The cold rainy winter weekend when my mom rocked my world
My mom and I have always had a tough relationship. She complains a lot about almost everything I do. She has always been very open about sex, but not really open to her own personal things of that nature. My mom's name is Laurie.

One Saturday afternoon in January, I was on my laptop just hanging out in my living room. My parents are divorced, but my dad and mom keep a very healthy relationship. My mom had been dating a man named Marty for a couple of years, but only over the last six months, I had figured out that it had gotten very steamy and intimate. Then my mom told Marty that she wasn't into him like that, more just as a friend, and she broke Marty's heart. He was a sweet guy, kind of a nerdy, New York jew. But after what my mom did, he didn't feel like he wanted to associate with her at all anymore.

Where I'm getting at, is that my mom at this point hadn't gotten any sex in over a year. And something about my mom was too goody goody, so as I would find out later, she was a wild animal in the bed. I was a freshman in high school, and despite my obsession with all things sexual, I had never had a girlfriend, a kiss, or had sex. I just wasn't really sure how to start.

On this afternoon, I decided to take a hot shower, as it was extremely cold and rainy outside. Once I stripped out of my clothes, I turned on the spray, and climbed in. I quickly started jacking off at the thought of my mom's sexy vagina and ass neither of which I had seen since I was a little kid. After about 15 minutes, my mom walked in. The shower was loud, and I didn't hear her. I was also moaning her name as I figured she couldn't hear me either.

"Jame, what are you doing?", she asked.

She opened the shower door and saw me with my hand wrapped around my dick, which was sticking directly out.

"Are you masturbating to the thought of me?", she said.

I gave it to her straight. I told her I was and that I had never fucked any girl, and that I wanted to so badly, and I thought she was so hot. She told me that she shouldn't and that it wasn't right, but now that she was 53, and she was no longer getting her period, it might be a good idea for me to get my first experience with somebody who I trusted a lot, and who was extremely experienced and skilled in the bed. And with that, she grabbed her shirt, and pulled it over her head to reveal a sexy black satin bra. She unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, and began to show off her hot, matching black satin g-string thong, which left nothing to the imagination. And then she got in the shower in just her undergarments. She started to rub up against me, and gave me a long, deep kiss, the one I had been looking for for so long. Her tongue dueled with mine as our passionate french kiss went on for what seemed like forever.

She unhooked her bra, and threw it out of the shower. I leaned down and took one of her rosy hard nipples into my mouth. I sucked on both nipples for a few minutes, while she caressed my penis with her hand. Finally, I put my hand between her legs and felt her soaked pussy through those panties. I pulled the thong down and off and tossed it out of the shower door. Now it was me and my mom naked together in a shower. She kneeled down and took my dick in her warm, soft mouth. She sucked up and down my length like a giant popsicle for about 10 minutes and sucked on my hairy ball sack like an animal. I cummed all over her face and boobs. Then I went down on her. I licked her beautiful vagina savagely and sucked on her clit. She screamed and moaned and after five minutes she cummed all over me too.

I was ready. But I decided I'd rather lose my virginity in a bed, not in a shower. We got out, dried off, being careful for me to keep my hard-on. I carried my petite brunette little mom up the stairs to her room, squeezing her soft little ass as I went, and into her bed. I laid down and positioned her on top of me. I told her I was ready, and she slowly impaled herself on my 10 inch monster cock. Boy, she was so tight and warm, I screamed the second I got in. It was the greatest feeling I had ever felt in my life. It was so unlike anything else, and yet so much greater than anything else in the world. She sunk my dick in to the hilt, so that all 10 inches of my penis were engulfed in her sexy vagina. For such a small woman, she had a lot of space in that tight little tunnel. She slowly began to ride my cock, my balls smacking into her shapely ass with each thrust. I couldn't believe that I was actually fucking my own mom. I gazed at her smooth mat of beautiful brown pussy hair. It was one of those things where I realized my mom was a different person than I had thought. I knew she had had sex but I figured it was very boring, and tame, and "sensual". She's always pretended to believe sex is only for people in relationships. Not at all!!! She bucked on my cock like a pro, and in some ways, she was better than a pro. She was so much more crazy in the bed than any pornstar I had ever seen. We fucked for about 45 minutes, and I finally felt like I was losing it.

"I'm CUMMING!", I yelled.

A few thrusts later I blew the biggest load of cum in my life into her quivering vagina. After close to 30 spurts of cum, my penis came to a rest in her warm hole. We stayed like that for a while, talking, laughing, with my cock in her vagina the whole time. Over the next 36 hours, we tried Missionary, Doggie Style, Spread Eagle, 69, lots of anal, and several others, many of which were extremely advanced and adult. At many times, we slept for hours at a time with my dick wrapped in the warm confines of her juicy pussy or ass. That weekend, I had a 2 day fuckfest with my own mom. We didn't leave her bed until Monday morning. She could have gone nonstop for 2 more months. That's how much endurance she had for sex. I learned that nothing pleased my mom more than for somebody to really fuck her brains out for a couple of hours. I discovered a whole different side of my mom. Apperantly, she was an extremely famous pornstar 30 years ago in college but fell off the map. It was BY FAR the absolute greatest experience of my fourteen year life. That was three years ago. Since then we have had sex approximately 3,285 times. We try to have it with each other at least three times a day. I looked up The Top 10 pornstars of all time and my mom was #1. Also, her friends Anne and Phyllis were #4 and #6. No kidding! Just wait till the foursome story with all of them!!!!!... She had been in over 10,000 movies in the eight years she was in the porn industry. This was back when girls could be porno actresses at as young as eleven because the age of consent in every state was from 7-9. From 1969 to 1979 she won 96 X-Movie awards more than 50 more than anyone else ever, all before she was 21. She had won 57 before she turned 15. My mom was the greatest, sexiest, most legendary pornstar to ever walk the face of the earth.

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