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Persuasion: the epic of a regular teen

Clay wasn’t normal on any standard. He was growing up in a two-bedroom apartment with four siblings, his parents both working full time to provide for them. Well for his siblings. Clay was the only one with a job, a well paying job. He had a car, and even paid to rent the apartment next to his family. His parents resented him for it, but in truth he thought they were proud of him. He was well off, making around a hundred dollars every day he worked, and his car he had found and had fixed up in a friend’s shop. He was set for the three years of high school he had left. He was certainly happy.
But even those weren’t the reasons Clay wasn’t normal. In every physical way, Clay seemed as a gray dot in the black and white color scheme. He was 6’, flat brown hair that stopped just above his ears and a face that had no sharp features but none to feminine. He had no fat, was skinny and somewhat athletic. He could certainly play football or soccer with the big boys, he just didn’t. What made him different was his mind. He noticed things others couldn’t, was able to present information in a way people couldn’t argue with. His job as a personal assistant was mainly to help a local businessman with negotiations, and the businessman was very generous with the money made during the negotiations.
Tuesday morning Clay woke up in his one bedroom, one room apartment wit a smile on his face. He had a day off today, the first one in months. Even with school, he would have a good day. And he knew just who could make sure.

After picking up his high school siblings, making the drive to high school and making sure he got his freshman sister (who had bully troubles) to her class, Clay sat down in his first classroom. He wasn’t as vibrant as usual, due to his little sister almost crying when she had to come to school today. He would have to fix that eventually today. He watched as the teacher, Ms. Zane, moving around her desk straightening, typing, searching. Out of every teacher she was the only one who really got his attention. Every time he saw her his cock twitched a bit. Then Roxanne sat down next to him.
Roxanne was by far the hottest girl in Clay’s grade, always wearing a dress or jeans and a t-shirt. No matter what she wore, her… advantages were most certainly accented. Her was fiery red, with blonde streaks that made her head appear to have flames actually dancing around her head, almost that of a halo affect. Her face was easily that of a super model, angelic features and a cute button nose. Her clothing of the day, a pair of well-worn blue jeans and a some-what tight green T-shirt, CERTAINLY accented her assets. Her bra was easily visible, with small bumps where her nipples poked through for those who noticed. And every guy in school noticed Roxanne. Her jeans were almost even tighter, her long athletic legs lithe and sexy under the denim. Her backpack was over one shoulder, pulling her shirt down on that side enough to see a strap passing over her shoulder. Her bra had to be at least a 36C, not huge but definitely the bounciest in the school.
“Hey Clay, I saw you walking your sister to her class, this morning, is everything all right there?” Roxanne was, besides the hottest girl in his grade, a good friend of Clay’s, his logical outlook helping her on several occasions. Sometimes though she had slapped him just to show him what too logical was.
“Yeah, Gracie is fine, she just has a slight problem with a bully is all. Ill sort it out later.” He smiled at her broadly, knowing that looking at her rack would make sure she didn’t speak to him all day. She did NOT appreciate her friends courting her. Her suitors were all jocks that she didn’t know that well and, in most occasions, could wrap around her finger.
“Oh, you really are the only nerd in school who could fix it.” She rolled her eyes at his carefree attitude. Then she stopped and widened her eyes, turning back slowly. “ I’m SO sorry, Clay, I don’t know how that slipped out! I… I didn’t mean it!!” She started choking on her words, her hands showing palms and her head shaking rapidly. Clay instantly lost his carefree attitude. He did not take that shit from his friends.
“ Well, you know I might just call up someone who could handle it better, maybe Tommy? Cause he handled what happened with HIS little brother’s bully situation pretty well.” Clay knew he had her there. Her current boyfriend had become infamous for helping a bully beat the crap out of his sophomore brother. No one had said anything, but Clay had driven the kid to his place and helped with one of the worse cuts. That part no one knew. “But maybe it would be worse, I mean she is a fish and a girl… he might do something drastic…”
Roxanne just stared at him. He had thrown in the last comment as a backstabber, referring to an incident between her and Tommy, involving lots of alcohol and Roxanne’s attempt at driving him home. She had been quite shaken up, even calling him for consolation (not his best quality). He had certainly injured their friendship, but Clay knew he could fix it. She would be coming back to him soon to apologize, he was certain of it. She had always come to him in her moments of greatest need. Roxanne sat down without a word; her wide-eyed stare showing just how bad Clay had hit her.
Ms. Zane walked up to the front of the class, looking at her slim, single banded gold watch, it’s tiny face the first thing she checked before starting class. Finally she began the class, exactly three and a half minutes before the bell.

When lunch finally rolled around, Clay walked out of his class and towards the freshman halls. After a brief conversation with Ramon Aventos, the hall guard, he walked into the upperclassman-restricted area as though he owned it. He had learned when he was young that a walk was enough to get people’s attention. When he approached the restroom chamber he encountered what he thought he would. Gracie was standing, her back pressing up against the water fountain and making it continue to spray its stream of water into the drain. The three boys in front of her were obviously intimidating her, the large, heavyset girl in the background explaining why she couldn’t retreat into the bathroom. Clay speeded up his walk and caught the leader’s arm before the fish could grab his little sister.
“Whoa, you don’t wanna do that buddy. Trust me.” Clay wasn’t taller than the kid, maybe by a half an inch, but he held an important weapon. Prestige. His messenger bag had his car keys dangling from a seemingly complicated locking mechanism. He had a sophomore pass attached to his blue t-shirt, and on top of it all, ha had intervened on his own in territory that wasn’t his own. Yes he had both prestige and guts for someone shorter than a fish.
“ Who the fuck are you, prick?” Daniel Peters, according to his nametag, looked quickly down at Clay’s badge, his eyes widening in shock. No class above freshman was allowed in the freshman halls. It was almost unprecedented, unless the outcome was hazing. A quick glance around confirmed that Clay was alone and the boy’s smirk returned. He stepped closer, pushing Clay back towards the door, thankfully away from Gracie. Clay cleared his throat.
“Well, I’m the guy who can get you in some serious trouble, or I’m some kid who is good friends with the hall guard and who can be good friends with you as well, you can pick which one you like. Me, I like the first one, personally.” At the statement the bullies all snickered, all except the leader, Daniel. He looked scared for a moment. “ I mean, I just heard about some kids who were threatening a helpless girl with some pretty nasty things. And, you know, those cameras aren’t audio enabled.” The last bit he whispered just loud enough for them to hear, the sarcasm dripping form his words like gravy. Now they were definitely wondering what he had over them.
“ With just me here to see if my sister is alright, I just might have overheard some things that sounded pretty obscene. And she would agree I bet. But you guys were the ones bullying her, so would you testify against your own group…? No I thought not. So I would walk away, and stay away from her. Got it?” Daniel narrowed his eyes, the threat received loud and clear. He walked away, the group following him and glancing back towards him very once in a while. Then his sister tackled Clay, knocking the wind from him. He walked her to the freshman lunch area, waving to a few teachers and hugging Gracie before returning to his own area of the school. By two it was all over school that he had broken the rules to keep his sister safe. He was instantly famous.
Fourth class of the day, a note was on his desk when he reached it. Opening it, he found a very… passionate note telling him of a crush that a shy girl had on him. Fifth he got several high fives for being the hero, and several glances from cheerleaders. Then school was out and all hell broke loose. Heading out into the halls the crowd converged on him, the shy girl trying to get his attention and finally walking towards the bus stop, the crowd almost impenetrable. He noticed her trying, the crowd keeping him from saying anything, and he noticed her go and sit down away from the other kids waiting for busses. He dispersed the crowd and went over to sit next to her. Her name was Vale, Vale Shepherd. She had always been shy, not really standing in the crowd and thus standing out. On several occasions he had stopped rumors from circulating about her, attempting to keep his attempts under the radar. She was very attractive, black hair that ran down to the middle of her back, blue eyes that sparkled like water in the day light. She wasn’t physically unattractive either, 34 B breasts and very long, sexy legs that she used for dancing. He had seen her in one of his sister’s recitals, and forever had he changed his opinion of her. She truly was a goddess, sexy, beautiful, and flexible. She was shy as well, but they had talked some and she was extremely nice to everyone.
Clay sat down next to her, her eyes coming up to meet his and then retreating to her lap. He didn’t want to say anything, but he wanted to show her how he felt about her. He decided on the romantic approach. He slowly slid closer to her, waiting until her eyes came up to meet his again. Then he reached up his hand and caressed her cheek, leaning in and kissing her lightly on the lips, leaving his tongue out and just pressing his lips to hers, breathing into her and feeling her breathe into him. He pulled away after a few seconds, smiling at her. She opened her eyes and smiled back. She looked down and giggled, her smile one of embarrassment, but the happy kind. She looked at him again, leaning in and kissing him again. Their lips pressed together, breath becoming ragged and passion increasing. Finally they broke again, the world coming back into focus around them.
“So I guess you got my note?” her voice was certainly sweet, toned and pitched for singing. Her smile seemed to brighten the day, the thin line of teeth sowing through truly sowing her excitement. Clay chuckled.
“Yeah, and I felt like an idiot when I read it.” At that her teeth fell back behind her lips, her face falling in sadness. “ I should’ve asked you out a long time ago after all. I’ve had a crush on you since seventh grade and my sister’s dance recital. You were so beautiful, I just couldn’t get you out of my head.” Her smile gradually returned as he talked, the last sentence making her grab him and kiss him again, tenderly. After a moment they stopped and looked at each other, smiling.
“Do you need a ride home? My little siblings ride the bus and my brother gets a ride from his girlfriend, so if you wanted I could…” She placed a finger on his lips and stopped him, her shy smile returning at the prospect of being alone in the car with him.

After a short drive, they arrived at Vale’s home, the two of them getting out and walking up the front steps. There they kissed again, Vale pushing more into him for some reason. Finally she separated and went to the front door, upset at something. Clay started to ask before she spoke, keeping her back to him.
“If you’ve had a crush on me why cant you actually kiss me? Its like we’re kids. Why cant you kiss me like I’m a woman?!” The prospect of being treated as though he were young made Clay feel the same way, finally making him understand the last kiss. He didn’t say a word.
He walked up behind her and turned her head with his has, making her face him. He looked at her liquid eyes for a moment before pressing his lips to hers again. After a moment of tenderness he began to increase his passion, passing his hand over her body. He could feel her moan into his mouth, her response to his touch more than accepting. He lightly cupped her breast before passing his hand down her stomach towards her crotch. She began to become more passionate herself, pushing her hips out to his hand as he pushed it between her jeans and her panties. She groaned into his kiss again, his hand obviously making her hot. Clay pushed his tongue against her lips, feeling her open her mouth wider and push her tongue into his. They began to dance their tongues together; Clay’s hand rubbing her now soaked panties without reserve, almost shoving his fingers in her pussy through the material.
Finally they pulled away, Clay pushing against the fabric once more before extricating his hand from her jeans. She looked at him with pure lust, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him back into the kiss. They made out together for the length of minutes, before she broke away, pulling his hand along with her into her home. Clay had a very good feeling now. Vale checked to see if anyone was home, looking around corners before pulling Clay along to her bedroom and locking the door. She pulled him to the bed, and back into the passionate kiss, Vale grinding her pelvis into his tented shorts and breathing raggedly. He knew she wanted him, and he certainly wanted her. He wasted no more time with kissing. He grabbed the base of her top and began to pull it up over her head. She lifted her arms to make it easier for him, pulling his off with frantic energy. They returned to the kiss, her energy getting increasingly more furious. He matched her, understanding only because he was about to have sex for the first time.
His hands were pulling her waist into him, sliding up to unhook her bra and pulling away momentarily before he brought her back to him. The kiss was now frantic, the two writhing against each other’s bodies. They undressed each other like animals, finally falling onto Vale’s twin bed, Vale on top of him as they pulled each other closer and closer. Finally Clay rolled her over, looking into her eyes with the inevitable question. She looked back into his, pulling his down to her breasts and keeping the pressure on his neck as though she was pulling him into her chest. He lightly kissed her breast, running his lips around her light brown nipple and finally coming to the little hardened nub. He wrapped his lips around the point, lightly grazing his tongue over her nipple and making her tremble.
She moaned at his mouth on her breast, shivering with excitement as he shifted lowed, inhaling over her bellybutton and kissing her naval to make her groan in anticipation. Finally he reached her nether lips, breathing lightly onto the flush, red lips that were concealing the entrance to his lover’s cunt. He stuck out his tongue and grazed the lips, eliciting a moan from Vale. He pressed his full mouth to her pussy, licking her from bottom to p top and just touching her clit, causing her to arch her back and cry out in ecstasy.
Clay licked her clit lightly, sending her into heaven and bringing her back. He lowered and sent his tongue into her hot, wet tunnel, making Vale writhe in ecstasy. Finally she screamed, her orgasm forcing its way from her gut and raising her hips into the air, Clay taking what came from her honey pot with gusto. Finally, after minutes of cum and gasping breaths, Vale lowered her hips and looked up. He returned to her embrace, his lips pressing against hers and kissing her with tenderness. She looked at him with a smile, her shyness forgotten.
“ I want to do this. I want you to fuck me!” Her words almost made Clay cum then and there, his eight inches of cock jumping at her seductive, tired voice. He kissed her again, before climbing off the bed and walking towards the end. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards him, hearing her squeal and chuckle at his wrapping her legs around him. He positioned his length at her entrance, looking at her again to check. She smiled, giving him her answer.
He pushed, feeling her heat wrap around him. He gasped at the same time as she did, her tightness gripping his cock like a noose. She moaned at the new object, finally filling that hole that every woman had in her. He went forward slowly, reaching her hymen and going through without any problem. He felt it break and looked at her, her closed eyes and moaning lips telling him she hadn’t felt it. He kept going, finally bottoming out against her groin. He stopped and took a breath, knowing for certain neither he nor this beautiful woman was a virgin. He pulled out and pushed back in, making her gasp in pleasure. Soon he was going at full speed, pushing his cock into her one second and pulling out another. Vale was obviously enjoying him, her body limp with pleasure. She came again with his cock in her cunt, forcing Clay to stop as her pussy pulled him into her, her cries of enjoyment arousing him even more than he thought they could. Once her orgasm subsided, Vale lifted herself up, wrapping her arms around his neck and looking into his eyes as he fucked her. By now he was pounding her, his balls slapping against her every time he was fully inside of her. She began to pant, her pleasure reaching heights it had never reached before as her lover fucked her with all his might. Finally he groaned, his balls burning as he came and sent his cum deep into Vale’s womb. She gasped at the feel of his cum squirting into her virgin cunt, her orgasm returning instantly and sending her into throws of pleasure as it tore out of her cunt and through her body.
The two gasped and held still as they came into each other, the passion increasing at the prospect of more. Vale came off her orgasm still wrapped around Clay’s neck, deciding it was time to put her dance lessons to good use. With her cunt still impaled on and flooded by Clay’s cock, she unwrapped her legs from his waist and wrapped her feet around his neck, keeping her hands clasped tightly behind his head as well. The result being that Vale was dangling totally from her lover’s neck like a very sexy, very erotic necklace. Clay didn’t move during her shift, the movements of her cunt around his cock sending him to heaven. Now he was extremely glad she was flexible, the position allowing him to kiss her and pound fully into the super model hanging from his neck. He knew he was still hard despite cumming, and he planned to fuck this sexy goddess until she was either pregnant with his child or dripping his cum out of her cunt.
He leaned down, Vale not objecting to his kiss and the stretch of being totally balled up with a long piece of meat in her pussy making the whole experience very erotic. Clay pumped his cock into her pussy, feeling the cum squelch out of his lover and smiling into her kiss, her moans and cries at his fucking making him fuck her even harder. He moved his hands to her tits, massaging them gently with out squeezing them. The soft flesh in his hands and the hot, wet cunt his cock was buried in made Clay wish he had kissed Vale sooner. With all of her sexual body parts occupied by Clay’s extremities, Vale temporarily passed out, her cries and her kiss continued by her sexual need for this male to impregnate her.
Clay had regained his energy, slamming his cock in and out of his partner and relishing the feeling. He felt her cum twice more on his cock, though for some reason they were smaller than the first two. When he came for the second time, he found out why. The familiar sensations told him he was cumming, and he gave a yell before he rammed his cock into Vale’s cunt with all the force he could muster, feeling his head hit her cervix for the first time. Then he felt his cum fly out into her womb, his orgasm making hi body tingle all over. Then Vale screamed.
When she felt Clay cum in her cunt for the second time that day, Vale felt an orgasm larger than anything she had felt before rip out of his womb through her chest and limbs. She let out a scream she had been holding in the whole fuck, her body arching and writhing around his cock as he filled her with his seed. When he was through cumming Clay collapsed on top of her, her orgasm continuing and her legs falling away from his neck. He fell asleep with his head pillowed on her breasts and his cock wrapped in her hot, cum filled pussy, happier than he had ever felt.

NOTE: hey guys, tried to fix the indentation, and looking at it as i publish it I'm hoping that it is fixed. not trying to disappoint, i never intended any incest but the comments of Divine Justice made me give it up. just telling all readers who i hope will continue to read, THERE WILL NOT BE ANY INCEST. i apologize if that kills it, but i promise there will be a LOT of sex. and not just with Vale.
hope you enjoy, this is my first non super-natural story. enjoy!
- StoryFox


2018-04-26 05:39:14
Omg thank you so much for not including incest. There is a serious problem with some people on this site being way too into it. It's just such a turn off. Can be do hard tu find good stories without in but you're certainly one of them.


2018-04-26 05:38:52
Omg thank you so much for not including incest. There is a serious problem with some people on this site being way too into it. It's just such a turn off. Can be do hard tu find good stories without in but you're certainly one of them.


2018-04-26 05:37:03
Omg thank you so much for not including incest. There is a serious problem with some people on this site being way too into it. It's just such a turn off. Can be do hard tu find good stories without in but you're certainly one of them.

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