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Skulduggery pleasant – is that your razor or are you just happy to see me

I’m rewriting this story as I found the last one unsatisfactory I had written it in the middle of the night and hadn’t bothered to proof read it I rushed the sex and I apologize hopefully this one is better and there aren’t to many mistakes

The cleavers scythe whistled as it swung in an arc towards Sanguine’s throat. He ducked the attack and rolled glancing at Tanith who was fending of three cleavers with her sword. She caught his look and smiled her sword sliding into the first cleavers chest. Billy ray turned just in time to be cracked in the face the staff of the scythe he growled and then sank into the ground the Cleaver turned in a circle slowly and billy ray rose behind him his straight razor glinting as he slit his attackers throat.

The cleaver slumped to the floor lifeless. He turned his full attention to Tanith who had run up the wall to slice a cleavers head in half. The last cleaver held his scythe diagonally across his body and Tanith landed on the floor in a crouch. She looked up smiling with her black lips. The cleaver stepped forward swinging his scythe as Tanith's sword flashed the scythe actually caught her leather waistcoat slicing through the material as easily as her sword cut into his flesh.

Tanith sheathed her sword and turned towards Sanguine who was staring at her exposed chest. Her body never stopped amazing him and she stepped up to him circling her arms around his neck and kissed him for a full minute before leaning back giving him another one of her dazzling black lipped smiles.

“Is that your razor or are you just happy to see me?” she said grinding herself on him.
Sanguine smiled and they both sank into the ground. The pain was much more bearable now than what it was a few months ago and he could now travel twice the distance before he had to take a break. They rose to the surface in front of the grey sports car and Tanith pulled out the keys the alarm beeping and they climbed in. Sanguine started the car and they made their way down the road.

Sanguine tried to concentrate on the road rather than stare at Tanith’s luscious breasts but she didn’t help matter when she leant over and unbuttoned his trousers freeing his straining erection. Licking her dark lips she leant down kissing his head. He groaned and barely kept the car on the road. She licked around his tip and placed her mouth around the head suckling lightly. Sanguine muttered under his breath and thrust slightly trying to gain more purchase in her mouth. He glanced down their eyes locking and Tanith gave him an evil grin before engulfing his entire dick into her mouth sucking hard. Sanguine yelled out in shock and pleasure the car swerving he fought to keep it from hitting a tree and Tanith laughed a difficult thing to do since she still had his cock in her mouth. Tanith started to hum in the back of her throat and Sanguine moaned as he felt the vibration around his head. She bobbed her head up and down his length stopping once in a while to circle his tip with her tongue she used her hand to jack him of where her mouth couldn’t reach. She made sure her lips had a seal around his manhood and sucked, Sanguine lost control of himself and the car, the car careened of the road into a bush as his cum splashed on her face and tits she used her hands to scoop up most of the cum and licked it from her fingers grinning.

“What is it with you and crashing cars?” she laughed as he reversed out back onto the road and they continued towards the city Tanith’s mirth unrelenting

Sanguine slowed the car down and turned into the alley way. Tanith got out the car still laughing to herself as Sanguine growled in annoyance. They opened a side door revealing a bright corridor heavily contrasting with the grubby exterior. They barely made it to the bedroom and Sanguine pushed Tanith onto the double bed ripping her waistcoat open fully bringing his mouth down to suckle on her light pink nipple. She moaned and put her hands on the back of his head. Tanith sat up pulling down her tight leathers exposing her pantie clad womanhood.

Sanguine licked his lips before slowly kissing his way down to her navel he slid his tongue into her belly button before continuing south reaching his target her gripped the top of her underwear with his teeth sliding them down her toned legs he looked at her arousal, her wetness turning him on even more. He was about to bring his tongue to her slit when he found himself flying through the air her crashed onto the bed he gasped surprised before Tanith climbed on top of him positioning herself into the 69 position he grinned starting to lap up her juices as she fondled his member.
Tanith began to lick his hard length and Sanguine answered by sucking lightly on her clit she moaned and her hands tightened on his cock she swirled her tongue around his tip then used her hands to fondle his balls Sanguine grunted and pushed his tongue into her running it up and down gathering up her juices. He thrust his tongue into her sliding it up and down using his fingers to play with her clit. She moaned and consumed his entire length into her mouth squashing down her gag reflex as she deep throated his hard cock. He moved his tongue in circles still pushing his tongue in her like a piston feeling her walls clamp down on his tongue as she orgasmed she screamed in pleasure around his cock and that set him off too he came sending thick spurts of his cum down her throat she swallowed it down greedily and cleaned of his dick while he gasped.

She climbed down from him and they lay next to each other coming down from their high. Sanguine rolled over, rubbing his bulbous head up and down her slit she groaned and he pushed himself inside her marvelling at her silky wet folds he began to thrust into her and she moaned in pleasure. She wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted herself up before dropping herself on his cock. He grunted and lifted her up pushing her against the wall. He angled his hips pressing against her g-spot she used her muscles to squeeze his cock and he grunted and smiled at her pulling out of her she mewled slightly and he repositioned his sunglasses and threw her onto the bed turning her so she was on her stomach she lifted her butt into the air and he moved forward prodding he puckered asshole she groaned.

“Ohh fuck yes fuck me there!” she gasped

Sanguine pushed his cock into her womanhood once again getting his cock slick with her wetness. As he was pulling out he unintentionally rubbed her g-spot and she came she bucked slightly and he took the opportunity and sank the head of his cock into her ass she came even harder squeezing his cock like a vice he pushed himself into her his manhood already well lubricated with her arousal with a bit of effort he managed to bury himself into her clutching asshole. She reached a hand up to the bedside drawer bringing out a dildo Sanguine groaned at the sight of it his dick becoming even harder if that was possible she pressed a symbol on the base and a buzzing noise filled the air she positioned it at her dripping womanhood Sanguine rested his hand on hers and pushed it into her until it was fully in.

Sanguine could feel it vibrating against her walls transferring to his dick. He started to thrust again as she pushed the toy in and out of her slit. He began to thrust wildly pulling himself almost out of her then slamming himself in he reached forward and pinched he nipples rolling them between his fingers she started to breathe heavier her orgasm approaching and they both started to moan aloud and Sanguine grabbed her hair pulling her back she screamed in pleasure and pain as she came her walls clenching around his cock and he came too splattering her rectum with his seed as her juices squirted around the vibrating sex toy.

“That was amazing” gasped Tanith

“And for my next trick” Sanguine yawned and promptly fell asleep Tanith following close behind him.

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2013-06-19 16:09:12
oh and this story was awesome 11/10

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2013-06-19 16:08:47
make a story about tanith and valkyrie and china that would be a wonderful threesome

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2013-06-08 20:03:14
valkyrie and tanith please


2012-08-24 20:20:27
im thinking of making a series where i will take suggestions of pairings and use them to make a story. please comment or send me a PM with your ideas the story will be mostly focused on valkyrie but there will be some with other characters i will not do man on man so dont bother asking sorry, female on female however yes. this series is mainly to strengthen my writing skill please comment on improvements i could make. without trying to sound morose i dont have many friends that ill be comfortable asking to proofread my stories so expect some mistakes im only human.


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2012-08-24 17:44:40
Great story Next could you do Valkyrie and her reflection

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