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my first horny feeling
HI guys this is my life . i am not a writer so please excuse me for the grammer and spelling. but do comment about anything . thank u.

After the first experience of ejaculation , i become a new guy always think about sex and horny feelings ,. I looked my mom in a horny way .masturbated endless time by thinking about mom .

Moms partner used to go to work early hours . One night i heard a noise suddently i woke up , i looked at the time it was only 5:30 am , i realised that moms partner is getting ready to work. my naughty mind started to think all horny feelings .I thought if he goes, its only me and my sexy mom alone at home .Oh the thoughts that really made me crazy.I waited till he go out ,i felt like every second like centuries, my cock got really strong.i heard that door closed and car starting .i waited few more minutes to make sure he is defenitely out.

I slowly got out from bed opened my bed room with out making much noise walked to moms room bare footed.Moms room was half way open ,i could still see my mom lying on her right side. mom sleeps with blanket on ,but was not covering moms sexy legs hot ass. i felt soo hot and horny my cock got so strong .my mom was facing the wall the she could nt see me at all .my cock really buldged out from my trouser , i was nt wearing an under wear ,well i never does at night.Mom was weAring a pink nylon night gown , I think thats the only garment in her body. moms got really nice curves . I touched my cock its red hot i stroked it several time. i pulled the trouser down my cock is trong and dripping .I stroked it hardly and shaken it . I looked at mom but mom was fast asleep . Slowly i moved inside moms room looked at moms hot legs naked i wanted to see moms pussy so i slowly lifted the blanket .suddently mom moved her position .i really frightened i could nt stay any more i realised that if mom open her eyes she could see me. i slowly walked away from the room went back to laundry took one of moms soft panties and masturbated wow it was so lovely feelngi love u mom , i really do. i done the same things several night .i stlill believe my mom is the most sexiest lady.

After few days it was a summer morning ,mom was getting ready to go for a party . i heard mom calling me , I went to see mom was half naked struggling to put the hook for the brazzer i tried to put brazzer . it was bit tight. i put the hook mom screamed .Mom asked me to remove it i removed it and stood there watching moms hot body. mom said thank u i can manage now .I did nt want to leave the room . But i have nt got no choice.

Oh that was really nice feeling ,when i went there ,mom was half naked, i could still see moms legs through the transperent silky under skirt even the velvett panties .my cock immediately grown up luckily i was wearing underwear . i really thought i could touch her boobs . Mom was compleately naked above her waist except mom covered her boobs with her hands and brazzer. and a soft sexy bare back and a beautyful tatto of a leaf just back of her neck . I sense mom really have a nice fragrance . I dont know which perfumes mom using. i really like the smell. I stood just behind mom i felt like to lik her back and eat .my cock was heading towards moms shaped ass . i realised if i put one more step forward my cock will be kissing moms ass. Oh i really love that thought. My mom is really hot lady . i wish i could fuck mom all the time .love you mom .

That day i masturbated atleast six times . Every drop of my cum in moms paties .After the second masturbation i got an idea i took a soft pillow dressed with moms panty and brazzer moms under skirt then moms skirt and top.Imagined as it s my mom,i sprayed with moms perfumes . i hold her close to my heart. kissed her allover her soft body .squeesed boobs pussy and bums. i liked all over, mom smelled so nice and so so soft .i bite and licked through out side her panteis .and bite so nicely . i imagined moms screaming voice . i loved it .my cock could nt wait any more. i put my cock in moms panties back ,imagined as i fuck moms hot sexy shaped soft ass. i kept pounded moms hot ass . and i loved it i grabbed moms ass and squeesed it . and then pussy and boobs licked and bite all over the back and fucked hard .i felt so good it really felt so good just like fucking my mom . i strted cumming , i have nt stopped keep pounded.keep fucking till i could nt cum any more .next ten minutes i just slept on top of mom with out knowng anything It was so relaxed and wonderful. once again love u mom.

I fucked my mom several time on that day .Next time i went inside moms room lied in moms bed i lied and wriggled around imagining my moms hot body in that bed .i took one of moms hot pics kissesd and liked kissed with my lips as well as cock . i put moms photo insde my underwear.i felt so goodit andthen licked her lips and kisses her . i sat in moms bed looked at mom and masturbated on her face . moms looks so lovely with my cum the perfect facial . love u mom.

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2015-05-11 10:22:40
I tried but, I could not make it past the first chapter.

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2013-03-02 23:59:13
get a life ..fuck head.


2012-11-29 01:28:19
Your story sucked. But keep trying. You have nowhere to go but up.

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your only bungin on the retard slang..full of shit you are

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