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Old friends from College
I hadn’t seen Linda or Walter since the wedding. We’d all lived in the same house in college. Walter had been my guy first, but I lost out to Linda. I had hung onto him with sex mainly, and Linda offered him a future, kids and good jobs … all that. All I could do for him was screw his wheels off. Linda wasn’t as good as me, but good enough I guess. I don’t want you to think I was bitter or anything. I was happy for both of them, but I was curious to see how they were doing.

So when I was passing through Cleveland, I decided to look them up. They seemed glad to see me and invited me for dinner and to stay over. Dinner was almost ready. I took a shower and jerked off in there. I have to do that a lot. I’d been riding on the bus with a bunch of guys going to a track meet. I hadn’t done anything, but my fantasy machine was running in overdrive the whole trip, so when I’d taken my shower, I put one foot up on the toilet seat and whacked off to the fantasy of all those guys.

I was wearing a loose summer dress with no underwear so I still smelled like sex when I sat down to dinner. Walter knew my scent and gave me nice looks while we ate. Linda seemed oblivious, but she was always a little straight, so she might have been pretending not to notice. It might have been the wine she was drinking too, she had a few glasses with dinner.

After dinner, Walter and I offered to clean up the kitchen, since Linda had done all the cooking. We bumped hands and hips at the sink, and I saw Walter looking down my dress every chance he got.
After the kitchen was cleaned up we went into the living room.
“Let’s watch a movie, Linda suggested. She had another bottle of wine next to her.
“Sure, what do you want to see?” Walter asked.
“I got Nine and a Half Weeks this afternoon, but I didn’t know Deirdre would be here.”
“Would you mind seeing that with us, Deirdre?” Walter asked
“No, I’ve seen it and it’s good, I wouldn’t mind seeing it again.” I knew that iced nipple scene would get somebody going, and it was only a half hour into the movie.

Walter and Linda sat on the couch in front of the TV and I took a chair off to one side where I could see the screen and the couch. The movie started kind of slow and everybody just sat quietly and watched, but that ice cube scene did what I thought it would. Walter slid over and snuggled up to Linda. I couldn’t see his hands under the blanked but I could see the blanket moving and Linda glanced at me and pushed him away a little.

I got up to go to the bathroom to give them a chance alone. In the bathroom I pulled up my dress and did myself again. It was good, and I had a feeling things were going to get better. A scene was coming up. About the half way point in the movie Kim Basinger gets fucked in a stairwell. I opened the bathroom door so I could hear the movie. I waited until that scene came on, gave it a couple minutes and went back in the living room. Sure enough, he was on her. She had her legs in the air and he was banging away.

Just to make sure there was no confusion, as I walked past them, I leaned down and gave Walter a big sloppy kiss, then frenched Linda until I felt her tongue return the favor. She tasted like a lot of wine.
I sat and watched the rest of the movie with them. Linda had a couple more glasses of wine and when she tried to get up and go to the bathroom, she stumbled and sat back down. Walter tried to help her up but she pushed him away and went to sleep on the couch.

So there we were, me and Walter on opposite sides of the room and his wife passed out next to him on the couch.
“Could you help me get Linda to bed?” Walter asked.
“Sure,” I’d been counting on helping ever since I saw her with a bottle and a corkscrew.
Linda had put on a little weight since her cheerleading days, but with one of us under each arm we walked and dragged her down the hall to the bedroom and put her on the bed.
“She’s not gonna wake up until morning, I should get her undressed,” Walter said.
“I can give you a hand with that too,” I said casually.
He got her shoes off and was working on her pants. By the time he pulled her panties off, I’d removed her blouse and bra. Linda had always had gorgeous tits and some of the additional weight had made them even nicer. I was surprised to see that she had shaved her pussy. I wouldn’t have guessed she’d go for it, but she was a smooth as a chamois. I could feel myself getting wet under my dress again.

“Fuck her!” I said to Walter.
“What did you say?”
“Fuck her; I want to watch you fuck her. I’m gonna lay back right her next to her and jerk off while you fuck her.
“But she’s passed out, Deirdre, I think that would be wrong,” Walter objected.
“It is, but that will make it even hotter.” For a minute I thought he wasn’t going to do it, so I pulled my dress up around my waist, slipped a couple of fingers up my pussy, licked them off and started rubbing. That did it. Walter undid his belt and shucked off his pants and briefs. I was happy to see he was already big and hard. He was the first guy that gagged me when I went down on him. I’d had bigger since, but he was a good sized man.
He came over to me with that big dick sticking out straight.

“No, her first. You can do me later, but I want to watch you do her first. It’ll get me hotter.”
So he did. He took a hold of her two feet and lifted her legs up in the air and rammed it in. She might have been passed out drunk but she was plenty wet. He slid right in. I was whacking away at myself in a hurry now, watching him plunging in and out, the pink skin of her pussy being sucked in and out by the motion of his cock.

Once, I thought I hear her moan a little. I put my ear by her mouth and didn’t hear it again. But as long as I was over there, I started sucking on her big titties. I wasn’t surprised when they got hard. Our bodies know what they like even when they’re unconscious. I could see Walter was getting close to cumming, so I hurried and finished myself off, a big thrashing orgasm.

Then I scooted down to the edge of the bed and put my feet in the air. Walter pulled out of Linda with a big wet sucking sound and came over to me. He was real big now, but I was so wet; he put the tip against my clit and shoved it in all the way to his balls in one stroke. I groaned as I took the meat. He set up a nice rhythm in me and I rubbed my clit until I came again.
“Do her again,” I ordered Walter. He went back over and fucked Linda for a while longer.
“Now me again!”

He was so crazed with lust now he barely knew who he was fucking and hardly paused moving from one of us to the other. There was precum on his dick when he pulled out of me the last time and pushed it back into Linda. I knew he couldn’t go much longer, so I rolled over by Linda and put my head down in her crotch. Her clit was thick and pink. I licked it a few times and her hips rolled a little, I licked Walter’s dick as it slid in and out.
“Don’t come in her,” I said to Walter. When he looked down at me I opened my mouth as far as my jaw would go and laid my tongue on my teeth. On his next out stroke, he pulled all the way out of Linda and shoved that big dick down my throat. He pumped a couple of times before he came and I just managed so swallow it all without gagging.

Later, I clitted off a couple more times, and sucked Linda’s clit some more. I thought maybe I could make her come, even passed out, but she never did.
The next morning, I thanked them both and headed for the bus station.
“Sorry I passed out, last night, Deirdre, next time you come by, I’ll stay awake. Did you and Walt have a nice talk?”
“That’s OK; you were plenty of fun anyway, and yeah, me and Walt had a ball.” She didn’t remember a thing.
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