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Please note this is an alternate reality where the world has a joint religious authority made up of two representatives from each of the worlds various religions. Also in this Universe WW2 and WW1 never occured neither did the Arms race or the Cold War. Kennedy was never Assassinated and now an old man has been re-elected into the American office. Tensions between The Asain Coalition and The American-European Empire are at are at an all time high. The Asain Coaltion is made up of Korea (Kim Jong Il has taken control of Tailand, South Korea and Japan) China, Singapore and Mongolia. The American-European Empire is made up of the European countries, USA, Canada, Brazil and Venezuala. Russia has been asked by both alliances to join them as they will be the deciding factor in the new war that is brewing on the Earth, the war Over Thorium. A subsatance that has the Ability to enhance the users strength, agility and Stamina ten fold as well as it being a very useful fuel. This has led to the Silver Vampire Clan who hide out in America to plot to take control of America no that they control China and start the war amongst humans so they can steal the Thorium and enhance themselves.
Do you remember all those silly stories you were told as a child to get you to eat your veg, or to go to sleep, ir to brush your teeth? Ones like, the tooth fairy, easter bunny, and Santa Clause? Yes? But I suppose that is only a part of my question, what about the bedtime stories and horror movies and books based on the 'demonic' creatures of he night? Werewolves... Vampires? The ancient stories that are somehow common in almost every cultures history today. 

And even in the worlds foremost religion, Christianity, for so long supported the idea of werewolves and demons and vampires yet only as Christianity grew vastly popular and spread to the 'New World', then, then vampires and werewolves an anything of the like were stricken from all records everywhere, until more sightings kept cropping up over the world, Bray Road, Jefferson Wisconsin, Greggton Texas and Gevaudan France to name a few incidents throughout history.

I believe that the governments of the world are hiding something. 

My name is Charles William Davidson, and I intend to discover the truth, this is a detailed account of my journey through the looking glass and into a world, unknown to our own.

Profile Subject 1a

Species : Human
Age : 27
DOB : 18th May 1985 
POB: Dublin, Eire
Nationality(ies): UK, USA, Ireland
Language(s): English, Irish, French, Spanish, Latin
Name: Davidson, Charles William
Eye Colour: Emerald
Height : 6ft 7in
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Career: Retired US Army Ranger, Retired Police Officer, Mercenary
Hair : Faux Hawk, Dusty Blonde
Build :  Strong, Muscular, Athletic
Average Running Speed (1600Meters): 17.5MPH
Combat Skills, Hand to hand, blades, rifles, smgs and pistols
Weight: 150lbs

Date 25th July 2011

The sun was almost finished setting as Will finished unloading his old Army Kit bag with all his belongings he needed from his home in Houston, Texas he threw it through the door of his house in anger as he clicked he lock button on his car keys.

He stomped through the door and slammed it shut, 

"Three fucking months and nothing new, nothing fucking new!" He shouted to himself 

He walked through a door at the very end of the hall past the stairs and into his kitchen. Cursing away to himself as he pulled a black mug from a cupboard above his kettle, he threw two spoonfuls of sugar into his cup and a tea bag he boiled the kettle and turned around heading back out into he hall to grab his bag. He stormed up the stairs two steps at a time and walked to the end room of the hall.

He pushed the door open and threw his bag on the bed as he tirned to the right and walked through a door to his on-suite.

He walked up to a small mirror above his sink and turns his head side to side as he examined his small beard that had grown over the three months. He picked up an electric razor and in a few minutes he had a clean shaven face. 

He walked back downstairs and out te front door, his anger slowly but surely dissipating. He walked up to his mail box and yanked it open as his neighbour was jogging by.

Profile Subject 1b

Species : Human
Age: 38
DOB: 27th July 1973
POB: London, England
Language(s): English, French, Latin
Name : Kathrin 'Kate' Bryer
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5ft 7in
Ethnicity : Caucasian 
Nationality(ies): UK, USA 
Career: Model, Singer, Voice Actor, Actor
Hair: Long culy-wavy Brown
Weight: 110lbs
Combat Skill : None

Kate stopped jogging in her tight black lycra jogging shorts and black lycra tank top with a white nike jumper tied around her waist and watched Charles for a while before walking up to him.

"Hey you good to know you are back Charles!" she said happily in her Oxfordshire accent

Charles smiled and looked at her 

"Hello miss Beckinsale how are you today?" he asked as he forced a smile.

He was happy o see her but he was still fuming about his complete failure at finding anything on the Werewolves or Vampires. But that wasn't all, she had never called him Charles before, ever since he first met her and he introduced himself 3 years ago she always called him Charlie or Will.

"Stop you!" she said playfully as  she slapped his arm

He smiled again as he looked into her eyes, this was getting very weird, she always blushed at the remark and looked to the ground behind Will when he said that as he was he only one to ever notice her remarkable resemblance to Kate Beckinsale

"Hey four guys were at your house two weeks ago they were looking for you, they left me a note for you" she said cheerily

"What did they look like?" Will replied urgently as Kate caught his tone

"Whats wrong, no wait come to my house, tell me there" she said as she motioned to her house next door and they both walked there.

As they entered the house, Will moved inti the centre of her hall (her house was the same design as Will's) she closed and locked the door behind him. Alarmed Will spun round to see her defiantly standing there in front of the door pointing a finger at him with her other hand on her hip, a serious look on her face.

"What the hell is going on Charles, four armed men come to your house and then when they cant find you they come over here break down my door pin me to the wall by the neck and tell me to give you this message!" she shouted as she moved over to a small hall table and pulled out a white envelope with a red wax seal with a Large A on it.

Will looked at the Envelope then back up to Kate, he didnt want her involved in this, she was like a sister to him, more than that she was his best friend for 3 years. 

"Kathrin, I need to know what they looked like, Height, skin colour, eye colour things like that please this is very important!" he said with a mix of fear, excitement, urgency and distress riddling his voice

Kate's eyes widened as he spoke

"That bad really? In all the time I have known you Will, I have never seen you scared or distressed before" she began "Well it was daylight and they were the same height and slightly shorter than you, ummm, very pale almost white with sunglasses over their eyes and masks and hoods over their heads, infact, their entire bodies were covered in clothing the only flesh I saw was when one turned and I saw his and it was very pale. They all wore trench coats too. I never saw their eyes, whats going on, and why did you go away for 3 months anyway?" she finished as she looked at him and handed him the envelope

Will smiled slightly as he went over the absurdity of his quest in his mind and he was about to recite it to his best friend

"So you remember the stories about Vampires and Were-" he began as her shoulders slumped and she walked through a door on the right to her living room.

"Wow so this is about a fantasy story" she exclaimed sarcastically

Will moved to follow her and looked out the window ahead of them to see the sun set behind the horizon and half the world was cast in darkness

"Look Im being seri-" he began as they heard a bang on the roof and Will saw a shadow move outside. His eyes widened in fear as he shadows moves closer and they heard creaking upstairs

Kate looked up as she exclaimed 

"Who on earth got into my house!" she said as she looked to Will who was frozen to the spot

Whats wrong Will!" she whispered as fear began to grip at her voice

Will stepped towards her and took her hand in his as he led her to the kitchen

"Will whats wrong! What did you see! What are you doing!" she exclaimed as fears grip was growing.

"They are here I need something i can use to defend us!" he said to her urgently as he collected his emotions and controlled himself

When they entered the kitchen Will led Kate to a knife rack and behind it he found a large long cleaver used for cleaving meat from the bone and not for breaking the bone. 

"You are going to kill them!" she shouted as she looked at him and he simply nodded as he led her out to the stairs to the second floor.

"What room is above the living room?" he asked as he looked at her and she thought for a second

"The spare room, its locked so it might buy us some time" she replied as he led her up the stairs quickly and into her room.

"Grab some clothes quickly we need to leave before we really are trapped in here" he said 

Kate nodded and took a black backpack out from under her bed. She then ran to her wardrobe and took out a pair of tight fitting jeans, a small white t-shirt and a brown leather jacket. She ran into her bathroom as she packed the clothes into her bag and Will moved to the window. Will peaked out of the blinds and saw a tall pale white man wearing a long black trench coat standing in front of Kate's pool, starring up through he window at him, the man smiled a sinister smile then walked towards the back door of the
house as Kate came back out of her bathroom stuffing medical supplies into her bag

"Time to go, but we are going to have to jump into your pool, they are downstairs, all of em" Will said urgently as he opened the windows and took her hand as she finished sipping up her white jumper.

"Ok" she said as they both climbed out of he window onto her roof.

Will turned around and closed the window with one hand as Kate readied herself for the jump.

Will turned to face her as she shook her head and said fearfully 

"I can't do it Will" 

"You have too" Will replies as they heard her spare bathroom door being broken open

"Wait we are going to need something from my house if we are going to make it, we need to jump into the hedge" he whispered as she moved closer

"What! Are you mad!" she exclaimed as they heard the spare room being broken open

No longer with any time to argue Will picked up Kate and ran to the edge of the roof as she buried her head in his neck in fear.

Will leapt from he roof into he hedge the separated their houses and went into a roll protecting her as he rolled out the other side.

Kate was breathing heavily from adrenalin pumping through her system as Will still held her and ran into his house into his bedroom. He sat her down on the bed as she looked at him and smirked

"You didn't have to carry me all the way to your bedroom you know" she said as she got up and paced he room as
Will took out a large box from under his bed

"So are they vampires are the really real?" she asked nervously as he walked dove to his desk to find a military grade laptop and she turned it on

"Yes, at least I believe so and they are certainly fitting the deion" Will replied flatly as he opened the case and pressed a small black button on the handle. 

The case opened out flat as the main base split into two and where raised and separated outside of he case. On both of the risen panels lay a set of four Berretta 92 self loading pistols with extended barrels and mags as well as a high res laser pointer. On the main panel lay an M4 with a modified red dot-ACOG sight, extendes mag, suppressor and extended barrel as well as a retractable stock. There was also a set of two mags per weapon, with the mags on the right holding silver nitrate in them and the mags on the left holding irradiated UV rounds, this also applied to the mags for the M4.

Will called Kate over to him and handed her one of the berrettas 

"What on earth, where did you et this will! And why do you have all those other ones!" she exclaimed as he handed her a mag of UV rounds

"Whats this!" she exclaimed in a higher tone

Will took out the M4 carbine and strapped it over shoulder as moved over to his wardrobe

"Its a magazine of a special irradiated fluid that was developed in the Rangers before I left, its highly lethal to humans and shoudl be to those guys too" Will said

He took of his white t-shirt and replaced it with a black one from his wardrobe. As well as strapping a black leather double shoulder holster on he also picked up two black leather holsters and threw them on the bed.

"Will why do you have all these guns, where did you get them!" she said as he turned shushed her as he opened up his Army duffle bag on his bed

"Keep your voice down we need them to waist as much tine as possible over there" he said quietly as she nodded fearfully

"Im a mercenary Kate you would be surprised what you can buy as a mercenary especially when the money is so good" he said as he pulled out the dual berettas on the left panel and stuck them in his holsters.

He closed up the case and shoved it into his duffle bag along with the dual leg holsters. He ten pulled out another smaller black metal case and put it into the duffle bag as well.

"Whats in that one" Kate asked as he threw he duffle bag onto his back and took her hand

"25,000 Dollars, Euros and Sterling" he said as he led her downstairs

"What why!" she exclaimed as he pulled the car keys for a Ford Mustang out of a small bowl on his hall table and went to the door under the stairs that led to the basement.

"We may have to leave the country he replied flatly as he led her down to the basement.

Will moved over to a metal tool case and opened it, he then moved a panel on the inner right side hidden by a hand saw and pressed a black button on the inside. The whole back panel shifted and slid to he right to reveal the brick wall of he basement, but it separated in the middle following h brick blocks and slid open to reveal a long blue lighted hallway.

"What is this" Kate asked as she gasped and Will moved the hand saw back in place after sliding he panel up again.

Its a tunnel leading to the south-eastern outskirts of Houston to a garage I own, in it is an Armoury and my Ford Mustang" he Replied as he took her hand again and stepped into the tunnel as they heard his front door being kicked open.

He closed the tool case doors and pressed the button making the panel slide over the tool cases back ad the wall closed over. He turned to Kate

"Time to run as fast as we can the tunnel is 36 miles long, comes out to around Santa Fe, how far can you ran at this pace" he said as he set of at 15 miles an hour

"About an hour and a half I think" she said as she settled into the pace

"Right that will bring us to about 22 miles distance from here and roughly 14 miles from the garage will you be able to run at half this pace?" he asked her as she thought about it and shook her head

"I'll just have to carry you the rest of the way then" he said as they sped down the tunnel.


Two hours later the couple reached the garage and Charles as predicted had carried Kathrin the last few miles. Upon entering the garage Charles sat Kathrin down on a leather chair beside a desk with various monitors on it. 

The garage was fairly large and in its center was a 2010 Black Ford Mustang with white racing stripes. Charles had reinforced he cars bumpers, doors, Chassis, hood and tires as well as developing his own style of reinforced window (It was a police grade reinforced double glazed glass window with a 3mm thick piece of plastic on both the outside and inside of the window making it very hard to smash, this was the same on the rear window and front window). Due to his reinforced windows Charles had fitted hydraulic pistons to the doors so if the car was submerged in water you simple press the button for what door you want opened and the pistons open it. The trunk was also enlarged and had carious compartments and hidden cubby holes for weapons and ammunition as well as he himself modifying the engine to pump out 270 miles per hour at top speed.

Behind the car was a large desk that had various monitors that were linked to cameras in the tunnel and on the perimeter as well as a military grade laptop being linked to his one at home but all he could do from his one at home was make backups to the one here

On either side of the desk were large leather recliners and on the far wall were a series of gun racks, holders and cases. On the tunnel door at this end was a large vault door that had a retina eye scanner, voice recognition system, key code, passwords, Finger print scanner and DNA analyser all linked to Charles so that only he could get in, he did tend to be on the paranoid side.

Will set about checking the cameras on the system and notice at camera 13 he saw all four men walking down the tunnel, figuring he had at least 3 hours at their pace and and hour maybe before they got passed his door he walked over to a fridge on the right hand side of the desk and pulled out two cool cokes, two energy bars and two apples. He set one of each on the arm of the recliner as Kate rested with her eyes closed and he opened his own can of coke and drank to sips of it before setting it down and walking over to his weapons on the far side of the room.

Will walked up to the right hand side of the far wall. He picked up standard issue Belt fed Mk 48 Mod 1 with fore grip and red dot, he turned and placed it on a long work bench behind him and place 6 magazines for it on the bench as well (3 UV and 3 Silver Nitrate). As he walked up and down the wall it took him 30 minutes to pick out the weapons he

Subject 1a - Known Armaments
Mk 48 Mod 1 - Red Dot, Sling, foregrip
M4 Carbine - Acog-red dot toggle sight, sling, barrel mounted bayonet, extended barrel, laser pointer, extended mags
Remington 1l-87 - Sling, laser pointer
M1014- Sling, laser pointer
IDI Kriss Super V- Red dot sight, sling, extended mag
MP-5- Extended mags, extended barrel, red dot sight, sling, suppressor
UMP 45 - Holographic, sling, extended mags, suppressor.
4 Beretta 92s - Extended mag, extended barrel, laser pointer

All weapons are accompanied by the same load-out in Ammunition:
4 UV Mags
4 Silver Nitrate Mags
Mg 48 Mod 1 has 3. Mags of each due to the size
Shotguns have the following
Remington - 21 3 inch 12 gauge silver shells and a smaller versions of the UV rounds in another 21 3inch 12 gauge rounds
M1014 - 21 2.75 inch 12 gauge silver and 21 2.75 inch 12 gauge 

Will moved to the far left side of the wall and opened up a metal cabinet. Inside were a pair of black military grade boots, black military grade irban camo tactical trousers, a set of black military knee and shoulder pads, two black Blackhawk hell storm gloves, an interceptor urban camo chest plate, a pure black baseball cap and a pair of black ballistics sunglasses that were modified with an IFF targeting system and built in  toggle Night vision and infrared. 

Smiling Will turned around and walked over to his duffle bag and pulled out the weapons case and leg holsters. He walked back over to the table and placed them on the bench with his double shoulder holster as e heard Kate stir from her sleep and wake up.

It wasn't long after Will placed the found on her chair that she ate it ad fell asleep, for 25 minutes.

"What are you doing?" she asked groggily

"Im getting some things together before we leave and I'm changing clothes, you can change as well if you want over there in the corner" Will replied as he pointed o the far left corner

Kate go up and went to the corner as he opened it and pulled her clothes out. She took off her jumper and her lycra top revealing a black lace bra as Will turned and was heading to the weapons he laid out as he was going to load the into the trunk but his eyes drifted to her body as he took it in and was mesmerised before she caught him looking

"He no looking mister!" she said with a cheeky smile as  Will turned his back to her and replied awkwardly


For a woman who was going to turn 39 she had the body of a 19 year old. Her stomach was flat, toned and a nice paleish colour. Her breasts were a firm 34c. Her legs had beautiful definition to them, strong yet elegant. Her face was natural, no make up, no wrinkles, blemishes, redness it was perfect and in the three years he had known her, Will was only now, truly seeing her beauty.

Will was lost in his thoughts when he felt someone tap his shoulder. He turned round slowly to see her standing now her a pair of tight jeans that clung to her skin and showed her best features perfectly. A tight white t-shirt that did the same job but was complemented by her beautiful light brown leather jacket. She was also still wearing her white running trainers.

"No time for some heels then" Will said to her jokingly as she smiled and leant against the bench with him.

She sighed and looked at him sadly

"Who are you" she said as the previous 4 hours events caught up with her and she began to cry.

Will pulled her closer to himself and stroked her hair as he kissed her forehead. She sniggked her head under his chin on his chest, feeking his heart beat elevate she said

"I feel like a child again in the arms of a friend who is always there to fight your battles for you" she finished through the sobs

"Im the same guy you met three years ago Kate, everything I told you was true. I just left out some things because I didn't want you to get involved because you'd get hurt, But, I suppose it doesn't matter now though" he finished with a dry laugh before he continued o explain

"As a mercenary, you make a lot of enemies, and, they will strike at anyone close to your heart to hurt you, so, I never told you so they wouldn't target you" he explained

"Wait, what do you mean close to your heart, am I close to your heart?" he asked quietly and timidly as she pulled her head from under Wills 

"I, well, you," Will stuttered as Kate smiled at him and snuggled her head under his again,

"Couldn't they just be mercenaries like you?" she asked quietly

"No, independent mercenaries work alone and very rarely with others, and mercenary companies have badges or identification on them, they don't have that either, they must be vampires, I think" Will replied to her as he continued

"Could you make backups of all that info on the laptop over there?" he asked her as she nodded in response

She pulled her self from Wills arms as he gently brushed the side of Her face pushing the hair behind her ear as he smiled warmly at her and she returned the smile as she moved over to the desk and he returned to packing away the weaponry.

He placed the Remington 11-87 in the driver side door and Kate caught him putting the UMP-45 in her passenger side door.

"What are doing, I'm not going to use that" she said defiantly

"You're going to have to use it, its either we kill them or they kill us Kate, just point and shoot, simple" he said to her as she sighed and turned around to plug another USB into the laptop to make a new backup.

Will walked back over to his Armour locker and changed into his armour as he felt Kates eyes watching him. As he finished he walked over to his workbench and said to her

"So the no looking rule only goes one way then?" he said smiling as she blushed and walked over to him holding two usb's.

"Here I backed it up twice for you" she said as he took them and replied

"Thank you, here" he said as he handed
Her a Double shoulder holster and two leg holsters,

"Can you put them on please?" he asked as she took the and looked strangely at him as she put them on.

He then led her over to the pistols he left out for them both. He handed her a pair of Colts and Berettas with a tactical belt to hold mag as well,

"Here put them in the holsters and put that on so you can hold your mags with it" he told here as she put them on and placed the weapons in their holsters as he did the same with his own pair of Berettas and his pair of Desert Eagles. He then walked back over to his Armour locker and took out his modified sunglasses and an extra pair from the door. He pressed a button on them both to turn them on and handed them to her.

"Ready to go?" he asked her as she nodded and got into the passenger side as Will walked over to the garage doors and pressed the red button to open them.

He got into the driver seat and turned the keys in the ignition as the cars engine roared to life and he rolled out of the complex.

"It will take us 30 hours to get roughly to New York, another hour after that to get to a friend of mine, he takes me to my missions around the workd and I've know him since I was 18, he can be trusted" he said to Kate as she remained silent in thought

"You alright?" he asked her as she nodded and replied

"Yeah I'm just tired thats all, I'm gona try to get some sleep" she replied as she quickly fell asleep.


Two and a half hours later, the vampires ripped the vault door from its hinges and began tearing up the place. But Charles and Kathrin were already 180 miles away from them. It was 12:30am now as Charles and Kathrin were well under way and heading to New York City

July 26th 2012, 19:58

Will pulled the car into a roadside diner on the northern outskirts of Baltimore as the bumpy road woke up Kate,

"Huh, where, where are we?" Kate asked groggily as she rubbed her the and saw the empty diner ahead of he car as it came to a stop.

"We are just outside Baltimore, we are nearly there so we are, we would've been at Philadelphia by now but I had to stop about 5 hours back to get something really quickly" Will replied as he began to dig around his drier door.

He pulled out a long navy blue box with silver engraving around the edges. He handed it to Kate smiled 

"Happy Birthday" he said happily as he pulled the top of the box.

Inside lay a long silver necklace with an old platinum Cross that was attached to it.

She smiled a large splitting smile as she locked at it as pulled it out gently and undid the clasp,

"I love it, can you help me put it on?" she asked as she pulled her hair over her shoulder to reveal her perfect neck with the clasp sitting in the middle as he attached them, securing it around her neck.

She turned back around to face him as it rested above her heart, she smiled at him and asked

"How do I look?"

Will smiled a her and replied


They both smiled at each other longingly before Will snapped out of his trance

"Shall go get some food then?" he asked her happily as she nodded happily and hey left the car to enter the diner

Inside the diner there were no customers and no people other than an elderly couple in their mid 80s behind be counter

"Hello youngsters what can I get you?" the little old grey haired lady asked kindly as she continued

"Oh you two do make a sweet couple, just like me and my Albert did when we were younger!" she exclaimed as she smiled happily to the shock of Kate and I

"Oh were not-" Will began

"You see we are just-" Kate continued as hey both stuttered awkwardly and the old lady laughed cheerily

"Oh but it will happen eventually, I can see the looks you give each other, young lovebirds, the joys of youth" The old lady said as she reminisced on her own youth

"Im not really all that young miss" Kate said as she looked at the old lady

"Oh sure you are you look like your both 27!" she exclaimed as Kate replied to her

"He's 24 yes but I'm 39" Kate said as her face went red

"So you into older women then?" The old lady replied as she looked at Will and an Old man came up beside her

"Come now Margery, just take their orders, we are closing soon" he said as he turned and shuffled off back into the Kitchen

"Sorry, can I take your order please?" Margery asked kindly as she smiled

After Kate placed her order and Will asked simply for some coffee they took a seat near the corner of the diner

"Why aren't you eating anything?" Kate asked as she sat down and she saw Margery looking at the guns in her holsters

"Im not hungry, and don't worry that she can see your weapons I got you some clothes while you slept, they aren't flashy or anything, but they will help to keep us hidden and our weapons" Will said to her reassuring her

"Ok, but I want to know more about this mercenary business!" Kate replied as her hands rested in the middle of the table next to Wills

"Im a governmental Mercenary, which means I only accept jobs from the governments of the world" he stated as he held her hands in his

"Im sorry I never told you Kate, I just didn't want you to get hurt, I didn't want to make you a target" he finished as he was gently running his thumb over her hand.

Margery appeared with two Bruschetta sandwiches for Kate and a pot of coffee for them both,

"Hmm, seems you are more affectionate towards each other than you both want to believe!" she said sarcastically as she set our order down in front of them.

"Thank You" Will and Kate replied as Will set about pouring Kate a cup of coffee and two tall 18 year old teenagers entered the diner

 "Thanks" Kate said to Will as he finished making her coffee and she began eating one of her Brushchetta's.

They both sat there drinking coffee and just talked for a while before two tall teenagers at the age of 19 walked in and up to Albert and Margery.

"Shit" Will whispered as he looked up at the teenagers and saw that they were looking at them, but more importantly that their iris' were pure white

"What wrong?" Kate replied as will looked down

"The Teenagers are vam-" he began as a cracking sound ripped through the air followed by a womans scream.

Kate jaw hit the floor as Will turned around to draw his gun as he saw the teen farthest away from them retract his fist from Alberts face making blood splatter all over margery as the teen closest leapt over the counter and bit down hard on Margery's neck, not only killing her but providing a tasty meal.

"Get down!" Will shouted as Kate hit the floor and Will squeezed off three rounds hitting Alberts killer once in the head and twice in the chest. 

The teens farthest away hit the floor and burnt up into only a skeleton surrounded by a pile of ash. The remaining teen leapt up ontop of he counter with blood running from his mouth aa he hissed at Will.

"You got something on your face pal!" Will shouted before squeezing off a single round into the teens face sending him flailing backwards into a backflip off the counter as he burnt to a skeleton and ash.

"Come on we need to go!" Will exclaimed as he grabbed Kate's arm and led her back to the car with his free hand.

They both got into the car as Kate sat shocked at what just happened, she moved closer to Will as he got in and sped off dow the road towards New York. It wasn't long before the extra stress got to kate and she soon fell as sleep with her head resting on Wills shoulder.

Will was tunning through the various news channels two hours later and stopped on a news report.

'Two hours ago local residents of the area you see behind me, heard unsettling noise coming from the Lonely Mans diner behind me. One such resident investigated the disturbance and discovered the remains of four people. Two locals and two unidentified skeletal bodies. It appears that one of the recently deceased was drained of all blood, whilst another has received a fatal blow to the head killing him instantly. The authorities are currently lost as to how the skeletons were not burnt to a crisp along with the bodies flesh and blood.
The only suspects or witnesses of the crime that the authorities know of from the CCTV footage are Charles Davidson and Kathryn Bryer and as of now police are searching for them for questioning.
This is Jane Mers-" 

"Shit" Will whispered as  he sped up gaining to 90mph as they would only be 15 minutes from New York


Upon entering New York Charles drove Kate straight to John F Kennedy International Airport where Charles' contact Rodger would be waiting to take them both to London where they could hide out and present their evidence to the public.

Will stopped the car and looked to Kate who had woken up not long after the news forecast. It took Will and Kate longer than expected to get there upon entering New York due to traffic, two and a half hours of traffic later and they finnaly arrived at the Airport.

Will got out and walked over to the passenger side door to open it for Kate and led her over to Rodger,

"Thanks for this Rodge" Will said as he shook Rodgers hand

They approached a modified now discontinued MH-53 Pave Low, it was modified to fly, faster, farther and carry more weight than its original now able to take up to 35 people 2 pilots, 2 gunners , 2 engineers and a single Armoured Hummer with any weapon variant or in this case and armoured modified Ford Mustang.

"It'll take about 22 hours to reach London in this but its the best I could do mate, why don't the lovely lady take a seat in there while you park the car up in this bird?" Rodger said as he headed for the cockpit.

Will drove the Mustang up into the Pave Low as the door shut behind him. He got out and sat in one of the seats next to Kate.

"Don't Worry, we will be alright in London" Will said with doubt in his voice.

It wasn't long until Will was asleep due to the long drive ,24 hours without sleep or proper food and the events that occurred. Leaving Kate alone on the Pave Low as it began the journey to London.

Will began to stir from his sleep he heard someone scream, he opened his eyes dazedly to see two heavily armoured men pinning Kate to the ground and tying her up.

"What the fuck's going on -HUH!" Will exclaimed before he was smacked in the side of the head with a blunt object and he blacked out on the floor beside Kate.

Will and Kate stirred as they found themselves in a dark room with the only light coming from a small lamp on a long desk that had all the weapons Will and Kate had on their persons.

Will soon discovered he was hanging from the ceiling ob a meat hook that was holding his hand cuffs above him. He shook side to side as he tried to break free.

"It won't help you Charlea" A man said as he stepped from the darkness and was accompanied by an old man with glasses and a labcoat.

"Where is the information on my species!" the man shouted as the lab coat man examined his head,

"Its not too serious Shawn, but it will have to be treated in 10 minutes or he will die" the man said as Shawn punched Will hard in the gut

"Where is it!" Shawn shouted in vain as Will spat blood out of his mouth and it hit Shawn in the face

Shawn wiped he blood off of his face and walked over to the rooms desk. He picked up a baseball bat and spun round quickly smacking Will in the side of the chest breaking two of his ribs. Shane whistled signalling two men armed with UZI's to enter the room.

"Take her down the hall, do what you want with her" Shawn said as he removed his coat.

"No!" Will shouted in dismay as Kate was unhooked and dragged out of the room screaming

Before his eyes Shawn's eyes turned charcoal black, he heard bones cracking and shifting as well as seeing Shawn's ribs crack outwards and stretch the skin. Shawn's trousers ripped and tore and his legs grew thicker and elongated, his leather boots were shredded as his paws ripped from from the and grew longer and wider. His skin took a black tinge as black fur grew from his body, hi nose and jaw lengthened and thickened into a muzzle. His teeth grew longer as his canines grew three times as long and stuck out from his lips. He had turned into a werewolf.

Will's eyes widened as he saw the sight before him, but, before he could do anything or say anything Shawn lunged at him sinking his claws into his sides and sinking his teeth into his collarbone, infecting him with Lycanthropy.

Shawn returned to his human form and put his coat back on, leaving the room in silence. The man with the labcoat was busying himself with things on the desk as the blood ran down Wills clothes on to the floor.

Will looked up lazily to the hook above him. He shook himself back an forth quietly as he gained speed and momentum he shook himself free and landed quietly on the floor if not a bit wobbly. 

He moved forward quietly but swiftly and threw his hand in front o the man hooking the chain of the hand cuffs around his neck. He pulled down hard and choked the man to death, strangling the life from him.

Will pulled a Walther P99 from his belt and moved to the door. He opened the door quickly and began running down the corridor as the sounds of Kate's screaming flooded his ears. He soon found the door five doors down on the right.

He kicked open the door to find Kate pinned to a bed in the centre of the room. She had just kicked one of the men of the end of the bed and he fell on his ass in front of the door as the other continued to struggle to forcibly remove her clothing.

Will aimed at the man of the floor and pulled the trigger point blank spreading his brain matter over the walls. The other man turned around shocked seeking to kill the intruder only to recover the remaining 8 bullets spread through his head and body. 

He ran over to Kate and hugged her tightly as she cried into his bloody shoulder

"Oh my god Kate, are you alright did they hurt you!" Will exclaimed as she shook her head and looked at his shoulder,

"Your hurt, wait, they but you!" she exclaimed as she looked at his wound and he helped her up and sadly nodded.

"They turned me, I will eventually turn into one of them" Will said as he picked up one of the UZI's from the corpses and led her out the door

"We need to get out of here!" Will said as they ran down to the right towards a metal door to the airstrip.

Upon opening the door, a man in the watch tower just behind the pave low that brought Will and Kate to the airstrip, opened fire with a mounted .50 cal emplaced weapon firing 3 bursts at them.

"Shit get down!" Will yelled as he grabbed Kate and jumped behind a rack of cinder blocks on their right,

The gunner continued to repeatedly shoot four round bursts ad them both for a few minutes as four men advamced on the group from the right armed with AK-47's and RPD's, As they neared Will and Kate, Will readied himself for them to turn the corner.

The first man rounded he corner as a searing pain burnt throughout Wills body as it felt like his blood was replaced with acid. The man advanced on Will armed with an AK, Kate panicked as Will keeled over dropping his weapon by her feet, She piked up the weapon as he man was about to kick Will in the head and his colleague rounded the corner.

Kate closed her eyes and squeezed the trigger into their heads, expensing the entire contents of the magazine into them. 

She slowly opened her eyes to find Will lying beside her on his back as he arched in into the air in pain with his eyes closed tight.

"Will! Will talk to me!" she exclaimed as se dropped the gun and put her hands on his chest.

She caressed his face as he lowered his back and opened his eyes, they were pure white. He howled loudly as he himself began to change just an hour after being bitten. He changed to a similar form as Shawn's except, Will was a white furred werewolf and he was 14 ft tall, twice the height of Shawn. 

Kate ignored his form and cried as she caressed his face still truing to get a response from him. 

Will, now in werewolf form leapt up in the air over the cinderblocks to land in front of the two remaining men. The two men opened fire as Will landed on all fours. The bullets sank into his flesh but received no response as Will rose to his feet revealing his 14ft height.

Will smacked the man on the right woth his claw cleaving the man into threw slices from his head to his toes. The other turned and began to run away. He didn't make it very far before Will leapt off of his feet and landed on the mans back sinking his teeth into he sides of the mans head crushing it like a watermelon.

The gunned in the tower opened fire and hit Will twice in the chest as he looked up to the tower ad roared. He sprinted on all fours at the tower jumping over the Pave Low and slicing as the four struts causing the box at the top to fall through and crash to the floor crushing he man inside as its roof fell on top of him.

Will returned to the cinderblocks where Kate was. He peeked round the corner to see Kate cowered in fear as he approached, he tilted his head sideways like as dog would do when it is confused he watched her for a few minutes as he sat like a dog.

They heard doors bang open behind them both and they turned to see 40 armed men exit the main building with Shawn leading them.

Will growled and picked up Kate gently by the torso and ran to the Pave Low. With his free hand he pulled down the bay door with ease. Inside was he mustang with all heir equipment inside it as well as Rodger Sitting beside the mustang counting a large wad of cash.

He turned to see the large fourteen foot tall figure carrying Kate stare at him with cold white eyes. Will set down Kate gently as his wolf like face gave nothing away. The men led by Shawn opened fire as Kate got in the mustang and Will grabbed Rodger by the neck. He held him up as he tightened his grip. 

Rodger squirmed in his grip and muttered, "Please" just before Wills grip crushed him like a grape in a vice.

Will looked to Kate and nodded pointing at the far gates, she put the foot down and sped to the gates as Will ran alongside her. He leapt into the air as she sped on towards the gate and he landed in the comm tower atop the main building. He ran inside as his form was slowly reverting he already had list six inches in height. He awkwardly plugged a nearby USB into the computer with his large claw and began copying the files over which was done rather quickly as he was able to run outside and leap outside of the compound to run towards the mustang that was heading east. 

He just kept running after it eventually not knowing if he was in front of it or behind it. He passed out on the side of the road.


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