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Me my hot mom and 2 sexy older cousins

I woke up laying on my moms tit with her nipple poking me in the cheek i got up and got my clothes on then i woke her up
She gets up smiles at me i smile back then she got up and got dressed. I remember she has work today and ask her " mom do you have work today?" she looks at me "yeah i do in about half an hour, sorry i have to go get going honey" 
I look at her and say "okay" then i go upstairs and get in the shower. When i get out my moms already gone so i just lay on the couch and watch a movie when i hear someone knocking at the door. I open the door to see carolyn standing there wearing a white tank top with what looks like a black sports bra underneith and tight black yoga pants. 
She looks at me and asks "is your mom here?" i smile "nope shes at work" she smiles and giggles then says "dont get any ideas, my sister is in the car" i smile "who naomi?" 
Carolyn says "yeah " i smile "she can join in" i wink she smiles and says "haha your funny" i smile at her then look down at her car to see if naomi is looking then i grab carolyns waist pull her in and kiss her hard and hug her. I whisper in her ear while hugging her tight "i love you so much" then let her go she has a big smile on her face then backs away and says "okay when your mom gets off tell her to call me " i yell "wait she'll be home in about an hour so why dont yous just come up and wait for her here?"   "i dont know ill go see if naomi wants too" 
She walks down the steps i just stair at her big sexy ass being squeezed by those skintight pants. She gets to the car window and asks Naomi. I wave toward her she smiles then she gets out the car and come up.

Naomi doesnt really look too much like her sexy sister but its not a bad thing she is sexy herself and i know a lot of guys hit on her all the time but me myself dont find her to be my type 
She is tall about 6ft and is slightly thick with tatoos on her arms. She also has blonde hair and a big beautiful set of tits. I mean i would deffinetly do her if i could its just she doesnt turn me on as much as her sister carolyn does.
I tell them to come in make themselves at home. I say hey to naomi and give her a hug. I feel her breasts pushing up against my chest
It gets me kinda hard So i sit down after the hug next to carolyn and start small talk like how have you been and whats going on with her son who is 15 years old and with his dad this week. 
Naomi was only 16 years old when she had him in high school so she isnt old she is just 31 years old.

I go in the kitchen and see if they want anything to eat they both agree theyll eat some ramon noodles so i make them noodles and they come in the kitchen and sit at the table to eat they both sit on one side so i sit on the other.
We sit there i look at at them both and start to get a raging hard on under the table but i ignore it. Carolyn and Nay talk for awhile when i reach under the table and try to rub on carolyns long smooth sexy leg i sit there eating with one arm under the table rubbing on her leg when i see naomi look at me and smile   I smile back and stop rubbing when we all get up set our bowls in the sink. Carolyn volunteers to clean the bowls. So me and nay both go in the living room and sit on the couch when she looked at me and said "look i know your a teenage boy and yous can be really horny sometimes but your not even 18 yet." i look at her just realizing that i was rubbing on her legs. " im sorry please dont tell my mom." she smiles and sets her hand on my thigh and says "dont worry your fine i wont tell anyone, to tell you the truth it felt good." 
I smile and say "thanks and it felt great to me also." then carolyn walked in and sat down next to me. Then the front door opened up and in walked my mom she looked kinda suprised to see all of us there.
They all 3 talk for awhile while i just sit and watch tv untill they decide to go out for dinner. I layed there on the couch and fell asleep.

When i woke up my mom was sitting down by my feet. I looked down and she was still in her work clothes a womans suit. She smiled at me i just stared at her smiling. She looked at me and asks "what" i smile and say 
"you know what would make me the happiest son in the world" 
She smiled and says "i can only guess" 
I smile "hahah its nothing real bad"
She giggles "what is it then sweetie"
I sit up and move in toward her then say "make out with me" she laughs
And says "is that all" i just grab her and kiss her mouth and pull her down ontop of me.i lay there kissing her sticking my tongue in and out her beautiful lips.
We lay there an kiss for about 5minutes before i push my hand down the front of her pants and rub her wet pussy.i look at her smile and whisper "can you call me daddy?" she moans "what ever you want daddy" I stick my finger deep inside her sweet wet pussy as she moans my name then i kiss her hard and get up. I smile at her as i slip her pants off then i go down and slowly lick her wet panties.

I take my teeth and bite her panties slowly pulling them down revealing her beautiful pussy. I kiss her thighs then insert my tongue inside of her. She moans "mmmm daddy fuck me!"
I flicker my tongue in and out for awhile untill she starts to quiver and squirting juices all over my mouth , i lick up some of it then i stand up and lick her lips as i slip off my shorts and stroke my cock for a second then i kiss her hard and jam my dick deep inside of her she squeels at first realizing what i was doing she moaned "no we cant" but i pushed my hips in deeper and she stopped struggling .
I sucked on her tit as i was fucking her she kept moaning "yes baby fuck me harder!" i was moaning "mmmm mommy" 
After a few minutes she cummed again yelling "oh damn yes daddy mmmmm!!" when i heard her yell i immediatlly pulled out cuz i was so close. She sat up and stuck my cock in her mouth an sucked the cum out my balls shivers went thru my body as my mom was sucking on my hard dick. 
She sat back and said "damn son that was great thanks for doing it" i smiled "no thank you for letting me it felt so good" she looked at me an said "you know the only reason i wouldnt let you was because i didnt think you would pull out in time"
I smile "well i did"
She kisses me i smile and say "i love you mommy you always make me feel so good" she winks and says "baby all i want to do in life is make you as happy as possible ," 
I sit there still naked while she finishes gettin her clothes back on then she says "that was really some of the best sex ive had in years"
I smiled and sat there looking at her.

She smiled "carolyn and naomi are coming over later" 
I smile "okay thats cool"
She smiles"i know how much you love carolyn."
I laugh lightly and say to her "shes definetly one of my top two favorite woman." 
Mom giggles and says "oh whos the other one?"
I smile and say "my hot beautiful mother"
She giggles "well your my favorite guy in the world and i would do anything to pleasure you and keep you as happy as possible"
I say "i would do anything to pleasure you and make u as happy as possible too"
She just smiles as we hear a knock on the front doorits carolyn and nay.
I leap up and slip on a shirt and shorts.
Then in comes naomi wearing a training bra and short running shorts 
I immediatlly got hard as a rock seeing that hot body. Then carolyn walked in wearing the same thing.
At that point i was so hard that it hurt when i would try to stand up so i stayed sitting there looking at them. 
They were both wet with sweat from jogging here.
They all three went into the other room when i see naomi go past me and walkig up the stairs i smiled big then put my hands in my pockets holding my cock down an followed her. 
When i got up stairs she was in the bathroom i stood in the middle of the hallway waiting for her to come out. When she opened the door i stopped her and said "hey come to my room for a second i want to show you something." 
She smiles and says "okay" 
We walk in my room i let her go first i stay behind her then i shut the door behind me. I walk over to naomi grab her and kiss her hard on the mouth pushing her up against the wall. 
She squeeled and resisted i held her up against the wall cant resist my urges. I rub my hand over her shorts rubbing her pussy. Then i kissed her again and felt her hand rubbing my body she start to quietly moan and close her eyes.
I took my shirt off and took her sports bra off she kept moaning "noo we cant" i kept kissing her lips then her neck i left a big hickie on her neck i bent down and sucked her big sweet titties i pulled my shorts down and hurried and pulled hers down she had no panties on i was suprised for a second but even hornier now.

I lifted her up she wrapped her legs around my waste as i jammed my raging hard on deep inside her wet pussy she was moaning loud now and we were both breathing heavily. She was moaning and screaming i was shocked at how loud she was being knowing her sister and my mom were both downstairs. 
"mmm yes Fuck Me! Harder baby!
She kissed me and licked slowly up my cheek i was so turned on by that that i had to stop fucking her for a second before i blew my load up inside her. I sat her down then turned her around she put her hands on the wall and stuck out her ass. 
I grabbed my cock spit on it a little then shoved it inside her big ass
I wrapped my arms around and grabbed her boobs in my hands.
As i pumped in and out her ass she was moaning so loud now and i knew she didnt care and either did i this was some of the best sex ive ever had.
She was yelling " mmhmm mmmm fuck my ass,jam it up there baby!"
I know unless carolyn and mom were outside they could hear this.
I was moaning too yellong "ahhh mmmm feels so good naomi ur so fucking hot !!!"
I didnt care if anyone heard it so much pleasure was going thru me i couldnt think straight. I spasmed as i felt the muscles of my cock contracting shooting my sperm all up inside her ass she screamed and moaned while i was panting i leaned up against her back as i shot my final strings of cum . 
Then i stopped and she truned around and said "get on ur back !"
I lay down on my back as she puts ur pussy over my face and bends down drowning me in her juices i licked as much as i could i sucked her clit and licked all over it while she licked my flacid dick clean of the cum while she was sucking my softening cock i felt her shiver and then she started squirting all over my face ifelt it go down my cheeks in my mouth on my lips it was going everywhere i kept licking till it was clean of her juices ,she got off my face. I smiled and looked at her face "damn baby your a dirty sexy girl " she smiled the got a straight face remembering that her sister and my mom were downstairs while she was fucking me.
I looked at her and said "what"
She said"ur mom and carolyn are down stairs"
I smile "yeah i know"
She says "what are they going to do or say"
I get up kiss her on the cheek and say 
"dont worry your fine if they heard tell them i forced you to do it"
She frowned "no its fine it felt so fucking good i hope they didnt hear me moaning tho"
I get my clothes on and she slips
hers back on. I grab naomi's hand and tell her to wait i need to tell her something. I tell her that i fucked her sister and i have also did stuff with my mom. She doesnt look as shocked as i thought she would. She smiled lightly and said "really?"
I look at her "yes really"
She smiles an says "okay so they wont be mad finding out i fucked my underage 17 year old  cousin?"
I smile "and they wont be mad about me fucking my older sexy gorgous cousin while there downstairs"
She smiles i look at her smile and say to her "so ur not freaked out about all this?"
She smiles "not really i mean your an attractive young man with a huge cock what girl doesnt want you, and i understand your a horny teen that has needs, i used to be one too but u have to be careful not too get anyone pregnant" 
I smile "okay glad you dont mind and i no i wont, lets go downstairs"
I kiss her real quick on the lips then grab her hand and lead her down stairs.
When we get down there carolyn and my mom are in the kitchen talking to each other. Naomi and i walk in and 
Carolyn looks at her smiles and says 
"did you have fun?"
Naomi blushes 
Then my mom walks over to her smiles and whispers "we kind of herd your screaming down here"
She blushes "im so sorry"
My mom stops her and says "its fine i no he is hard to resist and as long as you make him happy i dont care what yous do"
Naomi smiles 
I walk back in the living room but i stand by the doorway to listen to them. As soon as i walk out i hear carolyn rush over too her and say "so how was it what did yous do?"
And heard naomi say " He said he had something to show me in his room then he just grabbed me and started to kiss me and get undressed. Then before i knew it we were fucking and he had me moaning so much." 
My mom smiles and says " where did he cum at ?" 
Naomi smiles and turns around points to her ass to a little wet spot
I hear both girls giggle then i hear carolyn say "oh haha do u have it all over your ass?"
Naomi smiled and said "yeah he cummed a lot"
Then i hear carolyn giggle and ask " you want me to clean that up for you?" naomi said "yeah could you?"
I peak my whole head thru the door and see naomi bent over the kitchen table with my mom and carolyn on there knees pullin her shorts off. I was suprised and curious wht were they doing .
Then i watched as carolyn licked nays big juicy ass and my mom joined in also licking all over it.
It was so hot as i watche carolyn go between her cheeks and lick the cum out naomies ass. I stand there mesmerized watching my mom and carolyn kissing sucking an licking all over naomies sweet plump ass cheeks. Its like a real life porn video right in front of me. I could feel my cock growing again so i walked in te kitchen smilin just standing there for a minute untill one of them noticed me 
When they saw me they stopped and naomi sat up i pulled my shorts down and took off all my clothes then i walked over toward them and said "are my babies horny ?" 
they all three smile i get up on the table then naomi starts to suck on my cock while she was sucking i noticed carolyn was licking her sisters pussy. My mom got naked and came over toward me then she started giving me a blow job too. I started too moan and breathe heavier at the sensation of two girls blowing me at the same time i watched as they kept taking turns when they both stopped naomi smiled then licked my moms lips. Then they started kissing right there in dront of me when carolyn came over and watched them for a second and started to kiss me hard i could feel her tongue rubbing all over my mouth and tongue.
We stopped kissin then i grabbed my mom and naomis heads and pulled them in the a threeway makeout session. They both were licking all over me and kissing each other while carolyn was slowly jerking me off.
Then my mom moved away and licked my ball sac then started to suck on it pleasure jolted thru my body. I pulled carolyn up to me then i grabbed both of them and kissed them both then stopped and watched as carolyn was making out with her sister. They were sticking there tongues out and licking each others. I pushed my mom lightly away from sucking my ball sac then i sat naomies already naked ass ontop of my big hard cock so she could ride it as she got on ,carolyn got naked an her and my mom starte to finger fuck each other watching me naomi.
It didnt take long for nay to start moaning and screaming again. 
Then she got up and i got up and bent all three of them over in a line with there asses high. I started at my mom i fucked her in and put a couple times then i moved over and stuck it deep inside naomis plump ass. After a few pumps i moved over to carolyn and i jamed it in her ass hard i was fucking her harder than both the other two. She was screaming and i was moaning as i look over and naomi and my mom are coming over to me.
They grab me and pull me out of carolyn then they both hold me down an say "you have been a bad bad boy" then they bent me over and both of the spank me it was so kinky hot.
When they stopped they told me to  lay down on the ground then carolyn rode my cock hard while i ate out my moms pussy. I could see out the corner of my eye naomi being ate out by my mother and it didnt take long before i saw her squirm and yell as she squirted all over my mom some of it got on my cheek too then i felt my mom squirt her sweet juices all down my face i immediatly sat up almost shooting my cum inside carolyn i got her off me then i stood up and all three of them got down on there knees licked my shaft and balls.
I yelled loud " im about to cum !"
They stopped licking and opened there beautiful lips wanting me to shoot my cum in there mouths. I started to stroke my cock almost cumming when carolyn and naomi both lick each side of my moms face an  kiss her lips .
I shot my wet watery load inside my moms mouth as she licked me clean then i watched as she stood up while carolyn and nay stay down with there mouths open and she spit my cum inside carolyns mouth i sat down on the table enjoying it.
Then carolyn gets up spits it inside her sisters mouth naomi moans then stands up walks over to me says "lay back" i lay back
Then she slowly spits my cum on my softening cock. She starts to jerk me off for a minute rubbing my cum all over my cock.
All three of them start to suck the cum off my dick again this time they swallow it. I sit up and say "that was the best!" tey all three smile and carolyn says "ive always wanted to try something like that" naomi says "we should do this more often "
All the girls smile as they stare at me 
I say "mmmmm we should" then  naomi walked to me and kissed me hard i squeezed her boobs a. She whispered "thank you for fucking me upstairs it was great " 
I smiled "i no"
She smiles and goes to get her clothes on i smile and say "yous dont have to get dressed you can stay naked" i look at carolyn she smiled 
Then my mom says " how about i walk around in my bra and panties instead?" 
I smile "ok i would love that"
Then naomi and carolyn look at each other smile. And take off the clothes they were putting on. I smile when i see what they are doing and say" lets go watch a movie" they all agree and we go in the other room my mom puts a movie while i sit on the couch and carolyn sits on my lap and lays on my chest i smile as i feel my bare dick rubbing her ass cheek. 
Naomi sits at the other end of couch but she lays down with her feet touching my thigh. I stare at naomi while holding carolyn and naomi giggles and opens her legs up revealing her open pussy to me. 
She has little blonde patch of hair right above her slit, i never noticed it before.
Carolyn smiles and kisses my cheek as she feels my cock jump at the site of naomis pussy.
I just sit and smile holding carolyn in my arms. 
My mom comes over and moves naomis legs and sits under them setting them on her lap while the movie starts. 
I sit there rubbing carolyns side while my mom sits next to me is messaging naomis legs and thighs. I would have been rock hard right now from just the site of my mom rubbing naomis legs if i didnt just have sex with all three of them. But i still am about half way hard.
We all sit there watching this movies that ive never seen before when the two main people start to kiss and fall in love. I notice carolyn is really into it and enjoying them kissing passionatly so i take my hand and rub down her beautiful stomach and slowly rub my my gorgous cousins moist pussy lips. 
I watch as she closes her eyes and moans real quietly. I look over and my mom and naomi are too into the movie to notice me fingering her.
I slowly stick my ring finger and middle finger as deep as they can go carolyn leans back. I grab her clit and lightly rub it then squeeze very lightly this makes her spasm and moan loud now both the other girls are watching as i finger carolyn.
Im hard now and i wanna fuck.
So i grab my cock and push it in her.
She sits up and starts hoppin up and down on my hard dick. Her little titties are bouncing and shes panting 
When she cums all over my dick squirting all her juices on my lap. She keeps going screaming "oh damn daddy ram ur huge cock in me!"
After a few more jumps she gets up and gets on her knees i get over top o her and hold my cock. Right now i have to piss really bad so i smile and tilt her head back then i start to piss on her chest, she moans as i do it she 
Tilts her head up and gets my hot urine all over her pretty face and in her mouth, she gargles it then spits it out on her tits letting it dribble down her body.
I hear my mom moan and say"oh you dirty boy" then she gets up smiles and grabs my arm i take my other hand and rub her hard nipple, mom smiles big and says "come on girls!"
I stand there wondering what there doing then they grab each my arms and hold me down as my mom goes behind me an kisses my ass and takes her hand and plays with my balls then i feel as she sticks her finger tip in my ass i squirm but cant break free off there grip.
Mom laughs says "hold on baby itll feel good"
I stop squirming and say " okay i trust you mom" 
Then she sticks half her finger inside my ass it hurts but kind of felt good i lightly moan then they let me go and i grab my mom and smile say"Dont ever do that again unless i say u can"
She smiles then i say "now im going to punish you" i grab her bend her over and ram my cock inside her ass then i spank her kind off hard leavin it red.
I keep pumping my big hard cock deep inside of my moms ass as she squeels and moans .i spank her one more time before i shoot cum inside her ass she moans "damn daddy ur yummy cum is so warm"
I lay on top of her till every last drop of sperm left my  cock.
Then i pull out and sit down as she takes her hand and scoops up the cum thats drippin out her ass. 
She gathers most of it in her hand then she licks it off her hand shows me it on her tongue then gets on top of me. Im sitting there thinking she is going to kiss me when carolyn pulls me back so im laying down and she says "you naughty boy you think you can spank your mommy like that?"
I lay there and smile then my mom smiles and says open up, i wonder what there doing so i listen then she gets down like shes about to kiss me and spits my cum inside my mouth.
I was shocked and tried spitting it out but he put her hand over my mouth and said swallow. It felt slimy and weird but didnt taste as bad as i imagined it would. Then naomi said 
"swallow your cum our no more fucking" i thought it was already in my mouth so i might as well and i did.
I just swallowed my own cum!
She let go bent down and kissed me hard licking the cum residue off my tongue, i sat up and smiled "why did yous do that?" they all smiled and then carolyn said "we like doing dirty kinky stuff too" 
I smiled and said "well if you wanted too you could have just pissed on me i wouldnt have minded" 
They laugh then all just sit back down 


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This would be an amazing porno vid

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Terrible writing, obviously didn't pass the writing classes in school.

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