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I wont tease you...I teased him from my window...and look what he did.
I’m not going to tease you, baby.
I could chub this up with my fear, paranoia and the habit of constantly peaking over my shoulder all clusterfucked into a week before what happened. But you don’t want to hear about that…unless my fear is what is going to get that hand of yours down your pants. Yet, if you really don’t want to hear all that…skip down to paragraph three. I won’t be angry, I promise.

Like I said, it started last week. I’ve been alone in my house since my parents went on vacation. That’s when all the weird shit started. I’d open my window and see the same hoodied guy staring, watching me every night. When I first noticed him I was disgusted, ‘How many times have I gotten undressed with the window open’, I wondered, feeling violated. Nights went by as he continued to watch me. I was never quite sure when or where he came from. Just, every time I opened my window at night-there he was, standing. I couldn’t see his face but I knew he was looking at me and that was enough to make me take a step back. But one night was different; I had just gotten out of the shower and found him, once again standing in front of my window. Instead of calling the police (which I was originally going to do) I kind of suddenly felt bad for the guy. Poor thing had nothing better to do then try to sneak a peek at me. So, I pretended to not notice him as I rubbed lotion on my naked skin-still wet from the shower. I guess I was hoping that the sight of my oily tits being squeezed would brighten his day, maybe make him feel lucky enough to go ask a girl out instead of peeking at me. When I looked back out the window, he was gone. And he didn’t come back. However, as if in his place, I would feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I felt a dangerous aura in the air-and it didn’t matter where I went, at the store, mall, outside, during the day and mostly at night. It was like someone was constantly watching me. Yesterday night was the worse…

The feeling of “I’m not alone” in the room was overwhelming me. As I sat on the couch I found myself constantly checking over my shoulder. For what, I didn’t know. I had an impulsive desire to get out of the house. It was 9:46PM but like I could give a shit. So I went for a walk to the park across the street. The lights spread out a rotten yellow glow against the swings. I sat at the bottom of the plastic slide, leaning back with my spine rubbing against the tube. Suddenly, I heard the rusted squeak of the swing behind me! I whipped my head so fast around, but no one was there. When I turned back around I found the hoodied man standing under the streetlight. Filled with fear, I instinctively stood up. ‘I couldn’t run back home, what if he followed?’ I thought, contemplating what to do. I opted on walking the opposite way to see if he’d follow. He did. I broke out into a panic-running as fast as I could! I could hear his footsteps trailing right behind me! I was too afraid to bother with screaming-all I wanted was distance between Hoody and myself!

I lost him by racing into the woods behind the park. I had crossed the train tracks and hid in the brush within the woods behind. I waited a long ass time…and I guessed that it was just that douchebags way of freaking me out. So I got up and dusted off my shorts. I got to the edge of the woods and was crossing those old train tracks to get back to my house. That’s when I felt the paranoia come back…I never even noticed it was gone. The hairs on my neck stood up as the warmth of someone’s breath hit my skin! I didn’t bother turning around, I just ran-but he grabbed my ankle and I fell! My face scraped against the tracks as he clutched at my shorts-fighting them down my legs! I was screaming something like “Please stop! Don’t do this! Someone help!” but he never said a word. Hoody just dragged me down the side of the tracks-back into the woods. I tried to run but he put his weight on me and we fell down. I could feel him thrusting against my bare ass, his hands held mine down. His hand was big enough to gather both of mine up and hold them behind my back as he fumbled with his zipper. I guess I was struggling a lot because he mashed my face into the dirt. I could taste the damp earth and something tangy. Now that I think of it, it was probably my blood. Maybe a stick cut me or I bit my lip. I was so focused on the stinging pain on my cheek-that I was shocked to feel my legs being spread apart. The cool air nipped at me and I almost missed it when I felt the warmth of his skin pushing into me. Maybe I screamed or my pussy clamped down against him because I heard him groan. He rammed into me so hard-I clutched a handful of leaves. He pumped in-just pushing in deeper and deeper. I felt his head bumping into me-pressing some unknown button that turned my body against me. My eyes rolled back as the man dug his fingers into my hips-making me wet against my will. I know I was moaning, I couldn’t handle the way it felt, I couldn’t stand the way my body liked it. I tried to crawl away but he gripped me tighter and shoved himself into me faster. The sloppy wet sounds of my pussy juices sloshing back and forth made my face heat up in shame…but it turned him on. Yeah, it must have because he grunted and dug his chin in my neck as he made a new pattern. Push, push, slap! He’d ram into me hard and fast! My whole body thrusted forward when he did and I could feel the tab of his zipper jab my ass. He picked me up from my waist so I was on my knees. He must’ve been ready to cum because he slide his cock into me hard-I could hear the clap of his hips ramming against my ass. Hoody inched closer to me-as if there wasn’t enough of himself crammed into my pussy. His fingers found a tangle of my hair and his tongue snaked into my ear. He nipped and sucked, I cried out because it felt fucking good…! I was going to cum-and he was going to feel it. I didn’t want to-mentally I didn’t. I convinced myself he was forcing me to-that it wasn’t my fault. That fucking stranger just jiggled me against his cock-his raspy breath in my ear! I scream, yelped, cried, whimpered but it didn’t matter. My pussy clamped around his cock over and over! He came right after me-frantically digging his cock into me before burying it in me. I tried to crawl away-get it out so he wouldn’t cum inside me. But he held me there-his cum pouring out of my pussy. When he was done he gave me one last ram in-making cum squirt out. I felt his hand rub my back as if he was saying, “That’s my slut, good girl”. His cock slopped out of me, cum poured out. I don’t know when he left but when I finally got up, he was gone.

I just walked home…

I saw him again the next night,,,but you wouldn't want to hear about that...would you?

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2014-04-22 01:46:11
Please learn how to properly divide your stories up into paragraphs please.

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2014-02-26 04:43:25
Yes I want to hear about it ! !

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2014-02-26 04:42:17
That was extremely Hot

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2013-07-04 22:53:06
What is this fan fuc?

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2013-03-11 22:04:37
I. Agree with most of the comments what is this a fanfiction of and why is it make me think of slenderman unless it is slenderman and in whitchcase i feel stupic but otherwise a ok story


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