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Hey guys! This is my first story that I've written reall, so I hope you enjoy it! Oh, and if you don't like reading about gay guys fucking, then I highly suggest you don't read this. You were warned.
Section 1

He  stared at from across the neon-lit club. All the way across the club, and this guy, was more interested in me than anything else.
 "What was so great about me?"
My name is Nova. 
Nova Winters. "Sounds like its a girl's name" I always heard from others… I live in New York City, and I live in a decent apartment not far from where this club is.
I do not consider myself hot. Or cute. Or even "attractive"  for that matter. I have long brown hair that I didn't put enough gel in, a long nose (which I believe is a curse), thick dark eyebrows, and a small mouth. The only thing I could even remotely take pride in, was my eyes. My baby-blue eyes that "Shine as bright as the sun"  I would also always hear. As for my body– there isn't much to say... I guess I have a lean build, not muscley, but not scrawny. I never really cared enough to actually measure my cock, but I would assume I am 4 inches when soft, and 8 inches when hard.
 But to compare myself to this guy, watching me- was not comparable.
He had short, stark black hair, smooth features, in mix with a sharp chin that gave him masculinity, a very nicely muscular build under his skin-tight V-neck, and dark eyes. 
 Dark eyes that conveyed... Hunger.
We made eye contact, and held each other's gaze. My heart leapt up into my throat. My stomach turned over in summersaults. My breath spilled out of my lungs.My cock stiffened.
We held our gaze for a full 5 seconds before I chickened out and looked to the left of him. "Fuck." I thought to myself. I then, avoided looking at this "adonis" all together for fear that I might give in again. I felt his eyes all over me; on my face, my neck, my chest, and especially on my crotch. He was violating me with his piercing eyes. "I want you to do more." I thought. I saw out of the corner of my eye, the "adonis" stood from the opposite end of the club, which has been filled with bodies intoxicated with God knows what, and music blaring so loud, it could've waken the dead.
 He stood and began to cross over the dance floor to my booth. 
I instantly straightened up in an attempt to "look my best" for him, and awaited his arrival. 
He weaved through all the dancing, jumping bodies and was now 5 feet away from me. He was still eyeing me, like I was a feild of crops, ready to be plowed. "I want him to plow me..." I thought.
"Hey there." he said, his voice smooth as silk. His eyes were actually blue. Not as light as mine, but more intense. 
"Hey." I said back– nearly cracking.
"I saw you from across the club, and I thought you'd like some company." 
"Aw, that's nice of you. Well, why don't you take a seat...?" I said more confidently, but still weak. My cock was still hardening and my horny level sky-rocketed.
"Don't mind if I do." he said, sitting down across from me. "My name is Jason. Jason Silver. What's yours?"
Jason Silver. "Why does he have to such a sexy name?!" I thought.
He extended his hand in front of me, from across the table; I did the same and we shook hands. His hands are as smooth as his silky voice.
"Nova. Nova Winters." I said back.
"Nova? That sounds like a–"
"Girl's name, I know." I cut in. 
"What? A girl's name? I was gonna' say that sounds like a cool name to have, but if you want it to sound like a girl's then go right ahead–"
"Wait! Sorry–". I exhaled deeply from my stupidity. “Thank you. Most people don't say things like that to me."
"Well, why not?" he asked, astonished. "Who wouldn't say something nice to a cute guy like you?"
My mouth dropped.
" He said I'm cute..." My thoughts screamed.
"Oh– um– T-th-thanks–" I sputtered, like an idiot.
"Haha, your very welcome, Nova." he said smiling. I liked the way he said my name. It sounded… natural. He also had a wonderful smile. If a smile cost money, he would be the richest man in the world. Perfect white teeth, and scarlet lips for his mouth. 
"What'd'ya say we get out of here?" Jason said suddenly.
I was stunned again.
"And go where?" I asked.
"My place? I live up in Grand Palace."
"Grand Palace? Doesn't it cost a fortune to live up there?" Grand Palace is one of the most expensive hotel/apartment complex to live in. And it's, so far, the only one in New York.
"Yes. But, not as much as you think." he responded, smiling his million dollar smile. 
"Haha, O.K. then."
"Let's go." 
We both exit the booth and make our way out of the noisy club and enter, one of  many, a grimy street of Manhattan.
"Palace isn't too far from here." Jason informed me. "Just don't get lost."
"Maybe I should stay close to you." 
"Maybe you should hold my hand." “Hold his hand...YES PLEASE." My thoughts demanded.
I took his hand gingerly, and felt the same silkiness from before.
"This way." Jason said. We began the walk down the street and stayed close to each other.
And all the way, I wondered what would happen when we would arrive to his apartment…
Section 2

"You live in the penthouse?" I asked as we were entering the elevator. 
"Yep. With my older sister. My parents own the Palace. In fact, this has been the only home I've ever lived in." he said.
"Really? And how's that working out?" I asked, sarcastically.
He didn't say anything. 
There was an awkward silence for a few moments, and then the elevator chimed and the doors rolled open. 
"And here we are." Jason said smiling. My mouth dropped, yet again. This place was spectacular. 
The floors and walls were pink marble, and all along the ceiling was a hypnotic mural of babies with wings, playing with harps and guitars. 
"What are those?" I asked Jason, pointing to the ceiling.
"Those are called Cupids. They're gods of love, and romance. My mother asked for them when the Palace was first built."
"They're beautiful." I say in awe.
"Eh. They're there." he said casually. "Do you want something to drink?" he said, moving out of the entryway and into the well decorated living room. 
"Um, no thanks." I looked at him, studying his motive, and his movements. His long, muscular arms, his contour abs poking out of his thin shirt. 
"I want it off..." My fiend-filled mind demanded.
"C'mere. I wanna show you something." Jason said.
I snapped out of my reverie and locked eyes. They were begging for me. I strolled over to him and he was standing in front of a door made of dark wood and has a gold door handle. He gestured for me, as in "ladies first", to walk through.  I opened the door and I gasped. It was the bedroom. Completely adorned in marble walls, silk curtains, cotton rugs, and a bed that was fit for a king.
"Well, in this case a Queen." I thought to myself. 
"What'd'ya think?" Jason asked.
I turned around, to see Jason, without his shirt on, and his muscles rippling as he walked towards me. 
"I think... I think that bed needs some company." I blurted out.
Jason, grabbed my waist roughly, and locked his eyes on mine. There was a fire behind those eyes, no longer the begging for attention. Just a fire that is waiting to burst and consume. I mustered all the confidence that I had and said to him...
 " Kiss me." 
And with a finally survey of my eyes, he  kissed my hungry lips. He was passionate, and rough– I moaned at how intoxicating he was. I breathed in his scent, musky and sweaty. This was heaven. His lips were still mashing my mouth to his, an his tongue shot out of his mouth and into mine trying to entangle itself with my tongue. His grip on my waist tightened, and I tried to move as best I could to fit in his arms. Then, he picked me up, and walked us over to the bed. He softly laid me on my back and his mouth still continued its assault on mine.
I pulled back, to rip my shirt off and went back to kissing him. His lips began traveling down my chin, then neck, then chest. He sucked on my nipples with great interest, and bit them slightly. My moaning increased every time he bit down, because every bite sent waves of pleasure through my body. After a while of Jason sucking of my nipples, he started traveling downwards again. He continued kissing and licking, and then his lips paused. I was still in my jeans, and my cock was raging and fighting to get out of the tight confines of my skinny-jeans.
"Hmmm, looks like 'Tiger's' having trouble getting out. Lemme help him out…" Jason said,as seduction oozed out of his mouth. He undid my jeans slowly and made me hornier in the process. He slid the zipper down slowly. He was about to see my treasure.
"You ready?" he asked, his eyes glued to mine.
I paused. "Was I ready for this?" I thought. "Am I ready to be 'deflowered' by this man? This sexy, hunky, sweaty, and very horny man?"
After 3 seconds I said, "Suck. Me. Now."
And with that, Jason ripped of my jeans and threw them behind him, and he literally torn apart my boxer briefs. He stopped again for a second and said, "Whoa, nice." 
He continued, by driving my cock into his mouth with one swallow. 
"Ooooh, Aaaaah, ooh Fuck!" I moaned uncontrollably. His mouth was so tight and wet my cock felt like it could cum right then and there. He sucked on me so hard and so rough it made me cry out louder and louder. He knew exactly how to send all the right  waves of pleasure through me, after every thrust. He just kept thrusting his mouth all the way down my fully hard 8 inch cock, and began pumping faster and faster, harder and harder. I started to get close the cumming and I tried to warn Jason.
" J-Ja-Jason, I'm about to-" was all I could get out before Jason planted his mouth firmly on my cock and sucked even harder. I was so close, I gripped the back of his head with my hands to control his final thrust for the finale. "OOOOOH FUUUCK, AAAAAAAHHH, HOLY SHIT JASON, I'M CUMMING!!!!!!" I screeched at the top of my lungs, blowing my load into Jason's hungry mouth. All of my pent up energy was focused on blowing as huge a load of hot cum into Jason's mouth.
 3 long streams of my juice splurged out of my cock, and I wasn't sure if Jason would down it all. But, I was mistaken. He sucked me dry and swallowed every bit of cum, while I was recovering. "He must be a pro." I thought. After Jason had cleaned me off all the way, I still had a hard on; and, I could tell Jason was wanting to move on to something else.
I kissed him to keep the emotions and the pleasure going, but something felt different about Jason's kiss. It felt... Long term. It was like he was kissing me because he thought he would never see me again, or just, something bad might happen to me- so he was comforting me. We separated. Jason sat up and grabbed my waist again, he pulled me closer to him and started undoing his jeans. This was the moment I had been waiting for. I was waiting to see 'Jason's' treasure. Just as he was about to pull down his waistband, he said "And my gift, to you." He pulled them down.
"What the-?" I said astonished. "How long are you?!" I saw his cock swing out and it was obviously longer than mine, and a little bit thicker. There was also a little bush of black hair right above his cock. 
"10 inches." he replied smiling with his million dollar teeth and lips.
"Holy hell, you could  satisfy a fucking whale with that rod!" I exclaimed. 
"Well actually, I hope to satisfy something else." he said eyeing my mouth intently.
"Well, C'mere baby." I said, mustering as much seduction as I possible could. I wanted him in me. He stroked himself a few times then crawled over to me and laid on his back. His cock pointed straight up, all on its own. I touched it with my hand, felt its texture, it's smoothness. Like silk.
I prepared myself to go down but just before did I said smiling, "Are 'you' ready?" 
Again after 3 seconds Jason replied, "Suck. Me. Now." With that, Jason grabbed my head and tried to force me down his pole. I was surprised a little, but I held my ground. I wet the tip of his member to a shine, and then downed about 4 inches comfortably, making it seem as if Jason. Was still in control of my thrusts. Every time I did thrust, I tried to down as much as I could get. I was making my way down as much as I could without gagging, and all the while, I was sucking off Jason, it seemed like he had never had a blow job before; he was moaning and shouting "Holy shiiiit, aaaaahhh, fuck yeah baby." And a lot of other things I couldn't make out. After a while of doing only 4-5 inches, I decided it was time to take on more. I readjusted my position and prepared my throat. I counted to 3 in my head " One... Two... Three!" and I downed another 2 inches without any problems; but, as I was about to push for more of him– my mouth wouldn't fit. My throat tightened, and I couldn't breathe right. I gagged somewhat trying to breathe correctly again, and I was repositioning and readjusting myself, but it was difficult. Jason wasn't prepared for me to shove down even more of his delicious cock, so he started yelling: "HOLY SHIT, YES BABY, SUCK THAT COCK!!!!" I assumed that he was already closing in on cumming, but I wanted to try and get as much of him as I could before he did spew his loads. So, knowing that I didn't have much time left, I gathered myself again; and, with a deep inhale, I smelt the musky/sweatiness from before; I then forced my mouth to go deeper onto his cock. It was rough, and it started to hurt a little, but it was worth it. Just as I hit the base of Jason's rod, he blew his load down my throat shouting "FUCK I'M CUMMING NOVA!" 4 long streams of Jason's cum shot out of his member, and man, this boy was packing 'quarts' of it. Every bit of it went down into my throat without a problem.
Section 3

"Holy shit… where'd you learn to suck like that?" Jason asked breathing hard.
"I've had... A lot of practice." I said, looking away. I sat up and got off his lap.
"What? What's wrong, baby?" He asked.
"Nothing, it's nothing." not making eye contact. I couldn't face him with a real answer so I broke contact. I felt his hand gently caress my shoulder and chest. 
"You don't have to tell me. I was just being curious." There was a long pause before he asked "So…you wanna…?" 
I smiled, and looked at him to say "Yes." I laughed, "Right after you and I rebound."
"Oh yeah, I'm a real fast rebounder." he said, and he started to stroke himself again, to get hard again. I leaned in and kissed his gently on the lips to spark us both up again. I felt his hunger for me once more, and I kissed him with more passion. I felt his hands grab my arms, and he forced them up, and as he was doing so, we fell backwards back onto the bed. Jason was on top of me, my hands above me head. My body felt helpless. I liked that. I liked feeling that helplessness from Jason, because it made me feel safe that I was with him. Our bodies began to sweat as we ravaged each others lips. Jason sucked my mouth, then moved down to my neck, my chest, my nipples, and he teased me up and down my V-cut. 
"Aaahhh… Jason?" I moaned.
"Yeah baby?" he said.
"I.. I want you to..." was all I got out. Pleasure and ecstasy raged through me in a flood, and my mouth decided not to form words anymore. Well, other than words to cry out about how great Jason made me feel. But Jason didn't need anymore words to know what I wanted him to do. Like reading my mind, Jason kissed me one more time in the lips, and said "Turn over."
 I complied very eagerly, and raised my ass to his awaiting cock. I knew he was gonna be big, and I didn't know if I would be able to take him all at once. Jason gave me a few slaps to awaken more of my senses and then he played with my hole with his fingers and stuck his index in to prepare me. It felt tight, but enjoyable, so I clenched my ass tighter to trap Jason's finger in me. Then, without warning, Jason bent down and started rimming my ass with his tongue.
"Oh my God." I let out. He flicked my entrance a few times, then he laid his tongue right on it as if trying to cover my hole. My horny level was sky rocketing, again, and Jason's appetite was growing like his now, fully erect cock. His tongue continued rimming, and with a little push he shoved it into my hole. "HOLY SHIT!!" I cried. It felt so good, and his very, VERY, talented tongue was thrusting in and out of me preparing me for the best part. After another few minutes of that, I could, very well, tell that Jason wanted to fuck my brains out. So, he sat up and stopped rimming me; and, he tapped his cock on my ass a few times too, as if to warn me to brace myself. 
Jason's cock was right outside my glory hole, and right before it thrust into me- Jason whispered "Here we go." And with that, his thrust himself into me. At first I felt a slight twitch of pain in my lower area, and he felt too big. "Jason, w-wait a sec." I said my eyes shut tight and hands gripping the bed sheets tightly. "Ooohh man, you really tight." Jason moaned. We waited about a minute before I let him go a little deeper. This time, I felt like screaming, he was so big. I didn't tell him to stop though because I knew he was really enjoying fucking my tight ass from all the shouts, and moans, and yelps of pleasure.
I started to relax after a little while of Jason slowly sliding in and out of me. It started to feel really good. 
"Go faster." I commanded.
Jason didn't hesitate to pick up speed. He was about 5 inches in, and I wanted as much of him as I could get. "H-Ha-Harder." I stuttered, barely able to even get a sound out, I was in Heaven. Jason pushed harder and faster than before now, he was all 10 inches in with every thrust. I let him ram my ass at such a speed, I felt like I was getting fucked by a jack-hammer. Jason's shouting turned into wails of incoherent words, but I fully knew he was enjoying every second of this. I was so close to cumming, but all I needed was something to send me over the edge. As if sensing my hunger to cum, Jason bent over and bit my neck. Hard.
"AAAHHHH!!!!" I cried out. Right as he bit me, I exploded. Almost 5 steams splurged from my exhausted cock. 
"OH BABY IM SO FUCKING CLOSE!!!!" Jason bellowed with enough power to make my whole being shudder. His cock was flying in and out of my ass without any effort, even with all 10 inches. With a final thrust, Jason howled and the tip of his cock began to gush what seemed like gallons of his cum into my ass. In fact, he came so much my ass couldn't hold it all, so it began to seep out and unto the bed. 
"Oh my God..." I whispered weakly.
Jason breathed deeply and asked, "What? What's wrong, baby?" his tone conveyed concern. 
"Nothing... Nothing's wrong. Everything is... Perfect..." I whispered. I turned over to look Jason in his beautiful eyes. I felt so alive in that moment. Jason leaned over and kissed me again. It was the same "long-term" feeling from before, like we could be more than what we are. Our lips disconnected and I said the Jason "Why?"
He looked puzzled. "Why what?" he asked.
"Why me? Of all the guys in that club, you asked 'me' to come up to your penthouse. And I know I'm not the hottest guy out there, so why did you ask 'me'?"
Jason stared like before at me for a moment and replied " Because you weren't fake. You're genuine, and I can't believe no one else saw that. You looked lonely at that booth and I couldn't help myself. You seemed lost in the crowd and you needed... well 'me', Nova." I loved the way he said my name. He said it like he would remember it and it just sounded natural for him to say it. I gazed at him for what seemed like hours before I kissed him again. Everything seemed to be slowing down now and I felt exhausted from all this hot fucking sand sucking. I turned over, facing away from Jason, and he positioned himself so that we would be in the spooning position. He put his arms around me as if the try and my them a blanket on me. I felt safe in Jason's arms, and knowing that he would be here with me. I felt complete, and whole knowing that Jason believed I was a real guy. The only thoughts I remembered before I drifted off into the abyss of sleep, was "What would the morning bring…?"

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