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My mom gets whored out
Just like the last story, some of the things mentioned in this story I found out later in life. I'm writing from what I remember, and the gaps filled in by my mom. This story picks up right where I left off. Mom got fucked by John at our new apartment. Please comment.

The night John fucked my mom, was the first time I saw people having sex. I didn't understand everything going on at the time, but I was excited and wanted to see more. My mom looked beautiful, she had everyone's attention, and I wanted to be just like her. I didn't know how she felt, but I knew John was happy. I knew I wanted to be hot like my mom, I wanted boys' attention, and I couldn't wait to see mom with a man again.

The next morning, mom asked me how I slept, and I said good. I had cuddled my head right in between her tits, I loved the way her big breasts felt so soft. I had been sleeping like that and finding every excuse to be near her breasts since I could remember. I don't know at what point she stopped breastfeeding me, but sometimes when I squeezed or slept on top of one, milk would come out. I always thought it was normal, but it had been a few years since last time she breastfed me, but she was still lactating. I didn't think of it until much later that the lactation might have been the reason her breasts were so big, full, and erect. I had been tempted to suck on her tits many times, but felt embarrased about. I did like to lay on them and press on them to have milk come out into her bra, and when changed clothes and wasn't around, I would look in the dirty clothes basket for her bra and lick any milk drop that hadn't dried up. I loved the smell of her milk, and I could smell it on her breasts.

The next few days, were similar to the one in the previous story. We would shower together, she would dress slutty, walk to work, serve her evergrowing male clients, and come back and get fucked by John. The difference was I couldn't go see her work, so I stayed by myself for a few days, and could not open the door under any circumstances to anyone. The first highlights of those days were me going through all my mom's new wardrobe and trying things on, which didn't look nearly as good as they did on mom. I loved trying on her thongs, I loved the way they went up my ass. I loved smelling her used bras and trying them on, and hoped someday I could grow tits like her. The second highlight was seeing my mom get fucked everynight. For some of those times, they wouldn't come into the bedroom, John would just take her in the living room. I would usually leave the door open enough so that I could peek and see them fucking. I liked it better that way, because they left the light on, and I could see her better. I loved watching my mom's body getting groped, her breasts fondled and sucked on, I could imagine the milk coming out as John sucked on them. I loved how he fucked her face, which looked like it was torture, but I loved seeing the spit run down between her tits and John fucking them. Watching my mom, I learned early, how to suck dick, and get anything I wanted from a man by being a good little whore.

I don't know if mom liked John at all or not, till this day she claims she didn't, but she was a perfect slut for him. She dressed, acted, and did anything he wanted. He was fat and ugly, and over 20 years older, and married. He treated her like a slut, fucked her rough, and had no respect for her. Yet, she didn't seem unhappy about it. Maybe she likes it rough like I do, or maybe the money and gifts made it all worth it. In between tips and pay, she was making about 2000 on a bad week. We had a really good life. She got on talking terms with grandma, and she would drop me off so she could go to work.

My grandma started dating a business man that would come to town for a few days, then leave. He was younger than my grandma, but it was hard to tell the difference because of her good looks. She stopped working, and he was taking care of all the bills. My mom would drop me off at school, and grandma would pick me up. At school, everyone assumed my mom was my sister, and that my grandma was my mom. I must have had every single teacher tell me how pretty they were. My mom would then pick me up from my grandma's house after work. She would usually be done serving John by midnight.

After a few months of this, John's wife saw mom at the diner, getting groped by one of the waiters, called her a slut, and had fire her. As it turns out, John had been giving my mom away to the staff and clients, she was his toy, and everyone was getting their hands on her. Everyone was allowed to see and grope her, but only John had been fucking her according to her. John showed up at the apartment and told her she couldn't work there now that his wife knew what was going on, but he said he would keep taking care of her if she took care of him. He called up a buddy of his named Bill.

Bill knew all about mom and had gone to get his hands on her a few times. He was the owner of a strip club, and was willing to pay my mom twice what she was getting from John. Bill was another around 40, single, muscular looking, and black. He had a thing for white girls, and wanted my mom since he saw her the first time. Mom became a waiter and a stripper at Bill's stripclub. Bill had us move into a house he owned, and had mom dressing even sluttier than John. Bill was into stockings, and had mom wear sexy stocking with her minskirts everywhere she went. He started pimping her, and wanted everyone know she was a whore. Mom was Bill's favorite girl, he spent more money and time with her, and fucked her everyday. He often stayed with us at the house. I would leave my door slightly open, and peek into my mom's bedroom, Bill liked to leave the door open, and I could see my mom getting fucked.
He was worse than John, he liked to slap her, spank her, insult her, and he made her do anything he wanted.

The first time I saw Bill fuck my mom, was in the living room. Bill had taken us to the mall, my mom had been wearing high heels, sexy hooker stockings, a loose miniskirt that went just below he butt, and a small tank top showing her big tits. As always she wore a sexy thong and push-up bra underneath. Bill liked to walk a a few yards behind and see how men looked at my mom. She was shaking her hips as always, and I'm sure everyone knew she was a slut. Every now and then, Bill like to come up behind her and grope at her ass. He either sneaked his hand under, or lifted her skirt exposing her butt. He loved doing this in front of people. He would also grope at her tits, lifting them, pulling them apart, and sometimes exposing them. He loved showing her off, and letting her know she was his property. That day in particular, he kept doing all these things, but suddenly told us we had to leave and took us home. As soon as we got home, my mom sent me to my room, but I sneaked in to watch. Bill had mom bent over in his lap, with her ass exposed, and was spanking her hard. Her buttcheeks turned red, and she was screaming with every spank. There was no way the neighbors could not have heard her. He took out his dick and started fucking her face, she was gagging and salivating, and her face turned completely red. He kept pushing her head down, and eveytime she would come up for air, he would slap her and push her down again. After a while of this, he got her completely naked and fucked her big tits. He opened layed her on the floor with her legs up, and started fucking her. She kept screaming, and he would slap her from time to time. After fucking her like that for a while, he bent her over, with her ass facing my direction. He grabbeb her by the air, and fucked her face. He then got behind her, and shoved his dick up her butt. She screamed even louder then she had before. He kept pumping at her butt, fast, pulling on her hair, spanking her, and slapping her face. He finished, and by the end of it, she was a mess. Her face was covered in saliva, red from the slaps, with tears down her eyes, her ass was red from the spanking, and I could see liquid flowing out of her butt. I was excited, felt hot, my mom looked good to me, i couldn't wait to see her again. As I was looking at her, I noticed Bill looking at me and we made eye contact. I ran to my room and pretended to be asleep. I heard John grab my mom by the hair, made her crawl to their room across mine, and fucked her again, leaving the door wide open, and has not closed it since then.

Bill did not live with us, but showed up frequently and fucked my mom. It was always loud and brutal, and I loved watching my mom being used like that. Bill was also whoring out other girls, so he didn't fuck her everyday at home. In his place, John would show up and fuck my mom. Even though my mom was whoring out and getting used, I looked up to her for having 2 men. Every now and then, Bill would show up with different men that would fuck my mom as he would watch. At the stripclub, mom was more getting groped by everyone, but Bill would only let certain men fuck her. He would bring them over to our house, so that mom would service them. I had almost forgotten that Bill had seen me watching my mom get fucked, until one day;
Bill-"Hey Brenda, I wanted to ask you about something in secret, I promise I won't tell your mom. How would you like to see your mom having sex from even closer than last time?"
I was speechless.
Bill-"I know you will like it, your mom's birthday is coming up, and I have something real special planned for her. I'm gonna convince your mom of letting you have a computer in your room, and your gonna be able to see her whenever you want."


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