This is the begining chapter if the idea is liked ill keep going, this is my first story here
I was laying on the carpet of my girlfriend Sara's bedroom upstairs, with my eyes closed listening to the sound of my clothes and hair rub the carpet and Sara's body softly rock back and forth on top of me. Her soft breaths of growing pleasure was music to my ears. We had been going at it dry and fooling around with foreplay for nearly 25 minutes now, her tight baby blue panties had been soaked in the front from her wetness. The friction around my crotch was beginning to make my dick feel like it was going to burst into flame. I made a mental note to not wear this kind of fabric again. I reached up and put my hands on her waist and I looked at her, Her blond hair was down and she was wearing her sports bra. I slid my hands up her waist and smooth stomach up under her bra to her B cups and I gently fondled her nipples. She sucked in her belly and took a deep breath never opening her blue eyes. I smiled to myself as she breathed out in a half moan. Sara had some baby fat to her but it wasn't lumpy or unattractive. Her stomach was perfectly smooth with its slight pudge and her skin was a creamy vanilla with sexy belly button in the middle.
We had been dating for 6 months now, and after a dance at our school 3 months ago we gave each other our virginity. After that it seemed I had created a monster, Sara wanted to have sex seemingly whenever we got time to be alone, but times when we could successfully get alone were few, being that we where both only 16 and Sara had just recently been given an old car by her mom. Even with the odds against us we had managed to do it 17 times in 3 months but who is counting?
Anyway back to the sex I was about to have... Sara started breathing faster as I leaned up and stat, she sat on my lap still working her hips on me, I started sucking and gently biting her neck, her weakness. She opened her eyes and pushed me down to the floor again, and licked the underside of my chin to my lips and whispered “put it inside.” with a serious look in her eyes
With out needing more instruction I slid my cock out the front of my boxers and she moved her panties to the side. She aimed my dick to the opening of herself and slid down onto me with a gasp. She flopped down to my chest and kissed me passionately. I grabbed her hips and lifted myself to impale her more, she lifted off the ground and cried out
“Shit oh my god!... uh.. uh”
As I kept thrusting as I brought my ass back down to the floor she greedily humped me, harder that she had ever done before. “Oh shit, Zach... uh thi.. uh.. this is it.. uh oh shit.”
At this time it would be important to mention that Sara in all the times we had sex, had not yet reached orgasm. She came close, she nocked on the door, the door may have even opened but she never went through the damn thing! I was beginning to feel bad about my skills. Maybe I just wasn't a natural? Maybe I needed to study? So I did what any other person would do in that situation. I watched a shit load of porn. I was determined to see the “o” face on my girlfriend.
It was all going pretty quickly too, the dry humping and foreplay was working and now she was getting close! She stuck her tongue deep into my mouth and grunted with pleasure, my own orgasm was building. She pulled her face away grinding her hips down on me and it felt amazing. It that moment I realized my swimmers where getting ready to go, I had to calm down. I slowed my rocking slightly and began to think of anything that might keep me from blowing up inside of her. I was good at the pull out method but she was on top and getting so close, I couldn't pull out now. I started to wrack my brain.
“Turkey, cold turkey, rocks, McDonald's, old people, houses, spiders, homework I had to do later, summer vacation, going to my dad's house, my step mom, my step mom's shorts, my step mom in a bikini, shit not good, Turtles! Wrinkles, a car, a car door.”
I had bought myself some time even with my train of though trying to betray me, but I swore I heard something else besides our sounds
“Babe did you.. hear a car door?” I asked through breaths
“No.... I.. don't .. care... uhh shit.” Sara had squeezed her eyes shut again and held her mouth open and I grabbed her plump ass and rocked her back and forth.
It was then that I heard the front door open. Sara's mom and by the sound of the soccer cleats Sara's little sister Ali were now home. Panic replaced pleasure on Sara's face as she rolled off me franticly looking for her sweat pants and tee shirt. I quickly reached for my jeans and belt. As silently as I could made a break for the upstairs bathroom.
“Sara?” Ali called. “Sara, are you guys up stairs?” I heard Ali ask as she climbed the stairs in her wet socks.
I made it into the bathroom just in time to flush the toilet and put my pants back on. My dick was still soaked and warm from being inside Sara, and I had to fight back the anger of being so damn close to finally making her cum. I turned on the sink and aimed into it as I quickly gave myself a few strokes to finish so my balls wouldn't explode. I thought about seeing Sara finally cum and scream out my name and in my fantasy I just let go and came inside her. It didn't take more than maybe 12 strokes and that quick thought to release a rather large load down the drain. I could hear Sara's Muttered voice sounding slightly annoyed as her and Ali debated something. All I could make out was Sara saying something about me feeling sick and maybe puking in the bathroom. She was covering for me. Thats why I liked her. She thought of everything. As I looked into the mirror I saw my red face and washed my hands and splashed some cool water on my forehead so I wouldn't look like I had run a marathon but more like I had been sick. I toweled off and listened for more voices outside in the hallway. I heard the faint voice of her mom and the sound of feet going down the stairs. Tracy must have told Ali to leave her sister alone, Ali was only a year younger than Sara, which I think added to their rivalry. I think Ali wanted to catch Sara upstairs with me, it was against the house rules after all.
After waiting a second more I opened the door slowly and peaked out into the hall. Only to see Ali standing in front of me not Sara. She stood in her Grey hoodie and knee-high socks and shin guards, her frekled face and grey blue eyes looking at me sympatheticaly, she had her hand out and I looked down to see some tums in her palm.
“Here.” she said with a smile “heard you were feeling sick.”
Ali was cute and sweet and I had grown to consider her a friend as much as I could. I took the tums from her and and chewed all three, I figured it couldn't hurt. I smiled and said thanks. I started to walk out of the doorway and Ali rubbed my shoulders teasingly.
“Mom got pizza, hope your hungry dude.” She loved calling me that because I had once accidently called her that one time and she wouldn't let it go. She turned to go to her room and I glanced back her direction to catch a look to her butt tightly wrapped in spandex shorts. Bad idea on my part, but I couldn't help but look when I got the chance.

I came down the stairs to see Sara standing in the kitchen pulling her hair into a pony tail, as her mom unstacked two pizza boxes. Sara gave me a uncomfortable look. Tracy then turned to me.
“Hi Zachery.” she said “How are you feeling?”
She liked using my full name to sound more motherly
“Fine, now. Had a bit of a scare thought I might see my lunch again. But I'm okay Ali gave me tums.”
As I said Ali's name Sara rolled her eyes.
“Okay then and just so you know if you feel like throwing up, or doing anything else gross and poop related, its okay to use my bathroom down stairs.” Tracy said with a sly smile.
“Mom gross! Don't say that, we're about to eat.” Sara complained
“Honey I'm just letting him know, you said he didnt want to risk making a mess down in my bathroom, so im just letting him know, that im a mom and iv seen it all. Because we have our rules here, and Zach as much as I am a fan of you I wont hesitate to kill you if I have to.” she said laughing and breaking the tension.
I loved Tracy. She was an awesome mom and someone who could make anyone laugh. Tracy pulled off her coat and handed to me with a sweet “would you be a dear?” look and I couldn't help but comply, I put her coat in the entrance closet, and came back to the kitchen. Tracy went back to her room to change and I helped Sara grab plates.
“nice thinking with the puke thing.” I said
“Its all I could think of.” suddenly looking seriously into my eyes she whispered “i was so, god, damn, close. When I got off you I almost cried in disappointment.”
“Aw, I'm sorry baby.” I said with an overly sad look on my face.
“hows he doing down there?” she said glancing down to my crotch
Sara did not like the idea of me masturbating, for some reason. So according to her I only got off when she saw me get off.
“oh him he's dying right now.” said with a laugh.
The rest of the night was tame, Ali changed into baggy sweats robbing me of another view off her behind, Tracy talked about work as we ate pizza. Sara complained about the rain being nonstop for two days now. And I enjoyed being in the warm company of my girlfriend and her family for a peaceful evening. Compared to my house this was heaven on earth. We settled in and watched some random movie on TV that no one had ever seen before. Tracy sat on her end of the couch wile Sara and I cuddled under a blanket on the other side, and Ali sat on the lazy-boy chair wrapped in a blanket and sweats. She was trying to keep warm after a soaking soccer practice.
The movie was boring so far and after about an hour and a half Tracy resorted to reading and Ali to playing around on her phone. Sara and I watched the movie until she undid my jeans and slithered her hand down my pants, she started to stroke me with slow deliberate motions. I looked at her telling her she was evil with my eyes, but she looked at me with her round face and gave me a devilish smile. The squeezing and pulling had got me rock hard, and my mind kept coming back to earlier tonight, watching Sara ride me and hearing her sounds and feeling her wetness on my and...

“Okay, its about time we shut down the shop.” Tracy suddenly said putting her book down and looking at the clock. “its 10:05 and its still a school night.”
“Okay ill take Zach home then.” Sara said.
“Uh no, not tonight.” Tracy said flatly.
“wait what? Why not?” Sara asked
I reached down and zipped up my pants quietly and realizing my belt was still in the upstairs bathroom. Not good at all, I was going to have to make some excuse to go up there, I looked around the room as Ali watched Sara and her mom debate.
“Honey its late, its raining and you still have to put out the recycling and show me that you made progress on your book report, and since Zach has been here all day I doubt you ever even touched it. So you go take care of the recycle, and do at least a paragraph on your report wile I take Zach home, and then you can show it to me when I get back. Deal?”
Sara slumped in defeat “okay fine.”
I text Sara quickly
“my belt is in the bathroom upstairs! Ur 2 hot, forgot to put it on!”
“okay I'm gonna go grab a coat and my purse and you can say good bye in privet, that is if Ali leaves you alone.” Tracy joked looking at Ali.
Sara got up and walked to the kitchen to put away her glass as Tracy went back to her room. I made sure my pants were on and got up and walked over to Ali as she was still playing on her phone.
“See ya later dude.” I said with a smile.
Ali looked up from her phone
“yeah see you at school.” with a slightly confused tone.
Noting her lack of any joke or humor in her response was odd, but I just chalked it up to her being distracted by her friends drama she always seemed to be texting about. I went to the front closet and grabbed my hoodie, as Sara followed me to the entrance. She had been looking at her phone and put it into her pocket as she hugged me sweetly.
“Sorry I couldn't take you home.” then as she pulled tighter and pressed her tits and crotch to me slowly rubbing against my body “i could have blown you off maybe.” she whispered with a wink.
She had only sucked my dick once and she didn't enjoy the experience much, I think the cum came out to fast and made her gag. The fact that she teased this was proof of how horny she was tonight. Fuck the rain, and it being a school night.
She kissed my lips passionately and then gave me a wet smooch on the cheek. She stepped away as Tracy came around the corner and asked if I was ready to go.
“yep I am. Bye Ali!” I yelled back to her.
Tracy and I went out to her car and she drove me home with little to no awkwardness. Tracy was a very sweet woman, I have no idea why she was divorced, she was pretty for sure but her personality was what really sealed the deal. We came up to my house and I reached for the door.
“Hey Zach?”
“Have a good night, it's been good having you at the house more and I'm thankful I can hold an inelegant conversation with you.” Tracy said.
“Thanks, I appreciate you letting me come over so often.” I replied
“I know your mom pretty well and I know that you have some trouble with her, so all I'm saying is that your welcome to come to our house when ever you need to. Okay?” Tracy gave me a concerned look. My pocket vibrated from a text message and it seemed to distract from the serious nature of the conversation.
“Yeah thanks, that means a lot.” I said as I exited the vehicle.
Tracy knew my mom, the use to work together, it was at a company picnic that I was interdicted to Sara and Ali, Funny part of the story was that I originally had a small crush on both sisters, but Ali was dating someone and at school I had two classes with Sara, so I grew to really like Sara. Tracy though was not part of my mom's fan club anymore. After a work dispute My mom ended up getting fired and exposed the world to the drinking problem I already new about. Tracy understood what it was like to be around my mom, she tried to keep their friendship alive but it failed. Now I think she felt guilty about all of it. It wasn't a big deal though, I could handle my mom. It just wasn't always fun. I reached the front door and opened it. I turned to wave to Tracy so she knew I could get in and she began to drive off. Before I could enter the house my phone went off, I got another text. Sara must have been getting impatient. I looked down at my phone and saw two new messages, one from Sara, telling me to let her know when I was home, and one from Ali. I clicked her message and my heart dropped a little.
“Got your belt, hid it in my room dude ;)”
Confused I looked at the history, Sara is “A Sara” in my phone so she is at the top of my contacts, Ali is the next name down, and there it was in my rush I had text Ali.
Son of a bitch.

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