Jack finally catches Jake with Vince and flips.
It was the start of spring break and I lay on my bed trying to finish up my homework so I’d be able to spend the little time I had left with Vince before he left for his grandmother’s, Monday afternoon. After that, I wouldn’t see him until that next Sunday. As I was finishing up my math homework, I heard Jack yell through the house to Mom that he was headed to Blake’s for the night and that he’d be back some time late tomorrow. It wasn’t long after that that Mom came and knocked on my door. “Jake?” I looked up to see Mom dress in her favorite blue dress, her lightly done makeup perfect, and her blonde hair partly done up in an bun while the rest of it fell down her back nearly to her ass.

“You’re going out too?” I asked. She nodded.

“Gregory and I are going out to eat. We’ll be out late so don’t wait up.” I lay my head down at that. Mom and Gregory had been dating for close to ten months and to my knowledge still hadn’t slept with each other. I guess tonight was the night.

“Have fun,” I told her, the tone in my voice letting her know I knew just how much fun she would be having. Mom’s face reddened, slightly embarrassment that her son knew what was going on, but with both her sons being seventeen now it would be hard to say anything about staying out late with a man and us not think she was looking to get laid.

“I’ll be here before you wake up in the morning.”

“Don’t rush home because of me. I could use a night or two to myself.” Mom smiled and shook her head.

“Good night.”

“Night Mom.” She left my bedroom door open, no point in closing since I had the house to myself. I sighed and finished the last scrap of work I had then picked up my phone, but set it back down. I got up and went into the bathroom, showered, shaved and all that good stuff then went into the kitchen. I looked around for stuff I knew how to cook. I found penne noodles, a red spaghetti sauce and chicken that had already been thawed or hadn’t been frozen yet. It took longer to cook the chicken then anything else. When it was close to being done I went back to my room and picked up my phone.

Do u want 2 come over? I made dinner for us. I wrote to Vince.

I thought we weren’t gonna do anything at ur house since that thing with ur mom.

Mom has a date 2night and Jack is at Blake’s till 2morrow we have a house 2 ourselves if u want.
There was a pause.

So u r all alone for the whole night?

If Jack stays at Blake’s for as long as he said it will be 2morrow morning before anyone one else is home.

What’s for dinner?

Chicken parmesan.
I smiled as I hit send, it one of his favorites.

I’ll c u in 10. I laughed at his eagerness. True to his word, Vince was at the door in ten minutes, just before everything was done. “You’re sure no ones home?” I nodded. “Good.” He stepped forward and grabbed me, pushing me against the wall, his body against mine. Fire raced through me as our lips meet and blood pooled in my cock as he slammed the door behind him. His fingers tangled in my hair as he pressed my back harder into the wall. I could feel his cock start to harden against my hip. I broke the kiss and looking into his eyes, smiling. As ready as we both were for it, I still wanted to treat him to dinner before he left for a week.

“Hungry?” I asked. He nodded, but his eyes never left my lips. “Come on the tables ready and the food will be done in five minutes.” I led him into the kitchen, where I’d set up candles and the good dishes, trying to make this night as great as it could be.

“All this for me?” I just smiled and kissed his cheek. Vince sat down at the table. “It smells really good.” I looked over my shoulder to see his eyes focusing on my ass and shook my head. Vince knew the biggest reason I’d called him over just as I knew it down deep in my heart. Since my mother had found out about us, she was much more conscious of how often and how long I was with Vince. Why it was different for Jack to sleep around, but thinking about me lose my virginity hurt her, I just couldn’t figure out. It was quite during dinner, both of us craving what was coming afterward. I found myself watching him more than I was eating. Finished I took our plates to the sink to wash them. Vince came up behind me, pressing his hips against my ass. “Leave the dishes.” He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck. One of his hands ventured lower cupping me through my jeans. I leaned back onto his chest letting him massage my cock for a moment.

“Bedroom’s this way.” I took the hand playing with me and led him to my bedroom. The covers were already pulled back and the only light in the room was from a small lamp at my desk. Vince pulled me to him again, kissing me, and running his hands under my shirt. Slowly he raised my shirt up as his hands roamed over my back and sides. When my stomach was completely bare Vince pulled back and pulled the shirt over my head. Soft lips found mine again and a hand found one of my nipples to play with, causing it to come to attention as well as my cock. He led me backward to the bed, laying me down. I felt my heart pounding in my chest. Tonight was it; there was no one here to stop us from finishing what we were starting. Vince sat down next to me pulling his own shirt off, revealing a lean muscled yet flat stomach and chest. I licked my lips as I watched him lean over me, his mouth found my right nipple and I arched under him, crying out as my world narrowed. Vince’s fingernails scraped lightly against my ribs causing me to stop breathing for a minute. He chuckled and sat up, scraping further down my sides. Vince smiled down at me and my eye wandered back to his chest again. Sitting up I licked his chest, my hands going to his rib cage for balance, and I listened to him groan. My brain fogged as I licked across a nipple. Vince arched into it, nearly panting. I sucked on it before moving further south, licking my way down. Listening to his ragged breathing drove me crazy as I moved. Vince lay back on the bed letting me explore and tease him.

My fingers found the button on his jeans and unfastened it as I licked his abs right above his belt line. “Jake. You’re sure about this, right? You don’t think I’m rushing you or anything?” Vince’s voice was deeper more breathy as he asked what he always did. I went for his zipper, but as I tried to get at his cock, the zipper decided it didn’t want to come down all at once and I growled in frustration. Soft laughter made me look over at him. “Jake?” He leaned up on his elbow to watch me.

“I’m sure.” Vince nodded and lay back unzipping his jeans for me and pulled down them and his underwear to his knees. His cock lay against his abdomen, ridged and waiting to be touched. I had to taste it. I leaned forward and kissed the base where his balls met his cock. Vince let out a hard breath. I flattened my tongue and licked up to the head. His cock twitched and jumped as I moved up the shaft. At the head, I played with him kissing it then licking down a bit before coming back up to lick the pearl of pre-cum off the head which formed every time I moved from it.

“Jake.” Vince’s breathy tone forced me to have mercy on him and I slid my mouth over the engorged mushroom style tip. A harsh groan left his lips as I sucked only on the head of his stiff cock, loving the feel of it in my mouth as my tongue played along the underside. My own cock, just as hard as his, pushed painfully against my fly and Vince reached to unfasten my jeans as if he knew. I felt his hand grip me and I took more of his cock into my mouth, stroking what wasn’t inside with my right hand. When Vince stroked me, slowly letting his hand work me, I moaned around his cock and his head fell back onto the bed, his body arching into the vibration. Feeling his cock fill my mouth more was setting my skin on fire and the taste of his pre cum was enough to make me want to scream for him to give me more so I could have a better taste, though I most likely wouldn’t have swallowed I did love feeling him pumping cum into my mouth. But tonight wasn’t about that, I could have that later, after we had sex. I lifted my head and watched as his balls drew tighter to his body.

Vince looked at me then, still stroking my cock in that insanely slow rhythm. “Do you want to…do me, this being…” I shook my head. It would be good either way, but for our first time I knew what I wanted.

“No, I want you in my ass.” A smile spread across his face.

“You know there is another way.” I looked at him curiously.

“Really?” he nodded. “Show me.” I lay back down on the bed and he pulled my pants off the rest of the way before stripping himself completely. God his looks so good. He got on the bed and straddled me. I ran my hands up his thighs as he lay his cock on top of mine, his balls settling against mine. I groaned at the feel of his naked cock touching my cock. Vince wrapped his hand around both our cocks as much as he could and started stroking us. By this point, my breathing was shallow as I watched his stomach flex above me with every stroke, his eyes half closed in pleasure as he tried to watch me.

“Did you get any lube? Please tell me you got some…it’ll go smoother if you did.” I nodded and looked over to the nightstand were the bottle sat out in the open. He leaded over; moving his chest in range again and I found a spot to suckle while he grabbed it. he groaned and as he sat back I saw a red mark where my mouth had been. He opened it and poured some on our cocks then continued stroking, working the lube over us.

“Oh, God!” I bit my lip hard cutting off the next words in my head. Holy fuck! My hips tried to trust into his hand more, but couldn’t with him on top of me, his cock slid against mine in a hot wet rhythm. My balls started to draw closer and I looked down the length of my body to watch our cocks rub against each other, his hand moving over both us.

“Feel good, baby,” Vince’s voice was strained and I knew his was holding back, though weather it was his need to cum or to stroke us faster I didn’t know.

“Fuck me.” His hand lost its rhythm for a second. I grabbed his arms and arched into it more. “Vince, please…I want your cock up my ass.” His cock pulled out of his hand, but he continued to stroke me. Just as I was about to protest I felt his knee pushing my legs apart. I opened for him, letting my legs fall on either side of his hips and felt his cock settle against my ass. “Vince.”

“Cum for me first, then I take your ass.” His hand moved faster. “Cum for me lover.” My breath hiccupped and I couldn’t stop groaning. My stomach tightened and my balls threatened to burst if I didn’t cum soon. Every limb went stiff with what was bound to be the biggest orgasm of my life. “That’s it Jake cum for me so I can stick my hard cock up your tight ass.” That did it. I grabbed the sheets as my hips came up off the matters and my head was forced back into the pillows. Electricity sparked through my balls and forced cum up the shaft in a wave so intense it was close to pain as cum fired from the head. Hot jets land on my neck and all down my chest.

“Fuck…Holy shit. Vince! I …” another wave crashed over me just as I thought the last bit of cum was starting to leak down my cock and I screamed for him again. More of my own wet cum splattered my stomach. Vince’s cock pressed to my ass, finding my entrance. Spent I felt my whole body relax and he took hold of my hips, slowly adding pressure to that spot. I think I whimpered a little, but I know I gasped at being stretched as his blunt head started forcing that tight ring of muscles to open for his cock. A harsh pain started to burn it’s up my ass and I think I started to tense.

“Easy love,” Vine leaned in and kissed me. “We’re almost passed the worst part. Don’t tense it only makes it hurt more.” I shifted under him as he pressed a little harder into me. “Think of this like a girl losing her cherry.” Vince’s voice was strained and I knew he was having trouble being so easy with me. “This is your cherry love, and it’s gonna hurt a little and be uncomfortable for the first few times.” I nodded. Vince closed his eyes and pushed a little bit more of his cock up my ass.

“What the fuck?” Vince pulled back at the sound of Jack’s voice and scrambled for the covers, making my ass burn a little more at the quick withdraw.


“What the fuck are you doing Jake? You let this fairy turn you. Damn it Jake,” Jack was about to go into a rant. It wasn’t until Jack took a menacing step into the room that I saw Blake behind him.

No, God no, they both saw me about to take a cock up the ass. “Get dressed quick,” I told Vince.

“I’m not gonna leave you here for them to beat up,” he whispered as Jack started to rant about how being gay was wrong and throwing any insult he could think of at us.

“Jack won’t hit me, even it he does I can tell Mom and get him sent to live with Dad, but you, you’re not safe with both him and Blake here.” Sadness touched his eyes as he got up and started dressing.

“Little faggot I should tell Mom!” Vince turned; ready to hit Jack for that insult. I jumped in to a yelling match with Jack to keep Vince from doing it.

“Tell Mom, it’s not like I’m doing something you haven’t done a hundred times.” I needed his attention on me so Vince could get out.

“I’ve never fuck a dude!” he pointed a Vince.

“Jack, you bring girls here every time Mom goes anywhere and fuck them. This is the same thing.”

“Like fucking hell it is. You were gonna let him stick his cock up your ass.”

“Like you never fuck a girl up the ass and don’t try to tell me different. I know for a fact you did it to Vanessa, cuz she found me at school the next day thinking I was you and swore she’d never let you do it again.”

“That’s different I fucked her ass, I didn’t get my ass fucked.” Vince was almost finished dressing.

“So if I was about to fuck him instead you would have, what, watched? How fucked up is that?” Jack whole body went stiff at my words.

“I don’t watch, I do.”

“Then what the fuck are you doing in my room? When it was obvious I was in the middle of something like this?”

“I was hoping to see you and Autumn going at it. I never seem to be able to catch you at it so, when I hear what sounded like you enjoying yourself I had to see who was blowing you. Wanted to get a look at my brother working it, for a sec.” He paused. “Not you with your legs open for a cock, like some chick.” Vince headed to the door, but Blake was blocking it. Blake hadn’t said or done anything other then stand there watching all this unfold with a smile on his face. I pulled the covers down so they could see the cum all over my body.

“See all the cum my cock spewed for him, I never got it to shoot like that when I stroked it thinking of you Blake.” Blake took a few steps forward ready to hit me. Vince stepped out into the hall around Blake when he moved. Vince drew back and decked him in the back of his shoulder hard enough to knock him forward three feet then ran for it, so Blake would follow him instead of taking it out on me. Blake took off after him, but it didn’t take long for me to hear Vince’s truck start up and pull out of the drive way.

“Fucking faggot!” I hear Blake scream from outside. Jack was staring at me. My chest and stomach coated in my own cum, my cock still a little hard and covered in lube.

“This is so wrong.” Jack said as Blake came back to the room. I sat up and moved to the edge of the bed.

“Well, fuck…you, it’s the way I am.” I sassed them both. Jack turned to leave to shocked or upset to say anything back, but then Blake did something I lest expected that stilled both me and Jack, he unfastened his pants.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Jack asked taking a step back. Blake gave an evil little smile.

“The boy decided he likes cock, I’ll give him cock.” I backed away intending to run to the bathroom and lock myself in so they could calm down, but as Jack shut the door I knew I wasn’t going anywhere. “You spank it, thinking about me. That’s sweet.” He pushed his pants down and started stroking his cock to get it hard. “Let’s see how the reality stacks up.” He let go and looked down at his semi-hard cock, hands spread wide. “Suck it bitch.”

“Dude that is so gross,” Jack looked at him. I actually hoped Jack could talk some sense into Blake. This wasn’t going to end well if he couldn’t.

“Head is head, Jack. Mouths aren’t gender specific.” Blake came toward me, his thick cock swaying side to side as he moved. “Grab him and we’ll both mouth fuck him. I need to get off again anyway.” Jack smiled and I took a second to see the slight bulge starting in his pants at the thought of getting his cock sucked. Both of them jumped me. I wasn’t good at fighting and I was lean were both Jack and Blake were decently muscled, but still I gave it everything I had, if I could only get into another room where I could lock the door. It wasn’t much of a fight, on my part, before I was pinned to the bed with Blake’s now fully erect cock against my lips. The fight had excited him more. “Open your mouth.” He hit my mouth with his cock. I shook my head and was reward with a vicious slap on my cheek. I remember crying out as my head was forced sideways and I tasted copper just as it slid off the back of my tongue and down my throat. “Open. Your. Cock. Sucking. Mouth.” Blake pinched my nose closed, I fought not to open my mouth, but eventually you always lose this battle. When my lips parted, he shoved his cock in. “Bite and I will beat the shit out of you.” Another evil smile curled his lips. “Or maybe I’ll just wait for my cock to stop throbbing and fuck you ass raw for the bit. With no lube on me that should be easy enough to do.” I closed my eyes, rescinded to what was going to happen, ready to let him fuck my mouth just to get it over with. Blake flicked my nose, making me struggle against them again. “Eyes open faggot. I want you to know whose cock you’re sucking.” With that, he thrust his cock deep into my mouth. I felt the head of his cock touch the back of my throat and it along with an odd taste on it had me gagging.

“Look Jack, I think he can still tastes that girl we fucked earlier on my cock. That’s right Jake taste that pussy we fucked, she had a nice tight little cunt. Jack and I took turns stuffing her. Busted a few good ones inside her. Mine and Jack cum’s on my cock too so drink it up bitch.” Blake shoved his cock deeper pushing it down my throat. I couldn’t breathe for a moment while he held himself all the way in my mouth, my nose resting against his thick pubs all the while. He didn’t pull back until I started gagging again, face red, but he thrust right back in the second I got air. “Like sucking my cock, huh little bitch?” Tears fell from my eyes as I fought for air around Blake’s thick cock and every time I closed my eyes, to shut it out, Blake would slap me on the forehead or reach back and slap my stomach and tell me to open my eyes. My stomach burned and heated from each hit and I could feel Jack’s fingers digging into my hips, controlling my struggling. When I would move a leg or try to throw Jack by lifting my hips his fingers dig deeper.

Blake pumped faster into my mouth, his whole cock shoving in and going down my throat with every thrust. “That’s it, you fucking slut, suck my cock…suck …my… cock.” I felt Blake’s cock twitch and expand some then he unloaded cum all inside my mouth coating my tongue. “Ahh, that’s a good slut take my cum.” He paused to shoot another wad onto my tongue, I gagged. “What a good little cock sucker you are,” he said as the last squirt of cum shot into my mouth. He eased back out then grabbed my nose again, but this time he also held my mouth closed. “Now be a really good little cock sucking faggot and swallow.” I shock my head. Blake raised an eyebrow. “Jack?”

“Yeah.” The sound of his voice said he was enjoying the show from where he held my legs and hips down.

“Grab the little fairy’s balls for me.”

“What?” Slight disgust registered in his voice at the thought.

“He is going to swallow that load I just shot.” Fingers wrapped around my sac and I started to struggle again.

“Now, now there’s no need for us to hurt you like that, so just swallow and we’ll be done.” I started to feel light headed. “Squeeze him.” Jack squeezed my balls, just enough to make it painful. “Swallow.” I shook my head again. “Harder.” Hot liquid pain rain up my spine from my balls as Jack followed Blake’s lead. A scream boiled up from my chest looking for an escape. I tried to stifle the scream, but as I did Blake’s cum slid down my throat gagging me all over again. “There’s a good boy.” Blake said moving his hands. Jack let go of my sac. Breathing raggedly to catch my breathe I didn’t hear the exact words Blake said to Jack and before I could get my breathing under control they grabbed me against this time Blake sat on my legs and Jack pined my arms with his knees.

“My turn.” Jack undid his jeans and started stroking his cock to get it hard. His balls daggling very close to my mouth. “Suck my balls.”

“What the fuck Jack we brothers.” He let his balls touch my mouth.

“If I had a brother, he’d like fuck girls.”

“We’re twins you fucking asshole.” I didn’t get the last word finished. Jack stuck his cock in my mouth before I could and started pumping deep into my mouth. Luckily, he wasn’t as thick as Blake was and I had a slightly easier time breathing around him, but the taste of that girl’s pussy was still there and his cock went further down my throat than Blake’s had. Jack didn’t look at me as he fucked my mouth, he didn’t talk either, but Blake talked enough for both of them.

“How you like suck you twins brother’s cock?” He gripped mine roughly. “Still soft. Maybe I’ll fuck your ass and see if your cock gets hard on that.” Even with him having just raped my mouth and me falling for Vince my body still remembered thinking about him doing just that, remembered that he was my first crush, the person I use to want to give my virginity to. I felt my face heat as my cock responded to the memories and stiffing in his hand. I heard him laughing. “Like that idea, do you faggot?” Jack started fucking my mouth harder, barely leaving me time to get a breath in as his balls smacked against my chin. His eyes stayed closed, I think he was picturing some girl in my place so he could keep going. Blake started moving my legs. I thought by now I was beyond struggling with them, but as he moved my legs, holding them up and out I felt his hard cock bumped against my ass. I freaked and started bucking to throw Jack. This could not be happening, even though I had wanted Blake to be my first I didn’t now. Blake pushed against my ass, finding the right spot. “Still go some lube from your boyfriend getting his cock in, lucky you.” He slapped my ass and pushed harder into me, I screamed around Jack’s cock as pain shot through me. Blake’s thick cock pushed right to where Vince had been just a little earlier.

Please God don’t let him. I heard Jack groan above me followed by the front door opening.

“Jake I’m home,” Mom called, her voice annoyed.

“Fuck.” Jack thrust one last time and pulled out of my mouth as his hot cum shot out of his cock and all over my face and into my hair. Blake pulled out of that tight ring before he got passed it, leaving my ass still virgin.

“Jake?” Mom called again. Jack and Blake scrambled to pull their clothes right. Blake grabbed me up, but after the fighting and the rough mouth fucks, my mind wasn’t with me anymore and I couldn’t get my feet under me.

“I’m about to get in the shower Mom,” Jack called.

“Ok let me know if you’re hungry when you get out I brought pizza home.” Another bad thing about being twins is that our voices sound alike. Mom wouldn’t even have a thought that it might be Jack because he was supposed to be at Blake’s. Blake walked me to the bathroom and flung me in.

“Hope you enjoyed your night. After all I was only trying to fulfill your fantasy and from what I saw you were looking to get fucked tonight anyway,” he told me as he closed the door. They left me alone to clean up the mess they made on me. I sat on the floor for the longest time just staring off into space, but the feel of drying cum all over me was too much, even though most of it as mine, and I started the shower. I washed my hair over and over trying to get the scent of Jack’s cum out of my hair. Once I thought about that, I remembered where Blake’s cum was and felt to my knees as I gagged. Blake, my first crush had just raped my mouth and forced me to swallow his cum then he nearly got his cock up my ass to rape my virginity from me. Bile rose in my throat, but nothing would come out. My ass felt raw that’s when I touch the sensitive flesh and came away with a small amount of blood.

The insults I could handle, I knew what I was, but this. I felt tears start rising again. My brother, my twin brother, had forced his cock down my throat. I gagged again as the tasted of whatever girl they’d fucked before coming here returned to coat my tongue. I sat there on my knees, rocking slowly and letting the pulse of the water beat at my bruised skin until the water grew icy. I finally turned off the water and got out. As I toweled off I looked at the physical damage they’d done. My cheek was still red from Blake slapping me and bruises in the shape of fingers or entire hands littered my most of my torso and thighs. There was even a large red handprint on my ass where Blake had grabbed me that last time, trying to force his cock in my ass. My forearms had large circular bruises from where their knees had held me down. I pulled the towel tight around me and went back to my room. No one was inside so I closed my door and did something I never thought I’d do at home, I locked my bedroom door. I didn’t know if Jack and Blake had left or if they’d decided to stay the night here and torture me more later on, after what happened.

I put on my sleep pants and curled up my bed. How was I going to sleep in this room again after that? My Phone lit up.

Are u ok? With ur brother I mean, now that he knows. Tears that I’d held back until then fell. I couldn’t text this. I dialed his number.

“Jake?” His voice held and edge of concern. Vince and I almost always texted, I only called when it was either important or something I wanted to hear is reaction on.

“Vince I…” my voice cracked.

“Talk to me baby.” His voice was panicked. “Did they try to beat you up? They didn’t hurt you, did they?”

“A straight beat or verbal bashing would have been better.”

“What happened?” I went quiet. “Jake talk to me, please,” he pleaded.

“Blake thought it would be fun, since I like guys, to get some oral from me. Jack helped.” I told him everything, even the part where Blake was trying to stick his cock up my ass without any lube. Vince was silent as I told him.

“I should never have left you there.” He paused. “You can’t stay there tonight. I’ll be by in a little to get you. Pack a bag for a few days cuz you’re not going home for a while.”

“I don’t think Mom will let me leave this late, but I’ll try.”

“I love you Jake.” I could hear the hurt in his voice.

“I love you too.” We hung up and I got up stiffly. I grabbed my backpack and started throwing clothes in it. After I put in some clothes I chanced going to the bathroom to get my toothbrush, hairbrush and a few other things then ran quickly back to my room. With my backpack full, I changed out of my sleep pants and into a pair of black jeans and long sleeved black shirt, trying to cover as much of the marks as I could. Over the past eight months, I’d changed my entire wardrobe and I no longer had the polo shirts or the kaki pants I always use to wear. With my boots on checked my face in the mirror to see how bad my cheek looked. The redness had gone down but it was starting to bruise over. Sighing I picked up my backpack and headed out to the living room. Jack and Blake sat on the couch watching T.V as if nothing had happened. I turned to the kitchen thinking it might be better to head out the back door and wait on the sidewalk for Vince.

Mom was sitting at the table eating ice cream and I silently thanked Gregory for being an asshole with her tonight, her coming home early was probably the only thing that saved me from Blake rapping my ass. I walked into the kitchen. “Hey sweetie,” Mom said then took in my backpack. “Going somewhere, it’s a little late.” She looked at the clock it was almost eleven at night.

“Vince wanted me to spend a night or two.” A look passed over her face.

“Jake?” I looked over at her, but kept my bruised cheek out of her line of sight. “We talked about this. I’m not comfortable with you spending the night with him now that I know about you dating.” She kept her voice low so it wouldn’t travel into the living room.

“Mom,” I interrupted. “I just have to get out of here for a day or two, please.” There was a knock at the door. “I’m gonna be over at Vince’s for a few days.” I needed to get away, now. I started for the door and Mom grabbed my arm.

“I’m ok with you dating him Jake. You don’t have to run off like this to stay with him, don’t do this.” Tears were filling her eyes. I hugged her too me. I hated that she thought that’s what I was doing.

“That’s not what I’m doing, Mom.” I eased back from her and she looked up at me. Worry filled her eyes and she reached for my cheek, but I backed up and covered it with my own hand. Anger filled her eyes.

“Vince didn’t…” I rubbed my cheek.

“No, Vince would never. Jack and Blake caught us… up in my room earlier,” I couldn’t even get embarrassed about telling her I called him over while she was away,” and…I just have to get out of here for a while.” I tried to take another step back, but she pulled me back to her. “Mom let go, if either of them open the door it will start a fight.”

“Which on hit you?” Anger filled her voice.

“They both hit me. Now let go please so I can get way from them.” Mom hugged me again.

“Take as long as you need, but call my cell everyday so I know you’re ok.” I nodded and backed away from her. I walked through the living room to the front door. The knock came again, harder this time.

“Running away, little girl,” Jack laughed from the couch. I turned to him and I watched as his eyes flickered to my cheek, with the lights on in the room it was easy to see how dark the bruise was. The smile disappeared from his face. Blake just continued to watch the movie.

“Go fuck yourselves.” I opened the door for Vince and hugged him, in front of everyone. He pulled me to him, trying to comfort me.

“Aww, their hugging. Isn’t it so cute,” Blake laughed. Jack joined in and was slapped upside the head by Mom.

“To your room now, and you,” she pointed at Blake, “get the fuck out of my house.” Blake gave her a cocky smile and stood. “If I see you in my house again I’m calling the cops and telling them you’re trespassing.” The smile wavered a little.

“You told your mom?” Vince whispered in my ear. I shook my head.

“I said they hit me…I can’t tell her the rest.” I whispered.

“Isn’t he eighteen?” I nodded. “You can get him for statutory rape. You’re still underage.” Vince and I stepped further into the living room so Blake could get by. I shook my head against Vince’s shoulder to tell him I didn’t want to deal with that. Blake walked up beside us and stopped.

“Next time I get you alone,” Blake pointed at me. “I’m going to fuck your ass instead of your mouth. Unloading my cum in you was so nice,” he reached out and slapped my cheek again, hard. “You make a good bitch.” Mom didn’t move, just stared at him. Now she knew what else had happened. Vince let go of me, Blake laughed, but when Vince’s fist connected with Blake’s nose it shut him up as blood poured down his face. Blake covered his nose and Jack jumped up.

“What the hell man?” Jack screamed coming to Blake’s defense instead of his twin’s.

“What? You thought a two on one fight was fun after I left. You helped this fucker hold him down. I aught to slap you around some. See how you like it.” That’s when Mom snapped out of it.


“I didn’t know he was really going to do it,” Jack protested.

“The hell you didn’t. You saw him take his pants down just like I did and after that you still helped him,” I finally could say something.

“Jack!” Mom yelled. Jack turned remembering that she was there.

“What?” Mom’s eye widened at Jack’s tone.

“Tell me you didn’t help some one rape your brother.” Jack rolled his eyes.

“It’s not like either of us ‘really’ fucked him. We only held him down to get head,” Jack explained. Mom started to tremble then grabbed her 6’3 son by the ear and pulled him off to his room. She grabbed the phone and then she turned to Blake.

“I so hope your parents are home when the police come for you.” Blake scoffed at her, blood still running from his nose. “Hello Sheriff Philips? This is Jen from the hospital, do you remember me? Good I want to report a rape… no not mine it was my son.” Vince hugged me. Blake stepped toward door. Mom saw him and smiled loving at his reaction. “Yes I know who it was, is there anyway I could get you to come here to take his statement… I understand he’ll be there in a few minutes.” Blake finally took off. Mom looked at me not caring about him anymore. “Sheriff Philips works a lot of rape cases, I know him from the hospital where I work and I’ve been with him when he has to talk to others after... He’ll be nice, but you needed to go to the hospital and get checked out so he can do something about Blake.” I nodded.

“Can Vince take me instead of you?” She gave me a look. “I don’t want my mother hearing the details and I really don’t want you to be there when they start looking at the abuse. Vince already knows about what happened.”
“There’s more than your cheek.” It was a statement, but it was meant to be answered too.

“There’s a lot more.” Mom sighed and nodded, looking away.

“But you have to take him now.” She focused on Vince. Vince nodded.

“I’ll take good care of him.” We left and drove to the hospital. The nurses there were kind as they helped me out of my clothes, which I couldn’t pull off myself without hitting some bruise or pulling the muscles around it. They helped the doctor take pictures of all the bruises and took samples from under my nails and inside my mouth, hoping to get Jack’s DNA, but it would be hard to tell it apart from mine since we were identical twins. They even gave me something to induce vomiting when I told them Blake had forced me to swallow his cum so they might be able to get his semen as better proof of what happened. The worst was the swab they did of my ass, even that light touch hurt. The doctor said it was because the person trying to get in wasn’t gentle enough and it had torn the skin on the inside a little. They asked Vince to leave, but I wouldn’t let go of his hand so he stayed through the whole thing. When then let me dress, the sheriff came in. I told him everything from me calling Vince over to the last slap Blake had given me on his way to the door.

“Since you bathed we’ll have to hope there was enough DNA left from what was in your stomach to prove this Blake fella did more then beat you. It hasn’t been that long so that should be easy enough, but until we get the results back you need to stay away from them. That’s going to be hard given that one is your brother and you both still live with your mother, but try to stay at your boyfriend’s house or at another friend’s house for the next two weeks maybe even go stay with your father. If nothing comes back, we can still get them on assault charges. We might have to do that will your brother anyway because your DNA is going to be the same as his.”

“Why would we have to file assault charges instead?” Vince asked.

“Some times the law isn’t as up to date as it needs to be. The current law in this state doesn’t cover a lot of male on male rapes and fewer males will come forward to admit such acts even happened then women, believe me when I tell you that most women don’t want to let anyone know either, so it’s harder on male victims. Normally the law says that if no penetration occurs, and that is defined as either vaginally, which is irrelevant in this case or anally, there’s no rape, it doesn’t really cover oral. The only way it might work different for you is the tearing that suggests anal was going to take place and if we find semen in what they took from your stomach then there are the obvious bruises from being held down.” He looked away. “It might come out during the case that you are gay and then they will try to say you like it rough, that all this was consensual. Lots of stuff is gonna come out so I needed to know some other things so we don’t get surprised by it as we look into all this, are you ready to answer them or do you want me to drop by tomorrow?”

“No let’s get as much of this over with as possible,” I said. He nodded.

“Have you ever had sex with this Blake guy before?” I shook my head. “Good, then I need a list of every lover you’ve had.” I looked at Vince then back at the Sheriff. “Is that a problem?”

“No, it’s just I don’t have a list to give you.”

“Too many?” He looked confused.

“No, when they walked in on us Vince was about to…to take my virginity.” The sheriff looked between us and nodded.

“That’s good. It will help that you haven’t been with anyone.” He seemed to think for a minute. “I can tell you now that in court their lawyer is going to try to say it was Vince that caused the tearing and some form of his DNA will be found in the swap we did to help prove it, be ready for that.” The sheriff sighed. “Go ahead and go home. See if you can get some sleep. If I need anything else I’ll call.” I nodded and Vince helped me off the examination table. He pulled me in close and placed his arm around my shoulders as we walked to his truck.

When we got to Vince’s house, it was already dawn. His mother was waiting for us in the living room. “Where have you been? You said you’d only be gone a few minutes, it’s been hours.” she stood and turned toward us.

“Mom I had to take Jake to the hospital.” She looked at me and took in my bruised cheek and how I was standing.

“What happened to you? Look’s like you got into a fight.”

“His brother and one of his brother’s friends caught us making out and when I left they tried to teach him a lesson that ended up in them orally raping him.” His mom came forward looking at the mark on my face. “If you think his cheek is bad Mom,” he shook his head. “You should see the handprints they left on his hips and stomach.”

“Your brother tried to have oral…” I shook my head. She sighed.

“He didn’t try to, he did.” She looked away.

“Can he stay here until things settle a little at his house or at least until I leave for Gandma’s.”

“Sure, but maybe he should stay in a different room tonight, like he always does, rather than sleep in the bed with you.” Vince gave her a confused look. “I know you were thinking on curling up with him to make him feel better, but I don’t like the idea of your boyfriend sleeping in the same bed as you. Don’t think for a moment I don’t know about how close you two have become over the past few months. If you two haven’t had sex yet I’d be surprised,” I felt my face heat as she spoke. “Not that I think anything will happen tonight after that but still. Two, being in the same bed, after what just happened, might make Jake more uncomfortable instead of making it better and he doesn’t need that.” Vince nodded.

“She’s right.” He stopped to think. “There’s a pull out couch down in my room I’ll sleep on it tonight.” Vince turned to his mom. “He also doesn’t need to be left alone in a room he doesn’t know.” She nodded letting the argument go, knowing that after tonight we most assuredly weren’t going to try to have sex, and we headed down to his basement room. I didn’t change into my usual sleep pants before I crawled under the covers on his queen sized bed and curled up, I just stayed in my regular clothes. Vince started working on the pull out couch.

“Vince.” He turned to me. “Come lay down and watch a movie with me or something. It’s going to be a while before I can sleep.” Vince nodded and lay down a little ways from me and started up a movie. Neither of us touched the other during the whole thing. Then next movie had a sex scene in it that neither of us had remembered being in there and it set me off. At first, I just tried to see it for what it was, but the fear came back and I started to shake. Vince caught the movement and looked over at me, he reached for the remote and shut it off hugging me too him.

“I’m sorry baby, I so sorry.” That’s when I really started crying, the few tears that had stained my cheeks before where just that a few tears, this, this was a kind of crying I hadn’t done in years. The crying of a scared child and once I started I couldn’t stop. Vince held me through it and sometime later I passed out, I must have worn myself out crying because I don’t remember stopping or laying down to go to sleep at all that night.

I spent the next two days and nights down in Vince’s room, but when Monday came and he had to leave for his grandmother’s I was sent home. Mom made sure Jack wasn’t there when I came home. I didn’t even thing to ask where he was until after dinner. Jack was staying at one of Mom’s friend’s houses. That night I couldn’t lay down in my bed to sleep. Mom caught me sitting up watching T.V in the living room and she helped me back to my room, laying down in the bed with me for the first time in years. It was weird having my mom curling up to me against, mostly because I was taller then her this time. I would have gone to Autumn’s, but she was going out of town for a few days too so I ended up staying home.

A few nights later I was sitting in my room reading one of the books for English that was due when spring break ended in two days, when the door opened, Jack stood in the doorway. “Out!” I stood and he didn’t move. Then I did something else I hadn’t done in years, “Mom!!” Jack tilted his head a little and a sorry look came over his face.

“Mom had to go see about Aunt Nancy, she was in a car wreck about an hour ago.” He took a step forward. “I just came by to apologize for what happened. You really haven’t given me a chance to say I’m sorry for helping Blake.” He paused. “I really didn’t think he was actually going to do it, until he started trying to put it in your mouth. By the time I knew he was serious, he was already in your mouth and I was too shocked to stop him.”

“Then why did you do it? Cuz if I remember right you stuck your cock in my mouth too.” Jack looked at the floor. I had passed the self-blaming stage and moved on to hating the both of them, but looking at Jack now it was hard to truly hate him. Up until now the only thing we hadn’t shared was my secret about being gay, how could I fault him for being shocking into inaction, by both Blake’s actions and seeing what I was doing.

“Blake was threatening to tell everyone at school that I was too chicken to mouth fuck a guy that was offering it for free and then he was going to tell everyone that you’re gay and that he fucked your ass for the fun of it, if I didn’t.” He looked up at me. “You haven’t been real vocal about being gay so I didn’t think you would want the whole town to know. I mean I’m your twin and I didn’t ever thing you swung that way.” Jack smiled. I stared at him. “Look Mom’s probably not going to be home tonight and I know something that will take the edge off.” He held out a bottle of Southern Comfort. “Come on out into the living room and we’ll drink and watch a movie like we use to when ever Mom would leave.” I was wary of Jack after everything, but he seemed like he was being serious about being sorry. This was his peace offering.

“You know I can’t stop the cops from pressing charges now that they have all that stuff right?” He nodded.

“It’s not about that anymore. I just wanted you to know that I didn’t mean for all that to happen and well… maybe not get a restraining order slapped on me that kept me away from my Mom and baby brother.” I shook my head.

“What movie did you have in mind?” He smiled and walked away. I followed him out to the couch and sat down as he started the movie then poured both of us a glass. Jack and I finished the bottle right before the movie ended and his started another movie. I tried to keep my eyes open, but at some point, I did end up passing out. Dreams filled my mind as I slept. I was back in Vince’s room, laying back on the bed as his head was bobbing up and down on my hard cock. The warm, wet feeling of his mouth was so good that I raised my hand to run my fingers through his hair while he sucked, but something was wrong his hair felt longer, softer. Then voices came through my dream state. “You sure about doing this? I mean this is…a bit extreme.” it was Jack’s voice.

“I’m sure.” My eyes opened wide at that voice, it was Blake’s. “That faggot brother of yours got my scholarship revoked.” I tried to sit up, but my head swum and I fell back onto my bed. When the room stopped spinning I looked down to see who was sucking on me, because that was no dream. Long blonde hair fell over my hips and when the person raised up to suck on just the head, I saw large breasts hanging down. The woman looked up at me and I recognized her. Bethany, one of Mom’s younger friends, I think she was about to turn thirty and the one Jack was staying with. “Hey, Jake. Been a few months. You know you telling the cops about you blowing me is getting me in a shit load of trouble.” Bethany gave a hard suck and took her mouth off, but started pumping me with her hand.

“That’s why I’m here. To show you that girls are the better fuck, teach you a lesson,” She said. “I took both their virginities and showed them how to fuck. I have no idea why I waited this long to introduce you to sex.”

“He’s not virgin, Bethany. He and his friend Autumn fucked and I’m sure after living with his boyfriend for a few days, his ass is no longer untouched,” Jack told her. I couldn’t move to protest when Bethany crawled up me to straddle my waist.

“Autumn must not have been a good lay, most younger girls aren’t.” She took hold of my cock and everything finally came on line. I sat up and tried to push her off me. Jack grabbed me and with Bethany’s help forced me to lay back down. She stroked my cock and eased up it letting her pussy slide along the shaft in a wet line.

“Jack please, stop this,” I managed to get out. Jack smiled down at me as he held my arms above my head.

“This will be good for you Jake finally fucking a really woman. I should have gotten her to fuck you years ago, but… You’ll get into it I promise.” I felt her wet cunt touch the head of my cock and it jerked in response. My body wasn’t listening to me and my head was too clouded from the alcohol to move much.

“Please, Jack… don’t let her… take my virginity.” Jack gave me a hard look.

“But you and Autumn…” I shook my fast and felt my stomach rebel as Bethany’s cunt pressed to the head of my cock, letting her wetness run down it. “Vince…”

“After what happened I wasn’t ready to try again anytime soon.” Jack looked over to Blake. Blake smiled and nodded to Bethany. “Maybe we should stop.”

“I love taking young boy’s cherries.” Blake took hold of my thighs, sitting back on my legs.

“This is too far Blake. We were asking her to show him how to fuck a girl not rape his virginity from him,” Jack told him. Blake started laughing.

“Take his virginity Bethany.” She smiled over her shoulder at Blake then leaned over to kiss me.

“Take a deep breath baby and get ready for the ride of your life.” She forced her cunt down around my cock. I gasped at the tight wetness enveloped me and she smiled. She raised up and set her hands against my chest then started moving her hips, grinding on me. I tried to buck her off me, but Blake grabbed my thighs tighter to hold me still.

“Ride him good Bethany,” Blake told her. Her cunt slight up and down my cock while I did my best to ignore the fire burning through my blood. I didn’t want it to feel good, I prayed for my cock to soften, but it did feel good and my cock stayed stiff. Bethany ran her hands up her body to cup her large breasts and squeezed the muscles in her pussy around my cock. I bit my lip to stop a groan. She moved faster more forceful and I couldn’t help it when my spine bowed and I cried out. “Did he cum already?” Blake laughed.

“No not yet,” Bethany’s breathy tone filled the room. “But I’m about to.” She moaned and rocked above me, working my cock more for her own pleasure then my own right then, but my cock loved it all the same. My balls drew up and that feeling took hold in my stomach, I fought that feeling with everything I had.

“No…no…” my balls tightened ready to spill.

“Oh God I’m gonna…” her pussy tightened on me as she threw her head back, her orgasm hitting her. My hips moved on there own to push into her as my body decided to follow her lead. It wasn’t a big orgasm, I only shot two small wads into her pussy. Bethany eased up off me, letting my own cum drip down over my withering cock. She leaned over and kissed me again. “Look what you shot in my pussy baby. How does it feel to lose your virginity lover? Maybe next time you can hold me down and fuck me all night instead.”

“Like hell. Why would I want to see any of the three of you ever again?” Bethany looked confused. “Are you three done with me?”

“No,” Bethany said sternly. I turned my head and looked at the wall, while she started sucking my cock again. The sucking was really good, but I just couldn’t get past what they’d done, they’d taken something that I couldn’t get back. Bethany had taken something I’d meant to give Vince, I felt tears start as she continued to suck my cock with everything she had. Only this time my cock listened to me and wouldn’t get hard. “He’s not going to get up for me, hand me my purse.” Blake handed it to her and she started digging through it. “Here we go.” She pulled some kind of pill out and lay against my hip. “Since you’re having some trouble getting your cock to harden I have a little medical assistance for you.” I looked at her then to see the pill. Small and blue, there was only one medication I knew was that color and would get the results she wanted, Viagra. She was going to try and give me Viagra!

Blake grabbed my jaw and pinched my nose as he had the last time. When my mouth finally opened, Bethany placed it on my tongue while he held my mouth open. Blake didn’t let me close my mouth until the bitter tasting pill dissolved in my tongue and I couldn’t spit it out. Bethany went back to sucking my soft cock and playing with my balls while Jack and Blake continued to hold me down. I don’t know how long she was at it, but to my utter displeasure my cock did eventually hardened for her. “There’s a good boy.” Bethany straddled me and settled her pussy down on my cock again. “Take his ass Blake.” I turned my head back to them. “What you’d thought we’d leave any hole of yours virgin after tonight.” She laughed. Blake’s cock found my ass again.

“Stop it!” I looked up at Jack, but he wouldn’t look at me. Blake pressed hard against that tight ring on muscles at my ass, no lube. “Don’t do this. Please!” My ass clenched to stop the invasion, but fire burned up my ass as Blake’s cock forced its way past the ring and sank hilt deep in my ass anyway. I screamed as Blake and Bethany both laughed. He didn’t give me any time to get use to my ass being filled, just started thrusting in, fucking away, tearing more of my still sore flesh as he pumped.

“I think his ass is tighter then yours Beth,” Blake grunted and his balls slapped against me and he grabbed Bethany’s shoulders, as if he had her doggy style instead of fucking me, forcing her down harder on my cock. His eyes went to Jack, seeing him looking away he smacked him on the back of the head. “Fuck his mouth again.” Jack hesitated but listened to Blake.

“Jack don’t do this.” My ass felt like it was on fire from Blake fucking it, but my traitorous cock was happy about it, even with the pain it was causing. The warm wetness around my cock from Bethany’s pussy sent my mind reeling as she tightened her muscles on it as well. I really didn’t need my twin’s cock in my mouth again to go with this, but he didn’t listen to me. He straddled my chest again with his knees back on my forearms. Jack stroked his freed cock furiously, trying to get it up. My emotions left me then and I didn’t fight him when his slid his cock in my mouth. I was overloaded by sensations, no hate, no rage, no love, nothing else surfaced. Bethany’s tight pussy clenching and unclenching as she rode my cock took a back seat to Blake’s brutal assault on my ass with his cock and my twin thrusting his own cock down my throat again. I couldn’t protest, they had complete control of my body. “Uhh… fuck me… I about to bust a nut.” I heard Blake say. “Ready for to get cream filled, Faggot.” Then I felt his cock thicken some and pulse as his cum shot into my ass. Bethany continued to ride me for a second more before her pussy death gripped my cock. The duel sensations of her pussy on me and Blake cumming in my ass tightened my balls. It shocked me for a second because there hadn’t been a build up for me, I was just suddenly ready to explode.

I felt hot tears roll down the side of my face. No I can’t orgasm again for them, I thought and tried to fight it, but then Jack started thrusting harder into my mouth.

“I’m sorry Jake…I’m… oh fuck!” He shoved his cock further into my mouth, shooting his hot cum down my throat and I lost the fight. I cried out around Jack’s cock, my body bucked under them and my balls sending fire through my cock and jets of warm cum into Bethany’s spamming cunt. Blake settled and slapped my ass as my body started to calm.

“So how’d you like your first cock up the ass,” he laughed and pulled out fast. I tried to scream as he ripped his cock from my tight ass and I felt liquid run down my crack, but Jack’s cock muted it.

“He loved it. Shot a nice load in my cunt that time,” Bethany told him then leaned back giving him a kiss. Jack slowly pulled his softened cock out of my mouth. He almost looked apologetic when he met my eyes. The three of them began to dress, but I couldn’t move. Humiliation and pain wouldn’t allow me too. “We better get Blake back home or the cops will be out looking for him.” Jack nodded.

“Thanks for the fuck Jake,” Blake whispered in my ear. His hand met my half-healed cheek and I tasted copper again, knowing it was my own blood this time. “Told you I’d fuck your ass next time.” He turned, but then seemed to think of something else. “Oh and thanks for keeping your ass virgin for me. It was a really sweet fuck.” In that instant, all my pain turned to blinding rage. I had no love left for my brother; he’d helped Blake plan this and had raped my mouth twice now. The fire that had burned as lust for Blake wasn’t even ashes any more after this and as they walked out the door leaving me alone with the pain and mess they’d caused an idea formed in my head. When I heard the front door close, I picked myself up and went to the shower. Though tears fell as I washed their cum and my blood off me, it wasn’t the sobs I’d cried the first time and with each tear my idea took better form, became more real. I didn’t care about Blake getting on the sex offender list of Jack going to jail for assault or even telling anyone about Bethany being a pedophile, I wanted revenge.

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