Beth discovers that she likes sex with girls, too.
It was late in the afternoon, and everyone had gone home as today had been a half day at school. But I was still there in the locker room taking a shower. The five of us, our small theater group, just finished with our final run-through before we were to give the first performance tonight. It was for a drama class, we wrote, directed, and performed 10 minute skits. This show was like the "best of" the semester. As I was the only girl in the my particular group, I went off to the girls locker room by myself, having to wash off all the body paint we were using as part of our costumes.

Having the place to myself was kind of nice, as it meant that I didn't have to contend with all the inane comments from the cheerleaders, mostly about how theater "queens" are all "rug munchers", "queens of drag", "fag hags", or when they wanted to be sophisticated, they'd shout out together in unison, "lesbian". As a certified introvert, at least at that time, I generally kept my mouth shut. I won't deny that I have fooled around with a couple of my girl friends on occasion, but it was mostly just groping with our clothes still on while pretending the other was some guy we were interested in. I hardly think that makes me a lesbian. I do have a boyfriend, if that settles it.

I was kind of feeling a sort of high, this being the final rehearsal. It was true we were all geared up for the performance. It had me feeling frisky when I cleaned between my legs, the feeling washing over as a lapping tide might play on me. I'm sure that being here by myself was contributing to my ready, randy attitude. I began to rub a little in places that some good girls would never touch in private, let alone in such a public place as the girls locker room at our local high school. Obviously, not one of those girls, my hand was in the game.

As no one was here, I started thinking how much fun it might be to put on a show for those bimbo-headed cheerleaders with bleach-blond brains up their ass, and just enough in their heads to get them through the day, or to memorize their latest cheer. Most of the cheerleaders in our town went on to be mothers of cheerleaders, a proud legacy in out town, three generations dating back to the end of WWII.

A finger now slipping and sliding into my box, with all the taboo I was indulging in, I was starting to get off. The intense feeling was building fast. Facing the wall, I leaned against it on my elbow, and just came. I smiled to myself, knees shaking, thinking how the cheerleaders missed something hot.

Stepping under the streams of water, rinse myself off one last time. Turning the water off, and grabbing my towel, throwing it over my head to dry my hair. I blindly turn towards the lockers and start walking out. Finishing with my hair, the towel is no longer obstructing my view.

The first thing I see is Wendy, a senior and the head cheerleader. I am in shock wondering how much she saw, but given that she was squeezing her tit with her right hand, and rubbing her pussy with the other, I assume she saw something. I was stunned into a motionless state, a living statue. I couldn't believe that she was looking directly at me, playing with herself, and not showing a sign of embarrassment. I was feeling guilty, as I was actually enjoying her show. I think I might have even smiled a little when I looked at her.

I tried to shake off how I was feeling, and just get dressed and go home. But as I was trying to get past Wendy, she moved to block me, massaging both of her tits now, palms flat against them, rubbing in circles. She's about 3 inches taller than I am. Again, as I try to move to the other side, she moves with me.

Our eyes seemed they were locked in some sort of battle, a test of wills. She was not letting up her assault on her tits, lifting them as if to give me a better view. She was more gifted, as my dad would say, than the other cheerleaders.

After a few minutes, she dropped one hand down, pointing a couple fingers to her zipper, and tapping. "Please!", she whispered. I wasn't sure if she meant it as a request or a command. I stood there motionless for I don't know how long when she put her hand on my shoulder. Simultaneously pushing down, and pulling me closer.

Without thinking, I dropped my towel, and slowly started kneeling on it. She stepped closer to me, her hand now on the back of my head. I like the feel of it there. Our eyes still gazing at each other. She was now holding my mouth gently to her cunt, still clothed in her cut-off blue jean shorts. "Oh my gawd, this is amazing.", she says low and slow.

I was dumbfounded to think I was here in the locker room, my face buried in a cheerleader. Not just any cheerleader, this was Wendy, the head cheerleader. And she was now rubbing her hidden cunt, grinding slowly on my face. I hadn't noticed, but I realized I was now playing with my tits, pulling on my nipples. My tits were probably two thirds the size of Wendy's. I can sometimes make myself cum just from squeezing and pulling on them.

Wendy stopped for a moment, long enough to unzip her pants and pull them off with her panties in one swift movement, returning her now naked nookie to my lips. Tasting a woman for the first time, I wasn't quite prepared for just how intense her flavor was, but the more I tasted her, the more I liked it, wanted it.

I had my right hands on her ass up between her legs, my index finger pushing between her ass cheeks and brushing up against her anus, my palm pulling her into me. My other hand found her breast, with her hand on top. Her legs were beginning to shake a little, and her hips were pushing into my face. I was without a doubt getting turned on. Real turned on. With no warning, she gasped for breath, clutching the back of my head, and let out a low growl as she came on me. I was not prepared for it when she started to squirt in my mouth, not a lot, but the force of it. She was becoming lost in her moment, grinding her cunt into my underclassmen drama "queen" face.

She was still standing motionless holding my head, and stepped back. I looked up at her to see her smiling at me. She picked up her pants, pulled out her phone and handed it to me. I stood up, holding my towel close to my chest. She slipped back into her shorts, I looked at her phone wondering what I was supposed to do with it. She had finished putting her clothes back in order, and looked at me. "Give me your number, Beth.", in a cheerful tone. I was shocked to think that she knew my name, she was two grades ahead of me, so I had assumed I was invisible to her. But here I was, fumbling around with her phone, trying to remember my number.

I handed her the phone back, she pulled my naked body close to her, and she kissed me. She's an excellent kisser, using just a touch of tongue to tantalize my tender mouth. I can see why she had rumors flying around about her abilities with it.

She broke off the kiss, smiled at me, "Thanks for the show, you are hot. And thanks for the party favor, too.", patting her pussy. "I'll call you...", then turned and left me standing there naked. Not sure what really happened, I tried to put it out of my head... all I could think was "Wendy has my number... Wendy B has my phone number... Wendy Brooks has my freaking phone number...", but that was replaced with "...but she'll never call me. why would Wendy ever call? ...please, god, make her call me." Was I thinking this way because I thought I made it onto some "cool" list? Licking the head cheerleader's cunt may put you on some special list, but that doesn't mean she'll invite you to her next party.

I finally got dressed and out of there. My bike was on the other side of campus, so I had a bit of a hike to go. I grabbed my sandwich, or what was left of it, and ate it while I walked.

"Incoming text from 555-465-3771.", my phone said. Because it spoke a number, that meant they were not in my phone list. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and opened the text.

"b, didnt mean 2 scare u, lost head when saw u. ur hot. cool if u dont want 2 hear from my dumass. kotl, w"

This just stunned me. I really wasn't sure how I felt about what just happened. I don't feel like I was raped or anything, so if that is what she meant by the 'scare' part, then confused would be a better word for how I feel. "I'm not a lesbian, but she had me turned on and I liked it, so maybe I might be lesbian, but I have a boyfriend, we may not have gotten to third base yet, but I can't be a lesbian, hell I was just on third base with Wendy, but I was running the bases backwards...", went the endless loop of mind games I was playing on myself.

I just didn't know what to say, now more thoughts were coming to my endless loop, "she's messing with your head, and at some point she will find a way to humiliate you with this." I just couldn't make any sense of this, but I was also thinking how I want to try this again. I was fantasizing on being watched after all, just didn't know anyone was actually there to watch me.

I slowly started to compose a short text.

"w, not scared, confused. plz no games. b"

Reading it several times before hitting send, just what do you say to the girl you just let cum on your face. "Thanks for raping me, stop by sometime, let's do it again."

I sat down on a bench to finish my sandwich. My thoughts should've been on tonight, but what happened with Wendy was forcing itself into my mind. "Incoming text from Wendy Brooks", my phone signaled. My heart leapt a bit hearing the synthetic voice say Wendy's name, as she was now in my phone list.

"b, yes, confused 2. no games, what 2 do 2 prove that? kotl, w"

What could she possibly do to prove that she wasn't playing a game? I'm still wondering if what we shared was real and actually happened. Was she somehow expecting a repeat performance? It's not everyday when you have random sex with anyone, let alone someone so far removed from your circle of friends, that any memories are surreal at best. It was not supposed to happen, not because it was wrong, but because the people involved had no reason for coming together in the first place.

Still, what could she do to prove this wasn't some game she is playing. She couldn't possibly have premeditated this. Trying to get my thoughts back on the performance tonight, I figured that if she wasn't playing games, then she might come to the performance.

"w, show 2nite @ skool. plz come. b"

It wasn't long for a reply.

"b, busy 2nite, 2morrow? good luck with show. look 4ward 2 cu. kotl w"


I got to my bike, still feeling a little surreal, thinking about Wendy, what we did, just not thinking straight. I got home as fast as I could, as I had a few things to do before having to be back at school at 6.

Got to the school and the first person I saw was Terry, my boyfriend. My mind immediately thought of Wendy and what happened. I was feeling guilty for having "cheated" on Terry, but hey, it was something that just happened, and there isn't any commitment here. We walked up to each other and kissed. It was a nice quick passionate kiss. "For good luck!", he says.

"Thanks, I do have butterflies right now, and I am wondering if I will forget my lines. You musicians are so lucky in that you get a sheet of music to put in front of you while you perform." Terry plays saxophone in the school band. He's first chair. He's kind of a romantic at heart, as there have been nights when he would serenade me, playing just below my bedroom window. Good thing it was still early, or my dad would have given him a good talking to.

I was feeling a little in a hurry as the make up takes a while to put on, and the show starts at 7:30. "So, Terry, meet me after the show? You want to get some dinner or something? The show should be over by 9:30, so that will give us a little time to spend together."

"Wouldn't miss it for the world.", he smiled at me and kissed me again, pulling me very close to him. "Good luck with the show, or am I supposed to say break a leg?" I smile at him as I leave to go prep for the show.

The performance went off pretty well. There was one skit that kind of flopped, but I think that might have had something to do with the set, as when Marilyn jumped up on the chair, it collapsed on her. She's ok, but it stopped the show for a few minutes, and when they got back into it, they couldn't get their rhythm back. I felt pretty good about our skit, and all the spots where we hoped they would laugh brought several rounds of cheerful laughing, and others were just rolling chuckles.

After the show the locker room was filled with people, so I was pretty sure that I didn't have to worry about anything strange happening. Everyone was running around congratulating each other on a good performance. I asked Marilyn how she was, and she said that it was more frustrating what the accident did to the skit than what happened to her.

I met Terry outside, he was with my parents. "Beth, that was something interesting. Not really sure what the point was, but it was funny.", my mom said. Coming from her lack of knowledge of theater, I guess that was a compliment. My dad just kissed me on the cheek and said, "Good job."

We talked for a short time, mostly about what the skit was supposed to be about. I finally found a stopping point, "Well, mom, dad, Terry and I were going to go get something to eat. I'm hungry, and I think he might be too.", looking at him, as he shook his head.

"Well, as tonight is something special, why don't you stay out a little later, but be home by one. I think you've worked hard for this show, so enjoy the evening together."

"Thanks, dad. I appreciate it very much.", it was kind of unusual for him to grant such things, but at the same time, I think he likes Terry a lot, and trusts him not to get me into trouble. At the same time, with the thoughts running though my head, Terry might be the one getting into trouble, it just won't involve him getting pregnant. "Would you mind taking my things home with you? I don't want to carry them around all night."

"Sure we can do that.", and I handed my bag to mom. "Have a good time, Beth, Terry.", mom said as they left for their car.

After they disappeared around the corner, Terry and I looked at each other. He squeezed my hand, "While I didn't quite understand it, I thought there were some funny parts. I still think it could have used some saxophone in it, though.", he joked.

"Yeah, you could stand off to the edge of the stage and play a running musical commentary of the action on the stage."

"There you go, now you're getting it. Everything needs a little sax." We started towards his car. Midway, he pulled me aside and gave me a nice long passionate kiss, his hands rubbing my back, and eventually moving south to my ass. He pulled me up and off the ground. "You know, I think I falling hard for you. You're pretty, you're smart, and you like saxophone.", he said with a wink.

I slapped him on his ass. "Not everything is about the sax, you know. There are things in this world that don't involve one in the slightest.", I chided him playfully.

"And those people are missing a huge part of life. So, where to from here? What you in the mood for? Food wise that is...", Terry asked.

"You in the mood for a burger and fries? I was thinking of Jack's. I haven't been there in a long while, and I am also craving a thick shake. A Suicide shake."

"Suicide shake? Never heard of them.", Terry asked.

"Half chocolate, half strawberry. They're yummers."

"Ok, then, Suicide it is... look out Jack, here we come.", we got into the car, I tossed my purse on the seat, and leaned over to kiss Terry. Lots of tongue, and it seemed that we both got the idea to let our hands roam a bit. He put his hand on my breast, and it made me feel both alive and relaxed. I found that my hand had drifted down to his jeans, and between his legs. This was the first time either of us had ventured so far south, and I could hear his approval in his sighs. We continued this for a few more minutes when he broke off, "If we keep this up, we might not make it to Jack's before they close."

"You're no fun, but I guess we will just have to find some place dark to park later.", winking at him as he moved to start the car.

Terry ordered a straight cheese burger with some chili fries and a suicide shake. I, on the other hand, wanted something a little more unconventional and got the Hawaiian burger, pineapple, bacon, and jalapeno, with some cheese curd fries and a suicide shake. We ended up eating at the picnic tables they have set up outside, talking about nothing for about a half hour.

It was only 10:30, so we decided to find a place to go and park. Maybe because it was still a new relationship, we had only been going out for a couple of months, we still seemed both excited and afraid of sex. At the same time, after this afternoon, I had it in my head that we were going to third base tonight.

We ended up down by the Park Way, a long stretch of road that winds through the woods and goes through a ravine. There isn't much light down there, so it has become a "lover's lane", really a place where teens go to play at sex. The cops do come through, but only to clear the place out at 1am, also to make sure that no one is being molested.

Terry's car has front seats that will fold back and a moon roof. So, we folded the seat back, almost making a bed, laid next to each other, his arm around me. We ended up just making some diversionary comments and looking out at the stars. I figured that one of us had to get the action moving, so I rolled on my side to face him, pulling his lips to mine. "God, Terry, you really are a great kisser. I can feel it in my toes.", I cooed after a long kiss.

"Yeah, I guess it comes from playing the sax.", and I slapped him playfully, "OK, I won't say that word again tonight."

"You'd better not. I don't mind walking home from here.", when in reality, I don't even know how far it is away from my house. I didn't really plan on finding out.

We kissed again, only stopping now and then to take a breath. My hand was starting to rub his stomach, and this was really getting me going. I started to unbutton his shirt, and he wasn't stopping me. His hand was on my chin pulling my face up to his, he moved it to hold the side of my head in his hand. He then ran his hand just under my shirt, and under my bra strap, pulling at it as if to play with my tits without touching them. By now his shirt was open all the way, and my hand had started to rub against his belt. He was now starting to unbutton my blouse, stopping to hold my tits as he unbuttoned the adjacent buttons. He ran his hand just inside my blouse and cupped my breast still covered by my bra.

At this point, I was trying to undo his belt, but as we were still kissing, I couldn't see just how it hooked, it wasn't a normal belt. Being the first time I did this, I wasn't sure just what to do. He had my blouse unbuttoned all the way, and diverted his hand to his belt to help me with it. I didn't wait for him, and caressed his covered cock, which produced a heavy sigh from Terry's lips.

With the belt out of the way, I began to unbutton his fly. I got about half the buttons open, and put my hand into his pants, his cockhead almost poking out of the top of his tighty-whities. I ran my hand over the full length of him, and he sighed even more. "God, that is... just... amazing. I am feeling it in my whole body. I've never felt anything like this before."

Playfully, "Oh, so you don't masturbate thinking about me?", and I kissed him even harder.

"Well, if you must know, yes, I have thought about you once or twice while making myself cum.", he unsnapped my front clasp on my bra and freed my tits.

"So, what do you imagine I'm doing while you're thinking of me?", I asked shyly.

"Do you really want to know?", I nod, "Well, mostly about things we have never done, you know, like right now. We've never been this far before.", he said.

"Before this night is over, I want to go a bit further, not all the way, but... I really want to know what it is like... to have my mouth on you.", I said slowly and then kissed him something fierce and squeezed his concealed cock. I think I also felt a little wetness at the tip.

Terry was now playing with my tits and squeezing my nipples. Our tongues were dancing in each others mouths, our breathing getting noticeably heavier. I reached under his shorts and for the first time touched his manhood. I could feel him shudder a bit when I made contact. "Wow, this is just a little too much... but don't stop, please.", Terry said.

"Lift your hips, I want to pull down your pants.", he kissed me and did as he was told. I sat up and took a side of his pants and underwear in each of my hands, and pulled them down to his knees. I could see his erection standing straight in the air as the full moon shown down upon us.

Taking him in my hand, I started to masturbate him while he continued to purr. I could see the tip glistening and ran my forefinger of my other hand through it, then put it to my lips. He tasted salty, but not overly so. A girlfriend of mine told me that her boyfriend was really salty, and it was just too much for her to take.

I shifted my position so that I could get my mouth close to his cock. "God, Beth, whatever you are doing, it is just great." Terry had told me that he was a virgin, having only gone as far as kissing and groping with clothes still on, that was just with me and one other girl he said. So, I guess that makes me the more experienced one here, but the one time this afternoon with Wendy doesn't even really qualify. So, here we were, two complete virgins exploring uncharted territory for the both of us.

I stuck out my tongue to lick his cockhead, and found the slippery pre-cum. I kissed him softly and felt him jerk and twitch. I had heard that it was best to start a blowjob by licking and teasing rather than just shoving it down your throat, which probably wouldn't have been a good idea anyway as I was scared about what I was doing, but it was an excited "scared". I started at the base of his cock and traced my tongue from one side to the other, then wrapped my lips around the base and gently sucked. I changed my position so that I could reach the underside of his cock, and kissed him between his balls and the base of his cock. I pulled him forward, pressing him against his stomach. I licked from the base, and slowly moved up to his head. When I reached the head, I wrapped my lips around the underside of him and slid from the head back to the base, and then back up to the head. Lifting him to stand straight up, I wrapped my lips around the head and just held it there for a few minutes, listening to him make his non-verbal sounds.

His hand was now caressing my hair, I liked the feeling of his hands touching my hair, and rubbing the back of my head. I slowly started to take him into my mouth a little further, and then pulled back to the top. I did this four or five times, taking a little bit more each time. This last time, I kept him in my mouth and started to move my tongue around and make swallowing actions.

"Oh, Beth, I think I going to cum, this is all... just... too much.", I wasn't sure what I should do, let him cum in my mouth and me swallow, or let him cum outside and get it everywhere. I didn't have much time to decide, as he started to cum in my mouth. His legs and hips were trembling and his seed was ejecting from the end of his cock into my mouth. I tried to swallow, but I started to gag a little, and was forced to remove him from my mouth. He finished cumming on his stomach.

When he stopped, I took him back in my mouth and cleaned him up. I then licked up the semen on his stomach.

"God, Beth, that was just incredible.", he sat up to kiss me. It was like no other kiss we have shared. I could feel that he was truly thanking me for what I just did, but it was also something more than that, I just can't find the words to describe it.

We laid back down after he pulled his pants back up. He was now on his side and me on my back. He spread my blouse and bra over to my sides, and began caressing my breasts. He lowered his lips to my breast and started to kiss them around my nipples. He was kneading my other breast, and this was causing me to feel more relaxed than I have ever felt. Taking my erect nipple between his lips, he caused me to tingle all over. I took his head between my hands and just held him there while he sucked on my nipple. His left hand started to roam over my stomach, and I somehow just spread my legs wide in anticipation of his hand.

Still using his mouth on my nipple, his hand finally found its way between my legs. This was the first time that a hand other than my own had been in close contact with my pussy, and I could think of nothing else that I would rather be doing. I reached down and started to pull my skirt up. Terry then assisted me in raising it up over my stomach. His hand then wrapped around my panty covered pussy. Moving his hand, he massaged the insides of each leg, then started to trace the outlines of the edges of my panties. First up one side, then back down, then the other side.

When he finally was back down by the bottom of my pussy, he ran his finger underneath the fabric of my panties, pulling them up so he could touch my pussy lips. He traced up one side, and then down the other, then back around the whole thing again. He then ran his finger up the middle, parting my lips just slightly. "You're really wet. I can see that you're ready." He then ran his finger up the middle all the way, and lightly grazed my clit.

This made me shudder and shake. "Oh, that feels wonderful. Please rub gently around my clit.", and he did as I requested, "That feels just heavenly." My head now tilting backwards, rolling my hips forward and my legs spreading a little wider.

Terry sat up and pulled my panties to one side. Inserting a finger a little way inside my cunt, and the finger of his other hand now circling round my clit. My eyes were closed as if I were dreaming. He continued with this for several minutes, and then surprised me when I felt his tongue tease my tingling clitoris. Just as his finger was circling my clit, his tongue was now doing the same motion. Even more surprising was when he began to suck my clit into his mouth, it caused my hips to buck up against his face, forcing his finger a little further into my cunt. His finger was now flicking at the inside of my pussy while his tongue played with my clit.

I could feel the beginnings of my orgasm as he increased both the speed of his finger and the pressure of his sucking, his tongue occasionally circling around my love button. The familiar feeling of my legs twitching seemed even more intense than any other orgasm, when all of a sudden it struck like lightening, and I was engulfed in a sensational orgasm, the first given to me by someone else.

It was almost precisely at that moment that I heard my cell phone go off, but being in my purse, it was muffled... "Incoming text message from Wendy Brooks."

"Oh, gawd, what could she possibly want at this hour.", I thought to myself, praying that Terry couldn't hear it. Terry gently wrapped my panties back around my pussy, and planted a kiss on my clit. Still being sensitive, it caused me to twitch a bit.

We gathered our senses, and straightened our clothing, and then fell into an intense kiss. We lifted the seat back up, and I stretched out to face Terry, and he held me as we kissed. "Terry, this has just been a wonderful night. One I will never forget."

"Me, too! I can only say that I have no words to say how good I feel at this moment. I would love to just stay right here until the sun comes up and share the sunrise with you. Sadly though, it's 12:20, and we have about 10 minutes to hold each other here before we have to get moving. We did just that, and kissed for probably 10 minutes.

We ended up pulling into my driveway at about 12:50, and we kissed a little more before I had to go inside. "Terry, thank you so much for dinner and... afterwards. I really think I'm falling for you.", looking in his eyes...

"Yeah, it was a great night, I wouldn't change a thing. So, should I give you a call tomorrow night? Maybe we could do something after the play."

"Well, the cast was planning on having some sort of party, but I will have to find out if significant others are invited.", I was trying to think of someway that I could be clear to see Wendy if that comes about, almost forgetting about the text message she sent me.

"Oh, and your phone, did you hear it go off just as you were cumming? Why would Wendy Brooks be texting you, and why at that time of day?"

"Well, she told me the other day that she had an assignment to write a review of the theater stuff for some class, and she was asking me for a little help. She was planning on going to tomorrow nights performance. God knows why she was texting me at that hour.", I tried to find some excuse.

"You could just check the message and we will both have the answer.", he said curiously.

"I think I will save that for the morning, it really isn't all that important. Besides, why should I worry about her when I got the greatest guy in the world right here in front of me?", I tried to use a little flattery to get off the Wendy subject. It seemed to work. We kissed one long last kiss of the night.

"Sleep well. I will call you tomorrow."

"Yes, please do. I really am missing you already.", and got out of the car, walking around the other side of the car and kissed him once more. Terry sat there until I got into the house, and then he drove off.

I did lie about waiting until the morning to check my messages, and grabbed my phone to see what Wendy had to say.

"b, saw u & bf @ parkway. didn't know u had bf. should I back off? kotl, w"

"w, only certain that I want to cu 2morrow nite. kotl, b"

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