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Short PWP Rape/Blackmail story. First few paragraphs are actually true, everything else of course fiction
It was a warm summer day. I walked on a lonely forest path, trying to relax and thinking about the world. My dog went a few meters ahead of me, happily sniffing on everything in sight and investigating the forest life. He was a black Labrador with the name Ben and would never hurt a fly nor threaten anyone. But being a big black dog many people do feel intimidated if he starts running towards them, trying to find someone to pet or play with him. So in general I keep him by my side when others were around, but here in the forest he could stroll and run as much as he wanted to. I liked those trips, they gave a a sense of calmness and allowed me to get rid from the hectic everyday life. I made sure to choose routes where I wouldn't meet other people so noone would disturb my few well deserved solitary hours. Being in a forest, that wasn't too hard to do, there are a few popular hiking paths and many almost forgotten smaller trails.

About a hour went by and I was considering to start my journey back when Ben raised his head and sniffed, obviously fetching the scent of something. One second later he started to sprint into the forest. I sighed and followed his trail slowly. I knew he wouldn't run far, nor really hunt any game so I wasn't too worried. But at least for a short time he would follow his nose and calling him wasn't likely to change his mind. A moment later I heard a happy bark followed by a surprised scream from a female voice. "Great, he found a wanderer, now I was going to have to fetch him and apologize", I thought. I sped up my steps and closed the distance to the noise I heard. When I finally found Ben, it was my turn to be surprised.

He was standing there panting and barking. That was to be expected. Unexpected was the young woman which lay on her back beside him. She was rather small, maybe 5 and a half foot in height. Her small but firm breast, probably an C-Cup, were covered by a black tank top. That was more than one could say about her waist and everything below, where no clothes covered anything. My eyes were instinctively drawn to her clean shaved pussy with her tiny pink lips just waiting to be parted by a hard cock and to embrace it while it would ram into her tiny frame. The thought made my penis stir, but I shoved those fantasy aside and continued taking in the situation. Around her ankles dangled her black panties and a blue jeans. Apparently she had to pee and figured it would be secure to use some secluded spot in the forest as toilet - and for the most time she would have been right. But today Ben surprised her and when she tried to get up in shock, she stumbled over her jeans-bound foods and fell backwards, offering me this fantastic view.

I took a step forward to fetch my dog and mumble some quick excuse, when her bright blue eyes caught mine. Sparkling with anger she shouted: "Take this fucking dog away, you moron!".
What the hell? She walked on MY routes, got naked like a slut, panicked like a little girl when she met an animal in a forest and now had the balls to insult me, the one who was going to help her? My anger mixed with my earlier lustful thoughts and before I knew what I was doing I took my phone out of my pocket and snapped a picture of her rather compromising position. She took a second to understand what just happened and her eyes traveled down her body, remembering that she was naked. She jumped up, pulling her panties and jeans into the proper place and started to complain: "What do you think you are doing you fucking pervert?".

I calmly answered: "Huh? Oh, I'm just taking picture of that hot bitch my dog found me. Man, they will get great votes on internet porn sites. They really love sluts there.". Her eyes widened for moment but her anger kept her going: "You wish, asshole! Give me that phone and you might not get into further trouble!". Trouble? Me? I smiled to myself and held out my hand with the phone. "Try to get it!".

Without much thinking she stormed forward, trying to rip the phone out of my hands. Being much bigger than her, I just held my arm high up into the air over my head and laughed when she tried to grab and pull it down. In the process her breast made contact with my body and rubbed it ever so slightly while she was stretching herself to reach the phone with her hands. By now my penis was fully erect and demanding for more action. I enjoyed her breasts a few seconds longer before it was time for my next action: My empty hand went to her jeans and - thanks to the fact that she didn't had time to bottom it up properly - slipped right into her panties, covering her smooth lower mound. Without waiting I shoved on finger into her pussy as far as it would go, enjoying the warm tightness. I wondered if my cock would fit in there too and really hoped I would get the chance to try.

Meanwhile the women let out an shocked scream, abandoned her tries to get hold of the phone and jumped backwards to break my grip on her nether regions. I looked her into the eye, smiled and licked the finger which was in her slit a moment before. For the first time, I could see that her anger made place for a sparkle of fear. Still, she wasn't going to let it go easily: "Alright you shit. Give me the phone right away and I'm not going to call the cops and get you in for sexual assault. This is your last chance".
I frowned "Right, the cops. Here in the forest, in the middle of nowhere. Do you intend to pin me down here for the 2 hours it is going to take them to show up? Sorry, I don't think I have that much time, after all I have pics of some hot bitch to publish".
I could see her anger flaring up again, but this time she took a few second to analyze her situation and came to the conclusion that confrontation wouldn't work out well at this point "Listen, I think we started off on the wrong foot. My name is Anna, not bitch. Now please let me delete those pictures and we can forget about this whole incident. You had your fun. So?"
I shook my head "What makes you think I had my fun? You were the one who got her pussy fingered and rubbed her tits against me. Those pictures will make ensure my - and other men - fun later, if you understand what I mean".
Anna blushed a bit, understanding very well and also being embarrassed by the fact that I indeed had fingered her. I went on: "Tell you what, if you get me off now then I really had my fun and won't need the pictures for later anymore. Otherwise, it was very nice to meet you and I will be on my way".
She blinked her eyes, not quite believing "You are kidding right?".
I turned around and started to walk a few steps "See ya Anna, check xhamster.arg today there will be some great shots of someone you know very well. Ben, lets go". My dog barked and went along. I didn't get far however, before I heard Anna again: "Wait! Ok, you win. I will give you a handjob and then you will delete all the pictures and we forget about all of this. Deal?". Instead of responding to her question, I just said: "Get started!".
she closed the distance to me and began unbuttoning my pants while she looked into the other direction. Apparently she intended to give me one quick lousy handjob while standing around and pretending to not care about it at all. That wasn't going to do it for me. I put my hands on her should and pushed her, clearly indicating that I wanted her to go down. "Come one. A sluts position is on her knees and fucking look me into the eyes when you play with my cock"

She muttered something about "Jerk", but let herself be pushed to her knees and resumed pulling down my pants. Once she tugged on my boxer shorts, my hard 7 inch penis sprang free, nearly hitting her. She looked at it a while, then reluctantly grabbed it, moving her hand slowly up and down. "Eyes up!", I commanded. I could feel each of her warm fingers on my cock and the view of this young woman kneeling in front of me and jerking me off was almost good enough to cum right away. Fortunately her movement was too slow for this and I had other plans still. I enjoys myself for a minute, then took my penis in my own hand holding her head with the other. I guided it to her mouth, where it met the resistance of her closed lips. I pressed forward a bit stronger, but she just stared up defiantly keeping her mouth closed.

I figured she needed a bit encouragement and started to rub my cock and balls all over her face, leaving traces of precum on her cheeks and nose. Now and then I slightly slapped her with it - it wouldn't hurt but it certainly was humiliating. "I can do this all day until you open your mouth and start sucking me off", I told her.
"The deal was that you get a handjob, I'm not going to bl...". I didn't feel like arguing with her and during her little speech, her mouth was open just fine, so I just pushed my penis right in enjoying the warm wetness inside. She was obviously surprised by this move and probably annoyed by herself for falling for such a move.
"Looks like you are. Now start sucking bitch, if I would have wanted a handjob I could have done that myself". Defeated she started to suck me, using her tongue to swirl around my shaft and bobbing her head up and down. She might have decided to get it over with and the best way to do this would be to make me cum. I was in heaven, it might not have been the best blowjob I ever got, but the situation of practically raping the woman here in the woods just made it that much more exciting. I enjoyed it, while she worked my cock for several minutes and even began to massage my balls with her hands. This wasn't her first blowjob for sure. I wondered how far her experience went: "Take it deeper, slut".
She complied and bobbed her head onto it, until I could feel it hit the back of her throat, immediately making her gag. "Deeper", I commanded again. She pulled her head back and complained: "Its not going any deeper asshole, it just too big to fit into my mouth".
I didn't like it that she still insulted me, and I also didn't like it that my cock didn't fit into her mouth. But the second one could be changed I thought. I grabbed her head with both hands, guiding my shaft back into her mouth. With each move I hit her throat, making her gag, while tears flowed down her checks. Once I found the right angle, I slammed myself in with full force, shoving it right into her throat until my balls hit her chin and her nose was buried in my pubic hair. I know she couldn't breath and once she discovered that too she started to panic, slamming her fists against my thighs and trying to pull her head back. I held her there for a few seconds, before pulling out. Once she had sucked in a huge breath, I slammed my cock back into her throat again and started to establish a rhythm, face fucking her roughly. She didn't quite like it and it was probably the first time her mouth was used like a pussy, but she wasn't in the position to object and tried to concentrate on breathing which was a hard enough task.

Once I was satisfied with her new deep throating skills, I pulled my penis out and let go of her head. Anna was coughing and drooling trying to get her breath back. I went behind her and shoved her into the back, making her fall forward until her arms reflexively caught her fall. She was now on all fours, still trying to recover, when I pulled her jeans and panties down in one quick motion and pressed my cock against her pussy. That got finally got her attention again. "What are you doing?! Stop it! I didn't agree to this! You aren't even using a condom. Take it away!", she whined. Of course, that was not my plan. Holding her waist and pushing forward, I fully intended to get my cock in to the hilt in one thrust. The spit on it made a decent lubrication so it would hurt - at least not me, but to my surprise she was so tight that I could bury only half of my shaft in her. Anna let out a loud shriek and tried to get up, but that wasn't going to work in her position. At least not with my hands keeping her in place. I pulled out a bit and slammed in again, repeating this until I finally managed to get my penis all inside her. I could feel that I hit her cervix with every thrust now, earning every time a small squeak from her. My balls slammed against for pussy and there was a loud smack every time my pelvis hit her behind. Now and then I slapped her ass which would earn me an furious scream from Anna. I wished that this could have gone on forever, but all the action took its tribute and I felt that my climax was close.

"Time to fill you up with some cum, slut", I moaned to Anna.
Her voice was filled with panic and she tried to get away again "Oh god, please pull out. I'm not protected! Don't come inside me!".
I was having none of that, her tight cunt was just too good to come anywhere else. "Not my problem, you should have thought about it before you fuck strangers in the forest, bitch.". With that I took one last thrust, buried my cock as deep as it would go and held it there while torrents of cum shot out of it, right into Anna's womb. She must have felt every squirt of my hot semen hitting her insides and sobbed quietly. I pulled my cock out and let go of her waist, which made her collapse on her belly, breathing heavily. A line of white goo leaked out of her pussy, creating a small puddle of cum on the ground.

I slid my body forward until I was over her back, grabbed her tank top and used it clean the cum and juices of my cocks. Standing up, I pulled my pants up, enjoying one last time the view of Anna on the floor and then called my dog to start the way back out of the forest.

Maybe meeting other people on my trips wasn't such a bad thing after all.

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