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Sorry this one took so long, I didn't know how I wanted to write it. I hope you enjoy it, leave comments and do leave rude one, if you don't have something nice to say then don't say it at all. Also I changed my mind on how I want to finish the story, originally i was going to end it on Part Six but from all the comments I've read you guys seem to like this story so I'm probably going to finsh this story in three more parts. Also i apologize if there is grammar mistakes sometimes I usually don't catch them all. Thank you.
The past twelve weeks Riley’s kept busy. School started seven weeks ago so she’s been busy with what homework she was given and after school cheer practices. After practice Anna drove her home in Henry’s car. Riley didn’t have a permit yet and Anna already had her license, so in the morning she walked to Riley’s house and then she drove them to school same thing happened after school. They’ve developed a routine to keep busy.

After getting home she’d do homework and then cook dinner for herself and then go right to sleep if she wasn’t in the mood.

But tonight wasn’t the case because she was in the mood; she’s been tossing and turning for the past twenty minutes unable to sleep. Thinking about Jake had her up; he would be returning any day now, this week was the thirteen week. She’s been waiting for him since Wednesday; it was now Friday and tomorrow would be Saturday. He said thirteen weeks but was that going to be exactly thirteen weeks or was it more like thirteen weeks and two days or what? She didn’t ask him for details because she didn’t want them.

She let out a frustrated growl as she laid on her side. She opened her eyes and stared at the picture on her night stand, her mother and she were no longer there, instead there was a framed picture of her and Jake. She was sitting on his lap and blushing, he had his arms wrapped around her waist as he nuzzled her neck with a shy smile.

She wished Jake were here to take care of her ache. But he wasn’t so she was going to have to do it. She tried not to use the thing he bought her but at times she gave it a few tries.

The sheets rubbing against her aching nipples weren’t helping; maybe she shouldn’t sleep naked anymore.

Forget it, she threw the blankets and sheets off and reached into her nightstand drawer and grabbed the toy and tube of lube.

She wasn’t really experienced with using the damn thing but each time she seemed to get the hang of it and after she pushed a few buttons she was a goner.

She set the toy and lube right next to her on the bed and settled her self to get comfortable.

She cleared her thoughts and started thinking about Jake touching her. She pictured him on top of her; feeling caged in by his body as he kissed her neck and throat. She imagined him cupping her breasts as she did now, she remembered how it felt.

Closing her eyes she rubbed her forefinger and thumb against her nipples as she cupped them. It wasn’t as good as how Jake did it but it was close. She let out a low moan as her nipples became more sensitive; she played with them a little bit longer feeling the sensational burning build between her legs.

She lowered her hands feeling her tummy and waist, she loved how smooth and soft her skin felt. She started spreading her legs as her hands continued to move lower, she feathered her fingers against her inner thighs, it felt amazing. She smoothed her hands down against them remembering how it felt when Jake did it and let out a low moan.

She slid her hands down to the middle of her legs and lightly trailed her finger against the folds of her pussy. Breathing hard she slid her finger in between her folds feeling the warm slick wetness, she circled the entrance of her pussy and trailed her finger back up to lightly circle her clit.

With her eyes still closed she pictured Jake settled right between her wide open legs. She pictured him bending his head down and giving her a long lick, she remembered his hot breath breathing down on her as he teased her. Her hips slowly lifted as she remembered how it felt when Jake flicked his tongue against her clit.

“Jake,” she panted as she started circling her hard clit faster.

What the fuck was she doing? She had a freaking vibrator! She quickly grabbed it with her free hand and turned it on a low vibe and slowly moved it to her mouth. She sucked it like she would Jakes and took it out when she thought it had enough saliva.

She moved her hand from between her legs and put the vibrator there and slowly rubbed it up and down her clit. Her heels immediately digging into the mattress she let out a deep moan as she eased it lower to the entrance of her pussy.

She let her imagination run free now as she pictured Jake positioning himself between her legs. She slowly pushed the head of the toy inside her, breathing hard as it penetrated her.

The vibrating felt incredible but it wasn’t enough, she pushed the button again and felt it vibrated more. Jesus that felt amazing, she panted as she lifted her hips and pushed it in more.

“Oh God, Jake,” she whimpered as her thrusts slowly increased.

She pulled out the vibrator and got onto all fours, one hand going under the pillow the other holding the vibrator, she laid her head down on her pillow and stuck her hand in between her legs again and slowly pushed it in again.

As soon as Jake came home they were going to defiantly try this position out. She increased her pace, moaning so loud she was damn glad her mother wouldn’t be home till tomorrow morning.

She was so close now, she pushed the button again and the vibrating intensified. She wasn’t going to last long, this was just too much. She opened her legs wider and increased her pace as she grabbed a fist full of her bed sheet. Oh God!

“Jake!” she screamed, as she tried to hold back and finally it was to much, the spasms started, her legs twitching like crazy, weakening, still pushing in the vibrator because it felt to damn good till finally she couldn’t stand it she pulled it out and let her legs give way.

“I knew you’d be a screamer, I’d be damn surprised if the neighbors didn’t hear you,”
Jake said.

Riley’s eyes flew open at the sound of his voice, Jake was home. She slowly turned around and saw him standing by her bedroom door. He was in a uniform and he looked damn hot in it.

“Look at my innocent Riley playing with her self.” He said as he walked closer to her.

She was in shock, her heart was racing, he was home and she wasn’t throwing her self at him. “I didn’t hear you come in.” she whispered. How long was he there? Did he watch her the whole time?

“You weren’t supposed to hear me come in.” he stopped and started walking to her closet.

“Where’s Henry?” she nervously asked. Oh god if Henry was here then he heard her to.

“Henry is trying to sneak Anna out of her house right now.” He said as he started taking off his uniform.

She watched him as he undressed; he was neatly hanging his uniform. That uniform alone made her damn horny; she could get use to that.

Every thing about him was different. His hair was shorter almost completely gone, his stance as he stood, the way he sounded. Riley licked her lips as he started taking off his last shirt, how many was he wearing? He had the blue coat, a beige button down and now a white plain one.

It didn’t matter though as he uncovered his upper body, hot damn even his arms looked bigger. God, turn around and let me see!

“Turn around and let me see,” it came out more like a demand, which she hadn’t attended to make it sound like.

His Riley making demands, that was new and something he didn’t think he’d ever hear. She was just too sweet and innocent, shy. Apparently something changed; he slowly turned and saw her lying on the bed propped up on her elbows as she took in every inch that was uncovered.

She looked gorgeous just laying there, biting her bottom lip, her hair wild looking. He still couldn’t believe he walked in on her pleasuring her self. He didn’t think she’d use the vibrator but he still bought it for her just in case she needed some pleasure.

Was this a new Riley he was looking at? He wanted to see just how far she was going to take the demanding.

“Did you miss me?” he asked as he unclasped his belt buckle, Riley watching his hands.

Riley watched as he pulled off his beige belt. “Take off the pants.” She looked up and met his challenging gaze. She didn’t mean to sound demanding it just came out that way.

He took an even breath, “Their trousers.” He simply said, trying to control himself, he’s always treated her right never force full towards her, hell he practically babied her, but he had a dominate side he tried hiding from her.

Trousers, pants, what’s the difference? She didn’t give a damn, she wanted them off.

“And I said take them off.” Ok, maybe she was being a little demanding.

She watched him bend down and untie his shoes and set them in the closet. He took off his socks and threw them on the floor. Next was his pants, Riley watched him take them off and was mad that he left on his boxers.

This was intriguing him, she was demanding, where was this coming from? Was it because she hasn’t had sex? Or was this something new about her? She could have changed some, it’s been thirteen weeks and he had an idea of how bad they were for her.

“Take them off,” she demanded.

“I think I’m going to leave them on for now.” He smiled as he saw a little frown form between her brows and a pout form on her lips.

“Take them off or else.”

“Or else what? You’re not going to do anything.”

He watched her narrow her eyes and her jaw tighten just a tad bit. She slowly got off the bed and started walking towards him. What was she going to do?

She passed him and opened the closet door more and pulled out a blanket. She slammed the door closed and shoved the blanket against his chest.

“Here, you can go sleep on the couch tonight.”

“The hell I am, I’m sleeping in here,” his voice firm. She was going to put him on the couch, he didn’t even live here. He wanted to laugh; they were acting like a couple who just had a huge fight.

“No, your not,” she simply said.

She didn’t know what she was doing or why she was doing this.

“What no sex to?” he asked as he stared down at her, her hand on her hip.

“That’s the whole point of you sleeping on the couch, is it not?” Oh, how she wanted him, it didn’t matter because she was all of a sudden damn pissed at him.

“We’re going to have sex and then we going to bed.”

Where was this attitude coming from? She never directed it towards him; it was always Henry who got it. But damn that little attitude was a damn turn on.

“I don’t need you, I have my toy,” she simply said as if they were discussing the damn weather. She started walking away from him and all of a sudden she was up against her closet door.

She gasped and looked up at him, a spark in his eye. He liked this and she damn she liked it, this was exciting and her heart was racing. Who would have thought?

“You use that when I’m not around and when I am I’m the one who fucks that tight pussy.” His voice firm as he stared down at her, there was a spark in her dark blues eyes, she liked dirty talk.

“Who said I wanted your fucking,” these words coming out of her mouth, where were they coming from?

“I said, I have thirteen weeks of sex to make up in ten days, before I leave again, we’re fucking.” Look at her defining him, they were going to fuck and then he was going to sleep, he was damn tired and he wasn’t fucking sleeping on the couch, not tonight and any other night.

Before she could say anything he slammed his mouth against hers, it wasn’t even soft it was rough, she didn’t give a damn though because she didn’t want soft and slow.

She moaned as he rubbed up against her, her breathing picking up as he kissed down her neck and throat. He nipped the curves of her breasts, making her moan.

He cupped them and kissed the swollen plump swells. Her pink nipples already puckered, he drew one into his mouth and lashed at it with his tongue.

Her nipples were on fire, they ached, she arched and moaned as he sucked and bit. Where was this roughness coming from? He’s never treated her like this, he always gave her soft comforting touches and now she was up against a door with him ravaging her body.

The pleasure between her legs was becoming unbearable she needed his mouth there. Making a bold move she tried pushing his head down towards her pussy, only to have a glare stare back at her as she looked at him. He nipped her hard on her breast, it hurt but she loved the sting it brought.

He slid his hands down to the sides of her waist as he started kissing a trail down her stomach, feeling her muscles flex beneath his touch. He didn’t mind what she was doing, he’d let her be in control and then it’d be his turn.

He nuzzled her hip and kissed her softly their before he kissed downwards. She automatically opened her legs wider as he lowered his head.

Jake ran his hands up and down her waist and thighs before using the pads of his thumbs to open her wet folds. He ran his tongue over her flesh, tasting her as he let out a deep groan, god how he missed her taste, her sweet essence.

Riley arched her back at the evasion, she let of a whimper as he licked and sucked her clit, god how she missed him doing that. She ran her hand over his head loving the feel of his soft short hair, she missed it being a little longer but it would grow back.

She was so close now, still sensitive from the vibrator, when Jake pulled back. “Lick my clit,” she demanded as she tried to force his head back down only to have him grip her wrists and move it away from his head.

He slowly got up, pinning her hands above her head. “You better watch what you say,” he whispered as he stared into her dark blue eyes. Her eyes were nearly dilated, such lust in them, what happened to his Ri.

“You’ve been watching porn haven’t you,” his lips quirking into a smile. “Does my innocent Ri want to be dominated?” He didn’t think she ever watch that but it made sense if she got off watching it, she must have found something she liked or wanted to try. “Is this where the attitude is coming from? You thought you’d get me mad?” he whispered as he brushed his lips against hers. “You want hot angry sex?”

Did she want to be dominated? It was a hell of a turn on and seeing it in what porn videos she did watch she kind of wondered what it would be like. The intense pleasure she saw, she wanted it, she wanted to scream and she wanted it from Jake, maybe that’s why she was pissed, no she was pissed because she got caught touch herself, or was she?

She wanted hot sex but she wasn’t going to tell him that. “I don’t want sex at all,” Liar, Liar, Liar! She wanted it like it was going to be her last breath.

Lying to him was she? “Your mind might be telling you that but I think that sweet pussy wants some rough sex,” he whispered into her ear which only made Riley shudder.

This dirty talk was making her so wet, she needed sex ASAP. “What are you going to do?” she breathed out.

This was one hell of a turn on but he was going to pleasure her how she wanted it. It was the least he could do, she tried to hide the sadness in the letters she wrote to him but he could tell how up set she was. But tomorrow she was in for one hell of a surprise if she wanted to be dominated.

“What do you want me to do?” he whispered as slide one hand down her arm and cupped her breast.

“W-what do you mean?” she asked as she tried to control her breathing, him teasing her nipple with his fingers wasn’t helping.

“What do you want me to do? Simply tell me how you want it, I won’t deny you.” he stated.

How she wanted it? She honestly didn’t know, she wanted it so many ways. She heard Jake sigh, god, make up your mind Riley.

“I’ll let you think about it, there must be so many things going through your mind right now.” He laughed low, “So many things you want to try out, don’t rush ok, we have ten days baby.” He kissed her softly, “I’ll give you five minutes to choose what you want while I go enjoy a five minute shower.” He released her wrists and went back to her bedroom door where his small duffle sat; he picked it up and went into the bathroom.

Riley had five minutes to figure out what she wanted, all she wanted was him. She wanted to make love; she just wanted to please him. Jake said they had ten days to do what she wanted, so tonight they’d just make love.

The hot shower felt amazing and he was going to enjoy it for another two minutes. He wondered what was in store for him when he got back to the bedroom. Would she still want what she wanted?

He quickly turned off the water and grabbed his towel to dry him self. When he finished he put the towel in the hamper Riley now had in there. He walked into the bed and was surprised at what he saw.

Candles lit, his Riley perched on the edge of her bed wearing lingerie. He didn’t know what kind she was wearing but she looked damn cute in it. The bra that was attached to it was black and laced and it cupped her breasts perfectly. Attached the bra was black silk; it split in the middle showing some of her tummy, he could even glimpse the black lace thong she was wearing. Her hair was wild looking, the little smirk she wore on her face, he probably looked damn stupid staring at her while he was naked.

“Did you figure out what you want?” he softly asked as he slowly walked over to her. He watched the smirk disappear as she watched him walk to her, her eyes running all over his body. She simply nodded as she met his eyes, there was still lust in them, there always were when they did stuff together but more so tonight then he ever saw.

“And what do you want baby?” he whispered as he stopped a couple of feet in front of her.

She couldn’t tell him what she exactly wanted to do, she had her times where she could tell him exactly what she wanted and then she had her times where she got shy about it and this was one of those times, so she’d show him. She stood up and took the few steps between them; she smoothed her hands on his chest and looked up at his hazel green eyes, eyes that were filled with wonder.

“Kiss me,” she whispered.

He did, he kissed her softly like he knew she liked. They both moaned when they’re lips meet, such heat, such hungry as the kiss deepened. They tasted one another as they’re tongues made love.

He slid his hands down her waist and then up underneath the silk and caressed her back, pulling her more towards him as he devoured her mouth. She didn’t say what kind of kiss she wanted; he couldn’t help him self and she didn’t seem to mind.

She pulled away to breath and started kissing his neck all the way down to his shoulder and then down his chest.

Jake didn’t know what to do; she’s never down this before. But he knew what was coming.

Riley felt his muscles flexing beneath her licks and kisses as she made her way down his abs, then kissed around his erection as she felt Jakes hand slide into her hair. Her heart was racing because of what she wanted next.

She licked and gently sucked his balls, hearing a deep groan in return, feeling his hand tighten in her hair; it was just what she wanted.

She gave him open mouthed kisses all the way up his shaft and let out a deep moan as she licked the pre-cum that was there.

She ran her hand up and down his shaft and then gripped him, he was so hard, and the hardest she’s ever felt. She slowly pumped him, out of all the times she’s gave him head this time she was really amazed at how hard he was, yet he was still so very soft.

She felt his hold tighten in her hair as he let out a deep groan as she teased and flicked her tongue on the underside.

“Stop teasing and suck.” He roughly said.

She did with a little guidance from him and she loved every second of it. She closed her eyes and took him as deep as she could; she twirled her tongue, circled the head and then took him again. She loved the feel of him in her mouth, the taste of him. She looked up and got a glimpse of him, his head was pulled back, his eyes closed in pleasure as he let out a deep groan, she turned her attention back to his dick and closed her eyes

She let out a deep moan as she teased the under side again, only hearing a low growl in return.


Only she didn’t stop, she took him deep again and sucked, making her cheeks hollow as she took him.

Jesus, if she didn’t stop then that was it, the pleasure was too intense and he was about to lose all his control on holding back. He tightened his hold on her hair and pulled her away from him, hearing panting after he slipped from her mouth.

She stood up, his hand sliding out of her hair and down her arm; he pulled her to him getting rid of the couple of inches between them as he took her mouth once again. He kissed her swollen lips and then slipped his tongue into her mouth, her breathing still uneven.

He pulled back and eased her back till the back of her knees hit the end of the mattress.

“Did you get on birth control like I told you to.” He asked as he sat her down, he got down on his knees and started kissing her neck and shoulder.

“Yes, two days after you left, I got this thing in my arm,” she panted as he took off her baby doll.

“You don’t like it?” she sadly asked.

“I like it but I love what’s behind it.”

He threw the top on the floor and kissed her swollen mounds. Her skin was back to the creamy color he loved not the light tan she had before he left, her delicious pick nipples were still puckered.

Riley put her hands on his head and tilted it up and gave him a brief kissed before she guided him down to her breasts.

Jake cupped her breasts and pushed them together, he licked, tugged with his teeth and sucked, switching sides, feeling her hands tighten on his head as she cried out.

He didn’t spend much time on her breasts, what he really wanted was still covered. He eased her down so she laid on the bed; he kissed down her tummy as he fondled her breasts.

The sensations she was having were like no others, this always happened when they did things, the pleasure was better then the last. He eased her thong off and threw it to the floor after he eased it off her legs.

Her inner muscles were contracting; tightening as she felt him kissing down her legs, he always started at her ankles and legs, teasing her till she thought she could take it anymore and then he’d put his mouth on her as he did know.

He held her legs wide open for him as licked at her pussy. “Always so wet for me.” He whispered as he eased his finger in side of her and heard her deep moan as he slowly fingered her.

He licked her clit and gently sucked as he started to thrust his finger.

Riley could help but lift her hips at every thrust his finger gave her. She felt a muffled groan as Jake licked her clit.

They both moaned as he eased two fingers inside of her. He looked up at her as he tickled her g-spot, she arched her back and cried out, and it was the exact reaction he wanted. He could feel that she was close so he eased his fingers out.

He stopped teasing her clit and placed soft kisses on her thighs, then sucked his fingers clean.

“Turn around and get on all fours,” he said his voice rough as he stood. He walked over to her night stand and opened her drawer and got a condom out.

“You don’t have to,” she breathed out.

He knew that but he wasn’t going to take any chances. He ripped the packet open and slipped it on. She was already on all fours, he walked back to her and settled him self behind her.

He moved what hair was on her back and watched it fall to the side. God, she looked great like this, her wide shoulders, her tiny waist that flared out at the wide hips she had and her lovely ass.

He leaned forward, placing his hand down on the bed close to hers; he kissed and nipped her shoulder making her moan as he guided himself to her entrance.

She panted as she felt him penetrate her, she could barely feel the condom but she knew it was there and she didn’t want it there.

“God, so tight, so hot,” he said groaning.

He eased out and eased back in further, he wrapped his free arm around her hips, holding her in place he plunged into her, making her cry out. He kissed her as he waited a couple of minutes for her to adjust to him.

He steady him self as he begin to move, moving his hand to her tummy as he formed a rhythm.

“Fuck me like you mean it,” she panted.

He nipped her shoulder and kissed her. He slowed as he got off her back and placed both hands on her hips, he eased back till it was just the tip inside and slammed into her, he watched her ass move from the movement as she cried out.

“Is this how you wanted it? Rough?” he groaned as he slammed into her again, making her cry out more.

He picked up his thrusts as her cries got louder. He palmed her ass and gave her a good slapped, they both let out a deep moan as she rested her head on the pillow and moved her ass more up. She was going to get one hell of a spanking tonight.

“More,” she panted.

He did, once, twice, three times in the same spot. He spread her cheeks and looked down and let out a deep groan as he saw his dick sink into her sweet pussy.

He wasn’t going to last, this was too much pleasure, her cries; it’s been far too long since he’s had any pleasure. Her moaning and cries were enough to make him come in his pants if he were wearing any, he couldn’t hold back much longer, he was damn surprised he held back this long.

He felt her fingers as he thrust into her, she was circling her clit, she was close as well. He tightened his hold on her and made his thrusts shorter and faster. Two more thrusts and then he buried himself to the hilt.

She arched her back as screamed his name and he groaned hers as he threw his head back. Both of them in too much pleasure, he held her up as her legs began to shake, he noticed her hands were fisted into the sheets as she came, he had a tight grip on her as well.

They both moaned as he pulled out and finally they collapsed, he made sure he didn’t put his full weight on her as he kissed her shoulder and they both tried catching there breath. They were both slick with sweat and he loved it.

“I love you Ri,” he whispered as he got up off her and trailed kisses down her back, “I missed you so much, everyday, every second,” he stopped at the top of her cleft. He looked down at her rear and noticed how red the right one was; he slapped the left side once, twice and made her moan low.

“Just trying to match the other side,” he laughed.

She gave a weary laugh, “I love you.”

“I love you to.”

Jake went into the bathroom and discarded the condom and pulled out two rags, he heated one up with the water and rung it before going back into the bedroom to clean Riley.

She was already asleep, so he lifted her leg and gently cleaned her and patted her dry. He threw the rags into the hamper and went back into the room.

He fixed the covers and eased them on top of her before getting in next to her. He gently woke her and pulled her onto his chest then she was fast asleep like he didn’t bother her.

The sex they just had was great but he didn’t think it was going to be like that, he thought she would stick to what she wanted but apparently not, he was thinking more along the lines of tying her to her bed while he teased and pleasured her, having her beg for more. Maybe she wasn’t ready for that, didn’t matter he planned on being with Riley for a life time, if he survived.

He sighed trying not to think about that, he focused on her breathing as it became even. Thirteen weeks without his Riley had been hell and in ten days he was leaving her again for another nine weeks if he was lucky. Then he’d probably see her for another two months before he deployed.

He held her tighter against his chest as he sighed. Would Riley be able to handle this life style? She was only sixteen, with a boyfriend who was pretty much never going to be around because he was a Marine.

They survived thirteen weeks from not seeing each other. Would she be able to survive a whole year without seeing him? Would she cheat on him? God, he wouldn’t be able to bare it if she did cheat.

Don’t think about that stuff, Riley loves you. He tried calming himself; this was something they were defiantly going to have to talk about before he deployed. He didn’t want to be in Afghanistan and get a Dear John letter or in his case Dear Jake letter. If she cheated or didn’t want to be with him then she’d have to wait till he came home and tell him face to face.

After an hour of laying there sleep finally took hold of his body.

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