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The Unconscious Model

She stood on tiptoe next to the wall, the lines of her smooth, tanned skin broken only a pair of white lace panties and a matching bra. The brunette was young, in her mid twenties with pretty blue eyes hidden of late by a heavy cloth blindfold that wound over her ears and behind her head where it was knotted neatly in place. Her arms were bound above her with a pair of shiny, velvet covered handcuffs. The handcuffs were looped over a metal drain pipe and snapped around each wrist, then a single strand of thin cord served to keep her hands together. Although she was fairly tall as females go, the pipe was far enough above her that she could do little more than get a couple of bare toes to touch the cold tile floor at any one time. The effect that her up-stretched arms had on her torso was quite interesting, keeping her shoulders together and forcing her head forward slightly, leaving her dark, disheveled hair to drape down her neck like a silken mane.
She remained unconscious from her earlier transport, her head sagging forward, mouth agape in slumber. The effect was not altogether unlike that of a fettered angel, bound and beautiful. Even with her lace bra in place, her full breasts hung down, drawn up and thrust outward like the work of art that they were. Young and firm she had a great body and her cleavage suited her anatomy well. Arms tied above her, shoulders drawn up, lovely breasts straining against her resisting bra, each of her ribs was defined under her supple skin, the tissue a shade whiter where it it was stretched ever so slightly over her ribs. Her abdomen hinted at an athletic lifestyle, her tummy muscles forming small, sensual bumps that orbited her navel and led on to her hips.
Hanging as she was, legs together, it gave her pose an almost provocative appeal, as though her very form were teasing from across the room. The white lace panties rode the definition of her hips, up and over the way only elegant lingerie can, then down between her thighs to the inviting bump of most intimate skin below. From across the room the angles of the folds of skin concealed beneath were evident, a hint at what lay beneath. All in all, this hanging piece of artwork was as lovely as she was sensual. It was almost a shame to rouse her. Almost.
A hand was laid with near reverence on her thigh, the side of a finger brushing the supple skin, then retreating. She remained static, the only other sound in the room that of her even breathing. It was interesting to observe the way certain sedatives worked, each person reacted differently, some individuals would remain unconscious for hours, other no more than one. It seemed to depend on the amount of pain killers and over the counter preions the subject took, but it made for an interesting study nonetheless. A hand gently lifted her chin to admire her clean, European facial features, her full lips and French nose. Once he allowed her head to fall forward again her mouth sagged open once more.
He moved to the tripod across the room, steadying the camera and zooming out for a full body shot, then in for a close up of her torso. He had to admit that he was proud of his latest model, if model she could be called. He had met the girl in a club earlier than evening and guided the events to following with precise care. Her drink had been drugged with just the right amount to slowly induce drowsiness, and he had ingratiated himself enough to earn the privilege to walk her to her room. Once the drug had swung into play it had been a simple matter to redirect the elevator to a different room on a different floor and she had made little protest when they arrived at a different room. In fact, before the door closed behind him she had begun to stumble despite her best efforts to maintain her balance.
He had carried his prize to the bed and gently shucked off her trappings, a small cocktail dress and a pair of elegant high heels. Once the pantyhose were removed he had set about trussing up the hapless girl, and moments ago had completed his work to his great satisfaction. Guiding the ceiling tile he had removed from the bathroom ceiling out of the cameras viewfinder, he snapped another couple of pictures. As much as he liked working with conscious models, he often found that unconscious ones offered a better view, and less in the way of complaint. He also found he had to pay them substantially less than those than remained self aware. His website contained many photos of such girls, lying nude on couches, at tables, across floors, and especially in bed.
He had become quite good at finding the right girl with the right physique and ridding her of her inhibitions with a deft move near a wine glass. In fact, he made quite a living off the proceeds of his members who enjoyed similar pleasures. He had once succeeded in rendering four girls unconscious at a party in one evening, and managed to photograph all of them in what had become known as the slumber party. He smiled at the memory, moved his tripod and took another picture. Satisfied that he had captured that angle successfully, he walked over to her and reached around the sleeping beauty, removing her strapless bra gingerly. Tossing it onto the floor out of camera shot, he stepped back to admire the way her firm, full breasts hung free.
Knowing she wouldn't mind, he caress first one and then the other of the young woman’s bosoms. Having satisfied the desire momentarily, he then returned to his camera, his penis having hardened a great deal in the process. Removing the camera from the tripod he circled the girl, catching her full body, then torso from different sides and angles being sure not to miss a vantage point. Her panties followed suit, and he let them fall until they hung over the velvet covered handcuffs that held her unresisting ankles together. Somehow the effect made the scene all the more erotic, and he got close ups of her bare ankles. Once he was sure that he had succeeded in getting the best of that pose, he returned the camera to its stand locked it into place.
Using the key in his pocket he unfastened one side of her handcuffs, supporting her as she dropped limply against him. Picking her up he carried his bare, unsuspecting model out of the bathroom and over to the bed. Stooping he rolled her gently onto her stomach where she lay motionless, a tiny spot of drool tingeing the corner of her mouth. He returned with the camera and snapped a few pictures, posing her this way and that, first on her side, then her back. Leaving the handcuffs around her ankles he pulled her feet up and spread her legs wide nonetheless. He leaned down to get a close up of her finely trimmed vaginal hair, spreading the lips of her vagina to reveal the delicate folds of skin beyond.
The tiniest snore escaped her lips as he lifted her arms over her head, snapping the velvet handcuffs back into place between the hardwood slats in the headboard. He took several pictures from different angles, especially above her in that position. She looked very inviting, naked and unresponsive, her most intimate anatomy exposed to the one sharp eye of his high dollar camera. The luckless female shivered in the cool air of the bedroom, but remained sound asleep. He was forced to pause his photo shoot when his penis began to push against his pants hard enough to make him adjust his inseam. Guiding her mouth further open with a thumb placed gently on her chin he leaned over to give her a slow, opened mouthed kiss that she of course did not return.
He tasted the flavor of her lips slowly, as though sampling an aged wine and nodded approvingly. His sleeping beauty had definitely been worth the effort. Removing the ballgag from his travel tote he guided it into her awaiting, impassive mouth. Lifting her head a little he wrapped the straps behind her head and fastened them into place securely. Now she lay naked on her back, blindfolded with a ballgag clenched firmly between her numb lips. He felt his penis harden further immediately, and knew that he was going to enjoy this one a great deal.
A half dozen rolls of film later and he had worked her back and forth across the bed, through various, innumerable poses and caresses that left him low on film, but high on lust. Putting the equipment away in its tote under the bed he removed all of her bonds and made sure they were similarly out of sight. Now minus even the panties around her ankles he began to fondle her bare breasts, sucking on them each in turn the way he would a long time lovers. She remained just as indifferent to his advances as she had an hour ago, but that did not slow him in the least. He continued to caress, to trace and probe her wonderful form as though he had found some ancient and only recently discovered treasure, and it were his alone. For the moment, at least, she was.
Spreading her legs he massaged the tiny rift in her crotch slowly, carefully, making sure to arouse her sleeping anatomy even if she were not conscious to enjoy it. Once she had been sufficiently moistened he brushed her labia apart and pressed the head of his throbbing penis against the yielding skin beyond. Still submerged in her unsolicited sleep aid she lay perfectly still as he thrust slowly, gently into her. Her vagina was warm and he pushed her legs further apart, taking hold of her bare hips and tugging her closer. Thrusting slowly, smoothly he pulled out a little and repeated the process, knowing that her vagina would rapidly respond to his presence as only it could. Having sex with an unconscious woman was a unique thing, he had to admit.
Unlike a conscious woman who moved under you, encouraged your presence, and tended to wrap her long legs around you, this young lady did nothing of the sort. Instead she lay there, breathing evenly at a time when any other woman would have been panting and gasping with desire. Turning her head toward him he kissed her unresponsive lips and thrust again, and again. Pulling out of her he rolled her onto her tummy, lifting her just enough to move a set of pillows under her naked midsection. Pulling her ass up to make it an easier target he guided his fully erect cock back into her vagina, sighing and closing his eyes at the feeling. Squeezing her legs together he wrapped his left hand around her belly and thrust hard and fast, knowing that as wet as she had gotten there was no danger of hurting her.
Keeping her limp body more or less directly in front of him he continued his thrusting, reaching under her and fondling her full breasts until he felt his orgasm coming hard and fast. Pulling out quickly he held his throbbing member long enough for the feeling to subside and then thrust again, wanting to savor the moment before allowing himself to cum inside her. Pulling out again he hopped off the bed and swung her around so that her legs hung over the side and her bottom was turned upward. Standing behind her on the floor he thrust again, pounding the sleeping beauty before him as hard and fast as he liked, after all, she wouldn't mind. He started to pull out again but didn't make it in time and suddenly his pelvis was bucking erratically in a rhythm-less orgasm that left him panting and weak in the knees. He waited a long time before pulling out of the young woman and flopping on the bed beside her, knowing he needed to get her under the covers before he allowed himself the luxury of falling asleep.

She awoke slowly, eyes fluttering, pupils trying to focus in the faint light that made it in through the blinds across the room. He watched as her eyes focused on him and her mouth twisted upward in a slow, ready smile.
"Did you have a good sleep?" He asked, returning her smile.
"Yea, I did." She stretched, "Must have been some night we had, but I'm sorry to say I don't remember a thing."
"You were pretty out of it." He agreed, tracing a slow circle on her bare shoulder. "But I can't complain about the company. You really were something."
"The way I feel, it must have been something pretty spectacular." She smiled coyly, turning under the covers so that she was facing him. Her hand found its way to his side and she moved forward to kiss him. "Do you mind taking the time to remind me?"


2008-05-18 18:12:46
yeh i was good. u should go younger like 14 -13


2007-10-04 05:53:13
Man its really awesome. Brought a buldge in my pants. Hats off 2 u 4 writing such a erotic story


2007-01-07 01:35:25
Ooh la la, you've hit on one of my finer kinks--sex with the unconscious. Very nice work. Sexy.


2007-01-02 07:51:43
it was alright. Non-consensual sex, Rape, and then Consensual Sex, did the model know they were naked underneath the cover?


2006-11-13 15:26:52
Pretty awesome, I do like the way you write, more would be nice.

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