Hello my name is tyler and im 17 year's old. Im about 6ft 1 and have brown hair and brown eye's. 
My sister jade is 23 she is about 5ft6 and has blonde hair and brown eye's. My step sister amy is about 5ft9 with brown hair and blue eye's. Both have a nice pair of tit's and are lovely people as you will get to no ;). 

When me and my step sister amy Were 15  (there was about 4 month's between our birthday's) we used to share a bedroom. We had grown up together so we never really cared about walking around in our underware while we was in the room together. We had never seen eachother naked untill one day i walked in after a shower and stubbed my toe on the door. As i fell my towel came down amy looked around and saw me falling and began to laugh. I laid on the floor shouting because of the pain she climbed over her bed and looked down to see me and my exposed dick. She gasped and didnt no what to do. She helped me up but as she did my dick brushed against her leg. She laughed and i blushed and just turned away and got dressed. We went to bed later that night. I find it hard to sleep at night sometime's. I turned over and was facing amy's bed that's when i realised she was sleeping naked and i could see her cunt. This instantly caused my cock to stir in my boxer's. I was so turned on at the though of my step sister naked in the same room as me that i pulled out my cock and started wanking. Then her phone went off and her eye's opened. She was staring right at me and i just froze i didn't no what to do. Then her face lit up with a huge grin and she rolled out of her bed and came over to me. She started kissing me so i kissed her back she then grabbed hold of my cock and looked down with a weird look on her face. I asked her 'why are you looking at my dick weirdly?' amy answered with a big grin and said 'your cock is the biggest i have seen for a boy our age'. I grinned back and pulled her onto my bed i kissed her and moved my hand between her leg's and pushed two finger's into her dripping wet cunt. She moaned and kissed me harder and jerked my cock faster. She moved my hand from between her leg's and moved down kissing my body as she went down. She got down to my cock and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. She got about half of my cock into her mouth before she gagged and pulled my cock out of her mouth. (My cock is about 7 inches by the way so she done well in my opinion) she then looked up and smiled before she carried on sucking my dick. She swirled her tounge around the head while she played with my ball's. This was by far the best blwojob i ever had. I slipped my dick out of her mouth because i nearly cummed. I rolled her over on to her back and started sucking her perfect tit's. I slipped two finger's back into her while i sucked her tit's. I moved down her body untill i got to her pussy. I licked her slit up and down a few time's. each time i felt her shiver with pleasure. I drove my tounge deep into her and rubbed her clit with my finger's. I then swapped and fingered her and sucked and licked her clit. This made her go crazy she started moaning loudly. I grabbed a pillow and threw it at her she got the idea and put it over her face to muffle her maon's. She started to buck her hip's and i knew what was happening i opened my mouth as a river of her juices flowed into my mouth. I looked up as amy took the pillow off of her face she smiled so i moved up and kissed her. She grabbed hold of my cock and moved it to the entrance of her pussy. I knew she had already lost her virginity so it made everything that bit easier. I pushed my cock into her pussy she was so tight it felt amazing. As i bottomed out she let out a loud moan. I kissed her to muffle the moan's and slowly started to slid my dick in and out of her. After about 10 minutes i could feel my ball's starting to tense up. I asked her if she was on birth control she said no but she will go and get the morning after pill tomorrow. I pumped harder and faster amy started to moan louder and louder as i started to pump her full of my cum. I kissed her deeply and rolled off and laid next to her. Amy said. 'that was amazing i dont no why we never done that before'. She cuddled up to me and we both fell asleep. 

I woke up the next morning while amy was still sleeping. I got out of bed and jumped into the shower. After about 20 minutes i got out dried my self off and went back into our room to get changed. I walked in and amy was awake still laid in my bed i walked in naked since last night happened it didnt bother me. She smiled and said ' why dont you come back to bed'. I got the hint and walked over and kissed her i moved the duvet got between her leg's positioned my cock and slid into her. She let out a loud moan. I didnt worry about this since out parent's had gone out for a few hour's. I turned her over into the doggy position and sunk my dick back into her sopping pussy. I was fuckig her harder and deeper with every stroke. Once again i could feel my ball's tensing. She started to moan louder she then started to cum as i did. It felt amazing as her pussy clamped down around my cock milking every drop of my cum into her awaiting pussy. She looked back and said ' fucking hell tyler that was amazing i liked the way you just got straight into it'. I laughed and said ' yer i no i just wanted to fuck you again. Didnt bother me about missing out all the foreplay and shit'. Amy said ' im going to go and get in the shower think you could handle making some bacon sarnies ?' i smiled and said ' yer i will get dressed and go and make them'. Amy got into the shower and i started to make the bacon sarnies. Amy came down just as i finished making the sandwhiches. 
She was in her underware she looked fucking amazing. She walked over and kissed me i handed the sandwhiches over to her and we went and sat in the living room. We watched tv for a while. I finished my sanwhiches first and went into the kitchen and started washing up the dirty stuff. Amy came in and passed me her plate. She ran off up stairs and got dressed. After i had finished the washing up i got a phone call off my mate he asked if i wanted to go out for a bit. I ran up stairs grabbed my wallet and put some shoe's on. I kissed amy and walked out of the house. I met my mate down the park and we bought 3 gram's of weed. I have smoked weed since i was 12 i smoke it everyday so it's just a normal thing to do for me. It was about 8 so i went in for my dinner. I knocked on the door and amy answered. I walked in said hi to my parent's and went upstairs. I laid on my bed waiting for dinner when amy walked into the room looked at me and bit her bottom lip. I knew instantly what she wanted so i stood up and walked toward's her. I lifted her skirt and pulled her panites to the side. I fingered her and kissed her as i pushed her over to the wall. I lifted her up and leant her against the wall. she wrapped ger leg's around my waist and i thrusted up and my cock gently slid into her waiting pussy. I kissed her while still poundig into her pussy. She was moaning but we were kissing so it wasnt loud. I could feel my ball's starting to tense up but i didnt wanna cum yet. I moved amy off my dick and laid her on the bed. I sat next to her and she jumped on top of me. Amy grabbed hold of my dick and slowy lowered herself onto it. She started to ride me i was feeling her tit's while she rid me faster and faster. She knew i would cum soon by the way she was smiling at me. My ball's tensed up i couldnt hold any longer and for the third time unleashed my torrent of cum into her pussy. ' DINNER'S READY'. Amy kissed me and got off me. She pulled her knicker's back over her pussy. I pulled my chino's back up and we walked down the stairs together. We ate dinner and spoke about the normal family chat at the dinner table. I told my dad i was going back out. I went back into my room grabbed my wallet and phone. And then Walked out the door. I got in about 11ish got a drink and a bag of crisp's and went upstair's. Amy was already in bed and watching the film step brother's which is both our favourite film. I got into bed and started watching the film. I had to go back to my mum's house tomorrow because my mum and dad split up. I was talking to amy and she said ' tyler what's happen over the past 2 day's can it keep happening ?' i didnt say anything but just got up and walked over to amy's bed. I leant down and kissed her and said 'amy i would love this to keep happening'. At that moment she pulled me down to her bed and pulled the duvet off. She pulled down my boxer's off and threw them on the floor. She wrapped her hand arround my half erect cock. I pulled down her panties and unclipped her bra. I sucked her tit's and pushed 2 finger's into her pussy. She pulled me on top of her and i went down between her leg's. I started eating her pussy. She was moaning and groaning. I felt her body tense up and her leg's started to squeeze against my head. I rubbed her clit faster and she moaned loudly as a flow of her pussy juices shot into my mouth. I moved up kissed her and pushed my cock into her once again. I was pumping harder with every stroke. I turned her over and pulled her up onto her knee's. And then pushed my cock back into her pussy and once again started to pump harder and faster. Amy turned around and said ' i want you to cum in My mouth tyler'. I responded by getting pumping even harder. I felt my ball's tense i pulled my cock out of her dripping pussy tunred her over and she opened her mouth and engulfed my cock. Sucking her pussy juices off my cock as i dumped my cum into her mouth. I siged and laid down next to amy. I woke up to her giving me a blow job. She was swirling her tounge are my head and playing with my ball's. I could feel my ball's tensing up so i pulled her of of my cock. I pulled her up to me and she got hold of my cock sat about and just dropped herself onit. Her eye's closed and she bit her bottom lip. After about 5 minites i could feel my ball's tensing up again. I held her up above my cock and then dropped her down just as i cummed. I flooded her pussy with my cum. I didnt realise but it was morning. I got up and went into thw shower. About 10 minutes into my shower amy came and jumped in. She started kissing me and playing with my ball's i moved my hand down her body to her pussy and pushed two finger's in again. I turned her around pushed her on her knee's i got on my knee's and rammed my cock into her pussy. Instantly it felt like i was in heaven. I could feel myself about to cum. I thrusted faster as amy's groaning got louder i felt her pussy clamp down around my cock. She was cumming and i could feel it i couldnt hold any longer and unleashed a huge load of cum into her pussy. Amy turned around kissed me and got out of the shower. I washed and dried myself and went into mine and amy's room. I got dressed packed my stuff and said to amy that im going now and i will see her next weekend. I kissed amy and slipped 2 finger's into her pussy. Then my sister walked into our room. We both froze i pulled my hand out of amy's pant's and just stared at my sister. Jade said ' i will speak to both of you later about this tyler get your fucking thing's we are going'. She walked out of the room. I didnt no what the fuck to do neither did amy. I said i would text her later i got my stuff and left the room. I got into my sister's car and we drove the normal route back to my mum's house. Which is through some back road's. Half way down my sister pulled the car up into a lay bye undone her seatbelt and grabbed my ball's and kissed me. 

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