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Adonis and the vixens
Adonis awoke as the sun creped in through the window he climbed out of bed and clothed himself and left the room. Lilith was nowhere to be found he stepped outside looking around for his lioness. He heard movement around the front of the cabin and made his way around the building when he reached the front he could hear that it was in fact coming from further down the mountain along the path that lead to his cabin he moved down the path with a hand on his long blade. As he made his way down the path he heard footsteps approaching, he stepped off the path and unsheathed his blade ready to slay the intruder as he passed. He saw a tan blur pass, it was his lioness running up the path “Lilith” he yelled stepping out of the brush.

“Adonis there you are come on” she said moving back down the path grabbing his hand and pulling him along

“What’s wrong “Adonis Asked “bandits, raiders, what”

“Nothing like that, and put that away” Lilith said eyeing his blade

She stopped at the mouth of a cave “come on out you are safe now, come along you can’t live in there forever “
Adonis stood there wondering who his wife was talking to then he saw as two girls came out of the cave they were foxes, both were young and beautiful. They both looked like they were in their late teens; one looked a little older than the other. They were terrified the jumped with each howl of the wind and every twig break they were no threat at all, but that didn’t matter, Adonis felt the his hair begin to stand on end. He fought in the Denari rebellions; his main enemy was the fox kin the fighting lasted nearly thirty years, hatred for them was hardwired into him. Then the foxes saw him and hid behind Lilith she turned to him and saw his hair on end and his teeth starting to show.

“Nock that off” she said walking up to him whispering “they are runaways they have not eaten in several days and have been hiding in that cave for three days now”

“But they’re” Lilith put her hand to his mouth cutting off his complaint

“That doesn’t matter now forget the war” she whisper to him “go back to the cabin and cook the rest of the deer for them “
Adonis took a deep breath kissed the lioness’s forehead and went back up the trail towards the cabin
Lilith turned to the foxes saying “come along girls you are safe now”

“Safe, he is a wolf, he hates us, he will kill us the first chance he gets” said one of the foxes shielding the other from the lioness.

“He will be fine you don’t have to worry about him” Lilith said

“But you can’t trust them” the fox replied

“You trust me don’t you?” Lilith asked

“I guess I do”

“Then come along” Lilith said extending her hand to them they took it and she lead them back to the cabin. Adonis had already cooked most of the meat and was working on the rest of it. Lilith came inside the cabin followed closely by the two foxes walked to the table sticking closely to the lioness. They pulled two chairs together sitting as close as they could to each other, both keep their eyes on Adonis. Lilith slide a plate of deer meat in front of them, they looked at it cautiously not knowing what the wolf might have done to it Lilith saw this and took a piece of meat off the plate and ate it upon seeing this the two foxes began to eat as much as they could as if the wolf would take it away. Adonis finished cooking the meat and sat another plate of meat on the table, and took a seat next to his love. He watched as the foxes finished the first plate of meat and started with the second.

“Dear get them a blanket” Lilith whispered in his ear he stood and walked to their bedroom to fetch a spare blanket. He was no pushover but when his blood ran hot he didn’t always think straight so he would let Lilith do the thinking. He took a blanket from the closet and brought it back tossing it over the backs of the foxes and taking his seat next to Lilith.

“What’s your name?” said the fox on the left

“It’s Lilith dear” the lioness replied” what are yours”

“I’m Tina, this is my little sister Amy” said the fox on the left

“what’s his name” Amy said looking up from her meal, as Adonis turned to look at her she looked back at her food fearing to look into his eyes. Adonis was waiting for Lilith to answer her but she didn’t. Adonis finally looked away from the fox and towards his wife she was just glaring at him

“What?” He finally said looking at her

“Are you going to introduce yourself?” She asked him

“Adonis” he said turning back to the foxes “Adonis is my name”

Amy looked up from her meal just long enough to give him a smile before her shyness got the best of her and she turned gaze from his face to her food, Adonis almost let Tina see him smirk.

“Why were you two in that cave” Lilith finally asked

“Lilith, the question is not why they were in the cave” Adonis said not taking his eyes off the foxes “but who are they hiding from”

“What do you mean Adonis they were probably just getting out of the storm that was a few nights back” Lilith said

“Don’t be naive Lilith” Adonis said “Amy is hiding the collar with her blouse, and not very well I might add”
Amy pulled the blanket tightly around her neck to hide the now obvious collar. Adonis snickered a little at her doing this and Lilith just glared at him until he got the message. He got up and walked over to Amy, he took a dagger from his belt Amy looked over at Lilith as the wolf, with dagger in hand, moved closer to her. Amy turned back to Lilith fear in her eyes; she made eye contact with the lioness who simply nodded back. This gave her some reassurance as the wolf reached out and grabbed her collar, Tina stood ready to launch herself at the wolf to protect her sister. Adonis pulled it as far as he could from her throat and used his dagger to cut the leather collar from her. He sheathed his blade as he walked back to his seat tossing the collar into the fire, Amy rubbed her neck as a wave of relief swept over her, Tina sat down still shocked that the wolf did not cut Amy’s throat.

“Thank you Adonis” Amy said to him this time he let the smile appear for just a heartbeat before he hid it away.

“Why don’t you cut off Tina’s while you are at it” Lilith said

“She doesn’t have one” Adonis said

“Why would she not have one “Lilith Asked?

Before Tina could say a word Adonis answered Lilith’s question “vector totra destre is the answer to that”

“What?” Lilith said looking away from the foxes and now to her husband

“A fancy form of slavery, simply put if she didn’t do as she was told her sister would suffer the consequence, isn’t that correct Tina”

The sisters nodded in unison both wondering how he knew what they went through.

“How did you know that Adonis” Lilith said asking the question that was on the mind of all three of the females

“It was very common practice after the rebellions “Adonis answered

Adonis stood up quickly knocking his chair over in the process “what is it dear” Lilith asked “horses” Adonis replied walking towards the door and stepping outside he saw the horses come up the trail and enter the clearing in front of the cabin “stay inside” he said as he closed the door behind him we walked out into the clearing a little to meet them. They stopped in front of him forming a semi circle so that they all looked down on him from their horses five in total. Their flags were green with gold outline and a grey wolfs head in the center. Imperials, Adonis thought to himself, this should be interesting.

“We are looking for something if you help us, a hefty amount of gold could find its way into your pocket” said the wolf just left of the one in the middle

“What are you seeking” Adonis said, knowing full well what they wanted

Two foxes escaped our custody, they are sisters and they were spotted moving through the forest of this mountain” the same wolf said

“My, forest” Adonis replied

“Your forest what gives you the right to claim the woodlands that belong to the prince”

“The right of any veteran who served in the rebellions”

“Settle down Leko”

“Yes my lord”

“He is right my father granted veterans any land they wished to claim” said the wolf in the center obviously the prince that they were referring to

Adonis heard the door open behind him he turned to see Lilith step out of the door her long blade hanging at her side and her armor across her chest the two foxes peeking the door just next to her.

“Ah there they are” said the prince “go collect them you two” the two at the end dismounted

“I would not do that if you value your life.”Adonis said moving his hand to the hilt of his sword

“You dare stand against the prince, those two escaped his custody” said the princes second in command

“You mean his leash” Adonis said “do not try to fool me with words cur”

“You fought against the foxes during the rebellions, you said so yourself they were the enemy and now you protect them, why” the prince said silencing his second

“The wars were long ago and I will see none caged like a wild beast, to be a toy to princes that hid in towers while others shed blood” Adonis said

“How dare you speak to the lord like that, take them and kill this blood fur” the second said

Adonis’s hair stood on end he bared his teeth and as the two on the end stepped forward Adonis drew his blade and slashed the first wolf across the throat he dropped his blade and clung to his throat trying to keep the blood in. Adonis, with his blade held over his head from the first swing, brought it down on the second wolf catching in the collar bone and carving down into his chest. He withdrew it from the dead wolfs chest holding the blade at his side

“Leave him Leko” the prince said “they are yours now wolf I will not pursue them or you, you have my word as a prince on it, besides there are plenty more of them at the castle”

They turned and rode back down the path leaving only a cloud of dust and two corpses. Lilith came running out to her husband he still had his blade in hand she whispered in his ear to calm his temper he began to calm Adonis took a few deep breaths and crouched down to clean his blade on his enemy’s fur before he sheathed his sword.

“I suppose I should bury them” Adonis said grabbing each wolf by the collar of their chest plate and dragging their bodies out of the clearing Lilith went back to the cabin to calm the two sisters. Adonis returned an hour later, Lilith met him as he entered the door

“Are you okay love, are you calm, taking a life always tends to make you a little, uneasy” Lilith whispered to him

“I am fine dear” Adonis replied giving her a hug and whispering in her ear “are you, I thought you got rid of these, you said you were tired of fighting”

“Oh shut up” Lilith said giving him a kiss
Adonis sat down in his chair next to the fireplace after a few minutes Lilith came up next to him and leaned over the back of the chair whispering in his ear “the girls wanted to thank you , don’t worry they talked to me first, have fun cause you don’t have a choice”

Before the words could register in his mind she left the room, Adonis watched her as she left he loved the way she swayed her hips. When he turned back the two foxes were in front of him now he knew what his wife had meant

“We wanted to thank you personally” Tina said

Amy undid his sash as Tina lent forward to kiss him then helped her sister with the belt Adonis sat up a little so that they could get his belt out of the way. Amy sat it on the table next to the chair, Tina was already running her hands across his fur covered chest when Amy joined in. they slowly worked their hands down his chest and towards his loins Amy massaged his balls until his cock began to emerge and harden, they each took charge of fondling one of his balls. As his cock reached its full size of eleven inches they each kneeled down in front of him Amy to his left a Tina to his right. Tina was the first to react she slid her mouth down his hard rod as far as she could then pulled off quickly then it was Amy’s turn to try to swallow his monster of a cock. She could only get half of it into her mouth due to his 3 ½ inch girth. After two attempts she pulled off just as her sister had done then it was Tina’s turn again they alternated like this for several minutes but neither had been able to take all of his cock into their mouths. Adonis could feel himself ready to blow his load “I’m going to blow” he said Tina pulled off of his cock and looked at her sister who took a deep breath and impaled her face on his huge pole going further then she had before Adonis grabbed the back of her head and leaned his head back and let out a howl as he held her deep firing his load down her throat. Adonis was still holding onto her head after he had already fired his last drop of wolf sperm into her gullet Tina grabbed his hand and he looked back down at the fox he held between his legs he moved his hands, pulling Amy off his cock. She coughed a few times, trying to get her breath back, Adonis did not know why but he felt sorry Amy just looked at him and smiled he could resist no longer and smiled back at her. Tina licked the excess juices from his shaft as Adonis kept smiling at Amy until his cock had retreated into its sheath.

Amy grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the chair he followed her to his bedroom, Tina sat down in my chair leaving us to our intended fun.

Adonis sat up on the edge of the bed, Amy was standing next to the bed her arms crossed in front of her naked body her eyes pointed at the floor. Adonis walked over to her taking her chin in his hand and planting a kiss on her lips. Amy broke the kiss and stepped backwards towards the bed and laid down Adonis followed her, his tail slowly swaying behind him he laid down on top of her kissing her again she allowed his tongue to explore her mouth as she did the same to his. Adonis placed his arms next to her head, so he could take his weight off of her chest, without breaking their kiss. After a few minute of tongue wrestling Amy broke the kiss grabbing a hold of Adonis’s sack and gently tugging on it until he got the idea and moved up the bed. His crouch was now positioned just over her head she extended her tongue and licked along his sheath, coaxing his penis from its hiding place. Once seven inches had emerged Amy licked her new treat until it grew long and firm as an iron rod. Amy took the cock into her mouth sucking on the red lollipop taking it as deep in her mouth as possible, Adonis let out a low groan as his cock entered her wet mouth. He was fighting instinct as Amy sucked on him he was using all of his might to hold back from pounding the petite fox’s head into the bed luckily Amy moved up the bed so his cock rested on her white underbelly oozing pre-cum onto it and matting her fur. Amy kissed him again, ”you don’t be gentle” drawing him near to her as she did this she took hold of Adonis’s cock and worked it into her tight snatch he slowly pushed himself into Amy inch by inch. She broke the kiss tossing her head back and letting out a silent scream as he sunk the last inch into her. She looked back at him with a fire in her eyes she reached up grasping his ears pointed ears massaging them as Adonis began to fuck her pulling all the way out and slowly pushing back in till his balls touched her fur, he began to increase his speed pounding into her. Amy wrapped her arms around his neck pulling her close to him lifting her upper body off the bed, Adonis pounded into her, Amy’s small body started to swing under him from the power of his thrusts. Adonis’s knot began form but he didn’t let up. He continued to thrust his knot into her at its current size it was small enough to fit into her but just big enough to make a popping sound as it was pulled out.

“Keep it up” Amy whispered in his ear “I’m close”

Adonis heard this and was not going to disappoint he pulled back till just a few inches were still inside then he slammed into her, locking his knot inside her tight pussy. Adonis’s knot pushed Amy over the edge; she screamed and bit into his shoulder as she fell into mind-blowing orgasm. Amy went limp, her arms slipped from Adonis’s neck as she dropped to the bed Adonis was in a frenzy seeking desperately to fire his seed into the fox. Once Amy came down from her orgasm as Adonis pounded into her without remorse Amy raked her nails down his chest sending shivers along his body, as they reached his loins he arched his back, howling, as he fired his seed deep into her womb. Amy began to swell up from the sheer amount of his seed, his knot acting as the dam to hold back the flood. Adonis finally stops shooting and just lay there panting over top of Amy, just gazing into her green eyes. When his knot finally shrunk Adonis rolled them over so Amy was lying on his chest panting, she broke the silence “can I ask you something”

“Go ahead”

“What did the wolf say to you that made you kill the others?”

“What do you mean; they wanted to take you and Tina”

“no he said something, that made Lilith gasp and say oh no” Amy said rolling off Adonis and onto her side to look at Adonis rolled onto his side to look at her thinking that she was trying to aggravate him as he looked into her eyes he knew that her question was genuine and innocent.

“Swear that you will never say it to me or any other”

“What’s the big deal?”

“Swear” Adonis said to her anger in his voice Amy hid her face behind her hands expecting to be struck for her insolence. Adonis saw this and was saddened by what he did, what was this fox doing to him, he never would never of been saddened by what he had done before, he would have laughed and been happy about her suffering. He embraced her in his arms holding her tight “I’m sorry for frightening you” he whispered in her ear. What was wrong with him now he had only ever said those words to Lilith now to a fox. Adonis took her chin in his hand with the other he wiped the tears from her eyes he kissed her again

“He called me, blood fur.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad”

“It is the history behind it that is bad.” Adonis said “there was this town, Cirith was its name, and they were kind people anyone that asked for it would get a bed and a meal for nothing no matter their race or flag. One winter night a small group of wolves rode to the town, they had grown tired of our leaders trying to negotiate our freedom and wanted to tip the scales; they slaughtered everything that drew breath even other wolves that had gone there for a warm meal one a cold night then they burned the town to cinders. This sparked a ten year war that engulfed all the lands. Until the battles began ending in stalemates both sides had lost the will and need to fight. Eventually the story of what had happened to Cirith spread both sides united to track down these rogues they blamed them for the war; both sides had a common enemy they could unite against. They were hunted down these thirty wolves and brought them to the ruins of the city to be executed; they say that their fur was still stain from the blood of the innocents they killed. Now when a pup has this crimson colored fur they are cast out banished from the mother pack never to return”

“That is terrible”

“That is life; the sins of the father damn the son” Adonis said rolling onto his back

“I see” Amy said moving closer to him one arm across his chest, her head resting on his shoulder. They lay like that for nearly an hour Amy tracing his scars with her finger tips, Adonis telling her how he got them, until they fell asleep; Adonis awoke a short while later and climbed out of bed leaving Amy where she slept. Leaving the room he saw Lilith in his chair sipping wine from a goblet. She rose to speak with him “ did you have fun , I know I sure did” she said gesturing towards the side room where we had another bed, seeing Tina’s tail swishing back and forth as she slept.

“Oh I’m sure you did” he said lifting her up and taking a seat in his chair Lilith sitting across his lap they kissed before falling asleep in each other embrace.

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