The continuation of Transfer Student
Author’s Note: There are some misspellings in the dialogue placed there on purpose to try to capture the realism of the speaker’s way of speaking.

Ch. 3

Exams were finally over. Life was returning to normal, and moved on at its normal pace. Steve found himself without many new friends, other than Adrian of course. Steve was wandering around on the first day back of the semester, when he encountered his big friend from his old school, James. James was the center of St. Pauls, and also hadn’t attending the event which caused the basketball team to be disbanded. James was pretty tall at 6-9, and very well built. He had always been athletic, and as acting center, he could jump at least as high as most other centers, even those a couple inches tall then him.

“Hey James, didn’t know you came or even applied here,” Steve said, after a brief hug.

“Yeah, I had heard you were coming here. It’s my first day coming in. My parents decided that they’d wanted to go visit my grandparents in Cuba, and since I had the time off, I went too. When I got back, the exam period here was over, so there was no point in coming in until today.”

“Makes sense.” Steve paused for a moment, as he saw Adrian coming from the building across the way. He shouted “Hey Adrian, over here!” She looked over, and saw him and James, and made her way over.

“Hey Steve. And you are…” She trailed off, to let him finish.

“I’m James, a friend of Steve’s from St. Pauls. We’ve known each other since kindergarten.”

“Nice to meet you. Any friend of Steve’s is a friend of mine,” she said with a wink. Looking at her watch, she said “We have a couple hours before next class begins…you guys wanna go get something to eat?” The response came in unison “sure.”

They drove a ways down to a local restaurant, which was pretty much abandoned, being the middle of the afternoon. Steve told James most of what had happened so far, although he left out a lot of the details about his encounter with Adrian.

After they had ordered, James, sitting across from Steve and Adrian asked, “So, this Tom fella is big trouble?”

“Not more trouble than we can handle, but trouble none the less,” Steve replied. He had his arm around Adrian’s shoulders, and was rubbing her arm gently.

“Well, I could call in a few favors, if need be, you know, to straighten Tom out, put him in his rightful place.”

“Well, now that you’re here, I don’t know if we’ll need any outside help. You and I have gotten through some tough times before. C’mon James, remember that time when the fight broke out on the court over that stupid foul? You and I pretty much fought off the other team.” He paused, because their food was ready. After the waitress had left, he resumed. “If you think that this cat is too tough for us to handle, you can call in your support. But I think you should get a good look at him first, to asses his fighting prowess, or lack there of.”

“Well, that’s kinda what I meant…” With that they made some more cheerful talk about previous basketball games as they ate.

After the final classes had been let out, Adrian had decided to watch the basketball practice. It was uneventful, maybe a little boring. But she had watched some of Tom’s hockey practice, and if she did that for Tom, she could certainly watch Steve’s basketball practice.

After the practice was over, she had gone to the girl’s locker room to “use the facilities.” As she was leaving, she noticed that the door to the coach’s room was slightly ajar. She though this was odd, because that door was never open – she sometimes saw a coach go in there to get a piece of equipment, but they always made sure to shut the door. Peeking in through the slight crack, she was startled to see Amy, the lead cheerleader, and the coach of the basketball team.

Amy had her back to the doorway, and had her lips locked with the coach’s. She gave a slight moan as he probed her mouth with his tongue. Like how Steve’s eyes had been transfixed on the teacher being fucked by his student for a better grade, Adrian found that she was unable to stop watching.

Amy had gotten down on her knees, as the coach unbuckled his pants, letting them fall in a pool on the ground. His member was stiff and full, and Adrian could see that the coach was well endowed. While Adrian had once thought the head basketball coach was hot, she had since grown out of it. She had decided that she wanted an actual relationship, not just a beautiful fuck toy.

Taking the hard cock into her hands, Amy began to work her hand up and down the shaft, as she flicked her head to swing her hair behind her shoulders. With her hair out of the way, she gently placed the coach’s penis upon her tongue. Tasting him, she then slowly encompassed the head inside her mouth, as she worked her hand up and down his shaft. Her eyes were on him the entire time, looking up like azure pools, and then she removed her hand, and attempted to completely deep throat his dick. Amy felt it going down, lubricated by her saliva, filling her throat completely. The coach gave a groan, and started to fuck her throat, moving his hips back and forth, pulling his dick partway out, the re-penetrating it.

Amy was a natural blonde, with large, perfect tits. Adrian felt a twinge of jealousy for a moment. It passed quickly, as Amy was one of Adrian’s friends, after all. And as she watched Amy give the coach a blowjob, she felt her hands, almost unconsciously, loosen up her pants (not shorts, since basketball season is in the winter time). Holding them up with her left hand, she slid her right hand down into her pants, then under her panties. They were wet because of her excitement. She started to finger herself, but made sure to be quiet, so she didn’t attract the attention of the coach or Amy, although they seemed to be pretty preoccupied.

“Stop. I wanna fuck you,” the coach said, panting. He put his hand on Amy’s bare shoulder, feeling the soft, silky skin. Amy reluctantly pulled her head away from his penis, and turned around, on all four. The coach then knelt down, and placed his hands on her smooth, firm ass. Taking one hand, he guided his saliva-covered dick into Amy’s warm, throbbing pussy. The heat of her pussy was welcoming, and he slid right up her. “Oooh, that feels good. Stick that cock up me, fill that pussy of mine.” The coach grunted in response.

Watching the penetration, Adrian felt her own fingers slide up her pussy, as she imagined that she was in Amy’s position. She decided that later tonight, Steve was going to be in for a little surprise. Moving her hand so that her thumb could play with her clitoris, she began to finger fuck herself, leaning against the sturdy wood doorframe to keep from falling over. She was very careful, though, to make sure she didn’t make any noise, as she watched, mesmerized by the scene in front of her eyes.

The coach had put both hands on Amy’s firm, round, smooth ass, to pull Amy backwards onto his cock harder. He felt the inside of her pussy tight against his cock, and the friction between their genitals rubbing together, making a truly wonderful sensation of pleasure shoot through their bodies. The coach started slowly at first, using long piercing stokes up her tight snatch, but as the pleasure began to accumulate inside his loins, spreading up the rest of his body, those piercing strokes gave way to shorter, but much faster thrusts. His body wanted to implant his seed as far in Amy as possible, as a carnal, animal instinct forced his hips harder and harder against Amy’s ass, and his cock farther and farther into Amy.

Amy groaned, as she felt his cock thrust deeper and deeper into the depths of her pussy, sliding in and out faster and faster, as her own pleasure built. She felt stretched, but not far enough for it to hurt. Breathing heavily, she came against wonderful thrusts, pussy contracting and secreting her juices to lubricate its walls, so he could thrust faster, to his climax.

Feeling her pussy tighten was too much for the coach, he let out a grunt, muffled as much as possible, as he thrust as fast as his body would allow, the pleasure causing him to jerk his upper body back and forth, until he finally came. With that, he thrust his hips as hard against Amy’s tight ass as possible, pushing his cock all the way in, just before spewing his load all over. Amy let out a barely audible groan, and put her head to the floor, feeling the loads of secreted juices slosh around in her pussy.

Adrian felt herself cum at the same time, the pleasure rushing through her body as she imaged it did for the coach and Amy. She pulled her fingers out, and sucked her own juices off of them. Her clean up was rushed, however, when she heard Amy say to the coach “I should probably go take a shower. I’ll see you next practice.” Adrian hurredly buttoned her pants, and made her way to the door of the locker room, out of sight from the coaches room door. As quietly as possible, she slipped out, but as she was walking away, the images of what she had just seen stayed fresh in her mind.

“There you are. I was wondering where you went to,” came the voice of Steve. Adrian looked down the hallway, seeing him and James walking towards her.

“Sorry…I had to tinkle,” Adrian replied.

“It took you that long?” To that Adrian had no immediate response. She just gave Steve and James a sly grin.

Finally coming up with a response, she replied, “Well…I’m a girl. What do you expect?” James and Steve shared a look of disbelief and shook their heads. Adrian let out a sigh of relief. She turned and addressed Steve, saying “Steve, whatcha doin tonight?”

“Nothing much…Any homework I haven’t done I’m not gonna do anyways, so you wanna do somethin?”

“Yeah. I was thinking of visiting this great new club which is opening. It’s called the “Great Escape.”

James had been looking back and forth at Adrian and Steve, but jumped into the conversation. “Hey! That’s my dad’s new club! If you guys wanna go, I can hook you up with some passes.” Adrian and Steve both jumped at this, and turned to look at him.

Steve was the first to recover from this startling news, and replied, “Yeah! That’d be great.” Adrian nodded, but was still rendered speechless.

The three of them left for their houses. Adrian to get into something nicer, while James and Steve went to take showers to clean the sweat off of their bodies from basketball practice. They met outside the club. Steve had gotten to the club first, with James showing up right afterwards. They were waiting outside for Adrian to show up, and James asked Steve, “Hey Steve, do you know anyone who might wanna go out with me? I know you haven’t gone to the school much longer than I have, but do you think you could ask Adrian if she knew anyone who might like me?”

“Sure. It wouldn’t hurt to ask. After all, I got pretty lucky in meeting her in the first place, and she has some connections.”

“Thanks man.”

Adrian showed up a few minutes later in a stunning red dress. It was sleeveless and low cut, hugging her curvy body tightly. She waltzed up to James and Steve, and they headed inside. James nodded to the bouncer, then said “Hey Jason, I’d like you to meet my two friends, Steve and Adrian.” Jason just nodded in reply, and ushered them in. The three friends were met with the music blaring.

Adrian immediately grabbed Steve by the hands, and said “this is one of my favorite songs. Lets dance!” and led Steve onto the dance floor. In the meantime, James sat at the bar, watching his best friend and a newly found one dance.

After the first song was over, Steve and Adrian headed back over to sit with James. It was then James brought up the subject of girls. “Adrian, I don’t really know how to ask this any other way, but do you know anyone who’d like to go out with me?”

“Um…I don’t think anyone is that desperate…”

“Gee thanks…I know who I can turn to for help.”

“Heh, anytime…you know, actually, this girl Amy, whom you might already know, might like to go out with you. I’ll ask her sometime.”

“Amy the basketball cheerleader Amy?”

“That’s the one.”

“Oh. Cool. Thanks.” James nearly jumped out of his skin as a received a phone call from his dad. “Damn thing gets me almost every time,” he said, motioning to the phone. “Maybe I need to find a ring that I actually like.” He turned away from Steve and Adrian and answered his phone, “Hello. Hi dad. Ok…but I’m with some friends. One of them is a girl. No, I’m not going out with her. Yeah, whatever, I’ll be there as soon as possible. I’ll see ya. Bye.” Turning back to Steve and Adrian, he said “I gotta help Dad with some stuff. I’ll be back in half an hour. Sorry I gotta go, but its kinda important.” With that, he got up and turned for the door.

“Well, wadda you think we ought to do while he’s gone?” Steve said, breaking the silence.

Adrian turned and gave him a sly look. “You know, I kinda wanna fuck. You in the mood?”

“Um…” caught off guard, Steve paused for a moment. “Sure, I guess. But where would we do it?”

“Well, it is a club. I’m sure that they will have a room or something. If worse comes to worse, we could always just use the restroom for what it should be used for.” That brought a smile to Steve’s face.

Steve looked around for a moment. Then he called out to the bouncer who James had addressed. “Hey Jason! Could ya come over here for a moment? I gotta question.”

Jason looked at him for a moment, then seeming to just comprehend the question, he motioned for Steve to go over to where he stood. Before Steve started over, he said to Adrian to explain why he was going “I’m gonna ask him if they gots a room we can use.” And with that, he headed through the crowd.

“Jason, is there a room in the club in which my girl and I could have some privacy?”

In a deep baritone voice, Jason replied, “Well, we do have this one room, but it’s usually rented out. However, since you are James’ friend, I’ll see if there is a wait for it. If nobody is using it or waiting to use it, it’s yours.” With that, he moved through the people dancing around him towards the room, with Steve following in his wake to avoid getting hit by the people flailing their limbs to the beat.

A few minutes later, after finding the room unoccupied, he and Adrian themselves inside. Steve had had the presence of mind to tell Jason to inform James where they were, if he and Adrian hadn’t finished.

Adrian sat on the bed, which wasn’t filthy yet. She and Steve were the first ones to use it this night, and would be one of many couples which fornicated on the bed. One would think that the bed would be disgusting after a few times, but surprisingly, as Jason had told them, the sheets were changed after every encounter, as part of the payment to use the room.

“Well Steve, this is our first chance to really make love.” She stood, as Steve remained sitting on the bed. She slowly and purposely slid the straps of her red dress over her shoulders, letting the top of it fall down to her waist, revealing a white bra covering her small, but perfectly shaped breasts.

Steve’s breath quickened, his heart rate increased, and he felt his member start to get stiff and push against his pants. He reached out with his left hand across her body and cupped her left breast, feeling the silky softness of tender warm flesh pulsating with every heartbeat.

Adrian felt his hand on her heart, and thought it as symbolic. Her heart raced at the thought of getting intimate with Steve once again. She was perilously close to deciding that he was actually the one for her. Just feeling his hand on her breast made her more excited than ever.

Steve felt the nipple harden in his hand, and he gently began rubbing it against his palms. Adrian moaned, and he felt his cock jerk against his pants. He took his hands off of her for a moment, to take off his own shirt. Then he placed each hand on a bosom, feeling every reaction to his touch.

Adrian was thoroughly enjoying this, but decided that she wanted to give him pleasure as well. She stopped him, and told him to stand. Then she undid his pants and let them and the undergarments slide down his legs and pool at the floor. She gasped again, seeing how large Steve’s penis was, although it wasn’t a surprise. She then put her own soft hands on the long shaft, and encompassed the head of Steve’s cock in her mouth.

She began working it, getting lost in the erotic nature of her actions, her mouth moving to the same rhythm as her hands, working in a synchronized pattern to stimulate Steve. After a little while, she stopped, to allow him to roll a condom over his manhood. While he prepped himself to embark on the journey to infinite bliss, Adrian took the opportunity to completely undress, then lay down on the bed.

As soon as Steve finished unrolling the condom onto his dick, completely undressed himself, he turned and knelt upon the bed hearing the springs squeak softly. Adrian had lifted her legs up so her pussy was open to him. He knelt right there and slid up into her slick warm depths. It was the same sense of wholeness he had felt when he had first penetrated her during the exam period. He decided he was going to make the springs sing this night.

Adrian felt it go in tantalizingly slow, filling her, stimulating her snatch. The friction between the condom and the walls of her cunt caused an involuntary shudder to run from her crotch up her spine. Finally feeling Steve’s pubic hair, she gave out a sigh. It was buried to the hilt in her once again.

Steve started bouncing slowly on the mattress, the squeaks starting in a slow chorus matching every stroke. There was no feeling quite like this one. Masturbation could never compare to the exquisite feelings he had now. It was like his senses were heightened to the extreme, as he noticed almost everything going on. The smooth mattress cover against his skin, the hum of the light, the tick of his watch, and the soft flesh against his hips. He felt like this was where he was meant to be.

The first few strokes up her made her gasp in pleasure. The feelings she was experiencing was enough to make her feel horny for the rest of her life. Pussy lubricating the condom, she felt Steve start to speed up a little bit, increasing the friction between her and him, increasing the sensations and pleasure which were starting to build up. Then, Adrian motioned for Steve to stop, to pull out. He obeyed her, a little confused.

“I want you to fuck me up the ass. I need a cock there.”

“Ok…I haven’t done that before, so you might need to direct me some.”

“Fine with me.”

Adrian got up and took out the package that she had gotten from Jason. He had handed it to her when they came into the room. Unzipping the bag revealed some KY jelly. Pulling it out, she got back on the bed and handed it to Steve. “Now, follow my instructions carefully. You don’t need that silly condom anymore, so you can take it off.” Steve put the jelly down on the folds of the beadspread, and rolled the condom back up, then tossed it to the trashcan. It landed inside with a nice thunk of solid plastic against metal. Adrian had shifted positions, and was now on her hands and knees. “Now Steve, I want you to smear some KY jelly along the outside of the hole and on your dick.” As Steve complied, Adrian felt the cold lubricant against her sphincter muscle. Steve smeared himself with a generous portion. When she was sure he had finished, Adrian went on.

“Ok. Now I want you to insert your finger into my asshole, slowly.” Steve obeyed, pushing his finger against the tight muscle, the KY jelly aiding him a lot. It was harder at first, but after pushing just enough, it slid in. Adrian gave a soft moan, then continued with the instructions. “Ok, now I want you to insert the nozzle of the tube into my ass and squirt some in there.” She felt her butthole pucker as the plastic invaded it, before delivering some cool lube into her ass. “Excellent. I believe I am now ready to be penetrated. Do it slowly.”

Steve set the jelly aside and put his knees between hers, moving closer. His dick, which was harder then ever, jerked as he lifted it, and aimed for Adrian’s rosebud. He placed the tip of the head against the opening, and pushed very gently, hoping it would go into Adrian without hurting her.

Adrian felt it at the entrance, and some slight pressure. She relaxed as much as possible, then pushed back against Steve’s cock. After quite some effort from both of them, her muscles loosened up enough to allow just the head to enter. With Steve’s cock in there, Adrian felt stretched more then she had ever had before, more then when her hymen ripped in her first encounter. She told Steve to stop for a little while so she had a chance to get accustomed.

With the head of his cock inside her rectum, Steve gasped in pleasure, doing his best to hold still as possible, lest he hurt her by mistake. After several moments, Adrian told him to push a little farther in. He did so, sliding farther up into her. Hearing Adrian moan caused his cock to jerk involuntarily, earning another moan.

Adrian had never felt so filled before. It was so tight that she could feel every little movement that either of them made. It felt like her head would explode with the flood of new, yet somewhat vaguely familiar sense. She did have anal sex before, but that was rape. With Steve, it became loving and much more pleasurable. Once more comfortable with the sizable intrusion, she turned her head back towards Steve, saying “That’s a little better. You can fuck me.”

Steve was happy to comply, knowing that he wasn’t hurting he, and he began to slowly move inside her. Soft gentle motions at first, but when she didn’t tell him to stop or slow down, he began to speed up slowly, with faster thrusts, although still short.

Adrian felt Steve’s dick deep inside her, moving back and forth in a slow rhythmic motion, and she start to feel the pleasure build. She moaned softly, and murmured her encouragement to Steve.

Steve needed no more encouragement than that, and he began to fuck her harder. He could hardly stand waiting until now, but knew that it was the right thing to do. His shorter fast thrusts gave way to longer piercing ones, almost pulling all the way out before pushing all the way in. Since it was so much tighter than anything he had every experienced, his pleasure began building much sooner than it did normally.

For Adrian, her pleasure was building rapidly. It was more intense then when she had ‘normal’ sex, and she began moaning much louder, and thrusting herself back upon Steve, impaling herself on his cock.

Steve felt his muscles clench as he was locked in process of creation, feeling the titanic collision between his hips and Adrian’s ass, as he sought to delve deeper into her, before spilling his seed. He arced his head backwards, staring at the ceiling, and cried out, release imminent.

Adrian climaxed first. It was more intense than any pleasure she had ever felt before, and she almost screamed with pleasure. She lifted one hand off the bed to stroke her clitoris as she came all over, juices bursting out of her pussy, and she felt her ass clenching Steve’s penis, forcing his release.

Steve let out a cry of pleasure as he felt her ass constrict, and he shot his load deep up into her, as pleasure coursed through his body. His loins bucked as fast as his body allowed. He felt no sensation other than pleasure, his mind filled with the one sensation of release.

Both spent, they lie down on the bed, Steve still on top. Adrian whispered her content into Steve’s ear, as he softened, still inside her.


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