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When Conner has his life almost destroyed, an unlikely friend shows up to give him a gift.
Divine Justice: Conner Evans

Conner was pissed. He had been humiliated by two teachers, laughed at by his girlfriend and then dumped, all on top of being deserted by his best friend. But he would have his revenge… oh yes he would have his revenge. As he passed the bus, he actually contemplated riding, and then cursed himself for his stupidity. Sometimes he wondered whether he actually liked the abuse and simply couldn’t admit it to himself. He walked past, pulling his hoodie over his head. If his parents heard of this they wouldn’t believe him and would probably ground him. Then again his sister would tell them, if he didn’t threaten to kill her first.
As he walked home, he passed through a shady area of his town. The houses weren’t broken or old, just brick with stoops. The people that lived there made the place shady. Several drug dealers had been arrested from the area, and while there were kids and families who were just trying to make ends meet, there were some being manipulated and some calling the shots on some very dangerous deals. Conner knew he would have to stay on this side walk and walk around the end, just to walk the same distance back through to his house. The neighborhood was a big U-turn, the only way to get on the road out to Conner’s neighborhood. Halfway through he walked past an alley that went all the way through. He stopped and looked, KNOWING that it had never been there before today. Still, if it made his walk shorter, he decided to take it. Before he could get halfway through, a man in an overcoat stepped out from behind a dumpster. He was tall, almost seven feet, and wearing an overcoat with a wide brimmed crimson hat. Something about his presence made Conner shiver and step away. At the same time he felt as though he knew the man.
“ Hello Conner. Yes you do know me, before you ask. Everybody does. I am the embodiment of humanities fears and malice… any guesses?” The man looked right at Conner, his eyes molten gold irises in blood red pools. His voice was sickly sweet, the smell of death and honey. But Conner didn’t feel scared. He was pissed.
“ That’s just fucking awesome. The Devil appears to rip my soul from my body on the worst day of my fucking life. You know what happened, right? You know what’s gonna happen to me too, don’t you? You’re a mother fuckin’ prick you know that? You just let my life go to hell so that you can drag me to hell when I commit suicide.” Conner almost said more before he realized he just done that. But the man laughed, his baritone laugh singing the hair on Conner’s spine.
“ No one has ever done that, not to me. You got balls kid. No I didn’t come to steal your soul. It’s harder than a fucking rock anyway. No, those guys deserve what you wanna give ‘em. I came to dish out some divine justice. You got guts kid, more than most. You’ve had a shit life and God and I aint helped you much as we shoulda. So here I am. I came to give you some perks that everybody else would kill to have.”
With that, Lucifer walked forward and reached out a gloved hand, tapping Conner on his chest just over his heart. A blinding pain exploded in his gut, then his head, and then all over his body. He doubled over, clutching at his stomach to keep from retching all over the Devil. Just when he thought he would black out, the pain went away, and the stars and fuzziness retreated from his vision. He felt rejuvenated, and when he looked down he realized that the pain had been the stretching of his muscles. Ten minutes ago, he had been short, tubby and his arms had been toothpicks. Now, he was six one, with muscle some of the receivers on his football team would envy. He looked at Satan for a moment, the question on his tongue. He was however unable to talk.
“Yeah, you’re physically enhanced. That’s just a part. You’ve just experienced six years worth of hormones. Puberty is over. Women will be sexually attracted to you on sight, and you’ll be almost irresistible. Oh, and you’re smarter too. You’ll notice things you didn’t before, and you’ll remember pretty much everything. And then, to top it off, you have received two benefits that no one else on the planet has. You have full access to your brain. Telepathy, telekinesis, the whole nine yards. Also, you’re able to alter yourself physically. And those you have a connection to, though you’ll be significantly weaker altering others. And the best part? No strings attached. Have fun kid. You earned it after putting up with all the shit we divine beings let happen to you.” With that, the devil turned and walked away, a doorway opening into some pitch-dark room where screams were echoing.
Conner stood there in disbelief, wondering whether or not the no strings attached comment was true. Then again, why should Satan lie to him? He had already ruined his life once, why make it worse. And just the physical alteration was amazing. That alone would help him. He walked out of the alley, turning and looking back only to see a brick wall where he had talked to the most evil being in the universe. He decided being a Satanist wasn’t all that bad of an option.

Conner got home to see his sister getting off the bus. When she turned to look at him she gasped and backed away. He knew on some level she had been a part of what had happened, but he had no proof… at least not yet. When he got closer, she looked him up and down before attempting to speak. She was as speechless as he had been. Conner decided to try telepathy.
Is that my big brother?! Damn he… what the fuck happened to him?!?! he is fucking stud… man I’m getting wet just looking at him… man if he goes to school tomorrow he’ll be the talk of the whole town. Still, he kinda already is. What the fuck happened to him?
Conner was satisfied for the moment, extremely glad Satan hadn’t lied to him. He brushed past her as though she didn’t exist. At his touch she shuddered, her knees crossing and her eyes fluttering. He knew she had just creamed herself, but even that didn’t make him any happier regarding her. He walked up the steps, opening the door into his large three-story house. When he got inside, he walked straight into his father’s office. His father was stunned. Conner had never been so brash as to interrupt a phone call before.
That little prick, what the fuck happened to him? He’s ripped, and taller too! It’s like puberty hit him in twenty minutes and then left… fucking up my work just cause he’s bigger, I’ll show him. This better be worth my fucking time… Conner decided telepathy was one of the greatest things ever when he reached into his dad’s mind as though he had always done it. Then he took it a step further.
“ Dad, you will not yell. You will listen and you will obey without question.” With those words and a quick reach into his father’s mind, Conner had mind control down. “ You will not be rude or disrespectful to me, and you will treat me as though I’m actually your son. You will defend me when anyone asks you what happened at school, and you will say you don’t know what I did to get so… ripped I guess.” With that, Conner decided he didn’t want to alter his father too much, and made him return to the phone call, starting with an apology.
Conner walked right past his sister and mother on the way to his room, kissing his mom on the cheek and ignoring her startled look and amazed gasp. His sister sighed again, the wetness between her legs growing greater every time she saw him. When he finally reached his room on the third floor, he threw his backpack down in his office chair, locked the door and stripped. He wanted to see just what all had been done. Entering his bathroom, he looked into the mirror. His blue eyes looked back, going over his night black hair and his otherwise normal face. None of his features were too pronounced, but weren’t soft by any standard.
When his gaze dropped he was almost happy again. His chest was muscled, not flabby. Where an orb of fat had been was a six-pack, and his arms were those of a baseball player, large muscles with thinner but not unworked forearms. His flaccid cock, once only six inches when hard, was now that long when dangling. As he thought of the devil’s word, he remembered something. He thought of his cock being longer, and watched in satisfaction as it grew longer. Though it was still flaccid… he instantly thought of a pleasant way to fix that. He would most certainly have something over his sister…


When she and her mom were done talking, Selena instantly went out into the backyard for her daily swim. She went into the pool house and changed into her favorite purple bikini. Her parents had fixed the pool house with a changing room and a separate pipe room, so that the kids didn’t have to use the bathrooms. The changing room was complete with toilet, mirror and sink.
Selena finished stripping quickly, admiring her body afterwards. She had always had the perfect body, tight stomach, tight ass, a not-too-skinny neck and 36c breasts that were not sagging under their own weight as most of her friends’ breasts did. Between stripping her clothes and putting on her bikini, she ran her hands over her body as she always did. She wiped her eyes, making sure they didn’t look tired or stressed, checked her flawless white skin in the mirror, then put her hands under her tits and held them, her cool touch exciting her again. Her mind wandered to Conner and his miraculous change. Where once he had been wimpy and short, he was now tall and ripped, a complete stud by her standards. And she had high standards. As she thought of her brother her hands wandered down over her stomach and to her hairless nether regions.
Her pussy had never had swollen lips or been camel toe, but instead was always rose colored and flush. Her touch reminded her of how her brother had brushed by her and instantly she became aroused again. Her touch made it all the worse. She had maybe five minutes if her family didn’t question her, and she had been in the changing room for more than two minutes. Later. Definitely later… Fuck how am I gonna get through dinner? She put the thought out of her mind, retrieving her clothes and exiting the pool house. She walked to the edge, tested the water and then jumped in, feeling the warmth of the summer heat replaced by the warmth of the family’s pool. The dark bottom absorbed heat like metal, and the pool was always warm in spring and summer. They could heat it if they wanted to use it for the winter.
Selena swam twenty laps breathing, then four under water, coming up for breath between. Finally she just floated and relaxed. Her mind felt warm and sleepy, listening to the distant voice without question…


Conner walked downstairs, already hearing the close of the garage door. He had suggested his father shut the door to his office and work for the next few hours, ignoring them until dinner. This wasn’t abnormal, and the office was completely soundproofed so that they couldn’t hear him and he couldn’t hear them. It wasn’t abnormal for his mother to go over to a friend’s house, drink some wine and stay until nine, leaving the kids to order pizza for themselves and their father. So those were the commands given by Conner. Now his sister was his. He would have everything he needed, including the chance to try out his new ability to change others.
As he walked out to the pool he watched her drift with her eyes closed. He had always hated his sister small bit, and despised her with all his heart. She was younger, the crown jewel of her parents’ lives. He, on the other hand, had been an accident and the reason they got married. They told their friends that he was the reason they got married and the reason they fell in love, but he knew it wasn’t true. Selena was the reason they fell in love. They treated him with hatred, something even their friends noticed. Even Selena’s nicer friends looked at him with pity. But now, he had his vengeance.
He stripped, his cock getting hard at the sight of Selena floating, her firm breasts and tight ass arousing him. His neighbors had built a ten-foot fence on either side, nothing against her but a way to ensure privacy. The last people who had lived here had been strange, or so they had heard. That meant Conner didn’t have to worry about anyone disturbing him and his exploits. He stripped and commanded his sister to get out of the pool, along with a command that he wasn’t there.
It worked fabulously, his cock rising to its full ten inches at the sight of Selena dripping wet and rising from the pool. He then took it to the next step and commanded her to take off her bikini. He watched in satisfaction as his incredibly hot sister removed her purple suit, revealing her pink nipples and pussy. Her tits were perfect, with small areolas, pink and hard from the water. Her pussy was almost enough to give Conner a nosebleed. It was folded on itself, flush and ready for some male attention. And he was ready to give it some.
His next command had Selena lie down on one of the lounge chairs and think whatever touches she felt were her own. When she was laying on the chair with her eyes shut in peaceful daydream, Conner moved to feel her. His hands went first to her tits, lightly grazing them and then massaging them. He played with her nipples, hearing her sigh at the feel of them being touched. He reached out to her body and made it more sensitive to touch, making her moan at his touch now. He leaned down and kissed her breast, suckling and spiraling around her nipple. He gradually learned what she liked and what turned her off, eventually making her scream in ecstasy. Conner watched as her back arched, her orgasm reaching heights he hadn’t thought an orgasm could reach. He decided he liked female orgasms better than his.
When she came down from her orgasm, he moved down to her pussy, admiring the beautiful sight in front of him. The folds were inside of the skin, and the skin was flush with rose-colored fluids, the outside dripping his sister’s cum. He placed his fingers on the skin, hearing her gasp in her slumber. He slid his index and ring fingers over her sex, learning where she wanted his touches. Finally he settled on her clit, making her shudder and sigh in bliss. He could tell t was sensitive, so he altered that with his newfound ability, making sure the little nub wasn’t painfully sensitive after her orgasm. Then he slid his fingers down and found her cunt, sliding his index finger in and enjoying the sound of her sucking in breath at the intrusion into her sex.
As he pumped his finger in and out, Conner reached into her mind, finding the part that received the feelings of his sexual touch. The result was staggering. Selena was in bliss no man could ever experience, though Conner hadn’t had sex yet. He certainly didn’t want to fuck his sister and give her his virginity. That would be like rolling over and playing dead. But he could experiment with any woman he wanted, altering them to make them enjoy it more, so why not have some fun here at home? He certainly didn’t want to see his mother naked. The sight might give him nightmares… with a shudder he returned to the task at hand. Selena was almost writhing in ecstasy, his finger going in and out quickly, mostly due to her pussy juices covering the skin around her cunt and even Conner’s entire hand. He reached down and grabbed his cock, stroking himself while he masturbated his sister. After a bit he slipped in two more fingers and speeded up his pumping. Selena’s response was immediate. She gasped and put her hands on her tits, massaging and kneading them together. She was obviously in heaven, bliss and orgasm taking over her body as one. When Conner tapped into her nerves again he almost came himself. The sexual part of her brain was going haywire, the amount of pleasure staggering.
Finally he placed his mouth on her cunt and replaced his fingers with his tongue, pumping in and out of her sex and licking the inside of her pussy. He found he quite liked the taste, almost like honeyed water. When she was almost to orgasm he moved up to her clit and made her cum. When he felt the tide surge, he stood and reached into her mind. The reaction his body felt to the symbiosis was immediate. His cock was already harder than a bar of steel, and now it hardened even more, giving Conner his own waves of pleasure to add to his sister’s. Conner felt the tightening in his nuts, the burning sensation in his cock and watched as he bathed his sister in his cum, the largest orgasm of his life still happening. He came for the length of minutes, squirting gobs of cum onto his sister’s body and cumming again because he was cumming on his sister. Selena had no release either. The feel of her brother’s cum landing on her face and tits made her orgasm persist, until she blacked out, still cumming. Conner was totally drained by the time he finished. Something told him he had lost control, but he couldn’t think straight after his orgasm. He realized he still had several hours with his sister. He decided to test out his strength, lifting his sister and descending into the pool with her in her arms.
After he bathed them both, cleaning off the bucket of his cum from his sister’s body, he exited the pool with her still unconscious form. He was so tired he decided just to float up to his sister’s balcony, not registering his use of telepathy. He laid her in her bed, covering her with the covers and climbing up the stairs to his room. He knew he would sleep for a long while, so he went to his window and brought up his clothes and his sister’s bikini, to ensure his parents did not suspect anything. After he was sure they couldn’t be suspected he laid down in his bed and went into a deep slumber, satisfied he knew enough about sex to pleasure any future girlfriend.


2015-09-11 21:41:34
This is kind of confusing what happens between this time & beginning when he is A foster kid & virgin again along with making it to where he has just met the devil in beginning there has to be something telling the part left out.

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2015-01-13 01:22:07
One thing that might help here. In the beginning he is a virgin then he bangs his sister and then here he is a virgin again. Is he a foster child or the older brother? vvveryyy confusing to say the least.

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2013-01-14 16:04:37
It was an excelent piece of work, make it larger please, keep this way

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2012-09-09 15:38:48
Incredible Mind Control story. Not many authors here seem to be willing to write about the darker side of MC. Keep up the good work, but try to make the story longer and more in depth. It'll keep us cuming back (pun intended).

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2012-09-01 14:28:05
Wat d fuck is this shit?! This is a crying shame. This story is a baseless piece of fiction and d authour doesn't evn haave d decency to proof read this morbid piece of shit

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