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Daughter's love
She loves her Daddy Pt 2.
True story.

Thanks for all the feedback guys, makes the effort worth it and again, to the negative types, you’re reading this, you got here by choice so stop beating up on people who lived it and are prepared to share. I’m not a professional writer just a guy sharing my adventures. Go visit a church or something……….I really don’t care .

So, there I was, having a new and very exciting sexual tryst with my 16 yr old step-daughter, initiated by her, moved on by her and leaving me in that age old quandary, enjoy and be damned or enjoy and feel guilty.

Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not the usual suspect. Abandoned by my wife or a sad and lonely divorcee, I love her mum, Anna, very much, we have a great sex life and I have never cheated on her, so entering into the forbidden garden with Olga gave me pause for some thought. Plus, I was genuinely afraid of the consequences of discovery. Aside from the damage it would cause to my marriage, I was also afraid of doing time for the heinous crime of sexually loving my daughter.

So, I decided to talk to my sexy daughter, explain why we couldn’t continue with our latest adventure and hope it would all be forgotten.

Well I started out with right intentions.

I waited for a day or so, so that I could reason it all out and explain it to her in such a way as she wouldn’t feel rejected or unloved. The opportunity arose 2 days later, Anna was gone to the gym, and Olga and me were at home together.

I called her to the living room where I was watching TV and when she entered the room I said, “hey sweetie, got a minute ?” she said “sure dad, what’s on your mind ?”
“Well babe,” I continued, “ you are, I’m a bit worried about what happened between us sexually and am feeling guilty and concerned about how it might effect you, not to mention that I’m going to jail if it ever comes out”

It was at that point that I noticed that Olga was wearing an old T-shirt of mine which came down to her knees and that the points of her gorgeous nipples were pressed against the soft fabric, clearly erect and drawing my gaze like a magnet does iron filings, a fact not lost on her for a second. She was obviously naked underneath.

She curled into my lap, as she always did, placed her arms around my neck and nuzzled into the side of my neck, kissing the side of my face.

“Daddy, please don’t be silly, this is our secret, I love you to touch me, it feels so good, and makes my feel so loved. And I really love to touch you, it makes me feel close to you and safe to explore sex without being scared or feeling bad or having people talk about me and I love watching you cum for me, it’s the most sexy, exciting thing that I’ve ever done, and besides we love each other, don’t we? How much more can a daughter love a daddy than to share sex with him ?”

Well, she had me there. There was no denying her application of logic to the thorny issue of sexual transgression of the incestuous kind. A kind of logic that comes with cunning innocence. I think that all women are born with it.

So I sat there, unable to come up with any counter argument. She immediately pressed her advantage, “and anyway, I don’t want to visit my gorgeous daddy in any smelly jail, so don’t worry, I want this to stay our secret too”.

As she said the last sentence, she gently gripped my hand and guided it under the cotton t-shirt, parting her warm, firm thighs and sliding my fingers upwards towards her pussy. My head swam with a sudden rush of pure lust and all rational thought went south to my cock, which went bar hard in seconds.

The tips of my fingers met the lips of her shaved sex and I felt the wetness already waiting there. She shuddered, and I slowly and firmly parted her sweet nether lips
and slipped a finger into the crease, sliding the moisture around to lubricate her.

She groaned in her throat, and pushed down on my wrist.

“Please Daddy, inside, I want to feel you inside me” I slid my middle finger slowly into her virgin pussy and pressed against the front wall, rotating my fingertip around her g-spot while my thumb gently rubbed up and down against her clit.

She pushed down against me and as I continued my loving work, her hand dived inside my training pants, down my belly and around my the shaft of my throbbing cock. The contact took my breath away, the sheer sexual bliss of the moment was outside of my previous experience.

Olga looked up me, directly into my eyes and brought her lips to mine in a kiss which I can only describe as exquisitely erotic, loving and possessive, all at once. She broke the kiss and said, “go ahead then, tell me that feels wrong. Who says so ?

I had no answer, I felt so right.

“I love you Daddy, I’m the lucky one, I got to choose my Daddy and you’re every teenage girls dream. Big, strong and sexy, my friends all think you’re a hunk” she said smiling her sexy smile.

“Now I have something I want to ask you, I want you to take my virginity, I love you and love the way you’re so gentle with me. I took my own cherry with my fingers a while ago, by accident, but I want you to be my first man, will you do that for me? It’s your birthday in a few weeks and I think it would be a lovely birthday pressie, don’t you think ?”

Well, speechless would be a good deion of my reaction, bearing in mine her hand was still stroking up and down firmly on my painfully erect cock. One hand was stroking in and out of her soaking pussy and my other hand was cupping her gorgeously firm tits, seeking and finding her erect nipples and squeezing them with a little twist at the tips.

“My darling beautiful daughter, I can’t think of anything in the world I could want more, nor have I ever been given such a priceless gift, I would be honoured.” As I said this, my fingers squeezed her nipples again.

She went rigid and gasped into my ear, “yes Daddy, just like that” and at the same time pushing her tight cunt down harder against my hand. The resulting pressure against her clit caused her to lose all control and she started to fuck my hand, harder and harder until within a minute she started to vibrate and pant into my neck, “oh god, Daddy, don’t stop, please don’t stop, oooooooooohhhhh GOD” and she shuddered her way through the second only orgasm I’ve ever given her. The pressure of her young cunt muscles squeezing on my finger was incredible, and I could only guess what my cock would feel like inside her at that moment.

Olga’s hand gripped my cock in a vise-like hold while her orgasm ripped through her, and the feeling added to the excitement brought me very close to the edge, but I managed, just, to maintain control and not ruin her moment.

The shaking stopped after a minute or so although after-shocks jolted her every few seconds throughout. “Oh Daddy, that was amazing, I’ve never felt anything like that before, I’ve read about it but didn’t believe it.” Now my lovely Daddy, will we make love or what?”

Oh wow, several things raced through my mind at that moment, the first was “ YES PLEASE” the second was “I really need to come and I’m way to close, aside from which I want this to be fantastic for her. Lastly, Anna usually takes two hours at the gym and she left about two hours ago.

I looked into her lovely green eyes, kissed her lovely lips and said, “ I would really love to Babe, but this is a very special thing for us to do and I don’t want to rush it, Mum will be here any minute, can we wait until we have time together to really enjoy the moment ?”

She looked crestfallen for a moment, then she smiled and “you’re right, I am just so looking forward to the feeling of this monster of yours sliding inside of my minge, I guess I’m a little impatient. However, I have a score to settle with him, can I make you cum ?”

I didn’t need any thought for that one, “babe I’d like nothing better, but be warned, Im gonna explode very soon”

Olga pulled my cock from my pants and slid down close to him. She licked the clear liquid from the tip with a MMMMMMMM sound. Then slowly, still stroking him softly, she slid her tongue around the head and down the shaft, licking her way to my balls.

The feeling was like a charge of electricity tingling all over the base of my balls and when she opened her mouth and took my cock into the warm softness of her throat, I
almost lost it then and there. I squeezed down hard on base of my cock muscles, barely holding back the pressure, and she cleverly re-doubled her efforts with her hand.

The picture was heavenly, my gorgeous teenage daughter, her nightie pulled up around her waist, wet pussy glistening with her cum juices open to my gaze and my rock hard cock buried half way down her throat. Fucking amazing !!!!!

I was doing so well too, when without warning, she took 2 fingers of her free hand, dipped them in her wet pussy and quickly placed them into my slightly open mouth.

Oh my god, the taste was amazing, fresh female virgin cum sizzling on my tongue.
The effect was devastating to any remaining self control, the dam burst, lights flashed before my eyes and my balls erupted sending showers of cum into her mouth.

She gamely tried to swallow it all but there was too much and as she pulled my cock from her mouth another burst of cum shot out and splashed across her face. She quickly swallowed and went back down onto my cockhead to catch the last of my orgasm, licking and sucking until my now super-sensitive cockhead couldn’t take the touch any longer.

She crawled back up and kissed my lips, my taste strong on her breath, she said, “now kiss my minge Daddy, we don’t have much time and I want to know what it feels like”

I gathered what was left of my brain from the ceiling, pushed her down on her back and positioned myself between her open legs, what a lovely sight. The engorged lips had opened more from the excitement of her giving me head and she was literally dripping down between hers legs. I couldn’t wait so I pushed her thighs apart some more and pressed my tongue into her wet sex.

The taste was beautiful, as was the softness of her small and delicate pussy lips. Being shaved, there was nothing to get in the way and I devoured her, licked her juices and flicked the tip of my tongue into her tight entrance. The moans and pressure of her hand on my head told me I was doing something right, and when I finally allowed her to press down her clit to my waiting tongue the effect was as I had planned. The shudders started in the legs, her hands grasped the back of my head and she literally started humping hard against my flicking tongue.

I trapped her clit against the inside of my upper lip and rapidly pulsed my tongue against the underside until the shudders merged into one long shaking spasm and my babe wailed out “oh sweet fucking GOD” and had the biggest orgasm in her new sex life. The flood of her cum was amazing, I drank, literally, from her open cunt and she filled my mouth.

The poor babe was wrecked, spent and barely able to respond to the hugs and kisses I gave her. She managed, however, to look at me, smile and say’ “I’m not giving that up, ever” And if that’s what ‘head’ is like, I’m living for that cock inside me. Please don’t make me wait too long. You’re the best Daddy ever.
We didn’t have much time until the sound of Anna’s car signalled the end of our fun, and with a cute kiss Olga fled to her room and I to the bathroom to remove the evidence.

I will continue with the story based on the feedback, I would particularly like to hear from any ladies out there as to your opinions, am I a good Daddy and would you want a daddy like me ?

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