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All the words in the world could not express our connection so we really never used them. Any feelings inside that people translated into mushy talk was not necessary between Lilly and I. We talked about many things but our feelings for each other was never a subject,
Just like our first time established the bond our next time simply cemented it. Time, and it's passing, meant nothing to us as what we had was forever. We did need nourishment from one another but what we did when we did it sustained us.
Nothing that happened in our individual lives ever diminished what we had. Our connection was not above or below the fray rather it meandered through, around and between everything in life.

A Lifelong Affair pt 3:
We woke a couple hours later exactly as we went to sleep, me on my back and her with an arm draped over my chest. I had never been spent like that in my life and I have had some pretty hot sex over the years.
It was raining outside meaning we were stuck indoors and it was just as well since it gave us a chance to talk. Turns out she wasn't exactly forthcoming about her anxiety last night regarding her new hair color and her boyfriends reaction. Yeah we know each other but we're not exactly psychic either.
He had actually asked her to marry him. That blew me away just hearing it even though they have been seriously dating for a little over a year. She didn't give him an answer other than she would have to seriously think about it. I have met her boyfriend, his name is Tom, on many occasions and he seemed to be a decent guy. There were to many things happening inside of Lilly already and when he popped the question she was simply overwhelmed.
She had discovered a part of herself when we had sex for the first time yet she still hadn't found her identity. When she finally died her hair blonde she said she was closer to it but there was still something intangible. Actually she denied it, as well as I did, or rather we both ignored it until now. She said she felt complete when I was inside of her and I admitted it was the same for me.
We knew it, felt it and always had but when looking at the big picture what could we about it, NOTHING. All we could do was give each other our virginity, what we did here last night and what we would do on other occasions when needed.
We were never jealous of each other being in a relationship and it would be the same concerning marriage. It is a huge and serious step though, not to be taken lightly. We were not going to have a life together as a couple it was as simple as that. We were not moving far away and abandoning family and all the necessary things a brother and sister would have to do to make that happen.
We had sated our desire, filled our curiosity and nourish our soul now we had to go on with "normal" lives.

As confusing as life can be with all the decisions to be made she did seriously consider the marriage proposal and decided to marry Tom. I thought she was still to young and hadn't experienced enough of life yet but I have never been one to preach or try to sway ones thoughts. I simply thought it was a mistake and not because of Tom rather like the first time we get married we later figure out we were simply young and stupid. I also thought that since she didn't have a ready answer when he asked her then decided to do it then it was disaster from the get go however, I truly hoped for the best. I felt he would be good to her but that she simply didn't have her heart in it and it was best suited for her to wait.
Don't get me wrong, Lilly is the marrying type and the type a man would want to marry, that is for sure. She is level headed, not a queen or high maintenance and she can certainly dedicate herself. She is full of passion but needs to have the right person to bring out the best of all things in her.
At 20 years old she has grown into a lovely young woman and her subdued looks belies matches her character. She has long straight blonde hair that almost reaches to the the middle of her back. She has soft powder blue eyes (bedroom eyes), high cheek bones with a light splash of freckles on them and when she smiles her cheeks rise up and frame her eyes. Some would say her nose was just ever so slightly larger than what is should be but I think it fits her face perfectly.
She has a narrow chin and and her slender elongated neck is just made for munching on. Round C-cup breasts and her hip to waist ratio draws the eye. Since going blonde she has the California beach girl and/or even that slightly"hippie girl" look.
You can look at her and imagine how nasty she could be on the inside yet her features and demeanor masks it and gives her the good girl look.

Lilly and Tom were married about 6 months later, she was a beautiful and scrumptious bride. I had to admit to a tinge of jealousy but it subsided and there is no, nor ever was, any animosity about it.
The entire even from her initially telling me about it all the way to the wedding had me thinking about marriage and all that. It was like marriage is just something we are supposed to do as an end result.
You date, then get into a relationship, you get acclimated, you love, you marry, you have kids, etc, etc. It's interesting how one event can lead to another or change ones thought or maybe even skew ones thought and subvert better judgement.
One would think it may be uncomfortable when we visited each other and her husband being right there and just like it always had been when Lilly and I looked at each other and let the look linger yet without notice from anyone but it really wasn't strange for me.
A year into their marriage Lilly was pregnant and when she was into her 7th month is when I made the mistake of asking my girlfriend to marry me, she accepted.
I was visiting Lilly and when I told her and just like happened with me I could see the the initial sting followed by a slight smile of acceptance. Even with our connection we felt we were instaling hurdles between us yet we knew those could be jumped. Like always we talked pleasantries but not feelings or even desires. We were alone at her house and while we talked we maintained eye contact, we were communicating via two mediums. Her eyes watered yet never did a tear brake, my eyes did the same and we both sensed the frustration contained therein as our visit was coming to an end.

"I have some things to gather that I will drop off at your place in a little while", she said then followed that with a slight smile.

This simply established the where and when as well as the reason. With a look of love in my eyes I simply nodded my head up and down. With that I stood up, we hugged the best we could with her pregnant belly protruding as it was, then I exited.
While I drove back to my place called my fiance under the guise of touching base but of course I was confirming that she was at work and verify nothing has suddenly changed regarding her schedule.
After I reached my apartment I searched for any guilt within myself regarding what was going to happen but I found none. All I thought about was that is always seemed to always be to long in between for Lilly and I. I wasn't in need of sex because I was getting plenty but what I was in need of was something only Lilly could give me, what we could give each other.
The anticipation was excruciating but I my cock was patient. You would think it may be an iron bar but that wasn't the case and I actually began to worry that maybe it would fail me at a crucial moment.
Once I heard that knock on the door my cock instantly snapped to attention,

"That's my boy", I said to myself with a smile.

I opened the door and Lilly stood there with a smile then walked in. After I closed the door and turned to her we embraced and kissed, lightly at first, then once we "felt it" we kissed deeply and my dick instantly became fully engorged. Our kiss parted with a loud smack and with that we turned and headed to my bedroom and stopped at the edge of the bed. We knew this was going to be a quickie.
We kissed again then she sat on the edge and began to unbutton her top and pull it over her head then worked my cock stand straight out.
We wanted nothing more get to get my dick in her cunt so without a word she turned and crawled onto the bed and stayed on her knee's and bent over.
While I turned to get onto the bed behind her I eyed her glistening cunt. I reached out and ran a finger up and down between those luscious soft cunt lips to thoroughly spread her juice.
With her swollen belly touching the bed she spread her knee's apart once she felt me get onto the bed and position behind her. With my cock like a steel rod and just as straight I didn't even need to guide it with my hand. As I scooted up behind her we were lined up perfectly and my cock found it's own way, piercing her slot.
As I push in my width forced her lips apart and with the tip of my cock just entering through her hole I already felt the incredible heat contained inside. She was tighter than I ever felt her and as I split her cunt open she grunted and raised her head off the bed. I moaned out loud as her hole clamped down and also from the heat.
It was tight but she was incredibly wet and her juice allowed me to continue penetrating her until I was fully inserted. I stopped for several seconds feeling the oven like heat my cock was bathed in. I then pressed my hand onto each of her fleshy hips and began to to withdraw for another run. I pulled back enough where my head was wedged between her lips then I dug my fingers in and pushed inside again.

I've never felt Lilly so hot on the inside or her cunt this wet or rather this slick. As soon as I bottomed out on my second run I immediately pulled back out then repeated and kept going in and out with a regular tempo.
I have never wanted to cum so quick in my life and after no more than 10 strokes I was ready to blow, I pulled back and just barely staying inside I stopped.
I closed my eyes to remained still to let the feeling subside.

"What's wrong", she asked.

"I had to go already and I don't want to yet", I responded.

She was pushing back at me to get my cock inside as I willed the column of cum to recede back down my shaft. I knew it was frustrating for her when I stopped but it was just as bad for me. Her cunt felt so damn good that I wanted to fuck her as long as possible without cumming.
I pushed back in again and pulled out and my feeling returned immediately. While I fucked in and out I forced my mind on anything I could but it was no good I could get a few strokes in and out without the feeling that I had to blow.
When i stopped again she grunted in protest and bucked back at me to get going.

"I'm sorry but you feel so good that I have to shoot off already.

"Come on, it's alright, just do it", she said.

Under other circumstances we would have made love but as much as we knew this woudl be a quickie I didn't want it to be this fast. I pushed back in again then closed my eyes due to the incredible feel and I began the fucking motion.
Try as I may to hold it off or get my mind onto anything else it was no good. As my cock sawed in and out the heat of her love tunnel, the creaminess of her jizz and the love I have for her was overwhelming. I quickly fucked her with very rapid strokes and our flesh and her juices were causing a smacking/sloshing noise while I fucked my pregnant sisters hot juicy cunt. She was grunting each time I hit bottom and as the pressure built I was moaning and panting while squeezing her hips tightly.
It had gotten to the point where I could no longer contain myself,

"OH SIS", I shouted out as cum exploded from my cock. I painfully grunted as each successive shot of semen drilled into Lilly's pussy. Once the severity of my orgasm subsided I once again continued to pump in and out of her to get and give as much as I could until I was to soft to continue.
I reluctantly pulled out of her, scooted back off the bed then worked my way beside her to lay down then she turned on her side facing me.

"I didn't want it to be this quick but it's been SO long", I said.

She smiled and brought her hand to the side of my face and brushed my hair back while we looked at each other. We smiled and moved in for a kiss.

"It's fine....................I have to get back anyway", she said.

"I Love You", I said.

"I Love You to", she responded.

With that we got up, dressed then at the door we hugged and gave each other a quick kiss then she left. I already figured it would be awhile before we were able to do it again, it seems like it is usually that way. She was giving birth in a couple months and shortly after that I would be getting married.
Did Lilly marry and not love her husband, no. Was I getting married and not love my fiance, no. Could I describe what it was between Lilly and I, no. Were our sessions so intense because they were intermittent or because we didn't have to live together on a day to day basis. Was it because it was so naughty and taboo, or was it the level we connected or was all of the above the actual "level" that we existed on.
I don't know but all I do know is that whatever the reason it was intense and it was something we needed. I/we just wish is wasn't so long in between but it would happen in time......................

(to be continued)


2016-08-18 02:41:01
"A Lifelong Affair - Pt. 03" - Twenty-one Year Old Maritally-engaged Brother, Kevin and Twenty Year Old Married Sister, Lilly.

As I commented three years ago, after reading the first time, the story context and to some extent even the subject, appears for the most part to have no connection to the previous two segments! Additionally, several--more than three or four--sentences do not make any sense, partially due to missing commas (,)--the separation of 'thought processes or change of thought direction--which would have been less confusing with proper punctuation.

I'm not beating up on the writer; my comments, to be perfectly frank and honest, is only for the purpose of constructive criticism--not to degrade nor diminish the story nor the writer!! Throughout, there are many examples and traits of brilliant writing, both now and future writing potential. Taking constructive criticism as a positive will only make the writer a much better writer. Keep on, keeping on!!

Anonymous readerReport

2016-03-17 12:10:51
I have read everything he wrote and I really like this author. Obviously a couple of his stories were so so but the good far outweighs the so so stuff.
Can you imagine the time between their togetherness and the things not encountered in between. One comment above talks about latter chapters not meshing with the previous yet if their time was condensed then they would have experimented in other forms of satisfaction and pleasure. They each had needs in every chapter that they intuitively had to play out therein I think the continuity from front to back works juts fine in this story.
I read his work and get insight into the authors mind, his passion, sensitivity and needs.
I wish he had written more

Anonymous readerReport

2015-07-10 16:15:15
Duh! Dude! Ypu loved her as in "love" for girlfriend and wife. Not for your sister.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-09-18 17:23:47
la historia es muy buena y me.pone muy caliente


2013-09-12 02:19:28
"A Lifelong Affair Pt. 03" - Kevin and Lilly - (Brother and Sister)

This chapter is like two ships passing in the night--kind of like the lights were blinked as an acknowledgement of their presence, and then they continued on as if they were destined to bigger and better things separately in other parts of the world!!

If one were blindfolded and sauntered up to Chapters 02 versus Chapter 03, and read them without any knowledge that Chapter 03 is a continuation of Chapter 02, the reader would NEVER have any inkling, any feeling, any consideration the two chapters were related, the reader would never know. It's as if the two chapters are TOTALLY different as to the characters, as to the content and the context of the two stories, as if there is any connection whatsoever!!

This chapter is a major disapointment to this reader, as to the direction taken in the lives of Kevin and Lilly!!!!! It's as if they had NO LIFE together previously, and definitely NO LOVE FOR EACH OTHER! Bu

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