Hello, This is my 1st story. Inspired by Sexy Squall, I wrote it. I'm a bad story writer. I use simple words which idky. Rough draft, Possible chapters if this is liked enough. Please Use Constructive Crisitisim to help me and tips. TYVM Enjoy
I awoke at the sound of my house being broken into at the strike of dusk. I had a reputation of being a wussy and never snitching. I also never had any friends because I was pretty overweight for my height. My name is Rachele and I'm a female 4ft 9in in height and 212lbs, Age of 23 and graduated college with a Masters degree in Animal Science and definetely learned alot about forest creatures and how to react to big bears, wolves, etc if you encounter one. I never been in a relationship before because no one wants to be with a loser. Even my parents were embarrased to go to the stupid grocery store in fear of me being made fun of. All because I was a smart kid and never did ANYTHING stupid like go to parties and drink beer etc. Anways back to story.

I sat in my bed crying and flipping out. Heard a gunshot and someone falling on the floor. First thing that came to my head was my dog, male Golden Retriever named Tyson age 3 years old and weighing almost 100lbs. I then slowly walked out my bedroom and heard nothing. Sneaked through the house and saw my dog shot in the head. I tried to scream but couldnt and tears flowing like a river out of my eyes. Knelt down and cried and buried my dog, telling no one. He was like a brother to me and my best friend. Without him, I'm nothing. I went online and went to facebook and saw on my wall, a bunch of mean comments bout my dog dieing. I cried again, but not as long or bad. So i closed my facebook down and wanted to go camping. I loved the forest and couldn't get enough of it.

I brought with me 2 canteens of ice cold water and alot of sandwiches and chips, a tent, camping gear, and sleeping bag. So after I packed, I drove my 2002 Ford pickup and drove far away into a forest known for lots of wolf sightings. Wanted to learn how they live and eat. Grabbed my stuff and started setting up about a 2 miles into the forest where I couldn't be spied on or attacked anyone. After an hour of setting up my campsite, i felt this excruciating pain in my thigh. I looked at it and saw this strange bug looking like it is sucking my blood. I studied it and looked at it, and someone how got wet from it. So i decided to masterbait to it and after 20 mins it looked like it expanded about 2-3 inches bigger and it walked away instead of flying. It looked like about a few tbsp's of blood leacked out of my wound and then stopped. I finished masturbating with a loud orgasm and cleaned myself and my wound up and stood up, but suddenly got really dizzy and passed out beside my tent.

For wat felt like hours, I woke up to a humongous and large wolf laying beside me covered in wounds and blood. At 1st i jumped and felt a sharp pain in my thigh, remembering that bug that sucked my blood. Then I stared the wolf down sharply and making sure it isn't aggressive. After about 5mins, i decided to go and check this wolf out, wondering why it would trust to fall asleep beside me instead of tearing into me. Then i noticed on the back of its neck, front paw, and back hing thigh part of his leg has huge gash with blood still leaking from it. Being how I'm smart to bring a Medical Package, I brought one over and decided to wake the Wolf up. When I did, he looked terrified as if I'm going to kill him. I attempted to use what I learned in college and stayed calm, letting him know I'm here to help you. Thankfully, it worked and he licked my hand and laid back down.

1st thing I did was pour some water over his back leg to let the extra dirt and grass fall off the wound and grabbed the paper towel to whipe it up little. The wolf yelped and once again, I comforted him. I fixed up his hind leg and he started moving it again. Being me and my over emotional self, I had tears of joy and the wolf licked seemd happier, not as scared. So i moved to his paw and saw that it was deep and he whimpered pretty loud when i bearly touched it. I did same exact procedure that I did to his hind leg, but didnt bandage it too tightly so he could still use it. This time, he stood up and licked my face as if trying to thank me. I just petted him and forgot bout his neck and accidentally hit it. He yelped very loudly and fell down and whimpered. I started crying and apologizing and petted him. He didn't mind the petting and helped him stay calm. This time, i had to shave his hair around his neck off so I can see it. As i turned on the razor, he got up and growled at me staring at me with these beautiful blue eyes and saw how big he looked. From estimation, he looked 4ft tall and 1 ft wide, and 5ftlong. I once again started to tear up in got extreamly scared, scared enough to almost pee myself. I laid the razor down and put my hands up, letting him know I'm not being aggressive. He came over nipped at my neck like a warning and laid back down, showing me his neck. I instead got the scissors and at same time of petting him, always cut his hair all the way to the skin and cleaned it up. I saw a big gash/gap 1-2 inch wide and thought to myself how he survived that bite was unknown, but I new i had to soe it shut ot otherwise, he would die. I cleaned it up with water, but really gently and sterilized it with alcohol wipes and got scared when he yelped and whimpered, but thankfully he wasnt aggressive. After cleaning it, i petted him and showed him i meant no harm. I stuck the needle after sterilizing it and started sewing. He was whimpering entire time and took my time to not rush through it and screw it all up. After about 20mins, i finished and told him he was a good boy and petted him. He got up licked my face for a long time and wondered where his pack was. I was looking at his coat, and he looked beautiful, aside from the blood, but his Silver coating, with little black swirls on it really looked good on him. I decided to call him Silver. I got up put stuff up and Silver kept following me. I kept encouraging him and called him good boy. I went in my tent, got my clothes, shampoo and such, and went to stream to bathe.
Once again he followed me, not knowing what he wanted. As i got naked, I was looking around for any people, still embarrased about my weight. After I stripped fully, Silver, looked a me curiously prob wondering where my hair is I thought. He got in the water with me and yelped as his cuts touched the water and got out. I watched him as he slowly got in and letting his wounds get used to it. Then he got leg deep and started whimpering. I went over to him and petted him. I didn't realise it, but my pussy was right in his face and he sniffed it.. I started to get wet, but then backed off of him and didnt want to be licked like that.

I fell over couldnt get up fast enough and he started to attack my pussy and devour it. I kept trying to push him off, then decided to take it. It felt good and had weird feelings i never felt before in my stomach. I kept moaning and screaming squeezed my boobs and nipples just squeezing really hard. Finally I couldnt take it any more. I had to be fucked by this wolf. I got up and got on my hands and knees and raised my big ass in the air and Silver mounted me. I sensed his dominance and he made sure I wouldnt move. I noticed he kept trying to squeeze me tight so I couldnt move, but I was too fat. Instead he just wrapped me and felt his claws dig into me and felt my skin get scratched as he was poking me. Once he hit his mark, he pushed drove into with the force of a baseball hitting a swinging bat making me scream so loud from the pain, remembering i was still a virgin, and he just kept getting deeper and deeper.. Then he suddenly stopped, adjusted himself on me, and starting fucking me with everything hes got, knowing I'm his bitch and that I had to submit to him, I felt great and got wetter and wetter. He just kept pounding me and pounding me. I felt like I needed his dick more than ever and started to grind him as he fucked me. I looked at my body and saw it jiggling more than ever and got even more turned on. My boobs were swinging with the rhythm of the fucking. I started to feel his dick swell up inside me and then I felt this really big thing that i learned it being called a knot, size of a tennis ball trying to enter me. He relocated his paws from my stomach down to my hips and tried to force it into me. I screamed in pain as he forced its way into my pussy. After 5 thrusts, it got inside me and my pussy lips closed in on it, and Silver was lodging its way into me. I felt him fucking me and his dick hitting somewhere in my stomach. All of a sudden, I felt this warm burst of stuff flowing inside me. I started cumming then, 1st time ever and both of our juices mixed together. He did a victory howel as he knew he owned me and came in me for over 15mins and finally stopped, and felt him shrinking. I laid there breathing heavily and felt his head on my back, drooling, knowing I was his bitch now. I didn't feel bad at all. He then pulled out and licked my leaking cum off my thighs and pussy clean. Afterward, cleaned himself. I passed out and woke up to him licking my face and cuddled up beside me and laid down. I just laid there, wrapped my arms and legs around him and fell asleep spooning him.

When I awoke, it was dark and Silver was eating all my food. I scolded him and he backed off. I saw 1 sandwich left and decided to eat it, knowing it was my last sandwich. Silver hunkered down as if he knew he did something bad. I felt bad afterwards called him over. He came to me intensly petted his back and face, trying to get to the skin instead of just rubbing fur. Thats when he ran off and looked at me, barked, then ran off. He was probably going to get his pack and come to me. I decid to strip because it was hot out and slept. Thinking about the fucking i got. I started to rub my clit and squeeze my nipples thinking about it. I heard barking in the distance and howling. I got up and saw Silver on a full out sprint coming back again, but alone, and scared. He ran into the tent and hid behind me and I saw a 2 other wolves following. Smaller, but vicious looking. I felt bad for him and comforted him, letting him know I'm here. The other wolves Showing their teeth and growling started approaching aggressively and ready to attack. I got up and curled beside Silver and he was scared also. Those 2 were prob the ones that attacked Silver earlier. I told myself that I would help protect Silver. So i got in front of him and screamed "Get back u stupid rabid beasts. You have no right to hurt him." They didn't get what i said, but took it as an aggressive attack. I looked back and saw Silver astonished and looked at me like, Thankyou or something like that. All i know is that he was filled with joy. I turned around and one of the wolves lunged at me full force showing teeth and claws. I had 1 second to counter and instead, i covered my face and hunkered down. Just before I got attacked, Silver jumped out and Tackled the other wolf, and Bit his neck bone crushing force and the wolf's life ended. The other lunged at me and bit my shoulder hard enough to tear the muscle, but not hard enough to crush my bone. I screamed in agony and punched his eye, making him let go and slapped him again. He once again bit my leg and wriggled it back and forth, as if tearing into chunk of meat. That's when Silver lunged and bit straight into his neck and killed him, tearing his throat out. I laid there, bawling my eyes out of pain. I looked at Silver and saw no wound. He came over whimpering and licked my wounds. It burned at 1st, then felt good. I couldnt stand unless i hopped on 1 foot or use my left arm. I just laid there, and after Silver got done licking my wounds, he searched my food pack and brought me one of my water containers. I took a swig, then poured some on my shoulder. It hurt like a bitch and Silver jumped back, then came and comforted me. I petted him little, then got up and crawled to my medical supplies. I cleaned it out and bandaged it, same with my leg. I can't walk yet which sucks. How am I supposed to get back home. I kept thinking bout it, but no fun there. I really loved it out here. I'm hoping my body will adjust to the life out here. Out here, I have a friend that likes me. After I bandaged myself, I decided to go to to sleep, and Silver cuddled beside me and slept.

When I woke up, Silver was missing. I got scared and hollered for him. He didn't come back. He was probably hunting so I didn't get to scared. As I was going to get up, I stumbled over in pain in my leg and cried out. tried to crawl or walk like a dog/wolf and it didnt hurt. I kept trying to crawl, but my extra weight and pain made it hard. So i just crawled like a human. I so wished Silver was here. I crawled out of my tent and drank out of my container, and stomach burned and growled in hunger. I felt sick, scared, and lonely. I started dozing out when I saw something coming for me. Looked closer and it was Silver, coming with meat in his mouth. He nudged it towards me. I was scared to eat it raw. Knowing I could die. He started to whimper and Laid it by his paw and used his nose to push it to me. I picked it up and bit into it. Tasted like deer meet and it tasted good. I then devoured it and it helped my grinding stomach. I touched noses with him and said thankyou. He licked my nose back and sat beside me. He then touched my stomach with his nose and sat there for like 2 mins sniffing it then down to my pussy and didnt lick. After minutes of sniffing, he jumped back and forth and licked my nose. I was confused and didnt worry bout it. But his nose definetely got me wet again and got horny. I coaxed Silver to fuck me and he licked me at 1st. Then I turned and got the sleeping bag for cushion on my knee. I tilted my ass in the air and Silver mounted me and fucked me again. He was much more easier, felt as if he loved me and not lust. He knew I was injured and made sure I wouldnt get hurt. As he was fucking me, his dick thickened and he shoved his knot into me. I orgasmed like never before and my juices started to mix with his cum and he came alot this time. My stomach started to expand like crazy. I possibly couldn't hold any more cum, but then, he stopped and felt his knot shrink. He laid on my back and sat there drooling all over me. I felt really good and satisfied and i Encouraged and congratulated his fucking session. After his knot plopped out, I fell down and hurt my leg. He cleaned me up, cleaned himself up, and comforted me, thinking he had hurt me. I petted him and called him a good boy. He seem to acknowledge this and did a happy howel and sat beside me, helping me up.

I decided to go to sleep and he fell asleep beside me.
I then all of a sudden had a contraction and felt my stomach as it started to grow at an alarming rate. Silver sat beside me and looked really scared. My water broke and I felt like I was bout to give birth in my tent. I screamed as the pain in me felt like I was bout to explode. I just then felt my pussy get stretched and I gave birth to a wolf. I screamed at the look of it and all of a sudden, I woke up, sweating and breathing as if I was hyperventilating. Silver scared and wondering what just happened. I grabbed my stomach and I noticed that the time of the my month did not come. Was I really pregnant to a wolf?

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