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My turn ends, Cindy's turn to be the slave
From the last story
I wanted to ice my dick and balls as soon as she left. I had been hard for so long in the morning I was afraid that even at my age I was going to get blue balls. But I still couldn't wait to see what the afternoon was going to bring.

I was starting to get dressed for lunch and Cindy called up with my required style of dress. I was supposed to wear my light brown dockers, a polo, and my deck shoes; nothing else. I wondered what that was about, but only hoped that it wasn't too embarrassing.

I got down to the restaurant and my dick was under control. I had been hard off and on since yesterday evening and things were a little tender. Cindy waved to me and she was sitting with Mary, Louise, Roberta, and Jenny, her accomplices in using me. I sat down and we made small talk as we ordered and ate lunch. We were just finishing and I was pretty relaxed by now, but my wife tightened the screws at this point. Since I was sitting between Mary and Louise, she spoke to them rather nonchalantly since we were in the middle of a restaurant.

"Hey, girls, see if our slave has a woody."

They complied and both put their hands on my crotch. Mary spoke first. "No, not right now."

Cindy smiled. "Well, get him up and ready."

I stared at her and shot daggers with my eyes, but Cindy just smiled. I had never seen this side of my wife, but I was going to make sure to get my revenge, that's for sure. Mary and Louise just grinned. Mary worked my zipper down and Louise slipped her hand in to find my rapidly expanding member. She played with it until it was at full strength and then put it away. Mary zipped me up and nodded. They all stood up and I looked at Cindy.

"C'mon, honey. Time to head back to the room."

I tried to adjust myself, but being commando in light brown dockers with a hard on meant trouble. I just hoped I had not leaked enough pre-cum to leave a wet spot.

I stood and Mary and Louise each took an arm to keep my hands away from any crotch shielding. They walked me to the elevator and I could see that several women at tables along the way took notice of my state. They smiled and I tried not to pay attention, but I could feel my face heat up with embarrassment. They walked me to the elevator and we took it up to our floor. When we arrived at the room, all the ladies came in and waited, looking at me.

"Well, c'mon dear. You need to get naked." Cindy reminded me of my ‘naked' requirement in the room.

I undressed and all the women came and gave me a tongue-filled kiss and squeezed my dick, which immediately went back to full hardness. My balls were beginning to ache and I wondered how much more touching it would take before it shot off. If I had been 17, it would have erupted without any direct contact at this point.

Finally, they were all gone except Jenny. She smiled at me and immediately stripped. She grinned when she looked at my dick. "Too bad you won't get to use that on me. I could really use a good old fashioned fucking. But rules are rules, and you don't get to cum." All I could do is stand there and watch. "Okay, my fantasy, which I have had for a while and you are going to fulfill, is to have a man eat my ass out while I fuck myself with a big dildo. I'll get on all fours and you go to town." With that she reached into her purse and pulled out a dildo that was about 8 inches long and pretty think. She crawled onto the bed, kneeled with her ass up in the air, and her head on a pillow. "Get me ready and wet first, bitch!" She seemed to get off on talking dirty.

I crawled up behind her and started kissing her ass. I kissed down over her asshole lightly and then down along her slit. She gave a low "Mmmm." I then started licking along her slit and reached down to peel open her pink oyster so that I could search for her little pearl. She kept humming along with my movements. I found her clit and started licking and sucking on it. At the same time, I took my fingers and played them over her cunt opening and asshole, tickling them. She started moaning and getting wet now. I could now feel her pussy getting wet and I started rubbing my fingers along her opening, coaxing it open to play with it. She moaned again.

"That's it you ass hound. Lick my pussy and then fuck my ass with your tongue!" Again with the dirty talk.

Finally, she had had enough prep. "Okay, now work this in slowly." She handed me the dildo and I took the head and slowly ran it around her cunt, picking up wetness. I also went to work on her little pink star, licking it and teasing it.

"Oh, yes, lick that ass, fuck that pussy." She started rocking her hips and I started working the dildo into her pussy. I worked it in and finally had it completely wet and could work it all the way in and out. For a small woman she was taking the entire 8 inches easily. She reached back and started playing with her clit while I worked the dildo and her ass.

"Now tongue fuck my ass!" She reached back and pulled her cheeks apart, giving me full reign over her beautiful ass. I started trying to force my tongue into her, making it hard and pushing on her sphincter. I kept working the dildo lightly and rotating it as I finally made some penetration into her ass. She kept moaning and moaning and I could tell she was on the cliff, not quite able to get over it. Then, I quickly yanked the dildo out and rubbed it all over her clit and she went off like a rocket. She thrashed and moaned and there was no way to stay on her ass, so I let her ride it out. I looked down and I was leaving a large wet spot where my dick was on the bedspread. Fuck! My balls felt so bloated I could barely stand it.

After she came she flopped forward onto the bed and lay there. I just looked at her. She was in such good shape that she seemed to have no fat on her body. She looked athletic, in shape, and hot as fuck. I wanted to turn her over then bury my dick in her. I would have probably cum in about three strokes.

She turned over and looked at the clock. We had only taken 25 minutes. She looked at me. "Well, that's all I'm going to need." She lay there, panting, a light sheen of sweat glistening on her taut body. She pointed to my dick. "I'd love to do something with that, because I could use a hard fucking, but you'll just have to wait. You eat ass so good, I'll have to come visit you guys." She smirked and got up. She got dressed, came over to me and gave me a big, hot kiss while squeezing my dick. I flinched and she smirked again. "Whoops. I'd better be careful!" She spun and left the room.

I immediately went to the tub and filled it with cold water. I needed to soak my ‘nads. After I sat in shallow cold water my balls felt better and my dick went soft… mostly, anyway.

I walked back in and watched TV. I actually fell asleep for a while.

I was awakened by the door and when I looked up, all the women were entering the room. Cindy smiled at me. "We decided we couldn't wait for later. A couple of them have to leave tonight, so we're going to all have our fun, now."

All the women immediately stripped. They giggled while they watched each other fold their clothes and put them on the chairs. I was a little amazed that Cindy could find 4 other women comfortable with stripping and having sex in front of each other. My dick was not responding right away, thankfully.

Cindy came over and whispered her instructions to me. "You are going to be pushed now, so please be patient." She went over to her bag and brought out some toys. I couldn't see what they were. "Okay, slave, on your hands and knees, facing the head of the bed. Let us see that cute little ass and those balls from behind." I got into position, a little more relaxed since I knew all the ladies, but still a little embarrassed by how she described they were going to look at me. Cindy came over and showed me a blindfold. She put it on me and I felt very vulnerable with my entire crotch on display and not being able to see. I felt movement and then I felt a slick finger start rubbing my asshole. Whoa! My wife had not done much anal play with me. It was very stimulating in my position, however, and my dick was instantly hard. I heard Cindy discussing this with the other ladies. It was a little disconcerting listening to them talking about my body like I couldn't hear them. "See, his dick got hard immediately."

Second disembodied voice. "Yeah, and his balls look like they are ready to deliver some cream!"

Third lady. "I just love this. I have never had a man get in this position so I could take the time to study the anatomy of his asshole and balls."

Then I moaned. I could feel something pushing against my anus. It didn't feel like a finger, either. Cindy leaned over to me and said loud enough for everyone to hear. "Now be a good slave slut and let me get this butt plug in your ass." She giggled and the other ladies tittered. I groaned. I had never had anything in my ass and Cindy was pushing a butt plug into it. It was just getting a little painful and uncomfortable when I felt it suddenly slip into place, having gotten past the largest part. It was now seated in my ass and I had never felt anything like it. I just wished I didn't have four other women staring at it while my wife did this to me. I felt several hands run over my ass and balls, feeling them, and then reach up and twist the butt plug. I groaned again. My dick was so hard now that I knew I could come with just a few strokes.

Then I felt the hands stop roaming and suddenly a loud slap was rendered against my ass. I jerked at the contact, but it wasn't too hard. Then Cindy gave them the go ahead. "Okay, ladies, I've always wanted to see a man get spanked, so everyone line up and give him 5 of your best."

I could hear movement and then ‘Smack' went the first bare hand on my ass. It was pretty hard, but it didn't hurt too bad. Then whoever it was levied the last four in quick succession, alternating cheeks. It was more humiliating than painful at this point. I had never been spanked in my life and here I was naked on all fours in a hotel room, with a butt plug up my ass, my dick leaking precum, and blindfolded, while 5 women took advantage of the situation.

The second woman took advantage of my kneeling situation and when she smacked my ass, she made sure to make some contact with my balls. Now that hurt and I flinched with each contact. I could hear some comments and giggling. They were definitely enjoying this. I decided to try to concentrate on what I was going to do to get even with Cindy.

I was working on some possible scenarios when the next woman hit me with something that really hurt. I jumped and the pain spread over the cheek where she hit me. I had no idea what it was from that first hit. I was completely surprised. I waited for the next one, tensing for the pain. Then it came on the other cheek and I think I knew what it was. It was a hair brush… and it hurt! I groaned and the ladies laughed. Fuck! I thought Cindy said no pain! Shit! I suddenly remembered that we never discussed a safe word, so I would have to actually make them quit by getting up if I wanted out of it. I couldn't communicate that we had gone too far to Cindy. I was thinking about that when the third smack struck. Damn! It was hurting. I felt more movement and then could tell that someone was right next to me. Then I heard Cindy whisper in my ear. "I know we said no pain, but this will only hurt for a second, so please bear with us and honor the bet." I gritted my teeth and went back to planning what I was going to do to Cindy when she lost the next bet. Fuck it! I was going to make her pay… and she had to know that. Why was she pushing me so hard? Is that what she really wanted? Smack! The next one hurt more than the previous one as my ass seemed to be getting more sensitive. Smack! The fifth one came much sooner than I expected as they were in quick succession. I yelped a little at the surprise and there was complete silence. It was like they were all staring at my reddened ass. I also could tell that my dick was no longer hard. They noticed, too.

"Well, I guess he's not into pain, his dick has wilted." The voice was unknown, but at least they noticed.

The last two ladies just used bare hands and when they were all done it was quiet for a moment. Then I heard whispering. I felt more movement on the bed and my blindfold was removed. I blinked until I could see again in all the light. Cindy grabbed my arm. "Stand over her, my nice little slave. We have a contest for you." I rose and stood where she directed me, between the bed and the dresser. I looked around and several of the ladies immediately lay on the end of the bed and started playing with their pussies. Damn! As if I didn't have enough trouble keeping my dick under control. It was starting to get hard again and wanted some release. "Honey, none of these ladies has ever had a man jack off in front of them. I told them that you love to do it in front of an audience. But there is a rule." She pointed to the floor. "You have to stand behind that line of tape and when you cum you have to spurt past that line out there or you get spanked again."

I stared at the floor and noticed that it was probably four feet to the other line. Shit, I could probably hit that just from not having sex for a few days from my height, so after being denied for so long, it was going to be easy. Maybe Cindy was taking pity on me. I looked over at her.

"Well, we're waiting. Oh, and you have 3 minutes, starting…." She looked down at her watch. "Now!"

I reacted quickly, but knew that I could get off easy at this point. I went to work on my dick while I stared at the smorgasbord of pussy in front of me. I ran my hand back and forth over my dick and knew it was going to come in a minute.

I got there very quickly and started groaning. When I felt it starting to come, I arched my hips up and made that last stroke. I held my dick up and pointed it toward the finish line. My first spurt went well beyond the four foot mark and I jacked it again… and again… and again. I finished shooting about six or seven good spurts and at least three of them went past the line. I was just relaxing when I felt Cindy come up and wrap herself around me. Whew! It was over for a while. Cindy led me to the bed and asked me to bend over. I did so and she reached up and slowly eased the butt plug out of my ass. Wow! Did it ever feel good to have that out of there.

She then pushed me back into a chair and I sat. I could hear her talking to the other ladies and they all got up, got dressed, and left. I couldn't focus on anything. I actually just wanted to go to sleep. I felt exhausted. After they were all gone, Cindy came over to me and knelt in front of me.

"You did real good honey. Thank you."

I stared at her for a second. "I don't know where that came from, Cindy, but I think maybe you have some explaining to do. Like where you got these toys and these ideas. We don't ever keep anything from each other and I was surprised that these were things you wanted to do. You never mentioned this stuff before. Also, we need to have a safe word if there is going to be pain."

She looked up and gave me a sad and penitent look. She put her head in my lap. "I'm sorry, honey. I didn't mean to do it. I know we said no pain, but once we were in the middle of it, I couldn't say no to my friends. I've known these women thru work for over 10 years and I just got caught up in it. They are the ones that got the toys and came up with the idea for the spanking. Are you terribly angry?"

I thought it over as I caressed her. I guess it wasn't that bad. It was just that it was something I never wanted to do or thought about before. My ass was sore, but other than that I guess it was just my macho pride. I had never even desired or thought about having to be a slave. It was also the loss of control. I couldn't imagine doing that often. It just wasn't my style.

I looked down and Cindy and lifted her face up. I guess I could put up with this episode after her bringing me some other women to fuck and have sex with. It wasn't so terrible that I could stay angry at her for long. "Honey." She looked up at me with a pleading look. "Cindy, I love you. I will always love you. I was just a little shocked. Why haven't you ever discussed this kind of stuff with me? I mean… I'll get over it, but how come I've never heard about this?"

She crawled up on my lap. "I didn't really think about it until I had the control and some of the other women mentioned what they wanted to do. I was just going to enjoy having control and making you wait all day to cum while you waited on us. It was never going to be about spanking or butt plugs or anything until they brought it up after lunch. I just couldn't say no to them. Are we okay?" I just nodded and hugged her. We cuddled like that for a while, but my mind was still racing about all this. I really wasn't my cup of tea, but maybe that's what she wanted. Anyway, it was dinner time now and we finally got dressed and went to dinner, just the two of us. After dinner we were both exhausted and fell asleep early. The next morning we got up and headed home. I was still hoping for some revenge with the next bet. I told her that on the way home.

"Cindy, I do have to say something, however." She looked at me expectantly. "We are going to bet again sometime soon and if I win, you have to know that I will push your limits just like you did mine."

She looked up at me and grinned. "I know. I hope you do." She almost whispered the last part. Was she really asking for what I think she was? Did she want to get pushed like that all along? Well, I could definitely arrange that. I just had to find a more sure thing when betting with her.

My chance for revenge came just a couple of weeks later. It was getting late in the football season since it was only the week before Thanksgiving, but the Thursday night game that week was, in my mind, going to be a laugher. I was just getting situated for watching it when my wife came into the den. I looked over at her and thought about it. "Honey, you want to make another bet this week?"

She smiled at me. "Are you sure you can put up with it again?"

"I don't know. What about you? You ready for me to exact my revenge?"

She grinned evilly. "Mmmm. I can't wait to see what you have in mind. Will you make me have sex with lots of people or something evil like that?"

I smiled as I thought that that was what she may have really wanted. "Actually, I was thinking of making you NOT have sex with lots of people. In any case, I'm taking Boise State, you want to bet your pretty little ass on the other team?"

She looked at me. "Am I literally betting my ass?"

I smiled. "Could be…."

She thought about it for a second and then looked at me. "What's the bet? If I win I get you for a whole week this time, right?"

I made like this was a tough choice for me. "Okay, agreed. Same for you. If you lose, you will be my slave for a week; Monday to Sunday. Okay?"

She smiled. "You're on big boy."

I sat back and watched the game. Boise State had been on a roll and they were on their home blue turf. They won easily, going away, and when I told Cindy she just smiled and sighed.

"Okay, which Monday do you want it to start on?"

"Next Monday. I want you for the Thanksgiving weekend."

She groaned. "Shit! I forgot about that. And you are lucky, because I just finished my period. Well, a bet's a bet. And I will honor the bet. You did very well, and I know that you hate giving up control, so I'll hang in there."

I smiled. "You'd better!"


She didn't know the half of what was going to happen. Of course, she knew I wanted her virgin ass, but she had no idea how I was going to prepare her for it.

I left work early on Monday and had arranged to take Tuesday and Wednesday off. Cindy had to work all three days, so she had done all her Thanksgiving grocery shopping over the weekend. She knew she might be busy.

As soon as I heard the garage door go up, I ran to the kitchen door, ready to prepare my bride for her week in servitude. As soon as she opened the door, she knew she was in for it. I am never standing there, just inside the door, with an evil grin on my face.

She smiled. "Okay, what?"

I looked at her darkly. "Okay, what, MASTER!"

She sighed dramatically, playing along. "Okay, what are you desires, oh Great One?" She gave me a little bow.

I chuckled. "Here are the rules for this week in my castle. First, you are not allowed to wear a stitch of clothing. You will undress as soon as you enter the house and not dress until you reach the door to leave." I handed her a small cardboard box. It had the word ‘SLUT 1' written on the side. "Here is where you put your clothes. When you come in you will immediately strip and put everything in this box. You can carry it up to our room to put them away and then carry the new stuff back down, but you will remain naked." She took the box and started to undress. "Second, you will be allowed to don an apron to cook. I don't want my slut's favorite parts harmed. Third, we will have visitors during the week and you will do whatever I desire with them, for them, to them, or assist them to take care of my needs." I paused and I could see her looking at me closely. "Finally, you will act like nothing has changed. If I open the curtains or blinds, you will leave them that way, even if you are in the room naked performing for me. Any questions?"

She was now naked and everything was in the box. "No, sir."

I smiled. "Good. Becky will be here in a minute. Get me a beer and let her in when she arrives. I'll be in the den."

I sat down and she brought me the beer. It was great to see her moving around the house naked. The doorbell rang and she jumped a little. She then ran to the door. It must have been Becky, because I heard her open the door and let someone in. I heard them come into the den and looked up as Becky entered carrying a shopping bag. "Hello, Becky. Ready to begin her training?"

"Yes, sir." Becky grinned and looked at Cindy. I could see the recognition in Cindy's eyes. She knew she was being prepared to take it in the ass.

"One more thing." I picked up two more boxes by my feet labeled ‘SLUT 2' and ‘SLUT 3'. "Like Slut 1, you have to be naked whenever you are in this house. You will immediately strip upon entering and put everything in this box and dress right at the door when you leave. Understand?"

Becky smiled. I had briefed her on acting subservient along with Cindy this week. "Yes, sir." She stripped and filled the box and took it back to put it by the door. She came back and Cindy and I were still standing there. Becky's voluptuous body looked delicious.

"Cindy, go with Becky as she gets things ready for you."

Becky turned and led Cindy up to the master bathroom with the bag. I got my beer and followed them upstairs, grabbing the digital camera I left out for documenting this. I lay on the bed and turned on the new flat screen we had mounted on the wall. I could hear them messing around in the bathroom. Finally, Becky came out.

"Sir, I'm about to give Slut 1 her first enema." She turned and returned to the bathroom.

I entered behind Becky and Cindy was sitting there on the toilet, the enema bag hung from the shower curtain rod. Cindy looked nervous and her nipples were at attention. Becky went to the shower and lifted the enema bag hose and nozzle from where it was dangling into the tub and had a tube of lubricant in her hand. She turned to Cindy. "Okay, Slut 1, turn around while still on the toilet and hug the tank. I am going to give it to you this way." Cindy looked at me with questioning eyes and I put my index finger in the air and twirled it; the sign for turn around. She did. Becky grabbed some lube and squatted behind my wife. She pushed on Cindy's back so that she bent forward and was pushing her ass out while she hugged the tank. I took a picture. Becky took the lube and rubbed it over Cindy's asshole, rubbing it up and into the hole. I leaned over and I took a picture of that, too; Cindy's pretty pink starfish being massaged and finger-fucked as lube was spread over and in it. Cindy moaned and trembled. Becky then took the nozzle and inserted it into Cindy's ass. I could hear her panting. I waited until she had the nozzle inserted and stood to release the water and took another picture. Becky smiled and released it. The warm water flowed into my wife. She turned and looked at me with heavy eyelids and a groan as she took it. When it was done, Becky told her to hold it in and pulled out the nozzle. She tapped Cindy on the ass and told her to stand up. Cindy did so. Next Becky discussed it with her.

"It's not necessary to give yourself an enema in order to have anal sex. In most instances, your colon will be clear enough to have sex, but if you are going to have anal sex and then possibly vaginal sex without cleaning up between them, you don't want to take the chance that feces might be placed in your pussy and give you some sort of infection or something. Master just wanted you to know what an enema was." She turned to me and smiled. Cindy stood there, not quite straight up, feeling the fullness in her bowels. Becky turned back to Cindy. "How's it feel?"

"Odd… weird."

"You'll find that you look forward to it when you really want to fuck around. My husband used to give them to me and then fuck me for hours!" She smiled and her eyes closed. I think we could both see her imagining those good times. "Okay." She looked back at Cindy. "You can let it go now. You don't have to hold it long, Master just wanted you to see what it was like." I loved the fact that she was calling me Master.

Cindy sat on the toilet and looked at us expectantly. I shrugged and left, knowing she didn't want us watching. Becky followed me out. I took this opportunity to strip. I sat on the bed and pointed to my dick. Becky smiled and kneeled in front of me. She lifted my dick and starting licking my balls. I was at full mast in no time. Cindy then came out of the bathroom. I lifted Becky's head. "Okay, Slut 2, move to step 2. Slut 1, get up on the bed on all fours."

Cindy climbed onto the bed and got on all fours. I pushed on her back and pushed on her head and she knew I wanted her head down, ass up, and back arched. I think Cindy knew this part for sure. Cindy's pussy lips were already showing signs of excitement, turning the darker pink that I knew showed her arousal. Her ass was delectable. Becky came back with the shopping bag.

"Okay, Slut 1, I have a small butt plug to put in you for your first anal insertion. It should not hurt." Becky told her what she was doing and then did it. She lubed up Cindy's ass again, making sure to run her fingers around and in it enough to elicit a moan and then slowly slipped in a small butt plug. It was small, but I wanted Cindy brought along easily. I wanted her ass, but I wanted it forever. I wanted her to get used to it and begin to understand that it didn't have to be painful so that we could have anal sex regularly.

Cindy moaned when it was seated and I told her to lie down on her back. She did. I called Becky over and positioned her over my wife in the classic 69 position, but told her not to pleasure Cindy. Cindy moaned at that. I then kneeled right over my wife's face and proceeded to fuck Becky. I told Cindy to suck on Becky's clit when I pulled out and lined my dick up with Becky's ass. She put her head down on Cindy's thigh and moaned.

"Oh, yes. Fuck that ass, baby!" I already knew she wanted it, but she made sure of it.

I did. I pushed and my head easily popped in. I pulled out until I could just see my head in there and looked down at Cindy. Her eyes were looking up at me as she tried to stay on Becky's pussy. I smiled at her. "This is what it looks like to get butt-fucked."

Becky was impatient. "Okay, then do it!"

I rammed my dick into her ass and she groaned and growled deep in her throat. It was so sexy that I did it again… and again. I would pull out slowly until just my head was in her ass and then pound it into her. She loved it and Cindy pulled away and urged me on. "C'mon, Master, fuck that slut's ass. This bitch loves it up the ass. She loves cum in her ass. Fuck her hard, baby."

Of course, I obliged. I had also been hard for over an hour just thinking about all this and I knew I was going to reach my peak soon. I started just ripping into her ass and Cindy was trying to stimulate her clit when suddenly Becky started twitching the way she does when she is on the edge. Her orgasm hit her hard and she thrashed on top of Cindy and half way thru it her ass was spasming so much it put me over, too. I thrust into her and pumped hard. I kept pulling out just enough to get the friction I needed and then I would thrust and pump more cum into her.

When I had finally sated my dick, I pulled out. I looked down at Cindy. "Clean her up, Slut."

Becky sat up a little and gave Cindy access to her ass and Cindy went to town… much more than I expected. She licked and slurped as Becky pushed the cum out of her ass. Finally, Becky had had enough and she rolled off to the side. Cindy was flushed and panting. I could tell she was in need as well. I looked at the clock. It was only 7:30.

"Slut 1, you only get to cum once tonight. Do you want it before or after dinner?"

Cindy stared at me for a few seconds. "After?" She didn't sound convincing. I just smiled.

"Well, Sluts. I am going to order pizza for tonight. You get to flip for who answers the door and pays the pizza deliverer." That caused the two of them to look at each other, wide-eyed.

I got off the bed and put my robe on. I went downstairs to the den and grabbed the phone, ordering my favorite pizza. I didn't even ask what they wanted on theirs, but I did order two with different toppings. When they came in I asked them. "Okay, who is answering the door?"

"We haven't flipped yet, sir." Cindy answered and looked at her feet. She still had the butt plug in and looked a little flushed. I think that made her more uncomfortable about answering the door. I knew exactly how I was going to orchestrate it, too.

"Well then, I'll flip for you guys." I went over to the dish where we kept some loose change and selected a quarter. "Slut 2, you get to call it." She called heads and I flipped it. It was heads. "Okay, you win. Do you want to answer the door, or do you want Slut 1 to answer? It's your choice."

She looked at both of us for a few seconds. I was surprised that she even had to think about it. Was she considering doing it herself?

She finally answered. "Slut 1." Cindy flinched.

I smiled. "Okay. Here's the deal. You listening, Slut 1?" She nodded. "When the doorbell rings, you will go over and open it wide so that they can see that you are naked. You will take the pizzas and ask how much it is. Slut 2 will be sitting on the couch in the living room, turned toward the door, so that the deliverer can see her body, too. Slut 2, you will have your purse on your lap, acting like you are getting the money out. You will pull out this $30 and hold it up." I showed her the money. "Slut 1, you will go over to her and bend over the arm of the couch so that the deliverer can see your butt plug. You will take the money and give it to them and say keep the change and then close the door. I want you to take your time. Understand?"

They both looked at me. I think Cindy was resigned to this, but Becky was a little surprised by her inclusion. They both nodded, however.

About 25 minutes later the doorbell rang and we all stood up from our places in the den and went into the living room. Cindy approached the door, Becky sat on the couch with her purse, and I stood in the hallway to watch. Cindy looked at me, took a deep breath, and opened the door.

Imagine our surprise when one of the neighbor girls, Jackie, stood there with the pizzas. She was known to us a little thru her parents, but not well. She had just graduated from high school and was obviously working delivering pizzas before she did whatever she was going to do afterwards.

"Uh… Uh… hello Mrs… uh… Johnson." She stammered as she stared at my wife. Then she saw Becky and her eyes went even wider. She saw me standing there and stared at me as well. My wife and Becky actually seemed to relax a little.

"Let me have those." My wife interrupted the staring match by reaching for the pizzas. Jackie handed them over. She still just stood there until Cindy actually asked for the amount. "How much is it?"

Jackie finally regained her composure a little. She grinned. "Uh… 22 dollars."

Cindy walked over to me and winked as she handed me the pizzas. Then she walked over to Becky and did as I had asked. She bent over to get the money from Becky and I'm sure the base of the butt plug was on display. She took the money after Becky pretended to be finding it, then turned and walked over to Jackie. The whole thing was delicious and my dick was getting hard again.

"Here you go. Here's $30. Keep the change." She turned back toward me. "Was that what you wanted, Master?"

It was the first time she had called me that and Jackie looked up at me wide-eyed again. I could see more than just surprise in her eyes, but I wasn't sure what it was. She turned back to Cindy. "Thank you, Mrs. Johnson." Then she grinned and looked around at all three of us. "You guys are cool." Then when she looked directly at my wife she said. "And you are fucking hot, Mrs. Johnson." Then she turned and left.

I looked at Cindy as she turned around and she was blushing terribly, but smiling. "Whew! That went better than I thought."

I grinned at the two of them. "I'm hungry. Let's eat." And so we devoured our pizza.

It was getting close to 9pm now and the two ladies were huddled on either side of me, searching for body heat after being naked for so long.

I finally stood up and told everyone we were going upstairs. The sluts followed. Once in the bedroom I grabbed Cindy and threw her on the bed. I turned her over on her front and told Becky to take the butt plug out of her ass. When she did Cindy moaned and we watched her ass as it closed back up. I turned Cindy over onto her back again and then lay Becky down next to her. My dick was hard again so I climbed up on Becky. I turned and watched Cindy as I did so. She was watching closely as I centered and plunged my dick into Becky's already very wet pussy. I grinned at Cindy.

"Slut 1, you are not allowed to touch your pussy. You can play with your tits and nipples, but no pussy rubbing. You are going to lay there and watch me." I started slowly fucking Becky. "I'm going to fuck Becky while you watch. I want you to imagine that it's your pussy I'm buried in." Cindy leaned back and pulled on her nipples. I started punctuating my words with thrusts into Becky. "I'm sliding my big… hard… dick… deep into… your… soaking… wet… cunt!" Cindy started groaning as much as Becky. Becky was pulling on me, her legs wrapped around my ass, thrusting back as she tried to reach her orgasm. She was quick to orgasm the first time and I was going to ride her to it. "Your… tight… cunt… sucks… my… dick… in… and… makes… me… want… to… cum." Becky was enjoying my words almost as much as Cindy. She suddenly blurted out "I'm cumming!" and started thrashing under me. I rode her until she quieted and looked over at Cindy. Cindy was squirming unbelievably under her ministrations to her own tits. She had her eyes closed. I leaned over and whispered to Becky my next moves.

I turned to Cindy. "Are you ready to be fucked and have your daily orgasm?"

She didn't even open her eyes. "Yes, please, sir, please fuck me so I can cum!"

I smiled at Becky and rose up. I moved into position and Cindy opened her eyes, put her legs around me and tried to get me to fuck her immediately. I kept my dick out of her. "Beg me. Beg me to let Becky put my dick in you and for her to masturbate over your face and cum on you. I want to hear it!"

"Yes, please, Master, fuck me hard and make me cum. Please, I beg you, fuck me hard. Becky, please fuck yourself over my face and cum on me. I love it. I want to taste your cum while Master fucks me."

I was pleased. I was getting the idea that this role playing was exciting Cindy more than ever. Becky crawled behind us and inserted my dick into Cindy's pussy. I pushed it partially in and waited for Becky to stand over Cindy's face. Cindy moaned and tried to push her hips up and get more dick into her. Once Becky was in place I sat back on my haunches and pulled Cindy onto my dick. She moaned. I wanted to watch Becky rub her pussy over Cindy. Becky immediately went to work. I started slowly fucking Cindy and she was moaning, trying to get me to pick up the pace. Becky had both hands on herself, one in front rubbing her clit and one behind her, finger-fucking her own ass. Her pussy lips were big and swollen and she had some juices from her previous orgasm dripping down her legs and some onto Cindy's face. Cindy was mesmerized by that even as she tried to get me to fuck her faster. She stared up at Becky and kept rubbing her own tits.

Becky actually came first. She started bucking and rubbing her clit as fast as she could until she finally collapsed over to the side of the bed. She had sprayed some light juices out over Cindy and Cindy had stared and not flinched in the least. But I was waiting for Cindy to cum and I started fucking her harder. She seemed on the verge for a couple of minutes, but for some reason after waiting so long, she seemed unable to get there. Finally, while pumping her, I reached down and thumbed her clit hard and that was it. She almost screamed as she came and I was going to be close behind her. She jerked around and groaned so much that I thought she might pull a muscle. Finally, she finished and I pulled out to finish all over her. She relaxed and opened her eyes at me. I was leaning over her stomach and the head of my dick looked red and angry. I was jacking it pretty good when I finally came. The first shot hit her square in the face and the distance of each one after that receded with each spurt. Her neck, her tits, then the rest all over her belly, pooling into her belly button. I looked at Becky. "Clean her up." Becky did so, lapping hungrily at my cum like it was a rare treat. Damn! These women were amazing!

It was now approaching 10pm so Becky stood up to leave. I kissed her good night and she said she would leave all the "toys" for tomorrow night. Cindy stared at her when she said that.

I told Cindy to get ready for bed and the two of us did. Once we were in bed I turned to her and used her name. "I love you, Cindy. Any regrets or concerns after the first night?"

She looked at me in the darkness and I could barely make out the smile on her face. "No. None. To tell you the truth, I loved every second of it. I think I like this dom/sub role playing and losing control."

I smiled and thought about it some more. "Anything you particularly want to try or want me to avoid?"

She looked thoughtful for a moment. "No… whatever Master desires."

Wow! She was definitely surprising me. "Okay, my little slutty wife. Things are going to get interesting for the next few days. I hope you are ready."

"Yes, sir. I'm ready."

We went to sleep and visions of sugar-plums were NOT the visions dancing in my head.

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