Jenny was your typical white girl standing at 4'10 85 pounds A cup tits blonded hair blue eyes. It was the homecoming and her school was playing last year high school football champions both teams were in the championship game but lost by 2. They were 35 yards away from a touchdown but decide to kick and go for the 3 points it was an intense game it was freezing rain at the time and windy as well. The kick was made everybody thought it was going to go in but as it got closer it hit the post and the game ended with a disappointing lost. Now a rematch it was deja vu all over again same as last year the kick is off and ball went in the team celebrated after a big lost of the championship game and now they knocked off the champions.

The team cheered as they went to the locker room and all people congratulated the team as they pass by. Jenny was excided her team won redention for last year everybody still cheering talking about how close it was. Jenny followed the team to the locker room as she got there it smelled a little but she hears the team cheering talking "yeah we fucking won" "you did it man" "I was fucking nervous about kicking it". Still the team talking as Jenny walked in to see her team celebrating a big win. "Hi guys." Said Jenny all nervous. "Umm congrants on the win. You made the school proved." Everybody saying something to Jenny as one team member said "would you like to help us celebrate?" "Sure but how?" Jenny answered all confused. "Well you let us fuck you." Jenny's eyes went wide she thought about it and said "ok." She walked in the middle of the locker room the whole team surrounded her. "Wait. You guys go rinse yourself off and then you can fuck me." The whole team went to rinse off the sweat as Jenny undressed.

Jenny was open minded when it came to sex she had sex, a 3some and a 4 some at 10. At 11 had sex with a girl and also had a 3some with 2 girls. Now she was going to have a gangbang she watch gangbang porn and she wanted to try it. One by one a team member walked back to the locker room seening Jenny naked as the first guy went over and started to play with her. 3 more guys came over hands on her tits ass and pussy. She was getting turned on by the team wanting to fuck her. Jenny was layes on the bench she was getting and was offered a cock to suck. Jenny saw many different sizes of cocks white black and latino cocks where waiting to get inside her. The cock sizes went from 8 inches to 5 inches also 5 around to 2 around. There 5 black boys and they were tall like 6'2 Jenny was 4'10 it made her look like a small child. The other were shorter. Jenng wanted everybody to lick her and have their cock in mouth. This took 45 minutes 20 boys on the team Jenny asked if the small cocks fuck me first and 3 boys came to her. "Umm I can only take 2 at a time." Jenny said with a concern. "You have 3 holes baby. Mouth ass and pussy you can take 3." Said a team member. "I never been fucked in the ass before."

"You said you would help us celebrate." Said other team member. "I guess I did ok but go slow if you go rough I swear you will never fuck another girl again. Understand?!!!" All the boy agreed "who wants which hole?" Jenny asked as the 3 boys choose there hole were they going to put their cock in. This wasnt Jenny first time having to work with 3 cock but it was her first time doing anal. A cock slides in her pussy as she moan and opens her mouth then was filled with a cock in it. Now all she was wait is the cock in her ass she feell a lot going on her mouth get fucked her pussy getting fucked but her attention was on her ass. Althought feeling the other 2 cocks in her gave way until she feel her ass getting poked. The boys cock was trying as his teammate yelled "shove it in her, open that ass up good, fuck her good." More and more they kept yelling to give it to me.

Jenny now feel the cock in her ass she screams but its muffed due to getting face fucked. The boy slides more cock in her ass as Jenny starts to cry and couldnt speak the boy wasnt big they were all 5 or 6 inches but her ass hurt so bad. The boy in her ass starts to fuck her Jenny feels the pain as tears run down her face as the other 2 kept on doing her. A few minutes later Jenny starts to moan and liking it. She moves ass backward as the team yells "damn she like it, give it to her hard, she wants more." Another 2 guys come over to her mouth to get there cock sucked. Her as and pussy were getting filled good the boy that were coming uo next were a little bigger Jenny starts to cum as she fell hot warm cum until she realizes that the guy in her pusssy was cumming inside her but her worries went away fast. Her ass and pussy leaking cum another 2 boys took over as her pussy and ass are filled in cum and made it easy for her to get 2 new cocks in her. After 15 boys already fucked Jenny they all got dress and spanked her as she they left. The last 5 boys gave her time to rest.

"We should stick 2 cocks in her pussy." Jenny over heared what they said. "Wow really? Lets do it." Of course Jenny not thinking straight as she had her brain fucked out of her. 4 black boy and a latino boy were the last one left to fuck Jenny. 3 black boy went to her as 2 fucked and the other help Jenny one cock in as the other was hard due to Jenny's small pussy the other boy tried to open up Jenny's pussy the second slide it as Jenny scream and moan loud the other black boy come and shoved his cock in her mouth. The thighness was to much for the boys as they blasted their cum in her once the boys pull out her pussy had a big gape a size of an an apple. The latino boy was in awe when he saw Jenny taking 2 cocks and her pussy all wide. "Have fun with her, whats left of her" They walked to shower laughing about her. 2 black boys and a latino boy were left and Jenny looked very tired as the latino boy said "hey guy why dont you fuck her ass stick both your cock in there I wanna see if she can take it." Both boys looked at each other and went for it. Jenny nearly passing out she wake up as her ass starts to get filled then she is shocked another cock was entering her, her scream were loud as the latino boy make her shut up by sticking his cock in her mouth. Again the tightness of her ass was to much as they blasted there cum in her ass.

Jenny's ass was soooo stretched the latino boy could inside her. The other boy walked out got dress as the other 2 took shower. Jenny was there laying tired probably on unconscience. The latino boy sees her pussy as he fuck her still a little tight he fucks Jenny hard and fucks her ass still a little tight as well. The 2 boys spanks Jenny in the ass as they walked out the latino boy finishes by cum in Jenny's pussy. He walks in to shower the other 2 boys walk out and see Jenny all used up they to spank her. Jenny wakes up a few second later sees the the team gone. She walks to the shower to clean up she sees the latino boy and walks up to him. "Hi" Jenny say in a weak voice. "Oh hey you look fucked up." Saying while laughing. Jenny tried to clean herself but it was hard the latino boy helps her get clean. Once clean he carries her to the locker room gets her dress drivers her home carries her to her room.

The next morning Jenny wakes up all sore and weak luckily it was saturday and there was no school. She was soooooo tired she sleeped for a whole day until Sunday afternoon still sore Jenny checks her ass and pussy shocked that both hole were large. By Monday it was getting smaller she went to school still sore and hurting she sees the football on the field hanging out before school starts. She walks to them "hi guys" say Jenny in a cheer mood. All boys said hi and gave her a hug. They all talked about Jenny on what she did and Jenny was a little embarrassed on what happen. She smiled knowing that they enjoy fucking her. The whole team treated her like a princess the bell rang as they all walked inside Jenny unable to walk normal the latino boy help her walk in the school and to her class. During the whole day everytime a member of the football saw Jenny they would shout out at her and cheering at her. Jenny would hook up with the football team either in small groups or one on one and during the season they were undefeated. The team was in the championship game again playing last years winners this time her team won the championship.

She was so happy that she invited the whole team to her house to fuck her. The next to 2 year she would let the team fuck and become 3x champions. Jenny had more sex then a pornstar and she was lucky that she didnt got pregnant. Jenny still remembers the first time she got fucked by her team and wish she could do it again one more time.

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