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Intro: When i was younger, the neighborhood was mostly teens. seeing as they all knew certain things, Liza (My best friend and current wife) and I got into some pretty... adult adventures. luckily no one got pregnant, though that in itself was certainly a miracle. looking back, i realize that this might be somewhat exciting to know that every who reads this knows a little more about us. Liza might help a little too, if the story gets a good rating. hope you like it, and try not to be too jealous. =)

I guess I was ten when it happened. I lived in a neighborhood that was shaped like an oval, with a few dirt roads cutting between the woods in the center. I was one of the youngest, the only kid younger being my best friend, Liza, who was also ten. I was always proud to say that I was four months older, born in May. To counter that she was proud to say she could beat me up. As the youngest normally do in a primarily teen neighborhood, Liza and I were always trying to be around the older kids. The only ones who wanted us around were Maggie, a thirteen year old girl who lived next to me, Trevor, a twelve year old nerdy kid who liked to play sports, Austin and Terra, two fourteen year olds who lived across the block from all of us and still chose to make the bike ride. At the time our favorite hang out was a small pond with a waterfall into a creek. The place was in the middle of the oak trees that were densely populating the center of the neighborhood, and well hidden. None of the adults knew were it was and there weren’t any large rocks for us to fall and hurt ourselves on.
One day Liza and I joined up and went on our usual path there, one of the game trails that split off in so many directions only the “inside” kids knew where the place was. Once we got there, we decided to play Marco polo. After a while Maggie showed up, sullen and deep in thought (though we just thought she was depressed.) we offered to let her play but she just wasn’t interested. She was in the seventh grade, a huge step for Liza and I who had just entered fourth. She had mentioned some strange class the day before but neither of us made that connection. We simply continued playing. Eventually though we thought of a new game. We decided that the first one who could get Maggie into the water was the winner, and that came with bragging rights.
Liza went first, making Maggie very confused when she tried pushing her into the pond. When that didn’t work Liza journeyed into the deeper portion of the pond, which to us was about neck height. She tried the fish trick, claiming a huge fish was swimming around her. Ten minutes later nothing had worked. Liza came over to me, pouting severely at her failure. Then it was my turn.
By now Maggie had figured out the game, and she wasn’t happy when I approached. Then she seemed interested in me for some reason. Once I got closer, she seemed almost happy to see me. On a side note, we kids who used the pool wore swim trunks in and out, and Maggie was wearing a pink bikini, Liza a one piece and I was just wearing trunks.
“Travis, why was Liza trying to push me in earlier? Are you guys playing a game?” Maggie was smiling by now, standing up and talking in a tone that meant either I was in trouble or she wanted me to do something. I wasn’t about to give her anything until I won.
“ We decided whoever could get you into the water first wins… why are you talking like that? Do you want me to help you get out of trouble with your parents again?” I was a pretty smart kid at the time, and Maggie had called me to help her get her out of trouble with her parents the week before. I actually succeeded in getting her ungrounded.
“ What?! No! But…” Now she was getting shy, and Maggie never got shy around Liza or me. “ Well I took this class, and I didn’t really understand it. It’s called sex education, but I just couldn’t learn without an actual example of the material. Could you help me?”
Then I was confused. Sex education? I knew at the time that education meant school, but sex was beyond me. And what did she want exactly? If only I had known.
“I guess, but you have to get into the water first. I wont let Liza win when we both need something from one another.” When Maggie heard that her smile got wide. She stood and waded into the water, diving in and swimming a quick lap before exiting the pool. Liza was instantly by my side, shoving me into the water.
“You CHEATED!! If I couldn’t do it then there’s no way YOU could’ve!!!” Another quick side note. Liza was extremely competitive. There’s no way she could lose, at least in her mind. And if she couldn’t do then no one else could. Though she has gotten better over the years.
“ I didn’t cheat, I just made a deal with her. She went in and… say what DID you want from me exactly?” I realized at that point that I hadn’t really asked her before, and I wasn’t going back on my word. I turned to face her and she got that wide grin again.
“ Take off your trunks, please!”

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2012-08-26 19:53:55
Fire erupted from upon the skies, everything turned into chaos within moments, people running everywhere trying to find a spot to hide for them & their children, Dragons once again attacked the city.

Finally it was over. Slowly, everyone calmed down, & returned to their tasks, but she did not. This woman, from distant lands had seen it all, there was pain in the eyes of the people, & she noticed it.

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2012-08-26 05:10:30
probably because it's taged with lesbian, and oral sex, but there isn't a single sex scene in the whole story. and based on the ages and school grades, every kid in the neighborhood was held back a year.

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2012-08-25 22:56:58
i'm not sure why your getting negative votes. it was at twenty five percent when i clicked on.i think it's a good start. my only suggestion is spacing to make it easier to read.

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