Due to the positive responses i decided to write more about this story. I am no means a professional writer, merely someone who loves this site and would like to give a little back! This is only my second story...if you want more in the story line, let me know specifically what you liked and i will try and add more.

There i was laying dreamily in my bed thinking of last night's adventure. Had she really made out with me? Had she really sucked my dick with that beautiful mouth of hers? Yes, she had and yes, it was amazing! I finally decided it was time to get up and enjoy the day.

As i made my way to my computer i noticed that i had a new "friend request" on facebook! That was always a highlight of my day when I received the chance to meet new people. My heart flipped when I saw who it was from, Cindy.

Attached to the new friend request was a simple note saying, “Had a great time last night, hopefully you did as well.”

This was even cooler than I could imagine. Not only was she not second guessing what happened, she enjoyed it as much as I did! I sat down and my computer and made sure I got rid off the boxers that were the only thing I was wearing at that point. I started to look through her pics after I accepted her friend request. The further I went into the pictures the more in love I fell. There was this goddess in her sorority pictures with all these “300” looking dudes, and I knew she had just sucked my dick last night! I didn’t know if they were really competition, but I knew I had something they might not have had! My favorite of all her pictures were the ones with her and her sorority sisters. I made a note to myself that this was going to be a part of our next session for sure.

As I clicked through one picture after the next, I realized one thing, I was slowly stroking my dick. As my right hand massaged my throbbing little dick I could feel the pre-cum slowly start to ooze from the head of my tiny prick. As I was still clicking the pictures, up came a message-

“Hey cutie”, came the was from Cindy.
“Oh, hey, how are you?” was the only pathetic thing i could thing to respond with.
“Thank you for last night, I had a great time” now it was her turn to sound cheesy!
“No prob. I had fun as well”
“Do you think we can do it again?” she asked.
“I guess..if you want to” I typed as I prayed inside she said yes.
“DEF! :)” came her reply.
“I had fun but I think we should add something to make it even a little more special that it was the last time” I stated trying not to sound like I didn’t have the best time of my life last night.
“Really like what?”
“Not sure. I just thought you might know, seeing as you are older and all”
“Well…what if I dressed up?”
“Eh, you are hot…no need to cover any of that up!”
“Well, I will think about it. I have to run but your parents asked if I could watch you again tonight. Care to talk about this later?”
“Hell yeah!”

She clicked offline and I knew tonight was going to be good! I continued the rest of my day as if it were a normal day but I knew the truth. My mom asked me if it was ok for Cindy to come back and I shrugged it off. I knew if I played too eager, she would know something was up. 8 p.m FINALLY came!

There was the doorbell around 8 and I couldn’t wait to be around this hottie yet again! My mom did the “mom thing” and bored Cindy with the long list of numbers that she could be reached as my tiny boner started straining my sport shorts. Finally my mom called me down, but I made an excuse so that I could either allow my boner to go down or wait until she left. I finally heard the door shut and Cindy called to me.

“Hey, your mom has left. Are you hungry?”
I ran down stairs and as I did I noticed it…she was in her sorority shirt. This sight turned me on more than I would have expected, simply because all of my dads porn had cheerleaders and sorority chicks in them. Knowing that I could have this piece of ass anytime only increased the blood flow to my tiny prick!

“Hey” she said as she smiled at me and moved closer to me. As she came closer I noticed how her hips swayed as she moved closer. I noticed the lip gloss that resided on her lips and I almost shot my load in my pants. Here was this stunning 18 year old with a great body and beautiful face making her way to me and I knew I could fuck that mouth, again. As she got closer she put her hand on my chest and my heart started racing. She continued to move closer as she leaned towards me and slowly pressed her mouth to mine. I could feel the gloss that coated her mouth as she slowly separated my lips with her tongue. As she kissed me, I could taste something sweet on her tongue. We stood there for at least 3 minutes exploring each others mouths as she gently rubbed my hard dick. We started grinding on each other and then decided to make our way to the couch.

As we made our way to the couch I continued to feel her hand rubbing me and I loved the sensation.
“Baby, tell me anything you think of and I will do it” she said as she started kissing my neck. She continued to kiss my neck as I rubbed that tight little ass. I was amazed at how tight it really was. People often talked about people have “tight little asses” and I thought they meant that the ass itself was merely small and well formed. This one was rock hard. By the mere touch I could tell that this girl took a lot of time working out. I continued to rub that ass as she kissed my neck. In time I had managed to slide her shorts off and the panties too. She was taking her time kissing my neck as well as looking into my eyes as she kissed me as well. I was in heaven! She was kissing me and then she moved her body so that she was straddling me right there on the couch. Her long hair cascaded over me like it was a curtain that was preventing the world from seeing us….

“What the fuck am I seeing?” Asked Stacy to herself! There she was looking at her son and her babysitter almost fucking on her couch! She had forgotten her invite to the charity event and had to return to get it. Then as she was about to unlock the door she noticed the scene with her sitter and son! She knew this was wrong on SO many levels but before she could stop herself she was rubbing her clit in a really fast long stroke manner. It had been years since she had truly seen something this hot! She knew she should stop this and throw that tramp out of her house but there was something in the way that her son was not only confident in the way he touched this girl but almost like he had done this for years! She continued to watch as she played with her clit and pinched her nipples outside the front door..she had to hide, she quickly concluded. She made her way to the alleyway window. She was so thankful at this moment that she had bought a house with a “perv window” as she had called it. This was a window that was not seen from the street but gave a good vantage point into the home. She continued to play with herself after she made her way to her favorite new spot of the house.


Cindy continued to kiss me but I wanted more. I started having this urge to be mean. I was conflicted because I wanted her to continue to do what she was doing but I wanted her to be my “bitch”. I heard the kids on thae playground talking about making a girl their bitch, but thought it was only them talking tough. Her was my shot.
I grabbed her hair in a fist and then looked into her eyes and said, “Suck it BITCH!”
At first she looked shocked but then I saw the lust in her eyes as she looked at my hardened dick. She quickly made her way down to my dick and engulfed the entire thing in one move. The sensation of her wet and hot mouth completely covering my dick was amazing! Here I was a 10 year old kid having this hot teenager as my slut. I threw my head back as she continued to suck my dick. The feeling of the wetness as well as the light suction she was applying was about to make me cum in her mouth! As she sucked I asked her if I could shoot my load on her face. She looked at me in a weird way…it was almost like she liked the forceful me and not the little boy that was asking for permission.
“On your knees bitch!” i said as i pushed her off my dick. As I said, weirdly, she was smiling again. She grabbed the rubber band on her hand and put her hair up in a ponytail. Somehow, she was even hotter there on her knees looking up at me with her hair in a ponytail. She was looking at me in a longing sort of way. It was almost like she was waiting for this. As she leaned back and looked up to me, I started jacking my dick in a furious manner. Usually when I was doing this I was looking for a rag to use to clean it up…this time, I would use her face!

I shot my load on her face that had been made up perfectly seconds before. The cum shot against her face and started to smear the makeup and as she smiled I plunged my back back into her wet mouth once again when it stopped shooting my seed onto her face.
“Thank you Daddy, she said lovingly in between sucking my dick and licking my little ass”.

Stacy had just orgasmed for the third time as she watched her sons seed shoot onto the babysitter. This was definitely the hottest thing she had seen in years. She loved watching her son take control and loved watching him make her his bitch. She couldn’t hear them as well as if she was in the room, but she could hear enough. Did that little slut call her son “daddy”? It didn’t matter. She would have to call this skank more often…when she had no where to go! She continued to play with her now sensitive clit, but she didn’t care!

The sight of Cindy covered in my cum as she continued to suck me off was a dream come true. I had to turn up the notch a little…
“You mentioned you would do anything for me?”
“Yes, anything…” she said as she continued to suck my cock.
“So, you are going to be my bitch?”
She looked at me with those sad eyes again, “i am not a bitch” she whined.
“Sorry, I misspoke! You ARE GOING to be my BITCH”, oddly there came the smile again! Oh and one more thing, “Next time bring a pledge from your sorority!”
“Wha…what would I tell her? This is not exactly legal” she said confused.
“I don’t care what you say, but the next time. I want you and another girl as hot as you!”
“Ok, Daddy” she said as I grabbed her mouth and slammed her face back onto my cock!

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