and out, pulling myself free from her ass I plunged it back in. I was being overcome by the sensation of burning lust once more and began to fuck Debra’s tight ass while Liza became aroused watching. SLAP out of nowhere Liza had slapped Debra’s ass with such force a perfect dark red impression of her hand remained on Debra’s left ass cheek. “OH YES” Debra said seductively. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP Liza released three very hard blows. Debra responded driving her ass back onto my cock taking all it inside of her.

“You like that don’t you Bitch” Lisa said SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP “YES MAKE ME YOUR BITCH” Debra shouted. I had never seen this side of her and would have never expected it. Liza moved directly in front of Debra grabbed her by the hair lifting her head. “what are you going to do Bitch” Liza asked. Debra said nothing but drove her head between Liza’s legs and began sucking and licking Liza’s pussy. I watched in shock for a second then SLAP, SLAP I blistered Debra’s now glowing ass driving my cock in hard. “OH YES” Debra said as cum began to drip from her cunt. Liza was grinding Debra’s face “You have to have Bob’s permission if you want to taste my cum Bitch” Liza barked at Debra. “I want it Please I want to taste the cum from both of you” Debra begged. I heard the tone of the vibrator Liza had been using and had no idea where it came from. The tone changed and I knew it was being driven into one of these kinky women.

It was clearly Liza being fucked by the vibrator as her hips began to rock and her legs continued to open and close as Debra was eating her pussy and fucking her with the vibrator. This was wild and had me extremely horny, grabbing hold of Debra’s hair and pulling her head back from Liza’s pussy, I pounded my cock deep into her clinching ass. I stood pulling Debra from the couch and directed Liza to lie on her back and placed them in face to crotch slapped Debra’s ass and instructed her to eat Liza’s pussy until she came and told Liza to do the same. I drove my cock into Debra’s ass while Liza licked and sucked her pussy like a pro. Then Liza drove the vibrator deep inside of Debra’s pussy, I could feel it against my cock and really enjoyed it. Debra’s ass was clinching my cock tightly and would spasm randomly holding me tight inside, her hips began to buck and jerk as she began to let out some sort of growl and grunts. She climaxed and collapsed completely rolling off of Liza. I was to close and could not stop, reaching down turning Liza to belly and moving behind her. Liza lifted her ass high for me as I spit into my hand and covered the head of my cock.

I placed the head of my cock to Liza’s tight ass bud and forced the head past her tight opening, then began thrusting my cock gaining depth with each thrust. Liza SCREAMED OUT “I DON’T THINK I CAN—AWE” I had less than half of my cock in her tight fucking ass and she was cumming all over herself. I was on fire with lust and drove my cock deeper with each thrust as I fucked Liza’s tight virgin ass “YES” Liza shouted as she quivered and her nectar flowed from her swollen pussy. “OH MY GOD YES YES” she proclaimed clinching my cock as she quivered and climaxed. Liza’s legs went limp and she collapsed to the floor and I followed her down continuing to feed her tight virgin ass my pulsating engorged cock. Liza was secreting a milky substance from her ass t appeared to be cum but it wasn’t mine. I placed a folded pillow under her hips lifting her ass enough to provide me with deeper penetration and continued to pound her virgin ass. Occasionally, withdrawing my cock to admire the amazing gape that was once a tight ass bud, I heard Liza’s voice “I want to fuck you now let me ride your beautiful cock Daddy!” Daddy? Where in the Hell did that come from I thought to myself.

Sure thing baby but you need to make me cum again I really need it. Liza climbed on top and began working my cock inside of her hot pussy. She stopped and I felt something pushed tight against my cock then it began to slide along side of me deeper into Liza. “OH MY GOD FUCK ME WITH TWO COCKS YES MAKE IT FIT” Liza said as she forced the vibrator into her ass. “If that’s what you want baby I’ll do it for you” I replied. Holding the vibrator tight to my cock I forced it into her ass as my cock sank deep in her virgin pussy. She began to bounce and grind an soon I was cumming, “Push nice and easy like you want to pee baby and make it last” Liza instructed. She really didn’t need to remind me because I was way ahead of her and unloaded sperm for a good four minutes.

I was certain our family sexual encounter would keep everyone satisfied for a few days, and felt that we needed to discuss what had taken place insuring it remained our secrete. I later discovered Liza was not Debra’s daughter; she was her niece the daughter of a step brother. For those inquiring minds Liza and I continue to sleep together while regularly enjoying the company of one of her classmates for the weekend.
You have to hear about when Little Nicole came for the summer.


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