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This is my first story. So please feedback.
You took my hand as soon as we stepped out of the car and onto the pavement. I look at you and smile when I see you smiling at me. "What?" I giggle. You just shake your head with that smile still on your face as you tug me along towards a nice looking motel. I read the sign aloud as we walked into the parking lot. "KING BED, FREE WI-FI, IN-GROUND POOL, NO VACANCY", I look curiously as you. "I've booked a room, silly." As you said this, you swung your suitcase in your right hand. "Why'd you bring a suitcase? I already have a bag of our clothes in it." I almost shooved the bag in his face. "Seee?" "Just a little bit extra, haha" You laughed.

We walked into the main area where the clerk was standing behind the front desk. He smiled at me, and then nodded at you. He turned around, pulled a ring of keys off a hook and said, "I'll show you to your room, Mr and Mrs Jones." We followed the clerk back out the front door and turned left. I said the numbers of the rooms in my head as we pasted by, "13... 14... 15... 16... 17..." "Here we are." The clerk smiled, unlocked the door and started back towards the main area.

I walked inside as you held the door open for me. "It's cozy." I smiled. The front room had the king sized bed, and a small TV with an antenna sticking out the back. A little further back was a small eat in kitchen and to the left was a tiny bathroom with a small shower and toilet. The sink was almost smaller than my hand. Amazingly.

"Honey?" You called from the front room. I heard him close the door and chain lock it. "Yeah, bub?" I called back. "Would you be able to start dinner? There should be a couple things in the fridge I bought before I came to pick you up." I walked into the kitchen and opened the small bar fridge propped up on the counter. There was a bottle of champaign, chocolate, strawberries, whip cream and two Curry Chicken frozen meals. I walked backwards and stared at you from the kitchen, you were unpacking some things from the suitcase you'd brought. But I couldn't see what those things were.

Grabbing the two frozen meals. I read the instructions and quickly put them in the small convection oven that was right next to the bar fridge. When the second one was almost done, you came into the kitchen and wrapped your arms around me. Then your hands slowly crawled upto my shoulders then slowly sliding then down my arms to my elbow, then my wrist and then my hands, where you intertwined your fingers with mine. Nudging my head to the side you kissed my neck and then nibbled on my ear lobe, sending tingles down my whole body, making me moan.
"How about we forget about dinner and go straight to dessert?" You said softly in my ear. Your warm breath caressing my skin.

"I didn't really want dinner anyways." I whispered through soft moans, my breathing started racing. You fingers left mine and started trailing up my back, the thin material of my singlet barely shielding you're cold skin, making me shiver more. Then you ran them back down and tucked your fingers under my shirt and pulled upwards. I lifted my arms and the singlet came off. You touched your lips to my shoulder with a soft kiss. I shivered and moaned again as your hands slid around my waist and down my abdomen nearly touching my pussy but stopping just shy making me even wetter than I already was. "What are you hungry for?" You whispered in my ear, then let your tongue dance on my ear lobe, neck and jaw. My nipples were hard, my breathing was heavy and my underwear were nearly soaked.

You're hands came up to my boobs, cupping them in your amazing hands.
"Um, your cock." I whispered, hardly able to speak as you massaged my boobs and pinched my nipples through my bra. "What was that?" I could hear a smile in your voice. "I want to put your cock in my mouth." I said louder and then you pushed up against my ass, your cock pressing against my cheeks. I could feel you pulsating. You let go of my boobs and unclipped my bra, tossing that near my singlet. You put your hands back on my boobs massaging them again, pinching my nipples while sucking and kissing my neck. The moans were no longer soft as I put my hand in my underwear and began rubbing my slit, my fingers were getting covered in my juices.

Then you let go of me all together and said "Don't turn around yet and close your eyes." I did as you said and then felt your cock stick into me again as you put a piece of material over my eyes. "Trust me?" "Yes." And then you led me over to the bed, got me to lay down with a gentle press of your hand. Then grabbed one of my hands and tied it to the post of the bed and did the same with my other hand. When I was about to ask what you were going to do, you gagged me. My tongue licked over the rubber ball in my mouth getting more and more turned on that I moaned just by hearing you unzip your jeans. I heard the material slide down your legs. Then you were pulling my jeans and underwear down my legs. You spread my legs and began kissing my thighs, my breathing quickened and my moans vibrated the gag in my mouth.

You're lips were soft and gentle as they kissed up my right leg, over my pussy and then down the left leg. I couldn't stand it anymore. You're breath on my clit, the way your tongue danced around my lips and then you stuck your tongue in me as far as it would go, tongue-fucking me for a couple of minutes whilst rubbing my clit. I got louder and louder and I was getting close and I knew you could tell because you quickened your pace and started moaning too. It hit me like a tidal wave of pleasure. I arched my back as a screamed through the gag, wave after wave hit me as I came and could feel you drink every last drop. Then I orgasmed again, screaming even louder this time. It felt like hours had passed by time I was able to lay back down on the bed. You licked me one more time before lifting your head. "Did you like that?" I nodded my head.

I could feel you moving closer to me and then the gag was pulled from my mouth. And then filled up with your cock which felt even harder than before. You started off slow as I licked your head and shaft, sucking you gently. You started to quicken your face and I sucked even harder, you started moaning as you put your hands on either side my head and pushed your cock in till it hit the back of my throat and I gagged, you got slower again until I got used to you and then started fucking my face, going down my throat. I licked and sucked while you fucked my mouth, the slap of your balls on my chin and the way you grabbed bunches of my hair while you moaned made me orgasm again, I moaned around your cock and this made you cum in my mouth, spurt after spurt of your warm cum shooting down my throat. I sucked and sucked whilst moaning trying to swallow every drop of your seed. I kept sucking even after you finished worried you'd get soft but you didn't.

You pulled out of my mouth and let go of my hair, then you kissed my mouth. I opened my lips, inviting you in and your tongue touched mine and you started sucking and licking every inch of my mouth. Tasting me. You pulled away from the kiss with your tongue dancing on my lips before being pulled back into your mouth.

You moved to my ear and whisper, "Are you full?" I shook my head hoping you'd get the meaning. Fortunately you did as you moved down the bed and I suddenly felt your cock sliding up and down my cunt, bathing the head in my cum. You positioned it against my hole, I bit my lip and moaned softly as you pushed it in slowly till just the head was in and then pulled all the way out. Pushing in slowly, a bit more this time and then pulled all the way. You kissed the head of your cock against my cunt hole, paused and then pushed all the way in as hard as you could. I couldn't hold the scream in, then you put the gag in my mouth without pulling out. I kept moaning as I felt your cock flex inside of me. I could feel my juices sliding out of my pussy down my ass to the bed.

You still hadn't moved, I was breathing faster and my heart was so loud. You then put your hands on my waist, pulled out slowly till just the head was in and pushed as hard as you could again. This time my scream was muffled by the gag. And this time you didn't pause you fucked me hard and rough. One of your hands slid up my stomach to my tit and you squeezed. I moaned louder and louder. Pulling against my restraints. You pumped my cunt again and again, your balls slapping against my ass, I started to tense my pussy and then I came, you let go of my boob and started rubbing my slit, pressing down hard, I couldn't contain my moans which were loud even though they were muffled. My orgasm kept hitting me and it was so fucking good that I started to cry. You lent down and kissed one of the tears that ran down my cheek and then licked over my lips and the gag. You kept pumping into me while rubbing my clit until I calmed down and then I felt your hot cum shooting into me, filling me up. You pushed in hard, your hands squeezing my sides. "Fuck!" You screamed out as you shot more and more loads into my pussy. When you finished cumming you laid on top of me out of breath just like I was. I could feel your cock shrink and leave my pussy which was raw and sore from the pounding.

You lifted yourself up after a while and undid my restraints and took of my blindfold and gag. I saw you were sweating, and breathing heavily. You laid next to me and held me against your warm body. You kissed my neck and then went down and licked around my boob and then around my nipple. You took it into your mouth and started to suck, your hand went down to my pussy and two fingers went inside. I started moaning again, lifting myself off the bed and then dropping again, you bit my nipple gently and pulled and then did the same to the my other tit. As you fingered me and sucked my nipple, I came again even harder than the last. My hands went to your hair and pulled, trying to contain my screams and moans but unable. "Oh fuck, Chris, oh, CHRIS!! FUCKK!" Your mouth left my nipple and went down to my clit you flicked it with your tongue a couple times while you were still fingering me and then you put your lips around it and started to suck. I screamed again as another orgasm came over me. You didn't stop sucking my clit or fingering me until the orgasm was over.

After a couple minutes of thrashing around and screaming my lungs out, the orgasm was over and you pulled your fingers out of my sopping wet pussy and sucked on them. I smiled and then snuggled into your chest. We both fell asleep straight away.


2012-08-21 13:27:21
I think you did an amazing job with your first story. I'm looking foward to reading more

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