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Here is the last part of Emma which I am afraid has been rather longer coming that I had intended due to various family crises!
After this break, Gerald goes off with Rachel, and Ranulph takes me back out to the stable area. We go into a locked room, and I shudder with delight as I see the set up in there. There is a mechanical horse, like those sometimes seen at funfairs where it bucks and you have to try to stay on. Where the saddle should have been is a socket and alongside on a rack is a selection of very realistic dildos. Above the horse is a set of restraining ropes with cuffs attached on pulleys, and the whole thing is set off by spotlights which Ranulph switches on. Around the room there is an examination table with stirrups that would not have been out of place in a gynaecologist’s, a wooden table with various padded cross members adjustable to different positions and all with fastenings of various sorts, and a luxurious double bed with silk sheets, and again fastenings for cuffs at the headboard and around the foot and sides. I sense that I am in for a very satisfying afternoon.

Before doing anything, Ranulph strips off his shirt to expose a muscular chest and arms. His chest is smooth and hairless, and he has a tight rippling tummy. To my surprise he then removes his shoes and socks before taking off his jeans, and for the first time I see him clad only in black leather briefs, his very apparent bulge contained by a studded cod piece which I find very sexy. He grins at me and I melt, knowing I will now do anything he asks.

“Ok, Emma, my darling, you have done well today, but we have a few more tests for you before letting you relax and enjoy yourself totally”.

“Oh, Ranulph, Master, I have enjoyed myself immensely and I feel so much less frustrated and I am sure I will become a more confident rider.”

He laughs, and takes my hand. I imagine he may lead it to his bulging briefs, but I should have known better. He leads me across to the examination table and helps me up onto it. As I adopt the position, leaning gently back against brown leather support, he gently spreads my legs and fastens each ankle into a stirrup which he then adjusts again to spread my legs more widely than I think I have ever managed myself. He the takes my arms and stretches them back over my head and fastens them to cuffs at the back of the table somewhere. I am totally exposed and vulnerable, my breasts unprotected, my trim belly offsetting the wide open gash of my sex, the sensations I know again making my sex lips damp and engorging them with blood, my vagina opening involuntarily, no doubt even my clitoris erectly peeping through its protective hood of flesh.

He takes a few moments to caress my breasts, thoroughly feeling them, lifting them and letting them drop back to their tip-tilted firmness, and tweaking my burgeoning nipples, rolling them in his fingers, before stroking down across my flat midriff towards my sexual area. I cannot describe the joy that is flowing through me, and I feel more alive than I have ever felt. I begin to understand how this wonderful man can release my innate creativity and leave my mind clear of everyday problems and focused entirely on my horse. But now I am focused entirely on Ranulph’s caresses, as he moves down between my outstretched legs and very gently starts to caress the different pieces of very sensitive flesh before him. He peels the hood around my clitoris away and bends to breathe on it, which is surprisingly erotic, before letting his tongue just touch it. I think he is going to lick it, but instead he keeps his tongue with the tip on the very crown of my erect clitoris, and starts to hum. I am about to laugh, when I realise the vibration of his humming is magnified by his tongue like a tuning fork and transmitted through my clitoris to what seems like my whole central nervous system. He keeps this up for a couple of minutes, before peeling my labia apart and transferring his tongue to the inner exposed flesh of my vagina. He doesn’t try to penetrate and again he doesn’t lick, just stabs gently with the point of his tongue in an incredibly effective technique. As he is doing this, his fingers have dipped lower to my buttocks, and he eases them apart, before opening up my back passage with his thumbs and slowly slipping the tips of his thumbs in and out the puckered entrance to my anus. I am really enjoying this now, and feel orgasmic sensations rising in my consciousness, but Ranulph senses this and steps away, leaving my eager young body bereft. But before I could even think, he reappears with one of the dildos from the rack by the horse, and brings it to my lips to kiss in acknowledgement of my submission not only to him but to it as well. I am well lubricated by now, and he slides it slowly into my vagina, at first with small in and out motions, but gradually inserting more of it till it is fully in. It feels wonderful, but he takes it out again and comes back with another, slightly stouter one. Again he eases it in and out till I am comfortable and the sides of my vagina are contracting in an effort to hold it within me, and again he gets it right in to the shaft. He seems satisfied with this and I watch in increasing realisation as he takes the dildo across to the horse and screws it into the socket. He comes back to me and bends to kiss me, while once more tending to my firm breasts and full dark nipples. His kiss is divine, but he leaves my lips and lets his kiss now alight on my nipples, tonguing them in turn till they feel twice the size I thought they were. Then he steps away again and returns with a short multi-tailed whip in his hand. He starts to flick his wrist so that the tails of the whip rotate and moves it towards my engorged breasts. I watch fascinated until the whip tails actually make contact with my left breast. The feeling is of a thousand nips, none of the tails in itself cruel or painful, presumably made of very soft leather, but the sensation both arouses my sexual response further and gradually heats up my naked flesh. Ranulph shifts the target to my right breast, and I feel that both my breasts are stinging, mixing pain with pleasure. Yet I arch my back and thrust my nipples up to meet the whip and my mind tells me that I am truly masochistic, letting this lovely man bring out these hidden desires in me. And as quickly as he started to whip me, he stops and his lips and tongue are again licking, sucking, soothing my nipples and the firm breasts that support them. I am on cloud 9!

He smiles again, and releases me, and I wonder if it is time for the mechanical horse, but instead he leads me to the padded table and lays me face down along its length. There is a support beneath my belly that has the effect of raising my buttocks in the air, and my wrists and ankles are shackled at each end of the table. My body, while held, is relatively free to move within limits. He disappears out of my line of sight and when he returns he has a long multi-tailed whip in his hand, like a cat o’ nine tails. He brings it to my lips and I instinctively kiss it which I know is my acceptance of Ranulph using it on my body as he sees fit. He again goes behind me out of sight and I try to relax, but the first sensation is not as I expect a lash from the whip, but rather the ends of the tails on my neck then trailing gently down my spine, over my upthrust buttocks, and down into the crevice between my thighs. The tickling sensation is exquisite. Ranulph has not tied me with my legs apart, and as the tails drop over my anus and into my crack, I try to capture them by slightly opening my thighs and closing them again. Ranulph brings the whip up to my neck again, and repeats the exercise, but this time I both lift my buttocks off the support and strain to open my thighs as wide as I can. The tails this time descend in a more deliberately controlled manner from my gaping anus down over my labia and tickle at my clitoris, causing shivers of anticipatory sexual frisson to run up and down my spine. Then with out warning I hear a whoosh and the cat has lashed at my back, the long tails landing lengthwise from my neck to the base of my spine. Pain replaces pleasure, but before I can register the different sensations I am feeling, a second and then a third stroke sear my back, one slightly to the left of my spine, the other slightly to the right. I m conscious of Ranulph standing off to one side, and the cat comes breadthwise across my buttocks. One or two of the outer tails again dip between my thighs and nip at my sexual organs. He then moves to the other side of my body and repeats this lash from that side. I can feel each leather frond as it bites into my bottom flesh, yet I want more, and thrust my buttocks up in the air, using my thigh muscles to force my buttocks to part, exposing my crack, giving the greatest target possible for Ranulph who obliges with two more hard strokes. Then he lays the lashes across my upper thighs before placing the cat back in its rack.

He appears in front of me and to my astonishment has unfastened the leather codpiece of his black leather briefs. I now see before me what in any other situation I would have blushed to behold, a beautiful erect penis, the foreskin rolled back over the pinky purple glans, a full pair of balls framed by the circular excision from his briefs, a spot of pre-cum on the slit at the tip of his glans. He stands silent and still, but I realise again why I am shackled but relatively free to move. I raise my head, extend my tongue, and lick first the tip of his penis, tasting the salty pre-cum, before wrapping my lips round his helmet and using my tongue to circle his glans. His position allows me no more, and he seems content to smile down at me as I toy with his helmet, unable to move enough to take the length of him inside my mouth.

Always the measured tease, he withdraws and releases me, lifts me up and now leads me to the mechanical horse. I feel my vagina moisten again as I look at the dildo screwed into the socket in the saddle position on the horse. He helps me up onto the horse and gently holds me as I ease myself down onto the dildo, till I have it wholly within me once again. He then lifts my arms above my head and attaches my wrists to the cuffs on the restraining ropes, before winching the pulleys to stretch my arms above my head, my breasts taut and my belly concave. To my surprise, he then attaches wires I had not noticed before by means of sticky pads to the skin to either side of my pubic area before walking across to a control box.

The first sensation is of the mechanical horse start to move, a rhythmical see saw motion, that gently rubs the dildo within my vagina. I close my eyes and ride with it, and as the motion increases I start to move my hips as though I was on a real horse letting the dildo move up and down against my sex lips and inside my moist sheath. After a minute or so, I try to lean forward to press my clitoris against it, and that is also very pleasurable. Ranulph is watching all this, and I begin to feel the dildo vibrate as it moves within me. The sensation is now beginning to get to me and I know there is a self indulgent smile on my expression. At that point Ranulph must have done something with his controls as I feel a sudden sharp nip inside my vagina. I don’t understand then realise it must be an electric shock, not painful but an added stimulus Further shocks follow, getting closer together till it feels like a sustained assault on the nerve endings inside me. Not unpleasant but with the movement of the horse, the dildo going in and out, and vibrating and now the inner buzz of the electric current, I start to climb the slope towards orgasm. Ranulph senses my situation, and increases the sensations on my young and naked girl flesh as I sense now electric shocks, like a sharp buzz, from the electrodes around my pubes, penetrating inwards and after about a dozen or so, bringing me to a long rolling orgasm, a phantasm of sensation starting in my sex and spreading up my spine till I feel totally consumed with the unassailable pleasure. Slowly he reduces each of the stimuli, till the horse stops moving and I hang helpless in my cuffs.

Now Ranulph undoes my fetters and lifts me off the dildo, and in a romantic moment, carries me in his arms over to the bed. He lays me on the silk sheets and once again restrains my arms by slipping my wrists into the cuffs at the head of the bed. I expect him to cuff my ankles but he leaves the lower half of my body free. Then to my delight he removes the leather briefs, leaving himself completely naked. Seeing him thus, with his erect penis now completely exposed, his balls full in their sac, and as he moves around me admiring his taut firm buttocks and wiry muscles, I anticipate a satisfying climax to the afternoon’s activities.

He bends over the upper half of my body and kisses me on the lips. This no longer seems like part of my training, more like it is personal, as his tongue plays with my lips then as I open them, probes within to meet my own eager tongue and explore it and the inside of my mouth, the ticklish sensitive moist flesh. We hold this kiss for an age, unwilling either of us to stop , but eventually Ranulph withdraws, and I feel his lips and tongue drift down over my chin and onto my neck. After the experiences earlier in the afternoon this is so gentle, so arousing in a completely different way, and I know that my neck and upper chest must now glow with the pink flush of my sexual desire. He spends a few moments just running his lips over my neck, kissing here and there in pursed focus of his attention, before descending onto my upper chest. Until now he has just kissed me, not touched me, but now I feel his hand on my midriff just below my breasts. In a kind of pincer movement I sense his hand come up onto my left breast, pushing the flesh up so that my eager nipple is uppermost, and his lips move to encircle it. He sucks on the nipple for a moment before opening his lips slightly and letting his tongue dart out and onto the very tip of my engorged teat. I have never felt anything so lovingly exciting in my life, and let the gorgeous sensation wash over me. My vagina is moist for all the earlier activity but I feel a further moistening of it, and I lazily let my thighs open further, leaving me wide open in my acceptance of Ranulph’s dominance. But he is in no hurry to take advantage of my submission, and his stimulation of my left breast is prolonged and thorough. He then repeats it with my right breast and I think that it is part of being truly submissive that I can’t hurry him to fulfil my need to consummate this new relationship.

After several minutes where both my breasts seem to have become more sensitive and my nipples more engorged than I have ever know them, he moves again and places his hands on either side of my flat belly, smoothing the flesh with his thumbs and now letting his lips and tongue wander over my ribcage till with a jolt I feel his tongue penetrate my belly-button. I never knew it was so sensitive but it feels like he has opened up my belly and got his tongue into my body. I know he will do that soon through my sex but this is a completely unexpected sensation. As he tickles around with his tongue his hands run up again from my waist and onto my breasts, and now he kneads the damp flesh which he has so recently stopped kissing and sucking. The twin feelings on my belly-button and my breasts are delicious and I roll my head back and forth in sheer delirious pleasure.

But he is pacing himself and now he shifts his focus entirely and I feel him move down to lift first one foot then the other in his hands. While he massages the instep of each foot his lips and tongue delicately seek out each toe and consume it in a mind blowing homage to a part of my body I had never thought of as erotic. The sensuality of it seems almost as arousing as his earlier ministrations to my breasts, and I realise I am learning more about my body every minute of this wonderful day.

From my feet he then starts to run his lips up my calves, paying a lot of attention to the back of my knees, lifting my legs up and out to do so, and totally exposing my welcoming sex lips and vagina in invitation to him to go on further. And he does, brushing his lips up my thighs, gradually concentrating on the tender flesh of my upper and inner thighs before again I feel him place his lips on my labia, and probe with his tongue, firstly at my prominent clitoris, which sends wild signals coursing through my nervous system, and then letting his tongue start to fuck my open sex. But now his urgency does not allow him to dally, and he moves quickly up to kiss me on the lips once more, and I can feel his whole lithe body against the length of my flesh. But more particularly I can feel the hard rigid length of his erection against my belly and after a moment he adjusts his position, and I feel the swollen knob of his glans touch first my clitoris before dipping and touching the mouth of my vagina. Ever the tease till the end, he then starts to gently nudge his swollen member against my willing flesh, inserting it only a few millimetres at a time, very gradually inserting it further each time before withdrawing it, all the time kissing me deeply and caressing my breasts and tummy. I am already rising again towards orgasm and as he nudges in and out I make frantic efforts to hold him in, contracting my vaginal muscles round his penis, working up a rhythm that seems to come almost instinctively to me, until I feel him penetrate my fully, feel his scrotum laden with his fully loaded balls slapping against the back of my thighs, which I have now drawn up against my body in an attempt to give him as much scope as possible to penetrate me deeply. He now starts a combination of long strokes fully penetrating my vagina, and pulsating of his penis, using his muscles to work up a rhythm of thickening and relaxing the girth of his penis. The overall effect is electrifying, and I too get into a rhythm of working my own muscles that matches his. It is only a matter of time before the sensations of my body build into a full and prolonged orgasm, the intensity of which I have never ever felt the like of before, and as I roll into and through the orgasm, I feel him contract all his muscles and his breathing almost stop as he too reaches orgasm and floods my inside with his cum. He rides me on through it till we both begin to come down the other side and then collapse exhausted in one another’s arms. This is truly a day to remember and the start of a new life of total submission to this wonderful man.

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2009-04-21 16:20:24
An amazing story. One of the best I have read yet

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2009-01-03 16:37:34
loved the seris hope u do another


2008-04-16 15:49:45
this was a vey good series!!!


2008-03-08 18:20:32
you can spell! and have grammer. so amazing on here. while i like the stories, i admit its not my preference, but they were so well written i had to continue. keep up the good work!


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Better to travel than to arrive...difficult to better this series methinks.

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